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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. >>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. desire. >>to get our schools safely open as quickly as we can. >>now at 10 getting kids back into the classroom, the renewed efforts at the state and local levels to reopen schools for in person learning and that's where we start tonight on kron 4 news at 10 thanks for joining us. everybody, i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis for a majority
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of students it has been. >>almost a full year since they've had in person learning but the wheels there motion to get him back on campus. a big announcement from governor newsome today saying that he and state lawmakers negotiated throughout the weekend and that they're close to making a deal on when and how to reopen schools. >>the reopening plan that he put out there was very rigid. almost every school said this is just not feasible. for us to do. and then there's his blueprint framework which quite frankly is still an impediment if you're saying you can open until you get your red tier well well most of the state is still in purple tier. >>a major sticking point in these negotiations have been teachers unions that are demanding educators be vaccinated before stepping foot back in the classroom newsome says the state is prioritizing teachers in the next phase of vaccinations an agreement on when in person learning may resume could be reached by this week.
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>>that blueprint for reopening means schools in the san francisco unified school district will not necessarily welcome students back on campus anytime soon even as the district and its unions have finally reached an agreement to do so the tentative plan establishes a set of safety standards revolving around masking physical distancing ventilation and testing but the district superintendent says it is the spread of covid which will ultimately determine when schools reopen. >>it all depends spread of the virus gets down to a level of red or hopefully orange. and also it's tied to the availability of vaccines. >>san francisco, which is currently in the purple reopening tier must first move up to the red tier then the initial schools set to reopen we'll have to have their teachers and staff vaccinated which currently is not happening due to a lack of supply, san francisco will
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open its schools and waves beginning with these early education in elementary schools, teachers and staff at these locations will be the first to get the vaccine. despite the announcement of a reopening plan city attorney dennis herrera says the lawsuit against the district remains in place. in a statement herrera said in part. this is progress but it is not enough and so far this raises more questions than answers. he added the school district. we need to share the whole plan and show that it is concrete and meets the requirements of the law. the city attorney's office plans to file for a preliminary injnnction on thursday. one east bay school district is preparing to welcome back students to campus after spending nearly a whole year. >>practicing distance-learning the classroom a look very different when they do get back but as our kron four's terisa stasio reports for us tonight. officials in orinda say that the move is a positive step while still coping with this pandemic.
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>>i think we're all very excited to see students back in the classrooms that beaming superintendent is doctor carolyn season in charge of union school district. >>finally after nearly a year long battle against covid-19 with the positivity rate expected to drop her county health guidelines to 25 per 100,000 or into union school district can bring children back into the classroom distance learning is not the same as being in person and. >>there are different strategies that teachers can employ him person was students that can't really be fully replicated on a zoom screen. and i think for students social emotional health. it will be incredibly gratifying to see them in class doctor seen says per protocol it will not be the same. as right before the pandemic shuttered schools, the students are 6 apart. shared share. and there
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is at least 6 feet between our students and the teacher or any other adult and we also have a mandatory mask-wearing rule. we also air purification systems air purifiers in each classroom that filter out the virus and conduct air exchanges, frequent air exchanges. we are also recommending. to open our our classroom windows and doors weather permitting and certain chance nothing is perfect and asked all to be patient. >>as this step unfold. >>inevitably as we roll this out there will be wrinkles there will be bumps in the road and we will work through so here's what's going to happen next. >>if the numbers are good on tuesday, then the in person will start on wednesday with code words with alternating days and that's t k through 5th grade and then 6th grade will return. next week after
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the president's day weekend reporting. under theresa kron 4 news in the north bay schools across marion county are proving that a return to in person instruction. >>can be done safely for both students and staff at least in that county. since the first return to the classroom back in september there have been 10 cases of suspected in-school transmission of the virus of those cases 5 where student a student, 3 were adult to adult and 2 were adult to student. there have been no student to adult transmissions in the school. currently more than 17,000 students per day are learning in marin county classrooms. and after nearly one year now of this stay at home instruction student athletes are starting to train again it oakland unified school district campuses yeah, it's been really tough for the kids kron four's ella sogomonian live for us in the studio with. >>groups that are now able to
