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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. rewarding workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic how some bay area leaders are taking extra steps to put more money in the pockets of grocery store workers. >>thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore tonight. >>the san jose city council has been discussing tonight a plan that would increase wages
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for grocery store workers earlier today, oakland city leaders approved an emergency ordinance said will increase the pay of food workers by $5 an hour during the pandemic. >>kron four's johnson the calls here with the details and reaction from both sides of this issue john as you know since we last saw you at 9 o'clock, here's what we've learned from san jose leaders, they're still considering. >>possibly an ordinance that would add an additional $3 an hour to the folks there they are still talking about that. so a couple of members of the council had to recuse themselves from the vote because they actually owns stock in amazon which owns whole foods would would also be a conflict of interest if they were there. workers in oakland though will get an additional $5 an hour. once again san jose workers if this is approved would get an extra $3. oakland city leaders say that large grocery store chains have been seeing record profits during the pandemic it's money being made at the hands the very same workers whose communities are among the hardest hit during the
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pandemic. >>more money is on the way for grocery store workers in the city of oakland tuesday night city leaders gave the green light to a plan that would boost pay for grocery store workers by $5 an hour during the pandemic the plan would only include large grocery store chains with more than 15,000 square feet of operating space or 500 or more workers. the temporary increase would only last until the city of oakland enters the moderate or yellow tier in the state's reopening map though it's unfortunate a public entities have to go and take up this issue jhon nunez with united food and commercial workers local fund, the union representing the workers he says that early on grocery stores voluntarily offered the additional money but stopped back in the summer it is like the pandemic one away right. >>pandemic's continuing factor is roaring back now. medical experts say the grocery store workers are 5 times more likely to contract the virus with communities of color more
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susceptible and many minorities working in grocery stores. nunez says that thousands of workers are risking their own lives and even dying. well stores continue to operate generating millions in profits. they can't afford to stay away from work. they have to go on. >>to earn a and provide for their families and a result of you know they should be compensated. >>what the grocery store chains fear that these moves will have a negative impact on business kroger announced that it was closing 2 stores in long beach after city leaders there approved a $4 per hour hike for grocery store workers. in a statement to kron 4. the california grocers association said that oakland's extra $5 an hour. generates to a 28% increase labor costs going on to say that grocers will not be able to absorb those costs. a to repercussions are unavoidable nunez says that companies right now are making hand over fist during the pandemic. >>these companies are making a
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significant amount of money they are sales year-over-year gone through the ceiling. their profits are way up. >>a number of other cities across the bay area are considering similar ordinances, some chains like lucky's have actually been paying workers that hazard pay since march. and today we learned the trader joe's announced that it was giving all of its workers an extra $2 on top of an earlier to dollar increase bringing hazard pay their to $4 and getting kathryn once again, san jose city leaders considering this ordinance they are thinking about possibly pushing it back so they can have an assessment to take a look at the bigger impact that this could have on those grocery store chains will let you know what happens if a decision is reached during the newscast. thank you jonathan up. >>we learned that all bay area counties will remain in the purple or widespread tier and the state's reopening plan that determines what businesses and activities can not happen. we've got the complete list of activities available on our website kron 4 dot com. california
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releasing a hood to four-week icu capacity projection for each of the 5 regions by march 1st the bay area could have 33% of its icu beds available. the greater sacramento, northern california regions are around 30% the 2 biggest improvements are in the san joaquin valley and southern california regions for more than 35% of beds are projected to be available. today california's health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said that after new cases and hospitalizations are reached record highs. they've declined rapidly in the last couple of weeks. >>we're anticipating that 30 days from now so on the marched and we'll fewer than half the number of people with covid in our hospitals as we have today. good continued see decline coming down.
