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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>congress could begin work on passing the next coronavirus relief package as early as next week, democrats and the biden administration are pushing for a nearly 2 trillion dollar aid effort but the proposal hasn't gone over well as republicans on capitol hill, our washington correspondent kelli meyer joins us live with the latest on what's happening there kelly. >>ken and pam all democrats
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and republicans are split over the cost of the covid-19 proposal but democrats are preparing to move forward without republican support. on thursday senate majority leader chuck schumer continued his call for a bold covid-19 relief package, the need to act big and bold is urgent schumer is leading the push to pass a nearly 2 trillion dollar relief package that would include another round of stimulus checks money for state and local governments. >>and work to speed up vaccine distribution we've got lot to do and the first thing got get this current past president joe biden is pledging 150 million vaccinations in his first 100 days in office texas republican john cornyn says the president needs to set his sights even higher researchers at baylor college of medicine in houston say we need to be vaccinated 3 million people a day. >>that's double the pace we're seeing right now republicans are supportive of a robust
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vaccination rollout but are skeptical of the cost of the overall package, the price tag on is too much schumer is ready to move without gop support we have a responsibility. to help the american people fast. schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi are preparing to use a special procedure. >>that will require a simple majority vote to pass the package. pelosi said today she hopes they don't have to use it. but they will if necessary. >>live in washington dc. thank you kelly taxpayers will have to pay extra special attention this year because filing your 2020 taxes will look very different due to the pandemic first tax filing season starts a little bit later the irs has pushed the date back to february 12th. another major changes that was so many people now working from home some indefinitely, some taxpayers may try to write off their work from home expenses but experts say the home office tax deduction may not
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be available to everyone who works from home. if you're an employee and you get a w 2. >>do you you know a tax reform package that was passed a few years ago, but the next few years up to 2025 employees are not eligible to what are called unreimbursed employee business expenses which includes home office expenses so if you're an employee you're not able to deduct those on your federal return you may be able to deduct them on your state return. >>something to look into if you are self employed or small business owner. you may be eligible to deduct to those at home expenses experts recommend you talk with a tax professional or do yourself tax program that allows you to reach out to a professional if you have any questions. >>another big story we're following is the ongoing situation on wall street, the bay area based mobile trading. app robinhood announced a few hours ago it will resume limited trading for gamestop
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amc theaters and several other apps that comes after it shut down trading on those companies because of market volatility. amateur investors caused the stock prices to skyrocket as hedge fund managers bet against those same stocks short selling them. the inflated stock prices caused hedge fund managers to lose millions of dollars of course they were outraged robinhood users have now filed lawsuits against the app for halting their trades as the battle between the financial establishment and the small individual investors goes on so does the reaction kron four's catherine heenan is here with some of the what people are saying about all of this catherine yeah, well this really is the kind of wall street roller coaster rarely seen it is set to lead to. >>more lawsuits congressional hearings. ascena analyst tells us that began with the original investors arguing that gamestop has a future while hoping to take hedge funds to the cleaners while they were at it, but it escalated.
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>>but now what it is turned into is cleaning out wall street. a lot of people look at this and they're very angry at the banks rated i look at the current message boards that are going online right now there's a lot of talk about what happened in 2008 there's a lot of anger at the financial industry which has benefited hugely during the pandemic while most everyone else is struggling. and as a result. there's a lot of belief that this is the way to take them back what this is really about his shareholders who may have been kept out of making money and if you can prove that meaningfully and show that robin hood was trying to essentially be the sheriff of nottingham then there's a problem. >>but just like any industry there's got to be some regulation but the internet's in a space we're not quite sure how to limit this ship were hurting free speech for her to free action so this is going to be an arguable debatable issue obviously don't want to hurt us companies are contributing a lot to the economy. but on the other there are some bad things that have happened to
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so this will be a very hot political national issue to discuss. >>george mentioning speaking of lawmakers are now blasting robin hood's decision to curb trading saying everybody should have equal access to trading. that's led to some really unusual examples of bipartisanship south bay congressman ro khanna for example, he is a progressive democrat, he finds himself on the same side of this issue. senator ted cruz. >>pam and ken who would have ever thought that artist and his are right. thank you very much. let's get back to our other big story, especially for us here in the bay area, the weather and the rain that continues to move through still unsettled out there. lawrence yeah, boy more rain still moving through the bay area now on a whole lot of snow in the high country look at this is donner summit right now they got the snowplows out there trying to work to open that right now closed of course on 80 still open on 50 but your chain up it is just very dangerous in the mountains and look at some of
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the totals mammoth mountain 52 inches in the last couple of days, mount rose 51 inches 44. >>in boreal northstar check in with 43 inches out pine 42 inches heavily 34 inches. so once the roads open up skiers enjoy you can have a lot of snow to ski winter storm warnings continue up there until 2 o'clock in the tomorrow, as they're still expect another maybe couple feet of snow across some of the higher peaks and of course of that snow has landed on the original snow up there and he had the difference in the snow packs and certainly avalanches are real concern and that is in the areas shaded in red there right across the peak, there you've got to have it pass before you got to watch out that continues all the way down in 70 right now the very latest you can see some of the snow continuing in the sierra nevada in the bay area that rain also falling and very heavy in parts of the south bay and boy it has been really coming down there all afternoon long we're watching the possibility of some flooding there and you can see that getting very heavy now as you make your way down one on
