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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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cause of bleeding gums parodontax >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now tonight, we start with our coronavirus coverage we now know the south african variant of the covid-19 virus has made its way to the bay
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area. and the first 2 cases have been detected one in alameda county. one in santa clara county good evening, everybody thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at night, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 taylor bisacky. >>she joins us now live in palo alto with more on the very end and what doctors are saying about this taylor. well both cases were discovered here in laboratories at stanford university. >>and while only 2 cases were detected so far health officers believe that more cases could be circulating in the bay area. >>the south african variant of covid-19 is now in the bay area. one case detected in alameda county and another in santa clara county. despite worries about the new variant in our area ucsf doctor monica gandhi says she's not as concerned about this particular strain for several reasons it doesn't make the virus worst me not more very light touch and importantly
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does it reduce the efficacy of the vaccines that we have in this country not down not pfizer slightly lower antibody levels that way above what we need to disease and then. >>if johnson johnson vaccine which is being the fda and february 26 against severe disease a with very want a 51 hospitalizations and deaths 100% severe disease by eating 9% and it was only less effective with mild disease, however she says it's still unclear how transmissible it is while only 2 cases were detected locally. santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody believes court cases could be circulating because little testing is done to determine variance we don't do this sequencing every positive specimen and so in some ways we sort of have to >>that perhaps these variants of concern are already circulating doctor. cody says
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the resident infected in santa clara county transmitted the variant through international travel, however she is encouraged that they followed the 10 day mandatory quarantine when returning home person upon returning. i immediately >>and we don't know of any opportunities for further spread. within our community meanwhile. >>alameda county's health officer had little travel information about the resident infected in his county. ultimately doctor gandhi says it will take vaccinations and herd immunity to get through this only way to get through this is to vaccinate as many people as fast as possible we're not we're not saying is quickly as we would hope as time has to do is supply harshly. >>while supply is causing a major slowdown of the vaccinations doctor gandhi says she is encouraged by the upcoming review of the johnson
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and johnson vaccine, but in the meantime she says that this variant is just another reminder for all of us to continue to follow those health protocols and continue to mask up. for now live in palo alto taylor kron 4 news taylor. thank you and as concerns of new covid-19 variants grow. >>cdc research shows that double asking or wearing 2 masks provides up to 95% protection from the virus. the cdc says to better protect yourself. you should either double up with a cloth mask on top of the surgical mask or not the loops on the single surgical mask to reduce the space between the mask on your face. the key is to prevent air or droplets from leaking out one bay area health official agrees that these methods increase protection against the virus. but he says it also depends on the setting. >>if people can do the double mask which is simply a regular surgical mask. and a cloth mask. over it. you know that's that's great. but again if
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you're going in clark and running and there's nobody else around. it doesn't really matter if you wear. to my soul, one if you're in the middle wet point event slated in northeast. and the occupy asian, you know we need you to be in that space for a very long period of time. ben mee be extra protection would make a big difference. >>yep it double masking is not recommended for all masks experts do not recommend to cloth or to surgical is instead double masking must be a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask. at this time, the cdc does not recommend everyone wear an n 95 mask. >>in the east bay, the san ramon valley unified school district said reopens preschools and elementary schools for in person instruction today. trump forcefully chagall reports from danville where students wrapped up their first day back. >>youngsters lineup, 6 feet apart from their classmates
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entering a new phase of their education is will be her first day actually on campus ever parents of students at green brook elementary in danville turning the page on full-time distance learning are excited receiving instruction on campus seems very excited. he's nervous. he has all the emotions, he said he scared, happy and you of us but he's really happy to be back it's going to be great thing for them some 55% of the student body is back on campus for in person instruction, some 45% of the student body. >>will remain in distance learning kids are so resilient. >>and this is a comfortable environment for most of them are our youngest learners haven't quite been here yet so this is new for them and most of our children, this is a comfortable preschools and elementary schools in the san ramon valley unified school district. >>now reopened in the hybrid model of in person education tk through second graders returned this week, 3rd
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through 6th graders head back to class next week i believe they're extreme safety protocols and we're with the vaccine rollout. >>first let's go rob and to some degree but. >>i was getting the extra owner of the social there they're at school actually going to a place to get in zone for learning. i'm going to get that the principal says the campus will slowly work its way up to 4 days of in person instruction per week. >>in danville phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>now to the latest on the trump impeachment trial, house democrats wrapped up their first full day of arguments today. 7 hours and they were yesterday presented new video a police radio calls and trump's own twitter argue that he stoked the flames of violence inside of the january
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6th insurrection of the capital and failed to act quickly to send help or call his supporters off house impeachment manager representative ted lieu argued that trump's desperate desire for power led to the riot. >>how did our exceptional country get to the point. a wave violent mob attacked our capital murdering a police officer, assaulting over a 140 other officers. how do you get the point where writers desecrated the filed and dishonored your senate chamber. whether replace him which use it became a crime scene. and we're national guard troops still patrol outside wearing body armor. i'll show you how we got here. president donald j trump ran out of nonviolent options to maintain power. some republicans say presentation of the chilling video and audio evidence is compelling.
