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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 27, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>it looks like some are getting rain in the summer got it, yeah, but there's more where that came from as you can see i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the radar kind of says it all it's going to be dicey for you this morning and was chatting with john earlier before we came on the air and he says the effort like the rest of the week and into the yeah, the i was still afraid while i was sleeping, i could hear it. >>like a loser and then my drive was dry, yeah. >>it's actually a lot calmer out there as you're leaving then if you would have left around 01:00am this morning which is definitely good news. mother nature at least giving us the brunt of the storm. while most of us were sleeping unless you're one of our night owls and ventured out into it. now for early risers you've still got the wet roadways for sure and we do still have the scattered showers but the heaviest of rainfall has left the region a pretty calm view but misty view from our berkeley cam out in the east bay this morning, let's get an updated look at your radar because there is still plenty to be seen out there, let's
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move it just a little bit to the south so all that orange and green that you're seeing has now stretched across the santa cruz mountains or rather further south of the santa cruz mountains down along the big sur coast as well as into the central valley, so they're san francisco, san jose at the top of your screen, obviously things looking a little bit calmer for us here further to the north are most significant band of rainfall that we're in the midst of right now is this what i'm pointing at right here stretching from northern portions of napa county right around fairfield to also getting some rain right along 80 santa rosa in a surrounding portions of one oh one in the midst of some light to moderate showers now stretching out into the marin headlands now generally these showers are pushing to the south and to the east so areas right around san pablo bay, san francisco out to the east bay are going to be tapping into that moisture here temporarily as for the south bay. we have the czu complex fire burn scar right around here you see it outlined in red there this area saw
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particularly heavy rainfall last night and that did result in that risk of flash flooding, we're still under the midst of flash flood advisories. good news though it is calm down right around the burn scar you can see the heaviest of rainfall now work its way further to the south right around hollister. morgan hill you're still holding on to some light showers san jose on the other hand taking a breather from the rainfall as of this moment now as we work our way to the forecast today you'll continue to see areas of rainfall. some of the heaviest of which is actually expected late afternoon into tonight ceo of times of dry skies this afternoon and then times where you also see some heavier rainfall popping back up and even the potential of an isolated thunderstorm popping back up in those showers too by the time we reach early tomorrow morning and even a little later tomorrow morning areas like san francisco santa rosa novato and napa could see an inch of rainfall in addition to what we've already seen and the ground is already saturated so that's going make for some very wet conditions all over again into the evening and into tomorrow
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morning to as for current temperatures, fairly mild. we're in the 40's and 50's right now so get outside with the rain jacket ready to go and keep it around through the course of your day i'll give you more updates on what we're seeing on the radar as the forecast goes on john thank you so we have several sailors we've been tracking this morning starting with this one in castro valley. >>now this is eastbound 5.80 at eaton canyon road off-ramp we also saw another traffic collision on the westbound side there i've been saying the a good alternate it's 84. but i just got off the phone with chp they tell me i just want to wait it out they've got 3 lanes closed. if you go down 84 that might take a lot longer than just give yourself more time and waiting it out there. so you can get through on one lane eastbound 5.84 that sig alert so just leave the house if you have to commute that way also looking at one down in san jose this is southbound 6.80 to southbound one oh one. those are also closed due to a traffic collision there down in san jose the chp says a good alternate for you down
