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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 8, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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something republican senator lindsey graham agrees with from ready to. >>in the impeachment trial i think is what lately are unconstitutional. it's expected senators will take a vote tuesday to determine if the trial is constitutional truth and accountability are essential democrats likely have the votes to move forward with the trial. some people say oh let this go no when something as horrible as dastardly that happened on january 6 the cause you cannot sweep it under the rug house impeachment managers requested trump testify, but his legal team says that won't happen it's still unclear if the house managers will call for any other witnesses or simply rely on videos and old tweets to try to prove president trump exhibited a pattern of behavior. >>that incited an insurrection and attack on the u.s. capitol. we do expect a handful of republicans to vote with democrats that the senate impeachment trial is constitutional allowing that
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trial to continue. >>but it's going to be much more difficult for democrats to convince the 17 republican senators they need in order to actually convict the former president. >>alexander that was a brief filed by trump's lawyers today are they tipping their hand any other details we didn't already know. >>well and you can expect an even lengthier argument on this point tomorrow because from what we understand each side is going to get 4 hours tomorrow to argue just on the issue of the constitutionality of this impeachment trial and then after that we expect the senate to vote on that issue that will happen tomorrow night and then after that we'll get to the actual arguments about whether the the president or former president actually incited that riot alexander we get to that part of the trial legit know anything more about the strategy the democrats might try to use to. >>prove their case and convince those 17 republicans that they should vote to
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convict. >>well the house impeachment managers have tried to keep their strategy under wraps may be trying to use that element of surprise so one of the things that we are going to be waiting to find out is whether they will try to call more witnesses or whether again they're simply going to try to use the videos and tweets from the former president to show that he did in fact in sight the riot, but what we learned today is that they're not just going to point to that single speech that he made you know in the hours before the riot, but rather they're going to try to prove that he did this over a long period of time by. you know claiming that the election was stolen and that there was massive voter fraud without having any evidence to prove that that actually happened alexander supposedly both sides really want this thing to wrap up fairly quickly. what do we know about the timeline. >>keep hearing that however i will say that what lawmakers consider brief and quick is
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probably different than what most people consider because again they're dedicating 8 hours just to the issue of whether this is constitutional after that each side is going to have 16 hours for debate on the actual issue at hand which is whether the president is responsible for the riot at the capitol and then after that senators will have 4 hours to question each side and then they'll decide whether each side needs more time so we'll see exactly how quickly this wraps well for news junkies and political junkies it's going to be something to watch that's for sure alexandra le mon live for us in washington dc. thank you legs and alexandra. >>house impeachment managers have said that they are not trying to target any specific republicans in an attempt to change their minds on impeachment, bottom line, they know acquittal is almost a foregone conclusion. but political analyst and a crime says that democrats have several good reasons to push for
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>>well i think the democrats are looking to achieve 2 or 3 main the first is they're just they believe strongly that there can't be justice and there can be healing and there can't be a return to democratic principles without some kind of accountability i think the second argument is they're looking to discourage a future person with autocratic tendencies from thinking that this goes unpunished. and the 3rd argument is and you know we're seeing this play out with burma these days, it's really hard for the u.s. to take any kind of a position on the world stage in support of democracy and the freedom of its peak of countries people if we don't enforce ourselves here. >>and we will be hearing more from donna at 6 o'clock including why she thinks the trial could become very emotional. >>i'm john cox, businessman not a politician. here in california republican john cox is making another bid for the
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governor's office. >>cox officially kicked off his campaign by running this 32nd ad statewide attacking both his republican rival kevin faulkner, and governor gavin newsome cox lost his 2018 bid against newsome by a wide margin. his announcement comes as organizers close in on the one and a half million signatures that are needed for recall proposal to move forward against governor newsome those signatures must be submitted to election officials by march 17th. >>time for another check of the forecast its checking things out for us orange county, boy guys what a nice weekend. we have things have changed quite a bit today is this to roll back in you see the out there over the golden gate bridge and all around the bay area now is the pattern really begin to shift we're headed back toward the wintry pattern now that we have any big storms lined up at a chance of rain on and off i think as we head toward lot of part of the forecast clouds will continue to move across our skies overnight tonight. i think tomorrow to on and off throughout the day may see couple glimmers of sunshine.