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>>including surveillance video of staffers, rushing to find hiding places on january 6th and although 6 members of the gop voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings. the bay area, vice chair of the california republican party doesn't expect that number to get much bigger. >>i expect to see maybe maybe one or 2 more, i don't expect to see to many more. i think that the lines in the sand are drawn. for the most part. don't think those lands are going to be blurred too much more. you know and i and if i can speak kathryn i think that has more to do with the division that's still in the country in less to do with the legal aspect of things here. for all that can be said about biden president biden coming personally you know supportive than and i want to make sure we have unity in this country i think that's important but i think a lot of people on both sides are still. digging their heels in is this really about conviction or is this about.
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political agendas. >>jonathan i'm madison they're speaking with our own catherine heenan now some have suggested that the republicans sticking with donald trump are considering there own political survival medicine argues it's more about simple loyalty. >>president biden and his aides have been avoiding weighing in on the impeachment trial as much as possible biden has said he will not watch the trial and is leaving it up to the senate to decide whether or not to convict trump. and they say that staying above the fray allows him to focus on the business at hand namely that covid-19 relief package. >>all right joining us is a san jose lecture. donna crane. donahue watch today. pretty dramatic stuff. yeah, i'm i'm emotionally spent every day. i
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must say at the end of the day i realize i'm emotionally sense that it was just. >>heart breaking up all over again to listen to the arguments and watch the footage that i had not seen before. >>you're emotionally maybe more than half of america is but but certainly the whole country is not. how compelling do you think what we're seeing and hearing at this impeachment trial. is to americans and republican houmayor may not be considering the actual evidence. where do you think the the competition is if you will for for the soul of america. >>it's such a good question, you know i thought a lot about this since we had a similar conversation last night and i asked my students whether they were paying attention to what was going on whether any of the news was filtering through
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their busy lives, you know they're normal people they don't spend all day watching the stuff as as i do or as you do. and they are definitely aware of what's going on and so this is of course eliminated something that should have been obvious to me from the beginning which is there's more than one audience here for the conversation that's happening on the senate floor right now the the conversation that's happening is not just about talking to senators dress, it's also about setting history books of correctly writing them correctly, making sure that the american public seize evidence on both sides and boy i'll tell if my students are any indication they are very aware of the conversation on the senate floor, not the details but they get it and they have a lot of questions about why they held responsible for very small but the president seems to think he can. you basically support
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an insurrection and then thinks he can walk away and wash his hands of this that there is a there's a whole other audience out there that's paying attention. other so much to to pick apart here. but the one thing that struck me in watching and listening is that a lot more of the spotlight was put on the capitol police trying to hold the line the staffers hu were hiding under desks you know. the regular people who've. >>we're we're we're protecting not only the law makers but in the larger scheme of things you know democracy. do you think that that registered in a different way with the audience today. well if we can to the primary audience which is at this point gop no i don't i think that they now hardened in their position.
