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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 4, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4
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news. >>realize that we were playing behind area surveillance and so there has been a concerted effort to get ahead of this. >>now at 10 1 of the more contagious variants of the coronavirus has made his way to the bay area. u c berkeley confirms 2 students there have tested positive for the strain of covid first detected in the uk. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10. >>i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne health officials confirming a total of 6 cases of the uk variant in alameda county. they now say this is all the more reason to take the virus very seriously to prevent further spread kron four's gayle ong live for us in berkeley tonight with more on this warning gayle. >>and ken and pam the uk variant was found days after a covid surge at u c berkeley
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but researchers say at this time there is no evidence that the variance are connected to the search. >>the faster spreading variants of covid-19 known as the uk variant has shown up in to u c berkeley students. researchers say the infected students tested positive for covid in january contact tracing revealed both recently arrived in the united states from abroad and we're connected in a statement the university health services medical director says it is unfortunately no surprise that this and other variants are being detected locally even the extent of viral spread happening currently regionally nationally and internationally the more efficiently we can contain the spread. the better chance we have of nipping this in the bud the new variant known as b 1, 1, 7 was discovered in the united kingdom less than 2 months ago. alameda county confirmed 6 cases of the new strain, including the u c berkeley students. meanwhile, scientists say the u.s. is behind on detecting dangerous coronavirus mutations and is only now beginning to really look for them, blaming an
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absence of national leadership and lack of funding and supplies to hunt for mutations. the stanford lab is on the front lines of american efforts to attract new strains testing samples every day from the bay area very important for us to know was there that is out there. >>in all some of the have been linked to increase in in transmission of the virus. >>the british variant is more contagious and may carry a higher risk of death than the original strain, the fear is new variants could make existing vaccine less effective a number of these mutations that may their ability to be. >>neutralized by the antibodies generated from vaccinations so they could impact the performance of the vaccines mega u c berkeley 44 students tested positive for covid last week. >>since august the university has seen more than 500 confirmed cases likely connected to parties off campus researchers are keeping a close eye on these new mutations and say there is no
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indication that the 2 students infected with the uk variant. >>had been on the berkeley campus except for testing. >>and public health officials are using this as a reminder that new variants and covid are still out there in the community and to remain vigilant. things we have heard we've already heard before which is wash your hands and a social distance live in berkeley gayle, ong kron 4 news gayle. thank you. >>well while these are the first reported cases of the uk variant here in the bay area it really has already spread across california state health officials say they've detected at least 150 cases of this new uk variant another big story tonight johnson johnson is asking the fda for emergency use authorization of its single dose covid vaccine. the company says its vaccine is 72% effective. if it's approved it could be ready for distribution by the end of the month which would be a huge boost for the vaccine supply
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chain. >>anything will help right now moving into for supply constrained period where demand is outstripping the generally. >>johnson johnson vaccine will be much easier to distribute because it can be stored at refrigerator temperatures whereas the pfizer and moderna vaccines must be kept frozen. >>as of tonight, the cdc says more than 35 million doses of the covid vaccine have been administered while more than 57 and a half million doses have been distributed and just under 7 million people have gotten both doses here in california state health officials say nearly 200,000 shots have been given out in the past 24 hours increasing the total number of vaccinations in california to nearly 4 million. so far the state has received nearly 6 and a half million doses. although the vaccine rollout here in the bay area has been challenged by the lack of supply many local health departments tell us changes
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coming this is an inside look up at them or and civic center - and sandra fell. a county spokesperson, there says the county will be receiving 5,000 doses next week much more than the 1000 received last week other bay area counties will also soon be getting more doses of vaccine. the alameda county health department is expecting nearly 30,000 doses santa clara county, 25,000 doses as san francisco about 13,000 doses all of which are greater amounts than they received last week. tomorrow san francisco is opening its second mass vaccination clinic at mosconi center. >>the large convention halls have been converted into medical facilities, the plan is to vaccinate up to 10,000 people a day assuming they get more doses. right now the site only has enough to vaccinate about 1500 a day. you must be at least 65 years or older, a medical professional who qualifies under phase, one also can get a shot in the
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east bay, a drive-thru vaccination site will also launch tomorrow at the golden gate fields parking lot this one for alameda county residents, 75 and older it's by appointment only and the right now the site is completely books. there are more than 1200 spots available but they all filled up in less than 24 hours. >>long lines wrapped around this covid-19 vaccine clinic in east san jose today this one is located at mexican heritage plaza where health officials have prioritize vaccinating those communities hit hardest by the virus and there was a big announcement today which will make it easier for thousands of people to get the shot, anybody living in santa clara county age, 65 and older is now eligible to receive the vaccine regardless of their health care provider or their insurance. county health officials are calling it the no wrong door policy. >>there's no wrong door policy means that. 1 million of the 2 million residents of this
