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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>now it's 6 back parts of the bay area are starting to get another round of rain as we speak you're looking at live radar from stormtracker 4 you can see quite a bit of green on the screen this storm comes just days after california of course allowed outdoor dining once again during this pandemic good evening, everybody thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis we can expect a little less drama this time around with this incoming cold front, let's go and check in with our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a look we got that nice little break over the weekend guys and i was just enough to allow all that water to work its way all the way down in the tributaries and back out the ocean so kitchen that break much needed the got that rain moving in now the clouds beginning to gather after really a lot of sunshine to start your day in the winds begin to pick up then here comes the rain. >>and it's dropping down to the bay area right now you see on the radar there's the rain begin to move in we've got some pockets so pretty significant downpours just off
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the coastline just about to make its way on shore you see right there headed are in mill valley timber on you're about to give soaking here in the next few minutes that is going to be a pretty good cell that's moving on shore also probably dragging that into parts of san francisco toward the sunset as well so watch out some heavier downpours now just about to move into your neighborhood little further to the north the rain had already begun to pick up your see mostly just some light showers although there are pockets of yellow there so you certainly could be seeing some downpours along one o one near petaluma get a pretty good downpour there also rain falling in santa rose up and continued right up to healdsburg now the winds have also been a story with the storm system very gusty along the coastline in the afternoon with some 30 plus mile per hour gusts up toward the beaches we continue to see 25 mile an hour gusts that stinson beach 26 in mill valley, 22 in san francisco on 24 miles per hour. in the pacific. it's going to be a blustery evening here before that front moves through and then once that goes by it looks like things begin to settle down. but that will be
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be about until 9.10 o'clock for tonight. of the rain just yet we've got this storm system coming through that will keep things a little bit for tomorrow another week one possibly on wednesday after that get ready for some spring-like temperatures coming our way right lawrence turning now to our coronavirus coverage, a new mask mandate by the cdc goes into effect tonight. >>it applies to all people on all types of public transportation. the new requirement adds to an executive order signed by president biden and will also apply to ride sharing services like uber and left. travelers are only allowed to remove their masks if they need to eat or drink the exemptions to that rule or 2 years old or younger and anyone who has a disability that makes it unsafe to wear a mask, 2 mutations of the coronavirus they're raising concerns and other parts of the world will now they are detected here in the bay area doctors at a lab at stanford made this discovery is kron four's maureen kelly reports, one of those 2 strains includes the fast moving.
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>>uk variant. >>and that uk variant is particularly worrisome because it's much more infectious than the strain. we've already been battling against. it's the same mutation that is already cropped up in several states in the u.s. and southern california. doctors at the stanford lab also found one case of a brazilian variant that less is known about. although it's one of 2 resilient asians and what was detected here is the lesser of the 2 in terms of concern stanford launched this coronavirus surveillance effort for just this purpose doing some sequencing proactively. >>is very in that we have kind of an early warning system at least a heads up. in that that we may be in a situation where things could get worse infectious disease. experts say while the variance or new the best ways to guard against them or not do what you're doing right >>that is the very careful we're a very good mask, socially distance don't get together in congregate settings super bowl's coming
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up. its fleet. don't go to super bowl parties. do the things that we know we're still working against these variants just as well as they work against the standards training. get vaccinated soon as you can so far the stanford lab has not detected the south african variant that some vaccines have been found to be less effective against. >>the pfizer and moderna vaccine have both been working well against the uk variant which is expected to be the dominant strain here in the next few months. if it behaves the same way in this country. as it has been in the united kingdom maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, a pop-up vaccination clinic in lafayette will not be giving any more vaccines after complaints of unfair vaccine distribution. doctor rebecca parish hosted this pop up drive-thru clinic at stanley middle school. back in the middle of january the clinic initially focused on getting
