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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 12, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now it's 10 happy lunar new year new video fireworks just light up the sky in san francisco tonight as the bay
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area begin celebrating this special holiday. thanks for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10 i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the beginning of the lunar new year holds a lot of significance around the bay area and beyond it is considered. >>a day to start fresh and spend time with loved ones in hopes of good things to come. >>in hopes this new year the atmosphere is pretty police in the bay area, they're stepping up their patrols after several violent attacks on older asians our first gayle ong is live for us in san francisco with us some details jill. >>and grant and vicki and where i'm standing normally would be bustling with crowds in san francisco has been struggling ever since the pandemic and now worry about crime. a longtime san franciscan sure when one keeping the spirit of the lunar new year san francisco's chinatown was particularly hit
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hard due to the pandemic. >>and now safety concerns leading up to the new year and new outrage after 2 unprovoked attacks caught on video went viral an 84 year-old man died from his injuries, san francisco police and city officials visited china town's earlier this week condemning the violence alerting businesses about high in the about safety. urging the asian community not to flash the festive red on the lopes known to carry cash from the holidays like people are desperate you some pages robbery sometimes and not as ran in acts of violent to one echoing safety tips from police for the lunar new year festivities just watch yourself watch your surroundings be careful. this year celebrates the year of the ox the ox is known to be strong dependable and diligent one is focusing on the positive and hoping for a much less chaotic year then last year you know what i miss the
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parade is going to be missed miss one last year we're going to miss it have to do until later everybody gets vaccinated. >>parade has been canceled there are no official events in the city this year. >>but as that pd is fully staffed they will be stepping up patrols in neighborhoods officers you see and don't see live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>all right. thank you gayle to for a peaceful night has set gayle ong reporting live for us tonight in san francisco. >>unfortunately there was another attack that happened just yesterday here in east oakland, this in front of the quickly boba on east 12th street less than a mile from chinatown you see the victim here walking to her white vehicle and there were 2 seats waiting in that black car, this is a different angle of the same seen as she goes to get in her car, somebody gets
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out of the black car. and attacks or steals her curse before hopping back in the black car and driving off. this happened not too far from where a 7 year-old woman was attacked and robbed of her purse. just last weekend. >>yeah, these acts of violence against the asian community really have some oakland leaders calling for the return. the city's chinatown community ambassadors program. it's a community-based public safety initiative that does not involve police oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass says that their presence. would be welcome during these trying times. >>one of the ways that we're showing what community-driven safety looks like building relationships with merchants with neighbors escorting seniors to their appointments. picking up litter cleaning up graffiti and really just being a constant presence so that community members know whom they can go to for help.
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>>this a multi racial actually will finish her thought their the ambassador program would not replace the police department rather act as a a supplement to it city leaders are asking the community to help fund the program donations could be made at asian health services dot org you can also find a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. now this weekend, a racial interfaith coalition is hosting a pair of vigils called love our people he'll our communities. tomorrow's event starts at 3 o'clock at madison square park in oakland's chinatown and will end about 05:00pm at clinton park in little saigon sunday's vigil will begin at san francisco's civic center plaza at 01:00pm. >>today members of the california asian pacific island legislative caucus announced that they're taking action to try to put a stop to this violence and with today marking the beginning of the lunar new year. they hope new legislation will be the start of positive change. jamie when
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explains. >>over the past few weeks asian americans have been the target of violent attacks throughout the state we are here to say enough is enough today members of the california asian pacific islander legislative caucus met at the capitol to say they are going to do what they can to stop the violence against the asian community. the a p i legislative caucus even blaming former president donald trump for the anti-asian rhetoric during the pandemic the narrative of. >>being called the common flu virus. on virus. are us being accused of being chinese spies over the past year lawmakers say they have seen a rise in hate crimes against the asian community. >>31% apy eyes today have reported experiencing some form of hate or discrimination since the pandemic began. >>on top of disapproving of the violence the a p i caucus is also going to introduce new legislation to help victims of the crimes with more resources. we announce the reintroduction of my bill from
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2017 to require the california department of justice to establish toll-free hotlines in an online form to report hate incidents and hate crimes and they're looking to create a special task force we've asked for the creation of a racial bias task force a strike team of immigrant advocates to share incidents in real time all of this comes as many asian families plan to celebrate the lunar new year today while we celebrate the lunar new year of the ox but it's also reflect on the fact that those in our communities. many of them elders. >>most vulnerable. >>that was je ne win reporting for us tonight state senator dave men from irvine also said he plans to introduce new resolutions next week that will condemn these violent attacks. >>all right switching to the weather now little light rain is going to hitting the bay area over the weekend we're looking now at futurecast for. >>as you can see there's a storm system that's going to be passing over by morning.
