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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 4, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>yes, so far perfect well aside from some 30's and 40's but as long as you've got the puffy jacket on you'll be good to go as you step out there just staying, nice and warm on this clear calm but very cool morning. the outside of the bay bridge looks pretty good of you outside from our mount hammer camera looks even better than that you can see the city of san francisco there on the right in the bay bridge all fog free and all cloud-free this morning will stay that way on through the day unlike yesterday where we saw some clouds in the middle of the day even a few light sprinkles today, none of it we're just the sunshine around and that's going to be the case into the weekend too. right now 30's for dublin palo alto conquered as well as almost all of the north bay petaluma nevado among our coldest of spots at 34 degrees. so yes to put on that extra layer and stay warm reyna john thank you we have an accident we're tracking here in richmond 80 westbound. >>at san pablo avenue richmond, the good alternate route for you to take would be richmond parkway to get past that slowdown and a look at
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the bay bridge you can see traffic nice and light here we're up to about 14 minutes earlier, but now we're down back to 11 and wind gusts are back no high wind as you're traveling into the city from the east bay that fremont street exit there at 11 minutes. and the san mateo bridge also another bridge that state pretty consistent all morning long as traffic moves across there to the peninsula under 15 minutes for your drive times so that looks good there. and a quick look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading at a richmond under 9 minutes, we're tracking your commute this morning but for now back to the news. thanks a lot and let's get to the big news which is at airports all around california. we're looking live at sfo. >>workers there are going to be protesting because they want their covid they want to get bumped up in priority, we've got kron four's will tran out of the airport now to explain more about why good morning. well. >>why is because they say they're on the front lines helping airports operate all over california on a minute to
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minute basis and they need protection, especially since say their community a lot faster and harsher then other communities, so what's going to happen at 1130 this morning, 4 and a half hours from now you don't see this often. but the protest and a memorial so we will start off as a memorial for their co-workers who died from covid-19 and these people who will be showing off are mostly janitorial workers who've been working during this pandemic things might be getting a little bit better but there were through just some of the scariest of times and they were disheartened when they said the governor move them down on the priority list they want the governor to move them back up because they say they healthier ports. ron and operate, especially them being considered essential workers now let's talk about why they believe are runs to their community a lot faster. they're a janitorial workers
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and they say they're mostly comprised of brown and black people and covid-19 has ravaged their community much more than other races and that's why they hope the governor will change his mind. them higher on the vaccination list so they can't continue working and when they work they help us as well when whenever we travel and use some of the services at the airports. we will be here when it starts we will carry that for you on kron on but again not just as sfo. i'm here because we know it's going to happen here, but it's going to happen in los angeles san diego bakersfield and some of the other airports that we do know that's all over california. back to you. all right you very much well. >>and there are growing concerns over a covid outbreak at san francisco's public works facility, several employees at the maintenance yard on cesar chavez st. they tested positive for the virus. and now they filed an imminent hazard complaint against the city with cal osha. a union rep says that employees are
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concerned that they've been working in an outbreak zone without being notified. >>be 65 should there are certain requirements, an employer has to meet so once you get 3 positive tests within a 2 week period, there's certain things you your concern outbreak you're supposed to notify the employees that were in the area is supposed to test the employees that week every week going forward until you go a couple weeks with the 2 weeks without a positive test result. you're also poses sanitize and disinfect all the areas in which the positive cases were none of that occurred. employees at the department of public works are split into 2 groups there are 18 covid cases in the operations division and 11 cases. >>and covid any non operations division. the department says they're investigating and contact tracing now. >>well covid cases and hospitalizations and icu admissions are all on the decline which is good news. it's a sign of progress, although there's still