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>>and turning to vaccinations california has administered more than 3.6 million doses of the vaccine that's out of a possible 5.7 a usage rate of 63%. the numbers provided by the state's covid-19 vaccine dash court the state of california also tracking how many doses have been given out in each county. >>santa clara county has put out more than a 192,000 doses alameda and contra costa counties have given out more than a 145,000 and a 132,000 shots respectively 87,000 doses have been put out in san francisco about 7500 fewer in san mateo county 50,000 in sonoma county 41,000 in solano county warren county is giving out 35,000 shots and about 22,000 in napa county. in potentially pivotal moved to try to speed up the vaccination effort nationwide. the federal government will soon shipped a million doses
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directly to retail pharmacies 6500 retail pharmacies will receive the vaccines next week. here in california that will include a 100 cvs pharmacies according to state guidelines the priority will be health care workers and everyone 65 years of age or older. this will provide more sites for people to get vaccinated in their communities. >>and it's an important component to delivering vaccines equitably. >>this doesn't meet an simply stop my or local cbs and ask for shots beginning february 9th. the vaccine will be available at cvs by appointment only and to be clear this is just cvs receiving the vaccine at this time. walgreens and other pharmacies are not yet included. >>in the meantime new vaccination sites are opening across the bay area. there's a new location today opening and hercules in contra costa county. the site they say can probably add minister about
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500 shots a day and is ready to do twice that number if the supply increases and in the north bay, the city of the nation held a vaccine clinic for 1400 residents today, 75 and older, when that opportunity was announced they said took only a day for all those appointments to book up. >>a pop-up vaccination clinic for residents, 65 and older opened at the southeast health center and san francisco's bayview neighborhood today that is expected to vaccinate about 200 people a day no appointments are required but you do have to prove that you live in the bayview hunters point zip code. meantime, there's growing frustration tonight after kaiser canceled thousands of covid vaccination appointments in santa clara county. those cancellations began last week they've only increased sense. >>as kron 4 taylor reports officials say they just don't have enough doses. >>kaiser permanente says it canceled 4500 appointments
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this week and 750 more the week before. kaiser says it understands the frustrations, but it just didn't receive the anticipated vaccine supply thousands of seniors backlogged and forced to reschedule covid-19 vaccination appointments in santa clara county kaiser permanente says it had to cancel more than 5,000 appointments from january 29th through february 5th due to a shortage of supply in a statement to kron 4 news kaiser permanente said quote we did not receive the vaccine supplies anticipated when the appointments were made estimated on previous vaccine deliveries and guidance from the state and county senator dave court as he whose district includes santa clara county admits transparency and communication issues between federal state and local governments as well as private providers like kaiser are to blame for many of these cancellations you need to know. >>accurate projections before the start going out. i'm taking appointments are making appointments with people in in
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getting people's expectations, geared up going to take 20 to get everyone vaccinated in i think the city council needs to see city take 15 weeks. well, they say that but see something don't rule things and expect people not to be unhappy expectations quite as he says the state needs to improve its current system of handling vaccinations and its data there's a right way to do it. >>and there's a more centralized way to do it. and you know when those vaccines coming from the federal government we've got to be ready. to get those out property. there's no reason for the state to be 50th in the union in terms per capita vaccinations santa clara county supervisor cindy chao base agrees. >>she says 330,000 people are over the age of 65 in the county and roughly only 150 to 160,000 have received their first dose of the vaccine. not only is she pushing for more equity in vaccine distribution. but also a
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faster rollout we have the capacity. >>to make sure that almost a 120,000 people a week could be vaccinated if we had access to the back seat. so you know the longer it takes the more. the more fearful, i think people are getting kaiser permanente says it's working to reschedule those canceled appointments prioritizing those 75 and older. >>they say if supplies allow they will try to reschedule those 65 to 74 but they'll need a large increase in vaccine supply to do so in san jose taylor kron 4 news. >>tonight kaiser permanente hospital in walnut creek facing a string of citations in connection with how the hospital has hand handled a covid kron 4 has obtained a report of the citations they include a failure to effectively screen employees are patients for covid-19 a failure to provide respirators for employees in operating
