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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 8, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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impeachment trial in the senate now just hours away attorneys for former president trump filing one final legal argument over why there shouldn't even be a case against their client a step in the right direction for youth athletes for the first time in nearly 11 months, one school district is allowing student athletes to do certain types of activities plus san francisco schoil district and its union have struck a deal for a return to in person learning that does not mean campuses will reopen any time soon. good evening, everybody thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 8 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis this week on capitol hill. >>the u.s. senate will begin the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump on a charge of incitement to insurrection over the january 6th capitol siege kron four's washington correspondent alexandra le mon joining us now live in the country's capital with what we can expect tomorrow high alexandra. >>good evening today. trump's
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lawyers filed a new brief and in it they argue that the article of impeachment and the impeachment trial should be dismissed because they are you. it's all unconstitutional. in a new brief former president trump's lawyers argue that because he's no longer in office the impeachment trial is nothing but political theater that should be dismissed. >>that's something republican senator lindsey graham agrees with from ready to. >>in the impeachment trial because i think is what lately are unconstitutional. it's expected senators will take a vote tuesday to determine if the trial is constitutional truth and accountability are essential democrats likely have the votes to move forward with the trial. some people say oh let this go no when something as horrible as dastardly that happened on january 6 the cause you cannot sweep it under the rug, it's still unclear if the house managers will call for any other witnesses or simply rely on videos and old tweets to
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try to prove president trump exhibited a pattern of behavior that incited an insurrection and attack on the u.s. capitol. now we expect a handful of republican senators to vote with democrats at this impeachment trial is constitutional and for the trial to proceed, but it's going to be much more difficult for democrats to convince the 17 republican senators they need in order to actually convict the former president. >>alexandra donald trump's first impeachment trial there were no when we find out if there will be witnesses and who might they be. >>right during the first impeachment trial we saw quite a few witnesses testified this time it's unclear whether we will see any at because the house impeachment managers have tried to keep their strategy kind of under wraps maybe try to use the element of surprise so we still don't know the answer to that question. but we did recently learned that they're going to try to use you know a wider
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strategy rather than just pointing to one speech or one set of remarks from trump didn't try to show he had a pattern of behavior that incited that riot on the capitol. >>what kind of a timeline are we looking at with this impeachment. >>well it could be between one to 2 weeks a kind of depends if they keep their their days to you know 8 hour if they go you know 12 or 15 hour days, but each side to begin with is going out for hours just to argue whether or not this is a constitutional trial. so 4 hours each and then on that and then after that each side will get 16 hours. to argue the issue at hand here which is whether the former president caused that riot and then you'll have ours of senators questions and then they'll decide if they need for more hours for each side to kind of wrap up their arguments. >>alexander we understand there's going to be video that
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hasn't been seen by the public. so we're going to be anxious to to see some of that thank you so much and we'll be checking in with you in the coming days. alexandra limon reporting for us from washington. 67 senators would be needed to convict trump for inciting violence against the u.s. government. it seems unlikely that would be enough votes to convict so what can we expect to come out of this trial. our team coverage continues now with. >>analysis from san jose state university lecture. donna crane donna thank you for being with us we have this place one article of impeachment here incitement of insurrection are you surprised that there's not a second which many of argued could be dereliction of duty. >>no i'm not surprised i they're tight. >>and limited and and fast so this makes sense to given that that seems to be the democrats strategy. >>donna is this were to be
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just a secret bat ballot. do you think more republicans. would dead. would convict. yes i friends on the republican side who tell me that that the republican caucus is. >>absolutely exhausted by trump. they felt like they bobbed and weaved. for 4 years and he's gone and they're still stuck. with this and so i think your question is a really good when i think if it were a secret ballot there would be a lot more votes to convict i think one of the thing we have to remember is every senator always feels like they could be president like they want to be president. we have several republicans looking very carefully at 2024 for themselves so moving trump out of the way would be in their late and self interest, but of course it's not a secret ballot. >>we think that only 5 maybe 6 republicans will vote to
