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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. and abusing the impeachment power. >>for political gain. one senator said. they could have killed all of us. >>now at 10 senators serving as both witnesses and jurors and former president trump watching from the sidelines says his historic second impeachment trial gets underway. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10 everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the second impeachment trial of former president trump.
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>>can proceed after senators voted that the case is constitutional that donald trump is charged with inciting insurrection on january 6th as congress was certifying the results of the november election. kron four's joe khalil shows us the key moments from day one. >>and that's a high crime and misdemeanor. if that's not an impeachable offense. then there is no such thing to start president trump's second impeachment trial, democrats played a 13 minute video bringing senators back to the harrowing moments of january 6th. lead impeachment manager jamie raskin delivered an emotional personal account of the ordeal when he along with his daughter and son in law. rioters pounding at the theme doors, protecting them i promised her that would not be like this again. the next time she came back to the capitol with me. and you know what she said. she said dad. i don't want to come back to camp. the
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question on this first day of the trial can a president be convicted. after he leaves office impeachment manager jonah who's argued that's just what the founders intended presidents can't inflame insurrection in their final weeks. and then walk away much understand why we are really hear former president trump's lawyers called the impeachment trial purely political president trump. no longer is in office. the object of the constitution has been achieved. he was removed by the voters in an argument that runs counter to the former president's repeated claim the election was stolen trumpet bruce castor argued the trial was no longer needed because his client lost the election castor also says democrats have a hidden motive we are really here because the majority in the house of representatives does not want to face donald trump as a political rival in the future
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that argument was echoed by david schoen a second trumpet in pursuing the impeachment conviction of donald j trump is to use these proceedings disenfranchise at least 74 million americans with whom they this really disagree in the and 6 republicans joined all 50 democrats to say the constitution allows an impeachment trial of a former president now the trial heads to a second day with house impeachment managers set to lay out their case in washington, i'm joe khaleel. here now a closer look at those 6 republican senators who voted to move forward with the impeachment trial. >>you have pat toomey of pennsylvania lisa murkowski of alaska. ben sasse of nebraska susan collins of maine. you have mitt romney of utah and sen bill cassidy of louisiana at this got a lot of people's attention cassidy is the only senator to change his vote from no to yes after the opening arguments, he told reporters that the defense put
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forth by donald trump's lawyers was simply lacklustet. >>anyone listening to those arguments the house managers were focused. they were organized they relied upon both precedent the constitution and legal scholars. they made a compelling argument. president trump's team were disorganized they did everything they could but to talk about the question at hand and when they talked about it. they kind of glided over almost as if they were embarrassed of their arguments impartial juror and once i was doing a great job and the other side doing a terrible job on the issue at hand as an impartial juror. i'm going to vote for the side, the did a good job >>from defense do it. >>not everyone feels the same way as senator cassidy 44 republicans voted in favor of halting the trial, including indiana senator mike braun, who said both legal teams did quote a decent job.
