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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. >>trying to get some tea fortune. >>guess i expect that everything except number already. >>now at 8 a stunning brazen theft right in the middle of traffic thieves make an unsuspecting move on a photographer stealing thousands of dollars in equipment before they make a really quick getaway leaving the victims just stunned about what happened thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight, i'm justine video definitely while i'm jonathan mccall imagine you're about to get on the highway you're sitting in your car and the next thing you know someone gets out of another car. >>gets into the back of your smashes the window. it happened to one driver here in san francisco, the entire thing caught on camera. thanks to another driver's dashboard camera. >>kron four's gayle ong spoke with the victim try to move
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out wait so that people can see what's going on here but kron four's gayle ong spoke to the victim and has all the while details. >>i spoke to the ap photographer devastated 2 years of hard work to save up for all of his equipment stolen from him in a matter of seconds it was all caught on camera it was the most expensive he gone in an instant on friday afternoon photographer ben barragan bunny says he was heading on to i 80 in san francisco's soma neighborhood when he was jolted by the sounds of breaking glass, the dash cam of the driver behind him capturing it all i see the spike on the court just cut off, you know a lot of traffic. >>which is pretty normal for the bay area. but then i see this guy got his car. and they realize like okay something's about to happen the man seen here in a hooded sweatshirt smashing through the back of ben's prius and making off with $7,000 worth of camera equipment. >>including a pricey drone is similar to this one every
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literally everything to bed because to professional photographers, your gear is your livelihood ben and his wife moved to the bay area from iran in 2014 to pursue his version of the american dream. slowly building his business over the last 6 years and despite the ongoing pandemic still able to make ends meet in fact he had just wrapped up his latest project on delores street in san francisco when the thieves struck i was paying to 52 found off the coast. >>i just as started calling us from there the frightening experience forcing them to rethink how he stores his equipment in the future. >>and i'm hopeful that by sharing his story others will do the same shoe the saints. >>i wanted people they're they're so starved. and just be hopefully you know we can find this guy. >>you know. justice can be served.
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>>and that's where police say the public can help if you recognize that suspect in that video you are urged to call as apd for now police say the investigation is ongoing in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news you know, thank you tonight, san francisco police are also looking for a man who they say robbed a bank thursday afternoon and claimed to have a bomb. >>it happened just before 4 o'clock on golden gate avenue in polk street just 2 blocks away from city hall police say the man walked into the bank handed the teller a note demanding the cash and said that he was carrying a bomb. the teller complied with his demands head to the suspect an unknown amount of cash before fleeing on a red bicycle he's described as a man in his 20's anyone with information now urged to call san francisco police. also a big story that we're following tonight out of the east bay oakland police say that a person of interest is now in custody in connection to a recent violence string of attacks on elderly members of oakland's chinatown neighborhood. police
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say the person is wanted in the attacks on 3 people on january 31st. so far the name of that person in custody has not yet been released. but investigators say he's in custody since february first for an unrelated criminal case. detectives though now crediting the release of surveillance video with helping them identify that person. investigators say the case will soon be turned over to the alameda county district attorney's office for charges. police though are still urging anyone who may have been a victim to give them a call. >>oakland's east lake neighborhood is devastated tonight by the loss of the vietnamese american community center the building. you see it right there behind me was just gutted by a fire that started shortly after 1 o'clock this morning officials say they believe it was started at a nearby homeless encampment, but the official cause is still under investigation. thankfully, no one was injured. but the center did serve thousands of meals every week to people in need city officials are calling it a huge loss for the community. oakland city
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council member carol fife responded to the incident on twitter saying she and her colleagues are quote working together to address this loss or service to the community will not only continue. but it will get stronger. we'll turn now to our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic because today does mark a solemn turning point. >>here in the bay area was actually on this day one year ago when san jose's patricia doubt became the first person in america to die from covid-19 san jose mayor sam liccardo honoring down today in a statement saying quote since her passing we have lost more than 1500 friends neighbors and loved ones in santa clara county. and 460,000 americans as we continue to mourn our neighbors, friends and loved ones taken from us too soon. we come together through our common suffering to some an uncommon strength. in california tonight more than 3.3 million people have become infected with the virus and close to 44,000 people have died. state health officials confirmed that 12,000 new
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cases in the past 24 hours. over the past week the number of new confirmed cases per day is down by more than 30%. >>the distribution of the covid vaccine here in the bay area the mass vaccination site at golden gate fields racetrack on the albany berkeley border, administered 850 more doses today it is now vaccinated more than 1700 alameda county residents aged 75 and over. they're expecting to continue giving out doses through monday but appointments are already filled but more could open up the more doses arrive. officials say the best thing to do is keep checking back for an appointment which you can dubai finding a link on our website kron 4 dot com. >>here's the very latest numbers on vaccine distribution from california health leaders. more than 4.4 million doses have been administered across the golden state. well more than 7 million doses have been delivered. the state's vaccine. dashboard does include just how many people have received their second dose of the vaccine.