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concerns about people, 65 and older because they're still dying at an alarming rate. fact the contra costa county health department says 82% of all covid-19 deaths that they've seen have been in people, 65 and older 81% of those in santa clara are 65 and older 84% in san mateo and 92% in marin county. local health officials say the data makes it clear the vaccine has to go to those most vulnerable, but obviously the demand right now is far greater than the supply. >>question we get is when is it going to be my turn and. understandably so recognize others are are worthy and important and we value that you know we value our teachers we value our our our food service workers and others who are. >>in that tier, one we're just not able to get to them yet. >>county health officials say that it's going to take a little more time before they'll have enough vaccines to meet the level of demand that's out there right now. >>time now 7 '05 in the north a sonoma county leaders are
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promising a better equitable rollout of covid vaccines to protect the most vulnerable. this comes after the county set up a vaccination clinic for about 36,000 people. there are 75 and older instead of thousands of others under the age of 75 they flooded with online appointments and because it was a glitch in the website. they were able to sign up those appointments were canceled in leaders admitted mistakes and they say that now the web site's been fixed. seniors 75 and older have accounted for 2 thirds of all of the covid deaths and sonoma county. >>the seniors are clearly vulnerable to the worst and most extreme outcome of covid-19 are building a vaccine or population depends is always on the vaccine supply never see from the state this week receive 7,425 which is up from last week but still not nearly enough to vaccinate everybody. they're trying to work out solutions, including working with senior organizations to. >>better get to their sites and get them with a follow-up
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doses and they also plan to partner with minority communities to ease fears about the vaccine, especially in the latin x and black communities. >>in the east bay, the oakland coliseum is being turned into a mega vaccination site against covid-19 it's all part of president biden's promise to create 100 mass vaccination sites in 100 days across the country. fema will be partly in charge of managing things here at the coliseum governor newsome says that site was chosen specifically to ensure that communities hit hard by the virus have access to the vaccine. one of the vaccines come. >>from otherwise allocated vaccines that we will be receiving here in the state of california. this is additive. >>yeah the site is expected to be up and running by february 16th with the goal of vaccinating more than 6,000 people per day. >>now 7 '07 as a question these days is to mask or to
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double well, there's rising concern because of that more contagious version of the virus, especially in the uk and south africa. they're finding their way here to california with kron four's dan kerman with a closer look. >>wearing a mask when out of the home has become commonplace these days and with the more contagious uk variant of covid-19 spreading across the u.s.. some are now even wearing 2 masks but is that something everyone should do. >>i often myself with to masks. >>doctor anthony fauci says while there's no harm in having an extra layer of protection, the science to support it is not yet there. >>can we make it general recommendation that doesn't have scientific basis yet. no but when the science comes along and tells us that it is better or not then you'll see a recommendation being made by the cdc right now the cdc's main recommendation is that your mask have 2 or more layers of washable breathable fabric. >>completely cover your nose
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and mouth and chews masks that fits snugly against the sides of your face and don't have gaps i think it's better to have the right nice fits well and to wear a mask period you see san francisco infectious disease specialist doctor peter, chin-hong agrees. the focus should be on wearing one high quality mask. and in fact he says current data suggests a good high quality mask does protect against the virus variance but he does say some may be in a situation where they want to upgrade to an n 95 mask. >>upgrade if your if your job is risky and you're going indoors, which is that more risky setting for prolonged period of time. >>again the cdc is reviewing their guidelines about face coverings in deciding whether they need to change the recommendations i 2 read more specific about that single mask everyone should be wearing. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>it is 7 '09 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the cdc says schools can reopen if teachers or
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vaccinating we'll tell you why there's some mixed reaction to that view. and stepping up security for the super bowl will tell you how the pandemic is affecting preparations for the big game in tampa and brightening up all across the bay area, the coast just as clear as the rest of us after a chilly morning a comfortable afternoon with highs in the upper 50's to low 60's. >>i've got your forecast ahead. and traffic is picking up out there. i'm also tracking a traffic accident. >>out in richmond right now your commute into the city from the east bay under 13 minutes, we're keeping an eye on your drive times we'll have that coming up next.
