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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >>demonstrating. that no one is the law. not even the president of the united states. >>now at 5 a historic and somber day on capitol hill as president trump becomes the first american president to be impeached not once but twice in one term, thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne are catherine
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heenan has been watching this process all day long she brings us up to date with the latest details catherine yeah, well yes, a a history making second impeachment. >>and remember only 7 days left in president trump's term just a little while ago the president released a video message it was a calm carefully scripted play for unity and and to violence and no reference to the impeachment vote. here's part of what he said. >>mob violence goes against everything i believe in and movement stands for. no true supporter of mine could ever indoors political violence. no true supporter of mine could ever disrespect law enforcement or our great american flag. no true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow americans. if you do any of these things you're not supporting our movement. you're attacking it.
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>>course the reaction from just about everybody why didn't he say this a week ago, meantime the house reach the threshold needed for impeachment this afternoon meaning a senate trial of some kind is coming in the and 10 republicans broke with the president voting to impeach making it the most bipartisan impeachment in history. the hours of debate today included bay area and california lawmakers and here's part of what they said america has been attacked before but not like this on january 6 donald trump and cited thousands of radicalized terrorists. >>to attack the capital to stop a transition of power. let that sink in our president inside our citizens to attack our capital on one side. >>lise sedition inciting and supporting insurrection and domestic terrorism. the other side. your oath of office the constitution democracy. decency there is no middle ground, the president bears
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responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob riders. >>he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. these facts require immediate action. the president trump. except a share of responsibility. quell brewing unrest. >>california's kevin mccarthy at the end and that was interesting the house later he was not one of the 10 republicans who broke with the president and voted to impeach but he did add his name to a short list of republicans who unequivocally a blame the president for the siege on the capitol and all of this playing out in very strange setting because of continued threats of violence armed members of the national guard they are inside and outside the capital all over the place it's been pointed out that not since the civil war have guards been essentially camped out here these numbers so what's next senate leader mitch mcconnell has rejected democratic calls to bring the senate back immediately to convict the president possibly
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waiting until january 19th of course that's the eve of the inauguration. that decision is likely to allow trump to serve out his final days in office ken and pam. >>catherine thank you very much as katherine just mentioned 10 republicans did vote in favor of impeachment. it includes a republican congressman from bakersfield. david valid and you can see the other 9 who joined to their democratic colleagues in voting to impeach president trump for a second time again the only president in history to be impeached twice and republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell did release a statement after the vote today, it reads in part. >>even if the senate process where to begin this probably no final verdict would be reached until after president trump had left office this is not a decision i am making it is a fact the president-elect himself stated last week that his inauguration on january 20th is the quickest path for any change in the occupant of the presidency. the senate
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process will begin at the first meeting after nancy pelosi delivers the article of impeachment. if the united states senate takes up impeachment and donald trump is convicted here is what it could cost him, he would lose his yearly pension, his government health insurance his full security detail, his yearly travel budget and arguably the biggest of all his option to hold federal office again. today's impeachment proceedings obviously move much more quickly than the first time the house moved to impeach the president last year joining us now to help answer some of our legal questions his constitutional law expert rory little with you see >>professor thanks for joining us tonight, the republicans in the house were complaining that this was a rapid events there was no due process or or no. there there were no witnesses no investigation, no cross examination. do they have a valid point. >>i don't think so talk about
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no witnesses every member of that body today was a witness to what happened last and it made a lot of evidence they have video and audio. it was probably one of the easiest cases for a prosecutor ever make. it was historically fast. but i think it was also historically unprecedented that violent attack on the capital. >>professor so what does happen next this moves to the apparently the new congress the new senate. in light of the fact that mitch mcconnell's not going to call the current senate back in session. what is the process now and how do you expected to unfold. >>what is the process is a really good question because this hasn't happened before in this way this close to the end of the term there has not been a post. official office impeachment of a president ever in there have been a couple of 19 th-century cases and lower-level officials after they left office. so