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>>health experts are working and continuing to discourage gatherings on super bowl sunday. the cdc has been pushing for people to go virtual this year. this is all to stop the covid pandemic from getting even worse kron four's dan thorn live for us tonight in the city with more on the warnings that these health experts. >>now urging everyone to follow but also just stay safe while enjoying the big game. dan. that's right jonathan in justine. >>throughout the coronavirus pandemic one of the big drivers behind infections has been people coming especially in small groups and indoors and bay area health officials are saying despite the health orders being lifted in terms of the shelter-in-place order and us going into the color-coded system for reopening it is just not the time to be letting loose. >>will super bowl parties create a super spreader sunday health experts are warning against behavior that could trigger a surge of covid-19
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infections. that's not threaten those games with the chief but by getting together game 4 in county health officer doctor matt willis says it's important for people to understand the virus is still a very real and serious issue if people decide to go about partying as if it's not progress will fizzle one of the concerns about transmission is that there's so much eating and drinking normally associate with super bowl parties people can't cover their faces when they're doing those things so the risk transmission is even higher the bay area has recently emerged from the worst wave yet with covid-19 health leaders are hoping mistakes from the past such as gatherings do not come back to haunt us one major worry is the rise of a new strain we're running a race but we're running against a foe that's running faster than the one we've been dealing with for the past 10 months doctor bob wachter professor and chairman of the department of medicine at ucsf notes there's been a fall in new cases, but the numbers are still very high. he fears super bowl parties would come at a horrible time as vaccinations begin to speed
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up unfortunately, i know people are fatigued this man trying get on with their lives. but the virus doesn't care the virus is ready to pounce when we get an opportunity. >>well we know of course millions of people are going to be watching the super bowl. but the cdc recommends that if you're going to be watching the game you do it safely at home with the people you live with to avoid any sort of risks of spreading the virus or getting the virus. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you officials in tampa florida worried that tomorrow's big game could end up becoming a super spreader event. >>we already saw a large groups of folks take to the streets after the bucks win in the nfc championship game 2 weeks ago. and as you can see many of them not wearing any mask. the spontaneous celebration was anything but socially distance. tampa mayor jane castor says it is up to everyone to be responsible. >>it always boils down to personal individuals just wear
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a mask, then it doesn't matter the numbers we bring in it's not going to translate to the super spreader. >>there are heightened security and covid-19 restrictions all weekend long that includes requiring mask ed any super bowl events in venues. those who do not follow the rules will have those events shut down. a switch gears to talk weather this saturday 9 a picture perfect day across the bay, it was quite warm up there. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with a look ahead and. >>i have to get out there today, very warm in fact 5 to 10 degrees above average. but jonathan i do have an important question. >>did you wear shorts today. >>i did not wow if missed out on all right the promise you know have a 60's and 70's today, when we should be in the upper 50's for this time of year so very warm out there, not looking and feeling like winter at all in fact live look outside half moon bay noticing a bit of a warm-up their overall clear skies and about 7 degrees warmer for those of you in
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half moon bay compared to 24 hours ago a few degrees of warming for most bay area cities just because of today's warmer air mass from this afternoon. >>in the mid 50's right now for downtown san francisco in half moon bay. even with that 7 degree warm-up in the upper 40's at 40 degrees. so you are a little bit cooler there along the coast as his palo alto getting a little bit of a sea breeze influence but right now he were 53 degrees with mid-fifties for those of you in oakland concord 53 degrees with widespread mid to upper 40's for those of you in the north bay napa 45 degrees in santa rosa 48 degrees for your evening temperatures here this 9 o'clock hour futurecast for will show an increase in cloud cover during the overnight hours the very thin high clouds giving way to plenty of sunshine for your sunday morning and afternoon, but we are tracking some changes in the days to come cooler cloudier weather with some rain chances. this upcoming workweek lasting into the weekend more in my full forecast in just a few minutes
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jonathon just seen back to you make sure to break out the shorts tomorrow, thank you said still one since the insurrection at the capitol reaction from lawmakers ahead of president trump's second impeachment trial just days away. >>parents packed the streets and burke way calling for their kids to return to the classroom, but teachers say needs to happen before that as possible.