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rooms to protect them against exposure, failing to conduct an analysis. that's after an employee was exposed to the virus and a lack of training for employees and how the virus is transmitted how to prevent the spread. the report says the problems have since been corrected, but the fine for failing to train employees said to be $18,000 that is still outstanding in a statement kaiser permanente says it is appealing these citations and this isn't the first time a local kaiser hospital has been cited for covid violations. >>kaiser san jose was fined $85,000 by cal osha for failing to immediately report details related to an employee was hospitalized with covid last march. santa clara county also find kaiser san jose $43,000 for failing to report a christmas day outbreak. that's when a person died and almost a 100 employees and patients tested positive. after a staffer visited patients wearing in flay
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double costume. kaiser's facility was also cited and fined $56,000. now as for failing to report employees hospitalized with the virus. last april and may few communities have been hit harder by the pandemic in east san jose yet the communities ripped fitness location is openly defying health orders arguing that it can operate indoors. there are signs outside claiming constitutional protection and clients who appear to be using masks and physical distancing are applauding the gyms defiance. >>and it's not as great as people make it seem rather be here than be somewhere warmer words more chaotic people are just here trying to help the many folks know that the san jose and in particular the latin x community has been one of the hardest impacted. >>and because of its locations certainly can. increase the possibility for transmission and indoor environment. >>there have been at least 3 dozen complaints to the gym is a threat to public health. the
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manager tells kron 4 the owner won't comment on those complaints that owner has been warned several times and we're told finds more than half a million dollars. the county is considering its options against the gym, including legal action. >>a 2.7 earthquake rattled the east bay tonight, the usgs says happened about 09:12pm tonight in berkeley a 2.7 quake of course is small lot of our viewers sent they felt and if you are sitting right on top of it. >>it probably got your attention let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow more details on that that does kind of get your kid to you know you one of those size question not quite sure if it's really an earthquake or not and then all of a sudden realize. oh yeah that was an earthquake looks like allen probably located on the hayward fault, they're going to triangulate that as we take you through the night tonight and see exactly where it was at but certainly just a light shaker out there minor quake now we're talking about changes in our weather as we have a nice cold front go just early this morning. it was
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kind of a slow mover dragon to the south bay even the early morning hours. but now we've got some partly cloudy skies looking out toward sfo. we are remaining dry right now at least here. >>and i hear that and so they continue to look at snow making its way across some of the higher peaks there so a winter weather advisory has now been posted until 4 o'clock in the afternoon on wednesday this next system that's going to drop in not to bring much in the way of moisture but it's a cold storm we'll see some of the snow level dropped to maybe about 2000 feet. may be lower in some parts of northern california. so if you're traveling up i 5 watch at north reading tomorrow. you could very well run into some snow there as well and we have some nice totals from that storm system santa rosa 3 quarters of an inch of rain we had a temper on checking in at just over half an inch of rain just about a 3rd in napa san francisco or half an inch oakland, almost an inch of rain there at the airport san jose 800 so nice storm indeed an hour wash things settle down a little bit for tonight. but because we have the rain now we've got those cooler temperatures as likely going to see some of that ground fog
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beginning to develop outside for tonight so watch out for some patchy late tonight, early tomorrow morning and then partly cloudy tomorrow we've got that weak storm system that's going to drop into the bay area bringing with it a chance of some showers mainly to the north and then look like much maybe a few hundredths of an inch. but certainly you want to be prepared bring that umbrella with if you needed and then we're back to high pressure and then we warm things up as we round out your week. right cooling off in spots 48 degrees in palo alto we're still looking at 50 degrees in san jose 47 in san mateo cooled off at 47 in dublin 46 in the nfl you see all the blue there while speaking on a much cooler air developing now in parts of the north bay. all right, we've got a cold front well to our north not much one you see right here that's the one that's going to be dropping in not much to stop it. so here comes all dropping due south into the bay area bringing with it a chance some scattered showers out there most of that we'll be very light after that things change we're going to really start to dry things out the models picking up on as we head through the day tomorrow you see that all that snow picking up in the northern sierra
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nevada as well then the kind of rules in the bay area falling apart as it comes to so there's not going to be much left with it and then we get on the backside of that system that's where the changes you're looking forward to some nice weather head. i think as we get into a thursday and friday boy kind of sweet spot of the week at these temperatures will be warming up in the 60's may be getting close to 70 i would be surprised we start to see a couple of 70's, pop up especially on fridays that become a nice way to round out the week after pretty stormy 7 to 10 days. yeah, you know i love the rain but good to see a little more sun breaking up a little bit hopefully we get back into it. thanks why. san francisco public school district has announced a resolution in the investigation of racists posts that were shared it. >>lowell high school miss traders say a virtual bulletin board included in a lesson on anti racism was apparently taken over with hateful comments. the school district has condemned the behavior, but it's still unclear exactly how it happened. today's resolution calls for an equity audit led by community