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practice which what a relief for yeah, they looked so happy to be out on field today to say the least and this applies to specifically the middle school and high school students ust and this was a scene out on the football field a qassam on high school tonight, the focus right now is on fall sports. >>sports means everything to joseph salazar who plays baseball basketball and football. so after 11 months away, he's ecstatic to be back out on the field to find from have yet to come back out on this field because i've been in the house for a long time he's one of the many students who got to practice again at on high school on monday night. since last week they've been working out and getting in shape. but the teams don't run any plays because no contact is allowed. both athletes and coaches are keeping their distance and masks on despite the covid-19 precautions they admit that it's better than being at home councilman head football coach and washington says that it's been a tough year. trying to train via tablet or laptop because his job goes way beyond that 2 zones, but i
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have done some house visits just to make sure kids are ok, you know me because when you when you coaching inn in oakland, you not just coaching football. that's the last thing we deal with you not before our coaches in oakland. >>we really take a love for our kids and we take the village approach now that their kids have returned to face to face training that focuses on fall sports, including football and cheerleading girls volleyball and cross country for now coach washington tells us that practice is 4 days a week one hour each time monday through friday and some of those moves did not look easy vicki and grant. >>hard to believe that these people were so out they're ecstatic in working out when normally you'd be you know just crawled up and wishing for it to be over possibly you know i would yeah well, i mean they're stoked but just think about the have all that energy that's how bad it was probably behind the laptops oh yeah, lots of enthusiasm tonight all right call better than soon thank you iowa. >>well ultimately a return to normalcy things like getting all students back in classrooms and letting all
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students play sports again actual games will depend on our ability to get everybody vaccinated yeah governor newsome pledging to continue to ramp up the vaccination effort state wyatt, even if. >>the supplies still falling short of the demand as of tonight, california health officials say that they have administered more than 4.7 million doses across the state well, 7 and a half million have been distributed. the data provided by the state does not reveal just how many people have gotten both doses. some good news today from pfizer the company expecting to cut down the time that it takes to produce it covid-19 vaccine by nearly half. the pharmaceutical giant says that it's aiming to reduce production time to an average of 60 days. it is calling this latest effort project light speed. pfizer's vaccine is currently made it 3 different plants starting in missouri moving to massachusetts and then finishing up in michigan. more than 20 million doses of
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the pfizer vaccine have now been administered nationwide on the peninsula health officials in san mateo county leaders join together today in a recently opened drive-thru vaccination site in daly city. >>george the public to get vaccinated chief health officer with northeast medical services doctor kenneth tie. says while some patients are really eager to get the shot others are hesitant. >>we are combating misinformation from eds from china. philippines. focusing on the deaths related to the vaccines by pfizer and moderna without really any evidence. so they dismiss information really instilled a lot of fears and mistrust in our asian american population. >>san mateo county has vaccinated more than 73,000 people but there's quite a large equity gap when it comes to who is getting the shot 40% of the people vaccinated or white 9% are latino 28% asian in less than 2% are black city
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and county leaders hope that by opening up a drive-thru vaccination site we'll be able to quickly narrow the equity gap. >>happening tomorrow, a new mass vaccination site we'll be opening at levi stadium, the largest of its kind in california. the plan is to administer at least 5,000 doses per day with the goal of ramping up to 15,000 per doses permitting right now the county is vaccinating residents, 65 and older, certain health care workers and those in long-term care facilities. >>all right weather time as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look here above downtown san francisco city hall lit up in purple that is to honor the hospitality workers who have been struggling as we're looking at almost a year now this pandemic a beautiful night yesterday nonetheless have they ever. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now to look ahead. yeah guys boy you know we had such a nice weekend. those temperatures running well