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>>following a developing story tonight after the supreme court ruled that california can not enforce its ban on indoor gatherings during the pandemic specifically referring to churches and religious services. well tonight, we're hearing from santa clara county and health officials there saying that those gatherings are still banned the county citing the high level of covid transmissionein their community. >>putting out the statement saying quote indoor gatherings of all types remain prohibited in santa clara county. santa clara county's local health orders are structured in a fundamentally different way the state's rules that were the subject of last night's u.s. supreme court decision. the county has consistently taken a neutral across the board risk based approach to curbing covid-19 that compounds with the requirements. of last night's supreme court decision therefore all indoor gatherings remain prohibited at this time due to their risk. >>the court ruled last night that indoor services will be allowed at some places of worship but it kept other
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coronavirus restrictions in place including keeping capacity at 25%. the justices also refused to allow singing and chanting and just to add that the california health department also updated restrictions and rules and guidelines for places of worship and cultural ceremonies. saying it was in response to the recent judicial rulings and said that counties that are in the purple and red tiers can have indoor with restrictions but it is limited to 25% capacity. once a county gets into the orange tier or yellow tier can be limited to 50% capacity source still getting all the details sorted out here sticking with us here on kron 4. let's go now to the east bay where families rallied in berkeley urging the berkeley unified school district to reopen schools for in person, learning students, parents and doctors say the distance
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learning has been a failure. >>they tell kron four's phillipe djegal that they believe that schools can welcome the kiddo's back to class safely. >>i'm not claiming he runs build their kids are falling behind their peers across the to county in the have already returned to classrooms in some form of in person instruction adding that pro long distance learning has been costly we see increasing rates of depression anxiety social isolation children falling further and further behind academically and socially on saturday families rally that martin luther king junior civic center park thankful the berkeley unified school district finds a way to at least bring entry school children back on councilmember rashi kesarwani says it can be done all public schools in alameda county. >>including the city of berkeley as of yesterday friday february cobb permission to reopen because we are below 25 cases per 100,000 for 5 days are
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challenges that our school district in our union partners have to have a negotiated agreement for how are teachers can come back safely so we have to figure out the how with urgency in a statement to kron 4 berkeley unified says quote the district continues to work to reopen schools for in person learning while acknowledging the frustration and concerns. >>of many in our community we are listening to the family sharing their experiences today as these experiences inform our ongoing work to safely reopen our schools i'm like this to my whole 9th grade year just like in my room, the whole time as a person, a walking around and seeing people at least one teacher says she does not feel safe. sharing a classroom with young people right now i can reach into 90's nobody has your with me that convinces me does it for me to go back into that with a whole bunch universal use of masks hand hygiene ventilation and
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physical distancing when children are still in there fighting other and those simple precautions are used. >>and there is minimal minimal spread and transmission of covid in hospital in in school councilmember kesarwani says at least 9 private schools in berkeley are open with in-person instructions and with no documented cases of covid-19 on those campuses virtually fleet of all 4 news scientists and the negotiations have resumed between the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union over returning to in-person learning that announcement comes just days after city leaders announced that they are suing the district for forcing them to reopen schools. >>the union insists that they are focused on the safety of students and teachers but in order for that to happen they say they need things like reliable testing contact tracing the small student groups updated ventilation systems more ppe and above all