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>>well the nation got the first look today at the style and potential effectiveness of both legal teams. our kron four's ella sogomonian is live in the studio with us with what political analysts to say tonight l a. >>sources claim that former president trump was practically yelling at his television frustrated at those dry arguments from his own attorneys local professor donna crane describe the defense is off the cuff and strangely esoteric when facing lawmakers who are still traumatized by that insurrection it was a big switch from the prosecutor's opening who played that very dramatic video of the violence in the capital at times using trump's own words as he encouraged supporters at a rally before hand with their slower sometimes meandering. arguments trump's lawyers were supposedly trying to bring down the emotional temperature of the room to a simmer we asked political analyst crane if strategy worked. >>i i do think that that makes sense sort of on paper but you
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have to think of on your feet when you're in situations like this and i think reading the wrong. while a group of a 100 senators is in front of you traumatized experiencing again the events that they experienced already in person and you know sort of being a little bit off topic and jocular at times and reading a and not hewing closely to any prepared remarks is seeing a little bit off the cuff to and sometimes sort of strangely esoteric i i don't think that this job today by president's lawyers was especially affect us. >>the trial will how will certainly end in acquittal. so the legal performances probably don't change much but today was seen as a rocky start and a missed opportunity for the trump team back to you. >>all right, day 2 of donald trump's second impeachment trial gets underway tomorrow morning at 09:00am our time we will carry it live on our 24 7 new streaming service kronon
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which is free to download from wherever you get your apps. up and down the east bay freemont police are searching for an armed suspect involved in an officer involved shooting tonight police say this happens at the west end of stevenson boulevard. >>an officer allegedly spotted a stolen car tried to pull it over. >>they say the driver took off. police say when they reached a dead end several people got out of the car and started running away officers gave chase. and that's when one of the suspects allegedly fired at officers police say forcing them to shoot back. no one was injured and so far 2 juvenile suspects have been taken into custody. police say they're still looking for a 3rd person, but they believed to be armed officers do not think there's a threat to anyone living near the scene but everyone is still asked to avoid the area and stay in their hopes. >>again we think we have to contain. however in an abundance of caution, yes i would ask people not to descend upon the scene as well
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as a shelter in place not come out just an abundance of caution there's no, threat or danger to that immediate community. >>so far police have not released a description of who they're still looking for or given an estimate on when the area could reopen. another big story in the east bay tonight following a series of violent attacks targeting the asian-american community local organizations have banded together calling for an end to that violence. >>the cities san francisco and oakland needs to increase long-term community center fnvestments and address the current harm it extreme things mean sure victims and services of all backgrounds and languages can receive full support so they can recover and heal to expand intervention and prevention based programs like community ambassador program in san francisco oakland and to invest in community-based infrastructure that we know will end the cycle of
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>>several asian american organizations held a press conference to highlight the problem in demand solutions today in the bay area officials said chinese for affirmative action reported roughly 700 incidence just last year in response to these recent attacks, several volunteer groups are now taking matters into their own hands. >>and providing their own community patrols in oakland's chinatown neighborhood. our first sacking has the story. >>it's harrowing moments like this captured on video. there are sparking outrage and sadness in opens asian community here is 71 year-old woman was robbed in pushed to the ground in oakland on sunday. >>in just a week before this 91 year-old man was walking in chinatown when police say 28 year-old a muslim shoved him from behind and sent him crashing into the concrete is video after people going to get tired. they >>this person could be my grandma was this person could be my grandfather, walking
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down the street getting attacked this is james who started a grassroots movement called asians with attitudes which has been highlighting attacks against the asian community through social media. he says local representatives from the movement are now stepping in to prevent recent attacks like this. >>and happening again in oakland neighborhood foot patrols well james lives on the other side of the country. he says he can sit back and watch this violence against the community he plans to travel to oakland this weekend disappointed. i feel angry. >>sometimes feel sad you know like. i feel helpless like they feel helpless like they can't defend himself in addition to asians with attitudes in newly formed group called compassion in oakland is also answering the call for help to come as a veto says more than 160 people have volunteered in his effort to keep oakland chinatown residents safe. >>he explains how volunteers will get involved this weekend but would like people walk into from the way with them while they're waiting for
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their bus waiting for for elderly people if they want this to somebody company and whether any president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce karl chan says he's encouraged by the response point that you know people look again. >>and saving. you know a lot he says and well as you know helping seniors in the community in oakland tiller bus aqi kron 4 news. >>california lawmakers unveiled a proposal today that could give some criminals on death row or people facing life without parole. a chance to be recent it's it would only apply to those convicted of felony murder with special circumstances, current law requires either a death sentence or life without parole for those convicted. but s p 300 would change the law allowing for another sentence other than death or life without parole to those who in the process of a felony did not kill anyone or intend for anyone to die.
