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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  February 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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fuel your dog's best life every day with nature's recipe. >>now at 3 it is here the more infectious south african covid-19 variant has been detected. in the bay area. and in person learning for the first time in almost a year of students return to the classroom in the east bay. and the first of 3 storm set to arrive to the bay area out in the pacific northwest bringing a slight to moderate rain buyer thursday afternoon. well into the evening. >>tracking it hour by hour stick around kron 4 news at 3 starts right now. >>from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>as of a few hours ago. we
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have the first reported cases of south african 2 cases have been reported there stanford. one in alameda county. and one in santa clara county. >>now at 3 it has been confirmed the south african variant of the coronavirus has been found here in the bay area and this marks the first confirmed cases in the entire state. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman the governor confirmed this news today during a news conference in fresno he says the cases of the variant which is called be 1, 3, 51 were found in santa clara and alameda county, a news conference has just started with health officers from those counties we want to listen in just 4 minutes we can get some more information about the south african variant of the coronavirus that has now been detected in 2 bay area counties ask a he's also identified the media outlet, your way. >>following the conclusion of the english an air south portion of our press conference. we will go on to
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statements in chinese spanish beat knees entered college. thank you very much and with that i will hand it over to doctor sara cody. thank you and good afternoon everyone. >>today we want to share with you what we know about a case and our county resident of our county. whom we learned this morning that identified as carrying the strain. >>stars kobe to that's the south african variant. so this is an adult had internationally returned mid-january and then heard me mandatory quarantine requirement and set a kerr county. quarantined after travel along household contact. several days after
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return. developed symptoms and was tested. and then just this morning we learned that the genomic sequencing results showed that being sars covid 2 was the south african variant. our understanding is that this case in santa clara county along with another case of alameda county. that these are the first 2 cases of the south african barrett to be identified. and california. i want to emphasize we have begun investigating we have not completed our investigation. but the encouraging from our end is that person upon returning. immediately and we don't know of any opportunities for further spread. within our community. after doctor mask
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of i'm happy to answer any questions. thank you. good afternoon. >>doctor nicholas moss i mean county health officer. now i mean county residents with covid-19 infection diagnosed in january was also found to have had the b 1, 3, 5, 1, variant otherwise referred to as the south african variant and reported to alameda county overnight. our investigation is still in progress. but we can say this person is no longer infectious to others. we have no evidence other be 1, 3, 5, one very cases in the county at this time. but we have a limited picture only a small fraction of covid specimens are sequenced in the u.s., although this number is
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increasing. efforts are underway in alameda county across california to systematically improve surveillance for a variance of concern. we expect to receive more reports from last detecting such variance in the coming weeks. for all cdc variance of concern reported in alameda county. we investigate the case ensure isolation and quarantine requirements are followed we investigate first soldiers may have lead to infection as well as for potential for ongoing spread. covid return proving with the resolution of the winter surge, but rates remain high and higher still even though the peak of the summer surge. residents are strongly encouraged to take all precautions. we now know prevent the spread of covid-19 including face coverings physical distancing and limiting gatherings with others. thank you. >>thank you very much and with
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that we will now proceed to question and answer our first question comes from the cic returned from the mercury news. i'm going to send west so we've just been listening live there very quickly to a press conference being held with santa clara county and alameda county health officials where they have confirmed that there have been 2 cases of this more contagious. >>and you've of this strain of the coronavirus that spreads a lot easier. it's called the south african variant. we learned a little bit about what happened in santa clara county was an adult traveled in mid-january that person did quarantine her guidelines but several days later was feeling, sick and got tested. and today they found out that it was that south african variant. in alameda county they are saying they are expecting more cases of this to be popped up because very few cases are actually. tested to see if it is. this south african very they don't do a lot of testing like that, but that could start to happen more. the good news. we did
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also learn out of alameda county that rates of coronavirus are improving, but it's higher than it was during the peak summer surge. so this press conference is still happening right now reporters are getting a chance to ask some questions. we have a reporter there kron four's dan kerman is listening in and have some questions will have his full report for you coming up tonight at kron 4 news at 5, 6, but if anything major happens i'll be sure to bring it to you right here during kron 4 news at 3. let's move on now because there have been some recent attacks on the asian american community across the bay area and south bay officials urging people to stay safe amid the upcoming lunar new year. kron four's rob fladeboe has more now on this he's live for us now in san jose good afternoon rob. >>good afternoon. justine i'm here at grand all of the quarter story mcloughlin here east san jose in the heart of little saigon course up as you know san jose has one of the largest if not the largest vietnamese american