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above the average someplace in the 60's. >>even some low 70's, but today everything changed the clouds start to move back in then you probably felt it. the boy we really cooled off all around the bay area and going to be the trend here we'll be back to some wintry weather looks like a few storms could be taking aim at the bay area outside right now mostly cloudy us remaining dry all the looks pretty interesting on the doppler show you more and that just a moment though the temperature trend over the last 24 10 degrees cooler in oakland, it was 9 degrees cooler hayward h 3 scores, san jose and 9 degrees cooler in follow-up temperatures really cool down as that cloud cover rolled in that air mass to really drop in temperature but ironically right at the average in san francisco, 59 degrees 60 almost exactly where we should be for this time of year in oakland 61 in san jose 63 for high and the more 64 in concord and 61 in santa rosa. tell you what the stopper looks pretty interesting you see all the cloud cover around across the state and see the green beginning to show up here the unfortunate thing we just
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don't have a trigger to really get that moisture out of the atmosphere so you're seeing some of that on the doppler radar this burger. this is what's a falling in the atmosphere above just evaporates before it gets to the surface so we're left with dry conditions around the bay area so a lot of clouds out there right now temperatures a little cooler spots 48 degrees in half moon bay does 50 in palo alto 52 inhaler 49 now into broad it is 51 berkeley and 52 degrees in the napa valley so as we head through the night tonight, we'll keep those skies mostly cloudy out there couple patches of fog temperatures a little bit on the chilly side but not really cold because of the cloud cover tomorrow, mostly cloudy cool to mild around a good part of the bay area we're going to see temperatures staying down a bit but on wednesday, a little more sunshine, then that all changes unsettled weather pattern really settling in series of could affect the bay area as we round out your week. a weak front that's going to move to the bay area's going bring with a more clouds going to sweep on by for tomorrow high pressure then the sneak in for least a day that will warm things up a little bit on wednesday, but not by much your head around the state more open about 69
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in fresno about 58 degrees in santa barbara 62 degrees in los certainly cooled all around it looks like that cloud cover that's kind of going to the store here overnight tonight and tomorrow but because of that not going to freezing out there, but it will be chilly in spots as we head through the day tomorrow. maybe a couple of breaks in the clouds but all day long you see these clouds can rolling on by and keeping those temperatures down at least for another day i think we've got a little more sunshine coming our way midweek but then those storms start to line up out there late on thursday into friday probably over the weekend to have more on that in your tent and a few minutes looking forward to that thanks place. and we'll truly and to the best of my ability. >>perform the duties of chief of police of the oakland police department id congratulations. >>what a day for oakland native floor on armstrong who was sworn in by mayor libby shaft as the city's new police
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chief today city leaders say this is the hardest job in america and the new chief comes at a time when crime in the city is reaching a level sadly not seen in decades our force has he made gives us a closer look at armstrong who rose through the ranks of opd and even has the backing of the police commission oakland's new police chief la'ron armstrong is taking command of the department at a time when crime to the city has reached levels that seeded decades. >>one of the people killed. this year was a part of my family. we've lost 15 lives to senseless violence in our city so far this year. i say to you. my family. it's no different. the 15. 14 other families that have experienced this exact trauma. >>so carroll. patrol won the new chief is a native son of oakland, a proud graduate of
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the climate high school and a 22 year veteran officer who has risen through the ranks at opd now it is his turn to take on some of the longstanding problems plaguing the department. >>like the negotiated settlement agreement from the early 2 thousands. >>moving the department into full compliance with the settlement agreement one of my top priorities. but in order to achieve that goal it requires cultural change within this organization and that cultural change starts today. >>some low pd officers allegedly being tied to racist groups. >>our department is currently faces serious challenges, but allegations of white supremacy is races as social media post. these as it is a woefully unacceptable. and i can assure you that we're going to fully and thoroughly investigated. >>and the rise of violence throughout the city which now the new chief is turning into a rallying cry for everyone to help get it under control i can't do it alone. but what your help.
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>>spending together. we can make a safer community for everybody. >>the city's new top cop has the approval of the chair of the oakland police commission regina jackson. >>i don't think anybody is closer to what we were looking for perform the duties of chief of police of the oakland police department id congratulations. >>has made you kron 4 news. tomorrow morning kron 4 will be going one on one with the new police chief you can watch it on our streaming news service kronon just download the app free live local news. oakland police said beefing up patrols now following the recent arrest in the attacks of 3 elderly victims in chinatown in a case that was caught on video police say that the suspect 28 year-old muslim push a 91 year-old victim from behind as you can see they're calling him to collapse on the the concrete.