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>>the special circumstances sentencing scheme reflects the fantasies within our criminal justice system severe punishment. like these have driven the mass incarceration crisis that has destroyed lives families. >>the bill now needs to be assigned to a committee so lawmakers can hold a hearing. it would need a two-thirds vote from the legislature to pass if the bill does pass thousands already facing a felony murder charge with special circumstances could petition for re sentencing. meanwhile the state's method of avoiding covid outbreaks in california prisons has now led some people in the north bay to join the effort to recall governor newsome we'll have more on that story coming up tonight at 1030. >>governor newsome making an appearance in the bay area today he was on hand to witness the opening of the latest mass vaccination site this one at levi stadium in santa clara, the largest of its kind in california. the shots are available by appointment only for all
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county residents and health care workers, 65 or older. levi says stadium site can accommodate up to 15,000 patients per day depending on the supply newsome says his office is still working to address that problem while also tackling the issue of vaccine equity. you'll see when the equity data comes out the demographic data that's a real concern and so while i appreciate. >>we want to open up to everybody in the state we're trying to geographically place these local these sites in a way that can address the underserved and under resourced in a very strategic way and we're just starting that process at a different scale and pace, but again the only limiting factor is going to be supply. >>so far nearly 5 million doses have been administered out of a possible 7.3 million that means the state's usage rate stands at 67%. new vaccination center opened sonoma county this morning. but there were some hiccups
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you know some people drove to the fitness center at the petaluma campus of santa rosa junior thinking that it was first come first serve only to find out that it is by appointment only and they were already booked up. santa sonoma county rather officials have clarified with kron 4 that today was actually a soft opening in that the appointment website isn't up yet within the week though health say they will make the appointment website public and allow people who are at least 70 years of age to book a slot. >>and nearby marin county will begin offering vaccines to people 65 and older starting next week the county's health officer doctor matt willis notes people, 75 and older are still the top priority and will likely receive vaccine sooner than people between the ages of 6574 data provided by the county shows more than 35,000 people in moran have been given at least one dose of the vaccine. we have more
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details on our website kron 4 dot com on. how you can sign up for vaccines throughout each bay area county. today san francisco city leaders announced that they will try to open up vaccinations to new groups of city workers and just about 2 weeks even if there's still not enough doses to meet the demand kron four's maureen kelly has that story. >>i was very pleased that was a little nervous. but i was really pleased that they did 74 year-old patrol hill resident helene fried says her experience giving her first dose of the pfizer vaccine at the mass vaccination site at mosconi center south today went very smoothly. >>she says there was no line and it felt like there were more workers there and patients was like being in a fancy where there are all these steps would you like another tree you like this it it could have been better the city is still vaccinating people like colleen those aged 65 and older and health care workers starting february
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24th, the city will open up vaccines to workers in what's called phase one b tier one that includes people who work in education and child care emergency services such as police officers and people working in food and agriculture sectors, right now the city says with 2 mass vaccination centers up and running the other being at city college as well as community sites they could be giving shots to over 10,000 people a day, but right now they're averaging only about 4,000 a day doctor grant colfax says that's due to the weight the supply. >>is trickling in that department is are they receiving only summer between 7 11,000 a week. >>a week so as i've said we can do over 10,000 vaccine arms right now a that. so you know we hope the supply we hope that it increases dramatically in the next couple weeks to see says they're continuing to try to focus on equity when giving
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vaccines they're opening up another mass vaccination site this one at the city's produce smart 9 oh one rankin street located in the bayview another hard hit area in the southeast section of the city. >>they're hoping to get that site up and running within the next 2 weeks. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>turning now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look right now at clear night downtown san francisco. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now large starting to. look ahead to the rest of the week, maybe the weekends you have like an up and down all week to we're going to go from some spring-like weather back to when there may be some spring again so if the idea we have the winter like weather kind of returning to the bay area to a lot of clouds out there even a couple sprinkles being felt across the bay area not much and still a lot of clouds out there this evening we're going to track everything for we're going to see a change in the weather pattern coming our way as early as tomorrow temperatures today, yeah, actually below the average in san francisco, a 56 degrees you lease in the 60 this time