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populations in the certainly in california and the lunar new year 2021 a very important celebration that usually take place here in the parking lot, but it's going to be a little bit different this year, let's go inside the mall this county a covid outreach team was door to door if you will inside the mall reminding to stay safe. this coming weekend as people will be celebrating for the next several days but they were reminded these merchants avoid letting too many customers in their store reminding them of the need to wear masks into a social distance and so forth. there was a news conference outside here early this morning where officials also here we're calling on the vietnamese community to avoid large gatherings even in-home gatherings to limit the number of people there and by all means avoid a large celebrations. here's more on that now from santa clara county supervisors in each of us. >>this weekend please please
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celebrate only with the people you live with only with the people you live with. if you are celebrating outdoors with another family. the health order requires you to limit outdoor gatherings to only 2 households. and everyone must wear their masks and stay 6 feet apart. if you are attending church or temple this weekend, everybody is limited to 20% capacity. >>and you'll have to wait outside before you're going. of course people intending to celebrate in their own way you can see here a lot of people snapping up flowers and and other items associated with the lunar new year which is the year of the ox it's a multi-day celebration which actually kicks off this weekend tomorrow actually in some cases up now there's parking lot here at the grand century mall in san jose's usually a huge party here on many of these evenings in
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years past and one problem that they hope it will not be a repeating itself. this year's fireworks a lot of illegal fireworks going off here in the parking lots of the management of the mall here tells me that they will have roving patrols here this weekend watching for illegal fireworks, but again the message. >>go ahead and celebrate the lunar new year but do it quietly and with a limited number of people that's the latest here in san jose justine back to you thank you so much rob. >>it was back to the classroom for the first time in months for children in the east bay today this morning kron four's will tran was in orinda where teachers welcome back the little ones you can see the merit there. well that's the danville side which is we're going to go right kron four's have to call is in danville we're now catching up with students and parents were just watching the leaves some video of the kids going in they have masks on their separating so, and this is a big day and it looks like they have all the right protocols in place. >>absolutely and the principal
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and the superintendent swear by that justine masking physical distancing frequent sanitizing and the elimination of common touch points in classrooms and remember that the center mon valley unified school district's health and safety reopening plan was approved by both the contra costa. and state public health departments, so they're good to go and after nearly 11 months of distance learning. these parents are telling me that they're relieved to have their students back in class. they say nothing replaces in person learning. the anticipation has been building for weeks and when the time came to let go of her 7 year-old son rock. >>kerry morgan says it was tough the first day back and a little teary eyed about overwhelmingly tears of joy the morgans one of green brook elementary schools, families in danville choosing to return their child to class for in person instruction it's been a great year a learning year for
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us as a family and i think just the gratitude we have for school now has. >>really changed your perspective about what we think about school in general, >>we're very thankful to be back for some of the younger ones, this is an entirely new experience this will be her first day actually on campus preschools and elementary schools in the san ramon valley unified school district now reopened in a hybrid model of in-person education tk through second graders returned this week 3rd through 6th grade it back to class next week on front porch of a long journey really happy for i'm really to see the joy in her eyes to waiting all day for really all it has been an overwhelming sense of just enthusiasm. >>principal ria murphy says that about 55% of the student body has return for in person instruction and the rest will remain in distance learning for the rest of the academic
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year live in danville fleet and all kron 4 news big step forward thank you so much sleep. >>coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 under arrest for child kidnapping in san francisco involving a doordash delivery driver and his children, but police are still looking for another person responsible for this horrible crime. and for your money tax season begins this weekend. so we'll go over what benefits are taxable income. for now it's and then right after the break we'll go live to washington dc for a live report on former president trump's second impeachment trial. house impeachment managers are laying out a timeline of all the events from the january 6 attack on the capital. they also have released some chilling surveillance video from the insurrection. and sunny and warmer day out there in the bay area for your wednesday afternoon all that changes tomorrow tracking
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>>what our commander in chief did was wildly different from what anyone here in this room did to raise election concerns. this was a deliberate premeditated incitement to his base to attack our capital by the county was going on. and it was foreseeable. especially to president trump. hu warned us. he knew what was coming. this is what the evidence has overwhelmingly shown and will show in this trial. and it's also the truth. he's
