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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>>now at 5 shots opening up the doors for thousands more residents to protect themselves against the coronavirus today santa clara county announced it will provide vaccines to all residents, 65 and older regardless of their health care provider. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis during a news conference this afternoon county leaders say that they are ready to vaccinate a much broader segment of the
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population so long as the vaccine supplies allow that's a whole other issue kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose rob, this is starting to move at a better pace, it seems. well it is hopefully but we're told that up until now. >>many of those santa clara county residents most in need of the vaccination of other been knocking on the wrong doors or in some cases, i've had those doors closed because of confusion eligibility and a lack of vaccine will today as you said the county says that going forward there are no wrong doors and that the vaccine will be targeted to the most vulnerable communities like east, san jose, the zip code where i'm standing in right now what's more. all residents over 65 will also be eligible, here's more. so i am here on the east side. i'm here in the san jose at the outside the mexican heritage plaza were hundreds
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of people are lined up outside here to get their going forward though anyone over age 65 is going to be able to get the vaccine as long as more vaccine becomes this regardless of what your health care providers according to the county. so now if you are a stanford member or shoot me a stanford health care member or kaiser member. >>you can go to any of the facilities like the one here in the san jose and sign up and ultimately get vaccinated right now though there is some concern that that that adding the vaccine to people over 65 is going to elbow those 75 and over of the way so that's kind of where we stand right now grant and vicki around we saw the pictures of really long lines this morning people older folks is there a plan to. >>perhaps not have seniors need to wait in line that long. >>that question came up grant
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with regard to the fact officials were asked if know that they're going to let people over 65 into the queue is that going to people 75 and over out of the way right now just a 37% of people over 65 over 75 rather have been vaccinated so they're going to renew the outreach efforts there because many of those people over 75 our home bone. so there are probably going to be a program to outreach to some of those people and get them vaccinated where they are and those over 65 now just 27% of those have been vaccinated so again all of this is going to depend the limited vaccine supply the county says it has some assurances from both the state and the federal government that more vaccine is on the wane as they do they'll as it arrives will add still sites to the to the program here including several over here in east san jose in the zip codes that have hardest hit. and there are also plans to open up a new mass vaccination site in gilroy so a lot of moving
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parts right now. >>rob fladeboe live for us tonight in san jose appreciate that rob a lot of moving parts case that they need to do is they ramp up the vaccination meanwhile expanding vaccine access to people 65 and older andre is something that is not only happening in santa clara county that's right 2 major providers are now also letting those 65 and older schedule appointments. our conference dan kerman is live for us said ucsf with more on that >>that's right ucsf and son are both allowing those 65 and older to schedule but don't get the feeling that this is because they have just discovered a whole slew of extra vaccine. supply that is not the reason but they are still expanding those 65 plus can make an appointment.
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>>sutter health expanding the group it's giving covid-19 vaccinations to instead of just those 75 and up right now center patients, 65 and up can schedule an appointment through sutter health's website or by phone. and it's not just senator that's expanding the rollout still 75 year-old patients coming in, but now we also are mixing in. >>patients who are 65 doctor josh adler is overseeing the vaccine rollout ucsf health. he says the decision to expand vaccine access at ucsf. >>to those 65 and over is not due to an increase in vaccine supply. >>we still don't have an effect in the and instead he says the decision to expand access is so ucsf will fall in line with ball state and federal recommendations and alleviate confusion among patients. we're trying as best we can >>be clear with our. patients to say that we're you're now eligible for vaccine, but please be aware of our supply
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of vaccine remains very limited so the access to an appointment. always be there. >>let me give you just some idea of how limited that supply is ucsf is about a 5 to 6,000 doses that's what they're getting each week. those 65 and up including those 75 enough amounts to about 200,000 patients again 200,000 patients. they're getting about 5 to 6,000 vaccine doses a week. live at ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news all right dan well this should help johnson and johnson's single-dose covid-19 vaccine. it. >>could be the next to get approval for use here in the u.s. now the company filing for emergency use authorization from the fda. johnson and johnson says that their vaccine is 72% effective. and it will be easier to distribute because it can be stored at just plain old refrigerator temperatures. the pfizer and moderna
