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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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violence mob violence goes against everything i believe in. >>and movement stands president elect biden says his team is also receiving security briefings we need to go back and review everything in the meantime republicans and democrats are demanding an investigation to prevent future domestic attacks. >>at this point it remains unclear just how long military troops will be occupying the area. >>we know the emergency declaration that the president approved just days ago extends through january 24th, now just to add some perspective gration day. the amount of troops in the nation's capital will be more than that income that currently in afghanistan and iraq combined. >>raquel that that quite amazing and that view that's right behind you that that's not a chroma key that is your view from your office in washington dc showing the dome there and i'm just curious
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just getting to work getting around is that more difficult because of all this heightened security. >>yes it actually is getting and more intensified is coming in and out of work each day we have a military presence blocking off the street here right before we enter our office building it's difficult to drive here. it's difficult to get dropped off by an uber and that started just 3 days ago, and we also just saw steps away from this building where many of media offices are station. they have erected a new fence and behind the fence we actually see some law enforcement officials the they are armed so definitely seeing it just here in this small radius were offices just steps away from the capital but we know that that goes around the entire perimeter of the capitol complex. >>so we're callan lot of that level of security a can and i were just talking about wow what are they planning for in terms of the targets of the potential riders who may come back in they looking at soft
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targets like media folks what are they planning for today was the first day we actually heard from the fbi director what are you hearing about that. >>well i know that federal law enforcement as well as local law enforcement are trying to secure all types locations i think things that's why we've seen on law enforcement station here right by where we have media outlet and there are you know shutting down the metro stations to ensure that people can not come from undisclosed locations on to the metro in straight to the u.s. capitol we know they have the grand central station just steps away from congress so they're trying to you know eliminate any i open up and allow someone to sneak through in potentially get even close to the inauguration. yeah, if you haven't been in washington their trains that metro trains look just like bart trains here in the bay area almost identical same manufacturer, so it's interesting when you visit washington, you feel like. >>in a way you're back in the bay area raquel thank you for that report stay safe.
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>>well back here at home now a bay area-based transportation company that was stalled by the pandemic has turned some of its buses into mobile covid testing center one rolled out in alameda county last week and more headed for several other bay area communities in the days ahead kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>today the alameda county bus test express help get people tested for covid-19 in berkeley starting next week more of these rolling clinics, the can each provide up to 500 tests a day will hit the roads between 5 other bay area counties as well moving at the direction of the local public health agencies, the idea of turning what used to be a tour bus or commuter coach into a mobile testing pop up came after the pandemic put the brakes on a local transportation company store coach ways when the pandemic at all the buses when i don't because obviously that tourism all passenger transportation
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halted except for public transit. >>we thought to ourselves that the vehicles could be utilized to drive around to provide equity in testing. the 45 foot coaches can provide the medical staff with wi-fi needed for computers running water ac he power and eventually they expect to be able to provide proper storage for vaccines. >>and bring them where they're needed the vehicle can essentially go to farm workers can go to urban areas and they can do it in an open air environment, the clinicians are on the boss, but they provide your testing through the window. so you come out to the window kiosk. >>and you'll get your tasks or eventually iraq's nation you really don't have to touch anything if you don't want to sear stories the great-granddaughter of the company's founders who started providing disabled children with a way to get to school here in the bay area back in 1952. they're excited to be able to get their buses back out onto the road while
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helping their community get easier access to health care. a road they expect their company will contynue to travel past the eventual end of this pandemic maureen kelly kron 4 news in southern california, the los angeles city council has moved to ramp up enforcement of requirements that people wear masks to reduce the spread of the covid virus. >>the council approved a motion instructing certain city departments to prioritize issuing citations the council also requested the city attorney ernie draft an ordinance that would set penalties for those refusing to wear a mask inside a public place or while invading someone else's personal space. all right we're getting closer to the weekend. so let's check on the 4 zone forecast down the calendar says january lawrence, but it sure doesn't look like it out feel more like april as we've had some temperatures today even some record level. >>as we saw highs up in the 60's even a few 70's out there today beautiful evening around the bay area of got mostly clear skies. the exception of that right on the coastline,
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seeing some of the patchy fog move in up toward the beach but beautiful out there this evening looking over alcatraz and san francisco you've got a beautiful night for you coming to head. a storm clouds continue to some big swells along the coastline of subside a little bit but certainly watch out for the beaches you've seen so huge swells moving in of 2025 feet they've come back down a bit but still running large out toward the coast. ridge of high pressure though it is going to sticking a flag now has that weak cold front kind of slides over the top of the but we've got a great friday coming your way if you like the sunshine and some comfortable temperatures by about 65 downtown san francisco tomorrow that looks pretty good little cooler along the coastline tomorrow, we'll see a little bit more of a sea breeze and the couple patches of fog out toward the beaches but inside the bay here we go 60's almost 70 degrees in burlingame and warm about 60 degrees in palo up to 67 in woodside temperatures 60's and 70's into the south bay by tomorrow afternoon just some high clouds moving in late in the day 71 of them or 70 degrees in dublin you're looking at 71 in walnut creek