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congressman eric swalwell making his opening statement today as house managers began their arguments in the second impeachment trial of former president donald trump. >>our washington correspondent alexandra le mon is joining us now live from washington with the very latest they're taking a break right now, but it's been a chilling day on capitol hill. >>i did good evening that's right and so far we have only heard from the democratic house managers to among other things revealed new court documents with statements from some of the rioters to reportedly said they would have killed vice president mike pence and wanted to shoot. nancy pelosi, the house managers argue that's all because of president trump. >>republican louisiana senator bill cassidy isn't ruling out the possibility of convicting former president donald trump pursuant to my oath. >>am going to listen impartially to the evidence
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wednesday house managers like california congressman eric swalwell tried to persuade senators that trump incited the attack on the u.s. capitol he repeatedly over months told him the fight for specific purpose. we will stop the steal we begin with this. >>and when they were primed and angry and ready to fight. he escalated and channel the range. >>with a call to arms. show up on january 6 colorado congressman joe neguse says it worked and points to statements from trump supporters after the riot president trump is calling us to fight this isn't a joke. another one i thought i was following my president i thought i was falling we recalled to do. house impeachment managers also revealed new video and >>lead impeachment manager jamie raskin refuted the
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claims that trump's words are protected by the first amendment it's more like a case where the town fire chief. who's paid to put out fires sends a mob. not to yell fire in a crowded theater that actually set the theater on fire. >>the house managers also revealing some new video of the vice president mike pence being ushered to safety also of officer goodman directing senator mitt romney away from the mob to safety. again we only heard from the house managers today will we hear from them again tomorrow and then after that we'll hear the defense from trump's lawyers for the next 2 days of the trial live in washington alexandra limon thank you so much and had it has been tough to watch in the video evidence that's being presented at this impeachment trial. catherine heenan is here with reaction. >>from a bay area republican official catherine you know know jonathan madison he is the bay area, vice chair of the california republican
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party is also a lawyer. >>he acknowledges that the wealth of chilling video and audio evidence being presented over the last couple of days is compelling including the surveillance video showing staffers rushing to find hiding places january 6. >>genuine things that come off as most effective. so i think it's an effective tool and strategy to get. messaging across not only to. the members of congress. but also to the american people show what happened and they're entitled to do that. but it's a very very effective tool. >>is it getting harder to argue that there's not enough ce evidence to convict well it's tempting in the law to say well now we have more than enough. you want to avoid that temptation and to you see all the from both sides like him or not you all so happy you're with trump's lawyers at the that's the due process system you know. >>so far only 6 republicans have broken ranks with the
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former president to vote with democrats says yes there might be one or 2 more by the end of the trial. but he does still expect an acquittal saying the lines in the sand have been drawn justine thank you so much katherine we'll switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at the san mateo bridge. >>the sun is slowly starting to sneak into the shot here and we might get a chance of rain coming our way so let's find out exactly when with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez yeah, the storm door is finitely opening for us here in the bay area just seen tracking not one. >>but 3 storms making its way the first one arriving by tomorrow afternoon live look outside the hard to believe we have wet weather on the way things to those clear conditions and extra sunshine. but radar for is showing a very dry outlook but just to our north. we're tracking this storm that is going to arrive first for those of you in the north bay by early afternoon for the rest of us though we are going to notice that
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increase in cloud cover dry conditions. but by around 2 3 o'clock thursday afternoon light to moderate rain will start to make its way for those of you in the north bay. drier outlook for the rest of us until early evening around 5 o'clock. that's when we're going to notice widespread light to moderate downpours and this is going to continue through your thursday night as well with the heaviest rain making its way out of downtown san francisco and heading into the east bay shoreline and also for those of you in the south bay, but this is going to be a fast moving storm with the bulk of the wet weather starting to exit by around 9.30 thursday evening, light scattered showers during the overnight hours even continuing through friday morning bring us some much needed beneficial rain. remember we're still in our wet season and we're going to see anywhere from about have an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area locally higher amounts along the coast and even for those of you in the nortrtrtbay like santa rosa you could easily pick up 3 quarters of an inch of rain with storm number 2 arriving
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friday night through saturday more on that in just a few minutes back to you justine thank you so much debris, so still ahead here this afternoon. the cdc has released new information on improving the safety of your face coverings. >>we'll have a live report on just how much double masking can really were dues. the transmission of covid-19. and what the ceo of johnson johnson is saying about how often may need to get a coronavirus vaccine will be right back.