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vaccines of course those have to be kept. frozen so if the johnson johnson vaccine is approved it could be ready for distribution as early as the end of the month. >>in the east bay, antioch is among the bay area communities hardest hit by this pandemic in recent weeks cuts costa county has opened a vaccination site in antioch and now has called for all reports a new testing option is also available. >>stephanie mcneal gets tested on a weekly basis though usually at her job senior citizen facilities, but on monday. she says she may have been exposed to someone possibly infected with covid-19 and she needs to know if she has the virus to just homes. >>assistant coffee. i was like heavy breathing mcneil look for the nearest testing site and learned contra costa health services announced free testing is now available near
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her home outside the antioch community center. >>she just had to make an appointment through health services says a blessing. >>we love that come here and just be tested immediately. fox often find out this is now one of 4 testing sites offered in the county run by the state in addition to the 10 testing sites operated by county health services. >>the public health department is targeting any aac because county wide it has the second highest number of positive covid-19 cases just shy of 8,000 richmond ranks first with nearly 9,000 positive cases i work in health care and so it's really important to make sure they work with kids. >>carried the disease and the outside of hospitals and clinics, the county says this is the only other testing option in the city now that the fairgrounds location is closed. >>just 2 weeks ago health services opened up a vaccination clinic at the mic rodriguez community center and theater in town. all a part of
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its plan to increase access to covid-19 services for east county neighborhoods heavily impacted by the pandemic the new testing site is open thursdays through mondays from 7 in the morning until 7 at night. >>in all kron 4 news. >>another big story we're following tonight with some they rolled out today state lawmakers are trying to bring big changes to california's employment development department changes are needed this comes as the agency has been slow to pay out unemployment claims while dealing with. >>massive amounts of fraught kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>has been failing. california the truth is that this department has in failing for years california lawmakers thursday unveiled a sweeping set of proposals to improve the embattled employment development department their goal is to get the state
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agency handling unemployment benefits to speed up claims and stop fraud. the proposals include cross checking claims with prison inmate records. >>a check or direct deposit option for claimants, an oversight board and customer advocate office along with expanded language access beyond just english and spanish lawmakers are also proposing to fund a 55 million dollar task force to investigate and prosecute the at least 11 billion dollars paid out in fraudulent claims assemblyman david chiu hoping the legislature and administration approved this as soon as possible that we've heard from. >>he's all over the state that they are completely under resource they can only go after the most egregious cases and all we know that any investment in area will more than recouped itself for months now the edd has been under a microscope as an easy target for fraudsters yet difficult to deal with for claimants like laurel car time now 6 weeks in. >>out any. payment any just >>governor gavin newsome released a response saying his
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administration made significant changes to improve the customer experience and stop fraud. but he acknowledged more work needs to be done. he says he looks forward to working with the legislature in evaluating these proposals. meanwhile, these bills are likely to be heard sometime this spring in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news tonight, the recall campaign targeted at governor newsome it continues to pick up steam 3 different recall groups have gathered. >>1.3 million signatures they have until march 17 to come up with another 200,000 signatures from 12% of the state population are needed in order to qualify for the they have also raised 2.5 million dollars through political left. contributions. experts say into be care successful that they're going to need up to 4 million dollars in the last 4 months governor newsom's approval rating has dropped 14 point standing now at 46 percent as frustrations mount over his handling of the pandemic. coming up congress
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sees getting closer to passing a covid relief bill we think where negotiations stand tonight. >>and san francisco opening another mass covid-19 vaccination site. how many shots are expected to be given at the moscone center each and every day. >>plus let him play or not so much a panel of health experts weigh-in today on whether or not it is safe to let kids return to competition. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow the sunshine is back and looks like it is here to stay. these temperatures are going to be amazing ahead we'll take a
