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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 2, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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enough covid safety measures are in place. it's not the first time the large hospital system is hearing this and while a lack of that's slowing the national rollout the biden administration has put a new plan into motion to try to change that. >>how and when new distribution methods will arrive in the bay area plus shocking and disturbing new video of a violent attack in san francisco 2 separate attacks claiming the lives of 2 elderly been on the same day to night 3 suspects now facing murder charges. good evening, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan and we begin tonight with a large hospital in the east bay. >>facing some hefty fines kaiser permanente hospital in walnut creek east was issued 4 citations by california's department of industrial relations. those citations are in connection with how the hospital handled covid-19 kron four's terisa stasio live for us in the east bay and joins us with more theresa.
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>>i can and catherine we were able to obtain the report kron 4 news has those citations all saying that they are serious in nature all involving the hospital here in walnut creek. >>the first citation claims that kaiser foundation hospitals walnut creek medical center failed to implement effective screening procedures for employees and our patients entering their facility to assess for signs and symptoms of sars covid 2. that's the virus causing covid-19 expanding on that saying not proper screening or testing was conducted from ploys performing aerosol generating procedures in the operating room. citation to stating that during an inspection phase from august 2020 to president. the employer kaiser failed to provide and ensure employees in the operating rooms used respirators to protect them against covid-19 exposure. and specter is also listed infractions and citation 3
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saying that they documented in found kaiser violated state codes on 3 separate instances claiming were as one. the hospital failed to conduct an exposure analysis for which employs had significant exposure to sars covid 2. lastly citation for focused on what the department says was a lack of training for employees on how the virus is transmitted and how to prevent the spread 3 of the citations listed finds of $9,000 and according to the documents all corrected during the inspection. one though is still outstanding at $18,000 and that is the one for failure to train employees as for kaiser permanente they issued a long statement strongly speaking out against the citation saying in part. it's concerning that the citations and associated fines are being inappropriately interpreted to signal ongoing serious infractions of current public health guidelines
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kaiser permanente each of the citations is in the process of being appealed by kaiser permanente and are not considered final determination. >>goes on to say that a lot of the citation were. of the pandemic in the early stages for example can catherine saying that there was not enough ppe and not all facilities were short of ppe however the citations also talk about conditions that they found in the fall, bottom line kaiser permanente says the spokesperson to kron 4 news that they are going to continue to fight all of the citations and we will continue to follow this and give you an update reporting live here along the creek and theresa back to you. >>thank you theresa and this is not the first time kaiser has been cited for covid violations. kaiser san jose was fined $85,000 by cal osha for failing to immediately report details related to an employee who was hospitalized with covid and that was last
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march. santa clara county find kaiser san jose a $43,000 for failing to report a christmas stay outbreak. that's when one person died and nearly 100 employees and patients tested positive. after a staffer. this event patience wearing an inflatable costume. kaiser's antioch facility also cited find $56,000 that was for failing to report employs hospitalized with the virus last april and may. and turning to vaccinations california has administered more than 3.6 million doses of the vaccine that's out of a possible 5.7 usage rate of 63%. those numbers are provided by the state's covid-19 vaccine dashboard to state is also tracking just how many doses have been given out in each county, here's a list. >>santa clara county has put out more than a 192,000 doses alameda and contra costa counties have given out more
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than a 145,132 1000 shots respectively 87,000 doses in san francisco about 7500 fewer in san mateo county 50,000 in sonoma county 41,000 in solano county marin county is giving out 35,000 shots in just about 22,000 have been issued in napa county. >>in an effort to speed up vaccinations pharmacies all across the country they're going to start getting shipments directly from the federal government about 6500 pharmacies will get a million doses of coronavirus vaccines, including some cvs stores here in the bay area kron four's dan kerman has the story. >>the biden administration has announced beginning next week. they'll ship a million doses of the covid-19 vaccine to 6500 pharmacies across the u.s. is a critical step to provide the public with convenient trusted places to get vaccinated in their communities as supply increases the hope is to