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well today alameda county d a nancy o'malley announced the formation of a special response unit to address crimes against asians especially those who are elderly. >>the rapid increase in criminal acts targeted against members of the asian community and particularly chinese americans who live and work in alameda county is intolerable. >>the suspect a muslim has been charged with inflicting great bodily injury committing the crime against an elderly person. the da's office still investigating the cases and you could possibly file hate crime charges if deemed necessary meanwhile, the 91 year-old victim remains in the hospital tonight. >>san francisco's castro is the latest neighborhood to add its own layer of public safety initiatives to the streets and arms community ambassadors we'll start patrolling the castro in an effort to deter crime and respond to quality of life issues kron 4 taylor reports. >>a new safety ambassador
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program will patrol thi neighborhood starting on tuesday at 07:00am this week you see new faces patrolling san francisco's castro neighborhood in response to increasing crime in quality of life issues on the streets. >>it's a new effort launched by community collaborative castro cares to address some of the problems plaguing the neighborhood all these issues have just increased since the pandemic but the impetus was. >>round floor commercial smash windows and not burglaries are stealing anything inside this smashing windows and residents feeling uncomfortable shopping. >>or going out at night injury aiello is the executive director of castro community benefit district which manages castro cares. she hopes that the new safety ambassadors trained in de-escalation we'll help respond to these issues, it's really is an extra set of eyes and ears on the street, there aren't enough police officers and maybe. >>for so many of these issues police is not the right response and so this is a lower expensive but it might be the more appropriate but
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just our crisis intervention. >>a team that's used in addition to community ambassadors who will patrol the streets tuesdays through saturdays from 07:00am to 03:30pm there will also be over weekend police patrols in the homeless outreach effort. it includes. special police working weekends and evenings. evening weekends those are armed officers approves of the police commission and we also have downtown streets team that is our homeless outreach effort to try to reach out to those on the provide case management services and also combine that with a job readiness training program supervisor rafael mandelman who represents the area says. >>this is just the beginning to addressing mental illness in the city and finding alternative responses we've got to do something differently and we need to be exploring kind of some of these new models and alternatives i think the pilot program is funded 4 year for the castro community benefit
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district looks to continue this program from anymore in san francisco taylor kron 4 >>still ahead tonight tesla makes a big investment in bitcoin why experts say the digital currency could school co-main street plus disney is reopening one of its parks in southern california but why this does not be you'll be able to go in any rides anytime soon and if you noticed you're paying more at the pump recently you're not alone what's driving the rise in gas prices next.
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>>for your money tonight if you've notice you've been paying more at the pump recently you're not alone experts say gas prices are slowly returning to what they were prepandemic in may. soon even surpassed them the reason behind the surge largely due to supply demand. experts say with the shelter-in-place orders. lifted more people are back on the road creating greater demand for gas california also of course pays more in gas taxes per gallon than any other state in the u.s. here in the bay according to aaa gas is most expensive in san francisco averaging more than 3.60 a gallon for regular, the least expensive solano county paying less than 3.40 a gallon. a big move for tesla tonight, the electric car company has invested around one 0.5 billion dollars. worth of bitcoin and
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plans to accept the cryptocurrency as payment in the near future at tesla announced the news through a regulatory filing with the s the sea. >>experts say this could be the first domino to fall with other companies soon following in tesla's lead and accepting the digital currency as payment. but not everyone should start buying right away. >>i think we're going to see more and more ceo's realizing that there's a good way to hedge their us dollar exposure and a decentralized currency is that what well look there's no question about the trend of the price over the last year and there's also no question about bitcoin's volatility. >>over time my own recommendation to the individual investor that's investing a retirement account or something very serious is don't do it. it the purchase by tesla help to drive bitcoin's value up over 13% today.
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>>and shares of tesla moved higher as well. today tesla ceo elon musk announced a new project aimed at tackling climate change. it's a competition is called x prize carbon removal. the winner gets a 100 billion dollars to reduce the overall level of c '02 in the atmosphere. the contest will be run over the course of 4 years and teams from anywhere in the world are invited the goal is to come up with a solution that will poll carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere or from oceans. this process is called carbon capture referring to technologies that can take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and either store it somewhere underground for example or converted into products ranging from fuel to sunglasses more details on the competition will be released on april 22nd, which is by the way birthday. >>up next a 10 he told them the fight like or you won't have a country we are on the heels of the second impeachment for former
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president donald trump will hear the arguments from both sides and along spec that trial to last plus the number of inmate firefighters in california continues to decrease officials say it is a problem they saw coming. and this is going to cost the state a whole lot of money speaking of money about $15 an hour. democrats are hoping to include a new federal minimum wage in the next covid relief package, but white will have much of an effect here in california. >>a lot of clouds rolling in right now, but no rain to speak of that will likely change though your tenant head is coming up next.