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county. previously were unable to access the vaccine through our county. are now eligible to do that. >>officials say the state's complex vaccine, distribution and allocation system combined with a vaccine supply shortages has led to this and even vaccine rollout a similar story in san francisco where sutter health and ucsf health or expanding vaccine access to those 65 and older the 2 major providers were previously vaccinating those 75 and up. officials now say this decision falls in line with the state and the cdc recommendations as should help alleviate confusion as to who is eligible for the shot even if they're still not enough supply to meet the dip and right now. as more sites and vaccines become available you want to know when you can get your dose we have several links on our web site to all of the bay area counties vaccination clinics. >>just head to kron 4 dot com and look for the link on the
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coronavirus section of our website. >>let's check in on our weather forecast with a live look outside looking out over san francisco is always one of our favorite beautiful pictures of the city and beyond special is so clear out their crystal clear karnal standing by with more on the forecast yeah all that dry air kind of settling in now so yeah you're going to see clear skies cold temperatures around the bay area tonight the pope and pi day tomorrow, what a day we're going to have beautiful out there right now as we look from our mount him cam in the bay area looking nice and bright lit up there with those gorgeous lights outside looks like we're getting ready for some beautiful weather ahead high pressure overhead now you can see no rain drops and site that's the way it's going to stay not only tomorrow but for the next few days now. only thing overnight the lows getting pretty chilly in spots. we're already getting cold 43 in dublin, 43 right now in half moon bay, 50 degrees in oakland 47 dropped to 39 double santa rosa also nevada on 43 in petaluma certainly chilly tonight but
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boy we're gonna have some beautiful weather by day. we're seeing those winds kicking up and you see that kind of strength and right to the midnight hour or so and then begin to subside most those winds over the mountain tops of the north a tomorrow kind of a normal sea breeze by the afternoon but not before those normally winds kind of clearer skies nicely and bring a nice warm temperatures high pressure kind nestle its way in here the next couple of days and that sets up we'll start to see those normally winds kick in and that offshore flow that tends to warm us up nicely alright, those 30's and 40's around much of the bay area in fact all the way down the freezing mark in santa rosa tonight by day about these temperatures are going to be spectacular 70 degrees in 67 degrees in hayward 70 in oakland about 68 mill valley and 67. in the napa valley next couple days, lot of sunshine coming our way a little bit warmer on saturday cooling down slightly on sunday. lars thank you very much to the east bay an hour just one day after saying they could not increase patrols in oakland's chinatown because of
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budget cuts tonight, the city of oakland is changing course, oakland police announced today that it is reallocating resources so more officers can try putting an end to the recent spike in the attacks and robberies kron four's dan thorn talked with local businesses within that community and has the story from oakland. >>oakland city leaders have denounced this recent uptick in violence with local business owners say more action needs to be taken the lunar new year a time to celebrate chinese culture is just about a week away and this cloud of crime is hovering over chinatown. an elderly man being shot to the ground is just the latest attack caught on video in oakland's chinatown the neighborhood on edge following a series of violent crimes. >>i have seen many but i have never seen case like this before getting very getting very violent karl chan is president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce he says the community has been
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reeling for the past several crimes like this where a thief is seen stealing money out of the hands of customers at a small market and hear when security video captures a man snatching cash from people at a bakery. >>and also here when a husband and wife were almost mowed down by of all though while trying to stop 3 women from taking off with stolen plants, i feel like they've can you chinatown business owner kenneth lam believes residents may not be reporting the crimes out of fear of retaliation. >>it's been a tough year for the neighborhood because of the pandemic and now there's this new concern about safety this year has been you know one hit the other on the concern of jimmy challah is worried the crime will scare outside customers from coming into china town with the lunar new year just around the corner, the onslaught is even more alarming and do about it now put it back and put his scam police have made arrests in some of these cases, but
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they're still looking for this man wanted for attacking 3 people including this 91 year-old who was walking near harrison and 8th streets it is going to something. oakland police are asking any victims of these robberies or assaults to come forward with information and also for people that have security cameras to hook up with the police department system to help them solve these crimes. >>reporting in oakland. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room police say they've arrested the driver who was involved in a fatal crash involving 8 vehicles in san francisco this morning. the crash happened at laker said boulevard guerra avenue this is right by harding park and parker said in the city according to police jury lyons was driving a 2003 ford explorer that had been reported stolen in san jose. a 26 year-old pedestrian was hit and killed at the scene 3 other people were hospitalized. but they are expected to be okay. lyons was
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taken to the hospital and then booked on charges including the manslaughter. we're also told the highway patrol arrested lines last december for driving a stolen car. >>still ahead tonight, a rare punishment for spreading conspiracy theories the action taken against the controversial congresswoman from georgia plus after billions of dollars were lost to fraudulent claims what lawmakers say they plan to do to reform california's embattled on employment agency and elon musk coming clean tonight on some of the biggest issues facing tesla why he says is
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>>and this vote. the yeas are 230 in the nays are 199. the resolution is adopted. without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >>and with that the house of representatives and acted a seldom used power to remove georgia congressman marjorie taylor greene from her seat on both the education and labor and the budget committees that means that she will have little to no impact a legislation in her district or anywhere else. the vote was almost right down party lines, but 11 republicans did join democrats to reject green from those committees. it's a rare punishment for the chamber reflecting lawmakers outrage