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>>13 right now and we're taking a look at this thursday morning which is chilly, but starting off to be a nice day we've got john with a full update standing by in the weather center good morning guys good morning, nice and clear out there, but definitely chilly as you'll notice you step outside 30's and 40's for current temperatures to just bundle up and get ready for a bright view as you venture out, here's san jose for you right here some of the buildings in downtown san jose. shine and bright under that doses sunshine you're getting this morning and that's the same across all of the bay area to kick things off nice clear skies in just a light offshore wind just enough to keep fog away from the coastline we are
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seeing high pressure building back in now and that's going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future with mild conditions today now even though we are dry ahead of us the rainfall that we've received over the past week has really helped as far as the state's drought goes obviously we still have some improvements that are very needed, especially for northern california and the eastern portions of the state but central california and socal has really seen some big improvements. the bay area that very the further north you get in the bay generally the more rain we do need to get closer to normal with extreme drought still gripping portions of solano and napa counties further south towards the santa cruz mountains a little bit closer to those normal conditions as far as the forecast ahead of us goes no chances of rainfall. we are staying dry into the weekend unlike yesterday where you saw a few north bay sprinkles a little bit of cloud cover in the middle of the day today remains dry and clear all the way through morning afternoon evening tonight, looking at clear skies and that's the way we're going to stay into the weekend too. today's daytime highs, mostly still in the
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50's but we're starting to see them warming up now and this is going to set us up for even warmer conditions come the weekend ahead of us with more and more highs rising into the 60's today seeing carlos san jose as well as campbell each rising up to 60 degrees for you and hayward well upper 50's and the tri valley through san ramon and danville oakland you hold on to the upper 50's at 59. well san leandro at 61 sonoma our warmest spot in the day by just a degree or 2 at 63 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures as i mentioned will be a little bit warmer and we level out in the mid 60's through the weekend with ample sunshine overhead next week, pretty similar highs still in the 60's just a little cloudier but staying i'm still tracking an accident here in richmond westbound 80. >>as pablo avenue you can see it's really starting to build in terms of backup there richmond parkway is a good alternate for you to take and a look at the san mateo bridge your commute as you head across to the peninsula.
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there. under 15 minutes for your drive time starting to pick up a little bit you still see nothing but brake lights. the bay bridge we had a little slow down here earlier in the day, however things are picking right back up traffic is moving at the limit under 11 minutes, you see those wind glass or flags still no high wind advisory, but still a little gusty and a look at the south bay commute one oh one san jose 85 to menlo park 29 minutes for your drive times so that's much better then we were our last check that highway again we're tracking your commute this morning but for now back to the news. thanks a lot of 7.16 for your money this morning yelp's entire san francisco headquarters is listed for lease. >>and it's good to be a dog is san francisco. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more high j. >>i'm sorry and good san francisco very dog friendly on his paws says back to the 14th best city in the u.s. to be a dog. the top cities have lots of dog parks and outdoor areas for the dogs run this one a
7:17 am
lot of pet friendly apartment rentals in veterinary as well the san francisco business journal says yelp's headquarters at one 40 new montgomery, the entire thing is up for lease the online review company confirmed it is downsizing, but didn't say exactly how where they plan to move to it says remote work is the primary reason behind this move and americans could take an additional week of vacation this year expedia says after so many of us didn't travel in 2020 people are ready for a change of scenery. many americans also have some extra vacation days they didn't use last year that they can roll over into 2021 as well and peeps easter candy making a long-awaited return this easter season there 2 new flavors to hot tamales fierce cinnamon and the peeps froot loops labor as well there's also some merchandise that they're selling with that this year the pair company just 4 halted the production piece last year due to the pandemic live from new york, i'm jane thank you >>good i love the go for the