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>>and now at 1030 taking a live look at capitol hill right now on the eve of the historic second impeachment trial. a former president donald j trump. arguments from house democrats and trump's defense team they're already beginning to take shape tonight. yeah, we're just hours away now house democrats are accusing trump of inciting a group of riders to storm the u.s. capitol last month. >>while former president they're calling for the proceedings calling the proceedings unconstitutional. they're calling the proceedings political theater joe khaleel reports.
10:31 pm
>>the harder for president trump's case the legal argument that a former president can't be put on trial in the senate heading into the trial's first day it's clear. mister trump's republican allies agree there are a lot of questions that i hope are going to be addressed a lot of them have to do with the basic. president setting nature of trying person is no longer president the former president's lawyers insist this impeachment trial is politically driven in a 78 page pretrial brief released today, writing quote instead of backing to heal the nation or at the very least focusing on prosecuting the lawbreakers who stormed the capital. the speaker of the house and her allies have tried to callously harness the chaos of the moment for their own political gain we fight like al and if you don't fight like how you're not going to have a country anymore that speech delivered by then president trump before rioters stormed the capital is the basis for democrats key president trump incited them all to attack the seat of american democracy
10:32 pm
threatening members of congress and disrupting the constitutional process of counting votes in their own brief democrats argue when president trump demanded that the armed angry crowd at his safe america rally fight like how or you're not going to have a country anymore. he wasn't urging them to form political action committees before president's lawyers argue the use of the word fight shouldn't be taken literally and is protected first amendment speech both sides say the trial could be over in a week tomorrow's will focus on whether the trial was constitutional followed by up to 2 days for impeachment managers to make their case the president's lawyers will then have 2 days for their defense senators will then have a chance to ask questions and ultimately a vote to convict or acquit each side will have ample time to make arguments senate majority leader chuck schumer says it's crucial the senate here the entire case against president trump when something as horrible as dastardly that happened on january 6 the
10:33 pm
cause you cannot sweep it under the rug. >>you must have all the truth come out. in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>house impeachment managers have said that they're not trying to target any specific republicans in an attempt to change their minds on impeachment and they accept that the former president will likely be acquitted. but our political analysts. donna crane says the democrats have several good reasons for pushing forward. >>well i think the democrats are looking to achieve 2 or 3 main the first is they're just they believe strongly that there can't be justice and there can be healing and there can't be a return to democratic principles without some kind of accountability i think the second argument is they're looking to discourage a future person with autocratic tendencies from thinking that this goes unpunished. and the 3rd argument is and you know we're seeing this play out with burma these days, it's really
10:34 pm
hard for the u.s. to take any kind of a position on the world stage in support of democracy and the freedom of its peak of countries people if we don't enforce ourselves here. >>and a new poll from the associated press to suggest that in the wake of the january 6th insurrection only a fragment of americans believe democracy is still thriving here in the u.s. just 16% of americans say democracy is working well we're extremely well. nearly half think democracy is not functioning properly. while 38% say it's working only somewhat well while americans are a bit downbeat on the current state of democracy, they still believe in it. 80% say that to democratically elected government is extremely important to the nation's identity. texas congressman ron wright has passed away becoming the first sitting member of congress to die after. >>getting covid representative wright died last night after he was admitted to the hospital some 2 weeks ago his
10:35 pm
wife who also contracted the virus was by his side when he passed she's recovered. the 67 year-old congressman is a cancer survivor, no word yet on how congress plans to honor him. more money could be going into the pockets of parents who are during this pandemic it's in addition. >>within president biden's 1.9 trillion dollars covid-19 stimulus package. the white house is hoping to have the bipartisan bill approved by the end of the month. if the national covid relief package does go through americans could get monthly checks as early as july as part of the plan democrats will include payments of $1400 per person. house democrats have included a $15 federal minimum part of the relief package. you know, though it's not clear if the senate will support it under the proposal the minimum wage would gradually increase from its current rate of $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour by 2025
10:36 pm