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there 87. we also have high wind advisories across multiple bridges, the bay bridge san mateo bridge golden gate bridge dunbarton bridge richmond sandra fell bridge and the any average as well, a look at the bay bridge right now as you come from the east bay into the city see just how slick it is out there. under 9 minutes to fremont street exit your commute across to the peninsula there the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes for your drive time there and the richmond sandra fell bridge very slick and wet. under 9 minutes. we've also got several roadway flooding areas in redwood city, san carlos mental seen areas 3, 5, 5, convention way redwood city southbound one oh one at holly street off-ramp san carlos. the northbound 1, 1, at henderson in menlo park. give yourself some more time because you're going to confront with a lot of slickness out there this morning back to the headlines saints >>all right so we have some video to share with you of the bay area dealing with the rain yes, but up in the santa cruz mountains are dealing with. the snow look at that coming
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down tires getting snowed this highway 35 just before highway 9 it was. >>shut down a rare sight for that area or hires the rest of the video we have for you is a course of the rain. we've got better from cal fire actually this one also showing snow but this one higher in the elevations of the santa cruz mountains overnight. >>this video shows the conditions along empire grade road right up near the saratoga summit and once you got that high yeah it was coming down as snow and rubble, then there's the rain let's go to south bay down for across parts of san jose can see the sheets their wet roadways to be careful if you're driving around there this morning it's going to be dicey there also in the north bay where we have a look now at some of the strong downpours are in county. got a look towards the street like there you can really see it coming down. this was tweeted out by the marin county sheriff's office, the sheriff's. deputies reported flooding at several off-ramps and location along highway, one oh one so if you're in the area you're going to be on 1
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one just know that one out of court in madera northbound they had some deep water southbound i want to want more inwood and northbound at lucas valley all those locations are usual something natural spots, yeah also in marin county look at this big tree that fell on a car. yeah, overnight 100 block of laurel in inverness nobody was hurt because this all happened pretty much while we're sleeping, i heard it now has 3 this morning. but right are in counties, okay to drive through and that's not the only place where we saw trees come down check this out this was in rohnert park a home run got the brunt of this tree and so to the car park next to the house. yeah, the rain still coming down pretty it certainly was during the time of this video last night this is what some folks are waking up to this morning, whenever the storms start rolling through. we get situations like this and you can go to our website don't forget and upload pictures from your neighborhood will put make it part of our coverage here if you've got anything like this are just some strong wind or rain coming down. let us know and will all share and how the
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weather is impacting all of us and on the peninsula temporary shelter set up at pass to darrell high school. >>because some had to leave their homes the tail county it somewhere to go one couple, they're told crawford's taylor sackey that if there is anybody still planning on staying behind and riding this out. well their advice is it's not worth the risk. >>volunteers at the shelter say that more than 30 family stop by on tuesday and collected one of those vouchers for hotel rooms across san mateo county. one couple i spoke with says that it's just not worth the risk to stay behind with all of this forecasted rain with evacuation orders in san mateo county ahead of the rain storm a temporary shelters now it has carroll high school in pescadero are volunteers are given hotel vouchers to evacuees like justin love to live with my parents right now their to preparing the rest of the house they're getting set up set that they're taking my dogs, my 2 dogs, my cat >>you know you got to make sure that you have the essentials clothes and stuff because you don't know if you
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get to come back lovett lives nearby and you know canyon is worried about his home after the czu lightning complex fire burned through his backyard fire kind of brand right like right into our and a lot of the re systems got damage so right now the rain is kind of just filling up some empty cavities that they used to be routes and now it's basically just a hole in my. >>which you know and other places where there's been fire damage we seen mudslides in just with all the wind and stuff that's gone on. we've had trees going down so it's one of those things where it's better safe than sorry on sarah with a local nonprofit called point a de la cosa sir is also worried for her neighbors i live in the community and my some of my colleagues as well and we're just worried that the 5 of us they did a lot of areas in there's a lot of debris that is going to be. >>pretty easy to be move with all the rain that we're expecting. volunteers will be back at a temporary shelter at pescadero high school on wednesday, starting at 09:00am. >>and san mateo county to live a psac ii kron 4 news.