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fruit loops for sure like i'd love them more than i love the super bowl. i cannot wait for the football whatever. >>well and therefore a lot of folks it is hugely important tons of excitement activity going on there. raymond james stadium in tampa and as a result. we've got a lot of security officials ramping up security try to make everybody safe county martin still all bundled up and he's going to warmer as we get closer to the game. >>and she has a live report on what they're doing. hi kevin a. >>well good morning daryn james yeah, the super bowl is the biggest sporting event in the u.s. each year and because of its national significance, it is classified as a sear one event and that requires top tier security right underneath the presidential inauguration. in that's a normal year so add on to the potential threats here at super bowl 55 in the officials are saying they're ready to roll with their game plan on sunday. >>we all know that football is
7:19 am
a team sport. but security is a team sport as well just as the buccaneers and she's will be operating their finally tune game plans come sunday on the field, so we'll hundreds of federal state and local security professionals off of it the football teams are on the field we will be all around long before tom brady became a buccaneer or before patrick mahomes and the chiefs and in kansas city's 15 years super bowl title drought last season in miami officials have ring their game plan for super bowl 55, you know plans for events of this nature go out 18 months. >>and you're planning process you look for the upper limit of what you think you might need to do to secure the event overall it's not just the event venue itself which says it's the surrounding area and just like we will most likely see some models called the line of scrimmage this massive security operation will also be adapting on the fly ever changing security picture, you know threats change all the time and a good plan allows
7:20 am
you to adjust. >>things that you had planned to do based on the threats that you're seeing while the super bowl will be played under unprecedented threat conditions with the national domestic terrorism advisory in place and the covid pandemic law enforcement has it covered the only thing we want you to worry about this who will win the game. >>please lead arrest a worrying to us. and while there will be a heightened awareness surrounding super bowl 55. but was reiterated by several officials. >>at this panel, there is no current credible threat at this moment time but they said if one does arise, they'll be ready to roll reporting live in tampa kevaney martin james and darya back to you. >>thanks to mall right time now 7.20 we'll take a quick break. coming up though in a minute we have got lawmakers holding a heated hearing right now on the ongoing problems at california's unemployment agency and lost billions of dollars fraud. we'll have more on the calls for change.
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>>7.23 is the time now to the very latest on the employment development department an oversight hearing revealed more details about how the department paid out billions of dollars in fraudulent claims chip yost has the update.
7:24 am
>>the audit that we have before us on the performance of california's employment development department is simply damning there's no other way to describe it. >>at a joint committee hearing in sacramento legislators heard from the state auditor about all the problems she found at the employment development department, the department in charge of distributing unemployment benefits one of the first key issues we identify and report is that unity was not prepared for one state auditor elaine howle said while about 3 dozen states are able to regularly cross reference people applying for unemployment benefits with people serving time in state prisons, the edd was not one of those states doing so as a result, it's now estimated that more than 800 million dollars of unemployment money may have been fraudulently paid out to prisoners house says in addition to that trying to figure out who exactly is in charge of rooting out fraud in the department is no easy task.
7:25 am
>>it's not very well coordinated very disjointed so needs to come up and overall structure for who would be responsible for making sure all that fraud prevention detection communication is occurring and occurring appropriately and efficiently, i'm chip yost ktla, 5 news. >>additional money is coming to california governor newsom announced more than 10 billion dollars to help local initiatives. this figure exceeds projections that were put out there about a month ago. the money we're told will go towards supporting small businesses towards the administering of vaccines and also the helping schools reopen all 3 of those areas have been decimated or poorly handled during the pandemic. >>senate leaders have finally struck a deal for power sharing in the upper house a resolution was passed yesterday setting up democrats to take control. a senate committee's democrats won control in january after a pair of winds in 2 georgia
7:26 am
runoffs that gave the chamber a 5050 split with vice president kamala harris. the tie breaker in favor of the democrats neither republicans nor democrats will say what was holding up this deal, but majority leader chuck schumer says they are ready now to hit the ground running. house lawmakers who refused to go through newly instated metal detectors at the capitol will soon face big fines. the house is going to adopt new rules mandating a fine of $5,000 for the first offense and 10,000 for the second infraction those fines would be deducted from the lawmakers salaries. several house republicans have reportedly yelled at capitol police officers who were asking them to go through the metal detectors. >>time now 7.26, we'll take a quick break here on the kron 4 morning news as we take a live look here studio. i shot of the golden gate bridge there in the big wall we'll be right back.