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else vaccines for teachers and staff. >>and we also of course, we'll need for the district to have access to testing and vaccines. so when those things are in place we will be ready to get into our classrooms and our schools. >>now teachers say they will return without vaccines if the county gets into the orange tier of reopening, teachers are on the state's phase. one b group to get a vaccine that means their next in line for a vaccination but this all depends on the supply all right, let's switch gears to talk weather this saturday night a live look at downtown san francisco. >>courtesy of the center tower camera always love the shot at night. >>it's a pretty one the city's all lit up like that we know people are enjoying an evening out outdoor dining back in a beautiful night to get out there supports local businesses. stand your pod with your mask, yeah, not a bad thing at all. >>reese's here with a look at
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how warm things will get especially if you're headed out the door tomorrow for brunch plans got brunch plans to get ready for sunday. >>ready for its going to be great brunch lunch dinner plans. i mean we can't complain with our bay area forecast this weekend. absolutely beautiful out there even this evening. we're tracking a radiant night out there in the bay area. they say today's warm-up tracking slightly warmer temperatures as you head out the door about one to 7 degrees of warming out there right now compare around this time last night live look outside from san jose in the south bay and we are tracking a few thought high thin clouds overhead but overall very dry outlook continuing for this request of your weekend and even into early this upcoming week as well when tracker for starting to see the return of that cool sea breeze though, right along the bay area coastline and it is going to be out in full force mainly throughout the san francisco peninsula coastline even extending into
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the east bay shoreline where we're going to notice about 5 degrees of cooling. very little change for inland valleys, but temperatures out there right now still pretty mild in fact, oakland 54 degrees downtown san francisco and hayward right now at 53 degrees right now the warmest city san jose 55 degrees as you step outside, but starting to cool down into the low to mid and even upper 40's for those of you in the north bay with novato currently at 41 degrees and we're going to stay in the 40's for most bay area cities conquer though cooling down to 39 degrees but a few degrees warmer than last night, even santa rosa added that subfreezing territory but 35 degrees for your overnight lows and here's a look at our cool down. they say the return of mother nature's air conditioning system cooling downtown san francisco from the upper 60's today back into the low 60 so just about 2 degrees above average cooling down to 61 degrees with mid 60's for oakland and hayward so you're going to notice the cool down mainly along our
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coastal areas and east bay shoreline but for those of you in land very little change maybe upwards of 3 degrees of cooling. but still above average temperatures nearly 10 degrees above normal for san jose 69 degrees in santa rosa cooling down to 60 degrees. but we're all going to notice that cool down on monday through tuesday, thanks to that increase in cloud cover. scattered showers thursday night through friday and even some more measurable rain making its way into the bay area on saturday. so the storm door i wouldn't say it's wide open but there's a crack the window came up a little bit a little bit rain or yeah, the screen door like coming a little bit of something so we're heading in the right direction screen door. i like >>they been all could see it's paying off all right. thank still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 a violent street attack caught on camera as a family was attacked while they were simply out shopping. >>the latest on the folks
9:25 pm
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>>another concerning development tonight surrounding california's embattled employment development or delay circling for people who are waiting for unemployment benefits during the pandemic this is according to a fresno assemblyman jim patterson who is a vocal critic of the edd he says he and other lawmakers were told by edd leadership that money from the federal extension of the pandemic on this unemployment assistance programs will not be sent out until at least early march that's more than 2 months after the agency received that money. >>now these are people unemployment claims that ran out on december 26. the federal funds ran out. new funds where al-qaida by the federal government. the very next that. >>the edd has posted a new message on its website saying that funds from the extension of those federal benefit programs are coming and the
9:29 pm
california should be able to apply by march 7th. >>still much more to come to hear tonight on kron 4 news at 9. one month since that deadly attack on the u.s. capitol tonight, lawmakers sharing their stories of what happened as they get ready for the second impeachment of former president donald trump. plus the highly-rated show that was abruptly canceled details on the fox news's decision to take the signature show lou dobbs tonight off the air then the genie says it plans to spend billions of dollars to limit its wildfire risk. a look at the changes they're now preparing to make those stories and more still to come tonight. you're on kron 4 news at 9.