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>>the storm has knocked out power to thousands of pg e customers and here's a look at their outage map where we can the green the yellows the oranges and in some cases, the red to where we're widespread outages but for the most part in the south bay. we're looking at pockets that anywhere from 50 to 500 customers without service that's what the yellow indicates it's the orange that's even worse and then of course once you get to read you're talking about 5,000 plus customers without power. but that's what we're seeing right now a lot of it is happening up in the the higher elevations of the east bay hills the santa cruz mountains. really start to see it right now too. and across the east bay for the most part once we get up to the north bay you really have to look towards the coastal hills and also the wine country hills and again it's it's where we've got those larger trees on hillsides that are coming down taking out power lines so be patient pg crews out there right now trying as best they can to. the energize the lines
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are impacted repair it and get that power restored to soon as possible. so keep it to kron 4 make sure to download the kron 4 app i will always provide the very latest information there we've got the live radar we've got breaking news alert. pgd outage updates all of that for you again it's a free app so today 5.10 is the time right. >>and bay area covid efforts are feeling impact of the storm too there's a mass vaccination say a san francisco city college and it had to shut down yesterday because the rain at least 250 appointments had to be rescheduled. so now those folks have to get their shots and a different time they're think it will reopen on friday. >>moscow the center set to become the second mass vaccination site in san francisco with a 3rd high volume site to open later in the bayview mayor london breed made the announcement on twitter saying that the moscone center alone will have the capacity for at least 5,000 doses a day once the city receives enough supply when that will happen is >>san francisco mayor london breed says a lack of covid
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vaccines is hurting the city's effort to protect thousands of people from the virus. yeah, the initial plan was to vaccinate at least 10,000 people a day but with vaccines in high demand and short supply it's really a mystery right now as to when the city will reach that goal. >>so far san francisco's received about a 144,000 doses again with nearly 60% of those already used with the mass vaccination sites in the plans along with community and mobile clinics to target the most vulnerable. more vaccines are needed now. >>to fully deliver this plan they need more vaccines and we will continue to do everything we can to be ready when our supply of vaccine doses increase. >>nearly 60% of available vaccines in the cities have already been used the remaining 40% is set for people who need their second dose. mayor breed says the city needs about 420,000 doses to protect frontline workers and those who are 65 and older. >>on tuesday president biden
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nasa plan to ramp up distribution to well for millions of doses to states and that would be a huge help here in california. the states have received these and they're now responsible for digging them up for communities. governor newsom announced plans to help revamp the state's process of getting these vaccines out to individual cities. we'll keep track of how that progresses going. john. >>one of the big concerns about the rainfall we saw last night was our burn scars and the potential debris flows at the burn scars outlined in red there's that has see you complex fire burn scar and the csu scu complex fire burn scar. you can see conditions have calmed down in the vicinity here and that's good news because we saw heavy rain along them last night. i'm tracking the latest in our showers still to come. >>and multiple sig alert and we're also seeing high wind advisories across most of our bridges your commute into the city slick and wet still under 10 minutes for you we're going
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>>5.15 right now, let's check out the path how how did they got some good ways yeah, this is a tie-up the crystal springs, and you can it's still coming down actively right now the roads all whites, everybody take it real slow don't be surprised if
5:16 am
they're going to chain requirements for you once you get up there if you're planning on heading up there that is the question john is when would one head up if they didn't already leave i know before the snow started so daytime hours always a better recommendation to travel because during the evening first and foremost you oftentimes get the ice formation after a day's melt. >>daytime hours today will still come along with additional snow just to bring the chains with you anticipated taking a minute to be getting up there in the sierra nevada, especially the central sierra still in the midst of some heavy snowfall, the northern sierra beginning to ease off the gas pedal as far as intensity as snow goes. but it is still snowing all the way up into the southern cascades and even the coastal range is to now what we're going to be seeing through the day here in the bay area's also a foot off the gas pedal as far as the intensity of our rainfall goes the most intense of showers have now exited the region further to the south on across the central valley and the central coast itself. what that means for the bay area's