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but overall want keep things fairly cloudy in fact probably start to clear things out a little bit i think as we head into wednesday or so before we get ready for a chance of some rain temperatures breaking down like this, it'll be noticeably cooler today we drop 68 degrees probably a little bit cooler for tomorrow in the 50's in the san francisco about 55 and cloudy in pacifica 54. it 58 degrees in millbrae about 59. in burlingame looking about 58 redwood city 60 in mount near the south bay. you see a lot of clouds to fairly mild temperatures in the low to about the mid 60's and the east bay you look at the 61 degrees in pleasanton 60 in hayward 60 in dublin about 62 degrees in walnut creek and 62 degrees in concord so these temperatures running much cooler than what we had over the weekend we're talking about numbers in the 60's almost 70 degrees. that's why it's going to stay we're going to keep these numbers down a bit and then as we get late thursday, i think chance of rain late thursday night into friday another storm moving in on saturday drying out on valentine's day. >>thank you lawrence coming up
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tesla making a big investment in bitcoin how that could change the way the irs views crypto currency and a possible boycott of bank of america. why some customers are now encouraging others. >>to stop using the bank. also taxes and here the
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>>for your money tonight with tax season just around the
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corner the irs is warning people to stay away from so-called ghost tax preparers according to the irs goes tax preparer is someone who prepares your taxes but doesn't sign or put their information on your form and this makes them. >>virtually invisible and untraceable the agencies also warning people to avoid tax preparers who require payment in cash only and do not provide a receipt and those who direct funds into their bank account. not your bank account. >>tonight some customers are calling for a boycott of bank of america this after a report that the bank handed over the account information of hundreds of innocent people in connection with the riots at the capitol on january 6 at the request of the fbi bank of america allegedly looked through the information of anybody making certain purchases in that time period then handed over the information of 211 people but
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only one of those people. i was actually brought in for questioning nobody was arrested. the banks reported actions are being blasted as an overreach with many people tweeting that they're canceling their accounts and calling on others to do the same. >>still ahead tesla makes a big investment in bitcoin how this will affect the digital currency markets
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>>for your money, a big move for tesla tonight, the electric car company has bought one 0.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoins and plans to accept the world number one digital asset as payment in the future this purchase helps drive bitcoin value up more than 13% today after tesla revealed in a. >>regulatory filing with the sec that big investment joining us now to talk about how this move will affect the digital currency market. banks and how the irs fuse crypto currencies, professor ahmed been awful was san jose state university fester thanks for being with us so you know where have billion dollars for the bitcoins we don't know anything about how this works is that like 5 bitcoins now i mean what's going on this this is going not isn't it. >>well, i mean you have to think about who's leaving tesla we're talking about island i mean he's a leader when it comes to future technologies ii he's ahead of his time time when it comes to everybody else. and he's he's
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not telling us. it is secured by doing this kind of move. it was the signal has said 2 weeks ago by changing. you the adding what cash bitcoin to and twitter and saying i support claim so it's basically a natural move to know about it now. >>yeah, it kind of makes you wonder what musk knows maybe that some of us i don't know how might this affect other companies accepting bitcoin as payment professor. >>it is a big endorsement. that's that's that's the fact and i look at side to the story with announcement today number one invested one 0.5 billion dollars out of didn't 19 billion dollars in cash so that city. you know i big size you know investment number number this is a investment spot and also this we can accept the payment which means that you can with one bitcoin was one you can buy. there tesla model s 3 for this so they say we accept it as a payment it's an investment so it's a complete endorsement
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with it other companies in dorset but when you're talking about tesla that is a consumer brand that people recent line is a bit coin, you can't just use it out on the street. >>i don't if you can buy a house with it just seems like there are very certain specific circumstances where you can use bitcoin now the irs is going to get involved right and they're going to say ok you're your move moving this around like its regular money. you have to pay taxes on this stuff. so how do you pay taxes and use bitcoin at same time the taxes presume get paid in real money. >>well, i mean for guys had some kind of clarification about their stand against that which will run which is a confined their website under the frequently asked questions section. they considered as a property, so basically have to pay taxes and that they look at the virtual money from that perspective. now let me let just back up a little bit can you talk about could to currency in general. this is to get some money this is the future of money, it's one
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never replace that current money we have on the currency we have it's going to give you another option to pay for your purchases to pay for any kind of the services and and project that you'd like to have and this is this is new this is not something new we haven't seen it you can go to some of the west side to get see all the credit cards and the people and see bits going as one of the options. it's just a matter of people getting their hands on the bitcoin but there's a problem with that because of limited supply of bitcoin according to their mass medical they can only issue 21 media we would be issued 18 point to a meeting of it and we have this high price for each one of the >>our professor thank you so much i suspect we'll have you back to continue explaining and in detail, thank you very much. today speaking of elon musk he announced a new project aimed at tackling climate change it is a competition called x prize