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>>the state of play and conversations about kids health of that was the theme today for a panel of doctors from ucsf so many kids and parents are thinking about this talking about this is called for says he you reports now that doctors certainly did not shy away from addressing whether or not it is safe for student athletes to return to the field. >>to i think what are we seeing as as a group here is important to do in terms schools and sports only know safely. >>the answer to that question is what coaches parents and student athletes want to know and now this battle of the ucsf health care professionals with backgrounds in sports medicine are weighing in on it for starters, they say when it comes to covid-19 the important for families to
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consider is their level of risk. >>just because everyone is rushing there's a lot of about missing out on sports. i'm not going to get a scholarship etcetera at the end of the day the most important thing is keep you healthy getting covid is a big deal. it's not just simply about playing sports and it will always be sports. there different ways to stay active. but we don't know the long-term risk covid another factor. >>lack of equity determining the ability for some schools to make their campuses covid-19 ready. i don't think >>realistic to expect. that this testing is going to be happening. on a regular basis in all of our school systems and so we have to determine what is equitable and fair. what is the best path forward able to in in order to open up our schools and sports safely. >>although some advocates for getting student athletes back of the field say when it comes to transmission rates the science is on their side. this
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ucsf panel says not exactly i think set a difficult question to answer because that's out there younger children versus old in has been somewhat conflicted i think we have a lot of good things to look for it to you right in the opportunity to be active and healthy and get back to those things that we tremendously enjoyed. >>is coming very shortly. >>has it made you kron 4 >>tonight moderna and pfizer have both alerted the fda about an increase in people having symptoms after getting the second dose of their cdc study out this week also backs those claims it says more people are reporting an increase in fatigue chills fever after that second dose. doctors say the reactions are normal. it is just your body responding more strongly to the vaccine and building up immunity faster compared to the way it handles that first dose. in the east bay more
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evidence of a growing problem in oakland's chinatown new video out tonight shows a violent assault. we do want to warn you this video you might find it hard to watch and the release of the video comes just one day after city leaders held a news conference with oakland police about the uptick in crime in that neighborhood. this happened on sunday january 31st to yeah, it's bad you see a guy walking down the street and then. all the sudden. another man just pushes the poor guy to the ground. this is one of many attacks that as injured seniors in that pd tweeted this statement quote opd has reallocated resources and patrols to chinatown ahead of the lunar new year we've seen a recent surge in violent assaults and robberies with many going unreported we ask our community members to partner with us and please come forward when a crime occurs. to the south bay now san jose police have arrested a man they say threatened to shoot up the valley fair mall. >>this is the suspect 21 year
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old 100 title of seaside. the santa cruz sheriff's office told the san jose police about titles threats that were made on snapchat yesterday afternoon. most departments were then able to track his location to the mall. police work security defined him while keeping the shoppers safe. police say that they found title in the mall with a loaded gun luckily officers were able to arrest him before anybody got hurt. also in the south bay police looking for a driver who killed a bicyclist over the weekend in san jose. surveillance video shows the black chevy silverado driving in the wrong lane along south first street. the truck swerved. hits the bicyclist and then leaves the scene if you have any information you're being asked to call san jose police in the north bay police in napa are asking for people's help try to catch the driver of that red pickup truck. >>the driver suspected of hit and run yesterday afternoon. a 40 year-old woman was injured
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this happened at the intersection of lincoln and brown streets. no word on the extent of the woman's injuries siesta contact police if you have any info there. i whether time to cut 4 zone forecast and it was a beautiful day out there it was indeed car for his chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to tell us what we can look forward to in the days ahead dogs you like today york above the next few these temperatures just going to start warming up around the bay area is back to spring break again, of course we have some wintry weather few showers moving through the bay area yesterday but now high pressure taken over here we go the beautiful sights like this from mount tam looking back out over the bay what a gorgeous sight out there this evening skies, nice and clear little breezy over some of the mountain top scam to watch out for that especially in the north bay tonight, otherwise. >>about that in the san francisco clear skies looking good and we're certainly looking at dry conditions developing in fact a pretty good stretch. now of some dry weather here in february so high pressure building over head clear skies. no threat of any rain right now