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of year right at the average in oakland 6063 in san jose 62 in the more 63 for high in concord and 61 in santa rosa. well we've been track in a few light sprinkles throughout the day today now we're seeing a little bit more of that activity in the northeast see cells moving on through doesn't look like much, but maybe a slight chance of light showers that system kind of works its way through but then it's going to be gone the winds kind of picking up in spots along the coastline. i think see more of that by tomorrow afternoon kind of get a little blustery lot of part of the day still working to some 80 mile an hour winds at stinson beach, 16 right now in san francisco, not much at sfo on carlos, but more winds on the way in fact the models start to pick up on that too as we head toward tomorrow morning not much but then by tomorrow afternoon, we'll start to pick up a little bit you see the color philly, especially along the coastline and over the mountain tops those winds over 20 miles per hour. all right overnight tonight, mostly cloudy by early tomorrow morning though clearing things out and then tomorrow, we're looking plenty of sunshine much warmer temperatures around the bay area but then we get right
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back to some wintry weather as early as thursday, looks like that rain going to be on and off through the weekend too. temperatures outside 48 degrees happen bay. you've got 55 in oakland 53 in concord 51 in the napa valley cloudy skies and 50 in petaluma we've got one last little weak wave that's going to push through tonight and high pressure builds in nicely i did and that is going to give us kind of all one hit wonder, as we're going to see a nice day tomorrow and then it's going to go south in a hurry. i think as we get into thursday right models picking up on that to the clouds clear now for tonight tomorrow, yeah, looking good 9.30 the morning, you're looking at lots of sunshine around the bay area maybe a patchy fog along the coastline, but that will be about it. most the day looking spectacular with some nice warm temperatures. now as we get thursday here we go those clouds rolling in and there's your cold front pulling through by tomorrow or by thursday afternoon bringing rain return to the bay area so yeah be prepared for that tomorrow enjoy the day should be a gorgeous one to these temperatures some of popping up near 70 degrees of that by tomorrow afternoon about 67 degrees in oakland 67 maybe
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with some warmer temperatures you make your way into the delta so tomorrow just a one-hit wonder but it should be very nice and that is back to winter on thursday night lights. thanks contra costa, health services have officially lifted the health advisory in richmond tonight following. >>a leak at the chevron oil refinery there happened in point richmond where the oil spilled into the bay that spill has since been contained, but the cleanup effort is still underway and as you can imagine it caused quite a scare for some people living in the areas. our first racist asio brings us the latest. >>gebran officials say a refinery worker detected an oily sheen on the water by the chevron long wharf at point richmond around 3 o'clock tuesday. that triggered a multi-layer response booms quickly spread out to capture the petroleum. hazardous material crews from the state coast guard chevron and county fanned out to assess. warnings went out informing residents with respiratory conditions to
10:21 pm
stay indoors. a county spokesperson told kron 4 news that they asked people to avoid the area. >>we he and out to the shoreline the train. that was our primary concern it any orders from the bill that's going to come into the community. the location from the visual that you can see where the is from that area. we do not have confirmation. that it was related and a shift that were in the at that point in time. >>local residents out recording video of the spill right after it happened reported a strong odor wafting through the air. >>but let me you what i was smelling was significant and and significant enough that would make concern could personally out smoking. it's a really really a stronger us now coming up from the water there. >>chevron officials say that they were able to cap the leak fairly quickly and will work
10:22 pm
with officials to determine. if there's any environmental damage again we were told that it was about 5 gallons a minute. we're not exactly sure exactly how many in total were spilled out into the waters here in point richmond but that is going to be ascertained a little bit later. >>and also the environmental damage if there was any that is also going to be studied in the next couple of days, reporting. and point richmond terry says stasio kron 4 news. >>we first let you know about this oil spill with a push alert you can download the kron 4 mobile app to get breaking news developments just like these sent right to your smart device. so you can always stay up to date on what's happening here in the bay area. >>still to come tonight kron 4 news at 10 details on a major hurdle cleared in the east bay that is paving the way for one school district to welcome students back on campus plus breaking barriers in the fitness world we're going to introduce you to a personal trainer. setting an example for the next generation and