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convict president trump so there's really not a a logical realistic way forward for democrats to impeach the president is that a risk big picture for the democrats are or is there any kind of risk for republicans here when you look at kind of from a bird's eye view. >>yeah, it's a really interesting question you i was of the opinion in the first impeachment and trial that is the democrats wong and lost it would be a political downside for them that they would actually embolden the in this instance i have a different view i think says the president has already he can't sort of more autocratic if you so i don't think there's much risk for the democrats except i do think also that it's really important for historical and for purposes of holding up the rule of to actually move forward i might not stick about impeachment
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and conviction per se but there i think there should be some consequence for the president's activity and without that then that that congress would be indicating that condones this kind of behavior i think that's really really dangerous. >>donna we're in a bit of a news bubble here, i know that we've seen some of this footage as we're showing right now and most americans i think have been exposed, but will there be do you get the sense they will be some surprises. when the trial actually begins. >>you know i we're not sure exactly how this is going to go so you know after the first few days of arguments from the impeachment managers and then from the president's lawyers, the impeachment managers have not shown their hand about whether they're going to show them something new whether they're going to try to call witnesses anything like that and my best guess is they're going to be taking the measure of how they think things are going for them politically they're also going to try to
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read the room like are senators really senators even their attention or the stand to try their patients and in that sense. it's very much like a courtroom you know you're trying to read the jury and give them enough information but not too much information so that they drown it or it big they start to find a t s so i think that's what bp should managers have not shown all their cards yeah i i don't know, but surprises, but we just don't quite know how this is going to wrap up from that. >>unscripted reality tv donna crane, thanks for your analysis tonight. that is of course a lecturer at san jose state university always great to hear your thoughts thank don thanks and you can watch the trial as it unfolds live on our kron on app just download it from the app store. >>in the east bay nearly 11 months after being forced to keep students away. >>because of the pandemic school fields are back open for sports conditioning in the oakland unified school district. the district is allowing physical conditioning for middle and high school
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students. no contact is allowed. edward washington, the head coach for castleman high says getting students back on the field keep some of them away from troublesome situations off the field. >>our areas is very essential to keep kids busy because you know they get it it's it's opportunity that they can get i is the devil's playground so they can get brought into some mill so for mister navarro commissioner to put this together. i think is amazing and i think if cal california can actually utilize the planet he put together. i think we can get kids back. >>you know back in action. in many cases, the conditioning right now is. >>focused on what are normally fall sports things like football, cheerleading girls volleyball cross country. the conditioning workouts started last monday at several locations across the city, athletes and coaches are required to exercise proper physical distancing and of course wear masks at all times. >>the oakland police department swore in its new
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police chief today, he's an oakland native and he has risen through the ranks of the department as kron four's haaziq madyun reports for us tonight, the new chief has the backing of the police commission. >>and we'll truly and to the best of my ability perform the duties of chief of police of the oakland police department id congratulations. >>but they or a round of applause and a covid-19 appropriate elbow armstrong is sworn in and is now the new chief of the oakland police department. >>so carroll. carroll won the new chief is a son of oakland and a proud graduate of the climb that high school where his swearing-in ceremony took place. >>this is where i grew up. and it wasn't just about a high school it was about a family. >>she's live strong is a 22 year veteran who has risen through the ranks at opd he and his family are also among
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those who lord the loss of loved ones killed acts of violence in oakland, including his older brother killed back in 1985 and more easily a relative who was among january twenty-twenty woods 15 homicide victims, one of the people killed. >>this year. >>was a part of my family all of this together makes him uniquely qualified to lead opd according to the chair of the oakland police commissioner regina jackson who adores his run to be the city's top cop. >>i don't think anybody is closer to what we were looking for. now come police commission looks forward to. supporting him pushing him, holding them accountable. the new chief takes over the police department at a time when crime in the city has reached levels not seen in decades. >>i asked our community a city to stand with me as we work together. so that children can play outside. so that mothers and fathers don't have to worry about stray bullets coming through their windows.
