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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now 9 another storm and more rain moving through the
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bay area you're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza and stormtracker 4. >>as we continue to monitor conditions on the roadways tonight good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore tonight kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>joining so lawrence of training now when does it stop what's next. yeah, it looks like it's going to be pretty wet throughout the night tonight certainly around the bay area we do have some pockets of some heavier downpours now beginning to show up >>next system begins to roll in after a break over the weekend and now here comes that rain once again and it will be heavy at times throughout the evening hours. the good news is most this is going to come overnight tonight and begin to taper off as we head through the day tomorrow still is very slick out many of the roadways now looking out toward the golden gate bridge just settle down a little bit but the rain still coming down there the front now lying across the bay area you see that all the way stretched across half moon bay san francisco on eastward but boy we've got some pockets some downpours out there right now on. we'll see more of that throughout the rest the
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evening. here's this front kind of slides on through taking a tour de san mateo is coming down pretty well as to get right down to street level there you can see right along el camino you can see the rain coming down in that area foster city you're seeing that toward 92 in right across the bay. they continue to see some of that right there on hagan their big bird road as we're seeing the heavy rainfall moving that direction high street you're seeing some of that in your neighborhood as well san leandro just some lighter amounts of rain little further north you get to alameda there you go you get the shoreline drive you've got some heavier downpours right there little bit lighter along santa clara avenue and also east 12th street. but certainly that is sliding a little bit further to the east, so we'll be picking up in that direction here very very shortly so it's out there right now this front going to be slow to move through the bay area it's going to continue through the better part of the night tonight and move further to the south so even though looks pretty dry down toward san jose right now they are going to see that rain moving in a little bit later on there's a hint. now one more storm coming this week then return to some spring-like weather will time out both for you keep
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everybody happy right yeah, little something for everybody and i'm enjoying the rain it just a few minutes, so my thanks >>and don't forget you can track the weather in your neighborhood you can do that any time with the kron 4 app you'll find full forecast interactive radar. weather alerts straight to your device and you can download the kron 4 app right now. 2 mutations of the coronavirus raising concerns in other parts of the world. i've now been detected here in the bay area. the discovery was made by doctors at a stanford lab and they say one of those 2 strains that were found. >>includes the fast-moving uk variant. doctors say they also found one case of a brazilian variants but say they're less concerned about that strain. so far the stanford lab has not detected the south african variant that some vaccines have found to be less effective against today. you see berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg talked with us about our worried we should be. >>you need to watch very
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closely tracking other doing we need to be prepared to produce vaccines against him should they take off you know what does it mean to the individual. it means to what you're doing right that is the very careful we're a very good mask, socially distance don't get together in congregate settings. >>doctors say the vaccines that are available have been working well against the uk version which is the variance that could be the dominant strain if it behaves here as it did in england. in addition to concerns over how easily the new mutations spread and how deadly they are compared to the original strain. there's also concern vaccines are not as protective against them. but doctor anthony fauci says that's no reason not to get vaccinated. >>you need to get vaccinated when it becomes available as quickly and as expeditiously as possible throughout the country and the reason for that is that there is a fact that permeates my rolla g and
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that is that viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate. and if you stop their application by vaccinating widely and not giving the virus an open playing field to continue to respond to the pressures that you put on it. you will not get mutations. the director of the cdc is urging americans to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to continue taking. >>basic precautions such as wearing a mask. >>marin county employees they are stepping up in the fight against covid-19 and workers from several departments like marin county parks marin county fire. there are now being reassigned to vaccination sites to try to speed up the vaccine process kron four's taylor joins us live from sandra fell with the latest taylor. >>well here at the marine county civic center this is one of the 2 main vaccination
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sites that staff are being reassigned to and here they are helping out with everything from logistics to actually administering the vaccine. >>and as you drivers license id please. no county employees are being reassigned to speed up and tackle vaccination efforts throughout the county in marin county parks or rangers who are typically out you know patrolling open-space preserves or are you know greeting visitors are parks instead are being assigned to you know people register now to get the testing or inside the vaccination sites. >>yeah, it's it's you know. it's important work so it feels good to be able to help out next currin director of marine county parks says. >>they're dedicating about 30 staff members each day to work at vaccination sites like the marin county civic center close to half of our staff are supporting vaccination sites right now starting last week in addition to her in county parks personnel. you'll also find staff members from marine
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county fire helping out kind of described as an all hands on deck situation you know in order to meet the vaccine demand that we need to in the time frame. >>you we want to be doing 40 plus 1000 vaccines a week and that's going take a lot of people on top of logistic support empties and paramedics are taking on a new role to administer the vaccine they're working >>site that said the center there taking aim don't going mobile to senior care facilities some kaiser staff and other other medical professionals however taking employees from their current roles reassigning them to new ones does have an impact of the biggest effect is our firefighters have been at this since you one of the busiest fire seasons california have you worked on president and hours already so we're asking them to to step up again and continue those long hours long weeks. but you know they're doing it tirelessly.