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>>tonight minnesota police say they've arrested the suspect accused of shooting 5 people at a local clinic, 3 of the victims are still hospitalized tonight in critical condition. although it's not clear if they worked at the clinic or
10:26 pm
were patients. police arrested 67 year-old gregory ehrlich who they say has a history of grievances against the clinic's doctors. detectives found explosives at the scene and at a motel where the suspect was living. >>the national transportation safety board has made an official determination as to what caused the deaths of kobe bryant. his daughter and 7 other people the helicopter they were in. of course went down last year officials say the pilot and that chapa that chopper or by an who had plenty of experience violated flight protocols by flying in conditions. couldn't see an end. they say he failed to take alternative measures like slowing down landing. we're switching to autopilot measures that officials say would have likely averted this tragedy. this pilot. >>did make mistakes but that does not mean that he was necessarily trying to be
10:27 pm
malicious i don't certainly don't think he was out trying to kill himself and kill us but apparently it was an issue of judgment decision-making that led to this tragic situation. >>the ntsb also said it found deficiencies in island express operations, the company that owned and operated the helicopter, claiming they did not implement the full safety management systems, something used by commercial pilots to assess risk. it is not required by the f a a but the ntsb says it should be. >>next it and the effort to recall governor gavin newsome and taking a different approach in the north bay why people in one city are blaming newsome for a spike in crime plus the lawsuit to get san francisco's public schools, back open and took a new turn today why the district is now accusing accused of violating students constitutional rights and president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar relief plan is facing a new hurdle tonight. democrats in congress
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>>and tonight the effort to recall governor newsome has taken a new twist in solano county organizers say in vacaville say they've seen a spike in crime in that area and has really in a shed reports now they're blaming it on the governor's decision to release inmates early during the pandemic. >>there's just that's
10:31 pm
acceptable in my view because some vacaville residents are out a rallying for the next few weeks collecting thousands of signatures to recall governor gavin newsome they're fed up with the business shutdowns and the economy but angry over the uptick in crime they have seen lately which they believe is due in part to the early release of jail prison inmates by governor newsome i don't think it's a democrat into republican issue i think it's public safety, it's just the health of our state issue this is a non-partisan. >>recall we have every political party coming down among their bigger complains which they hold newsome accountable is the decision to release inmates early from their sentences throughout the state th crime risen if you release in 2000 close to mix on the street. >>there's going to be a rise in crime this goes all the u.s.. >>how come i don't understand why he would release some of
10:32 pm
the some the people that were in jail early these are among the more recent crimes for vacaville in the past 2 years, disturbing the peace with fights were 261 in 2019 compared to 1389 in 2020. >>disturbing the peace involving battery 71 in 2019 to 379. and those involving juveniles, 133 425 in 2020 a lot of the reasons. >>kids along with kids around the streets. no arrests people are asking businesses breaking into our city hall. bring work police departments, stuff on streets because they have nothing better to they've basically of felonies misdemeanors misdemeanors. >>citations the crime is escalating use replace a piece. >>so you a place of safety. there is no longer the not mismatch california on on every level from the shutdowns to the unemployment to show
10:33 pm
number schools just to not support small businesses if the governor is not to do their job. the city council to do the job can do their job their job and we're going run for office to their >>that was ruined reporting for us tonight, organizers behind the effort to recall the governor say they are close to now reaching the one and a half million signatures required to get the recall on the ballot this year. they've until march 17th to do so president joe biden is against the effort to recall governor newsome apparently that is according to the white house press secretary jen psaki. >>who put out the statement on twitter today saying quote in addition to sharing a commitment to a range of issues with gavin newsome from addressing the climate crisis to getting that pandemic under control president clearly opposes any effort to recall gavin newsome. >>today business leaders joined president biden at the white house to discuss his plan for saving the economy
10:34 pm
from the pandemic comes as lawmakers are still debating how to move forward with biden's one 0.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief plan. some democrats have proposed limiting the full $1400 stimulus checks to individuals making $75,000 or less. well people making a $100,000 or more would not get any relief money. the proposal has angered some progressive democrats with moderates arguing the stimulus checks should be more targeted. biden meanwhile says he still believes the bill will have bipartisan support. today biden also addressed the issue of getting kids back in the classroom. calling it a quote scarring effect that could get worse. the cdc is expected to release official guidance on how to safely reopen schools, sometime this week.