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>>another big story we're watching this afternoon comes out of the east bay where work continues on cleaning up and assessing the damage from the oil spill into the san francisco bay from the chevron refinery in richmond kron four's charles clifford brings us the very latest. >>right now, i'm standing along the shoreline here in point richmond and the spill occurred at the chevron refinery pier which is right behind me there. and on wednesday afternoon there are still boats out on the water that's a coast guard cutter working on assessing the damage from the spill also deploying oil absorbent booms not so much to contain the spill but to protect sensitive wildlife. on wednesday contra costa health services, the california department of fish and wildlife the u.s. coast guard and chevron join forces to assess the damage from tuesday's fuel spill at the chevron refinery pier. >>enrichment so far estimates put the spill about 600 gallons this video shows the
3:27 pm
sheen from the spill spreading out over san francisco bay on tuesday evening. it's not yet clear exactly what spilled into the water whether it was refined fuel or crude oil, but fish and wildlife says that an over flight on wednesday showed that the spill seem to be a lighter type of fuel which is good because with a sunny day like this a lot of that will dissipate on its own at this point they also aren't seeing any major problems so the impacts to wildlife we haven't seen any. >>as far as environmental impacts are still assessing it right now the cleanup and assessment of the spill continues east bay regional parks has closed the miller knox regional shoreline in point richmond. >>the coast guard has advised boats not involved in the cleanup to avoid the area for neighbors to live nearby the smell of fuel still lingers in the air is not as strong as it was tuesday evening. but it's still noticeable it's an oily smell fronts a given lives nearby she says that unfortunately smelling fuel is not unusual here. we smell that pretty often hear in point richmond you know that
3:28 pm
is just over the hill. a lot of times we can smell it sometimes it has a slightly burning out or if they're having a flare problem you get used to it but we're very aware of that now as of wednesday afternoon. there's no eta on how long this assessment and cleanup will continue or how long the park will be closed here in point richmond crews expect to be here to at least today. >>probably longer. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>next at 3.30 what we know about a covid outbreak at a north bay nursing home, which is one of the largest among the assisted living facilities in the states. plus several assault arrests have been happening on the peninsula and one of the arrest includes a doctor. and after the break the biden administration says it is on the fast track to get more vaccines out to the public which communities are a priority.