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>>take all the rain we can get chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us on this friday night with a look at what's to come over the weekend a large yeah, this one of those what can use the word storm loosely not going to be a huge rainmaker. but certainly if you're up early in the morning might affect your plans so we're going to likely see some scattered showers popping up around the bay area. it's going to be fairly light, maybe just a few hundreds, but certainly looks like it is going to come through tonight, the clouds are to begin to pour in your skies and we're going to see more of those clouds throughout the night tonight thickening up and for you nobody gets and tomorrow morning we're talking about some scattered showers doppler radar right now looking across your skies and we're staying mostly dry. you can see the cloud cover in gray city across the entire bay area, the rain really located up to the north right now you can see it making its way up in the far northern california, the brunt of that storm system it's got a ways to go before it gets here by the time pulls into the bay area starts to fall apart just a bit so that being said the wind may may be
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a bigger factor i think by tomorrow afternoon is a blustery all day long we've had 2030 mile an hour gust, a blow 29 in mill valley, 23 in pacifica 22 in san francisco, 20 that's a phone 23 in the nation now these winds are generally on the west, those winds are going to start switch directions as this cold front comes into town, here's liz forecast model we head through the night tonight and see the winds kind of briefly above break down just a bit by tomorrow morning again started ramping up gust in sandra fell to 43 miles per hour that be pretty impressive if that happens then by the afternoon you feel the effects of all the winds all around the bay area look the colors you got the red you've got the purple out there you look for skill 3040 mile an hour gusts. so blustery afternoon on tap for the bay area tomorrow, not much in the way of rain. but we'll see plenty of snow so how about that lot of snow in the sierra nevada if you're headed up their winter weather advisory going up across higher regions of the sierra above 5,000 feet or so we're looking at maybe as much as 8 maybe 10 inches of snow the higher peaks and that continuing until saturday morning so that being said
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you're trying to time out when you get the high country if you have left already, but we got that snow coming in tomorrow probably not a good time to come and then as you get into sunday that should be a dry day but on monday the day lot of folks heading back on presidents day that we've got to make sure some rain and some snow of course that might snarl of traffic out there just a bit that being said we've got increasing clouds tonight, cool temperatures around the bay area tomorrow morning showers then a blustery afternoon sunday, partly cloudy skies with some cool weather. yeah, it looks like things are getting a little bit cooler spots right now but we have seen those winds kicking up and i think that will be the story tomorrow as we'll see those winds really kind of whip it across your skies, but they got that system kind of rolling in tomorrow that will make the change for looks like saturday, but it's not to ruin your entire weekend. 2nd half your weekend looks pretty good. and you know what happens in the 2nd half your weekend though. and see he's you know what yeah yeah you should thankful reminding forecast to make sure you get everything right before we lawrence.
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>>well another big story tonight, california is vastly expanding the number of people who've can get the covid vaccine. >>state health officials say as of march 15th. people who're 16 and older with high-risk conditions or disabilities will be eligible to get the shot. yeah, this comes after governor, newsome was met with criticism last month by a disability feared other at risk groups were being left out. >>kron four's dan thorn is live for in the san francisco tonight he joins us with more on of this expansion >>a big game grand for people that are 65 years and older they've already been allowed to get the vaccine and that is regardless of their health conditions but this new expansion well allow for additional 4 to 6 million californians to get this shot. however, all of this is coming as the state continues to struggle with getting enough shots. millions of more californians will be eligible for the covid-19 vaccine under
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a new expansion for those between the ages of 16 to 64 suffering from issues such as cancer chronic heart or kidney diseases or if they're pregnant can get the shot state health leaders also told health care providers friday people with developmental or high-risk disabilities will also be allowed to get vaccinated i'd to see as many people get actually possible particularly those surge higher >>increased. >>chances for running up in the hospital increase chances for a dime doctor john swartzberg an infectious disease expert at the u c berkeley school of public health says one issue with this expansion is verifying the severity of someone's health condition, health care providers have been told by the state as of march 15th, they may use their clinical judgment to give out the vaccine is trying to parse out these kind of issues is really. >>you're a difficult. >>in any circumstance specialist in the middle of a pandemic and when people need
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to give even with current issues with 2 can get the vaccine. the amount of doses has been low across the state and appointments have been filling up quickly. >>expanding the eligibility pool likely build upon those frustrations if the supply continues to not meet the dub and doctor swartzberg expects it will take until at least april 4 things to run smoothly. what we need to do is have the logistics working hand in glove are sitting here and >>with the vaccine supply and we're not there yet. >>well the state is still looking into how underlying health conditions will be verified if somebody is seeking a vaccination and may require at some 0.4 people to bring documents in order to prove that they have these conditions at least the severity of these conditions in order to qualify. once this does go into effect we're looking at 19 million californians that will be able to get the shot and for a complete list on eligibility you can go to our website kron