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>>today when those these images sent shock waves across the globe. as congress voting to certify joe biden's win in november's election. that's when supporters of former president donald trump stormed the u.s. capitol building ensuing violence forcing lawmakers to temporarily shelter in place leading to the deaths of as many as 5 people those events still very much in the minds of the folks in congress as well as the capitol police as they continue to investigate what happened and as the senate prepares for monday's impeachment trial of donald trump who is charged in the house with inciting this attack. >>our washington correspondent kelli meyer has a closer look now at the scene in washington. one month later. razor wire top fencing surrounds the capitol complex now 31 days after the attack. >>the acting capitol police
9:33 pm
chief says security is still high and. >>the u.s. capitol calm saturday, a striking difference to the scene one month ago when a pro trump mob stormed the capital our department was challenged like never before acting capitol police chief yogananda pittman shared her thoughts on the anniversary of the attack. >>which claimed the life of officer brian sicknick who was honored at the u.s. capitol just this week we will remember his sacrifice and then others. >>that day who fought so hard to protect. the capital and the congress and says well they continue to look into what happened on january 6th, the capitol remains under strict watch to protect congress during this heightened threat. >>environment which we continue to operate in and is calling for permanent fencing around the u.s. capitol as police and lawmakers look at ways to keep those working inside safe use all means for
9:34 pm
air this week, the senate will begin the impeachment trial against former president trump who is charged with inciting the attack i think the president's words were inflammatory i think they were irresponsible. i think they were wrong despite concerns over trump's actions. >>most senate republicans say with trump already out of office the trial isn't necessary. the fact that president trump is no longer in office does not change things if all democrats vote together they'll need 17 republicans to join them for conviction. >>more details of the january 6th attack continue to come out and are expected to be brought up during next week's trial. reporting in washington, i'm kelly meyer. >>fox business has pulled the plug on lou dobbs tonight the decision comes after dogs of fiery trump supporter was named in a multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuit against the network and its parent company. the voting technology company smartmatic now seeking damages of nearly 3 billion dollars. the company claims the dogs along with anchors maria bartiromo in jeanine pirro decimated
9:35 pm
smartmatic by falsely accusing it of helping to rig the presidential election against donald trump. fox though has pledged to fight that lawsuit. >>pg and e and other utility companies in california say they plan to spend a 13 billion dollars to reduce the risk of wildfires pg and e now proposing a new computerized risk model that helps to pinpoint the areas most prone to wildfires. the move comes after the worst fire season in california history. a record 4 million book. 4 million acres charred across the state. and while you may recall a majority of the fires here in the bay area were sparked by dry lightning during summer. officials say some other fires were started by equipment belonging to those utility companies. meantime a new study is shedding light on the increasing economic toll that wildfire smoke has on areas not exposed to the flames. according to the european union atmosphere monitoring service and says that smoke from wildfires in the western
9:36 pm
us last year travel nearly 5,000 miles to britain. a report revealed that an additional day of smoke can also lead to health issues that can reduce people earning a living by more than by just under one percent over 2 years. the effects were told could linger for up to 2 years after being exposed. more trouble tonight for 2 of the country's largest airlines united and american both facing more furloughs now warning that some 13,000 workers could be off the job by april the company's now blaming the slow vaccine rollout along with new travel restrictions for those furloughs airline unions now pushing congress to extend the payroll support program through at least september 30th. a move that could stop those for loans. >>president joe biden reached out to a woman in placer county who lost her job during the pandemic and she wrote him a letter about it and then he called her, here's a little bit of that pep talk that he gave michelle vo kurt on that call that she'll never forget.