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>>and the north bay there has been a major covid-19 outbreak at assisted living facility kron four's has the tells us where it happened and also what they're now doing about it. >>according to the california department of social services there are 11 active covid-19 cases among staff and 19 total active cases among residents of the brookdale senior living facility in the city of napa but does spokesperson sent kron 4 a statement that reads
3:32 pm
in part quote we can't confirm more than one member of our brookdale napa community has tested positive for covid-19 we have informed residents their family members and associates of rebel dap of this matter we are diligently monitoring residents and associates for signs and symptoms and we continue to work directly with local health officials to ensure all residents and associates have appropriate and necessary medical support quote back in december but dell was among all licensed assisted living facilities. the department of social services and rolled into the federal pharmacy partnership program which includes cvs health. confirmed cases reportedly happened within a month the brookdale residents and staff receiving their first 2 covid-19 vaccine doses through the program. the rebels representatives say they have detail protocols and plans in place to respond to the situation prioritizing the health and wellness of their residents has it made kron 4
3:33 pm
news. >>the biden administration says it is on the fast track to get more vaccines out to the public a major focus during the vaccine rollout is to reach vulnerable communities in our country and washington correspondent basil john reports on the progress of the rollout. >>wednesday president joe biden's covid response team focused on the federal government's effort to get vaccines out. >>we must continue to take every action we can to protect our loved ones and our communities white house coronavirus our jeff resigns says the administration is on track to reach 100 million vaccines in a 100 days. >>but they need to tap into more vulnerable communities. we're putting equity front and center. party was states to increase vaccinations in the hardest hit. and hardest to reach communities. one way they are addressing this issue is by introducing a covid-19 health equity task force led by doctor marcella nunez-smith to help allocate funds improve
3:34 pm
outreach to these communities as the pandemic has progressed over the past year. so to have the inequities and over the past the past few months we've seen new disparities the white house says with the increased role out and vaccination sites. the administration could reach its other goal bringing students back into the classroom or object of the president's objectives is for all schools to reopen to stay to be open 5 days a week for kids to be learning. >>that's what our focus is not republicans like tennessee senator bill haggerty say the biden administration needs to put a bigger emphasis on helping schools and teachers we need to get schools open now it's going to be good for our kids going good for america and to the extent we don't get this done. >>we're setting an entire generation reporting in washington, i'm basil john. >>here at kron 4 we're always tracking local stories, here's a look at what is happening in your neighborhood right now we'll start in san francisco where police have arrested a man they say kidnapped 2 kids
3:35 pm
while their father was delivering a meal through doordash 25 year-old early nobody romero was arrested tuesday. morning he is charged now with kidnapping auto theft and robbery police say the jeffrey fraying the father was delivering orders in his minivan on saturday night with his 4 year-old daughter and one year-old son in the vehicle. fang left the van running as he jumped out to drop off a food order and when he returned from the delivery he says that he saw a stranger driving off with his minivan the kids inside but they were found safely. hours later police right now are still looking for another suspect on the peninsula. this man here 24 year-old gabriel vanden ballard from pacifica has been arrested on suspicion of assault involving 4 miners and investigators believe there may be other victims. investigators say the ballard met at least 4 young girls on social media and quote learned them an offer the juveniles, various items, including tobacco and narcotics in
3:36 pm
exchange for acts. officers arrested ballard on friday night he was booked for oral copulation with a person under 18 and meeting with a minor with intent to commit lewd acts. anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the san mateo county sheriff's office. in redwood city, a 33 year-old put pediatrician was arrested on friday on suspicion of attempted to do acts with a minor doctor dylan o'connor pediatrician, lucile packard children's hospital in palo palo alto was taken into custody. and brooke for sending disturbing material to juvenile men traveling to meet a minor for lewd purposes both of which are felonies according to police. redwood city police believe that there may be more victims and are urging anyone with information to come forward. let's talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at the golden gate bridge. these beautiful clear blue skies are here for today, we'll see about tomorrow
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the next storm system coming our way it sounds like outdoor plans need to be moved to today tomorrow looks a little washed out yeah our take advantage of friday. that's also going to be one of the driest days this week, the storm door wide open for us justine so let's take a look outside right now. >>very clear calm conditions in fact temperatures upwards of 5 degrees warmer than murray were just 24 hours ago, mid 50's along the san francisco peninsula coastline with low 60's throughout the east bay shoreline and widespread mid 60's as you make your way inland with currently at 66 degrees. right now little bit cooler for those of you in half moon bay at 54 degrees and overnight lows a little bit warmer thanks to that blanket of cloud cover that will actually develop during the overnight hours widespread mid 40's, even santa rosa, you're usually subfreezing this time of year, but you're going to warm up to 38 degrees so not going to be as chilly as it was last night and daytime
3:38 pm
highs tomorrow going to cool down to near average upper 50's and low 60's is where we should be this time of year and we are actually going to reach those marks by your thursday afternoon thanks to that increase in cloud cover cooling down temperatures upwards of 5 degrees from today. downtown san francisco. 57 degrees in the mid-fifties with low 60's for those of you in san jose. he were 58 degrees widespread low 60's for most of our inland valleys in the east bay, including antioch conquered and livermore and santa rosa, 59 degrees for your afternoon highs but then we're going to see a second storm arriving friday night through saturday morning about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then for your valentine's day sunday, mostly sunny skies all clear and in the low 60's with the 3rd storm arriving early this upcoming week to scene back to you. thank of risa cupid looks ready for the weekend. >>all right coming up this hour valentine's day is right around the corner, so how can you celebrate this affectionate holiday safely
3:39 pm
during covid. and for your money tax season starts this weekend. so we'll go over what you need to know before you file.
