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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>its story we have been following all league former president trump's second impeachment trial today in day 4 trump's lawyers launched and rested their defense in roughly 3 hours our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joins us now with what will happen next. >>saturday is going to be the big day. >>hey there good evening well first a recap a little of today trump's lawyers attacked the house impeachment managers
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and democrats saying they twisted trump's words and took them out of context. >>this impeachment is completely divorced from the facts, former president donald trump's legal team told senators that no thinking person would believe trump incited the violence on january 6 they selectively edited the president's words over and over again trump's lawyers say the house impeachment managers were dishonest and west out or downplayed much of trump's january 6 speech i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building. >>to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard they argued that the peaceful gathering was hijacked by a small group of violent protesters. and when trump told people to fight it was political language that democrats used to so we're going to keep fighting we have to be fighting every every single day certainly the word fight is off limits. >>spare us the hypocrisy in
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faults indignation democratic senator richard blumenthal says there's no comparison when democrats urge their supporters to fight it didn't end with violence and death i think it is. >>plainly a distraction from donald inviting the mob to watch it was armed trump's defense rested their case in roughly 3 hours our country needs to get back to work. >>now earlier tonight, senators wrapped the question portion of the impeachment trial and tomorrow we are expecting closing arguments and possibly a final vote from the senate on whether they will impeach the former president. >>so is there any chance for the enough republican senators are going to vote to convict the former president. >>well democrats would need 17 republicans to join them in order to convict former president trump and you know
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just based on the reactions that we've heard so far from those republican senators. it seems highly unlikely. >>aleksandra thank you so much for updating us on today's events in washington. >>so we have been following the story all weekend. the trial has brought up a lot of questions about how the whole process is working now joining us now to talk about that and the defense team's argument, san jose state university political science lecturer donna crane thank you as always for being with how would you characterize the defense argument, particularly trying to say that. house investigators the house managers are really just putting together a based on vengeance. >>you know what occurred to me as i watched the proceedings today is the saying the best defense is a good offense. i was a little surprised by the combative tone that we heard sometimes from the president's lawyers. you know we talked to this all week this week that it seems they don't need to
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persuade the senators here in order to want to quit all of the president all they have to do is to sort of check a box of the closing argument because they are certain that they have the votes to so i was a little surprised that some of the language is combat it we expected to see some of this sort of both sides arguments whatever we did you guys do it too. and once again return to very sort of baseline are getting it and making all along which is that this impeachment process is not constitutional those of the highlights that i saw today. >>so what is it also say to you that trump's team only use 3 out of the 16 hours that they had to make their defense. what does that say about their level of confidence that they will get an acquittal. >>i think it says they understand they have to do the bare minimum and i think that's what they did. i think they also understand that their primary audience they're not speaking to a jury because
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they feel the votes are they are speaking to their client and then we saw something new a new technique today of the lawyers are now starting to sort of move their vision sometimes and speak directly to the camera that's placed in the chamber not to the senators there speaking be to a audience not to the internal audience. i think those are all signals that they understand they have the votes to what do you make of their argument that this impeachment could set a precedent that would say. >>lead future administrations to impeach a secretary of state for instance who's out of office. >>you know i think that argument is fine and it is people have been impeached and convicted when they have designed so you know not somebody who's resigning or lost an election or long that this is not necessarily new it's always so i don't make make i don't think it's
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percent and what do you see happening on saturday with a vote. you know in theory they could vote tomorrow requests witnesses to come and testify i see no appetite for that so i think final votes tomorrow will occur monday some time. not always takes longer than we and so there will be a vote on whether to convict or acquit and my prediction nothing unique is that they will vote to acquit i see maybe a handful of republicans crossing over i some some of those republicans did not get their questions asked answered satisfactorily today and so i don't see any reason why there that for them to snap back into a partisan position all right. donna crane, thank you for helping us sort through today's activity in washington. >>meanwhile the biden administration is unveiling plans for an estimated 25,000 asylum, seekers wait mexico for their next immigration
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court hearings to be allowed into the united states. >>where their cases will be processed. the ports of entry in san el paso in brownsville texas will process about 300 people per day to start they'll be given a medical screening in mexico by the united nations migration agency in 2018 the trump administration made them remain in mexico in order to deter asylum. seekers from coming to the united states. the program was then paused last march due to the pandemic. >>coming up at 5 sitting this one out how many americans say they are skipping valentine's day this year and new details in the battle over britney spears's financial independence, where her case stands tonight. >>also are you and your children looking for something children looking for something to do thi