9:37 pm
>>i admire hard know father and how he had felt like he lost his dignity when he lost his job and i think more than income is that feeling needed and having a place to go can't tell you how i am that you call it. >>the call is part of president biden's effort to engage more with everyday americans struggling to survive the pandemic his staff says there will be more calls like that. can sneeze okay. good yeah, okay, sorry alright, well states across the country, including california have had to extend their eviction moratoriums because the pandemic but after nearly a year some landlords say they are starting to need to get paid. >>as felicia bold reports they say since folks know about the moratoriums they're decide to spend their rent money on other things first. >>jones's son was in the middle of virtual schooling
9:38 pm
when a sheriff's deputy knocked on the door to evict his family is now on the feeling you can describe in a north carolina court jones's landlord said he didn't know about the eviction moratorium and the judge sided with the landlord so families can't afford a lawyer so families don't know their rights. in new york, a pause order has been in effect for nearly a year closing local courts to evictions against tenants and big foreclosures against landlords but tenants have to show proof they're unable to pay the rent called a hardship declaration. the hardship declaration is supposed to freeze most tenant evictions until may 1st but a growing number of landlords unable to collect the rent this year are not waiting gone on for almost 11 months and you have people that haven't been able to pay mortgages they've used every nickel of reserves that they have some landlords have resorted to illegally putting tenants out themselves to stretton tenants and use that. >>as a strategy for getting tenants to move or take any
9:39 pm
other action you know shutting off utilities changing locks and so forth there's bad players out there there's some words out there, but there's also a lot of responsible housing providers that are out there that are getting crushed right now matthew dow in a landlord in new york says he's just trying to run an honest business. it was basically seen as i don't have to pay right, you know i have to pay around there's really no consequences for us tenants have been getting the recipients of this money but it has been going towards housing, it's been going towards. >>other things that ends our prioritizing their housing needs that jesse mccoy with the duke civil justice clinic says some renters have been able to get back to work. but are still playing catch-up from past due bills and this hardship will follow them many vixen judgment is going to hinder your ability to find another place. >>we're looking for perspective with lord. >>that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight and here in california last month governor newsome extended the state's eviction moratorium through the end of june.
9:40 pm
>>all right let's talk weather the saturday night get ready to head out the door for your plans if you have some on sunday. that plan is to be here. we've got to watch the super bowl. the meteorologist rodriguez is joining us now with a look ahead at the forecast, yeah, and if you have any plans to head out to this year you're in luck not tracking any snow that will impact your commute. >>to and from the sierras so enjoy this year's snowpack now up to 69% of average. >>thanks to last week's atmospheric river let's take a look i 80 at castle peak still seeing that snow right off the roads, but no snow chains required for those of you who plan on hitting the snow and enjoying the fresh powder out of this year this weekend beautiful weather out there very clear calm conditions a little bit breezy in the higher peaks upwards of 45 miles per hour less and throughout the tahoe basin wind gusts of 25 miles per hour or less, but it's the daytime highs that has a lot of those in this year's specifically at south lake
9:41 pm
tahoe cheering because they're about 5 to 10 degrees above average in the low 50's continuing for the 2nd half of your weekend and then by monday going to notice cooler and cloudier weather with a weak storm set to arrive in the sierra tuesday night or wednesday morning really bringing just inches of snow if any so it is looking like a drier storm with the low to moderate snow storm set to arrive a week from today, but it's great to see changes with some snow showers returning to this year, but for us here in the bay area still tracking a pretty dry outlook for the next 3 days with rain chances, not returning to the bay area thursday night until friday with some storm bringing measurable rain a week from today as well back to you jonathan and just seen. >>risa thank you still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 a violent street attack caught on camera as a family was simply attacked. while they were out shopping. the latest on who police are looking for tonight. >>and then the son of the chiefs coach andy reid did not