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leaders. district officials say they also want low old to use the regular admissions process, it's used by other comprehensive high schools in the san francisco unified school district san francisco is also looking at a plan to pay repatriation to descendants of african american slaves and the next step in this process forming an advisory committee kron four's ella sogomonian she's. >>here with us in the studio with details on know what they're going to be expected to do well. >>yeah, this committee should come from a wide variety of talents and backgrounds because they want as much insight and feedback as possible. so this group will then be tasked with a plan for what reparations will look like how much they will be that money will go to. the next step toward justice for african americans in san francisco has been taken. >>applications are open for locals who are interested and advising a reparations committee to come up with a plan to pay residents directly orphaned programs for those who are descendants of slaves the president of the naacp san
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francisco chapter. reverend doctor amos see brown pushed for the funding pointing to modern day inequality and california's dark past. >>i will last as african americans in the soo say thanks. quality. equality of opportunity, but we haven't had. i know i have witnesses in the 45 years i've been in this town. and before as has cited his talking. barnett was determined from the very beginning. they we will be kept in the state of denial. and not accepted. as members of the human factor. >>he's referring to california governor peter burnett who in the 1850's tried to ban african americans in the state. more than 170 years later the san francisco, human rights commission is now tasked with finding 15 people to fill vacant seats on a diverse advisory committee. each member representing a specific background for
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example, one seed for a senior over 65 years old who has lived in a predominantly african american community. one for a formerly incarcerated individual another for formerly homeless person and a small business owner principal lee serving the african american community along with the former san francisco resident who was pushed out because of gentrification is going to be a hard hard hard conversation to have it's not going make everybody happy but i think it's. >>it's great to be a part of the movement that is starting to actually do more than just talk about it but actually dig down and allocates resources to the harms that have been done over the years. >>davis says the san francisco county board of supervisors has already allocated. $100,000 for the advisory committee. a decision has yet to be made on where the money for the reparations will come from supervisor shamann walton had suggested using income from the city's marijuana taxes because davis explains many black community members were incarcerated over it.
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>>and although legally it can't be required both reverend doctor brown and davis agree the black community can and should speak for themselves. advisory committee members will be paid about $500 every month and should expect to dedicate 2 to 3 hours once a month for 18 months if you're interested in applying can head over to our website kron 4 dot com for those details. the human rights commission really wants again a variety of input here so they're looking in 2 other backgrounds like tag venture capitalists as well as african american historian, so hopefully people out there who are qualified candidates have some time to put back into their communities so might be about 18 months before they come up with some kind of a plan. >>the timeline was actually 24 months, so i don't know why their work is kind of done by 18 months, but eventually it will add by 24 months with that plan that's the deadline okay. thank you alex. >>agreed to settle a discrimination case for 2.6 million dollars that money will be split between more
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than 5,000 employees and past job applicants. the sense of for yearlong case alleging the tech giant discriminated against women engineers and asians in california and washington state by paying them less than their male counterparts from 2014 to 2017. as part of this google has it greed to set aside $250,000 a year for the next 5 years in case new allegations come to light jeff bezos is stepping down as the ceo of amazon he made that announcement today in a letter posted to amazon's website. >>starting this summer basis will transition to a new post as executive chairman of the board amazon. and the chassis who currently leads amazon's cloud services will take over as the company's ceo. they chose founded amazon 27 years ago in seattle. >>still ahead, san francisco city leaders speaking out after 2 separate attacks left
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2 elderly man dead on the same day. >>plus tragedy at the fbi after violent gun battle on the streets of florida and leaves 2 agents dead and 3 others injured. >>also the latest on the investigation now underway after 3 people were critically burned by an explosion at a popular filming location in southern california.