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>>and i don't i don't think really anything will not shut them out of that i think that they have you know constructed a reality in their minds that they that they have to vote to acquit and nothing seems to penetrate i think when you talk to the broader public if any what he's forming impressions about about about the cases being argued on the senate floor. i definitely think some of that is registering i and i have to say on a personal note, i myself and just enraged all over again that these are you know the staffers and the police officers work on capitol hill these are professionals these are people whom work in public service. they are not ideological they're not partisan. they're there to protect the members of congress and to make the institution work. well for us and then i see senators on the floor, you know do the landing and telling reporters that this is all a waste of time and a waste of taxpayer money
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and i think to myself what reality are you living in that the people who'll protect you we're in danger because of your negligence, it's it's an astonishing political some situation that we find ourselves in. >>republicans like kevin an ardent trump supporter of california. they were begging the president. on january 6th to come on tv and to tell these people to leave the capital and the president eventually did hours but in the same breath, he said go home, we love you, you're very special white with the democrats not try subpoena some witnesses people who're with the president for all those hours when he was reportedly watching the events unfold on cable tv and according to some people enjoying it. >>you know my sense is that the house impeachment managers are trying to calibrate very
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carefully how much time they spend going over some of the same material. >>and whether they're whether. >>they want to make the basic case and they want to make it in a fulsome way, but if you go on and on and on they could spend a month. making these arguments but is that really the best use of time so i think they're probably very carefully trying to measure what's enough evidence and what simply too much. don, i know we have to wrap but i i one thing that really struck me and i i imagine it got your attention and much of america, whoever was watching. >>it's it's also what the president didn't do and as commander in chief did i hear right it was not. then president trump called in the national guard. that is my understanding i think i'd like to see a lot more evidence on in the coming weeks and months but that is my understanding
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yes said he's not it was. >>eventually that's right and so i personally i think they're also ought to be some legal consequences not just constitutional for his actions. >>all right we have to leave it there, donna crane lecturer at san jose state university. always appreciate you joining the program and sharing your insight have a good night. thank you. donna. 4 zone forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here a large say guys but we've got some changes coming our way after gorgeous weather outside today spring-like conditions well that is now beginning to chase scene a few clouds beginning to move into our skies now not a whole lot some high clouds we've had a couple of patches of fog. >>we'll see more of that on the way in the coming days in fact we're going to see some rain begin to move in a little bit later on so certainly in the clouds going to gather as we head throughout the night tonight think by tomorrow morning when you wake up be looking to mostly cloudy skies around the bay area so get ready here comes the storm not
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that far away this the one that impact your day tomorrow and you see some low clouds beginning to move in most that just some high level cloud and has had across california now and the bay area quite out there rain wise no rain to speak of you see the clouds off the coastline that some fog out ahead of that front temperatures running in the 40's and 50's outside right now, but yeah we want to see the storm roll on through it's going take some time to get here tonight, we just watch this cloud up and then by tomorrow morning see a 3rd in the morning bay area remaining dry. that change as we head throughout the day in fact you can see some of those showers moving in the north as we head toward the middle of the day and then as we get toward the afternoon. the sags a little further south 3.30 begin to see some pop-up showers elsewhere around the bay area along the peninsula, but the heavier amounts of rain begin to move into the north bay and then as we head toward the afternoon and evening tomorrow you can see the system really right across the heart of the bay area. with some pockets, some moderate to some heavier downpours rolling on through behind that will take some time to taper off but i think we're all done with this by tomorrow night we've got more on the way we've got a series
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of storms kind a lining up out there in the pacific now so the good news is we need the rain these are huge storms looks like we've got not one but several may before so could impact the bay area it looks like everybody gets little bit we do not make everybody right thanks authorities in the nation tonight are investigating 2 separate burglaries of antique shops over the last 2 weeks they released this video. >>one of the incidents in the downtown area police say they also believe the suspect is targeting other antique shops throughout the bay area, including businesses in martinez, the and petaluma. >>the board supervisor is looking into whether systemic failure may be to blame for last week's fatal crash in san francisco's terrible district. the driver behind the wheel of a stolen car was on probation. our kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now in the studio with the latest l a. >>district 7 supervisor myrna melgar issued a formal letter of inquiry at the board of
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supervisors meeting just yesterday in search of any cracks in the criminal justice system that may have led to the death of sherry and we'll ca the 26 year-old was killed on laker said boulevard after an 8 car pileup on january 4th at the time of the crash. the suspect 31 year-old jerry lyons was on released supervised probation. while the san francisco district attorney's office waited for a toxicology report to file charges for his latest of at least 7 arrests back in december by chp for dui supervisor melgar is giving the city oversees the medical examiner. the department of adult probation, the chp and san mateo county d a hu all run had run-ins with lyon to have that deadline of february 26 for some potential answers in this particular case. >>one of the challenges is that i want to make sure there is proper communication so that people don't fall through the cracks so that you know as you said we don't lose track
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asked people once they're out and we just don't know what they're doing especially since we know as as they have been arrested over and over again that they are from drug addiction. >>so this crash comes of the heels of another in the city on new year's eve. in which a man on parole also crashed a stolen car into 2 women, killing them that prompted the san francisco police officers association in calling for an independent oversight panel to review the sf tease criminal charging decisions and a petition was launched by citizens for him to step down the dean has not commented on this inquiry for this report and as you might know he is dedicated to treatment versus locking people up these fatal crashes have supervisor milk are questioning whether the programs available now are in effect of alternative and what more can be done. meanwhile lines is in san francisco county jail on no bail and he faces a dozen charges, including hit and run driving and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated live in the studio ella
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sogomonian kron 4 news. >>thank still to come tonight a covid outbreak in the north bay, what we know about more than 2 dozen active infections at one assisted living facility and big changes coming to the admissions process at lowell high school in the city will explain after the break and folks working at major grocery store chains in san jose are getting hourly raises when the covid has or they will start appearing in paychecks.