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and the youth of our community could have a promise that their future we'll be without the threat of violence. >>has it made kron 4 tomorrow morning kron 4 will be going one on one with the new police chief you can watch it. on our streaming news service kronon just download the app it's free live local news. coming up the suspect behind a string of elderly attacks in oakland's chinatown neighborhood is caught. >>and cough. the county is trying to prevent future assaults. plus it was a working weekend for state lawmakers who say they are now close to striking a deal on plan and how to reopen schools. >>i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow the clouds are back it is getting gray out there now
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>>newsom says state lawmakers are close to striking a deal on when and how to reopen schools, they work through the weekend to try to sort out details for the return to in person learning. >>from my perspective, the 2 asked sir, what's important flexibility and funding the reopening plan that he put out there was very rigid. almost every school said this is just not feasible. for us to do. and then there's his blueprint framework which quite frankly is still an impediment if you're saying you can open until you get your red tier
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well well most of the state is still in purple tier. >>a major sticking points in negotiations have been teachers union calls for educators to be vaccinated before stepping foot back in the classroom, the state is prioritizing teachers in the next phase of vaccinations an agreement on when in person learning may resume, could be reached by this week. >>in the east bay a school district is setting its sights to welcome back students to the classroom. it has been almost a full year since these kids attended in person learning hard to believe god for theresa joins us live now on. >>how health protocols may have changed the layout at some schools to reset most of these kids must be excited to get back with their friends. >>i think they're very excited. we're here in iran that you know and all eyes are on the school district and those positivity numbers in right now everything looks good to have those kids back on campus. >>i think we're all very excited to see students back
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in the classrooms that beaming superintendent is doctor carolyn season in charge of union school district. >>finally after nearly a year long battle against covid-19 with the positivity rate expected to drop up or county health guidelines to 25 per 100,000 or into union school district can bring children back into the classroom as you say that it's hard not to get a bit emotional another massive education has ever experienced anything like this it. >>amazing educators who are so dedicated distance learning is not the same as being in person and there are different strategies that teachers can employ him person was students that can't really be fully replicated on a zoom screen. and i think for students social emotional health. it will be incredibly gratifying to see them in class. doctor seen says per protocol it will
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not be the same. >>as right before the pandemic shuttered schools, the students are 6 apart. shared share. and there is at least 6 feet between our students and the teacher or any other adult and we also have a mandatory mask-wearing rule. >>we also air purification systems air purifiers in each classroom that filter out the virus and conduct air exchanges, frequent air exchanges. we are also recommending. to open our our classroom windows and doors weather permitting and certain chance nothing is perfect and asked all to be patient. >>as this step unfold. >>inevitably as we roll this out there will be wrinkles there will be bumps in the road and we will work through that
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>>and talking about working through so here's what's going to happen next if the numbers show up and they are good what's going to happen is on wednesday. kids are going to be able to go back and they're going to alternate in these cohorts and then those kids who still want to do distance learning of course the district is going to honor the family's request on that and then next week after the president's day weekend. that is when 6th graders will be allowed. some graders her state there can't they can't go back yet so still a really good sign here in reporting live theresa stasi back to you guys a baby step site, thanks teresa now to the north bay where schools across marin county are proving that a return to in person instruction. >>can be done safely for both students and staff at least in that county. since the first return to the classroom back in september there have been 10 cases of suspected in-school transmission of the virus of those cases, 5 where student to student 3 were
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adult to adult and 2 were adult a student. there have been no student to adult transmissions in the school. currently more than 17,000 students per day are learning in marin county classrooms. the san francisco unified school district has reached a tentative agreement with its unions to return to. >>in person learning that deal covers safety protocols that must be in place for the doors to open but this does not mean san francisco schools are opening anytime soon. kron four's dan kerman has details. >>the tentative agreement reached between the san francisco school district and its unions establishes a set of safety standards in which teachers and staff, we'll return for in person learning masks and ppe for students and staff coming from the school district. >>socially distanced classrooms and work spaces. reliable testing for students in tact and and staff health screenings if you're going to enter school building. ventilation upgrades and monitoring and then a cleaning
