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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 9, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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most of the clouds that we are seeing is just that right above the bay area so visibility is holding up for most spots do watch your travel in the tri valley though couple of foggy areas out that direction and across the north bay just a few light sprinkles most of these are just misty conditions but in northern portions of napa and sonoma counties we do have some light sprinkles this morning, current temperatures are in the upper 40's to low 50's it is a mild start to this morning certainly not as cold as yesterday morning was our afternoon highs, though they're going to stay pretty cool. so yes, the jacket is going to be needed for your tuesday john thank you so we've been tracking your commute this morning if you're leaving the house right now no major hot spots or accidents to tell you about. >>however i did see some reports that there was a hazard on the westbound side near treasure island but nothing like yesterday remember a lot of people running over that yesterday it was causing major delays so not seeing that this morning heading into the city to that fremont street exit from the east bay under 8 minutes for your drive time again no high
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wind advisory in place across our bridges this morning as you head across to the peninsula. there the of the san mateo bridge you're under 13 minutes for your drive time there the richmond sandra fell bridge starting to pick up this morning under 8 minutes as you head to richmond and the golden gate bridge head into the city you're at about 22 minutes, we're tracking your commute this morning but for now back to the news breana. >>5 oh one is the time it happening today, the san francisco forty-niners in the county of santa clara are going to be opening up levi stadium, turning it into a mass vaccination should be able to get a lot of people through there and it's going to start this afternoon kron four's will tran is following it live. >>at levi's i will. >>this is the biggest score for niners fans in just fans in general as far as sports because sports teams are turning their facilities into vaccination sites and the forty-niners are no different do not come down. i want to get that off my chest right now, so you don't waste your time do not come down and his
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appointment only you have to go to your health provider and then from their work your way through the system and they'll let you know we do know this will happen at noon today goes all the way until 6 o'clock tonight. governor gavin newsome he will be here as well this is such a big event that he will hold a news conference at 8.30 in the morning which we will carry live for you he was at the oakland coliseum last week so this is just part of what's going on throughout the country with sports teams are stepping up to help the community we do know as far as those who will get their vaccinations today it will be group one a meaning health care providers long-term facilities and those who are 65 years and older if you're not in that age group are in that bracket be patient. the governor and health officials say they will get to you eventually, but for now they will try to vaccinate as many people as they possibly can. the goal is up to 15,000 people. so long as the supply is there for them to
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administer to you should be really quick. just so you know if you have an appointment today. they're telling you don't come down too early practice social distancing after you get your shot. you have to wait around for 15 minutes just to make sure that you don't have any side effects before you leave so i've covered a lot of sports stories james and darya i am so happy for the people, i'm happy for the forty-niners talk about the catch. this is the cats but in a different way this is actually a life saving catch. >>back to you we've been clamor and let's get this party started use these big venues right you've got them in oakland and san francisco and san jose so let's roll, thanks a lot. we'll. >>time now is 5 '03 now let's turn our sights to national news in just about a couple hours from now the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump is set to begin that's when the senate will consider whether to convict him of inciting an insurrection regarding the deadly us right we saw there at the capitol last month
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we've got our dc correspondent anna wiernicki standing by in washington with more on what we might expect to play out today and a good morning. >>good morning that's right when the senate convenes in just a few hours it will officially mark the start of this impeachment trial but before we even hear oral arguments from either senate leaders agreed to first to be whether or not to even have a trial. >>for the second time the senate is deciding whether or not to convict a former president donald trump is donald trump guilty. of inciting a violent mob. trump is charged with inciting insurrection in a speech to supporters ahead of the deadly right at the u.s. capitol on january 6th we fight like al and if you don't fight like how you're not going to have a country anymore. trump's lawyers say the trial should be dismissed because trump is no longer in office. texas republican senator john cornyn agrees or lot of questions that i hope are going to be addressed a lot of them have to do with the basic.
