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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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e. and now, save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. >>international news tonight this week all eyes will be on washington as congress and the president work out a new covid-19 relief deal hopefully they get something done today. a group of 10 republican senators met with president biden to present their own relief deal. we want to go live now to washington our correspondent hudson has the latest from the nation's capital rashad are we any closer. >>good evening. no deal yet. but senators are calling that meeting with the president cordial and productive they say they're looking forward to more meetings with the president however democrats are saying they're prepared to move forward with or without republican support. >>i think it was an excellent
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meeting a group of republican senators spent nearly 2 hours negotiating president biden to shrink his one 0.9 trillion dollar covid relief package. >>all of are concerned about struggling families teetering small businesses maine, senator susan collins says they didn't come up with a new agreement with the president but the group looks forward to future talks with the administration i am hopeful that we can once again pass as 6. >>bipartisan covid relief the counter offer comes from the group as congressional democrats are preparing to move forward with or without gop support. the white house press secretary jen psaki says meeting with gop lawmakers shows president biden is willing to work across party lines but remains focused providing the needed level of relief to americans. it's important to remember that the size of the package was designed with the size of the crisis.
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>>crises as we've said. now a sticking point for both sides will be whether to include more money for state and local governments in washington rashad hudson back to you were shot quick question for you thus a meeting went on for reportedly 2 hours, maybe that's a good sign that they're getting along a little bit better any details that leaked. >>the only details that we got was that the meeting was productive and that they're looking forward to these ongoing talks. now members of the biden administration his economic team will actually brief democrats tomorrow on the covid proposal. so we'll find out then what exactly came out of this meeting. >>wish i to live for us tonight in washington, thank you for that live report, thanks for shining. tonight organizers working to recall governor gavin newsome say that they're confident they're going to get enough signatures for the issue to be. >>left up to the voters this year crowd for state capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala
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brings us up to speed. >>the effort to recall governor gavin, newsome is gaining signatures and money with more than a month left before the deadline organizers say they've amassed more than 1.3 million signatures on petitions for recall the secretary of state says the group has until mid-march to collect about 1.5 million certified signatures for the issue to head to voters things going up and more is the campaign manager and finance director for rescue california, a group helping with the signature gathering effort she says recently issues with california's employment development department and vaccine distribution have fueled the effort all of these things are starting putting us at the top of the less we don't want to be at the top does more says the group has raised about 2 million dollars from a variety of donors, including a recent $100,000 contribution from some of polly up a t a a billionaire venture capitalist who was once a facebook executive and now ceo of social capital and chairman of virgin galactic he recently announced his intent to run for california governor on
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twitter and i think she running now creates a situation where a lot of other democrats my start. >>if they're not already i know are and they're not they don't have to worry about retribution because there's going to be enough of other candidates, financially backing the effort and running for governor if newsome is recalled include republicans john cox who lost a new 2018 and potentially kevin faulkner, the former mayor of san diego who launched an exploratory committee for a gubernatorial run does or says recent donors don't seem to have a party preference. i don't care if republican democratic outcome we're going to get rid of this guy before he signs any more bills in october and we hope meanwhile governor gavin, newsome did not have his usual monday. covid-19 update. but he has said in recent weeks, he is not focused on this recall effort but more so on vaccine distribution and fighting covid-19 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>just in to the kron 4 former san diego mayor kevin
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faulconer has just formally announced he will be running for california governor. faulkner has been a vocal critic of governor newson see says. he'll run in 2022, but it's not yet clear if he will run in a potential recall election if that recall effort gets enough verified signatures. he joins businessman and former gubernatorial candidate john cox and billionaire venture capitalist climate pereida as potential challengers to newsome the governor has faced increasing backlash for his administration's response to the pandemic. i whether time as we get a check on storm tracker for that rain is pushing more and more on to the coast as we're in for another rainy night. yeah and apparently that a green really should be white in some areas because we're going to be seen some of the white stuff. >>yeah we're going to see snow whole lot of at least over the sierra nevada again that is the great news, you know some parts of the high country from that last storm we had last week over 1910 feet of snow so
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they're waiting now the roadways are open you can see right there there's a live look at dawn right now but we're going to see that filled with snow again tonight as the storm system rolls in so winter storm warnings have been issued across the sierra nevada, the western slopes, they're dropping down to about 5,000 feet snow advisory continued across the higher peaks as well expecting upwards of another one maybe 2 feet of snow the higher peaks so nice to see him here we go the storm system kind of winding up now we have that nice break over the weekend but now start to drop in the bay area to see some of that rain begin to pick up now that stronger front in the north bay right now is going to kind of a slow mover, here's the very latest track here expected to make its way into several fell about 5.50 to san francisco to about 6.10 and then in san jose about 7.37. i think maybe a little bit slower than that it's going to take some time that the storm systems actually slow down as it begins to move on shore. this is what's interesting though we get through this storm system a couple leftover showers i think for tomorrow