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at the. >>hateful and violent conspiracy theories she's helped spread greene pleaded her case shortly before today's vote she did not apologize, but she did claim that the comments that she made before she took office do not reflect our current views. i never said any of these things since i have been elected for congress. these were words of the past and these things do not represent me. >>they do not represent my district and they do not represent my values. >>green did not renounce her repeated claims that president biden stole the election and she blame when she called big media companies for using her 2018 2019 words against her. >>tonight house speaker nancy pelosi is slamming the gop for continuing to support congresswoman green after more than 95% of house republicans voted not to punish or for spreading conspiracy theories on 9.11 school shootings and
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anti semitism. in a statement pelosi refers to the gop has a gq p referencing the conspiracy group q and on she calls today's vote quote the latest step by house republicans on a slippery slope towards conspiracy and intolerance she also points to the almost 60% of republicans who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election on january 6th, even after the deadly insurrection at the capitol today donald trump's legal team rejected a request by house democrats to have the former president testify at his impeachment trial. the request was sent this morning arguing that trump's testimony is needed since he challenged the claim that he incited the january 6th attack on the capital trump's team sent a terse response accusing democrats of playing games and claiming their request to have the president testify is a sign lawmakers cannot prove the allegations. >>today, california lawmakers unveiled a sweeping set of
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proposals to try and improve the embattled employment development department. this comes as the agency has been slow to pay out unemployment benefits while husband also incredibly vulnerable to fraud. the proposals include cross checking claims with prison inmate records a check or direct deposit option for those who file a claim an oversight board and customer advocate office and more language options beyond just english and spanish. lawmakers are also calling for a task force to investigate the billions of dollars paid out in fraudulent claims about that we've heard from. >>he's all over the state that they are completely under resource they can only go after the most egregious cases we know that any investment this area will more than recoup itself. >>in a statement governor newsome says he is looking forward to working with the state legislature and evaluating these new proposals another hearing on these bills is set for next spring. elon
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musk is coming clean about failures with tesla's production process, particularly the model 3. in an interview with manufacturing experts sandy munro the billionaire told his customers not to buy from tesla when they are ramping up production because they don't always get it right musk admitted to bad paint job santa frankenstein type welding process involving different materials that do not always fit together. he said they are still searching for a way to remodel the factory without hurting sales. >>there's a lot more diversity i would say we have a long way to go but the industry is really opening up. >>we continue to honor black history month by shining the spotlight on was believed to be the largest black owned winery in america.
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>>this was kron 4 is honoring black history and tonight we're taking a closer look the top of the wine making world is a pretty elite club but several african americans are making the wine world their own many of them are here in the bay area. but there's also a new yorker who has establish perhaps the largest black on black brand. >>of wine in america, ken boddie has the story of andre mack. >>all these winds that are in this room when you look around the all tell someone story. a
10:25 pm
place. for me it's always a legacy. on dream act is living his legacy creating winds for the masses and leading the way for african americans in the wine industry. >>it's not just an upper cross thing for you is it. >>no not at all i think everybody should enjoy wine red, it's not. it's it's not deserved for just be that you know, i grew up on you know skateboarding punk rock and being able to to put all those things and he's done together. makes it very enjoyable for me. >>and re max new york state of wine extends all the way across the country based on the war winds are actually produced here in oregon's willamette valley. one of america's premier wine-making regions will talk on the war or black sheep wines started in 2007. now naked him a song war they are shipped in nearly
10:26 pm
every state and throughout the world, especially popular in sweden in southeast asia. near his home in brooklyn, owns a wine shop a ham and bar and a bakery where do you want to take this in the future plans beyond what you're doing right now, and this in the space of like i want to build things and create stuff. >>with a bottle of wine always nearby ken boddie portland oregon. >>and more stories just like this one head to our special black history month section on our website kron 4 dot com and let's get a final check of the weather i am looking like a great friday ahead clear skies out there right now. >>yes certainly going to be cold out there tonight by day what a day we've got coming your way up in the much of san francisco tomorrow 62. >>in daly city little cool on the it's going to be sunny and bright there all day long inside the bay, those temperatures warming up mid 60's in the millbrae and burlingame about 68 is san carlos in the south bay. getting near 70 degrees in campbell in morgan hill about
10:27 pm
68 in santa clara than the east bay certainly could see some 70's begin to pop up in a little more about 68 in fremont 67 in hayward than a whole lot of 70's start to make their appearance in oakland berkeley richman concord and walnut creek. you name it they're going to warm up very nicely by tomorrow afternoon. that's what it's going to be for the next couple of days high pressure takes over looks like we're going to see that ridge hang around through the weekend that as we head toward the middle of next week, maybe we start talking about some rain okay. >>we have a special coming in just a couple minutes about the big game this weekend stick around for that.
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>> hello and welcome to the "big game tailgate." we're your hosts. i'm deanne king. >> and i'm avery cotton. we're from wfla in tampa bay, florida. we are proud to say that we're from tampa, which is the host city for the big game. >> for the next half hour we're giving you an insiders look at tampa for the 55th matchup of the big game. >> it's going to be a good time. tampa bay really is a perfect area. we're the heart of florida's gulf coast, which has breathtaking views of the waterfront, amazing attractions, and legendary food. isn't that right?


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