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>>employees at major grocery stores in san jose going to be happy to hear they'll be getting a boost in pay. city council voted yesterday in favor of $3 per hour raises its covid hazard pay that's on top of their hourly wage they get now people working at chains supermarkets, large grocery stores and retail stores that sell food and employ at least 300 people nationwide. we'll get the benefit it will last for about 4 months. but it will be about 2 months before they start to see a change in their paychecks but it's coming nearly one in 3 americans say they will not be getting the covid shot and some experts are saying this is discouraging news if the u.s. hopes to achieve herd immunity. the new poll from the associated press found that 32% of people say they will either not get the vaccine or they're still on the fence.
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>>up next on kron 4 news at 9 cleanup continues in the bay after an oil spill, the update tonight from environmentalist plus financial relief is on the way for families who've lost a loved one to covid-19 in. i hope for a happy year of the ox in the wake of local attacks against asian americans barry officials, they're working to make sure that the commu
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>>and the north bay, there is a major covid outbreak another one, this said a senior living facility for says he made shows us where it happened and what's being done. >>to contain the outbreak from spreading. >>according to the california department of social services there are 11 active covid-19 cases among staff and 19 total active cases among residents of the brookdale senior living facility in the city of napa but does spokesperson sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote we can't confirm more than one member of our brookdale napa community has tested positive for covid 90. we have informed residents their family members and associates of napa of this matter we are diligently monitoring residents and associates for signs and symptoms and we continue to work directly with local health officials to ensure all residents and associates have appropriate and necessary medical support unquote back
9:30 pm
in december but dell was among all licensed assisted living facilities. the department of social services and rolled into the federal pharmacy partnership program which includes cvs health. confirmed cases reportedly happened within a month the brookdale residents and staff receiving their first 2 covid-19 vaccine doses through the program. i contacted cvs health they sent kron 4 this statement reading quote no one from our political team to administer vaccines at this facility has tested positive for covid-19 we continue to partner with each facility to address their needs to vaccinate residents and staff unquote over the course of the pandemic napa county has said 55 known or suspected. >>outbreaks in a number of facilities in napa county spokesperson janet upton describes the county's protocol for handling covid-19 outbreak so that process includes working very closely with the facility. and we have some requirements of them that we coordinate with them on and that includes 100% testing of residents and staff every day
9:31 pm
until there's 2 consecutive rounds negative test result, so mean. completely clean at that point we'll do what's called close that outbreak has it made kron 4 news. >>families that have lost a loved one due to the coronavirus can now receive up to $7,000 in funeral expenses reimbursed, you speak congresswoman barbara lee was the one to make the announcement today the funding was made available as part of the federal covid-19 relief bill the one that was passed in december in a statement lee said no one should struggle to afford a proper funeral for a loved one during this time of unprecedented pain and economic hardship. it is a moral imperative that the federal government step in and provide relief. residents interested in applying for funeral reimbursement funding. we'll have to have documents things documentation of what they paid for the funeral and death certificate. are calling
9:32 pm
on the community to stay safe during the upcoming lunar new year observances that means no parades no large gatherings and no fireworks at the grand century mall in the heart of san jose's little saigon neighborhood people were stepping up flowers and other items today to get ready for the big day. >>we are here to say. >>duke morning. and to please celebrate this lunar new year safely we do this real thanksgiving. >>christmas and other festivities and even when asked you again please do not visit your family. >>in person been are willing to follow the rules and because there are they afraid of catching covid passing it on to their older family members. >>and outreach team is encouraging merchants to remind their customers about the need to wear masks and distance. many of the region's usual multi-day lunar new year