8:21 pm
protocol or least safe and effective cleaning protocol of for covid and then. robust contact tracing but the agreement does not mean schools will reopen anytime soon we don't set the timeline the virus that's the timeline school superintendent doctor vincent matthew says that's because before schools reopen. >>san francisco which is currently in the purple tier, let's move to the red tier. then the initial schools that are reopening will have to have their teachers and staff vaccinated which currently isn't happening due to a lack of supply so. >>we need to spread to come down so we get in a at the same time we're going to need definitely a ramping up of vaccination so we can get to the place where our educators are beginning to be back seat here in the city. >>san francisco will open its schools in waves beginning with these early education in elementary schools, teachers and staff at these locations will be the first to be vaccinated in terms of what a
8:22 pm
typical day will look like those details have to be worked out with the teachers but it will likely be some sort of hybrid with students working both in the classroom and at home. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news city attorney dennis herrera responded to this reopening plan saying the lawsuit against the district. >>remains in place in a statement her era said in part that this is progress but it's not enough and so far this raises more questions than answers. he added that the school district would need to share the whole plan and show that it is concrete and meets the requirements of the law. the city attorney's office plans to file for a preliminary injunction. on thursday moving on to our 4 zone forecast, here's a live. look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza there flags kind of blowing in the wind so a bit of a blustery day in the bay chief meteorologist. >>large cargo is here boy it was warm this weekend lawrence yeah, what a change today was
8:23 pm
clouds really roll in and that changed everything that really knocked down the temperatures, good 68 degrees from yesterday's highs yesterday we're basking. >>in the upper 60's in many parts of the area on saturday we had some 70's so these changing quite a bit those clouds moving in now you got that from their fog that has made its way insise the bay can see more of that as we head through the night and certainly looks interesting outside on live doppler radar look at that the doppler radar picking up a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. a fortune there's really not a trigger to bring that all the way to the ground. so what's happened is that spirit that is moving across parts of the north bay right now. and so that's evaporating before it makes its way to the surface so keeping it dry out there looks good. but unfortunately, no rain temperatures in the 50's around much of the bay area now the cloud cover will keep the numbers up overnight tonight tomorrow going to be interesting to see a lot of clouds again throughout the day looking rather threatening but no rain just yet but there's a hint that we could see some rain coming our way this week matter of fact maybe a series of storms a lot more of that coming up just that's good because it was all show and no go that's true. think like.
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>>talking about large crowds chanting few face coverings why officials say they're concerned now that the super bowl in tampa may have turned into a super spreader >>plus how san mateo county leaders are working to tackle covid-19 misinformation an
8:25 pm
8:26 pm
>>on the peninsula health officials and san mateo county leaders joined together today.
8:27 pm
and a recently opened drive-thru vaccination site in daly city to urge the public to get vaccinated yeah, they're working it out right there chief health officer with northeast medical services doctor candace tai says while some people are really eager to get their shots right others. >>are expressing hesitation. >>we're combating misinformation from eds from china. philippines, focusing on the related to the vaccines by pfizer and moderna without really any evidence. so the this misinformation really instilled a lot of fears and mistrust in our asian american population we have the second largest filipino american population. the largest second largest burmese population. >>huge central american population. what we want to do and why nunes and our other providers are so important is to make sure that were in these communities and were vaccinated.
8:28 pm
>>san mateo county has vaccinated more than 73,000 people. but there is quite a large equity gap when it comes to is getting the shot 40% of the people vaccinated or white 9% are latino 28% asian and less than 2% of the people or black city and county leaders hope that by opening up this drive-thru vaccination site they'll be able to narrow the equity gap, pretty quickly. >>next today, the cry for help answered oakland police arresting a man they say attacked several elderly residents in oakland's chinatown neighborhood. >>plus the congressional budget office releasing new details about the benefits and costs of increasing the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour and having covid-19 may not protect you from
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included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. >>oakland's newly minted police chief lauren armstrong announced the arrest of a suspect in the assault of a 91 year-old man in chinatown our kron four's maureen kelly reports that the man arrested is a felon with a history of violence who is also being charged in 2 other assault of elderly asian victims. >>the attack is equally sickening as it is challenging the 91 year-old victim pushed from behind sending him crashing to the concrete today at a news conference that was originally intended to publicize a $30,000 reward being offered in the case oakland's brand new police chief was able to tell the media and chinatown residents