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not that we're out of the woods but just that we do have a bit of an easier day to get outside compared to where we were in the middle of the night last night you see that heavy rainfall now moving down i 5 just south of los banos what we will be seeing here in the bay around gilroy on up towards. morgan hill is still some isolated shower activity. tnings have calmed down around santa cruz as well as around san jose, isolated showers in the east bay right now just north of hayward north of san ramon as well line of showers stretches all the way up into the quirkiness couple light sprinkles around concord right now rainfall gradually moving to the southeast around marin and southern sonoma counties on up into napa county too. these showers were more so up here the last check i had with yet and will gradually be moving further to the southeast over the next 30 minutes or so that means more rain for san francisco richmond down to oakland as well as from fairfield down to conquer this rainfall all pressing that direction so get ready for that as far as conditions in the big picture
5:18 am
goes we are seeing colder temperatures to our north. but we're right at the edge of this cold front that just skirting right along the bay area and along this frontal boundary there's your moisture plume the atmospheric river that today is bowls i'd right along the central coast. so the central valley, central coast southern sierra really tapping into the bulk of that moisture this morning. we're at the tail end of it now, but we are still getting some residual moisture from the storm resulting in a few waves of showers pushing in and out across the bay area today embedded in the showers the potential of some thunderstorms. so you may hear roll of thunder or 2 as we work into the afternoon we've already had some offshore lightning this morning. just west of point raise so we've already seen a couple of those pop-up showers we're not even into the afternoon yet skies will remain mostly cloudy today by the time we work into the afternoon. there's one of those pop-up showers right around san francisco to marine county around 02:00pm to 03:00pm today. more and more of them into the latter part of the afternoon a resurgence of moisture as we work our way
5:19 am
into your wednesday night and thursday morning and that will add on top of what we've already seen the potential of an additional inch of rainfall these next 24 hours you see how rainfall totals really begin to rise as we work our way into the evening and eventually into early tomorrow morning this will set areas like san francisco oakland hayward napa nevado up for the potential of over anna did inch of additional rainfall just by the time we work our way into tomorrow. now the good news for marine sonoma and napa counties we've seen those flash flood advisories expiring we still do have some in solano county as well as upper elevations of the east bay and then the santa cruz mountains still in the midst of some flash flood advisories through the day today. winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings remain from lake county across the northern sacramento valley on into the sierra nevada and the sierra specially one of those areas where we are going to be seeing additional feet of snowfall on top of what has already been feet of snowfall so that's going to snarl
5:20 am
traffic up there and yes you do want to get ready for a slow go in a treacherous go as you head up into the mountains. temperatures today will rise into the 50's across the bay area and as far as temperatures the next 7 days not changing too much. we will see our driest of days to note on friday after morning showers should get a dose of sunshine and a solid stretch of dry weather friday afternoon. after that showers work back into the picture saturday and sunday and rainfall all over again to start next week monday and tuesday. reyna john thank you so tracking those sigalerts this one right here on in castro valley. >>eastbound 5.88 eating can year-old offer and you can see traffic is starting to improve. so i would say don't even take an alternate route just go ahead and take your time and get out on the roads a lot earlier southbound 6.80 to southbound one oh one out in san jose that's closed due to another traffic collision at alternate route. that's really good for that 87 alright high wind advisories. they've rich detail. ridge
5:21 am
golden gate bridge dunbarton bridge richmond sandra fell bridge and any at bridge. it's all gusty and wet across those bridges, your commute into the city from the east bay that fremont street exit under 9 minutes for you there. the san mateo bridge your commute across to the peninsula under 15 minutes. the richmond sandra fell bridge although very when still under 9 minutes and some roadway flooding across the bay area were seen in areas, rain was city, san carlos like southbound one oh one and holly street off-ramp and menlo park northbound one oh one and henderson take your time this morning back to the headlines. thanks a lot of rain is 5.21 and the senate is taking its first steps towards a second impeachment trial for former president donald trump members of the senate were sworn in as jurors yesterday but that didn't stop republican leaders from pushing back. >>on the process, kentucky republican rand paul forced a procedural vote challenging the constitutionality of the impeachment trial altogether and criticize democrats for trying to convict a president after he left the white house.
5:22 am
democrats need the support of 17 republicans in order to convict president trump democratic senate majority leader chuck schumer said that conviction must happen. and now that senators are sworn in the next step will be hearing the arguments and that's set to begin in just 2 weeks time. we'll take a break at 5.22. we are following the wet weather as we have stormy conditions across the bay area this morning with more on the way john trouble keeping us updated on the forecast harvey. >>keeping us updated on the impact is this having on the roads out there we'll be back with updates just a minute.