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increase to 40,000 pharmacies. >>for now a 100 cvs pharmacies in california. we'll take part in the program as for who can get vaccinated cbs says it's tied to each state's criteria. california guidelines dictate california will prioritize vaccinating healthcare personnel, including vaccinators as well as persons 65 years of age and older. >>i think it's really great news and we'll get get get to where we're trying to get much sooner ucsf epidemiology professor doctor, george rutherford says getting more vaccine to pharmacies is good news because with various variance of the virus popping up across the country getting people vaccinated is a race against time these variance have been number of in them and if they start to if say in fact another million people in california. >>it will be that many more additional mutations we have to we have to deal with and that could really change the picture so we want to get it
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going to get everybody vaccinated while we're dealing primarily with this u k. and stuff we have already now this is not a situation where you can just show up to your neighborhood cbs can ask for a shot. >>you have to go online and make an appointment the cvs first appointments to open up on the 9th february again eligibility is tied to state guidelines. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the mass vaccination site is open in vaccines are being distributed by appointment to those 65 years old and older and also to healthcare workers. this site can vaccinate about 500 people a day and it's ready to do more than twice that number if the supplies increase. >>in the north bay, the city of the nation held a vaccine clinic today for 1400 president 75 and older, when that opportunity was announced it only took a day for all of those appointments to fill up. pfizer has announced an ambitious plan to deliver
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200 million doses of its covid vaccine to the u.s. by the end of may as 2 months ahead of promises. but the company says it expects to be ahead in production the biden administration also by another 100 million doses from pfizer. >>as of sunday, the u.s. has received 20 million doses of the pfizer vaccine. for more information on the vaccine rollout including sign-up questions head to our website for all the details kron 4 dot com. >>now 2 or 4 zone forecast and when we die and coming i we are some point going to take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza all right here it stake lloyds just go with it you know we are looking at some changes covers today, we started out with a few showers in the morning. those of tapered off well turned out to be a pretty decent day outside but we've got one last little storm. >>that could affect our
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weather this week so out there tonight who do have some clouds that are rolling on through right now a lot of that some patchy fog developing outside leftover moisture from that frontal system that brought the nice rain to the bay area so things drying out for the most part ac couple clouds over the mountain tops there in a couple pop-up showers and more snow in the sierra nevada. we on the other hand had a pretty nice rainfall in fact, a santa rosa check in with 3 quarters of an inch to more on over half an inch of rain there now almost a 3rd san francisco. over half an inch of rain oakland, almost an inch of rain and san jose 800 so a nice little storm system moving through without causing too much in the way of trouble but we're catching little bit of a break before we get ready for the next one this next one doesn't have a lot of energy you can see rolling down the coastline there far northern california by tomorrow morning. you see those clouds gathering as we head toward the middle of the day in the afternoon. and then it starts to move in kind of fall apart as it comes through so leaves behind a few hundredths of an inch of rain especially north of the golden gate bridge, maybe a couple showers to the
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south of that but not going to be much. now we start to clear out your skies again. and it looks like some pretty nice weather head. so yeah we're going to join the nice sunshine is we're going to specter's temperatures tomorrow going to be running up in the 50's for the most part a little bit cooler, those clouds on the way chance of showers as we head in toward tomorrow we dry things out right away and warm up on thursday and friday some temperatures pushing near 70 degrees. i think by friday and staying dry now looks like through the weekend 2 guys back to you thank you 3 people were critically hurt in an explosion that sparked a grass fire north of los angeles earlier today. >>this happened in an industrial private business deputies say the blast was reported about 4 to 4445 this afternoon in a mixed use industrial neighborhood. a santa clarita that's right off i 5. a fire spread to a grassy hillside, but firefighters were able to quickly douse the flames. firefighters are now investigating what sparked that fire. >>coming up if you work at a grocery store and parts of the bay area you might be in line for a bigger paycheck because of the pandemic.
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>>the orders are clear indoor gymnasiums are not allowed. but a south bay facility and its customers don't seem to care. >>also shocking new video of the violent attack in san francisco that left an elderly man dead and it was not the only attack on an elderly person that day.