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>>an investigation is underway after 3 people were hurt in an explosion near los angeles this also sparked a grass fire. it happened about 05:00pm at an industrial private business in santa clarita the fire spreading to a grassy hillside. firefighters were able to quickly contain it. san francisco police are investigating a triple shooting that left at least one person dead in the cities. neighborhood we do have video of the scene this is from the citizen app it happened shortly before 10 this morning on 3rd and polo streets officials say a 40 year-old man was shot and killed 2 other men were shot they were taken to a local hospital, their injuries not considered life threatening anybody with information is being asked to call contact in any way san francisco police and this is just the latest act of violence in san francisco. it comes just days after 2
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separate violent attacks resulted in the deaths of 2 elderly man in the city tonight leaders in san francisco are condemning the murders you may have seen the disturbing video of one of the incident was caught on camera involving an 84 year-old man. >>this past saturday 84 year-old the share rotten apoc the died at san francisco general hospital from injuries that he suffered when he was attacked 2 days earlier during his morning walk in the ends of vista neighborhood. officials have arrested 2 suspects 19 year-old and one watson. and 20 year-old malaysia gu san francisco district attorney chesa boudin says. watson faces several charges including murder. >>attacks and crimes committed against our most vulnerable, especially our seniors and our children are unacceptable if you commit a crime in san francisco. and you hurt someone you will be held
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accountable to the fullest extent of the law that is a commitment that i have from both our police chief and our district attorney. >>on the same day of that attack in the city's haight-ashbury district famed for ivan and best a gator jack palladino was attacked by 2 suspects who are trying to rob him of his camera. he also died as a direct result of his injuries officers have arrested 2 suspects 24 year-old pittsburgh resident warrants thomas and 23 year-old san francisco resident. hey john floor moy in connection with the death both men face several charges, including murder and elder abuse. >>next on kron 4 news at 10 the effort to recall governor newsome this is still continuing to gain momentum and a new poll shows a sinking approval rating who's in the running to take a spot and we're less than a week away from donald trump second impeachment trial. what his legal team is planning to use as a defense and why experts argue the arguments don't hold
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water and we're honoring black history month here at kron 4 how one organization is working to eliminate the racial divide in the u.s. with the help of some big tech names. >>the wettest months of the season for us but right no
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>>it's time for california comeback somebody who can work
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with with everybody republicans and democrats that's what our state needs right now one party rule is not serving us well. >>another candidate announcing a run against gavin newsome in 2022, former republican, san diego mayor kevin fokker says he is ready to run for california governor the move comes as a recall effort remove newsome from office gathers steam while a new poll shows the governor's popularity is plummeting among % california voters nancy loo has a closer look. >>he cruised to victory in 2018 to become california's 40th governor but according to a new poll by the berkeley institute of governmental studies gavin newsom's approval rating has plummeted from over 60% for months ago to 46% today, he held up pretty well over the first 2 years of his term but the his performance on the pandemic has really suffered over the past 3 months. >>and that's i think fueling the decline lead pollster mark
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di camillo says while instances like new sums french laundry dinner have drawn criticism. >>those surveyed were most anxious over the pandemic other concerns include the slow vaccine. rollout and massive unemployment fraud about a 3rd of those polled say they would vote newsome out if a recall election happens i would have said a month ago the chances were low, but as of right now as you look at the signature gathering in the problems facing this governor. i think it's more likely than not a special election requires at least 1.5 million certified signatures by march 17th. those behind the recall push say they've already gathered 1.3 million and supporters are said to have no party preference. >>i don't care if republican democrat, it's outcome we're going to get rid of this guy before he signs any more bills in october and we hope so i do not take recall will qualify. >>and if it does i think the governor's popularity is high enough. >>that he will prevail