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>>25 right now the california employment development department is under a microscope this morning after the agency paid out more than 27 billion dollars in fraudulent claims as this as a big number of california's with legitimate claims are still waiting for their money. >>the edd facing a backlog now nearly a million legitimate claims a recent audit found that a series of inefficiencies and missteps within the agency helped create this overwhelming work look at here yesterday state lawmakers say it's time for a change. >>it's a very d that is creating this havoc in their lives. ad should have been part of the solution. and now for 2 and half million
5:26 am
california just likely. they will continue to be the problem remains as fierce and dedicated. >>to circle the well-being of the people we serve as i have ever been. >>a report warned that because of eligibility rule changes some people who received unemployment benefits may have to pay the money back now. the auditor's expected to release another investigation into a td fraud prevention. later this week. >>there's debris in the roads and they're slick make sure you're safe out there we're live with all the details on this bay area storm. coming up. >>and we are tracking the rain as storms continued to soak the bay area this morning we'll be back with more from the weather center and traffic center in just a minute.
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5:30 am
outside this morning. it's fairly calm compared to where we were last night but that's not to say we don't have more rainfall on the way it's just the most widespread and heavy stuff is now accepted the region berkeley. cam it's like pretty solid all morning long a little misty from time to time. what we're seeing right now if i zoom out just a little bit here on the picture you do see that heavier rainfall now moving out into the central coast, the central valley and for snowfall, the bulk of it now into the central and southern sierra nevada so that means areas further northward not necessarily out of the woods but at least out of the woods from the heaviest of rainfall which conveniently fell while we were all sleeping last night there are some areas of rain especially to know right around marine county right now you see that area of pretty heavy rainfall right around mount him well this line of showers has gradually been moving further southeastward through the course of the morning and will continue to do so as we work our way through the morning so expect this shower activity to further moving to san francisco areas like richmond
5:31 am
oakland, san leandro as well as conquered walnut creek down to the tri valley eventually as well so this line of showers or next bit of moisture that will be put pushing further and further southward on into the core the bay now we do have burn scars of 2 fires outlined here the first the czu complex of the santa cruz mountains and then the scu complex over in the diablo range is both of these areas saw significant rain last night and that's the flash flood watches. we have seen conditions coming down for these areas, but the ground is saturated and we have more rainfall ahead. nestle's flash for flood watches are still in effect right now you can see just how much rainfall we do still have in the forecast ahead of us, although we do take a step back from it today, rainfall, we'll definitely pick up into the latter part of the day today and into the evening tonight that will result in the potential of over an inch of rainfall more by the time we reach tomorrow morning for many of these areas that have already seen plenty of rain already. so continuation of
5:32 am
wet weather ahead of us and wet roadways too. at least we're mild this morning. current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. so don't worry so much about staying super cozy this morning just stay dry with the rain jacket and the umbrella reyna john thank you for that we've been tracking multiple sigalerts all morning. we just had one clear. >>here in castro valley east bound 5.80 at eating canyon road off ramp that is all clear you can get through the air. but another one that's still there southbound 6.80 to southbound one oh one down in san jose, those are still closed. we actually have a live look at that right now for you can see that big rig there this crash has been a problem on that highway all morning long so they have that shut down a good alternate for you to take is 87. all right, let's get a look at our high wind advisories, one for the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge, the golden gate bridge, the dunbar bridge the richmond sandra fell bridge and the any a bridge. you can see just how slick it is out there as you head into the city from the east bay to the fremont street exit it's still under time minutes for your
5:33 am
commute. the san mateo bridge as you head across to the peninsula there you see brake lights starting to form all that wet roadway. there 13 minutes for your drive time the richmond sandra fell bridge also very slick one heading at a richmond 7 minutes now we've been seeing roadway flooding across the bay area all morning. and san francisco, i'm seeing it pop up as well eastbound 80 at 7th street southbound to 88 cesar chavez street in san francisco at one oh one southbound at silver av in san francisco show. that means drive slow on the roadways because you don't want to spin out and get into an accident. back to the headlines. thanks a lot 5 33 1 of the biggest areas concern this morning and with this storm has been santa cruz people evacuated ahead of the rain because of. >>mud slide concerns, yeah, a lot of the area there was scarred by the czu complex fires over the summer for sarah stinson joining us live with more on those concerns evacuations in what situation is like. >>this morning, good morning sara.