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>>know the county has extra staff in place they have people on standby they say really the only thing holding them back is having enough of that supply it's something that we are all waiting for here. however the county says that it does expect more doses soon and they are gearing up to administer 500,000 shots over the next few months. for now live in marin county taylor the psac ii kron 4 news sailor, thanks very much meantime in sonoma county next door, thousands of people under the age of 75. >>had their appointments canceled happened at a clinic in rohnert park officials say an appointment link was leaked to social media. >>and it had no capability to screen out people. under 75 some more than 6,000 people under 75. we're able to make appointments some only to have been canceled. county leaders apologized today saying don't try to do better. just want to say i'm sorry. >>and that of people who we're confused and disappointed we
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see events of the last few days. >>that same web site also scheduled second appointment too soon so they're going to have to be rescheduled also 1100 teachers, 65 and older. they were scheduled to be vaccinated this week but the offer pulled at the last minute here in the bay area advocates for long-term care residents and assisted nursing home say that. >>after a very difficult vaccine. rollout there is some progress that's the good news. however, there is some bad news still plaguing the most vulnerable in this pandemic the state says it's working on improving the system as kron four's terisa stasio tells us the location of a facility is playing a part in who is getting vaccinated. >>getting vaccines into the arms of those living in skilled nursing facilities or long-term care centers has been of critical importance with the harsh reality. the pandemic has claimed more deaths among that population.
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however, making that happen has stumbled repeatedly. this is mike dark with california advocates for nursing home reform right now in california, it is still impossible. >>to get from the state the actual number of people who have gotten vaccinated in long-term care facilities that's health care workers and that's residents. and there's a couple of possible explanations there right one is maybe the state just doesn't know well that would be inexcusable it's february and we've been vaccinated since december. the better answer the one that i think is the real answer is that the numbers are so abysmal that the state is embarrassed to say what they are. >>to complicate an already murky situation advocates say it seems each county is in its own unique battle. that's the location of the facility plays a major factor on whether a resident or staff member has an appointment for one of those scares shots where i see
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really positive changes or where communities are leveraging the pharmacy partnership and additional local resources to ensure that backs things are happening. >>nicole buds men for contra costa county solano and alameda county. >>has her hands full fighting for getting thousands of facilities lined up. >>so for example in contra costa county, a local county public health not only sort of county wide vaccination sites facility staff to receive the vaccine, but they also launched mobile clinics, the paperwork that the cvs walgreens requires them to fill out is complicated krista barnett nelson with senior advocacy services of sonoma county says that they are stepping in to help with the process. >>she says feedback from the state about being patient with problems. >>doesn't sit well and it isn't hard to be patient. when you know people to die and people are dying is continue to die. and that's i can't be patient when people >>kron 4 news.
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>>photos from a santa clara university fraternity are getting backlash the party was 2 weeks ago at the offcampus california phi fraternity photos suggesting at least 75 people attended this party. no social distancing not everybody wearing a mask. doctors say this is an example of the kind of thing they do not want to see happening on super bowl sunday. >>people coming together and eating people coming together and shouting and cheering. aldridge the perfect storm for covid transmission. so we going everybody that behavior. >>i do some of the gains we've made in the last few weeks. >>a statement from santa clara university reads in part while most students have done an excellent job the health department directives disappointing others a blatantly disregarded them.