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knows nobody is really sure i think the house. managers and the senate managers are discussing exactly should happen. there is nothing in the constitution that requires there to be a senate trial. they could just leave it on the shelf and say he's good in teach them just stay there. but i do think people are interested is disqualifying him from future office to do that you have to actually convict him of the impeachment. >>and isn't that a separate event even if he see it found guilty that that would be a separate vote by the senate to. >>have that happen. >>yes, it is a separate vote, but it takes 2 serves of the senate to convict him everyone assumes that there be an easy 50% majority to then. impose the judgment which would be the disqualification so when this will happen, we don't know we don't know whether it will be divided sort of trial in the morning a business of the senate in the 70's propose that they wait 6 months until the summer. this is all unprecedented and fascinating
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to watch from a constitutional perspective i want to ask you about this specific article impeachment inciting a riot. >>to let the republicans many of them complained that the never said anything specifically that incited a riot and people are interpreting his words and he clearly came out today and disavowed any violence. so do they have a point on that argument he didn't specifically incite a riot. >>well let me just say inciting a riot is a really difficult charge to make in any criminal proceeding. because you are always trying to interpret the words of the speaker when a mafia boss says to his henchmen hey just go take care that guy. we want to ensure that he didn't mean give them comfort and good medical care but that he wanted to killed. there's a lot of entrenched will work in anything like this. the the impeachment charge doesn't just cite what the president said on january 6 that sites of repeated process of telling
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people that the election is invalid telling people that it could be challenged and turned over on january 6 which you could not have been. and and urging them to take action and come to washington and be the march there was forced to the capitol when you put all of that together if you had a jury you look at the jury and say you decide. and that's what the trial in the senate will be the senate will have to decide what did he actually mean. his statement today was the kind of statement he 8 today it was happening. it took him a week to make the statement. >>professor roy little thank you as always we appreciate your help in understanding what's happening with our government thank you. >>thank to our law not the only one stepping up security ahead of next week's inauguration. it's happening here in the bay area as well and the south bay, the sheriff's office is assembling a special task force to keep the community safe kron four's rob fladeboe has that story focusing on. operation and we
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know that there are planned >>sheriff laurie smith did not reference any specific threats received thus far. but says there is reason to believe right wing extremists may be planning to make trouble beyond the capital up to and on inauguration day. >>you know we're concerned about the arming of individuals that we're all hearing about about some kind of war they had people are espousing 3 deputies and a sergeant here in the special operations unit now make up a newly formed task force that is monitoring internet and social media chatter. >>for clues that may lead them to take action against individuals or groups threatening violence similar to what happened when a mob ransacked the capitol last week in washington, we're looking at the type of people that storm the capitol that want that were armed to that want to. >>really be aggressive with. objecting change of
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leadership, the task force is working with the fbi and the northern california regional intelligence center. >>that's the sheriff's office will also be involved in monitoring any public demonstrations taking place at government and other public institutions or other actions that could put the community at risk certainly if we have any kind of threats credible or not if we think that there is a risk. >>with covid you know that we've been certain levels of protection and surveillance over certain people in public health. but if we if we even in in claims of some kind of threat or some kind of concern we definitely will be providing that kind of action in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>coming up our presidential impeachment coverage continues after the break, we'll talk with bay area congressman mark the about today's
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>>time now for our 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow sandy baez january but it's starting to feel like spring. >>this certainly does boy what a day around the bay area to a lot of sunshine out there in spots, especially in the south in the north bay we held on to a couple of clouds out there b t we're going to see what looks like a nice night ahead and tomorrow if you like spring weather. hey we've got the day for you it is going to be gorgeous outside by tomorrow afternoon lot of sunshine coming your way so
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looks like a fantastic they have but how about that we do have some fog. those making his way in golden gate bridge right now that will be the as we head through the night time we're still see a couple patches of fog out there, but still other parts of the bay area looking good. we've got clear skies inland now in just a couple high clouds moving up above you see it right there some of those clouds rolling on through there making for a gorgeous sunset tonight. but looks like the beginning of some almost spring-like temperatures outside as high pressure takes over you've got low pressure off the coastline right here that is another massive storm unfortunately high pressure building out ahead of that setting all that energy well to the north probably up into canada, vancouver going to see a lot of that rain coming in your direction but around the bay area keep things dry. some of that fog moving along the coastline right now, but no threat of any rain tonight temperatures pretty mild in the san jose right now for a winter's evening, 65 degrees there in a 64 in san mateo fog and 57 degrees in half moon bay, 63. in san francisco, 65