8:32 pm
that the case is closed, here's the mug shot of the suspect 28 year-old young young muslim has been charged in the assault of a total of 3 elderly victims in chinatown chief armstrong also said he's beefing up resources. here ahead of the lunar new year next weekend we're sending a message to those that commit crimes in this city. that we will pursue you and we will arrest you. >>it is not acceptable for things like this to happen in our community the increase in violent crime in this community, some of them caught on tape recently has also prompted alameda county d a nancy o'malley. >>to announce the formation of a special response unit to address crimes against asian individuals, especially those who are elderly part of what his field a lot of this crime against asians not just here in in oakland, but across the county that we've seen. >>is based on the rhetoric that we're hearing particularly and linked to the coronavirus to covid to still calling it the chinese virus and things like that that
8:33 pm
feels 8 appeals aggression. >>it was the shocking videos making headlines that prompted some prominent asian american actors to raise the $30,000 for the reward, including daniel wu who has family ties to oakland's chinatown or angry and we had enough. >>and this is enough and we need to get together as a community but also ask members of outside you need to help us in this fight and help us with this crisis we're under attack. and we need help in addition to the 3 assault charges ya ya muslim also faces. >>charges of inflicting great bodily injury and committing a crime against an elderly person. and investigators from the district attorney's office is now looking into the case. so it's possible hate crime charges could come at a later date. if warranted. meanwhile, the 91 year-old victim is still in the hospital maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>and the south bay, a new
8:34 pm
vaccination location will be opening tomorrow at levi stadium and it will be the largest vaccination location in the whole state. the plan is to administer at least 5,000 doses a day. but the goal of ramping up to 15,000 doses per day. if the supply permits right now the county is vaccinating residents, 65 and older certain health care workers and people in long-term care facilities. for your money tonight, a new report from the congressional budget office finds that increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour would reduce the number of americans living in poverty and boost wages for millions of people but it would also add to the national debt and joblessness the office says the federal deficit would increase by about 54 billion dollars over the next decade. if the wages gradually increased that's largely because the higher wages paid to workers would contribute to an increase in federal spending. democrats are pushing to include the $15
8:35 pm
cpwage in their covid bill, but it is unclear if that will actually make it. >>republican john cox is making another bid for the governor's office. cox officially kicked off his campaign earlier today by airing a statewide ad attacking both his republican rival kevin faulconer governor gavin newsome cox lost his 2018 bid against newsome by a wide margin. his announcement comes as organizers close in on the 1.5 million signatures needed for a recall proposal to move forward against newsome those signatures must be submitted to election officials by march 17. >>for the second time now in less than a week people living in the northeast and midwest are digging out from a powerful storm. this recent one wasn't nearly as bad as the previous nor'easter that dumped up to 3 feet of snow in some areas yeah, but it some brutally cold temperatures some as low. as 20 degrees below 0. according to chief
8:36 pm
meteorologist lawrence karnow a polar vortex. it's going to be felt across much of the country here that may be balmy compared to what is going to be like this week you had these temperatures really going to plummet all across the better part of the u.s. california yeah we're going to be spirit here but much of the country is going to watch these temperatures really fall off every look at the high tomorrow, maybe -9 degrees in mind we're talking one degrees. >>in minneapolis chicago, maybe about 9 degrees or so but that cold air is going to continue to dig further and further south some places going to be sitting about 40 degrees below average this could be the coldest outbreak in quite some time all right around the bay area we have some nice weather compared to that 59 degrees right at the average there in san francisco, 60 in oakland 61 degrees for a high in san jose 63 in lemore 64 in concord and 61 degrees in santa rosa we cooled off from where we were but certainly the far cry from the rest the country is experiencing now and will do so this week. still ahead we're going to see some
8:37 pm
changes coming our way. got to some sunshine as we head in toward wednesday with some high clouds by thursday afternoon clouds gather again chance of rain thursday night and friday and again over valentine's day weekend all right lauren still ahead at 8 if he had covid-19 can you get a second infection from a variant of the virus. >>bank of america accused of giving the fbi info about hundreds of customers. now those outraged customers are calling for a boycott of the bank plus funding the fight against climate change how tesla and space x ceo elon
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8:40 pm