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people 75 and older vaccinated but just days before that pop up pope and governor newsome allowed folks 65 and older to get the shot a total of 569 seniors between the ages of 65 and a 100 were treated at the clinic and volunteers under the age of 55. we're also vaccinated but they were in an eligible tier as health care workers. a doctor who volunteered to administer shots at the clinic filed this complaint with the county. >>vaccinated almost 600 people dow making a penny and stance. and one person who apparently did not understand the rules thought that i guess we don't really even know that people under 75 are not committed to get the vaccine. >>hundreds of seniors will now need to get their second covid shots it county clinic says that pop up will be operational again. contra costa health services is also
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shifting to mass vaccination sites which is the reason why doctor parish is not receiving any second doses. >>now the big story we're following for you tonight has to do with very limited supply of covid-19 vaccine and bay area counties so demand of far outweighing the supply they see this over and over again case in point sonoma county where a lack of screening capability allowed thousands of people under the age of 75 to schedule. >>vaccination appointments only to have those appointments canceled on them kron four's dan kerman has been following this story. he's live with the details dan it has to be so frustrating to have that happen. >>well uncertainty has been the name of the game with this vaccine. rollout and have yourself scheduled and then haven't rolled back well that just creates greater uncertainty and people are not happy about it. county officials though standing by that decision saying they have to vaccinate the most vulnerable first. last week
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sonoma county set up a runner park clinic to vaccinate the county's 36,000 residents age 75 and up unfortunately the optum serve website did not ask those registering their age as a result, some 6,000 people under 75 scheduled appointments only to have them canceled mistakes get made in i'm going to guess. >>that morse mistakes will be made because we're trying so hard to get this right. my commitment to all of you. is to keep trying make sure that we do better every and an online briefing monday afternoon county leaders apologize said the website was being fixed but maintain their commitment to prioritize those 75 we just don't have the vaccine supply to reach everybody right now. >>and we have to be patient and we must make sure that that vaccine is offered for vulnerable in making that commitment some 1100 sonoma county educators age, 65 and
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up who would scheduled appointments for this week were also told they were out of luck at least for another 2 weeks to not. >>concurrently allow us to do teachers and police officers tease means those people are act that have more function. public function. all right wrist to and makes it difficult for schools to reopen. >>a county officials also said that that website including that other glitch also scheduled those first and second appointments for those 75 and up too close together. so some of those 75 and up will have to have their second appointment rescheduled a little farther out reporting live dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan u c berkeley is seeing a surge in covid-19 cases on campus 44 students tested positive in just the past few days. >>since august, the university has seen more than 500 confirmed cases now some
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students say that most of the people they see on campus there being responsible by wearing their masks and socially distancing. but the behaviors offcampus like. parties are likely contributing to the spread. >>and you think that students would have a certain amount of intelligence and kind of a certain amount of awareness for their surroundings and understanding of what is going on just like kind of scared that next semester will still be like this. if if you like get under control. >>for students who live on campus and have been exposed to the virus. the university has set up some quarantine housing for them. the university of california system announced just weeks ago plans to reopen its campuses for primarily in person classes in the fall, but an increase in cases may threaten those plans similar situation in the south bay look at these pictures there from a party 2 weekends ago at santa clara university at a frat house the gathering. >>a clear violation of local
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and state health orders kron four's rob fladeboe has reaction from the university and health officials. >>i think everyone is is growing more member of a neighboring fraternity who wishes to remain anonymous said the party here at the offcampus california phi fraternity. a week ago saturday has led to a backlash that has put other fraternities and perhaps shot of clara university itself in a bad light. >>we need to take a look at. at how. how these parties and everything how that affects not just people's. people's health everything but how they affect the. >>the perception of the school and photos from the party posted to social media and obtained by kron 4 news suggest at least 75 people attended the party and showed a disregard for social distancing protocols not everyone was wearing a mask. the person who answered the door at cal fire declined to comment. the party serves as an example of what county health officials are warning