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>>just as for the elderly the city of san francisco announce
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charges will be filed against the suspects involved in couple of deadly attacks against elderly residents in the city over the weekend and one of the incident was caught on camera it involved an 84 year-old man. >>kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest on the suspect to have been arrested and charged and a warning some viewers might find the video disturbing. >>in the wake of a pair of high-profile violent crimes taking the lives of elderly residents in san francisco mayor london breed police chief bill scott and san francisco district attorney chase a bloodied came together to say with one voice attacks and crimes committed against our most vulnerable. >>especially our seniors and our children are unacceptable if you commit a crime in san francisco. and you hurt someone you will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law that is a commitment that i have from both our police chief and our district attorney this past saturday 84 year-old the
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sheraton up at the died at san francisco general hospital from injuries he sustained after being attacked 2 days earlier during his morning walk in san francisco's of this the neighborhood and their initial investigation officers established that a male suspect. >>ran at the victim from across the street. christian to the payment. our officers and then a fight or suspect as 19 year-old and tron watson of daly city. >>we will be filing murder charges against mister watching. >>on that same day the city's haight-ashbury district fade the private investigator jack palladino was attacked by 2 suspects tried to rob him of this camera. he also died later as a result of his injuries my office filed numerous felonies against the 2 men. >>and we believe committed this crime more storm and tide turned for north. mister was a san francisco mentioned someone who dedicated his career to pursuing justice and truth. it is that his own
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camera helped capture evidence and we expect will help us prove this case to a jury. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>california is releasing 4 week icu capacity projections for each of the 5 regions by march 1st the bay area could have 33% of icu beds available. the greater sacramento and northern california regions there about 30%. the 2 biggest are in the san joaquin valley and southern california regions for more than 35% of beds are projected to be available meantime today we learned that the all bay area counties will remain in the purple tier or widespread tier in the state's reopening plan. >>that determines what businesses and activities are allowed to take place for a complete list, go to our website kron 4 dot com. >>a few communities have been hit harder by the pandemic than east san jose get the
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communities, ripped fitness gym is openly defying health orders arguing it cannot operate indoors. there are signs outside claiming constitutional protection and clients who appear to be using masks and physical distancing. they are applauding the gyms defiance. >>and it's not as great as people make it seem a rather be here than be somewhere warmer words more chaotic and people are just here trying to help the many folks know that the san jose and in particular the latin x community has been one of the hardest impacted. >>and because of its locations certainly can. increase the possibility for transmission and indoor environment. >>there have been at least 3 dozen complaints that the gym is a threat to public manager says the owner will not comment on those complaints, the owner has been warned several times finds now total half a million dollars. the county is considering options against the gym, including legal actions. >>in the east bay plans are in place for the orinda union school district to transition
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from distance learning to a hybrid model of education that includes in person instruction. the district says the majority of family support the change and health and safety plans have been submitted the unions representing teachers and classified staff have approved the district's plan. >>i am very confident in the mitigation measures we have put into place at our school site good teachers have done an exceptional job in a very challenging environment completely re cresting the way they teach in a digital platform. >>but i know that my children are missing that in person interaction that their teacher and i know that there are also missing seeing their classmates even socially distance in real life. >>if the plans are approved and contra costa county's case rate meet state guidelines that district and welcome. k through 6th graders back to campus as early as next tuesday, 7th and 8th graders are prohibited from in person instruction until the county moves from the purple tier to
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the red tier for 5 consecutive days. >>the oakland city council has approved an emergency ordinance to require more pay for grocery store employees. that means that large retail stores like trader joe's whole foods safeway they will have to pay employees an extra $5 an hour. the additional hazard pay is already costing some businesses in southern california. the grocery store chain kroger says that it's closing 2 of its stores in long beach that after the city mandated should booster must boost hourly pay by $4. the same ordinance is now being considered in san jose tonight we will let you know when the results are in. a winter weather advisory is in place for much of the sierra here's a live look at highway 50 in south lake tahoe. >>and i'm looking at a lot of am i looking at snow cannot really doesn't look like there's a sunday snow on road