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>>president setting nature of trying person is no longer president the trial is clearly constitutional by every frame of analysis. democrats say they have overwhelming evidence that trump is guilty and senate majority leader chuck schumer says senators need to hear the entire case the president cannot simply resign to avoid accountability for an impeachable offense. nor can they escape judgment by waiting until their final few weeks in office to betray our country. >>and senate leaders agreed to allow for 4 hours of debate today on whether it's constitutional to prosecute the former president and then the senate will take a vote on whether or not to proceed with the trial which is expected to pass live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki back to you. thanks anna. >>it is my desire to get our schools safely open as quickly as we can. >>and that's the other big story this morning kids in california could be one step closer to getting back into the classroom for a majority of students of course it's
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been almost a full years since they've had in person instruction. but yesterday governor gavin newsom announced that he and state lawmakers are closer to making a deal on when and how schools can reopen. >>the reopening plan that he put out there was very rigid. almost every school said this is just not feasible. >>for us to do. and then there's his blueprint framework which quite frankly is still an impediment if you're saying you can open until you get your red tier well well most of the state is still in purple tier. >>major sticking point in the negotiations. teachers unions are demanding educators be vaccinated before stepping foot back in the classroom newsom says the state is prioritizing teachers in the next phase of vaccinations an agreement on when in person learning may resume, could be reached sometime next week or this week actually. >>the san francisco unified school district reached a tentative deal with its unions to get the ball get kids and teachers back into classroom.
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the agreement does not mean that the reopening soon or that there's a date this deal cover safety protocols and as you james, they have to figure that out before they can open the doors, including. masking social distancing ventilation and testing but the district superintendent says it's the spread of covid that will ultimately determine when schools will reopen. >>it all depends spread of the virus gets down to a level of red are totally done orange. and also it's tied to the availability of vaccines. >>san francisco's currently as we just saw in the state's purple tier as is most of the state. so we're waiting to see if the governor changes that once they are able to reopen. they are going to be of course vaccinating teachers and staff in the city will reopen the plan is in waves beginning with early education elementary schools, teachers and staff at those locations will be vaccinated first since
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they will open first. >>all right 5 '07 let's get you some quick breaking news now from overnight police in san jose are investigating a homicide with roads closed in the area crawford's yulia 7 is as live at the scene with the details exactly where is this yealy. >>well this is on santa clara street just between one oh one and 26 street i'm actually on 28th street and you can see already the police activity out here on santa clara it's going to be a while this is going to be a shut down for quite a while you can see here. the crime unit is out here and they just arrive, you know they're going to have to take measurements. look for any kind of evidence of the body is still on the scene this makes a san jose's ha of 4th homicide. for this year of what we know about the victim that is a male and that's about it that's all we know at this point we don't have any motive or. >>or how this person died. but
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but the fact that he's still on the scene and the crime unit has just come out it seems like this whole area will be shut down for quite a while this call came in about 2 o'clock this morning. and it's closed off so they really are telling people to try to avoid the area. you know i guess you're going to i'm going to leave that up to our traffic department on how to get around this area, but it is like a good 4 blocks that is closed down right now. >>back to you guys right. thank you yoli and we'll look for updates here throughout the morning time now is 5 '09 we'll take a brief pause still ahead on the kron 4 morning news though san mateo county leaders are working on tackling covid-19 misinformation. >>and the large vaccination equity capital explain and a step in the right direction for youth athletes for the first time in nearly 11 months, one school district is allowing student athletes to do certain types of activities we'll take a closer look and after the break a historic
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monument in san jose has been vandalized by one city leader says he believes it wasn't racially motivated, but it still hurts nonetheless. and today much like yesterday a cloudy one as we make our way through the afternoon don't expect a whole lot of bright skies. >>50's for your highs at the coast while low 60's hang on for a few inland areas. your forecast is ahead. >>and as your commute picks up today, we're keeping an eye on your bridges and your roadways your commute into the city right now from the east bay under 11 minutes, we'll have that coming up next. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. and i only need to take it once a week. plus, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular events. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes