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one danger so travel there near morgan hill and just to the south of san jose expect that to taper off overnight tonight. i think we're finally in for a little bit of a break but that not come into late tonight and early tomorrow morning guys back to you thank you lawrence coming up more and more vaccine clinics opening across the bay area but the real issue remains the amount of vaccine available. >>we'll see how the latest clinic in the south bay is doing but first the latest details on a suwarning issued b the department of homeland security about the continued threat from white supremacists across the
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>>a department of homeland security issued a warning about the potential for attacks by homegrown terrorists, the same furor over joe biden's victory in the 2020 election that led to the siege at the u.s. capitol could lead to more domestic terror attacks in the coming weeks for national correspondent trevor shirley reports on what federal and local law enforcement are doing to try to prevent any more attacks. >>well it's been 3 weeks now since right-wing anti-government rioters attacked the capital. >>and now the department of homeland security says others with similar views may feel emboldened the carry out domestic terror attacks elsewhere. the morning didn't reference any specific threat but did say violent extremists who are upset over the 2020 election results and covid-19 restrictions pose an ongoing security threat. the warning says that threat will persist at least through early 2021.
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the fear is some of these extremists will target lawmakers or government buildings across the country, not just here in washington. earlier today. speaker nancy pelosi talked about efforts to keep lawmakers safe, including allowing them to use campaign and congressional money to pay for things like body armor home security systems or protective details here in washington around 500 national guard troops will stay in the city through at least the end of march has the potential for more violence remains to donald trump's second impeachment trial. and later today, we're expecting an update from congressional security officials on top of that the acting sergeant of arms is expected to release more guidance on how members of congress can continue to protect themselves. and those who work for them, reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>and is there real in your subway tuna fish sandwich we'll tell you about a very a
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>>their effort to make sure the communities hardest hit by coronavirus get access to a vaccine. a walk in vaccination site has opened up at mexican heritage plaza in east san jose kron four's maureen kelly was there to stay and tom people lining up to get a shot. despite the weather. >>armed with umbrellas people lined up in the rain to get their free covid-19 vaccine shots. some waiting we're a little nervous, but happy to be on their way to being fully 69 and don't have to go you
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know we have >>go through a strong you know getting sicker you think there will be met. this will take care of us, you know we get the flu shot is get the flu but nothing serious serious so that's what i'm hoping for this one too. we don't get it as bad as some of the people have died. i really i knew few people have died already those getting shots of the moderna vaccine today in a joint effort with the santa clara county public health department and gardner health services are 65 years or older the clinic is operating here at mexican heritage plaza with the hopes of helping the lefty next and other communities of color hardest hit by the virus there are 5 zip codes in the from within that make up 31% of the covid cases in the county and so it makes sense. >>for there to be a site that is trusted that is accessible. that is least days and that have the networks in order to get the word out one man motivated to get vaccinated after losing his cousin to the virus as it didn't hurt a bit and he feel safer. now he's
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looking forward to the day when things are back to normal been able to go inside the restaurant's again. >>and then back to normal for the ball games. >>they're doing things the old school way here because they want to keep it super simple for people. there is no online registration. you have to physically show up here to register for your same day appointments. the clinic is being held on tuesdays and thursdays the registration begins at 08:30am and goes until 10:30am and the vaccination clinic runs until 4.30 in the afternoon. they are hoping to keep this operation going here in till june and they hope to administer 1000 shots a day. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>meantime, a rich canadian couple are only facing a fine after authorities say they posed as attempt motel employees in order to cut in line for a vaccine. a mogul and his actor wife reportedly flew there, private jet to a
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very small indian reservation in northern canada in yukon the area is home to only about a 100 people. many of whom are elderly the government sent a team up there to the remote area to give shots to the locals by the time authorities found out that the couple had snuck into the clinic they had already gotten their shots and flown back to vancouver. they are only facing about $900 fines each husband though was forced to resign from his job. after the news broke. >>several regional parks in the east bay are now back open the east bay regional park district reopen them this morning, the parts were originally scheduled to stay closed until tomorrow morning because of the stormy weather possible damage. cleanup, however, reopen locations include anthony chabot regional park lake chabot regional park tilden regional park and wildcat canyon regional park you can find the full list on our website kron 4 dot com. some important news
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for you subway eaters out there to bay area customers are suing the sandwich chain for what they say is the quote misrepresentation of their tuna sandwich. >>they go on to say that it is made from anything but tuna the 2 men who filed the suit in a san francisco federal court last week say they performed independent laboratory tests on the tuna from several locations of subway across the state and they say they found that the tuna is actually a mix of various substances, none of which is tuna blended together to make it appear like tuna the suit does not say what those substances or subway denies the claims which is the next mystery, what hopefully we'll find out in our 4 zone forecast all right lawrence what's coming up gosh. i i don't even know how want to know what is in that sandwich now. >>we've got that rain moving through the bay area it is been a a torrential storm in some parts of the area, especially south and the santa