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degrees in concord 62 now in the napa valley, but watch out way still looking big along the coastline. they're going to start to subside overnight tonight but still we've got an advisor some big time waves 20 to 25 footers through tonight. if you're stepping outside skies going to stay mostly clear i think for tonight we are going to see some of that patchy fog along the coastline watch out for that, but otherwise look at some nice weather head. you can see on the models here some of that fog forming along the coastline, some of that in the central valley. then as we head throughout the day tomorrow, what a day it is going to be these temperatures are going to be soaring all around the bay area and it is going to be sunny and bright temperatures up in the 70's in some spots that will continue on friday saturday and sunday, maybe in the monday of next week the one thing next week. you see this nice weather now, but i starts think we'll see this area of low pressure drop on the back side of this ridge that we're talking about some very windy weather. as we head toward monday tuesday wednesday of next week all right. thank you don't hits. >>well tonight, marks a first in american history as we said
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the house of representatives has officially impeached president trump for a second time all day long house members debating over a single article of impeachment incitement of insurrection joining us now live from washington dc bay area congressman mark to san diego congressman thanks for being with us tonight i can't imagine there's any pleasure in impeaching the voting to impeach president by just wonder what your thoughts are. after what happened on this historic day. >>i don't think we have a choice. it says is an impeachable there's nothing in the jabal he tried overturn a presidential election. and incited he organized and incited islands and clearly to me the timing the tone of his comments the content these cones was meant to stop us from certifying presidential election and i think. subsequent to that he probably would have declared martial law. so he there's nothing else we could have done. i wish we had more tools to
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remove him from office congressman what is the mood in congress right now of course you have the 10 republicans who supported the democrats and the. >>call for impeachment. >>but there's still a lot of other republicans going after those is a very tense in the chambers, what is it like now. >>and it is. >>in high. this is what's been happening. the republican party for long time. when i first got elected office many years now a local office i a republican has a liberal republican only anything remember says but there's been a very effort to purge the party of only those people who are extremely extremely conservative. generally racist very large portion of. racial prejudice. my view. so this is this has been coming for a long time. >>i'm wondering about the ongoing threats that may be out there we've just saw pictures hundreds of national
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guard troops in the capital. the threat not only leading up to the inauguration in washington d c but across the country we're hearing about threats at state capitals in all 50 states. anything you can share about that and anything specific to california. >>know just what i'm hearing mostly to the news and some they provide for us, again this is a group that wants to overthrow the government it's a can and their way they don't want to go through the democratic process. in a lot of them are led by people of course president has been the them on under these. so hard to comprehend conspiracies i mean because i'm a democrat. according this one group can honor whatever a pedophile l you know, i don't know how any human being leads to conclusions he's done here online in don't have any verification. so it's a bizarre time in our country's
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history. and then it's going to take a long time in over this in the next week is a very dangerous time for country. >>there are reports that some members of congress may have aided and abetted the insurrection last wednesday that there what might have even been a tour to some of the rioters on the day before the insurrection what is your concern about safety right now and what should happen to any members of congress as well as members of the security staff that may have helped these people last week. >>well it's going to be consequences because if they're not there further involved. yeah i send my speaker pelosi and she's been terrific through all of this. she has is he's already into the house rules. she put metal detectors before 8 on the house floor because they're not you can't bring weapons in
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the can't unless you need them in their office, your office which i don't think we should either but you can't bring them into the building itself. and you most definitely can't bring them in the floor, but they do so these metal detectors are right off floor. a lot of the republicans just push past the police she is saying police officers. the trying to defend yesterday so i would not i would be surprised if some michael x we're part of the insurrection but we'll find out and we've got to hold them accountable as well. >>so do you think some of your members of the house are carrying weapons some republican congress members. >>well some of only admit that they do it. is a new member i think she's from colorado. he's been open carrying that since long district of columbia she's been online killing. their constituents saying listen said nobody will stop her from carrier gun