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>>5.12 right now and we're checking out the weather on a tuesday morning. we are actually not that bad in all asked john about this when i got step out of the garage this morning. i noticed it wasn't as cold as yesterday and i looked up saw clouds and a figure was probably why and then it reminded me he was talking about stuff coming our way this week one of the of we had told thursday the rugs are not rain because they're all wet. yeah, reverend wright, not yet right so today we are looking at dry conditions for most of us guys so really like fine we do have a couple of sprinkles in northern napa and sonoma counties, those are really all we're going to be seeing today though so yeah we
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still have thursday guys. >>still good for the rugs at least until then actually tomorrow's going to be a pretty sunny want to look forward to today though still holding on to the cloud cover you can see out there that we do have the clear skies when you look from suture tower down to san francisco. that's because cloud covers for the most part sitting a little bit above the bay this morning, it's low hanging clouds that are seen across the bay area and at some points colliding with the hills right along the coast and in the east bay where he will be running into some low visibility. so the north bay, pretty calm right now there are a couple of misty spots any sort of rainfall that we do have a staying north of santa rosa right around youngsville up in northern napa county just a couple of scattered sprinkles out there really tapping into the cloud cover not so much the moisture moving in from the pacific. >>but we are going to be looking out that moisture working its way in late on thursday, so yes we still do have a couple of dry days ahead of us, couple sprinkles spots up in the north bay today really staying north as i mentioned of santa rosa up in northern napa and sonoma
5:15 am
counties and up in the sierra nevada little bit of snowfall not really piling up too much this is just a cloudier one a sign of the moisture just around the corner tomorrow as i mentioned are clear one a nice wednesday just around the corner good chance to get outside. maybe get some stuff done before thursday arrives showers should arrive later in the day on thursday as for temperatures it's 50's to 60's for high temperatures very similar to yesterday really not a big change at all from where we were yesterday, there's still clouds they're still pretty seasonable temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler for areas like the south bay where san jose you work your way down from 64 yesterday to 62 today union city fremont and hayward 59 for your highs same for you in oakland, san leandro in castro valley, few 60's from walnut creek through conquered up to pittsburgh benicia napa and santa rosa, just to name a few spots back in the low 60's today. so today, mostly cloudy tomorrow, mostly sunny you get the picture today, not the
5:16 am
prettiest of days tomorrow, a whole lot nicer thursday is the day to watch out for this is when rainfall arrives widespread across the bay area and a few sprinkles hold on into early friday, more showers into saturday and likely couple into monday of next week too. reyna john thank you so yesterday we actually started down in san jose again we're going to do that today because they have another investigation going on the air like our photographer yulia 7 has just told you about the want to reiterate the 1400 block of santa clara street, the closures are going to both directions of santa clara street. >>from 26 street to highway one oh one. again a good alternate would be east william street to get around that as they continue that homicide investigation but if you're commuting into the city from the east bay right now under 9 minutes for your drive time no high wind advisories in place for you as well now the san mateo bridge is also starting to pick up here we're seeing a little more traffic on the 92 westbound side that's still under 14 were nice enough to limit their. the richmond sandra fell
5:17 am
bridge as you head out of richmond under 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge heading into the city starting to pick up as well under 20 minutes, we're tracking your commute this morning. the for now back to the news. >>thank you ran a at 5.16, let's head to the south bay where this historic monument santos's japantown was targeted by vandals the granite monolith honors the city's japanese immigrants, and you can see here was covered with red spray paint city leaders are looking for answers as to why someone would do this with kron four's dan thorn with a closer look. the council member that represents this district does not believe that this vandalism was racially motivated but that doesn't make it any less disheartening. >>for an area that's been struggling like so many others throughout this pandemic this is just another unfortunate hit red graffiti covers a historic monument in san jose's japantown the spray paint put there by an unknown vandal is unnerving the city's japanese community, this is just adding insult to injury. this has been a tremendously difficult year, especially for
5:18 am