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cruz we continue to see the there's looking like a little bit of an and coming to the storm system that's what we've been waiting for which could certainly use of after all that rain looking for my mount tam cam the clouds begin to move in you see the traffic down below and still some rain drops to be had the most the rain a little further south will ne bridge some broken clouds to a beautiful cumulus clouds in the background there otherwise. the storm continues to rotate off the coastline, the core low still hanging out there and come like a spokes on a bicycle wheel you see these waves of energy rolling on shore that what we had overnight last night and we saw the atmospheric river begin to make its way back into the bay area to the south bay in the santa cruz mountains certainly some heavy rainfall there. the good news is flash flood watches have been discontinued although we see pockets of some very heavy rainfall. so certainly still be a possibility to get some localized flooding in some of these storms that are coming through right now heavier storms in and around the watsonville area and have tossed a little further to the east now right along one o one that's just a rough commute
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tonight at the very heavy rainfall has been coming down i've been checking some of these rain rates right in around one o one we're looking at almost an inch an hour so it's pretty fierce out there right now and kind of broken nose, you make your way back in the san jose more scattered light showers there a few light showers in parts of fallout though a los altos hills portola valley also in the east bay. >>continue to see more scattered light showers with things beginning to settle down certainly we could see a wandering make his way in your direction if that happens you're likely to see some very heavy downpours but overnight tonight looks like those showers start to taper off a little bit of the system get a sly little for the east and the south that means will begin to dry things out just was what we need as we head toward midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning one branch moisture coming on shore. not going to be much maybe just a few scattered light showers number pretty much done maybe couple pop-up showers over the mount tops but i think really for the most part the system coming to an end now we're not done with the rain just yet we're going to catch a little bit of a break but you already see as we get in toward friday night.
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we've got another system coming down toward the bay area but it's going to be that second one the moves in over the weekend. that's start to bring another chance of rain i think another significant rain as we head in towards sunday night and monday and probably tuesday, so this is a nice break a much needed break will give all the rivers all the tributaries a chance let the water flow back down into the ocean and then we'll catch this next storm system pumping up those rain rates again and that will continue right through tuesday after that high pressure really takes over. we'll see a whole different weather pattern as we get into next week so looks like changes in the works around the bay area just got a hold on a little bit longer if you've been looking to some dry weather probably going to see that for tomorrow just some partly cloudy skies, some sunshine. slight chance of a light shower on saturday thing mainly into the north same with sunday and then we get into that rain again some gusty winds and probably some thunderstorms i think in the next tuesday as well by late next week. maybe we start talking about some temperatures getting up in the 60's maybe some 70's so we'll go back to that really nice pattern that we had a little over a week ago all right thank you hopefully we're catching up on our rain we
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were so far behind where the 2030 percentile right now we're starting to bump that up just a little bit but we've got a ways to
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>>the dmv will resume behind the wheel driving tests statewide on february first that's monday at the agency had previously postponed all the behind the wheel testing through the end of january due to the statewide surge in
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covid cases postpone test will be automatically reschedule more details are available on our website kron 4 dot com. take a look at this low clouds and patchy fog may have made the day gloomy in cumberland maryland. but a visitor at a popular overlook this incredible sight from the week. >>above from of from above this week this time last video captured from an overlook shows the beautiful site which is now being called an ocean of clowns. >>does look like an ocean right. all right we want to take a quick look at our radar as we continue to follow what's left of the atmospheric river here in the bay area looks there's some rather intense as showers coming down in the >>east of coyote valley east of morgan hill gilroy in the mountains, aaron, more in the central valley up around stockton, but you see the majority the bay area's mostly clear which good news and i think we have another maybe showing donner summit. we've had some problems up there in fact interstate 80 is closed.
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at colfax and closed all the way from colfax the 2400 feet to ver di on the nevada side. so that's a long long stretch of interstate 80. that is shut down in this picture shows you why it is closed a lot of heavy snow up there that snow plows haven't been able to keep up with their just too many spinouts chp caltrans decided to just shut it down. so they could try to get their act together clear the roadways get those spinouts cleared and then since the snow starts to back off they can reopen. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 but coming up tonight at 6 we'll check in on the santa cruz mountain communities hit hard by this week's storms and have an update on evacuation orders there plus the road closures in the sierra can was mentioning caused by all the snow ucsf goes virtual to talk openly about the coronavirus we'll have the latest on the vaccine and the supplies and the distribution in the city. those stories much
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>>and 6 a major winter storm finally starting to move out of the bay area leaving everybody to mop up the mess on the radar you can still see some green showing rainfall of course, the yellow and orange spots means heavier rainfall and more rain is still expected later tonight, but


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