9:42 pm
travel to tampa for the super bowl instead. he is under investigation for a dui crash that injured. a child we have details.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
>>kansas city's their head coach andy reid has more than tomorrow's big game on his mind tonight, he might also be wondering what will be happening to his son after he was reportedly involved in a
9:45 pm
dui crash. a day before the team went to tampa reporter tia johnson has the latest. >>and coach andy reid son britt reid was not on the plane headed to tampa today. he is an assistant coach with the chiefs and was involved in that crash thursday night. a go fund me account for the young girl involved in the crash has started to circulate on social media. the go-fund me organizer says the child still hasn't woken up from the night of the crash. kcp says a car ran out of gas and stopped on the stadium drive ramp, a family member came to help out in part that's when a pickup truck which court documents show was driven by reed collided with the first car then slammed into the back of the family members as she be police say 2 kids in the backseat of that suv went to the hospital, including a 4 year-old who has less serious injuries. and the 5 year-old that is still in the hospital with critical conditions or records show the officer says when he made contact with reed
9:46 pm
he could smell a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages on him. his eyes were bloodshot and red the officer asked to read if he'd been drinking and he said he had 2 to 3 drinks. they asked about prescription medication which he also said he was on a prescription for adderall the officer says he didn't i test and observed signs of impairment rhee said he had stomach pain so he was taken to research medical center for treatment. the application for a search warrant also notes he had multiple prior dui contacts. the cpd says all of this is developing and no charges have been made yet reporting in kansas city tia johnson news nation. >>more national news now a memorial service was held today in miami for laura schwartzenberger the fbi agent who was gunned down trying to serve a warrant on a man suspected of child exploitation. schwartzenberger and her partner both died in the attack her flag draped casket was wheeled onto the field at hard rock stadium as
9:47 pm
bagpipes played her family including her 2 young boys walked in behind. those in attendance included christopher wray the director of the fbi. >>2 warriors who took on one of the hardest jobs in the fbi crimes against children. 2 best friends. who shared the same passion. the same determination. and. in spite of all they've witnessed in their extraordinary careers. the same sense of optimism and hope. that comes from work that matters. >>the fbi says that child suspect david huber a 55 year-old computer technician with no criminal record gunned down the agents and wounded 3 others before turning the gun on himself, the funeral for the other agent will be held tomorrow and the shooting is still under investigation. the former police officer indicted
9:48 pm
in the death of andre hill, he's the man in columbus ohio shot and killed in a garage. >>he that officer was appeared in court yesterday for his arraignment, adam coy pleaded not guilty to a number of charges, including murder in failing to turn on his body camera. coy was responding to reports of a suspicious car when he shot and killed hill as he walked out of a friend's garage just 3 days before christmas. investigators say that hill was on armed at the time. the defense attorney claims that coy thought that his life was in danger in this took a silver key ring in. it inside in hills hand for a weapon. bon for adam coy set at 3 million dollars. a violent attack on the streets of downtown la caught on camera listen to this. a family was doing would normal families do they were out shopping when they were attacked. paul sanchez has the footage as police continue to search for the attackers tonight. >>screams of horror as a young man battles with a much larger
9:49 pm
assailant on the streets of downtown los angeles. a security camera caught the hooded gunman trying to subdue their victim on thursday february 4th, just after 03:00pm. police say a man woman and their 2 year-old son were shopping in the area of 7th and hill streets. that's when a gray chrysler 300 pulled up an armed thugs jumped the couple. the woman was able to escape with her toddler to safety. and it is unclear if she is the one watching the violent struggle and screaming for help off camera. the victims were apparently shopping at a nearby jewelry store and ktla footage shows a woman holding a small child in the aftermath surrounded by security guards police and paramedics. during the attack the victim tosses some kind of object which may have been the criminals gun they're starting think you are struggling.