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the office of student life has received numerous complaints following up on each report to be clear the university expect all students to follow health directives and failing to do so has consequences. >>the super bowl of course just about a week away and feature some familiar to the bay area. the big game hype. of course usually inspires a lot of big parties filled with a lot of beer and wings, but the cdc has some other ideas and how to safely enjoy the game and you can the idea some quote just watching the game at home avoid gatherings. >>kron four's dan thorn talked to some local leaders or echoing the call to hunker down he joins us. he is live in daly city and has more than. >>catherine in canada peers, even the super bowl. is no exception to be affected by the covid-19 pandemic local leaders here of course and not surprisingly are warning against large gatherings because of what we mentioned
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earlier in the broadcast about covid-19 variance and they're also fearful that irresponsible activity could lead to more covid surges. >>the biggest game in american sports. collides with the covid-19 pandemic. the super bowl is usually synonymous with party, but this year health officials are pleading for people to do the opposite. >>ice officers are clear don't have to not have doctor john swartzberg is a clinical professor emeritus at u c berkeley school of public health he says attending parties, especially large ones can increase your risk of getting or spreading the virus. >>it could also hinder efforts to control the emergence of new strain is this is the time to be even more vigilant not is the time to double down on the things that we know work to to keep us safe. the centers for disease control and prevention says if people insist on having a small party. >>it should be done outside
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everyone should wear a mask guidance as alcohol should also be limited because it may make you less likely to follow covid-19 safety measures this super bowl gathering could be a super spread. >>gathering san mateo county supervisor david canepa notes a native son will be quarterbacking the super bowl recent headlines have revealed both of tom brady's parents have had battles with covid-19 cannibal wants county residents to consider what's at stake, including how a surge would affect public health and the local economy whether you like tom brady or you don't like grady people need to make sure they need to wear their mask. >>well the cdc is asking people to play a little defense if they do decide to go to super bowl parties such as not cheering or screaming because they could be potentially sending viral particles into the air and possibly infect other people that are at that party also if you're planning on going to a bar or restaurant make sure that you call ahead to that
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venue and make sure that they are following safety protocols and also if you are out and about at always maintain social distancing from those people who are from outside of your household, reporting live in daly city dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>a new national mask mandate by the cdc is now in effect this applies to everyone on all kinds of public transportation. it adds to an executive order signed by president biden it will also apply to ride sharing services like uber and lyft travelers are only allowed to remove masks if they have to eat or drink. children under 2 very exempt. so are people who have a disability making it unsafe to wear a mask. >>a scathing new report says the state of california made some serious mistakes with transferring inmates said sparked an explosion of covid cases behind prison walls and despite acknowledging the mistake, some advocates say
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the state still is not doing enough to protect inmates from the virus. kron four's jonathan mccall is here with troubling details jonathan catherine can medical experts say that inmates 5 times more likely to contract the covid-19 virus than the general public. but despite those concerning facts the report from the california inspector general's office says that positive inmates were never tested before or even after arriving at san quentin state prison. one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. >>a new 69 page report from the california inspector general's office says correction leaders at san quentin prison failed to properly test contact trace and even isolate covid positive patients who arrived at the prison due to rising covid cases at another prison. the details confirm many of the concerns that many prison reform advocates have expressed about the treatment of inmates during the pandemic and there are active cases and
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34 out of 35 prisons in california, chatfield is with the justice collaborative she says the report shows that state leaders. >>continue to have a disregard for human lives in way that people are crammed into prisons, you know having one case is kate their present 1020 30, you know plus cases of people with covid in these dirty prison, according to the report saying quinton among the hardest hit facilities from the virus. the outbreak started with the transfer of 122 inmates from another facility so far the prison has recorded more than 2200 cases and 28 deaths. >>overall california prisons have seen nearly 40,000 covid cases with nearly 200 deaths in the california department of corrections and rehabilitation along with the california correctional health care services say they have increased testing design quarantine spaces and use personal protective equipment
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when needed. in a statement to kron 4 the cdcr said quote we acknowledge some mistakes were made in the process of these transfers but see chs and cdc are have made appropriate changes to patient movement since end time going on to say that since the changes were implemented. there have been no outbreaks attributed to institutional transfers i have no idea how cdcr is defining outbreak chad fill those still questions why more inmates have not been vaccinated against the virus. >>and you can read more details on that full report from the inspector general we have it posted right now on our website kron 4 dot com. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you jonathan. >>in national news former president trump his name to new lawyers to his impeachment defense team. this after he parted ways with another group of attorneys. the impeachment trial begins a week from today and the senate, the attorneys representing the former