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to savings! >>7.29 and thanks for waking up with the kron 4 morning news, it looks like are waking up to clear skies and excellent gate bridge love that shot we've got john trouble in the weather center keeping an eye on that and other cameras as well and what do you see john it crystal clear guys all interviews, no clouds certainly no fog either we have a very light offshore wind and that's resulting in
7:30 am
any sort of fog. a marine layer is being pushed away from the coastline. so from the golden gate all the way across the bay area we're doing really solid visibility. good. no rain out there today, so roadways are dry to now looking outside from our center tower view, nice and bright we are going to be chilly start to the morning though, so as you venture out there make sure to do so with the jackets ready to go a bay area staying dry not just this morning but through the afternoon unlike yesterday we did see an increasing cloud cover right in the middle your day. >>current temperatures in the 30's for palo alto at 39 double in concord as well as much of the north bay petaluma you're sitting right at freezing if you're in some rural spots in the north bay watch for some frost on your windshield might need an extra minute as you're getting out there talking more about the rest of your forecast. still ahead john thank you that accident enrichment is still very much a want to out so you can see just how far the backup goes westbound 80 is in powell avenue again a good alternate for you richmond parkway also let's get a look
7:31 am
at the richmond sandra fell bridge as we start to see more traffic traveling at a richmond and it's starting to build even more so. >>still your drive time nice and light under 11 minutes for you there. and a look at the bay bridge. it was definitely backed up earlier. now we're starting to see traffic moving into the city. to the lights. the air the metering lights are still on the bridge. that's why you see just a little back up the skill. >>it's under 10 minutes to get to that fremont street exit in the city. the san mateo bridge also another nice commute for you under 40 minutes for your drive time in a look at the golden gate bridge under 25 are tracking your commute but for now back to the news, thanks frank. >>in the south bay this morning, a covid vaccine walk-up clinic is set to open in east san jose, specially designed to help reach out to latin x community, a lock-up meaning way there's no appointments there it is live in san jose. >>well a lot of people are waiting sarah. >>and that's right in only about 500 spots to get the
7:32 am
vaccine here at la plaza east san jose. and that's why people have been lined up here as early as the 5 in the morning trying to get that shot in the arm but get this they don't even give you a wristband until about 9 o'clock so people have been waiting they want to make sure they get one of those spots those wristbands ensure that people get a vaccine starting at noon. some have chairs somehow blankets other people are just standing up everyone has their mask on. of course trying to keep distance but you can see it for yourself live look this is a lot of people. it started out with about 20 or so people and now we're looking at probably hundreds of people. i wouldn't say close to 500 debt, so you still have an opportunity to come down. it's a walk up clinic to serve people in east, san jose 65 years or older or frontline health care workers immigration status does not need to be disclosed the vaccine site is in
7:33 am
partnership with gardner health services in santa clara county public health the walk-up site is an effort to create greater risk access. 2 predominantly the lot next community which health officials say have been most affected by the pandemic in this area. according to the county website 51% of all covid cases in this county are from latino people and they only make up about 25% of the population here health officials use this location for not only vaccination but also for covid testing that have been on wednesdays and on tuesdays and thursdays these are for the vaccination site now you must show proof of age 65 and older or what you do for a living health care workers. people can get that wrist bands starting at 9 o'clock. we'll give them to people up to about 1130 and then they'll start vaccinating at noon and then people will behind me will head into the inside which is an open area open plaza area or there's a tent and then people can get
7:34 am
the vaccine for now reporting live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thanks a lot of sarah. >>now some developing news this morning, there's some mixed reaction following the director of the cdc saying that schools can safely reopen even if teachers aren't fully vaccinated yet from covid-19 so the cdc director citing data showing that social distancing and mask-wearing does significantly reduce the spread of covid in schools provided that those protocols are followed and while some ask health experts agree a lot of school officials and their leaders insist they feel better if teachers are vaccinated. >>as data stream that when you wear mask, even if in the low chance you are exposed. the disease that you got as much less severe because it diluted a virus and you got explosives we're in the middle of a historic pandemic i mean millions of people have died so to me. >>you know you can you can make up for lost learoing but