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looking pretty clear they've done could we're not chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here and he knows what's going don't worry. we've got some snow for you certainly falling there across the high country still here's a look at the daughter right now and you can see the roads. well, they're still open, but you need chains out of king, they'll head on up need those chains. >>in the high country is we're seeing more snow continuing to fall there both you need the chains up they're going to see more that overnight tonight and tomorrow in fact got a really cold storm coming and that's the likely drop the snow level maybe down about 2000 feet in far northern california, so something to watch for their so winter weather advisories are up a clos western slope of the sierra nevada up through west lake tahoe's well you can see kirkwood a bear valley and honor you name it so if you're heading that direction be prepared. we've got another storm system coming your way this one just about to wind down this is all part of that same system that came through the bay area last night so it's hung up in the sierra nevada we dry things out around our neighborhood by the afternoon at least light showers in the afternoon least
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in the south bay now we're starting to quiet things down. once again, but there's another storm out there. it's unlikely move in but not till tomorrow tonight, partly cloudy skies couple areas of some dense fog tomorrow. you see partly cloudy skies you get this week system kind of rolling in not going to be much bringing with a slight chance of showers that we get ready for some much warmer weather almost spring-like conditions getting chilly in spots tonight 48 degrees in dublin, 45 and 46 in petaluma 51 downtown san francisco. we are going to expect the system to kind of slowly work its way in but here we go as we head toward tomorrow morning there it is 08:30am in the morning a few scattered light showers may be beginning to show up in the north bay. the kind of falls apart as it moves through so there's not much to the system so just a chance of a few scattered light showers out there for tomorrow after that we dry nice and dry and much warmer as we get to thursday and 5 some of those temperatures back it up near 70 degrees so looks like we'll head to a nice stretch before we maybe start talking about more rain late next week. thank you aren't. police in san francisco investigating a triple shooting that took placa this morning in the
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city's bayview neighborhood. >>it killed one man and injured 2 others officers say they initially responded around 9.45 this morning to the corner of 3rd and palou streets, it's a busy intersection for report of a shooting. there they say they found a 40 year-old man suffering from serious injuries to us eventually pronounced dead at the scene. the city's medical examiner's office is working to identify that victim. 2 other men also suffered gunshot wounds, they were taken to the hospital with injuries that are considered not to be life threatening. >>the bay area remembering private investigator jack palladino who was killed in a botched robbery attempt we'll take a look at his life's work. >>plus replacing governor gavin newsome we're hearing from a man who is trying to do just that.
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>>former san diego mayor kevin faulconer says he's officially running for governor to try to replace gavin newsome and this comes as a new poll is out and shows new sums approval ratings. our declining among california voters our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>it's time for california comeback moderate republican and former mayor kevin faulconer says he's ready to run for california governor that somebody was problem solver. >>who gets results. a track record of success. they're running the second largest city in the state. and
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somebody who can work with with everybody republicans and democrats that's what our state needs right now one party rule is not serving us well the announcement comes after faulkner launched an exploratory committee to begin raising money. >>netting more than 1 million dollars in less than a month doctor says the campaign is for the 2022 race but would be prepared to put his name in if governor gavin, newsome is recalled and we are going to protect lives. and we're going to protect livelihoods under california. economy i feel so strong and so passionate. we have to get our public schools open faulkner's announcement comes as a new poll released by u c berkeley shows a sinking approval rating for governor gavin newsome and his pandemic related policies. the rating now at 46% compared to the 64% approval rating he had 4 months ago, according to the poll, 49% of voters did not trust how newsome and state governments that stay at home orders and guidelines for businesses. >>well just 31% now think
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newsom is doing a good or excellent job in handling the pandemic he sums chief campaign strategist dan newman responded to the poll saying quote voters recognize that this is an incredibly challenging intensely complicated and critically important moment for public officials worldwide that's why the governor remains laser-focused on vaccinations reopening relief and recovery but his popularity for a recall effort against the governor grows 49% of those polled said they think it would be a bad thing for the state. >>well, 36% said it would be positive meanwhile faulkner says his next step is reaching out and having conversations with voters across the state for support in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>next today from swift shovels new yorkers are having to get creative to try to dig out from a major winter storm. >>i also touch screen trouble for tesla by the company is recalling more than 100,000 vehicles and we're seeing how the bay area's remembering local private investigator,
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>>2 fbi agents were killed 3 others wounded in a shooting that erupted this morning, the fbi says it happened after the agents arrived at a south florida apartment to investigate a child case the suspect is believed to have killed himself. the fbi. as a family. and our chosen profession is from. 3 dangerous. this grim reality
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taking 2 of our best. our family. the fbi says 2 of the wounded agents were taken to hospitals to be treated in stable condition at last word, the 3rd person did not require hospitalization. tonight the bay area is remembering jack palladino the local private investigator worked on high-profile cases, including the jonestown mass suicides as well as celebrity and political scandals saladino was attacked and killed in a botched robbery attempt outside his home in the city last week. kron 4 sarah stinson takes a look back at his life's work. >>outside the home of the famed private investigator here in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. you'll see flowers in a box that reads all right he jack. it was right here where jack palladino was attacked by 2 men trying to rob him of his camera last week pella dino