9:33 pm
festivities have been canceled or scaled back this year, churches and temples are limited to 20% capacity, and fireworks which typically draw thousands of people to the grand century mall will not be tolerated. >>kids in the east bay are returning to school for the first time in almost a year. the orinda you union school district reopen classrooms to elementary school students today with some modifications the classrooms have air purifiers inside and desks are separated to allow for social distancing. kron 4 spoke to excited parents and kids as they return to the campus this morning. >>where she struggling at home or she was doing just fine. >>she was doing great at home or teachers did a really good job during distance learning, it's not quite the same as having peer interaction and teacher working with you >>a middle school and high school students in orinda we'll have to wait to return to school until covid-19 cases fall between 4, 7, cases for
9:34 pm
every 100,000 residents big change here one of the top performing public high schools in san francisco will no longer admit students based on their test scores and grades the san francisco board of education voted to use the same lottery based system to assign students to low high school as the other district high schools. >>this decision is in response to ongoing racism at all board members say the academic based system that little had been using to admit students led to the lack of diversity there and the racial segregation. >>in the east bay you we are learning what was released in the chevron refinery oil spill in richmond lab analysis and technical review determined that approximately 500 to 700 gallons of a low. so for diesel fuel and flush water mix was released. cleanup and recovery efforts. they are ongoing east bay, regional parks have closed the miller knox regional shoreline in point richmond in the coast guard has advice boats not to
9:35 pm
or not involved in the cleanup to avoid that area entirely. >>in the east bay another violent attack against asian american in the bay area, san leandro police are working to identify 4 armed robbers 2 were involved in an attack on a man yesterday afternoon. i was just trying to deposit money at a local bank in the attack happened in front of the bank of america on marina boulevard where the victim was in line to deposit of large sum of money. it was then police say the attackers push into the ground and took his money. the 4 suspects got away in a car before police arrived. eyewitnesses identified the suspects only as men in their 20's said, police said one suspect was armed with a handgun. >>still ahead tonight, the nba stepping in after dallas mavericks owner mark cuban stop playing the national anthem before games will hear his reasoning when we come back. >>and we're beginning to see a few clouds moving inside of a
9:36 pm
whole lot more clouds in fact several storms headed our way we'll tell you when coming up. and it's for us with the worries off tonight, the g league. >>is front and center with 2 of the top prospects in the upcoming nba draft leading the local. 19 against the santa cruz warriors. rejection jason dumas says highlights and reaction coming up.
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>>for sports. and one of the more intriguing matchups in recent memory today on the g league level the g league ignite a team comprised of a mixture of young promising prospects and betts played against the santa cruz warriors led by. >>hugo mannion jordan poole and jeremy lin this matchup disappoint i have my law are set to woke up. here's one of those young promising prospects jalen green hails from fresno he was a top rated player in the class of 2020. and another one john i think those coast to coast for the dunk. he had a huge game now you recognize that face jordan poole going up and down career for him he's on the warriors obviously he was up and down today kind of a microcosm of his career. nico mannion like pool did not shoot it. well 6 for 18 3, 4, 9, 4, 3, but we did enough to score 17 points, including that layup now this
9:40 pm
was the play of the game come in a half-court bounce pass to green for the dunk. green had 11 had some nerves in the beginning of the games 9 in the 2nd half though ignite with the late lead more come from coming to you as the player, the game in my opinion by sort of contact and the foul he had 19 points and this right here showed some of his defensive potential jordan poole goes up. and coming to us watson away volleyball spikes that explanation point on this one that basically sealed the win. showing on both and why he's projected as a top-five pick in the 2020 draft 2021 draft that is ignite when one o 9 one '04 jarrett jack led the way with 23 points former warrior another former warrior jeremy lin had 18 for santa cruz. >>there was definitely butterflies at the beginning of the game but you know these guys have felt the energy around this team since we got here with the cameras that are falling around with the