9:50 pm
>>the guns are not make sure no would touch because i know the intent on doing so this start going do that shiner and in the store. and then eventually the cops came and picked up the gun and you can see another small object on the sidewalk that one of the accomplices grabs and carries back to the getaway car. >>the footage does not show what investigators described as the robbers pistol whipping the man in the head and shooting him in the arm basically i heard gunshots so i ran across the because i hear screaming help me so i that he was in trouble she had a baby and everything the woman and child were not hurt. the man was taken to the hospital. authorities say the suspects forcibly took their property. >>paul sanchez reporting for us tonight. >>next here at 9. so how do you pronounce that delicious chocolate spread that you're supposed to put on toast. but it's very likely that you just eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, how does say that. nutella what we'll find out because you're probably
9:51 pm
saying that stories after the break. i always had it not find out, but i guess i may be wrong. i don't know let's take a look at your foreca
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>>welcome back everyone why ride the waves when you can just walk over them a resort in has installed. what it's calling a floating walked that lets folks literally just walk over the waves as they combined you see couple of
9:54 pm
folks there getting their sea legs under them, it does look kind of fun there. but i still like you need some drama mean to do that for extended periods of time, but what a great meanwhile listen to this one man's croissant is another man's close all all they could get and it does and stuff just there there's another food item that many of us are saying wrong apparently apparently we've been mispronouncing the word nutella. >>the company behind this iconic chocolate and hazelnut spread conducted a poll to see how people actually pronounced dead. 78% of us have been saying nut l a. it turns out the correct pronunciation is news had nutella how he said no tele but you know new talking this heart only about 12% of people have been saying it so what have you been saying. you said i says that right has a new nutella nutella new to left. there's a lot of other words the people have been saying incorrectly. this includes.
9:55 pm
>>para mel or now. >>but isn't that the city is different than actual food. that's true carmel by the sea and you eat a caramel that's true. there's also. could that one. yeah shark hutaree are shark hooter >>law there's another fog law. i know this one he >>i love that talent not correct. >>not micro not curry on necker room, i'm not go wrong. mack brown that would be the french president emmanuel home, at nyla not a macaroni lock michael michael roth. >>well that there's 2 there's a mac rebennack a room that's like up. passover treat and there's also a mac or ruin her own that's like the kind of
9:56 pm
sore circles cookie with that cream and okay that those i do know. the cookies about potato or tomato tomato tomato are getting fancy getting fans. i just want people to know that our scripts that's how they're all medically. right >>and you guys just made me hungry, i on creating nutella announcing it all i know is it tastes good. no bread require just seen just you know it's nice for let's take a look at your bay area board as for the 2nd half of the weekend live look outside downtown san francisco. we could see city hall this evening lit up in gold and green this saturday night and for your sunday afternoon we're tracking cooler temperatures along the coast. >>thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze so mostly sunny skies, downtown san
9:57 pm
francisco and the marina district cooling down to 61 degrees low 60's as well for daly city and half moon bay in the upper 50's so today we're seeing widespread 60's and 70's 5 to 10 degrees above average still going to be a little bit toasty though round millbrae and burlingame 66 degrees about 5 degrees above average there with san mateo and san carlos 68 degrees as redwood city so flirting with 70 is there widespread low 70's for campbell and santa clara for those of you in the south bay pleasanton and signal also in the low 70's, but livermore little bit cooler at 67 degrees with concord and walnut creek also cooling down into the mid 60's and mid 60's as well for napa but still going to be a little bit mild for sonoma low 70's for your sunday afternoon highs a very pleasant temperatures you're planning a safe outdoor barbecue to celebrate your super bowl sunday with your family, 60 degrees for santa rosa, but along the coast a little bit cooler at sainson beach so
9:58 pm
don't forget the light sweater, but we are going to all need one on tuesday cooling down to near average so we're going to start to feel more like winter, especially thursday night through friday, really traces amount of rain but it's a storm a week from today on saturday just cnn jonathan that could bring us a few tenths of an inch of rain so not a big drought buster but at least we're heading in the right direction routes going to start to look and feel more like winter then spring which it certainly has been this weekend was love in the air next weekend too. >>nutella mug greece now mo bree ris an inch. that since on the eye. we'll
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