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president will be david schoen bruce castor sean is a tv. a legal commentator castor a former dia in pennsylvania. he faced scrutiny for his decision not to charge comedian bill cosby and a crimes case. mister trump's former defense team members left over the weekend because of a big difference in legal strategy tonight, organizers working to recall governor gavin newsome say they're confident that they will get enough signatures to send that issue to voters this year. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. >>the effort to recall governor gavin, newsome is gaining signatures and money with more than a month left before the deadline organizers say they've amassed more than 1.3 million signatures on petitions for recall the secretary of state says the group has until mid-march to collect about 1.5 million certified signatures for the issue to head to voters absolutely things going up and more is the campaign manager and finance director for
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rescue california, a group helping with the signature gathering effort she says recently issues with california's employment development department and vaccine distribution have fueled the effort all of these things are starting putting us at the top of the less we don't want to be at the top of is more says the group has raised about 2 million dollars from a variety of donors, including a recent $100,000 contribution from some of polly up a t a a billionaire venture capitalist who was once a facebook executive and now ceo of social capital and chairman of virgin galactic he recently announced his intent to run for california governor on twitter and i think she running. >>now creates a situation where a lot of other democrats my start if they're not already i know are and they're not they don't have to worry about retribution because there's going to be enough of other candidates, financially backing the effort and running for governor if newsome is recalled include republicans john cox who lost a new 2018 and potentially kevin
9:22 pm
faulkner, the former mayor of san diego who launched an exploratory committee for a gubernatorial run does or says recent donors don't seem to have a party preference. i don't care if republican democratic outcome we're going to get rid of this guy before he signs any more bills in october and we hope meanwhile governor gavin, newsome did not have his usual monday. covid-19 update. >>but he has said in recent weeks, he is not focused on this recall effort but more so on vaccine distribution and fighting covid-19 in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>coming up the white house covid task force announced approval for a new over the counter covid test today tell you how it works when we come back. also it is a revolution that rattled wall street now the gamestop stop drama reportedly getting. >>the hollywood treatment what we're learning about a new netflix project that's all ahead on
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>>the white house covid-19 response team they've announced the country's first at home covid tests that will supposedly be able to detect covid with 95% accuracy within 15 minutes, this is on people over the age of 2. the sample is put into a digital analyzer results are sent to a smartphone the u.s. will get the first shipment this month that will be sold over the counter supplies will be limited at least at first, but
9:26 pm
the u.s. awarded the manufacturer 230 million dollars to increase production and for your money tonight, the battle over game stop stock that continues on wall street. armchair investors there not giving up a fight against hedge funds today, gamestop stocks fell by more than 30% after last week's huge surge. despite the loss the amateur investment rally is already linked to 13 billion dollars in losses to hedge funds too short and that stock trading groups like robin hood continue to put limits on how much gamestop stock can be bought. president biden in a group of gop members held a lengthy meeting on coronavirus relief what we know about the possible agreement on a plan. >>plus bay area doctor weighs in after dire warnings from a member of president biden's covid team saying a covid hurricane is approaching and california's teachers union wants schools to stay closed
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>>this week all eyes will be on washington as congress and the president try to work out a new covid relief deal. >>today, a group of 10 republicans met with the president to present their own deal. washington correspondent reshad hudson has the latest from the nation's capital. >>the group of 10 gop senators
9:30 pm
want to come president biden's covid-19 proposal significantly. democrats have signaled they're prepared to move forward with or without republican support. a group of 10 republican senators say the white house is one 0.9 trillion dollar covid relief package is too big. if you can't find bipartisan covid-19 i don't know where you can find it ohio's rob portman is one of the senators pitching a roughly 600 billion dollar proposal to president biden the gop plan calls for more direct payments but only for those making less than $50,000 a year. it also extends unemployment to june right now if you look at the administration's plan you could have a family with 3 kids so making almost 300,000 bucks a year. getting a check and many of these people has had no impact from covid the counter offer comes from the group as congressional democrats are preparing to move forward with or without gop support. the white house press secretary jen psaki says meeting with gop lawmakers
9:31 pm
shows president biden is willing to work across party lines but remains focused providing the needed level of relief to americans. it's important to remember that the size of the package was designed with the size of the crisis. crises as we've said the gop proposal does not include any allocated funds for state and local governments in washington rashad hudson back to you. >>well as california nears the one year anniversary of distance learning educators are calling for an aggressive statewide plan to limit the spread of covid ahead of reopening the union representing california teachers says the plan should be accomplished in a very specific time frame kron four's haaziq madyun explains. >>the vaccines are here get him into the educators arms, let's get that process started 100 days to come up with a plan to limit the transmission of covid-19 in order to reopen schools of the state of california that is the call