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>>in china lunar new year celebrations kicked off with the spring festival gala that aired on television lunar new year celebrations across asia can last up to 16 days, however, the first 7 are considered a public holiday. if you are born in 1949 61 to 73 8597 or 2009. the ox is your zodiac sign so this is your year some famous ox year people include former
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president barack obama vincent van gogh walt disney. margaret thatcher and also i found embrace of every we'll take a look at this a new playground open in san francisco's chinatown mayor london breed announced the opening of the willing we'll wong playground just in time for the lunar new year the playground recently completed a top to bottom renovation that includes an expanded children's play area. a new clubhouse featuring public art and improved access to the park. >>next month, the city will open a new community hub at the clubhouse which will provide approximately 12 students with in person support for distance learning healthy meals and snacks and recreation opportunities. still ahead tonight, the final preparations are underway at the oakland alameda county coliseum. >>when the
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>>he's made final preparations are now underway at the oakland-alameda collin county coliseum next week the site will host a mass covid vaccination clinic capable of vaccinating more than 6,000 people every day this is kron four's we've reports governor gavin newsome made a bay area stop today checking in on another large scale vaccination site. >>during his friday visit to the mosque only center in san francisco governor gavin newsome touting the transformation of the convention halls into a mass covid-19 vaccination site as a
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key asset in the fight to stop the virus from continuing to spread a large scale sites down. >>at levi stadium. oakland coliseum got go park in. >>san diego vaccines have been administered the muskogee center since last friday mayor london breed joined the governor on his tour in the site we have the ability to vaccinate. >>at least 10,000 people a day. >>across the bay, the federal emergency management agency and governor's office of emergency services putting the final touches on the new vaccination site at the oakland alameda county coliseum when fully up and running it will be capable of administering 6,000 vaccines a day and keep in mind. a state id is not required in order to be vaccinated the government says all you need is some form of id that could be a credit card, a bank statement, a utility bill anything that shows your name. they don't want to discourage anybody from coming out here. there
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will be no enforcement of immigration status. we have seen a tripling. >>vaccinations in minister in just the last month let me be even more specific. as i speak 5 0.5 million vaccines have been administered. in the state of california. this time last week was a little over forming the coliseum operation is set up in the parking lot visitors can either received their shots sitting in their car near the 66th avenue entrance or walk up and step into a tent for vaccination near the boat ramp. >>appointments are necessary and can be made through the state's website. my turn dot ca dot g o v. >>once the site is operational tuesday. it remain 7 days a week in oakland police today kron 4 news well say it isn't so this year, many americans say that they are ditching valentine's day and they're opting to save money instead that makes sense. a survey
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from lendingtree found about 40% of americans will skip the holiday to set aside some much needed money men were more likely than women in the survey to ditch valentine's day celebrations but. >>despite the survey, the national retail federation still estimates that valentine's day spending levels will hit record levels this year close to 21 billion dollars. and that was first lady doctor jill biden talking this morning about valentine's day heart decorations that she had put up on the white house north lawn she and president biden took a stroll to check them out today, the hearts are like valentine's candy hearts, but they have words like hope and unity and strength on them as a way to put a smile on people's faces during this pandemic. and since we're
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talking about valentine's say we better check in on the forecast chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at the week ahead, and i thought you guys going to say because you want to go to somebody like valentine's absolutely i knew it you would we are going to have a kind of an issue weekend we've got a storm that's going impact the weather for the least the first part of the weekend. i think as we get the valentine's day things begin to settle down live look outside right now from our mount tam cam a couple clouds out there little hazy out there as well the camera kind of shaking around a bit. >>in the when we see some breezy conditions of course with that front moved through last night and now the winds kicking up behind it we've got another one that is just beginning to make its way into far northern california that one will likely impact the bay area as we head through the morning at least tomorrow up in the sierra nevada, yeah you want to get up there do a little skiing and we've got a winter weather advisory that goes in effect at 10 o'clock tonight we could see upwards of another 8 maybe 10 inches of snow across the sierra through about tomorrow so watch out for that is that