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by harnessing california's abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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introducing a revolution in the world of pain relief: new advil dual action. advil targets pain at the source. acetaminophen blocks pain signals. new advil dual action with acetaminophen. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. >>it's that time when we check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight, rob nelson is joining us now live from chicago with a preview. hi rob. >>i thanks so much as always no shortage of news to get to
3:42 pm
start with a live report tonight from the nation's capital on day 2 of president trump's second impeachment trial more dramatic previously unseen footage from the january 6 right has now been released by democrats as part of the trial. walk you through that. also ttonight the city o minneapolis on guard as the trial gets ready to start for the officers accused in the highly controversial death of george floyd last year we'll have a live report there on the ground from minneapolis. plus the nba firing back after one team owner says he no longer wants to play the national anthem. before games, we'll have the latest on that from the city of dallas and finally the one of the men featured in viral cat video we've all cracked up to this by now right one of those folks is now speaking out about the hilarious moment from a court proceeding. in this very strange era of virtual meetings that we all can relate to right all that and more tonight here on news nation on wgn america. we
3:43 pm
certainly hope you'll join it was the ayes rob of the cap that really got me that it. >>rob we'll see fact newsnation airs on wgn america at 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the channel's listed here we have more details on our website kron 4 dot com and still ahead new covid variants are popping up here in the bay area we've just learned about the south african variant that's been found in alameda and santa clara counties. >>so find out why double masking may provide us even more protection a live report is next.
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call now so you can... retire better >>as concerns of new covid-19 variants grow the centers for disease control and prevention just released new research today that shows double masking provides more protection against the coronavirus kron 4 tahernia is live for us now in the newsroom with more details on this and as we can barely of people to wear one mask now we're going to be asking them to wear too. we are asking for a bit much but we do have to do it. so the cdc conducted a study last month that shows layering up or even tightening your mask will decrease covid-19 transmission. >>by about 95% last month. the cdc tested too simple changes in mask wearing one as you mentioned just seen was double masking by wearing a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask. the other was a nodding
3:47 pm
method which involves and knotting the ear loops around or surgical mask. ultimately the key is to prevent air or droplets from leaking out so wearing 2 masks adds an extra layer of protection against the spread of infectious aerosols the study also found that nodding surgical knox loops where they meet the mask fabric times the mask flattens of the excess fabric reducing the gap on either side of your face. earlier today i spoke with ucsf doctor peter chin-hong about his opinion on these new recommendations and while he agrees with the recommendations. he says whether you double up or where one well fitted surgical mask really comes down to preference and context. >>i would make sure that my mask is really well fitted. and that is comfortable. you know i if people can do the double mask which is simply a regular surgical mask. and a cloth mask. over it. you know that's that's great. but again
3:48 pm
if you're going in clark and you're running and there's nobody else around. it doesn't really matter if you wear. to my soul, one if you're in the middle wet point event slated in northeast. and the occupation you know we need you to be in that space for a very long period of time. ben mee be extra protection would make a big difference. >>now it's important to know that double masking isn't recommended for all masks for example you won't have that increased level of protection. if you are to cloth masks or to surgical masks. the study specifically recommends wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask and the cdc still does not recommend now asks have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon and you can download that for free in your app store just think thank you so much now the head of johnson
3:49 pm
and johnson says that people may need to get vaccinated against covid-19 every year just like the flu, public health and infectious disease experts have said covid-19 will become a disease and that means it will be present all the time the likely low lower levels and it is now that's the hope anyway with vaccines always being modified to fight all the variance johnson and johnson submitted its vaccine for emergency operation. just last week. and about one 3rd of americans say they are skeptical about receiving a coronavirus vaccine. that's according to a poll from the associated press is centers for public affairs research. the poll found vaccine hesitancy was highest among young people people without college degrees black americans and republicans. >>this earns about vaccines are more to lack of experience or lack of knowledge of the vaccine rather than counted. you want to call police and what that means is that people can be pursley hearing from people in their community