and here in california, the minimum wage is currently $13 an hour for employees with 25 or less employees but $14 for those with 26 or more employees. the minimum wage will rise to $15 in our state for all employers by 2023. good news for fans of disney's california adventure the park will be reopening next month but. >>it will not include any rides or other attractions instead the park is debuting a food and beverage festival with classic disney touches. nearly 1000 disney employees will be returning to work to help launch the offense. tickets will be limited and covid health and safety protocols will be in place. dates and ticket prices have not yet been announced. john cox is making another bid for the governor's office see officially kicked off his campaign today airing a statewide ad attacking both his republican rival kevin faulkner, and governor newsome
10:37 pm
cox lost his 2018 bid against newsome by a wide margin. his announcement now comes as organizers close in on the one and a half million signatures needed for recall proposal to move forward against newsome the signatures must be submitted to election officials by march 17th. now to a dwindling inmate population that is really putting a strain on california's firefighting operation and it's forcing governor newsome to hire more expensive cruise which is of course costing the state millions of dollars. >>but when the shacks explains how we got here. >>it's really sad that it's come to this the inmate firefighter population has dwindled in numbers to where the governor is now looking to hire firefighters costing millions to battle the inevitable threat of statewide fires the service that has historically been at a very low cost to the state kings county sheriff david robinson who also serves as the
10:38 pm
president of the california state sheriffs association says law enforcement saw this coming we knew that state prison in mesa county jail was absolutely going to have an impact on on inmate firefighters the inmate firefighter program sent low level prison inmates to fire camps where they would learn how to fight fires, especially wild land fires. the sheriff says elections and legislation have had its consequences between realigned prop 47 in prop 57 we've gotten to the point where you know the state prison inmate population has has dwindled and the local jail population. >>is now made up of inmates awaiting state prison. and inmates that don't qualify to go to fire camp prop 47 re categorize some nonviolent offenses as misdemeanors rather than felonies while prop 57 allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons.
10:39 pm
>>both propositions were approved by voters at one point cal fire had 168 hand crews, the majority of them coming from the state's prison system today. there are 51 according to the department of corrections the number of the incarcerated housed in the state's conservation camp program by the end of 2011 was 4,098 as a february 2021 there are 1451 this isn't about you know. >>versus the the fire fighters, you know we absolutely love and support them and appreciate the work that they have to do. and we understand that they're in a bind, you know they do not have enough help right now and something has to be done. >>that was rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight back in september the governor signed a law allowing inmate firefighters to become professional firefighters. once they complete their sentence to the north bay now where authorities have identified a woman who died this morning after a fire ripped through 2 homes >>nevada mobile home park
10:40 pm
happened around 7 this morning at armstrong mobile home park on armstrong have. the marine county sheriff's office says 64 year-old terry but teeny died in her home which was engulfed in flames, the second victim was taken to a local hospital hospital with moderate burns crews were able to contain the fire in about 45 minutes, the cars tonight is being investigated. santa rosa police say they have arrested 2 involved in 3 separate bank robberies that took place back in december. those suspects. >>from berkeley were arrested in connection to robberies at exchange bank on stony point road chase bank on sonoma avenue and the bank of america also on sonoma avenue. rest santa rosa police say that up they rather received help from the community as well as partner law enforcement agencies were instrumental in solving all 3 cases and happening now san jose police are asking for that public's help in locating this woman, 69 year-old new gob do only
10:41 pm
speaks vietnamese she was last seen at least supermarket on center road wearing red slippers black pants and a black jacket who is 5 feet tall and weighs about 85 pounds. anyone who sees her is being asked to contact san jose police. also in san jose tonight vandals targeted this. >>historic monument in the city's japan town area, the granite monolith honoring the city's japanese immigrants was just covered in the red spray paint overnight tonight city leaders are looking for answers why would someone do this kron four's dan thorn has that story. the council member that represents this district does not believe that this vandalism was racially motivated but that doesn't make it any less disheartening. >>for an area that's been struggling like so many others throughout this pandemic this is just another unfortunate hit red graffiti covers a historic monument in san jose's japantown the spray paint put there by an unknown vandal is unnerving the city's japanese community, this is
10:42 pm