small businesses city council member peralez believes this graffiti was done at random by a well known tag and crew that uses the moniker j b f. >>he says japan towns struggles to the pandemic have gotten worse because of recent burglaries and other petty crimes like this streaming disheartening to see that we people out in community wanted to come out and just face whatever it may this one just hurts instinct little more. >>the monument was erected as a tribute to the east say pioneers, the first japanese immigrants to san jose. the 5 and a half ton gift came from japanese sister kiama as a symbol of resilience. the community expects that spirit to continue despite the defacing i want to out there having some sense of pride because this is sitting up here. we want to get this cleaned up is it quickly as possible. but also be able to come out and address the concerns that this community has had overall. >>as the city looks to clean this up some local businesses are collecting surveillance video to give to police to help identify whoever did
5:19 am
this. reporting in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>it's 5.18 in the east bay police have arrested a accusing him of a string of assaults in oakland's chinatown including that one was caught on camera where a 91 year-old man was shoved to the ground. >>28 year-old young young was arrested and faces charges including inflicting great bodily injury and committing a crime against an elderly person. >>the rapid increase in criminal acts targeted against members of the asian community and particularly chinese americans who live and work in alameda county is intolerable. >>the da's office is still investigating the cases in code possibly file, hate crime charges. meantime that 91 year-old man remains in the hospital. sad news this morning, mary wilson founding member of the legendary motown group the supremes has passed away at the age of 76. she died suddenly at home in las
5:20 am
vegas. she was an integral part of one of the most successful female groups in the history of music. >>the number one song where did our love go that was out in 64. >>you might know the other hits you can't hurry love how about stop in the name of love i just songs that are popular this day and she was also a best-selling author she was a motivational speaker and the humanitarian. time now is 5.20 we'll take a break. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a new police chief has been sworn in for the city of oakland will tell you how he's tackling. >>the departments with a personal experiences ahead.
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>>i'm 23 in the east and the city of oakland has a new police chief lower on armstrong taking command of the department he does kron four's haaziq reports that the new chief has the backing of the police commission. >>and we'll truly and to the best of my ability perform the duties of chief of police of the oakland police department id congratulations.
5:24 am
>>but they or a round of applause and a covid-19 appropriate elbow armstrong is sworn in and is now the new chief of the oakland police department. >>o p people carol patrol won the new chief is a son of oakland and a proud graduate of the climb that high school where his swearing-in ceremony took place. >>this is where i grew and it wasn't just about a high school it was about a family. >>chief live strong as a 22 year veteran who has risen through the ranks at opd he and his family are also among those who the loss of loved ones killed acts of violence in oakland, including his older brother killed back in 1985 it more easily a relative who was among january twenty-twenty woods 15 homicide victims, one of the people killed. >>this year. >>was a part of my family all of this together makes him uniquely qualified to lead opd according to the chair of the oakland police commissioner regina jackson who adores his
5:25 am
run to be the city's top cop. >>i don't think anybody is closer to what we were looking for. now come police commission looks forward to. supporting him pushing him, holding them accountable. the new chief takes over the police department at a time when crime in the city has reached levels not seen in decades. >>i asked our community a city to stand with me as we work together. so that children can play outside. so that mothers and fathers don't have to worry about stray bullets coming through their windows. and the youth of our community could have a promise that their future we'll be without the threat of violence. >>has it made kron 4 news. >>5.25 is the time stay tuned to the kron 4 morning news chief armstrong by the way is going to be joining us live at 9.30 this morning. we'll have a discussion with him about what his vision is 4 o p d. >>it's 5.25 right now and after spending nearly a year
5:26 am
distance-learning students in one east bay school district could be finally heading back to class the positivity rate is expected to drop in the county under the guidelines and the orinda union school district we'll be bringing back kids into the classroom. soon if the numbers look good today. the first day they expect to be back is. >>tomorrow. >>with 6 craters returning next week and the school superintendent is asking for patience as this unfolds. >>distance learning is not the same as being in per cent and there are different strategies that teachers can employ him person was students that can't really be fully replicated on a zoom screen. and i think for students social emotional health. it will be incredibly gratifying to see them in class. >>the in person plan will follow a detailed hybrid with
5:27 am