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against on super bowl sunday says odd come all the people coming together and eating people coming together and shouting and cheering. >>all of which the perfect storm we're going transmission. so we going everybody that just behavior. and do some of the gains we've made in the last few weeks when it comes to our transmission of covid aside from the backlash. there's also said to be worries that the party might have been a super spreader event for the virus. >>attendees are being urged to get tested for covid-19. but any spike in cases would not be known for a couple of weeks, the backlash against the brazen flaunting of the health order serves as a warning to other fraternities who may have been planning to watch the super bowl outside of their own everyone wishes they could get together as a as a big group i think we're going to do. >>judge do with our respective houses and do things are much smaller scale that we're going
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to we're going to follow that you know i the best part super bowls watching the game. >>and that's that's what we're going to a statement from santa clara university reads in part quote while most students have done an excellent job by the health department directives. it is disappointing that others have blatantly disregarded those directives. the office of student life has received numerous complaints and is following up on each report, the statement goes on to say there may be consequences including a suspension or fines of up to $500 in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>still to come tonight a live report from tampa ahead of super bowl 55 how both teams are trying to safely gear up for sunday's big game hurricane of covid variance may be coming here to the u.s. ahead. local doctor weighs in on the dire warnings and later the effort to recall governor newsome is gaining momentum as organizers
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is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health. >>we're less than week away until super bowl 55 in tampa kansas city chiefs course taking on the san mateo native tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers however, the chiefs announced today they could be missing a. >>couple guys due to covid protocols correspondent jack doles joins us now live from tampa with the latest. how officials are getting ready for this big game, jack. >>happy super bowl it's a little maybe a lot different with the pandemic but and it's
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still super bowl. how we do it. >>i'm doing well and i'm sure this was a lot more fun for you guys last year with the forty-niners we're playing in this game, but you have the bombshell news today out of tampa was the fact marcus robinson a wide receiver for the chiefs and daniel kilgore a center for kansas city reserve center contact tracing sullivan put on the reserve covid list right now they still have a chance to play they have to pastor all the protocols and and when test negative each day. but other robinson one would be a big blow to this team because he had 45 catches for the 49 er for the for the chiefs this season, 3 touchdowns killed or would be a big loss if he can't play because they've already lost eric fisher their starting left tackle. so they've got some depth issues on their offensive line. you know. >>jack i don't need to tell you this but first time you know 6 all in what first time
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without fans at what's the move >>and you know the city's taking a lot of shots this year. i mean look at look at the situation with the tampa bay buccaneers here they are the first team ever to go to the super bowl that they host and they can only put about 30% of the fans inside the stadium, but this team, the city also had the stanley cup finals with tampa bay lightning winning it, but they play that the bubbling canada, then they had the world series with the tampa bay rays but they played that in a bubble texas oh there's a lot of missed opportunities for the city of tampa. they're still very excited. just can't even imagine what the economic impact could have what could have the year 2020 21. >>and jack, so many people here in the bay love our native son tom brady obviously a hall of fame lock. you guys now he has always said he wants to play until he's 45.
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well now he's 43 and he said today that he'd consider playing the on 45. how has brady really you know gotten the fans in tampa to to love him and to love what he's all about. >>well the first thing he did become loved here in tampa was just signed with the buccaneers it's funny out a conversation with one of the sportscasters here tampa he said you know what ever since brady signed with tampa. the food taste better his drive to work is he just everything's been better since tom brady came you know the the lightning won the stanley cup, the rays got to the world series. so i don't know he just has an impact on the city look at all the winning they didn't boston when he played for the patriots. >>all right jack doles thanks for reporting on a are our favorite son year and we do like the fact that you know he do it at 43 and hope will makes jack.