5:34 am
>>james darya we've seen it all appear overnight in the santa cruz mountains we're talking rain snow fog. slick roads out there even when you're on the one o one i mean it's like slick in flooded and a lot of areas when you drive down to the south bay. we're live here at the scotts valley community center this has been an evacuation center. a place where you can get resources. there's a bathroom, there is water snacks and the help you in any way they possibly can if you do in fact need to evacuate as we know this area is in an intense situation because if this storm continues. >>to smack us like it did last night as you can see in the video. we could see some potential flooding. we could see a flash floods you can also see mudslides as well you can see in that video from boulder creek it has been intense rain rates in excess of half an inch in 15 minutes reported in and near the czu burn area this is why flash
5:35 am
flood warnings are flash flood advisories rather are in effect for the people who live in the burned areas. >>you can hear it it just it was intense, less i mean it was scary going to bed this could be very dangerous situation if the rain keeps up and creates a mudslide or floods in the area with the toxic chemicals from the wildfires, some of been ordered to evacuate the most have been warned about potential evacuations depending on how the storm plays out obviously can change in a minute and that's why we have meteorologist john treatable checking in on it cal fire just tweeted about an hour ago saying they are responding to reports of downed trees. >>and many other hazards on road this and they've cleaned up everything that the let us know if more happens we can let you know. >>also we saw snow in the santa cruz mountains, yes know as i said take a look it was up in the higher elevations, so this morning we will be looking for snow rain debris. everything will be looking for it to let you know what we see out here live in the santa
5:36 am
cruz mountains in the scotts valley region and i've reached out to cal fire in people, i know who live in the area so we will be in the know when things happen for now we're getting a bit of a break from the rain and i am not complaining, it feels good out here, it's a little cold but definitely watch the roads out there very dangerous take it slower than you would normally send it back to you in the studio all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>5.36 the time every county except for san francisco is under a flash flood warning because of the rain that we're seeing with more rain in the forecast as well with people across the bay area that need to prepare for possible flooding some areas in marin county or expecially are especially prone to fast-moving waters. rain came swooping in yesterday making officials warning cautioning residents of the dangers officials say with the lack of rain for a while it's important to take the storm seriously fact one business owner says it's unnerving to face another big storm. >>i have are in for a while so i'm familiar with the storms
5:37 am
that happened in san anselmo in the as a new repaired or in the neighborhood i i'm keeping my fingers crossed. they did work this year the creek behind us. and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that. it doesn't flood. yeah. i'm nervous. >>yeah the fires last summer in marine county only impacted national park land which is not anywhere close to where people live in marin county but in the more populated areas of course they are taking precautions this morning. we know the storms knocked out power for thousands of pg e customers and here's a look at the outage map as we continue to monitor the situation at the moment we've got a number of areas, especially in the south bay that are in those yellow and orange sections which indicate anywhere from 50 to more than 500 customers without power so we've got a few spots there where there's a number of neighborhoods in the dark pg working right now to get that restored keep it
5:38 am
tuned kron 4 will keep you updated. throughout the morning as we get more information in from utility crews out there right now trying to repair the damage done by some of these fallen trees, john. >>yeah james, at least we have seen rain fall tapered off down in the south face an to at least restore power hopefully for those residents of a south bay that have lost power overnight. comment half moon bay right now we will continue to see spotty showers and even the potential of isolated thunderstorms come the afternoon ahead of us. daytime highs back into the upper 50's and plenty more rain, especially tonight. i'm tracking it all in your forecast ahead. >>and we had a sig alert out in castro valley that just cleared we have another one we're watching. the san jose right now your commute into the bay bridge under 15 minutes we're going continue to there on your commute this morning. that's up next.