10:35 pm
>>tonight the city of san francisco is turning up the heat against san francisco teachers and the school district after filing a lawsuit last week suggesting that reopening plans are inadequate. well tonight the city ut alleges the school district is violating students constitutional rights by not offering in person instruction. course dan kerman has the latest. >>i'm worried. that the tentative agreement proposed by the union. will not get us to a place in this city where we will even open schools this year. >>during a news conference tuesday, san francisco mayor london breed said there's no reason students should already be back in the classroom. that's why she's fully supportive of a lawsuit filed by the city ut suggesting the district is violating students constitutional rights by not reopening i support our city ut. >>using the legal to get to a place where it will make a difference not necessarily.
10:36 pm
you know if it makes a difference when negotiations but more importantly i just care about getting our kids back in school. the mayor finds a tentative agreement reached between the district and teachers lacking in specifics. >>she also objects to the requirement that teachers in a given school be vaccinated before schools reopen she says the public health department finds this unnecessary and points to private schools that have already reopened schools are open there's a 113 schools in san francisco that are currently open with over 15,000 kids and they've been open for months in a statement, the teachers union says we are frustrated to see the san francisco mayor and city ut further politicize this difficult moment. if the mayor moves quickly to vaccinate teachers and staff and helps provide testing for schools, then we too can move quickly and get our students back to the classroom safely this school year on a more positive note. the mayor also announced the beginning
10:37 pm
february 24th, educators will be prioritized along with those 65 years of age and older, meaning they too will be able to get the covid-19 vaccine. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. a steady improvement in the covid case rate in contra costa county has paved the way for this and ramon valley unified school district. >>to reopen some schools for in person learning that is all those needed after the district's safety plan was approved by both the states and contra costa counties, health departments about 10,000 students will take part now in a hybrid model of in person instruction. preschoolers through second graders will return this week, 3rd graders through 6th graders the following week 7th through 12th graders are not allowed to return in person until the county reaches the red tier. >>churches in santa clara county are back open tonight, although county officials are not happy about it. the u.s. supreme court ruled on friday that churches in california
10:38 pm
can resume indoor services at limited capacity in response santa clara county health officials put out a statement saying that they would ignore that order but a u.s. district court has overruled the county and now indoor religious services are allowed at 20% capacity. so long as there's social distancing mask wearing and no singing or chanting. >>all right weather time as we take a live look outside tonight, san francisco's embarcadero kind of a dreary day today but things are going to change briefly kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lets us know what to look out for change briefly that's the key word. we're going to get one day we're going to feel spring-like again almost like we had. >>this past weekend with these temperatures soaring well into the 60 some places getting near 70 degrees but yeah it's not gonna last long so let's enjoy it while we have it overlooking san francisco got some nice weather out there a couple patches of fog trying to form as well did have a couple scattered light rain
10:39 pm
drops a popping up around the bay area. the showers kind of sliding on through not much energy with that system so just not enough of the trigger to really get any significant rain going but that's going to change range forecast here we see the models here tomorrow we see the nice clear spot that is going to be your day tomorrow beautiful weather sunshine. and some warm temperatures running well above the average that we had the other way here comes thursday afternoon that storm rolls in with some much colder air bringing temperatures probably below the average with rain catch a little bit of a break on friday and then we've got even colder storm moving in on saturday that one cold enough get little heating that the sun in the afternoon we could see some thunderstorms popping up across the state. then as we get the following week another chance, some rain that will be around monday or so as that system moves on shore so looks like the pattern is getting a little more active none of these storms terribly strong but getting that much needed rain after that looks like we'll catch a little bit of a break as the storm track moves a little further to the north the middle of next week so that being said, here's your