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4 dot com. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news appreciated and tonight we learned loophole in the vaccine eligibility guidelines allowed fitness trainers to. >>get shots by qualifying as health care workers. it's the last month the california department of public health released updated. allocation guidelines that classified outdoor recreation as health care which health care is part of the first tier to be eligible to get the vaccine of course. well some fitness clubs as you might imagine jumped at the chance to get their employees vaccinated state health officials have since updated the rules though and those fitness workers can no longer now. get the shots there no longer considered health care workers. tonight, california's department of public health says more than 5 and a half million doses have been administered across the state which is. >>roughly 67% of the more than 8 million doses that have been
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delivered so far. governor gavin newsome a paid a visit to the mass vaccination cited moscow the center in san francisco as part of his week-long tour of sites where the state is trying to ramp up capacity to provide more doses. well while also facing shortages of the vaccine the muskogee center is capable of administering at least 10,000 shots a day. newsome says although the biden administration is working to increase the supply we may not feel the effects for several months. >>and while the administration has done a very admirable job 3 more. pfizer and moderna vaccines to the tune of 200 plus million. those vaccines are not available. later in the summer. as administration announced yesterday in july. >>and over the east bay now final preparations are underway to transform the oakland alameda county coliseum into a mass
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vaccination site it is expected to launch next tuesday and will be capable of administering more than 6,000 shots a day by appointment only. visitors can either received their shots sitting in their car near the 66th avenue entrance or walk up and step into a tent for the that is near the park grant. >>today governor newsom said he and state lawmakers have still not reached a deal on how to open schools safely in california. the state's teachers association meanwhile is insisting that teachers and support staff need to get the vaccine before returning to campus. >>marking the guard students are first and second graders first we could do that as a state working with the legislature to support efforts at the local level to provide resources. 6.6 billion dollars of resources to advance that cause and we continue to make progress certainly >>and they are to parents. and
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to educators. obviously extremely concerned. >>that was interesting newsome has proposed billions in funding for testing contact tracing and personal protective equipment. he's also promising more transparency tools like this new interactive color-coded map which launched today showing which schools are open and where across the state you can see which areas are doing distance learning only maybe a hybrid situation will differentiate that also where there is no update available them at full display data from school types all kinds of school including school districts charter as well as private schools, the california department of public health will be adding other key data to the map including outbreaks reported in school districts you can find the interactive map on our website kron 4 dot com. and on the federal level today, the cdc released its much anticipated guidelines on
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how to safely reopen schools for in person learning that requires mask-wearing no surprise handwashing disinfection of school facilities. >>access to covid-19 testing and contact tracing. the agency does not require teachers to get vaccinated before reopening schools. the cdc also says that it's not necessary to reopen schools based on covid-19 numbers, but it should be weighed against the risk of spreading the virus and local implementation should be tailored to meet the needs of each community. >>with the release of this operational strategy. cdc is not mandating that schools reopen. these recommendations simply provide schools a long needed road map for how to do so safely and are different levels of disease in the community. >>of course it will take extra funds for schools to implement these guidelines and house
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speaker nancy pelosi says that there is a 130 billion dollar fund. that's included in president then to biden's plan to reopen schools safely. the fund will go towards repairing ventilation systems that will reduce class sizes implement social distancing. also the money's going to go to purchasing ppe hiring support staff and taking robust measures to help students make up for lost classroom time. >>to capitol hill now in the latest on the impeachment trial of former president donald trump, this is a live look at the capitol building where today. trump's defense attorneys began and concluded their arguments in just about 3 hours they called the allegations that former president trump incited the capitol right quote, patently absurd and a monstrous lie the core of their argument against conviction is that trump was protected by his rights to free speech and never instructed anyone to use actual physical violence, joe khaleel brings us the key
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developments from day 4 of the trial. >>today former president trump's legal team pushed back on the key charge that led to his impeachment that his words directly incited an insurrection mister trump. >>was not in any way shape or form is trucked in these people to fight or to use physical violence instead his lawyers argued when the former president told his supporters to fight he wasn't calling for the riot that followed i know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building. >>to peacefully end. >>patriotically make your voices heard using this clip from his speech before the assault on the capital to back their claim there's a fight. >>he didn't take on this fight the american people are going to have to fight mister trump's lawyers played 3 different video montage clips highlighting times democrats called on their supporters. >>to fight can not ever. the
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defense also highlighted past examples of democrats challenging election results. i object because people arguing the impeachment trial was a politically driven double standard, not only is this impeachment case preposterolsly wrong on the facts it is also plainly unconstitutional their goal is to eliminate a political opponent. >>to substitute their judgment. for the will of the voters, the former president's defense team notably did not address his tweets and speeches about the election being stolen in the weeks leading up to january 6th that say democrats like hawaii's mazie hirono ignores the obvious he had to have known that there will be violence are prepared for violence and he just lit the match convicting mister trump will likely require 17 republican we are adjourned till 10 o'clock tomorrow. >>now as the trial nears its end many republican senators say the evidence in their eyes