students alternating days, they'll keep them in like a couple of different models and they'll be with the same bubble all the time. >>that's going to be a rotation that they're going to work out. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>>5.29 right now and we're checking out the weather going to be another against gray day. yeah and then maybe a little bit of sunshine. >>tomorrow before the range on morning. yeah, we at least get tomorrow guys which is going to be a good one for getting outside for a little bit enjoying what will feel a bit like this past week ended with sunshine returning tomorrow. today, a lot like yesterday though holding on to those gray skies as you guys noted, and we're also going to be looking at temperatures just a bit on the cooler side right around or seasonal averages though which is mostly in the upper 50's let's get you a look outside right now for mount tam skies are clear enough when you're looking down from our mountains as cloud cover is sitting right above the bay this morning and i do have to note that activity on the radar which is mostly sitting to the north we do have some light shower activity. north of santa rosa in northern portions of napa county as well now for most of us it may just be a misty spot or 2 that you're encountering and some lower visibility out towards the tri valley. 40's and 50's for current temperatures at least it is
5:31 am
mild to start no 30's on the map this morning, i'm talking our best chances of rainfall come thursday and then again on saturday still in your forecast >>all right john we just had another hot spot pop up here in oakland actually 5 80 eastbound at boulevard chp is telling me due to a crash that off-ramp is that's right here in oakland. also over in san jose another incident, it's a homicide investigation. so police have this area shut down they want you to stay away. that's in the 1400 block of santa clara street. the closures are in both directions of santa clara street from 26 street to highway one o one a good alternate to stay away from that would be william street or taylor street to get to the one o one hour look at the bay bridge as you head into the city to that fremont street exit under 10 minutes as traffic continues to pick up here the san mateo bridge also getting busy under 13 minutes though has had across the peninsula, the richmond sandra fell bridge picking up as well under 8 minutes, we're tracking your commute and we're actually live on scene in san jose right now so for now back to the news. thanks a
5:32 am
lot of 5.31 and breaking news from overnight police in san jose are investigating an overnight homicide, no roads are closed in the area right now we're cropper julius evans is standing by with the very latest. >>you only again remind us where we are this morning with this. >>well here it better yet let me show you a map exactly where i'm at and then you can come back out live to me on the locations on santa clara street and it's basically shut down both directions between the one o one freeway and all the way up to 26 if you could come back out live to here james, so you can see that just about a half hour ago the crime. scene unit came out here and that's that truck you see right here. that's because the body is still on the scene here and it's going to be a while before they even clear this so because of that just came out about a half hour ago, there's a good chance it's going to be shut down at least for 2 more hours.
5:33 am
>>now around 2 o'clock this morning. >>that's when they got a call of a dead body what we know about the victim has said it's a male and that it is the 4th homicide for 20 21 here in san jose terrible start to the to the year but here they are and you can see some be here and i saw investigators earlier out here as well just checking it out in talking with some of the other officers and. >>at the moment, just seems like this is as far as they can expand the crime scene which is between the blocks of 26 to about where the one o one starts so stay away from this area. leave it up to rain at the help you guys navigate around this area and if you have to get through here somehow you should just basically stay away because it is going to be shut down for a little while back to you guys, ok we'll keep checking in with you get more updates throughout the morning thank you from the south bay, let's jump to the north bay now in
5:34 am
sonoma county they're going to be opening up new vaccination centers to serve upwards. >>with their hope thousands of people who are 70 years old and older one of those sites their opening today at the petaluma campus of santa rosa junior college. >>kron 4 sarah stinson is live with the so 70 i just 7570 65 gets a little confusing. >>it does it varies by county and varies by vaccination site but here in sonoma county they have decided to put it at 70 years or older of course your health care worker you're in and that vaccination sites going to open here this morning at the santa rosa junior college the petaluma campus, one of 3 new vaccination centers that are going to be opening up in the next week this one just being today take a look at your screen students see exactly those 3 different locations these 3 mean that there's now 19 different clinics being supported by the vaccine
5:35 am
within the county of sonoma. their department of health services so again one being at the santa rosa junior college in petaluma and then you have another one that will open up the following day at where to jim in windsor, a clinic also scheduled to open up at the sonoma valley veterans memorial hall and that will happen on february 16th. that one is in partnership with the sonoma valley community health center. and this was all announced last week that 11 safeway stores across sonoma county are now scheduling appointments for eligible rest residents as well we also know cvs health has also announced that they're going to be starting to administer vaccines to eligible people in different communities in one of those communities includes the city of sonoma. cbs has said the vaccinations will start in sonoma one west napa street. so there's really a lot of options for you and that's good to hear because as we know it's been a slow roll out and this really is a good start for sonoma county.