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the kind of a quick moving storm may be moving in the bay area on wednesday to bring another round of some scattered showers after that we always get back to some spring-like temperatures will warm up well in the 60's and then that whole to see the pattern they're staying dry right through the weekend then maybe a hint as we head toward late next week of a chance of rain coming back so we're going to join the storm while we have it doesn't look like we have much more to go chance showers overnight tonight, rain no turning more widely scattered showers for tomorrow a chance showers on wednesday back to some dry and warmer weather on thursday and friday. thanks now to some sad news to report tonight earlier today legendary singer tony bennett revealed he's been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. >>the singer's wife says bennett was first diagnosed back in 2016. family saying he indoors quote rare moments of clarity and awareness these days. still he continues to rehearse twice a goes through his 90 minute. set with his longtime pianist bennett is of
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course beloved in the bay area, especially for his rendition of i left my heart in san francisco. tony bennett is 94 years old that's heartbreaking. >>and some other said news site tonight in the entertainment world actor dustin diamond has died the saved by the bell star best known for his role as screech and recently announced he was battling stage 4 lung cancer. eye doctors found the cancer after diamond checked into a florida hospital for some widespread pain and discomfort tmz reporting tonight, the diamond died this morning. just a couple of weeks after completing his first round of chemotherapy. he was 44 years old. >>coming up new bush fires are sparking in australia which part of the country is now under an emergency warning. >>and wildfires could be even more dangerous than we previously thought a new
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>>online see what we can put shirt. >>yeah, pretty scary stuff and you know where your eye this is new video firefighters in western australia driving through a raging bushfire earlier today this is east of perth. clip shows a volunteer firefighter driving through the flames. and smoke narrowly avoiding another vehicle that just emerged from the smoke. so far at least 7 homes have
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been destroyed 2 firefighters have been injured. this video comes nearly a year after 2020's devastating bushfire season in which more than 46 million acres burned in that country at least 34 people were killed and 3 billion or so animals. they're said to be either killed or displaced. >>and for your health tonight, some scientists are sounding an alarm over a possible biological danger to smoke from wildfires. researchers at the university of idaho say that all that smoke can actually trap active bacteria from the air and as it falls it can bring such microbes down onto your skin, clothing and even into your lungs. they say the firefighters and residents alike could be breathing in something that could make them sick. now there's been no actual evidence of that yet but researchers do point out that it's a possibility because they found a mindblowing variety of microbes in here. >>still ahead a new national
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face mask requirement going
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>>new national mask mandate by the cdc officially goes into effect tonight at 9 coming up and it applies to people on all types of public transportation this new requirement adds to an executive order signed by president biden and will also apply to ride sharing services like uber and lyft travelers are only allowed to remove
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their masks if they need to eat or drink. the exemptions to the rule or ages 2 and younger and anyone who has a disability that makes it unsafe to wear a mask. an alarming story now out of upstate new york has a 9 year-old girl is pepper sprayed and restrained by police officers this is in rochester. we do want to warn you this video may be disturbing to some viewers. this is newly released body camera footage of the moments, the mayor of rochester has since expressed her concern for the child who. she said was harmed during the incident, the girl can be heard in the video screaming asking for her father one point as the officers tried to restrain her. according to police they responded to a
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call that the girl was suicidal and needed help we'll bring you more on this story as we learn details. >>and take a look at this a scary scene at a colorado car wash when a violent hijacking is caught on camera. police say the 63 year-old victim she was at the drive-thru wash just south of denver when a. an open her door and demanded she get out of her minivan the woman refused and the suspect then grabbed her by the arm and neck and as you can see they're just pulled her from the van at one point he he bit her arm. she was thrown to the ground and the carjacker just drives away has so far no arrests have been made there. >>tonight we know reverend jesse jackson has been admitted to a chicago hospital after complaining of abdominal discomfort. according to his organization rainbow push. jackson underwent surgery and is expected to be discharged within a few days. he is said to be resting quote, good spirits, but no further info has been provided. rainbow push coalition is a multi
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racial multi issue progressive international organization that was formed in 1996 by reverend jackson. >>happening tomorrow in the east bay, the oakland city council will consider an ordinance giving hazard pay to grocery workers at large stores during the pandemic it would be a $5 increase in pay per hour. but city staff members have not talked with grocery stores about this idea as a result. the city administrator's office is recommending the council wait to vote on the matter first. the store's included in this would be trader joe's save mark whole foods target to cardenas and safe way can as a city council also considering a similar ordinance next week. >>happening right now it's been pretty calm but this massive snow storm now has showing up in the northeast new york city right here got pounded the winter storm shutting down covid vaccination sites schools. most transportation even stopped in new york, but that