10:40 pm
1010 looks like we've got a great day tomorrow that rain moves in on thursday don't forget this weekend we've got valentine's day on sunday presidents day on monday going to be dry on valentine's day should be wet presidents looks like we've got a kind a balanced approach or just kind of going out town but that over and over the next few time to dry out the the ground. >>yes for the next yes right, thanks. a lot. well we are. continuing to honor black history month this month and tonight we want to shine a spotlight on a gym owner in new york who is really trying to build a legacy n. taking on an industry that historically has lacked representation some of spoke with the owner and has more efforts to inspire the next generation. >>i want to build my own last name so my children can have a generational well. organizations that i work have a lot of cars they have a lot
10:41 pm
of weight and have to change will slow or when they have a lot of people on board has just one person i can make change much faster. >>the change allie smith is talking about is the inequality that ricochet american institutions and what she saw built into the foundation of crossfit you may remember the company came under fire last after the ceo's racial tweets following the murder of george floyd he quickly resign and allie would start her own gym. a month later >>you start looking at discrimination and inequality comes down to my time or has been my money. get my money to and wooden cross that it was being spread unevenly and on purpose inside these walls, there's a different message resist reclaim rewrite resistance, resisting the narratives that people gave you. reclaiming is reclaiming your time. rewriting is writing your story so it's what do i want to write for
10:42 pm
myself that i've never thought about before for alli its opening her own jim, it's doing something without letting anyone else tell her it doesn't fit the if you're young. >>and you're a black man or woman a new credit to face on a buyer to face because lots of things in this world were created for me. and i would like to try something that breaking bars. setting an example for our youngest streamers and inspiring and empowering them to aim for the i feel like i'm connecting more breaking resist reclaim rewrite and teach the next generation to take back what they if you want to train with me he prepared to ban after all. because change in and out of the gym only happens outside your comfort >>that was nicole some of reporting for us tonight for more stories like this one just head to the special black history month section. it's on
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>into sounds a whole lot better than a one on one in 3 on a road trip the dubs looking to get to that mark on their four-game texas trip in guess what they did just that steph curry having some soccer former florida header from clay so that one rams out but good thing for step this one didn't look at this out in the know how to describe it is just a doing amazing things like he's been doing all season long he had 12 points in the 1st quarter warriors up the pair after one not 50 at the 3rd quarter. >>staff. pulling up for 3 off the screen execute warriors go up by 5 quickly and staff gets the mismatch and puts it on the floor. scoop shot jobs go up here kelly a junior gets in
10:47 pm
on the missteps sucks in the de france and that would you break 3 in the corner and the warriors go up 18. more staff. 32 points on the night for him no one in the league can guard him right now that we go to the 4th quarter want us gone anderson who got the nba cares award from the g league for his work in the community he finishes things off with joke goodwin can rest ice up that need to come home, they play orlando thursday, but steve kerr just happy that they got a win on that last game of the road trip. >>you know it's to be able to go home to a i think job any time you are on the road, where we are right now are as a team trying to use good and i'm still. i'm still believing that we are close hills and
10:48 pm
finding moment, i rtally believe that we have to prove that there some good right now you have to build on that. >>known as his own stan. goods. >>to the ice the san jose sharks hosting the la kings patrick marleau now 3rd all-time in nhl games played list. and game went to a shootout here logan a top shelf life death which is saying hockey lights. the lamp and now the kings have to answer back. look at this shave right here you've got to get down low to see the shark gets it on his foot. martin jones. that's why gets paid the big bucks sharks 4 to 3, face the kings again thursday star already to the diamond the giants added another arm to their bullpen today. the team signed jake mcgee to a two-year 7 million dollar deal he's a lefty growth pretty hardened you can see time at
10:49 pm