9:41 pm
attention that they've from being you know this unique team, the city, you know 17 of g league teams and we're not. really a g league team, you know where this this pathway program team and so is different and they recognize that but they fair targets on their back and they've been you know had had guys coming for them based on their rankings up to this point so something that they'll have to play through be ready for don't think got i think it's got out on this because you stole my business for some and. >>they in 10 tries to and it is there is some time i was given easy to accept that i got over it. >>the giants report to training camp a week from today and shortly after that they'll start playing in front of fans the organization has received approval from major league baseball to have friends that have fans attend their cactus league games. now the giants are working with local officials in scottsdale
9:42 pm
arizona to finalize everything they were released about 752,000 tickets for the fans starting with season ticket holders. and jed larry is coming back to oakland with a chance to revive his career lowery was with the mets for the past 2 years and he barely played in 2019 and he didn't even touch the field in 2020. the mets were always very vague with his injuries and the cause of that band started to grow frustrated with the situation they wanted lowry out of there. now he played with the a's in 2013 and again from 2016 to 2018. he was an all-star in 2018 had was playing some great ball for the a's. now he signed a minor league contract with the organization so he will have to compete just to make the team, nothing guaranteed, but hey is a good opportunity that's all you can ask for as an athlete. all right nation
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>>i welcome back time to talk weather and here we are in the middle of winter pretty nice day today. yeah but apparently we're going to actually feel winter tomorrow. lawrence yeah we certainly are in fact the rain coming back tomorrow, it's going to take some time before it hits the entire bay area but it will get here as we head toward the afternoon. the clouds begin to move into the bay now so you can see a bit of a change after the gorgeous day we had today clouds going to fill the bay overnight tonight and it's tomorrow morning the staying dry throughout the night tonight. >>cloud cover will help keep
9:46 pm
those temperatures up overnight lows going to be the 30's in the 40's, but you see some of the clouds out there now tomorrow. the rain on the way temperatures today when little bit below the average in the san francisco 5761 in oakland today, 63 very nice day in san jose sunny and bright more checking in 65 degree 66 in conquer well above the average and 64 degrees. in santa rosa. still waiting for that storm system that's not all that far away you can see some high clouds have already begun to move into parts of california even parts of the north bay right now we'll see more of that throughout the night tonight because that cloud cover kind of moving on in that can help to hold up those overnight lows, but we'll keep things dry. it's going take some time for the storm to work its way in so that being said really hit by all the rain they are looking a lot of snow in the sierra nevada, maybe a foot foot and a half across some of the higher peaks, so certainly if you head in that direction you want to chain up and be careful see a series of storms coming our way tomorrow starting out a little rain early on that turning to snow by tomorrow evening. then a dry day expected on friday.
9:47 pm
another cold storm rolling in much colder system coming in temperatures there only in the 30's lot of snow expected. on saturday in the high country right around the bay area we're looking clouds on the increase for tonight, some cool temperatures tomorrow, mostly cloudy with that rain starting in the north bay and spreading to the south. let's stay unsettled with the weekend a series of storms coming this first one coming in for tomorrow behind that little bit of a break on friday. the another chance of rain on saturday another break up the pattern now none of these gigantic storms but kind of just a little rain each way we go we're looking at a chance of showers kind of on and off for the next 7 days. so certainly looks promising the storm system maybe about half an inch maybe 3 quarters inches some of the possible that's about it that's not bad. yeah take it can come up yes better than one big you you know i spirit river of that certainly we're not talking about 5 to 10 inches of rain which could be scary.