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didn't some people from venturing outside and having some fun in the snow. >>we're central park on the drive and the planet is he until i get too tired to have to go home. >>i'm from california. so this is this not happen which to me is something really cool that get to experience so >>it's fun from haley van from california the mayor there in new york mayor bill de blasio said a state of emergency is in effect until tomorrow morning. he's urging everyone to stay off the roads until more of the snow is cleared. as we come back to the bay and get it check on our system, no snow here locally but you go up into the mountains and could be a whole different story here coming up the rain is starting to creep in kron chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with the latest us certainly get some rain drops to shop around the bay area of course. >>other parts of country think of just got walloped by this nor'easter rolling in and that
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continues to bring very heavy snowfall there, some gusty winds to 45 miles an hour. >>and they may see another 15 maybe 18 inches overnight tonight and tomorrow look at this is just kind of rolls in all that moisture rotating around and there you go you see new york you see boston see albany see all the red here those are winter storm warnings all the way up into maine, expecting this to be just a tremendous storm and really the country was not a pandemic this would be a paralyzing storm. and it's certainly going to cause trouble enough us are going to be digging out for snow for a few days let's get you back out west and we've got our own storm system along the coastline there comes rolling in the bay area, some heavier bands now just off the coast. you see this band right here that is going to be pushing on shore along the peninsula here in about the next half hour so get daly city south san francisco, some rain coming your way the not too distant future right now just some scattered light showers along the peninsula into san francisco, heavier amounts of rain a little further to the north the leanest are seeing a pretty good sell their the bottle you got some heavy rain coming your way and some spotty showers most a fairly
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light and parts of the north bay but still they're going to see more of that rain pick up throughout the night tonight as this cold front in across the bay area. i think it's going to slow down as it moves through we've been seeing some of the winds associated with the storm system already we've had some 30 plus mile an hour gusts along the coastline now gusting to 24 pacifica 22 in temperatures go 26 in mill valley 25 that's into beach, the strongest winds right now located near the coastal areas but everybody seeing that suddenly wind out there more than on the way overnight tonight really through about 9 o'clock or so then after that front begins to slide a little for the south those winds will begin to subside a little bit into early tomorrow morning. but certainly looks like a nice little soaker overnight time doesn't look like it's going to flooding rain but certainly nice rain up there for tonight and well tomorrow, maybe couple leftover scattered showers and chance of a few more showers on wednesday with another storm system after that looks like we'll dry and almost spring-like to wind down your ahead. thanks bad, thanks alerts up next it is arguably the most anticipated performance of the year.
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>>we'll take you inside the
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>>we are now less than a week away from super bowl sunday and for sports fans, the hype is all about the team's right tom brady and the buccaneers tried here beat the reigning champs, the chiefs, yeah, but for some of us it's about the halftime show entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has all the details about. >>the extra effort being put into this year's big performance. grant vicki right
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now the weekend is prepping to take the stage and listen you will not believe how far he will go to make sure this is the best 13 to 14 minutes, you have ever seen. >>the weekend is spending 7 million dollars of his own money on this year's halftime show the super bowl usually pays for production costs but the weekend recently told billboard. >>he dropped the extra cash so he could create a cinematic experience for the fans at home many people would say this becomes the most anticipated halftime show south how in the heck are you going to make it all work our guys got a lot of hit records and he's going perform all. >>and the end of the day he's the one that has to stand there for little over 13 minutes and has a 120 million people super bowl producer jesse collins told me that creating a live spectacle during a pandemic isn't easy. but safety is a priority and his team is taking the show
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out of the box we're going use the stadium to present the show in a way that has never been presented before. >>but it is absolutely a live live halftime show inside that stadium and more places than you expect. >>and tonight on e t john seen a super bowl commercial secrets what he just told me plus or stage goes to the dogs literally. well the dogs of the puppy bowl you don't want to miss it for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >>all right kevin yeah, people you can catch entertainment tonight right here on kron 4 at 7.30 and coming up tonight at 6.15 we're going to go live to tampa to get the latest on super bowl preparations. there. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00am tonight at 6 oh we're tracking the rain that's moving into the bay area expected to last. >>a few days parker is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking your forecast hour by hour plus frustration is growing over slow covid vaccine rollouts in the bay and east bay vaccination site has shut down after reports
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that people who are not yet eligible to receive the shot and in the north bay dozens of appointments had to be canceled after people signed up to get vaccinated even though it's not yet their turf. we'll have the latest on. a battle that's coming up next on kron 4 news at 6.
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>>now it's 6 back parts of the bay area are starting to get another round of rain as we speak you're looking at live radar from stormtracker 4 you can see quite a bit of green on the screen this storm comes just days after california of course allowed outdoor dining once again during this pandemic good evening, everybody thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis we can expect a little less drama this time around with this incoming cold front, let's go and check in with our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a look we got that nice little break over the weekend guys and i was just enough to allow all that water to work its way all the way down in the tributaries and back out the ocean so kitchen that break much needed the got that rain moving in now the clouds beginning to gather after really a lot of sunshine to start your day in the winds begin to pick up then here comes the rain. >>and it's dropping down to the bay area right now you see on the radar there's the rain begin to move in we've got some pockets so pretty significant downpours just off


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