7:35 am
once huge are dead or kill your grandmother by giving them covid that's not you don't recover from that. >>and oakland unified school district spokesperson john sasaki says the district is waiting right now on more guidance from both alameda county and from the state. >>that racism that continues to play. our beloved community and our nation must stop. >>calls for racism to and oakland mayor libby shaft and the city's police department denounced the recent increase in violence in chinatown we first told you about the issues in oakland's chinatown over the weekend several robberies were caught on camera kron four's taylor's sacking has been following the story and has the latest. >>oakland police say they made an arrest in one of the robberies from over the weekend well they're not bringing foot patrols to this area because of budget shortfalls they say that they
7:36 am
are reallocating resources to this neighborhood oakland city leaders and police are now responding after multiple robberies like this one were caught on camera over the weekend the city says suspects are targeting the asian community and its elders i want to start by apologizing to the victims of these heinous crimes. >>i cannot imagine the trauma that you your family, your loved ones and this entire community is feeling as a reverberation from this violence. >>mayor libby shaft says the city budget doesn't allow for bringing that patrols to chinatown however, she said on wednesday that the city will work to get cameras previously approved up and running meanwhile, the police department is pleading for victims to come forward, saying they may have a piece of information that can help solve other crimes sailings. >>are preying on chinatown because they're on the guise
7:37 am
of victims are not coming forward so that makes it easier for them, let's not do that. let's make it difficult for them. and of course under are you know current budgetary constraints. we don't have the money to to 4 over time. but that doesn't diminish the reallocated or officers that i have working on straight time despite budget shortfalls oakland police say. >>the department will commit resources. it currently has to this area in an effort to prevent more attacks like this ahead of the busy chinese new year over the weekend these 3 women stole from kelly smoke shop on webster street and almost ran over the business owner as they took off in their getaway car after a confrontation and on friday, this suspect known to frequently prey on chinatown businesses was also caught on camera snatching money from paying customers inside chunk. chelsea market on franklin street oakland police say they arrested the fees now known as 22 year-old to be on bird of les ho who has pending ch rges another chinatown theft cases.
7:38 am
>>in another effort to deter crime the chinatown chamber of commerce is distributing whistles to business owners this week to alert others of a crime is occurring in oakland taylor kron 4 news 7.38 is the time still ahead on the kron 4 morning news police stop a man who threatened to shoot up a south bay mall. >>tell you how they were able to track it down before
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>>right now big story this morning, san jose police are looking for a driver who was involved in a deadly hit and a bicyclist hit over the weekend police have just released surveillance video of the crash and crawford's yulee 7 is on that story for us now live from san jose the only. >>james well, you know, it's been 4 days because that happens sunday early in the morning and they still haven't located the suspect so let's show you the video. right away we want pay to pay attention to the truck now that is a black silverado. chevrolet truck now don't get too distracted by the options that goes flying across that was a suitcase that belong to a bicycle is but look at the truck now the cyclists was writing southbound on south first street when he was struck and the truck was traveling basically in the wrong direction northbound on the southbound lanes you can see the trucks were you know hit the cyclist and then fled the scene now paramedics did tried to save the victim's
7:42 am
life, but unfortunately, they ended up having to pronounce him dead on the scene. san jose police department they are just really hoping that people well identified this truck that will lead them up to the arrest of this person and you should keep in mind that there's damage on the front truck. so if you have any information contact the san jose traffic investigation unit back to you guys. >>thanks leigh thank you lee we'll be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato.