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snapped a few pictures of the 2 before they tried stealing the camera hanging around his neck. he held on to a tight and then fell to the ground hitting his head. he died at the age of 76 from a brain injury as a result of the attack. but in his last moments alive paula help solve one last investigation his own attack. it turns out the pictures he took before his attackers fled the scene. we're used by police to successfully tracked them down the 2 were later charged with assault with a deadly weapon and other crimes. his wife told the associated press he would have loved knowing he helped take down his attackers. let's take a look back now at his career spanning over 40 years investigated many high-profile cases like the mass suicide of the jonestown cult paula also had many celebrity clients, including robin williams and kevin costner just to name a few who are targets of fan or tabloid abuse. he was also
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involved in recovery, a truck loaded with equipment stolen from the grateful dead now all jack was born in boston. he has many longtime ties to the bay area he studied law at u c berkeley after graduating cornell university, he lived and worked in san francisco for decades as well with his wife. paula retired about a year ago he was looking forwards taking time with his wife traveling pandemic id and then of course as you know he was attacked last week back out here in his haight-ashbury neighborhood you can definitely feel the love people stopping by this little memorial. his legacy will always be remembered across the world, reporting in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>house impeachment managers and former president trump's legal team they file their legal briefs and preparation for trump second impeachment trial. both revolve around whether trump inside the capitol riots. democrats explicitly fault him for his
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role in that attack. they say the senate should convict him bar him from future office saying he endangered the lives of all members of congress trump's lawyers meantime they denied that he incited writers. they call the upcoming senate trial unconstitutional. the trial is scheduled to begin next week. >>meanwhile president biden signed 3 executive orders on immigration today reversing some of the trump administration policies. one order creates a task will reunite families separated by the trump administration's 0 tolerance policy. a second we'll examine legal immigration policy started under the obama administration, but were suspended by the trump administration. and a 3rd will order a review of trump's policies, including a rule that makes it harder for immigrants to get a green card. if they use public assistance such as food stamps. >>you see berkeley along alondra by orcas has been
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confirmed to head the department of homeland said homeland security. the first latino and first immigrant to lead the department, it oversees disaster-response border security cyber threats, he previously worked as an assistant us that in central california. >>the senate also confirmed pete buttigieg as the new transportation secretary buttigieg becomes the first openly person to take a cabinet post. he will take over a transportation department with 55,000 employees and a budget in the 10's of billions of dollars. >>from swift firs surfers to shovel snow blowers new yorkers were hard at work today, cleaning up today after a colossal storm part of the city getting a foot and a half of snow a swiffer well it is the biggest snowfall in 5 years there and more of it was falling today. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>has more on that big storm system not would not think you go to the swiffer for that one
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may be the snow plow, maybe something like that the swiffer probably not a big storm though one of the biggest we've seen there in quite some time they are going to be digging out for a while look at the rotation here some of that moisture in around that nor'easter continue to rotate in and bringing more snow across parts of the east coast you can see right here some of the more snow continues to rotate in the heaviest now has gone by some places a foot 2 feet plus in some spots so certainly a major storm there but we're looking at entirely different situation things quieting down out here a bit although we do have another week system that's going to slide into the state temperatures could be a little chilly tonight bundle up to be cold one and some of the valleys we're down in the 30's and some of the coldest areas and then we got that little weak wave that comes through for tomorrow bringing with it a slight chance of a few scattered light showers after that i personally is to take over. well we'll start to clear out your skies a bit bring you more sunshine on the spring-like temperatures i think thursday and friday easily 60's wouldn't be surprised to see couple of 70's, staying dry through the weekend and looking dry at
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least through the next tuesday of next week guys back to thank you once. >>for months we have been following the story of captain tom moore, the world war 2 veteran who raised, 10's of millions of dollars for health care workers and great britain he became a sensation. well tonight we're sad to report his passed away after a fight with coronavirus more was admitted to a hospital on sunday. after having trouble breathing. he was also being treated for pneumonia. moore was knighted by queen elizabeth last summer after his fundraising plan raised more than 40 million dollars for the united kingdom's national health service. tom moore was 100 years old. >>i had a date saving money in the south bay how going green can save you green plus amazon making a hug
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>>for your money tonight, some south by residents who buy electric cars they will be eligible to get a rebate santa clara county officials say low income residents can get up to $1500 back if they buy a new or used electric car the rebate program also includes up to a $1000 for the purchase of a plug-in hybrid vehicle tesla is recalling almost a 135,000 cars because the center console touch screens can go dark. >>that can disable the backup cameras in cars, a windshield defroster ys to malfunction.