5:36 am
because we finally know that they'll be able to go today, 70 and older make sure that you're signing up for this san francisco. they were full to the max and then they had openings and then they filled up right away so you just kind of have to stay on it and if you're eligible come down to the vaccination centers that opened up day by day to opening up back to back here in sonoma live in petaluma sara stinson back to you. >>more the better all right, thanks. a lot sarah. >>also happening today, we have a free drive-thru covid-19 testing site opening up in union city. >>we've got a location on the map there for us have a better idea where it is the testing is going to be done in the parking lot of the holy community center from 9 in the morning until 3.30 in the afternoon. that testing site will be open on tuesdays wednesdays and thursdays you don't need an appointment. that's the good news, you can just drive up and get tested. >>let's take a look at numbers so far. more than 7 and a half
5:37 am
million doses have been distributed in california and health officials say that we're getting close to 5 million shots in the arms actually across the state. this is unclear if it's the first dose or the second dose or both how many they they don't break down that way. >>going into the pockets of parents have been struggling amid the pandemic it's in addition. it to president biden's 1.9 trillion dollars covid-19 stimulus package, the white house is hoping to have the bipartisan bill approved by the end of the month. if the national covid relief package does in fact go through then americans could get monthly checks as early as july. it's part of the as part of the plan democrats are also trying to include payments a $1400 per person so you have that to look forward to and house democrats have also included a $15 federal minimum wage as part of the relief package. although it's unclear if the senate will support it.
5:38 am
the proposal calls for the minimum wage to gradually increase from its current rate of $7.25 an hour to $15 an hour by the year 2025 here in california of course the minimum wage is currently $13 an hour for businesses with 25 or fewer employees. but $14 for those with 26 or more employees and that minimum wage will also set to increase to $15 an hour in our state for all employers by 2023 5.38 and. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news turns out covid mutations are not always being imported by travelers we're going to tell you what researchers have found out after the break and san francisco's castro district is rolling out a new program to crack down on crime who
5:39 am
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>>we're back at 5.41 happening today on community ambassadors will begin patrolling san francisco's. castro neighborhood, it's a new effort launched by the community collaborative castro cares. they're doing this to address some of the problems plaguing the neighborhood and in addition to these 2 community ambassadors will be patrolling the streets tuesday through saturday from 7 in the morning till 3.30 in the afternoon. there's also going to be some overnight and weekend police patrols to and homeless outreach efforts. >>it's really is an set of eyes and ears on the street, there aren't enough police officers and maybe for so many of these issues police is not the right response and so this is a lower expensive but it
5:42 am
might be the more appropriate but just our crisis intervention. a team that's being amused. >>the program is funded free year, but the castro community benefit district is hoping to continue the program for many more to come. time now is 5.42 more to come. time now is 5.42 we'll be right back. us... kids, bedtime! ...she was worried we wouldn't be able to keep up. course we can. what couldn't keep up was our bargain detergent. turns out it's mostly water, and that doesn't work as well on stains. so, we switched back to tide. one wash, stains are gone. kind of like our quiet time. [daughter: slurping] what are you doing? don't pay for water. tide is concentrated with three times the active cleaning ingredients. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide.