>>a reminder that valentine's day le is less than a week away and flores served pretty happy looking ahead this couple search for more creative and in pandemic friendly ways to celebrate the holiday on sunday case. you forgot sunday. that's a at restaurants probably aren't going to flourish this year, but. >>as couples maybe consider staying home for valentine's day because of everything that's going on florists are predicting. but a lot of folks are going to turn to flowers this despite valentine's day actually being on a sunday which is normally a slow delivery day for that industry. elon musk has announced a new project here and it's aimed at tackling climate change should the competition is called x prize carbon removal and the winner
8:41 pm
will receive 100 million dollars to reduce the overall level of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, which of course is it key driver of climate change yet to noble quest according to its website. the nonprofit. >>we'll run the contest over the course of 4 years and teams from around the world can take part. the goal is to quote create and demonstrate a solution that can pull carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or oceans and then walk away permanently environmentally benign way. >>that sounds great the process is called carbon capture. it refers to a wide range of technologies that can take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and either store it somewhere underground for example or converted into products ranging from fuel to believe it or not sunglasses more details on the competition are expected to be released on earth day. 100 million bucks. next in sports. the warriors at an early lead over the spurs, but
8:42 pm
so many turnovers yes stef can still do that sports director jason dumas says the highlights coming up. >>could the super bowl have turned into a super spreader event what tampa police say they were forced to
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>>tonight some bank of america customers are calling for a boycott. this comes after a report that the bank handed
8:45 pm
over account information of hundreds of innocent people in connection with the riots at the capitol on january 6 that the request of the fbi. the country's second largest bank allegedly look through information of anyone making certain purchases in and around washington dc before and after the riots and then handed over the information of more than 200 people. and then mounting that having covid-19 may not protect a person against getting infected again with some of the new variants that are emerging all around the world, new research suggests that people can get second infections with earlier versions of the coronavirus if they mounted a weak defense for the first time. how long immunity lasts from natural infection is a big question scientists still think re infections are fairly rare. and usually less serious than initial one's health officials say the solution is to get vaccinated as soon as possible and take steps to avoid infection. >>epic parties and pandemic so
8:46 pm
really go hand in hand we all know the bucks won super bowl last night their fans though a lot of them didn't appear to be taking steps to try to prevent the spread of the virus yet you know. >>people large crowds all over each little to no masking at least from a lot of the video that has surfaced since last night a lot tampa police they were forced to move in and bust up the celebrations, including the use of pepper pellets. >>jeff patterson reports. it was spontaneous and fox win a streets downtown. >>downtown became gridlocked with cars people honking their horns and celebrating. when you look at the big picture the thousands of people who were celebrating its very small group or we have problems we watched as tampa police officers use their bikes to push back a crowd. >>then when a large group near curtis hixon started causing
8:47 pm
property damage. tampa police used a loudspeaker to tell the crowd to leave. when many didn't leave tampa police moved in to disperse the crowd. despite what we saw tampa mayor jane castor says for the most part things went well after the game we had literally 10's of thousands of people come out. >>to share in the excitement of the super bowl win and the majority of them did it very very peacefully. we also witnessed many in the crowd, not wearing face coverings police chief brian dugan says it would have been impossible last night to enforce the mask mandate. we were stretched then the officers were working 1516 hour days and we did the best we could and i really think overall it went well mayor castor says the city handed out more than 200,000 free facemasks and she believes the city can have a celebration for the box. >>and be safe if we can get the majority of individuals
8:48 pm
wearing their masks. >>then we can tamp down and contain the spread of covid-19. >>shift patterson reporting super bowl celebrations and valentine's day meanwhile have health officials concerned there could be a spike in covid infections and hospitalizations last year the nba finals in world series. gatherings were blamed for a jump in cases, san francisco health officials banned tv's and outdoor screens at restaurants over the weekend at the super bowl prevent viewing parties. restaurant so in other parts of the bay area are not required to follow those guidelines if a spike happens after the super bowl in valentine's day health experts expect to see the impact towards the end of the month. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>the dogs have been painfully averages this season i think
8:49 pm