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wherever she wants to so this is the mentality we're dealing with you know i think we need particularly a safe area think you know there's a symmetry between. rate the rate you should just get along. well, it's really hard to get loans people who are it this far. course such extremists and ago members congress. so it's it's a difficult time for us so a new administration and new congress coming in yet a lot of the same problems will likely carry how do you envision. >>this ever changing or beginning to change. guess the only consolation is country's been through. problems like this before in my purse and before world war one. issues are and immigration seconds eddie. cnn of course a civil war so. wait people of goodwill irrespective of their party and their ideology. will
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have to overcome some have to work together and i would like to consider myself one of us is i i want people. we have the best interest the country and rather have an honest republican that distance democrat. so i want people who are honest and truthful. and that their role is to help the country not themselves political career. they're ideal we're out of time one quick last question i know you're very sick. >>in the hospital not very long ago we're glad to see you're okay now or at least much better. but we have also some members who don't want to wear masks and we have members of congress who contracted covid while there are holed up last week trying to stay any resolution that i know the speaker's instituted some fines. >>well it's very on in the interest and i it's either ignorant and selfish and it's a it's a real. that should be a signal to the country when
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people refused to wear something simple as a mask. that will prevent other people in themselves from getting infected with the deadly disease and clearly we have a problem. >>congressman thank you so much for your time during this really tense time for our nation. we certainly appreciate your efforts in congress and we're all hoping for the better, thank you. to thank you. still ahead the state of california issues new guidelines for the co
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>>today california significantly expanded the number of people eligible to get the covid vaccine, new guidelines say that it can now be administered to people 65 and older if the county or health provider makes it available. the state is also set to launch a new system to notify californians when they are eligible. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>health leaders wednesday added an estimated 6.6 million people to the list of those eligible now for the covid-19 vaccine, seniors, 65 and up are able to get a dose as demand for the vaccine declines among healthcare workers. governor gavin, newsome announced the update in a video on twitter taking at a soon to be vaccine super site in sacramento, we are significantly increasing our efforts to get. >>freezers >>there's another effort the governor announced california next week will roll out a new system to let people know if
5:28 pm
they're eligible for the vaccine and if not allow them to sign up for a notification when they are the new system will also allow for cities and counties to host mass vaccination events the update comes as california struggles to administer the vaccine compared to the rest of the country. recent cdc data show california ranking near the bottom only having given out less than a quarter of the doh says it's received in a statement wednesday republican state senate majority leader shannon grove said in part the governor and his team have had 10 months to plan for this moment yet the rollout of the vaccine distribution has been an absolute failure. the governor has promised to vaccinate 1 million californians by the end of this weekend health leaders say the state is still in its first phase of distribution phase. one a which includes frontline medical workers and residents of long-term care facilities. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the saints revised guidelines are just that guidelines. it will be up to the major health care systems like ucsf and kaiser and center and public health departments to determine if they have enough supply of the
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vaccine to alter the priority list but infectious disease specialists say from a medical standpoint, including those 65 and over is a step in the right direction. >>kron four's dan kerman live at ucsf with more on all of this dan. well that's right you know some would say that 75 is arbitrary why not 7473 or 65 and up the real issue here will be. >>not whether it's a good idea, but whether there will be enough vaccine to do it. after health care workers and nursing home residents state guidelines had suggested those 75 and over should be next for the covid-19 vaccine. >>now those guidelines have changed to 65 and over getting the people who are most vulnerable to this infection vaccinated is the right approach i like doctor monica gandhi is an infectious disease specialist at ucsf. >>this will be a big deal because we are not just seeing 90.8 eur year-old son. >>getting sick, we're seeing
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65 year-old 70 year olds getting sick. it is the older population and 65 to me seems like the right number for what i see the state's new guidelines are just that guidelines and due to limited supply of vaccine. ucsf and many other providers will limit the next priority group to 75 and over and the other hand san francisco just announced tuesday. the public health department will begin vaccinating those in itself network or 65 and older beginning this week. among the san francisco population people 65 years of age not. >>only account for 15%. covid-19 cases. a cow for over 80%. a san francisco's covid deaths and nearly half of our hospitalizations. >>the take away from that is is that if jurisdiction is get enough vaccine and they're able to not late those 65 and over it will rea


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