9:48 pm
certainly just nice rain over the next 7 days. thank you a new discrimination lawsuit claims that george floyd's accused killer was only guarded by white officers. it was filed by 8 minority guards. >>to claim that they were barred from interacting with derek chauvin at the time a ramsey county jail officials admitted the move was to protect minority officers by shielding them from sheldon. the decision was later reversed the complaint also says the white guard was given access to chauvin in his cell and allegedly let him use her cell phone. now this was the big sports talker of the day the dallas mavericks resumed playing the national anthem after not playing the song during the games and one of the most prominent owners in this sport and markie martin reports. >>on why team owner mark cuban made the call. >>it's been a staple of american >>dating back to world war one in an effort to unify the
9:49 pm
country. >>it's the pre-game preamble most fans alyssa farah natives to the flag pride. >>i mean you live in a country where freedom. and i think that's what it stands >>but in recent years, the national anthem at the forefront of contentious conversations regarding racial injustice and police brutality in america during the 2016 nfl season, san francisco, forty-niners quarterback colin kaepernick igniting a movement after choosing to kneel during the song. on tuesday night news broke that mark cuban owner of the dallas mavericks had chosen not to play the anthem before home games for some fans, the move is not a slam dunk. i was really a combination of sad and bears and a little bit angry about it at emory's erie has been a lifelong mavericks fan, the marketing expert says the fallout and domino effect of
9:50 pm
striking the song doesn't look promising for the franchise. he also says cubans call is confusing honestly this actually deprive the players of an opportunity of an opportunity to peacefully protest when you play the national anthem. >>you can choose to stand for it you can choose to kneel for you could choose to raise a fist for it. they can do any of that anymore. >>i request a cuban in the team for interviews answered but early this afternoon cuban broke his silence on the issue releasing a statement that said in part this we respect and always have respected the passion people have for the anthem and our country, but we also loudly hear the voices of those to feel that the anthem does not represent them, we feel that their voices need to be respected and heard because they have not been he later went on espn to explain and defend his position i mean when you try do things that are hard it's never going to be easy right when you try to you know create social change, it's never going to be easy we saw that all summer long. to the nba swiftly addressing its clear stance on the matter
9:51 pm
saying quote with nba teams now in the process of welcoming fans back into their arenas all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league policy the conversation even drawing reaction from the white house with press secretary jen psaki speaking on behalf of the president, although not taking a clear side she says biden has great respect for the anthem. you also that of course that part of the of pride in our country means recognizing moments. >>where we as a country have lived up to our highest ideals which at times what people are speaking when they take action and sporting events and texas lieutenant governor dan patrick tweeting in opposition early wednesday morning at mark cuban your decision to cancel our national anthem, a dallas maps games is a slap in the face to every american. >>in an embarrassment to texas sell the franchise and some texas patriots will buy it. we are the land of the free.
9:52 pm
>>that was markie martin reporting for us tonight. up next pop star britney spears breaking her silence just days after a documentary. as the world talking about her legal situation aired her new message to
9:53 pm
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>>tonight publisher and free speech activist larry flynt to turned hustler magazine into a empire is dead at the age of 78 sources telling tmz flynn died of heart failure this morning in los angeles. flint was involved in several high-profile legal cases over his publications, his story inspired the 1996 oscar nominated film the people versus larry flynt and when she was portrayed by woody harrelson. flynn is survived by his wife elizabeth as well has his 5 daughters and son. britney spears fans think that she's now weighed in on the new documentary that is re energize the freebritney movement. >>the pop star spoke out on social media and says that always love being on stage, but i am taking the time to learn to be a normal person remember no matter what we think we know about a person's life. she says it's nothing
9:56 pm
compared to the actual person living behind the lens. the documentary framing britney spears premiered on friday and highlights her battles with the media and her conservatorship. >>hollywood is planning to remake the 1939 musical the wizard of the new version of the stories being planned for the big screen with the coal castle, the executive producer and one of the directors of the hbo series watchmen she's set to directed no word on that caster when filming will begin no word on whether or not it will still be a musical. >>fighters in atlanta managed to save a historic krispy kreme doughnut shop from burning to the ground when firefighters arrived the flames had consumed the inside the store but they were able to save the building and put the fire out the krispy kreme it's owned by an not be a great shaquille o'neal and was one of the chain's first locations outside his home base in north carolina and also a fed mourners at martin luther king junior's funeral back in 1968 shaq has promised
9:57 pm
to rebuild the shot better than before. >>tampa bay bucs fans celebrated their super bowl win with a big old boat parade in tampa. and check out qb tom brady yet we to see that the serra high grad san mateo native. but one too. he's throwing the lombardi trophy across the bay and. >>i mean that thing it's going. he. >>no surprise that a accurate to austin gronk a teammate were able jail >>that wraps kron 4 news at 9. thank you for being with us this hour but coming up at the top of the hour on kron 4 news at 10 has more schools, start welcoming kids back to campus. one group is now saying it's time to let them return to the field in the court. the message that the let them play see a group wants to send
9:58 pm
governor newsome tomorrow. >>and it's clear for now, not to stay that way for tomorrow from 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking when a storm is going to hit us here in the bay area how much rain we can expect those stories and more coming up on properties do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love? -yes. -the answer is no. i can help new homeowners not become their parents. -kee-on-oh... -nope. -co-ee-noah. -no. -joaquin. -no. it just takes practice. give it a shot. [ grunts, exhales deeply ] -did you hear that? -yeah. it's a constant battle. we're gonna open a pdf. who's next? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. no fussin', no cussin', and no --
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