3:50 pm
first he meant what those experiences have been with the current vaccine can be incredibly powerful in helping to proceed those communities. >>doctor anthony fauci has estimated that somewhere between 70 and 85% of the u.s. population needs to get vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity and speaking of the cdc valentine's day right around the corner and the agency has released guidelines for celebrating during the pandemic the cdc is suggesting that people gather virtually unless they lived together the agency advised americans to drop off found times day cards or decorations. activities for valentine's day you can do together include a walk outside preparing a special meal or dessert, planning a special movie or game night or having a picnic outside. sounds fun. all right, here's what else is fun. the irs is going to begin accepting tax returns starting this friday february 12th are a few things that you need to be aware of especially if you received unemployment benefits worked
3:51 pm
from home. we're a victim of fraud or face any other issues that are pretty common to 2020 so unemployment benefits are taxable income which might surprise some filers additionally unemployment benefits are always subject to federal taxes. there are some states that don't do it we're working to figure out of california's part of it. relief checks are not taxable income but people who'd did not get their payments are received less than they were due can get the proper amount by claiming the recovery rebate credit on their 2020 taxes as from working from home a lot of people are doing that and people are asking if they can claim that as an expense since they set up a home office but because the home office deduction is not part of it it can only be taken by businesses or people who're self employed. there are a lot more situations taxes are always complicated and fun we have all the details you need to know on our website kron 4 dot com. up
3:52 pm
next. >>dogs to the rescue why this reunion outside a hospital was truly a special one for the man right there.
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- i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >>real quick breaking news just into the kron 4 news room this stories on our website kron 4 dot com right now. we are reporting that larry flynt the founder of hustler has died at the age of 78. team zia's reporting that flynn
3:55 pm
died of heart failure working to get more information and we'll have updates for you coming up tonight at 5, 6, a very sweet moment caught on camera in new jersey as a man is reunited with his dog that he credits with saving his life. brian meyer suffered a stroke last month and he says his dog satie knew that he was in trouble and help hold him across the floor. >>so he could get his phone and call for help. he adopted this german shun of october in october this german shepherd in october and says it was the best decision he could have ever made. >>looks like sadie's so happy that he is happy and healthy and doing well and she even backs off his glasses and his mask with all those and that's why dogs are the best. >>we're going to check in now really quickly with mabrisa to find out about our weather forecast. i'm really interested in the timing of
3:56 pm
the next several rain storms that are coming our way yet tracking 3 just seen so certainly have our hands full here from the kron 4 weather center radar for right now showing a dry clear outlook but just to our north. >>we're tracking this storm, let's try it right now hour by hour by thursday morning, plenty of cloud cover still dry and those rain showers warner right for those of you in the north bay until shortly after 2 o'clock in the afternoon still relatively dry for the rest of the bay area light scattered hit or miss showers trying to make its way into the east bay, but the bulk of the wet weather with light to moderate downpours won't arrive until around 4.30 so will impact your rush hour commute home plan ahead, it's going to continue with some pretty heavy downpours even through 7 o'clock in the evening until it starts to shift to the southeast for those of you in the south bay by around 8 o'clock at night by 9.30 already drying out in clearing out with light scattered showers continuing through friday much needed
3:57 pm
rain making its way into the bay area about half an inch of rain or less taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook drier friday afternoon. but storm number 2 arrives friday night through saturday about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then sunday valentine's day also tracking mostly sunny skies and slightly warmer temperatures so grant lotus i'm talking to you make sure to take just enough beautiful weather and president's day monday light scattered showers thanks for plug never know reminder, valentine's day sunday, i'm just a thank you. >>for news at 3 o'clock we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
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