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democrat gray davis is the only california governor ever to be recalled he believes new sums numbers will improve each week passes. >>more and more people will be vaccinated more more people realize that there's light at the end of tunnel and then by this summer all that often goes people will see this virus in your rearview mirror as something we survived in part because of governor leadership, however, several contenders are already in the gubernatorial ring, i'm kevin faulk are. >>i'm running for governor for the great state of california along with the former republican mayor of san diego news since 2018 republican opponent, john cox is also in. >>as well as billionaire venture capitalist chamath palihapitiya as for the current governor, the undecideds are key people know who gavin newsome is 19% are saying they're not sure how they would vote on a recall election. >>if not if it were held today and i think it's really voters
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saying well i got to wait and see how things unfold here with that with the pandemic. >>again now is nancy loo reporting for us tonight recall efforts are hardly new in our state every california governor since ronald reagan has faced one, gray davis as was mentioned was the only one who was recalled were the effort was successful which ultimately brought in arnold schwarzenegger to office. >>turning now to national news we're taking a live look at the u.s. capitol building today house democrats filed an impeachment briefs claiming that former president trump aimed a mob of his supporters quote like a loaded cannon at the u.s. capitol the legal brief links, the former president's efforts to overturn the election to the deadly january 6 insurrertion it claims that trump bears unmistakable blame for what happened and his actions directly threatened our democracy. the document also says trump put the lives of every member of congress at
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risk. the former president's legal team has put there are arguments ahead of next week's impeachment trial. they claim the senate cannot vote to impeach trump because he no longer holds office political and legal expert donna crane with san jose state university argues that argument does not hold up. >>one of the 2 penalties that the constitution so its removal from office and its potentially blocking someone from running for future office so that wouldn't make any sense if you could also apply it to a former president the plain reading of it is logical could the president do a very terrible thing murder, a family and then resign moments before being impeached like that just doesn't seem plausible. >>the former president's legal team is also arguing that trump's january 6 speech was protected by the first amendment. experts say that doesn't apply either because we can still commit crimes
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with our speech for example yelling fire in a crowded theater. >>president biden delivered on a campaign promise today by signing executive orders that reversed the immigration policies of the trump administration. one of the orders creates a task force it seeks to reunite parents who are separated from their children at the border. another in said 2018 0 tolerance policy on prosecuting illegal border crossings during the signing ceremony president biden said quote. >>i'm not making new law, i'm eliminating bad policy. in the meantime president biden and republicans in congress are still very far apart when it comes to the price tag on a covid relief last night a group of 10 republican senators they met with the president biden presenting their own plan. our washington correspondent hudson explains why they're still this not a deal yet. no deal just yet, but both sides say they want to put money into the pockets of americans but the big
10:38 pm
question is how much. >>republicans want a smaller scale l while democrats in the white house are saying go big. i have no tolerance for delight no patients democrats like connecticut senator richard blumenthal are urging their senate colleagues to move quick on covid relief bill is very bipartisan because it will include a lot of republican priorities virginia senator tim kaine says there is common ground between senate democrats and the gang of 10 republican senators that met with president joe biden monday night. >>but the president is to be for his response to a counter proposal indiana republican senator todd young says the 1.9 trillion dollar price tag on the president's plan is too big considering the last relief package was passed in december. >>much of which has not been spending much of the cares act from early last year has not even been distributed one of
10:39 pm
the differences between the 2 plans is republicans want to offer $1000 checks to low income americans words president biden wants to deliver $1400 checks to the same citizens included in the last round senate democrats say they're confident they'll get a coronavirus aid relief package done. the next couple of weeks in washington were shot hudson back to you. today was also a historic day in washington with a bipartisan vote by the senate to confirm pete buttigieg as the new transportation secretary. >>this makes buttigieg the first openly person to take a cabinet position. he will be in charge of the transportation department with 55,000 employees and a budget in the 10's of billions of dollars. today the senate also confirmed u c berkeley alumni alejandro my orcas to head the department of homeland security he is the first latino and immigrant to lead the department which oversees disaster response border security and cyber threats.