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>>some 44 right now and we're checking out nice weather all around the bay look at all sunny on sunglasses to watch the show you probably will this afternoon, nothing but sunshine still john yeah we're keeping it around all day long this time around yesterday we started clear that we saw the cloud cover increasing in a couple of brief sprinkles in the north bay today, none of that it's just the sun from start to finish and the in between 2 looking at berkeley right here skies are beautiful and bright of blue to the skies today and even a little bit more mild than it was yesterday as daytime highs start to climb into the 60's still a lot of us holding on to the upper 50's today but we're working our way a little bit warmer come the weekend as a ridge of high pressure starts to build in its resulting in a very calm offshore flow. so that's not a
7:46 am
ping fire danger so much as it is just keeping marine layer off of the coast line that's why we're looking at not just dry conditions but pretty fog free conditions to an improvement in our drought over the past week, especially for central and southern portions of the state. still got a ways to go though, especially for the north part of the bay area solano and portions of napa county still under extreme drought. so we do still need more rain and mountain snow for that matter. skies will remain dry. the next few days so metta that in the forecast ahead of us over the next 7 days all the way into next week weekend ahead does look beautiful with lots of sunshine and gradually warming conditions. today's highs still mostly in the 50's but a good share of low 60's in there on terror at 56 burlingame mountain and south san francisco. both at 59 today saying carlos on down into the south bay for san jose and campbell, each at 60 degrees while in the east bay upper 50's to low 60's can be expected little warmer than yesterday and you'll notice that subtly warmer feel not
7:47 am
just because temperatures are a couple degrees warmer but also because you get all the sunshine today that's just going make it feel so good out there as for tomorrow temperatures will be even a little bit warmer yet as will be the case into saturday and sunday we really level out into the weekend under all that sunshine. next week looks pretty similar just a few more clouds and staying dry all the way through wednesday. thank you john so we're still tracking an accident out enrichment 80 westbound at san pablo avenue. >>and you can see the backup still is a problem for commuters, an alternate route for you richmond parkway is going to be a good one for you. also we have the metering lights on here at the bay bridge that's why you're seeing the traffic delay there still traffic moving at the limit under 11 minutes for your commute into the city. also the san mateo bridge, nice and light for you traffic starting to build 14 minutes for your drive time as you commute across to the peninsula. also want to get a look at highway 4 on here in antioch a little slow reports of any accidents there but still traffic moving slow. this is annie up one 60 to
7:48 am
conquer to 40 to start to slow down to under 30 minutes but still give yourself a little more time to your commute. so we're keeping our eye on those accidents for you but for now back to the news. thank you ramp. >>7.47 is the time in the south bay, a man threatened to shoot up the valley fair mall in san jose but was quickly arrested by police. it was a santa cruz sheriff's office actually that tipped off san jose pd about these threats that were made on snapchat yesterday afternoon. both departments then work together to track down the man's location. they tracked him to the mall and then with the help of mall security they were able to isolate him keep shoppers safe. police ended up finding him with a loaded gun officers arrested him before anybody was hurt. >>within 45 minutes of the call. a suspect was arrested in custody.
7:49 am
>>near the man's name hasn't been released, but san jose police say that he is behind bars this morning. >>in the north bay family and friends remembering a 27 year-old woman who was killed in a double homicide that happened over the weekend in vacaville and the other victim is a 15 year-old girl from elk grove police say the shooter live street himself on instagram holding a gun after the shooting weaver in a shed it's now with the story. >>the family of savannah re tibor j release balloons during her memorial which would have been her 27th birthday set up candles everybody may >>that she it really about 30 states who are and let the go but savannah's life was cut terribly short along with a 15 year-old girl from elk grove.