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>>all right weather time now as we take a check at stormtracker 4 radar and things are picking up the certainly raining there in the north bay as the system works its way onto the coach yeah, the night of the sky our chief meteorologist lawrence yeah here we go guys we've got another round of rain rolling in the bay area to start out your work weekend. >>here it is the showers moving in some heavier downpours begin to pick up in parts of the bay area getting in there for a closer look you can see those raindrops falling started out nice and clear this morning across a good part of the bay area by the middle of the day started to see a few clouds the wind started to pick up and now things very gray as the clouds moving in overhead look at the rain a move into parts of the bay area in for a closer look now you toward a marine boy it's coming down right now you've got all the yellow yes, some spotty patches patches of some orange here and i've seen some rain rates almost 3 quarters an inch an hour so coming down pretty heavily in some of those spots will continue to do so right to mill valley, san rafale you're
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seeing some of that just lighter amounts of rain. more scattered showers now pushing just to the east of petaluma and santa rosa and that will be the case to pick it up now and they also in the napa not too far away you're going to start to see some rain making its way in your neighborhood as well so they're seeing the rain the tahoe the other to see snow across the peaks again dropping down to about 5,000 feet or so and then maybe upwards of a couple of feet of snow across the higher peaks all this area read those the winter storm warnings up the advisories up continued across a lake tahoe as well so a lot of snow on the way a lot of rain around the bay area tonight that we've got another system that's likely going to drop it we've got this one right here the slowly going to drop to the bay area taking the better part of the night and right into the south bay then tapering off of some scattered showers after that a little bit of a break behind them we've got this kind of quick moving cold system now looks like it might drop in to bring us a few more scattered showers and a few more snowflakes over this year and about enjoying all this wintry weather got another taste of spring coming our way little
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bit later this so all those outdoor diners tomorrow they can enjoy a liquid lunch no, you know i don't think it will be a rain out for that to wife, i think they'll be able enjoy it, but i hope they have some nice liquid thank laura for it. >>well these new variants of covid today has at least one epidemiologist prom that one. >>sounding the alarm tonight talking about an advisor for president biden sky says if we don't start getting at least one vaccine dose into the arms of his many people as possible. we could be in for a rude awakening kron four's noelle bellow has more from a local infectious disease specialist. >>if we get another syringe this surge maybe overpopulated with some of these variants they're here and they're not going anywhere anytime soon a coronavirus variants are popping up across the country and white house officials say most of the cases of new variants trains. involve the one that was first detected in the united kingdom. but here at home, we know that that means 3 variance in the bay
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area. >>mcauliffe would be a variance the uk variant and was recently some having said the brazilian variant us air. so i think all of is making concerned ucsf infectious disease expert doctor, peter, chin-hong says the worry is just how transmissible these variants are especially since people are still actively dealing with the virus little bit isn't going away anywhere. >>with still about 5 times way be wearing october getting vulnerable people vaccinated is the best way to keep us from seeing another surge. >>when asked whether or not the country should just start giving out at least one dose of the vaccine to as many people as possible. doctor chan hong says it might be the right call you'd asked me 2 months ago. >>i probably would have been area of not following the science to the tea. i think right again with these variants going around we just need to get as many people immunized as possible, you know looking at the science
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you know you're going to probably 80% protection from. pfizer from after day you know those one that immunity you probably last so that you know even if folks going to be delayed by a couple weeks of this second shot is so good to can and it's more important just get us all up to that level soon as possible. >>doctor chan hong says it's important to remember we usually have a 4 to six-week honeymoon period in between surges so the main thing you need to do right now is mask up double up on your masks if you're able to and continue to adhere to the social distancing rules in place in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>thank you know well ready to go next a look i
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take on ra. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. if you can't afford your medicine, abbvie may be able to help. >>every popular digital art exhibit is coming right here to the bay area and it's unlike any museum experience you have ever seen it's called the immersive van gogh exhibit it features 30 foot. walls filled with colors you can see behind me there light with some of van gogh's most iconic pieces of art like sunflowers and starry nights the exhibit as social distancing circles on the floor to space everybody out. >>this we're still and art and music and emotion and experience walk you through something all come together in a very unique and diffe way. >>the new exhibit will open march 18th that the s p n west
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event venue in san francisco details. of tickets rather for the entire month of march, sorry they're already sold out. >>frustration over the slow vaccine rollout and a prolonged lockdown that's field efforts to recall governor newsome coming up we'll take a look at that campaign plus the california, teachers association is calling on the governor to work with them to develop a more aggressive plan to get schools reopen in our state and alarming crime statistics from an east bay police department will break down the homicide numbers when we come back. also tracking this storm that is really pushing its way on to the coast. rain in a lot of spots chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is dialing in some downpours in pa
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>>and welcome back we are on storm watch once again a live look here at stormtracker 4 radar and people are starting went out there kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow talking about some rain on the golden gate bridge already yeah pretty good downpours out there right now showing up around the bay area's a cold front now making its way the golden gate bridge certainly slick out there. now we've seen some blustery winds to watch out for that, especially if you're driving a truck or high profile vehicle storm clouds rolling in the front slowly working its way in but now getting into the more that the heavier steady rain and you see that now moving in along parts of the peninsula now has seen the showers moving into parts o


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