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>>i 44 right now and we're looking at another i guess day like yesterday the baby doe's so sure. >>sunshine just i love the liver a little sliver yeah we'll get some brightness in there that is funny because i was leaving work yesterday cleared up really nice i've been talking about cloudy it was going to you better get cloudy again, it's ok to err on that but that it did get cloudy again which good to see as far as the forecast looking outside this morning. we definitely have some cloud cover still very present across the bay and we are also looking at a couple of sprinkles really just isolated to northern sonoma and napa counties you can see on radar that there is actually some green showing up this morning now most of this is just that low cloud cover reflecting in radar we actually have a very dry surface air mass so as a lot of that rain passes
5:46 am
through it. it's actually just evaporating at something called virga that happens when you have a drier closer to the surface. >>and that moisture laden layer a little bit higher up which is where those clouds are so a lot of that should be you're seeing on the radar is actually not even reaching the ground areas further to the north like northern sonoma county looking at a few light sprinkles where you are seeing it reaching the ground is a couple of spots around santa rosa, and then north of 80 and solano and napa counties most of us across the bay are looking dry just looking at the clouds this morning and cloud cover will remain on through the afternoon ahead of us to as this westerly flow continues to carry the stratus or direction you can see that showing up here tuesday futurecast couple of sprinkles as i noted mostly just an hour upper elevations of the north bay today is a dry one just a cloudy and cool one now tomorrow skies clear out a little bit more in fact wednesday will be the best day for any sort of outdoor activity you want to have planned like nice clear skies for a jog around the neighborhood are taking the dog for a walk. thursday starts dry. but late thursday
5:47 am
is when our first real chance of rainfall begins to push on into the bay area as for today's temperatures pretty similar to yesterday in some cases a little cooler but really not a big change 50's and san francisco along the coast as well as down peninsula burlingame 60's on the peninsula from foster city down the mountain view and then in the south bay today, daytime highs, mostly in the low 60's, san jose down from yesterday to 62 degrees today, upper 50's from fremont hayward through san leandro to oakland all at 59. berkeley and richmond 5758. well low 60's remain in napa sonoma fairfield and vacaville just to name a few spots there now your next 7 days daytime highs really don't change much we remain very seasonable temperature wise with the upper 50's and low 60's staying with us tomorrow, the most sunshine that we're going to be seeing this forecast thursday chances of showers arrive late sprinkles on friday and showers pick back up again into saturday. reyna
5:48 am
john thank you so i've been tracking a hot spot here in oakland, 5.80 eastbound. >>at boulevard that off ramp is closed the good news is it's eastbound you can continue going just can't get off at macarthur boulevard right now until they're able to get that accident off of the freeway there. also another homicide investigation, south bay for you, 1400 block of santa clara street closures in both directions of santa clara street from 26 street to highway one o one some good alternate to be william st taylor street to get on to the one on one you see there's just a little slow down along one oh one as you can into the city right now from the east bay traffic is starting to pick up so now at about 10 minutes fremont street exit there's no high wind advisories in place. the san mateo bridge also another at the limit commute as that starts to get a little under 14 minutes for your drive times want to head down to the south bay to show you the commute along one oh one 85 to menlo park about 31 minutes. we're tracking this hot spots in accidents will have that coming up next but for now back to the news.