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>>i 41 right now and good news for parents and teachers and students. the cdc says schools that have already reopened and are following protocol for covid have largely been successful in staving off coronavirus the cdc looked at 11 school districts in north carolina with more than 90,000 students in 10,000 staff. they were open for in person
5:42 am
classes for 9 weeks and during that time there were only 32 covid infections. linked to school campuses that compares to 773 new infections. outside of the schools and there are also no cases of student to staff transmission. but school-related activities connected to team sports did increase the risk of spreading covid amongst the kids. >>here's a quick live look outside at 5.42 when we come back, we'll chat some more with john in the weather center about the stormy weather we're seeing outside right now reyna harvey keeping an eye on its impact on the roads and the accidents in the slowdowns and you might be. heading towards if you step outside right now so the information you need coming up in a moment, stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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5:45 am
>>5.45 and taking a look at the snow in the sierra and what it's like to travel in tahoe right now has a tie-up a trucking it shows you just intense it is on the roads out there we just we'll try to get that back up again but you get the idea we've got big trucks pulling over right now they can't make it through source you and then you can make through behind we're like a truck, it's an accident there roads closed, you're stuck. 8 feet of snow fell in the
5:46 am
sierra that's incredible well, i mean good news for courts and also for the snow pack john just got to get their yeah it's got to get first, we just didn't make it there that's the yeah i would say save the pow pow for later on ok i there especially in the dark don't don't drive overnight exactly did driving overnight not the best idea, especially not after that feet of snowfall we got last night guys are exactly right the crest of the sierra nevada. that's where the bulk of our mountain snowpack forms and we're really sticks around into the later months of the year. >>receiving well over 7 feet of snowfall in some cases that is the sierra snow that we needed to see because we were falling behind before this latest system and we do have more snow ahead of us too so this is all good news. now there's obviously the disadvantages of seeing so much rain and snow all at once one of those is are burn scars. we do have so much acreage of land that burned this past fall and summer season as you remember and a
5:47 am
lot of that is now exposed and vulnerable to debris flows as well as flash flooding. a bit of good news this morning is that the heaviest of rainfall has now cleared some of those problem spots that officials were especially worried about the south bay, especially around the scu complex fire and the czu complex fires. in the blows in the santa cruz mountains both of these areas are nice and calm right now as the heaviest of rainfall moves into the central valley and now along the central the central and southern sierra is in the midst of that heavy dose of snow right now well lake tahoe starting ease off just a bit but only temporarily let's zoom in on the south bay right now as i mentioned we've come down in the santa cruz mountains the diablo still seeing some rainfall but nothing like the intensity. we saw last night gilroy some light showers for you one oh one is very wet. as we just saw conditions drying out within the past couple of hours. we are seeing a bit of a calm down right now for the east bay, couple of scattered sprinkles here and there. but overall 6 not looking bad
5:48 am
right now it's wet. but rainfall has tapered off for that part of the bay area. now our next line of showers not as significant as what we saw last night mind you it's starting to work its way down right along 80 through sonoma county and eventually down into san francisco where we are currently seeing rain beginning to pick up pockets in there where we are seeing some heavier rain in marine county on up into southern sonoma napa county and in the counties this line of showers is going to continue to gradually push further to the south and east and that means areas like richmond and eventually oakland down to hayward will be getting in the mix with an uptick in rain as you will from walnut creek down into the tri valley. we're right in the midst of that atmospheric river to our north colder air dipping down in and allowing this to tap into this moisture plume that stretches immediately to our west today, it's really bulls eyeing the central coast as well as the central valley. that's where you see the most of our moisture right now we are in the midst of still
5:49 am
continued scattered and will continue to see those on into the afternoon today embedded in the showers the potential of thunder and lightning a few isolated thunderstorms possible popping up this afternoon you actually see this around 02:00pm to 03:00pm right are in san francisco down to san mateo counties. so watch out for that potential rainfall sees an increase in the evening hours tonight and expect widespread showers into the evening. isolated pockets of heavy rain in a few rolls of thunder strikes of lightning expected with these overnight showers tonight could see some pretty good downpours pushing across the bay area. so we've already got saturated soils and now additional rainfall on top of that that in many areas could have to add up to an additional inch of rainfall during our overnight hours as we work our way through the evening on into your thursday morning. that still causes concern for burn scars, especially in the south bay around the santa cruz mountains and the blows and that's we're still under flash flood watches for the same areas as we work our way through the day, sierra nevada