10:40 pm
majorca said previously served as an assistant us that in central california. >>now to a developing story out of southern california investigators have identified the 2 fbi agents killed this morning special agents, daniel l fun and laura schwartz and burger they and 3 others were shot they had been serving a a search warrant in a child exploitation case and sunrise florida just west of fort lauderdale, al fun was a 36 year-old husband, a father of one. i shorts and burger was 43 years old and leaves behind 2 children. dan and laura left on this morning. to carry out the mission. they signed up for and loved to do. to keep the american people safe. of the 3 agents who were injured 2 are said to be at last word in stable hospitalized. it's believed the suspect killed himself, he has not yet been
10:41 pm
publicly identified a step outside and talk about the weather a little bit as we give you this. a stunning shot of downtown san francisco with the lights glittering out there the 4 zone forecast and how it is a beautiful shot chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with our long range forecast yeah, we're right in the heart of the rain season. kathryn's certainly looks like. >>we're probably had a new trend we really want to see even though we like to see a little sunshine and maybe a little too dry for little too long but here we go i think as we head through the night tonight, we'll have a partly cloudy skies, patches of fog likely to form leftover moisture from the rain that has pushed through already just yesterday but now we're looking at a pretty good conditions out toward the golden gate bridge never the same last night pretty wet out there and some of the bridges and all around the bay area's that storm system came through temperatures cooled off a got a lot of 40's couple 50's around the bay area right now so north bay valleys likely to dip into the 30's overnight tonight, so chilly and maybe a little patchy frost up there to lori forecast model showing
10:42 pm
as weak system kind of slips into the bay area tomorrow not going to be much pretty with a just a slight chance of a few showers after that kind of see it out here developing in the pacific. that's a big dome of high pressure going to begin to settle in and that will take care of us we'll see a little offshore wind kick in looks like some pretty dry weather right into the weekend as we get into saturday that's a nice start to weekend staying dry there too and that continuing, although next week we begin to see some changes but staying dry won't be to latter part of the see little rotation moving in as we get into thursday and friday then maybe we start talking about a return to some rain so for now we're going to dry things out in your tent chance of showers tomorrow. but that's it after that we're talking 60's almost 70 degrees in some spots i think by friday a nice weekend in store for the bay area, couple clouds on super sunday but staying dry looks like the least the following thursday and friday getting your valentine's day. when we start talking about some more rain sounds thanks want this month kron four's honoring black
10:43 pm
history and the divide in america continues to plague communities, especially communities of color, but as kron four's reyna harvey reports one organization trying to bridge that gap with help from tech giants. >>when the van prince was 20 years old a career in tech was far from what he ever envision for his life. >>i mean you know what that meant like working in tech and when does that mean i'm kid from ridgecrest california have we don't have big cities and come from the van says he was a shy introverted kid when his uncle told him about the nonprofit europe. >>whose mission is to close the opportunity divide in the u.s. and he's like you know you have to be worked at companies like facebook twitter. and all these like big tech right and even then was still i can still likely mean work at the sort of on took a leap of faith and enrolled in europe and after completing the yearlong program, full of learning the technical skills, he needed to be successful and pairing him with a full-time internship in
10:44 pm
mentor. the van started his dream job. he currently works at sales force in sf where he manages a team of engineers. coming up to city like oakland. you know what i'm seeing i'm worried shots to me right seen people like that look like me and then also seeing that you know my people don't have an opportunity even in big cities so now like it's it's as it was a no-brainer like okay, somebody is going to have you know represent and show people like that look like me, but i come from places like me that there are opportunities. >>europe data shows today over 5 million young adults in the united states are cut off from any real path to a stable career despite having the talent and drive to achieve more. the program focuses primarily on young men and women from underserved communities. they are train and connected to several big tech giants in the bay area, including facebook twitter and countless others, we know that
10:45 pm
our young black and black men and women don't have access to the networks. >>that allow them to start off their careers and in a way that's important antwan andrews is the chief diversity equity and inclusion officer for he knows firsthand the challenges black students face when it comes to entering the workforce with challenging organizations to do it in order to close that opportunity divide there are a lot of work and a lot of young people who don't have a college degree but our phenomenal and can really dry. >>and be excellent employees for florida's asian so if you find a way to eliminate some of those barriers which is requiring to you can close that opportunity divide increasing tremendously. >>ford yvonne and the thousands of other students who have gone to the program. it's a huge step in closing that divide. >>mike malone really people cannot and showcase that no we're doing well out here and you could be a part of what
10:46 pm
we've got going on. >>in san francisco. reyna harvey reporting. >>europe says it has served more than 29,000 students since its inception of 2000. and you can learn details on its website year up dot org and for more stories like this one you can head to the special black history month section on our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up next in sports. wow, this was something the warriors hosting the celtics sports director jason dumas sports director jason dumas school break it d i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed... and get to and stay undetectable...