just adding insult to injury. this has been a tremendously difficult year, especially for small businesses city council member peralez believes this graffiti was done at random by a well known tag and crew that uses the moniker j b f. >>he says japan towns struggles to the pandemic have gotten worse because of recent burglaries and other petty crimes like this streaming disheartening to see that we people out in community when it come out and just face whatever it may this one just hurts instinct little more. >>the monument was erected as a tribute to the east say pioneers, the first japanese immigrants to san jose. the 5 and a half ton gift came from japanese sister kiama as a symbol of resilience. the community expects that spirit to continue despite the defacing i don't want without having some sense of pride because this is sitting up here. we want to get this cleaned up is it quickly as possible. but also be able to come out and address the concerns that this community has had overall. >>as the city looks to clean this up some local businesses are collecting surveillance
10:43 pm
video to give to police to help identify whoever did this. reporting in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>all right, let's switch gears here for a moment, give you a live look outside right now at san francisco's embarcadero. >>bay bridge lights dancing in the night sky chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with the look at the forecast a large today guys, yeah we are going to see a change in the weather we saw a bit of that today as temperatures drop quite a bit outside now the clouds the getting together once again and then they'll be moving in overhead tonight and continuing tomorrow, we'll see a lot of cloud cover the next couple days unfortunately, not much in the way of rain up there right now over san francisco stretching across the bay last look out there tonight we do see some patchy fog developing out there as well but just some patches of this time kind of interesting though we've got this week system that sliding across the state you can see looks pretty impressive what it looks like we might be getting some rain but just doesn't happen what is happening. now is we're just seeing a lot of clouds
10:44 pm
and much of that moisture making its way all the way to the ground but that will likely change here as we head throughout the week got this week system off the coast line that's going to kind of push on through unfortunately not leaving much behind. then as we get to wednesday kind of a break but then that all changes on thursday night there you go 1030 thursday night you see the rain begin to move in that continues into early on friday morning that kind of a quick hitter behind that we've got maybe more substantial storm moving in on saturday that coming due to bring some more rain and then after that a little bit of a break and then possibly next tuesday you see that next branch moisture setting up a possibly. next tuesday as well so there's a promise of more rain they had none of these look like really big storms but hey if we get the rain going that's a good sign tomorrow. it will be dry a lot of clouds out there little more sunshine as we get to wednesday and don't this weekend and we've got valentine's day to worry about to that on sunday should be mostly sunny on valentine's day presidents doesn't look bad but the following tuesday looks like we do have a chance of summer like you state that
10:45 pm
we have valentine's day to worry about for guys it's a big deal we don't want to blow it sure helped a lot pressure lot of pressure okay then stressed for weeks. >>all right, we have to you just take the gifts it then goes both ways doesn't does well ok can't wait to hear more about sunday and monday coming up in sports draymond green was he going to do for valentine's day. >>i'm not sure he did this with 5 seconds left in the game it had everybody scratching their heads. maybe except dream on. jason dumas us he's state about valentine's day so steph everybody is some people worried some people not we'll be back right after this.
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>the warriors have been painfully average this year in fact in 24 games this season. they've scored just 2 more points than they've given up every time they try to muster up a winning streak. they either blow a lead or lose to a team they should beat. >>they haven't won more than 2 in a row nor have they lost more than 2 in a row and repeat and. >>tonight it happened again, but and lisa's klay thompson birthday and would you look at
10:49 pm
that no walking boot on his foot all signs are that he's right on schedule re having that torn achilles and for staff being staff and then he does the i don't know what banstead is but he's been doing a lot of dancing this year warriors up 9 points after one. now dubs built a 14 point lead early in the second, but it did not last you want a memory got them back in the game with 16 first-half points. he had a heck of a night. later in the quarter kelly you're a throws down through the contact was a great pass from andrew wiggins he made the foul shot he had 18 points in the 1st half warriors up 5 4th quarter jobs down 10 but step brings them back. nice tough reverse layup there it get back to within 2 seconds left murray gets the loose ball behind the arc you've got to run him off the 3 point line in this situation because of things like that san antonio goes out for murray had 27, but staff was not because back with the 3 of
10:50 pm
his own staff at 14 of his 32 points in the 4th including that trade last hands down 3 in. could have been what they grew up. throws a shot up there are still 5.6 seconds left on the clock steph curry clearly looks a little dubs waste another great performance from steph curry but after the game i asked steve kerr and dream on what happened on that final possessions lost the game. >>he thought they were going to and that's why put it up to you know thanking you get through 3 free throws out this first generally to not probably my or informing the team, this first don't usually so like smart is >>most people seem to come to was actually you so first far.