5:50 am
still in the midst of winter storm warnings in fact stretching all the way over to lake county and blizzard warnings that the crest of the sierra as its that heavy snow paired with some pretty strong winds on those more exposed mountaintops don are on top of what you've already seen could see another 2 feet of snowfall just within the next 24 hours as for temperatures today, upper 50's to be expected and temperatures the next 7 days not changing too much beyond that. now our of this forecast is expected friday. so if you need to get out and accomplish some stuff outdoors it's a friday afternoon as the best time to do it. showers will pick up back into saturday and sunday monday and tuesday of next week looking rainy as well reyna john thank you sourcing alert in san jose's gone or not in san jose. our sigalert in castro valley is gone or sigler to san jose still think it's a problem and you could see the traffic is starting back up. >>southbound 6, 8, a southbound one oh one are close. we actually have an image of this is been an issue since about 4 o'clock this
5:51 am
morning and this down a semi truck. they are on the side of the freeway other trying to get that picked up and back up on his right side, so they can move that out of there, but again it's been an issue all morning you can go ahead and take 87 as an alternate route to get through the air. all right looking at a high wind advisories. we have several across our bridges, the bay bridge san mateo bridge golden gate bridge dunbarton bridge richmond sandra fell bridge as well as the parades you can see just how gusty it is the air from our flags, the maze to fremont street exit into the city under 10 saw a lot of stalled vehicles out on the bay bridge this morning. so just give yourself a little more time because of all slick. it is the san mateo bridge in your commute heading across to the peninsula. there. under 40 minutes for your drive time and very slick you can see it's actually raining right here in richmond sandra fell 8 minutes as you head to richmond a lot of roadway flooding across the bay area of some pockets that we're seeing reported out here in san francisco eastbound 80 at 7th street to 80's cesar
5:52 am
chavez street we're going continue tracking your commute. now back to the headlines. thanks reyna so president joe biden announced an update to his covid-19 plan which includes the purchase now of. >>200 million more vaccines that should be enough for everybody when happen our washington dc correspondent basil john is live in dc with more on this morning faisal. >>good morning guys and yes with this latest announcement the new administration says that these vaccines will be able to go out we'll be able to go to almost the entire population of the country by the end of the summer. >>this will be one of the most difficult operational challenges. we've ever undertaken as a nation president joe biden announced his administration's latest effort to ramp up covid vaccine allocation and distribution throughout the country i directed my covid team to go to work immediately and how we could step up the
5:53 am
vaccination efforts the president has a goal to reach a 100 million vaccinations and a 100 days and he says another 200 million is on the way this is ag are good plan. that doesn't leave anything on the table or anything to chance as we've seen happen in the past year the doses will come from both pfizer and moderna and will increase the overall vaccine supply for 400 million to 600 million. the president also says they will increase the weekly vaccine supply to states tribes and territories from 8.6 million doses to a minimum 10 million doses. and as vice president kamala harris received her second dose of the covid vaccine. she wants americans to trust the it is your turn. however the biden administration admits there are hurdles they must deal with such as a vaccine hesitancy to achieve their goal to bring a sense of normalcy back to the country
5:54 am
this is going to be hard and we're not trying to sugarcoat that it is is going to take a multifaceted approach and we are. >>open night about the challenge. >>now this push from the federal government comes at the same time that cdc officials say the kids could return to school soon as long as the proper procedures and proper precautions. take place at school and within the community. reporting live in washington, i'm basil john.
5:55 am
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>>and we are coming up at 6 o'clock hour with heavy rain on the way we've got some pretty decent showers overnight. but when you add up the rest of the week and into the weekend. and it's going to be a soaker of a system or 2 we're going to have the latest with john coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>you're watching kron. >>and i'm james fletcher and joining us as well as the rain as we can see on the big wall there. the radar showing us not just rain but also snow to kind of joining in midst or my guess is we got a lot last night a little break for some and more on the way are on the way john. >>yeah we are going to have a rainy forecast ahead of us guys. the good news is mother nature offered us some of the heavier stuff and some of the stuff you want to do avoid right in the middle of the evening which is good timing because as we venture out this morning, although we're still in the midst of some continued showers it's nothing like what you went to bed to last night now this morning and pretty calm view as of sfo. it is a very wet view of sfo though rainf


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