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71 in berkeley 71 degrees in benicia 68 degrees in the napa valley and then some patchy fog moving along the coastline that look at those temperatures low 60's there, but looking good looking dry throughout the weekend winds likely to kick up the beginning of this next week and then i think maybe late next week, maybe friday of next week. we start to talk about the possibility of rain returning the bay area. thank you lawrence coming up president trump has been impeached by the house. now things have to the senate we're going to explain what happens next and some special for farmers announcing of that they will be there for president elect joe biden's inauguration who's planning to attend. >>and lotto fever is not over yet in
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>>or your money the powerball jackpot is going up again nobody matched all 6 numbers in last night's 550 million dollar drying money money money the this pushes the grand prize to a projected 640 million dollars for saturday night. this is the 8th largest in us lottery history and the 5th largest in the game's history, the winning numbers were. >>for 1923, 2549 in power ball number 14 7 tickets matched 5 of those numbers. 2 of those tickets were sold in california one paul's market in san jose. the other in san diego meanwhile, the mega millions jackpot is up to a projected 750 million dollars
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after nobody won on tuesday's drawing the next drawing is. >>tomorrow night. in entertainment news lady gaga will sing the national anthem at the biden harris inauguration and jennifer lopez will give a musical performance on the west front of the u.s. capitol when biden is sworn in as the nation's 46 president next wednesday. the announcement of their participation comes one day after were the tom hanks will host a 90 minute special celebrating biden's inauguration at the swearing-in ceremony, the reverend leo donovan, a former georgetown university president will give the invocation and the pledge of allegiance will be led by andrea hall a firefighter from georgia. still ahead president trump's second impeachment now lies with the senate's but there are still constitutional questions. >>that could
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>>now that the house of representatives has impeached president trump of the second time it is up to the u.s. senate to decide whether to hand him his first conviction senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he will not call senators back early for a trial so that will happen during the biden administration senate democrats want to ensure that president trump cannot run for office again, but it's unclear if there are enough senate republicans who would vote with them in agree with that washington correspondent jessi eaton or explains details of the process moving forward.
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>>the house speaker signature made it official the senate is now tasked with president trump's second impeachment trial, you cannot remove somebody from office who no longer has that office but john malcolm, a constitutional expert with the heritage foundation. so there are questions about whether the senate has the constitutional authority to hold a trial with president trump already out of office after january 20th donald trump is not going to be the president the vice president gore simple officer of the united states is going to be a private citizen that's why senate republican tom cotton is already a no vote. in a statement cotton said the founders design the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office, not an inquest against private citizens stronger constitutional argument is that he cannot be tried in the senate after january the 20th however i note that there is some historical precedent in 1876 president grand secretary of war resigned amid corruption accusations. the house impeached him anyway and the senate trial on majority of
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senators favored convicting him 2 thirds did not so he was in fact acquitted democrats will need 17 republicans to reach the two-thirds requirement. it certainly more likely this time around then it was when the president was impeached in 2019 and only then could the senate hold another vote to fill democrats intentions of barring president trump from ever running for federal office again in washington, i'm jessi to north. after his impeachment wednesday there's still been talk about president trump pardoning himself, but the key question is whether he has the power to legally do so well 4 sanaz tahernia talked to an expert to find out. >>after being impeached for inciting the capitol building right on january 6th there are now reports that president donald trump may try to pardon himself. but what exactly does that mean a federal pardon is a power granted to the president by the u.s. constitution. the completely set aside the punishment for a
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federal crime, the pardon clauses found under section 2 of the constitution and it simply states. the president shall have power to grant pardons for offenses against the united states except in cases of impeachment. now federal parting can be granted any time after a crime is committed and while it sets aside punishment. it doesn't signify innocence notably the claws also does not allow the president to pardon a state level crimes or civil suits on january 13th, the house impeached president trump for the federal charge of incitement of insurrection and now the question is can the president actually pardon himself. many legal scholars believe he can not legally pardon himself first because of this charges connected to his impeachment. the clause especifically precludes a pardon under those circumstances. another reason lies in the overall context of the constitution the federalist papers are essays that were written by the to promote ratification of the
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constitution in federalist 10 james madison clearly states that no man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause because interest would certainly biases judgment and corrupt his integrity. but there's an even bigger issue it's it's a legal conundrum for the for president he apparently is talking to everyone about wanting to do this. but it's almost begging to be challenged and that puts him in legal jeopardy right the only way >>our government or any interested party could prove that he doesn't have that authority is by actually challenging it in a court of law. so that he be admitting to crimes the president has not tried pardoning himself yet but if he does he would be the first president in the history of the united states to do so reporting in the newsroom sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >>tonight, delta airlines says it is not allowing pet passengers heading to washington dc to check in