10:51 pm
>>what i disagree with you there over to the college ranks, san jose state taking san diego state's closing moments of the 1st half oakland's khashoggi johnson gets his own rebound finishes through the contact nice play there. but this was the play tonight do not get in front of shot on the break. so do things like that let's take another look became a dunk fest in the 2nd half check out the rebound get 8 points 13 rebounds it's another day in the office workers shot johnson san diego state rolls 85 to 8050 for your final. all right richard sherman you want to play 2 more seasons in the nfl and they likely won't be with the forty-niners sure will be 33 in march and has long expressed his desire to play until he's 35 years old. the problem is the niners likely won't be able for him.
10:52 pm
kyle shanahan said back in december that it would take quote a miracle to bring sherman back fred warner and trent williams will likely be paid before anyone on the niners. they are due a lot of money, especially trent williams that he's going to be a free agent so it was a heck of a run for richard sherman he was second team all pro a few seasons ago only played 5 seasons this past year because of that calf injury but obviously he is all class will be a hall of famer one day but he'll probably finish his career elsewhere. th the power of three is everywhere. but you've never seen it like this. now with xfinity internet, you can also save on wireless and streaming. get internet that's packed with power... ...and up to $300 in savings with xfinity mobile. plus, stream your favorites with a flex 4k box included. it's three ways to get more and save more starting with xfinity internet. can your internet do that?
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get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months and get a flex 4k box for free. plus, save hundreds when you add xfinity mobile. switch today.
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>>a historic day for the boy scouts of america for the first time ever a girl has reached the rank of eagle scout boy scouts of america first opened up to girls in 2019 and rather than choose. one girl to be the first eagle scout in the organization they decided to have a new dog or a class. the group included 6 young girls from la county who took part in a beach cleanup today, here's what their leader had to say about their accomplishment. it is a hard. >>road to go down when you are joining as such a later age. these girls, the average age they joined was 15 and even with covid we grew in scouting and they were able to accomplish not only all their ranks to get to eagle by the state. >>yeah besides what a really big day was a boy scouts of
10:56 pm
america explain that all the boys the organizations, some who have been in it since early childhood. i was only about 9% ever make it to eagle scout rank officials are praising the dedication that led so many young women to reach that rank in just one year. all let's get a final check of the weather florence. yeah, i mean that on the i never made that eagle scout congratulations to out there tonight we do have a lot of clouds that are moving forcing not get the rain just yet but that will likely change a good thing is though is holding up the temperatures a little bit we've had some very cold nights recently but. >>it was all that cloud cover out there a lot of 50's at this hour certainly. i'm not going to get a whole lot colder tomorrow. this going to be kind of cool in spots, especially near the coastline looking mid 50's in half moon bay, lot of cloud cover across the bay area for tomorrow plan about 62 degrees the napa valley about 62 degrees in oakland 59 in mount view and about 62 degrees in morgan hill. so these temperatures probably running a little bit below much cooler we had over
10:57 pm
this past weekend now we've got to get that rain going again this a very important month for us to get the rain out there so they've got a chance of rain developing on thursday night into friday, another storm moves in kind of a quick hitter on saturday. valentine's day looks dry right now mostly sunny. then another chance of rain as we get into tuesday of next week so looks like things are going to open up a little bit although none of these are very large storms are expected to take all we can get yeah. thanks your time, thanks thank you for watching everybody good night everybody.
10:58 pm
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