closer at moment, it seems like he'll enter the year as one of the more reliable arms are on the roster for the giants in both the giants and a's. they go to camp next week so it's already that time baseball season pitchers and catchers we don't know how the league will look this year with covid but we do know opening day is scheduled for april first so we're rapidly approaching that day in both of the a's and giants their spring training is down in
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>>guys this you lose. >>pretty cool that is a herd of couse. on the move in indiana dozens of cows, it got out and started running down the a busy highway they live on a nearby farm i guess so bizarre one driver grabbed her self i mean who's not day going at the speed limit. who's not going to grab the cellphone assume you're not driving and start recording this a nearby off-duty officer was able to get ahead of the herd and stop them thankfully. that the animals were hurt. none of the people we're hurt they went back to the phone at we love looking stuff like that also you know virtual meetings certainly have become
10:53 pm
a way of life during the pandemic. >>has had the occasional embarrassing online mishaps, but this meeting featuring a texas lawyer is probably the best one yet. >>mister hart i believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings. and you might want >>would treat the new image of inch. i can hear you i think it's a filter. it and that is and don't know how to remove it about my she's trying to rebut. >>all. with hear a lot not i'm not a now. >>i can i can see that. >>not a cat that's that's actually attorney rod ponton apparently is grandchild use this meeting and then activated the kiddie filter.
10:54 pm
>>so the lawyer couldn't figure out you know how to turn off likely judge roy ferguson, he had patients in a sense of humor later tweeted out the exchange from his courtroom. i mean this we used to say only in 2020 but coming on strong in 2021 okay, another new norms of the pandemic is getting tested are screened for covid-19 wherever you go. >>yeah trying to get their hospitals typically use stickers that show patients have been screened for covid but one hospital in cleveland is. >>taking that system and turning it into some amazing artwork. melissa reid has that report. >>he started getting the stickers i believe in late april but what started out as a way for staff at university hospitals to know who had been screened at the front door blossomed into something else i started noticing that people are sticking their stickers. so my inappropriate places
10:55 pm
like in the elevator on the in the late post outside of rebound. michelle chavez in art therapist at u h rainbow decided to take the stickers in create something meaningful each circle is a different color and a different day of the month. we put put in a day at work or for patients and families a day that representative may be something that they were. >>expecting air and we get this little sticker to kind of prove it. and they were wanting to throw chavez repurpose over a 1000 stickers into our work the first piece called hope in the garden of quarantine. >>more stickers were transformed into the famous painting starry night by van gogh well some are still being completed. there are 6 pictures total coming in every day you get a different color every day when you come to their door. >>and doing that you want to get really close to it and say oh i remember that green day i remember that lead a simple idea to create a bigger
10:56 pm
brighter picture. pretty images filled with lasting memories to bring people together. >>during this challenging time the fact that each represents a person and a day. >>that we were here doing this work which is which is similar to what we're doing before. but it's harder in a lot of ways it's different in a lot of ways and then to see that up next everyone else the stickers and we're making this big beautiful picture. that's where that's why it's so cool. >>that was melissa reid reporting for us tonight want to get a final check on the forecast with our buddy lawrence is not a thank you very much, yeah, but we are going to some rain around the bay area not just yeah, a lot of sunshine coming our way should be a great day tomorrow outside right now we've got some clouds out there things kind of settling down maybe couple leftover sprinkles but not for long they're going to be gone temperatures cooling off right now 40's and some 50's tomorrow, though enjoying a glorious day lot of sunshine
10:57 pm
around the bay area 50's up toward the coastline, maybe couple patches of fog right toward the beaches, but that's about it you get inside the bay these temperatures will warm up nicely them are in the 60's some place in the south bay well into the 60's then we start to near 70 degrees. i think in some spots inland. so certainly looks like some nice weather ahead. rain returns on thursday this weekend chance of showers maybe some thunderstorms on saturday exciting all right not a cat, but one cool cat. >>start. and tonight, everybody. >>leave you with health. look this way i want >>went
10:58 pm
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