9:32 pm
made by the california teachers association they say it is important that all stakeholders are invited to help formulate the plan in order to make sure that. >>they know. that it's safe to not just california teachers association saying it is not the governor to say it is not the cdc senate, it's the people that are actually being affected by what's going on in your community, one of the top priorities making schools safe over those 100 days that's an 80 teachers, us won't hear when be tier one that places us in a high enough tier but we don't have the vaccines. so you can vaccinate a person if you don't have the vaccines put them in their arms to get the second one is so forth and so on order to make it so that that part of the layer method is safe. it's teachers idled for using visual aids in this case, this swiss cheese respiratory pandemic defensive to explain the plans multiple layers of safety so the swiss cheese is that not one up to
9:33 pm
care. >>item will mitigate the virus. >>see have a vaccine. you have the mask where you have the the other ppe have a ventilation you have the. testing contract tracing everything together well. >>you know close those holes the cta reached out to the governor's office about their 100 day plan as did die for this story, we are both still waiting for a reply has it that you kron 4 news. >>city of san francisco opened up a new community covid vaccination site in the mission district today, this is at 24th and cup streets. it is part of an effort to provide more vaccines and outreach to communities hit hardest by the coronavirus. >>do a better job at communicating what this virus does. and how this vaccine is going to make a difference so that we can dispel the myths that are out there about
9:34 pm
getting the vaccine in the latino community in the african-american community in communities of color who feel uncomfortable. >>the goal is to eventually vaccinate about 250 people a day at this spot. that's what they're hoping for the site right now is only vaccinating health care workers and as vaccinations continue new variants of covid have health experts sounding the alarm tonight. kron four's noelle bellow has more from the bay area infectious disease specialist. >>if we get another syringe this surge maybe overpopulated with some of these variants they're here and they're not going anywhere anytime soon coronavirus variants are popping up across the country and white house officials say most of the cases of new variants trains. involve the one that was first detected in the united kingdom. but here at home, we know that that means 3 variance in the bay area mcauliffe would be a variance the uk variant and was recently some having said the brazilian variant us air.
9:35 pm
>>so i think all of is making concerned ucsf infectious disease expert doctor, peter, chin-hong says the worry is just how transmissible these variants are especially since people are still actively dealing with the virus little bit isn't going away anywhere. >>with still about 5 times way be wearing october getting vulnerable people vaccinated is the best way to keep us from seeing another surge. >>when asked whether or not the country should just start giving out at least one dose of the vaccine to as many people as possible. doctor chan hong says it might be the right call you'd asked me 2 months ago. >>i probably would have been area of not following the science to the tea. i think right again with these variants going around we just need to get as many people immunized as possible, you know looking at the science you know you're going to probably 80% protection from. pfizer from after day you know
9:36 pm
those one that immunity you probably last so that you know even if folks going to be delayed by a couple weeks of this second shot is so good to can and it's more important just get us all up to that level soon as possible. >>doctor chan hong says it's important to remember we usually have a 4 to six-week honeymoon period in between surges so the main thing you need to do right now is mask up double up on your masks if you're able to and continue to add here to the social distancing rules in place in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>still ahead tonight, an alarming story from upstate new york after a 9 year-old girl was pepper sprayed and her strength this was by police rochester new york will have the latest on the fallout including what's happening to the officer involved. >>and rain falling around the bay area is coming down pretty heavy in some
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>>for sports. the dubs will have one of their toughest tests of the young season tomorrow when they welcome the boston celtics to the chase center but. >>they'll be doing so without their prized rookie, as you just saw that nasty fall there. james wiseman sprain his wrist and he will miss the next 7 to 10 days after suffering that injury and happen during the warriors win against the pistons is not due to the serious in fact he finished out the game on
9:40 pm
saturday but he got an mri yesterday and it showed some damage so he will be on ice for a little bit but you know that's the name of the game in the nba injuries happen and the warriors are going to have to roll with what they such a share or figure it out injuries obviously part of every season matter. >>when they come just got to go to know dancers with the rotation >>we have we're working on some things with a small-ball lineups and. you know you'd be in the 5 daily of the 4. want play a little bit you know listen minutes available. so just all hands on deck. >>the nfl will give 7500 healthcare workers free tickets to this sunday's super bowl and for a couple of employees at a cancer research center in tampa that are on the frontlines those tickets
9:41 pm
came as a welcome surprise along with a message from bucs tight end. rob gronkowski. >>a good day i heard you're pretty big boss looks fans who have tirelessly helped those fighting cancer also find covid-19 instead moffitt cancer center and we want you there inside raymond james stadium cheering the all i was even more surprised because i thought i wasn't going like super bummed about that little demand emu's know this packers fan turned bucs fan will now join around 7500 healthcare heroes from across the nation invited by the nfl as a thank you for their sacrifice during the pandemic you know it's no ratings like that's crazy it's really cool fellow nurse woody nixon's been wishing nonstop to be in the stands for super bowl 55.