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>>the problem is affecting model s sedans and model x suvs and a check of your car is part of this recall we have a link on our website kron 4 dot com. jeff bezos he announcing that he is stepping down as ceo of amazon, he made the announcement today in a letter posted to amazon's website starting this summer whole transition to a new post as. >>executive chairman of the board at amazon andy jassy who leads amazon's cloud services will take over as ceo. they sos of course founded amazon 27 years ago in seattle. >>can expect to see several first send super bowl 55 to sunday, including the first woman to officiate the big game coming up we're heading to tampa for a live report and next in sports. the stanford cardinal played the first game at their own maples pavilion in almost a year, but usc
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didn't make it a happy homecoming jason
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>>there will be a lot of first when the tampa bay buccaneers take on the kansas city chiefs in super bowl 55. the box for the first team to host and play in the big game in their own. stadium big distinction, stanford versus candlestick the day. tom brady is the first player to play in 10 super bowls and then there's
8:45 pm
sarah thomas she is going to be the first woman to officiate in a super bowl. jack doles he joins us live forth a tampa with her story so jack. why is this so significant. >>jonathan this is a big big deal because if you've ever walked in the shoes of a trailblazer to very difficult thing to do. and she has done this throughout her career, she's broken down barriers throughout so to find out just how much pressure she'll feel on super bowl sunday. we talked to another trailblazer doctor jen welter. >>the opportunity and responsibility of being first is to ensure you're not the last welter was the first woman to coach in the nfl because when you're the one of you're the only the only sample that they have and the narrative is your own. it's not can jen welter in the national football the question
8:46 pm
was can a woman. >>the fact tampa has 2 women on its coaching staff is a testament to the job she did and seen thomas become the first woman to officiate the super bowl. well that makes her happy it's the biggest platform months of sports. and she's earned her way there the right way and i think. >>it is going to give generations. something they didn't even know that they were missgng making history is nothing new for thomas. she was the first woman to officiate the major college football game, the first to officiate the bowl game. the first to officiate the big 10 stadium, the secret to her success she said in an interview in 2016. >>she loves what she does my biggest thing i've learned this myself is go out and do it because you love it don't don't do it to prove somebody wrong because i'm a female or. >>and i need to make a statement but just go out and
8:47 pm
do the job because it's something that you want to do and the respect of don't go looking for. >>sarah certainly has earned the respect of her colleagues and the national football league this isn't something they just hand out you have to have the best year of unofficially your position and she has and so she makes history on sunday and the one thing that's crazy catherine can is the better she is at her job the less you'll hear the the one thing officials never want is publicity because if they get a lot after game usually means something has gone horribly wrong. >>you know we were talking last night about fans at the super bowl jack and not a whole lot of them, but you've got some news added tickets right. >>yes of the national football league originally was going to sell 14,500. now they'll sell 25,000 so they've added to that plus the 14 our 707,500
8:48 pm
that will be in attendance. the vaccinated health care workers still there will be a few more fans and we did look on stubhub and right now the cheapest ticket we could find was just under $5,000. so if you guys want to book a flight come on out you you can get into the game or if you know brain and get a big deal to get in that. jack doles live for us in tampa florida. jack thank you very much appreciated. on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>all right folks we're in the middle of the warriors game right now they are in the 3rd quarter they are down 74 to 72 of course, we'll have highlights soon as that game wraps up the boston celtics in town taking on the warriors before they hit the road for a 3 game road trip in texas with the and the spurs so right now
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down 76 to 72 that's up to the second update for you guys all righty to the college ranks now stand for playing their first game at maples pavilion of the season of course they weren't allowed to play there with the protocols pick things up in the second stand for up by one. there's jaiden delaire with the tray. he led the cardinal with 22 points for usc would come back 34 seconds left. todd e d may go up by 4 and stanford goes down 72 to 66 your final they'll take on cow on thursday. super bowl week is a whole lot different this season for obvious reasons but people are still adapting in making it work. reporter kevaney martin has more from tampa. >>it's different but the worlds different it's not going it's not going to dampen our enthusiasm we're stoked were fired >>the week leading up to super bowl sunday is typically 6 days full of fans festivities