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will impact some of the snow levels dropping down to about 5,000 feet or so all right, let's track this storm system as approaches the bay area through the night tonight we're going to see the increasing clouds you see them rolling on in but not much in the way of rain and then as we get to tomorrow morning there you go about 7 o'clock in the morning. you can see not much kind of broken. as it comes through the bay area just some scattered showers rolling on through we had to 45 9 o'clock you see the rain making its way into san jose parts of the missile. the santa cruz mountains. they kind of one last gasp there just after 10 o'clock in the morning tomorrow, so you sleep in you may miss at all and then we get the backside that we'll see some partly cloudy skies tomorrow and it's going to be a blustery afternoon around much of the bay are those winds really going to start with it's been kind of windy out there today in spots, especially to the coastline and over the mountains overnight tonight, those winds will begin to calm down by about 06:00am they start to pick up again you see the color start to fill in that cold front comes to watch the winds boy they're really going to get written by tomorrow afternoon we're talking some gusts maybe of a 30 maybe 40 mile an hour gusts across some
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of the mountain tops along the coastline, but even some of the interior valleys expecting some pretty significant wind so watch out for that a blustery afternoon all around the bay area alright that being said tomorrow you're starting out with a few scattered showers early on temperatures going to be cool in the 50's along the the winds whipping out or half moon bay. you can see some of those gusts maybe 3040 miles an hour inside the bay, a little more when shelter but still breezy 57 degrees in redwood city, 59 in mount view the south a look at those temperatures the 50's and the 60's and also going to see those numbers stay pretty cool about everywhere you go around the bay area for tomorrow, those temperatures staying down now as we get the valentine's day on sunday the sky's get apart a little bit still going to stay cool temperature to be running the 50's low 60's another chance of rain for another holiday on president say stay storms look really big maybe about a 10th of an inch of rain that's going to come through for tomorrow. that's not going to be much time wash the car thank you all right. >>well coming up next the battle and over singer britney
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spears finances. there are new developments we'll tell you where the
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>>developments in the battle over singer britney spears finances. the singer is fighting to regain control of her safe from her father jamie spears last night a judge ruled that jamie spears can remain a co-conservator of her as pop star daughters the state, but that's just for the time being so this family feud
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is far from over reporter jennifer mcgraw has the story. >>he was so serious and so focus the freebritney movement began picking up steam after the release of the new york times documentary framing britney spears it's looking into her superstardom to her mental break and how she was portrayed by the media critics saying it was massaging his stick. >>at the center of the controversy is the conservatorship with britney's father jamie spears he currently has power over her state. a conservatorship is a legal guardianship granted to close family or caregivers but people with mental illness. britney has been under one since 2008. when she was seen fighting a paparazzi and shaving her head. but that was 13 years ago her lawyers have petitioned the court to remove it and her father at the same time as the hearing. fans rallying around britney both at the courthouse and virtually saying enough
5:55 pm
already these attorneys show up at these hearings. >>discuss the same things that they've already written in their orders and in their objections in all this stupid paperwork. and then the judge doesn't really do anything and then we just have another hearing, i'm getting sick and tired of it, i know we all are attorney saying this is a unique case so rare that you would have >>is still public. >>appears to know what she's doing who's making millions of dollars a year has millions of dollars and doesn't get to make her own decisions usually conservatorship or is reserved for people to have diminished capacity because of special means or because they've are all timers that alexandria goff says britain is now tasked with proving she's mentally capable of making decisions. >>one major decision was to with performing. i think that's her leverage to say control and i'm i'm dot until not in charge anymore. >>well that was jennifer mcgraw reporting for us
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tonight and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock but much more ahead tonight at 6 vaccine efforts are ramping up across the country and now people want to know what they can do once they have gotten both doses of the covid-19 vaccines we're going to be talking with a local doctor about how long mask-wearing and social distancing is going to stick around and santa clara county reversing a decision to allow indoor worship services why the ban will stay in effect despite a different decision from the state supreme court. >>also our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking your holiday weekend forecast and some light rain could be involved. >>the news at 6 is next.
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>>1000 doses received last week. 1 million 80 thousand doses received this week. next week we anticipate a modest increase. one 0.2. a million doses. not a substantial increase. >>governor gavin newsome visiting a covid vaccination site in the bay area today california is receiving more than a million doses per week of the vaccine, but that is
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still not enough to quickly vaccinate the more than 39 million people live here. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight, and although the supply in the state of the vaccine is still an issue health officials announced today that they will soon be expanding hu will be eligible to receive the vaccine. yes starting next month people ages, 16 to 64 with certain health conditions and disabilities will be able to get the covid vaccine. some of those health conditions include patients with cancer chronic kidney disease down syndrome pregnancy. heart conditions, obesity and others between 4 to 6 million more california is in fact will be eligible to get the vaccine under those categories and that means between 17 19 million people will be eligible for shot next month. and with more and more people getting fully vaccinated questions are being raised about which restrictions those


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