5:49 am
>>thank you very much rain the time is 5.48 more relief is coming to california child care providers. union leaders with child care providers united announced an agreement with the state that will help keep the doors of family child cares open to a central workers. so this agreement is now waiting legislative approval. it provides some additional funding to for subsidized providers and more paid closure days due to covid-19 in a statement, the vice chairperson of the following comment that reads in part quote california's child care providers have been waiting for this relief for far too long and we're glad to see the state stepping up to support us. >>5.49 right now scientists say there's a growing concern that the new coronavirus mutations our homegrown they're not just being imported from other countries. doctors believe the mutated virus was in a 45 year-old man who died more than 5 months ago and they say or 5 months into his covid and they say
5:50 am
the longer the virus lingers in you if you have a weakened immune system the greater the chance that it's going to actually evolve and develop into a more dangerous strain. that's the case that has similarities to the variance that we're seeing in the uk south africa and brazil. can actually develop and mutate in your body is what they're fighting. there's a vaccine scam warning this morning that's what's popping up to san francisco officials say if you get a text email or phone call asking you for personal or financial information. so you can get a vaccine don't do it. if you're looking for a vaccine appointment. we have all the legit links on kron 4 dot com. >>in the east bay after nearly one year of a hiatus student athletes are now training again across oakland unified school district campuses we've got kron four's ella sogomonian now with details on the sports. they're now
5:51 am
eligible to hold practice. >>sports means everything to joseph salazar who plays baseball basketball and football. so after 11 months away, he's ecstatic to be back out on the field to find from have yet to come back out on the because i've been in the house for a long time he's one of the many students who got to practice again at on high school on monday night. since last week they've been working out and getting in shape. but the teams don't run any plays because no contact is allowed. both athletes and coaches are keeping their distance and masks on despite the covid-19 precautions they admit that it's better than being at home councilman head football coach and washington says that it's been a tough year. trying to train via tablet or laptop because his job goes way beyond that 2 zones, but i have done some house visits just to make sure kids are ok, you know me because when you when you coaching inn in oakland, you not just coaching football. that's the last thing we deal with you not before our coaches in oakland. >>we really take a love for our kids and we take the
5:52 am
village approach now that their kids have returned to face to face training that focuses on fall sports, including football, cheerleading girls volleyball and cross country that lysek ammonium reporting for us this morning coach washington tells us that for now practiced takes place 4 days a week and each session lasts for just. >>one hour. >>how about some more sports coming up the warriors take on the san antonio spurs we're going to have the highlights coming up.
5:53 am
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>>the warriors are hoping to bounce back with a win tonight against the san antonio spurs last night they were on the losing and gold state built a 14 point lead in the 1st half but the spurs got back into it after halftime steph curry a good night 32 points and kelly oubre junior 24 points in the final seconds of the game though dream on friday at a chance to win it the shot didn't fall and the spurs walk away with it. 105 to 100. here's coach kerr on the loss probably going to thought they were going to and that's why he put it up to you know thanking you get through 3 free throws his first generally. >>to not probably my or
5:56 am
informing the team this first don't usually >>it was a textbook well that was assured hearse fall. well, the blame was a great idea. tonight as the rematch, so we get another chance tipoff is at 5.30 we'll get it a good time 5.56 is the time we'll take a quick break coming up next on the kron 4 morning news levi stadium is going to be converted into a giant mass vaccination center starting today, we'll have live reports coming up plus people in sonoma county will have a new place to get their covid-19 shots as well, we'll tell you. >>where you need to go plus what you need to know before heading out there and happening today the impeachment trial, a former president donald trump begins today, we'll have a live report from washington dc on what we can expect to see today and for the week ahead today and for the week ahead we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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>>you're watching kron. and thanks for joining us on this tuesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we got lots to talk about this morning. >>and we'll get to that here in a minute the first we should probably chat with john and rain to find out about
6:00 am
whether and traffic point john good morning guys it is another cloudy one today but not a bad one across the bay area just a little bit cooler as we make our way into the afternoon. >>and not quite as brilliantly blue is the weekend was got a little practice for this yesterday, anyways your view outside from see chart our shows you clear skies that's because cloud cover sitting right above the day what you're seeing here on radar is actually what showing up at the higher level where the clouds are which is a very moisture laden layer of the atmosphere there is drier air closer to the ground. so is a lot of that rain is falling it actually dries up before it hits the ground so even the radar showing a lot of green on it not a lot of that is actually reaching us here at the surface you can see a couple of sprinkles around fairfield in santa rosa aside from that though some pretty dry conditions out their current temperatures are in the 40's 50's with livermore and dublin in the upper 40's oakland at 53. novato and napa each at 50 degrees. it's actually pretty mild start to this morning. i'm talking mor


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