8:50 pm
and fun and while tampa's making the most of the situation, the fans are limited the festivities are few which can only result in less fun. well obviously we're not getting the full dose of this was a regular here and. >>there was pandemic going on in. the steam would be full obviously would be chaotic down here. i think that we're missing out a little bit on the whole experience usually packed and so probably be less people weigh less people, yeah usually there's like a 1000 people probably more but if you only focus on what this super bowl is lacking you will miss out on a truly unique and historic event. >>with tampa both playing in an hosting the big game. it's awesome. i mean it's a chance of a lifetime it probably will never happen again, you know to be rare if it does you know. >>super bowl lineman here 5 times and we got one of them in hopefully we'll walk away with a victory and while every bucs fan is hoping for that outcome on sunday she spans have other thoughts there's a
8:51 pm
new guy in town. >>its name is patrick mahomes and i don't think the bucs have any answer for patrick mahomes and yes i think they're going to win again. >>alright guys back to the warriors they're in a bit of a predicament right now they only have one healthy center going into tonight combined looney just because of injuries marquese chriss and james wiseman and come on lanny went out in the 2nd quarter with a sprained ankle that said he won't that look terrible but it did look like something that could potentially linger for a couple of days so right now the warriors a plane without a center might lead you to think they might try to sign one in the pension, the next couple of days, but even so now you bring in a new player with the new protocols you have to pass 6 negative covid test right so it still looks like though an evidently be big man for the next couple days all right not to go. thanks jason, thanks jason. time for celebrating black history month all of
8:52 pm
february tonight we're seeing how one organization is bridging the gap between com
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>this month kron four's honoring black history and the divide in america continues to plague communities, especially communities of color, but as kron four's reyna harvey tells us one organization is trying to bridge that gap with some help from tech giants.
8:55 pm
>>when the van prince was 20 years old a career in tech was far from what he ever envision for his life. >>i mean you know what that meant like working in tech and when does that mean i'm kid from ridgecrest california would have big cities and come the van says he was a shy introverted kid when his uncle told him about the nonprofit europe. >>whose mission is to close the opportunity divide in the u.s. and he's like you know, you have to be worked at companies like facebook twitter. and all these like big tech right and even then was still i can still go like what you mean work at the sort of on took a leap of faith and enrolled in europe and after completing the yearlong program, full of learning the technical skills, he needed to be successful and pairing him with a full-time internship in mentor. the van started his dream job. he currently works at sales force in sf where he manages a team of engineers. coming up to city like oakland, you know what i'm
8:56 pm
seeing i'm worried shots to me right seen people like that look like me and then also seen that you know my people don't have an opportunity even in big cities so now like it's it's as it was a no-brainer like okay, somebody is going to have you know represent and show people like that look like me, but i come from places like me that there are opportunities. >>europe data shows today over 5 million young adults in the united states are cut off from any real path to a stable career despite having the talent and drive to achieve more. the program focuses primarily on young men and women from underserved communities. they are train and connected to several big tech giants in the bay area, including facebook twitter and countless others, we know that our young black and black men and women don't have access to the networks. >>that allow them to start off their careers and in a way that's important antwan andrews is the chief diversity equity and inclusion officer
8:57 pm
for he knows firsthand the challenges black students face when it comes to entering the workforce which challenging organizations to do it in order to close that opportunity divide there are a lot of work and a lot of young people who don't have a college degree but our phenomenal and can really dry. >>and be excellent employees for florida's asian so if you find a way to eliminate some of those barriers which is requiring to you can close that opportunity divide increasing tremendously. >>ford yvonne and the thousands of other students who have gone to the program. it's a huge step in closing that divide. >>whole goal to really people cannot and showcase that no we're doing well out here and you could be a part of what we've got going on. >>in san francisco. reyna harvey reporting. >>europe says it served more than 29,000 students since its inception back in 2000 for more information you can visit europe dot oregon for more
8:58 pm
stories like this one, just head to the special black history month section on our website kron 4 dot com and that wraps up kron 4 news stay
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. now 9 kaiser canceled


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