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>the came into tonight's matchup with the celtics with only one healthy center on the roster, they left tonight's with 0. we'll get to that in a second, but first some highlights. there's one of those injured senders james wiseman he's on ice right now with sprained left wrist 1st quarter kelly who great despite 6 on daniel tie scott to be quicker than that daniel had a great 1st quarter in fact he and steph curry scored the first 16 points for the that was when i step for 1st quarter 3 pointer he had 22 at the half and we had a tie game late in the 2nd quarter. this change things come on looney rolled his left ankle right there. he had to leave the game. he did not return and
10:50 pm
dubs were killed on the glass all night long 3rd quarter jason tatum is is a superstar males that step back 3 boston nursed a narrow lead the entire quarter tatum had 27. let's go to the 4th boston on the break. no one gets in front of jalen brown and he will do that to you every time the pride and joy of the golden bear he's having a great season. he finished with 18 points and 12 rebounds. the warriors made a run, but it was not they lose to the celtics won 11 to one '07 and our very own sports reporter kylen mills was at the arena she took in the game kylen what went down. >>a bigger part what we're doing and so does you know
10:51 pm
those are i guess won sort of qualifies as a big man kind eric definitely does so there will be short-handed remodel play a lot of 5 and eric will get more minutes and we'll see what happens from there. >>all right, let's go to the college ranks stamford playing their first game at maples pavilion of the year we'll pick things up in the 2nd half stamford up by one that jalen delaire. with the he had 22 points but usc they come back right here check out this bucket that's caused a t that slammed the door shut that makes it a four-point game stanford fall 72 to 66 your final. we'll take a out on thursday. because of the pandemic the super bowl is different this year, not just for the players, but also for
10:52 pm
the fans and a couple fans in tampa said they can't help but notice the big change from the normal super bowl week festivities. >>well obviously we're not getting the full dose of this was a regular here and there was pandemic going on in. the steam would be full obviously would be chaotic down here it's different worlds different, it's not going it's not going to dampen our enthusiasm. >>al
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>take a look at this you'll 70's reopening just in time for the natural light phenomenon known as the fire fall, it's beautiful it effect the effect happens in mid february, but only when conditions are just right it has to be a clear sunny day. and when the water that actually water of course flowing from her still fall has to be flowing at that time when the such a setting sun reflects off the waterfall you can see it looks more like orange lava flowing over the side of the cliff. the best dates to see this phenomenon or between february 28 and the 28. they worry 8th to the 28th reservations are required to enter the park. >>when i turned to see. there's a perfect shadow cast of me. >>6 more weeks of winter there will be. >>there you have it punxsutawney phil says yes
10:56 pm
there will be 6 more weeks of winter he came out of his little girl in pennsylvania for the traditional groundhog day rituals today in its 135 year history phil has predicted winter 106 times spring 20 times. all right, let's turn to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow at least as accurate as phil so ok more for winter ahead, laura yeah, a little more winter ahead for us we've got another storm system that's going to be dropping into the bay area and out there tonight kind of a quiet night compared to last night of course we have the storm rolled through last night but yet we're going to see some changes coming away looking out toward sfo right now some patchy fog kind of hanging out over the bay, here's your next storm system here not a lot of energy with it, but it's a cold system could drop down some snow and northern parts of california, maybe all the way down. >>across parts of i 5 of you head north reading there as well we're going to see a slight chance of a few scattered light showers in the bay area not much though watches it comes down just kind of fall apart as it moves
10:57 pm
through into the afternoon so a lot of passing clouds in the bay area not much in way of rain drops but least a slight chance of the forecast after that things down alright, those will be chilly tonight 30's and the cold and some of the north bay valleys, especially highs tomorrow, generally in the 50's outside so the a cool day partly cloudy skies. a slight chance of rain drop after that we dry things out a warm-up on the spring-like thursday and friday looking nice over the weekend probably the next best chance of rain thursday the following sounds good thanks one.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> injected. >> look at this lady, wow. >> for heckerling lebron james. >> now i'm getting kicked out. i have courtside seats are paid for. >> why they are calling her courtside caring. then, blizzard baby, special delivery in the front seat. >> class, tips on how to get your car out of the mountain of snow. >> and no more cheers. >> the safeway to root for your super bowl team in the pandemic. >> class, voyage of the dam to year later. never before seen video oe


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