9:42 pm
>>and now. >>this is wonderful gronk's been doing quite a bit of surprising last week these were the reactions of to adventhealth frontline heroes who also learned they'd be at the big game of nixon interviews have their own message for ground and the entire bucks team right way history guys. >>first time home team is the actual own said let's get the go. >>great stuff, there of course they all deserve those tickets and then some our front line workers that's a look at
9:43 pm
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>>first major nor'easter of the year drop several inches of snow across the east coast and the midwest reporter under a mostly talk to people in new jersey who are bracing for even more snow this week. we only do the corners like we clear this out what we did this earlier look at it. >>she is still there and then my shovel well site is that and. show verna aid was a universal complaint heard around town. no matter how much you shoveled. >>snow wasn't going anywhere i came trying lob pass that was the case across northern new jersey where the first winter storm of the year piled on more than a foot of snow in just the first 12 hours governor murphy warning residents. the worst is yet to
9:46 pm
come this is a big one. it's going to be with us at this point we think until tomorrow night whiteout conditions were prevalent on many major roadways, including the new jersey turnpike even with plows aggressively working around the clock to clear the roads getting around was nearly impossible. in newark many heeded the warnings to stay off the roads. downtown newark looking more like a wintry ghost town and then there were those who not only made lemonade with the circumstances but also a snowman. >>the snowstorm gave hoboken mom jennifer pincince kyi and her 2 boys a reason to venture out and take advantage of the cleared streets right you love it you hear the second time out >>somebody law that was andrew ramos reporting, let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow he has more details what the storm is doing out there aren't yet boy what a storm this may be the biggest storm their biggest
9:47 pm
snow storm since the 1860's rolling along the eastern seaboard right now and they continue to see that system work its way all the way up in that direction you see all that snow falling across that area. so yeah they're going to see that continuing tonight they've already had reports. >>as much as 15 inches of snow in central park. and you believe that in new york. they've got the snow right there in the city and they could see upwards of 2 feet after us tonight, snowfall totals. so certainly they're watching out for that you see that rotation around that nor'easter restart get the northeastern component that brings all that moisture off the atlantic back on shore and dump some of the form of snow all across that area. winter storm warnings all the way up through maine this week when the storm and they could have a colder storm headed their way as we head toward next weekend. so they're not done with winter by any means we're looking at our rain developing around the bay area now you see the band of showers moving across the bay area, heavier amounts in the half moon bay right now you see all the yellows the oranges there stretching across the bay that's the front that's moving on through right now parts of the east bay, the hayward
9:48 pm
you're seeing some of that rain picking up to and sam ramon, you got some pretty raindrops moving in your neighborhood as well and they're going to be more of that as we'll see patches of heavier downpours left of this front is bringing with it so not the big storm like we had last week but certainly blustery and plenty of rain showing up around most of the bay area one quiet spot. so far the south bay, but don't worry it's coming your way it will be there as we head to the early morning hours winds have been kicking up around the bay area. we've had some 20 some 30 mile an hour gusts. still blustery in spots but not as bad as it's been 25 mile an hour winds pacifica 24 mill valley and 22 at stinson beach. tonight we're going to see the brunt of the rain couple leftover showers early tomorrow morning, another system drops in a cold system murray another chance of showers on wednesday after that we dry things out not only for the next few days but maybe for the foreseeable future as high pressure builds back right. so those of us who like the rain enjoy it. joy. thank you soak up some sad news tonight in the entertainment world actor
9:49 pm
dustin diamond has died the saved by the bell star best known as screech he had recently announced he had. >>stage 4 lung cancer. doctors found the cancer after diamond checked into a hospital in florida for pain and discomfort. tmz reports he died this morning. just a couple weeks after completing his first round of chemotherapy. diamond was 44 years old and reverend jesse jackson has been admitted to a chicago hospital after complaining of stomach discomfort. according to his organization rainbow push. jackson had surgery and is expected to be discharged within a few days. he said to be resting and in good spirits, but no other details are being released. the rainbow push coalition is a progressive international organization. that was formed fi jackson back in 1996. now to rochester new york protesters were gathering today upset by the arrest of a 9 year-old girl who was handcuffed and pepper sprayed
9:50 pm