they've scored 2 more points 10 they've given up all season long every time they try to muster up a winning streak. they either blow a lead or lose to a team that they should really be beating. rinse and repeat and guess what it happened again tonight. but the thing is klay thompson birthday and. you don't have a walking boot on anymore i think it was wearing it on the bench tonight without probably more of a safety protocol but you could see he didn't have that blood on their that's the end of first and staff doing his dance he's been a dancing guy all season long. 32 feet. and then again we see the celebration warriors up 9 after one the dubs build a 14 point lead early in the second, but it did not last murray got them back in the game, the spurs that is he has 16 1st half points. later in the quarter kelly oubre junior nice feed from andrew wiggins we can so the and one 18 in the 1st half warriors up 5 at
8:50 pm
the break 4th quarter after the warriors got down 10 step brings them back stared the dubs are back within 2 already seconds left spurs of one. this is a tough break but you've got to run him off the 3 point line that's the only shot that barry's you he hits it spurs up 4 with 12 seconds left, but don't count out staff step back. nice shot there here 14 of his 32 points in the 4th quarter. but this was the game down 3 and remind us puts shot up. he thought that they were going to foul him and obviously that wasn't the dream, i'm puts up that shot with a couple seconds left they still have a way more time about 5 seconds left to get a good shot steph visibly frustrated spurs win this 1 one '05, 100 after the game i asked steve kerr why dream i threw up that shot like that at the end. >>he thought they were going to and that's why he put it up
8:51 pm
to you know thanking you get through 3 free throws out we knew we you know 8.7. although clark and so we this first generally to not probably my or informing the team this first don't usually >>just a very frustrating loss already richard sherman wants to play 2 more seasons in the nfl and they likely won't be with the forty-niners sherm will be 33 and marching has long expressed his desire to play until he's 35 years old the problem is the niners likely won't be able to afford sherman. kyle shanahan said back in december that it would take a quote miracle to bring richard back fred warner and trent williams will likely be paid before anyone else on the niners. the forty-niners have solved their quarterback issues they signed josh rosen to one year contract extension
8:52 pm
i hope you caught my sarcasm rosen was brought in late last season from the bucs his practice squad after the niners had several injuries at quarterback of course rosen at one point in his career was viewed as a potential franchise quarterback. now he simply trying to stay in the league so who one more year to do that josh rosen likely a backup. back to the warriors game is just his team can't they still haven't won more than 2 games in a row or lost more than 2 games in a row like i mean they are just painfully average we'll probably end the year just around 500. hopefully that's good enough for a playoff spot at least they've staff to make it
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
simply a mastermind kansas city didn't score a touchdown for the first time since 2019 in fact, tampa bay dominated in all 3 phases of the game, thanks to their coordinators who all just so happened to be black to have this opportunity to have 3 african american corn 8 us on the same team and to find a way to win the super bowl. obviously been people ask. >>but i can speak on if it changes anybody changes. any thoughts about the process based on the numbers, it's doubtful tampa's diverse coaching staff will change the nfl's flawed system. >>just 2 of the last 20 head coaches hired have an african american, i know all 3 of us me keys. all we're trying to do is help these men grow be in the best position be the best football players they can be that's all go. a goal that they've done exceptionally well. it's uncertain if any of tampa's coordinators will get a higher during the next coaching cycle. what's not up
8:57 pm
for debate is byron leftwich todd bowles and keep on from our leaders of men and now super bowl. 5 for celebrating black history month all of february for more stories just like this one. >>had the special black history month section, it's on our website at kron 4 dot com. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 thanks for being with us this hour. but keeping your prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour talking about san francisco's castro district. >>rolling out a new program to try to help crack down on a recent spike in crime who will be patrolling those streets and opens new police chief is officially in charge. what he says is his top priority during his first day on the during his first day on the job. those stories and more during his first day on the job. those stories and more cue rachael ray. hey friends! today we're whipping up some delicious recipes. so? who's hungry? pets love rachael ray" nutrish® and its kitchen-inspired recipes. with real meat, poultry or fish. rachael ray" nutrish®. real recipes. real ingredients. real good.® the power of three is everywhere.
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♪ meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪ ♪ meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. ♪ still the only one cats ask for by name. ♪ meow, meow. ♪ >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now 9 is violent crime across the bay area appears to be spiking this month community members are starting to step up to try to keep their streets safe. san francisco's castro neighborhood is the latest to add its own layer of public safety initiatives. good evening, everybody thanks for being here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis unarmed community ambassadors will begin patrolling the castro in an effort to deter crime and respond to quality of life issues. our country's taylor shares more about this program and when it kicks


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