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weapons ahead of next wednesday's inauguration. specifically guns, the new policy will start this weekend and run through next week. law enforcement officers authorized to carry firearms will be exempted. airports airlines hotels are all ramping up security ahead of the inauguration ceremony next week. stay with kron four's or impeachment and inauguration day coverage continues you can download the kron 4 and kron on mobile apps from the app store for free to get the latest breaking news from across the u.s. sent straight to your smart device well as get more on this spring-like weather lawrence karnow standing by with the latest orange, yeah, guys boy the heart of the rainy season right now it is bone dry out there doesn't look like it wants to improve either of us have got we've got we've got the sunshine out there and it looks like that sun is going to be sticking around couple patches of fog likely to develop it can only give you idea of where we sit now is at a very slow start to the west season and that doesn't look like it's going to prove so that's where we sit right now we've seen only just over 3 inches of rain in san
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francisco that is 28% of normal usually we've had 11 inches by this point. >>in the rain season under inch in san jose. usually over 6 inches only 16% of normal it the ideal only 2 inches of rain they've had usually 10 inches by this time of year only 23% of normal and you can see it all around the bay area, good part of california of course in the sierra nevada snowpack be affected by that as well so that is not good news and of course because the dry conditions like this and we've been watching this play out currently in a severe drought across most of the bay area now extreme drought conditions towards fairfield and nor there's a lot of county into the sacramento valley so would like to get the rain going right now that's not cooperating so we have enjoyed sunshine while we have these storms continuing to track to the north and will do temperature wise very nice out there we've still got 66 in santa rosa at this hour 59 in san francisco, 65 in san jose 63 degrees a little more in concord high pressure going to hold on the kind of flat now i think for tomorrow at
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the front that's going to well the north but that ridge flattens out still leave behind a warm and dry day here in the bay area looks like that will be lowered forecast to we get you into tomorrow, maybe just a couple passing high clouds over the weekend staying dry. there's one week system that drops over the top of that ridge as we get to monday. i think that is going to kick up some wind and then as we get into late next week start to see something maybe some scattered light showers late next week. but that doesn't look like very much gives us pretty dry and after that another one starts to form so there's a hint that we may see a change in the weather pattern right now looks like it is staying dry enjoy that spring-like weather thing much colder next week. and the chance of showers but none of those look very large i live and enjoy it now that's thanks all right. >>the marvel cinematic universe is coming to the
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>>entertainment news tonight, the marvel cinematic universe is heading to the small screen for the very first time but will this project do as well as the company's blockbuster movie franchise entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has details. hey pam and ken you know the marvel movies have made over 22 billion dollars at the box office in now. >>they're coming to the small screen and disney plus the cast told our michelle turner the secrets of their strange new wandavision i this marvel universe looks very different we're used to explosive action
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classic sitcoms the new direction was a little strange for elizabeth olsen yeah, the first episode ways definitely and ksat com rand with having audience they're having 2 days to shoot an episode is something hurts bickering. kind unusual couple you i don't think that was ever inquest. >>with a reported 150 million dollar budget the night at the so comedy series picks up right after avengers endgame and will be a gift for all marvel devote he's i think in the end of this. >>is. >>enormous finds that really watching is huge so if you haven't seen all 23 marvel movies, how could you repeat. >>what is your best tip. in cramming marvel movies needed to come into this well it's just specific for our show i think all they really have to
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watch is possible. and i said we'll have more wandavision secrets tonight on e t including elizabeth full house nod to her. >>olsen twin sisters plus the death of siegfried and roy's seek free fischbacher our time with the legends in vegas don't miss it. for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >>and you can watch entertainment tonight right here on kron 4 at 07:30pm tonight that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight at 6 president elect joe biden unveiling his american rescue plan tonight the covid-19 recovery plan speeds up vaccines and gives americans another stimulus payments will have full details on what else biden said he'll accomplish in his first 100 days and preparing for unrest in the nation's capital after last week's wyatt, the fbi warning more violence could be coming we have a live report at the top of the hour with how cities from coast to coast are also preparing. >>the news at 6 is next.
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>>of the most challenging operational efforts we have ever undertaken as a nation. we'll have to move heaven and earth. to get more people vaccinated.
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>>president-elect joe biden laying out his plan to tackle the ever growing covid pandemic during his first 100 days in office but before that can happen he first has to be sworn in and that is creating its own issues. >>a number of people think this was just january 6 was a dry run for the big of that. if that's the case they have to do much to all of us have be much better prepared. as we get closer to the inauguration security concerns in the nation's capital and it capitals in all 50 states continue to grow. >>good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ken white and i'm pam moore and that is where we begin tonight at 6 with just a few days to go until president elect joe biden's inauguration. we are getting more information about the security threats all across our country. we are joined live now with our washington dc bureau reporter raquel martin to let us know where things stand right now recount. >>good evening


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