rochester police were responding to a report of family trouble her parents were worried shoot that she would hurt herself or would hurt others. the video shows officers restraining the girl trying to get her into the back of a police car and she's heard crying repeatedly for her father, christian garza has the story. the rochester police department once again. >>mishandled it incident involving a child. >>the reverend lewis stewart is a community activist with the first church of god called for the immediate suspension without pay of all rochester police involved with the arrest handcuffing and pepper spraying of a 9 year-old last week. he's also asking that all body cam footage be released from everyone who responded. the city announced their suspensions this afternoon, the incident for me and for the community should raise many concerns stewart says this shows exactly why the department needs immediate
9:51 pm
police reform. the police union saying the officers on friday tried a number of options what they did was a final act to try and calm the child what would you do. we sent you through this scenario or what would your answer be. stewart says comprehensive mental health intervention for crisis situations like this should have been available. but mayor lovely warren said over the weekend due to the initial 911 call. this would not have been an incident for the new person in crisis mental health team to deploy to but stewart says when it comes to use certain rules need to be followed miners should not be hank off. must be banned. children must not be chemically sprayed the city says the suspensions by law and contract begin the legal process to fully determine what happened and what discipline needs to be enforced in response.
9:52 pm
>>that was christian gore's own reporter. coming up next a group of women they say they're stepping up to address racial disparity in their community that story as we honor black history month.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>today marks the beginning of black history month and tonight, we're spotlighting 6 women in tennessee who came together to create change. they said they noticed a lack
9:55 pm
of economic resources for african american startup, so they decided to get together and do something about that. jordan brown has the story. >>a group of business women in knoxville coming together to help struggling business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs together they form the women llc is a group of 6 women who wanted to come together provide a solution. so all the problems that we see feature harper along with 6 other women who live and work in knoxville came together last year with the hopes of helping black business owners in the area. they're hoping to give them access to business loans that they may have had trouble receiving in the past on august will start accepting applications you know micro loans up to $5,000 or interest on them. so that is a way you know one tool that we're trying to use to give access to businesses and the money for those loans coming straight from the community through voluntary donations and subscriptions to their
9:56 pm
website. we get 20,000 people to donate $5 monthly than a year that's a little over a million dollars. we really feel like that would put us in a position to really make impact did your says the ladies main goal is to be able to help those that just need a leg up or need that extra help to keep their business is growing so many people in our community whether of building the or they're just trying to have a pop-up shop but they need the money to do pop-up shop so you know i mean from small-scale to scale we're just >>solution for our businesses continue to grow. >>for more stories like this one from all over the country you can head to the special black history month section on our website kron 4 dot com. that wraps, wraps up kron 4 news at 9 but can and i will be back at top of the hour we're going to continue of course to track that winter storm moving across the bay area. >>i'm chief meteorologist
9:57 pm
lawrence karnow will tell us when you can expect rain where you live and how long it will stick around and it's all hands on deck when it comes to vaccine distribution in moraine county who is now being called upon to help speed up vaccination efforts. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
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10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now at 10 after a dry weekend. it's time to break out those umbrellas again another storm moving across the bay area. here's what it looked like earlier tonight. >>in daly city and here's a live look at stormtracker 4 radar showing where the wet weather is right now, thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan pam moore has the night off. >>the big story tonight rain returning to the bay area we'll show you what it looks like right now live look at the bay bridge with very wet looking camera lands and a pretty wet ride. >>stay with kron 4 to get the latest, but first we'll check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow who's telling us what's going on out there. lawrence yeah guys lot of rain coming in across the bay area starting a late in the afternoon in the north bay them kind of sweeping across the bay area tonight. yeah, it looks very wet out there on the bay bridge and all around we're seeing thatra


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