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carbon removal, the winner gets 100 million dollars to reduce the overall level of c '02 in the atmosphere. this contest will be run over the course of 4 years it and teams from in the world are invited to sign up the goal to come up with a solution that will pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or or ships the process called carbon capture referring to technologies that can take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and either stuart someplace underground for example or convert it into products ranging from fuel to sunglasses and we have more details on the competition. more details expected to be released on earth day. now to our 4 zone forecast has check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow it's going to be really cold in some my goodness this going to be one of the coldest in years across much of the united states that good old polar vortex really working its way down now and
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just beginning to kick in so as we head through the week, we'll watch these temperatures plummet maybe record lows. i think. >>and record low high temperatures across much of the u.s. right now very cold out there by tomorrow that cold air starts to get grip across much the u.s. 32 degrees for the high in norman 48 in dallas, then you get to the north 14 degrees for a high in chicago 15 in kansas city 5 minneapolis mine on north dakota -2 degrees -2 in helena there parts of the u.s. believe lee cold temperatures in that is going to continue to drop throughout the week and bring unusually cold weather all the way down and southern parts of the u.s. outside around the bay area we've got to change our weather pattern now the clouds begin to move in today right at the average ironically in san francisco after above normal weekend 59 degrees 60 in oakland, 61 for high in san jose 63 in lemore for high 64 in concord and 61 degrees in santa rosa. all the satellite image you can see a couple
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raindrops beginning to show up here but that's not hitting the ground that's what we call virga and that means i'm not a real the trigger to get that moisture all the way to the ground so doppler radar is looking up near sky see some of the moisture bouncing off the droplets but certainly don't look like no that's going to make the ground as we head through the night tonight. >>temperatures ready in the 50's in a place like san jose ca 48 in half moon bay, 52 in san francisco still 61 a comfortable in concord and 52 degrees in berkeley at this hour 52 also in petaluma we're going to see a change in the weather pattern tomorrow. so a lot of clouds coming our way but not much in the way of rain to worry about but i think that changes i think a lot of part of this week we start to talk about a chance of rain returning around the bay area but the rest of us. we complain that it's cool off. they are going to be in the grips the coldest temperatures they've seen in years. the week ahead. thank you lauren >>coming up next breaking barriers at the super bowl how the first woman referee to work the big game is feeling after making history.
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>>another super bowl in the books, tom brady he was not the only person making history on the field last night entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has the story. >>the home for next year's super bowl. but can we talk about sarah thomas remote because she broke barriers to become the first ever female referee to work the big game.
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>>being granted the honor of working super bowl means that he finished top of your position. that's on that fourth-down history. >>it was a big day for sarah as she shattered the glass ceiling now, here's a few things you might not know about the 47 year-old mom of 3. her journey began in 1996 after her brother dragged her to a high school football officials meeting i fell in love that moment, these guys actually get together and discuss rules and what if and challenge each other she worked for city football until 2007 when she was spotted by an nfl scout and was hired as the first ever woman to officiate a major college football game. but she didn't stop there i think it clinics where in the generation of and then i got a phone call from tie nfl 2015 sir became the first ever female hired as a full-time nfl official and after 5 years of hard work she earned her spot on last night's field inspiring us
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all, but especially her daughter bailey she said mommy but i want to do in future and that's what wanted to be a mom and teacher like mom and make sure you tune in to e t tonight for the secrets of the weekend halftime show plus celebrity sightings of the big game and the commercials. >>you may have missed don't miss this show though for entertaining tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >>how cool is that really cool. it's very cool in catch entertainment tonight, right here on kron 4 at 7.30 and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock coming up at 6 o'clock some leaders an open call it the toughest job in america, the city has sworn in its new police chief and he's been personally affected by crime in the city plus an historic day in washington dc tomorrow the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. live report was what to expect on capitol hill. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking when rain might return to the bay area the news at 6 is next.
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>>plus the fight was over. you
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will see me. and the impacted neighborhoods. i will be getting up no matter what time it is. to come out to those scenes to make sure families know. that it matters to me when somebodys life is taken. >>oakland born and bred lebron armstrong sworn in as oakland's new police chief this morning, oakland mayor libby schaff administer the oath of office in the courtyard climates high school armstrong's alma mater good evening. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore tonight city leaders said call it the hardest job in america and the new chief comes at a time when crime in the city. >>is reaching a level not seen in decades. the chief says that he has personally been affected by crime in oakland kron four's has it but you says armstrong and his son is an officer who has risen through the ranks at opd and even has the backing of the police commission. >>oakland's new police chief
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la'ron armstrong is taking command of the department at a time when crime to the city has reached levels that seeded decades. >>one of the people killed. this year was a part of my family. we've lost 15 lives to senseless violence in our city so far this year. i say to you. my family. is no different. the 15. 14 other families that have experienced this exact trauma. >>ppe for carol. carroll won the new chief is a native son of oakland, a proud graduate of the climb that high school and a 22 year veteran officer who has risen through the ranks at opd now it is his turn to take on some of the longstanding problems plaguing the department like the negotiated settlement agreement from the early 2 thousands. >>moving the department into full compliance with the settlement agreement is one of my top priorities. but


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