7:50 am
>>vacaville police said they were found dead inside an apartment after they say 29 year-old raymond michael weber live streamed himself on instagram next to their bodies with a gun. >>several hours after a standoff with police officers arrested webber for the murders the solano county district attorney's office has formally charged weber with 2 counts of murder, but he didn't enter a plea during his arraignment earlier this week. charges include discharging a firearm causing death additionally the da alleges special circumstances, including both murders were especially heinous and committed during rape he has a criminal history of felonies dating back to 20 '06 and at the time of his arrest, he was wanted for domestic violence related charges out of sonoma county. he remains at the solano county jail and is being held without bail as he faces life without the possibility of parole or death if convicted. on says she and her daughter were very close but they haven't spoken since she moved from utah to california. she was hoping to
7:51 am
greet savannah for her birthday like i said was actual. >>first day what's been the most and think that it was also the day they do a she wants everyone to remember her daughter for the bright light she was to so many people because so many people so i seen just do not know a monday bush savannah leaves behind her 4 year-old son who was her world search out making sure to especially celebrate his birthday separately considering it was the day after christmas friends are raising money to bring savannah back to her hometown of georgia point they trying get her which point going to do her life celebrations in and we're going to keep her memory alive rowena shaddox fox 40 news. >>it's 7.51 coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the warriors have injuries that are piling up making some changes necessary we'll see
7:52 am
how steve kerr plans to roll with the punches.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
>>and if people right now the warriors back in action today against the dallas mavericks but few players on the dl center come on looney suffered a sprained ankle in their game against the celtics that they lost on tuesday and that's
7:55 am
when they lost him now for the next 2 weeks. plus they're missing rookie center james wiseman because he injured his wrist. so now steph curry who always has to be the man really has to step up. >>wise out now loan kind extremely thin at the center overcome those obstacles but. >>you know injuries obviously a part of every season. >>she's while in one position kind of his you know the player like that so we'll have to guide the warriors are on the road for their game against the mavericks and a tipoff is at 4.30. a memorabilia from san francisco's cliff house restaurant is going to be put up for auction. the auction is going to take place at the beginning of march, the restaurant. as you know has overlooked ocean beach for about a 157 years now before it had to be shut down. at the end of last year and some of the items up for auction include a 10 foot cowboy
7:56 am
statue that carved wood carousel horse and then a bar fixture to from the 1890 world's fair so some pretty impressive pieces will also be some smaller items to they've got postcards and vintage menus again that will be up for auction. we'll take a break 7.56 coming up in the next hour airport workers at sfo and across the state are going to be rallying trying to get themselves put higher on the vaccination priority list we'll have the latest on that in a live report. >>plus a vaccination clinic is opening up in san jose for the latin x community more on that as the line continues to grow this morning.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>>news stations, you're watching the car. and thanks for joining us here on thursday morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher on a very sunny and clear thursday morning to we're seeing some really nice shots all around the bay, it looks good. i wonder, but warming up at all john still pretty chilly we're in the 30's and 40's under those beautiful clear skies that we're in the midst of. >>so often times on these really nice mornings is when you really have the cold temperatures certainly playing out this morning bay bridge behind me looking beautiful as is the case for mercy church,
8:00 am
our view as well looking outside there from our see chart our nice clear skies and that's the way it's going to stay today unlike yesterday when cloud cover rolled in the middle of the day even saw a few sprinkles for the north bay today just the opposite we've got the clear skies through the afternoon. palo alto you're still at 39 dublin up 36 at least conquered you work your way back to the 40 degrees. well petaluma at 34 santa rosa, a cool 35 right now talking the rest of your forecast into the weekend to still to come reyna john thank you are keeping our eyes on the road and we've had several accidents this morning starting with this one westbound at san pablo avenue richmond. >>the alternate route that would be good to take his richmond parkway see that back up. it's been significant for over an hour. another acts they were seen pop up is due out in mountain view northbound one o one at rain and strong avenue, a good alternate for that is we're seeing other traffic collisions but those are the worse and i'm seeing right now across the map again if you're commuting into the city from the east bay to the fremont


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