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temperatures going get a little chilly in spots i think overnight tonight get some dry air moving in and well the numbers going to be the 50's and the 60's now, but overnight tonight dipping down into the 30's in some of the valleys and more than normally when kicking in that is going to that dry wind developing outside little blustery in parts of the northeast. the some of the mount be some of those gusts maybe near 40 miles per hour plus they're down below not as windy and i think as we head through the day kind of just a general sea breeze developing by the afternoon. so should be a nice day ahead tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. pretty nice temperatures wherever you go numbers out the door as we head through the evening, see mostly clear skies temperatures cooling off though as we head toward 8 o'clock with some of those numbers dropping down in the 40's so i want to grab a jacket if you're headed out the door but high pressure building in that is going to keep these temperatures warming up nicely in fact, mostly clear tomorrow mostly clear you see the effect of that normally when kicking in as we head into friday and saturday the weekend looking good too overnight lows going to be the 30's in the 40's chilly spots though maybe down about freezing in santa rosa and then as we head toward the
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afternoon tomorrow, how about these numbers, yeah, almost spring-like outside about 70 degrees of well 17 oakland, 70 in concord lot of 60's elsewhere around the bay area pretty nice temperatures for this time of year indeed let us know all the rest of the country yeah they're going to be looking back in california as a boy pretty good place to be next hour rain all right all right, thanks points. still ahead. another mass vaccination site opening up in san francisco will take a look at how the muskogee centers being transformed after the
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>>the city of san francisco is inching towards herd immunity ever so slowly but continues to ramp up coronavirus vaccine efforts despite a lack of vaccines. a new mass vaccination site at the moscone center is opening tomorrow to everybody, 65 and older in the city are conference charles clifford has details. >>well here in san francisco, the city is planning on opening up its second coronavirus mass vaccination location here at the moscone center will open up on friday. inside the mosque only center the large convention halls have been converted into medical facilities that will hopefully be able to vaccinate between 7 to 10,000 people per day this vaccination clinic is a joint effort between the city of san francisco kaiser permanente adventist health. the california medical association dignity health and health at the moment you need to be 65 years or older or a health care worker who
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qualifies under phase one a of the vaccination rollout plan in order to make an appointment to receive a vaccine here. although this new vaccination hub can do up to 10,000 vaccinations per day at the moment, they only have about 1500 vaccines, san francisco health officials say the goal here is to be prepared for when more vaccines arrive other vaccine remains in limited supply. we are building the partnerships and the infrastructure. >>so that when vaccine is readily available. we are ready to go now in order to receive a vaccine at this location you need to sign up through the state's website which is my turn dot ca dot gov you can also go to kron 4 dot com. >>we have links there as well. and finally this vaccination clinic unlike the other vaccination clinic in san francisco at city college this is not a drive-up location you need to be dropped off at the curb or park in the neighborhood and walk in in order to receive your vaccine. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>>coming up next for president trump is being invited to show up to testify at his impeachment trial next week. how his defense team is responding tonight plus the house has voted to remove representative marjorie taylor greene you see there from her committees how she tried to defend herself. today before that vote was taken and the senate voting on a budget resolution here supposed to do so tonight talking about biden's covid-19 relief proposal. why lawmakers will
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>>in national news tonight lawyers for former president trump are rejecting a request that he show up and testify at his impeachment trial next week that would be something house managers sent trump, the invitation today, dr. catherine heenan of inside bay area politics. >>is here with where things stand tonight. catherine can you imagine the spectacle that would be yeah but see that's part of what they're afraid of ground they don't want a spectacle. >>the trump team wasted no time in responding to this request saying the former president will not testify at what they call and unconstitutional proceedings so democrats and republicans said a mixed feelings on this. a letter came today from the head impeachment manager representative jamie raskin basically saying that since trump is denying the charge that he incited the attack on the capital he should come face everybody and testify


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