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falls short listening to all the evidence that has been displayed that threshold just has not been met. >>in washington, i'm joe khaleel. officer goodman. thank you. >>a standing ovation for a capitol police officer eugene goodman after being awarded the congressional gold medal for his bravery and heroism during the capitol riots. january 6th officer goodman directed a mob of rioters away from the senate chambers by luring them in another direction, he was all alone. he's also credited with utah senator mitt romney in the right direction to get him to safety. goodman was calm as the senate stood to honor him in join the clapping to honor all capitol police for their work on that terrible day. another developing story that we're following for you tonight the effort to recall governor newsome it's heating up organizers behind the effort claim that they have
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collected the numbers of signatures needed to get a special election on the ballot that is one 0.5 million signatures. this claim still needs to be verified though the claim that they have enough signatures. the secretary of state's office will try to do so before. >>a recall election can become official. the group plans to continue gathering signatures up until the mid march deadline and their goal they say is to get 1.8 million signatures in order to account for the potential rejection rate of about 25%. during that verification process. still ahead tonight, u c berkeley relaxing at least one of its restrictions for students forced to self sequester on campus but they are now allowed to do and this is interesting why a new study suggests climate change may have played a role. >>in creating the covid pandemic and another stores, closing its doors in san francisco which business will soon be added to the growing list of. >>empty store fronts in union
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>>a developing story tonight in san francisco police are searching for the person who's shot 2 men near the ferry building. it happened just after 8 o'clock tonight on drums treats about block. from the embarcadero near market street. police arrived to find the 2 men been shot they were both rushed to the hospital one of them with life
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threatening injuries police have set up a perimeter. while they're searching for the so far they do not have a description of exactly they're looking for. >>new video tonight from san francisco here the aftermath of a grease fire at casa mexicano that's a restaurant near church and market streets firefighters got the call just before 08:00pm. it is now under control the cause is being investigated at this time, it's unclear. just how much damage was done fortunately, no injuries were reported. and uniqlo in san francisco just announced it is shutting its doors for good the company's website states march 21st will be the last day of business uniqlo has not given a reason for the closure of the 3 story location in union square opened in 2012 and became a favorite for affordable well-made basics. nearby locations in emeryville and daly city are said to. remain open all retail stores are restricted to a parade at
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20% capacity these days because of the coronavirus cases spike and the number of empty spaces in union square is now growing h and m closed in october bay area based retailer gap closed its flagship store in august and marshall's just closed on january 30th. >>in the east bay u c berkeley is now allowing some students to leave their rooms and exercise outdoors yet today school officials said that the outdoor activities will will be allowed between 07:00am and 06:00pm face masks and physical distancing are still required. officials also say that students can leave for an emergency or grab some food from a nearby dining kiosk since february first some 2000 students living in residential halls were told to stay in their rooms as much as possible and wear face coverings in common areas. update now on the oil spill at the bay the richmond refinery area enrichment of chevron officials say that they near
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completion today this morning's assessment did not detect any sheen on the bay fortunately, the only cleanup work still underway is along the waterfront next to the war. meanwhile protective booms deployed near the grass beds in the south side of brooks island when those remain in place tonight as a precaution. approximately 500 to 750 gallons of petroleum oil leaked into the bay it happened on tuesday. >>next at 10 backs a nation efforts are ramping up in california but receiving the vaccine doesn't need your life will automatically go back to normal health experts tonight are weighing in on what you can and cannot do after getting the shot plus the emergence of several new covid variance the uk, south africa, brazil, southern california wolf, their concerns about the effectiveness of vaccines against those new strains. why a new study might ease some of those concerns and disturbing new details about the former
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president's battle with cov
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>>well we've all been living with masks and social distancing requirements for so long were you know we are getting a lot of questions about what restrictions must be followed after getting vaccinated kron four's dan kerman took those questions to some local infectious disease experts and has some answers. >>with more and more people getting fully vaccinated
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questions have been raised as to what they can do. most they continue to mask less they continue to social distance. infectious disease specialists say it depends on whom they're with to vaccinating people. >>can actually be together and just and what i mean by that is the biology is solid on this means you are still protected and the other person is protected and that is actually the circumstances by which people should be ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor monica gandhi says a tiered approach is really what's best. >>she says they're still a slight chance, those vaccinated can carry the virus and pass it on to those who've not been vaccinated that's why the recommendations change when the vaccinated are together with the unvaccinated for now it's still pretty to say that the facts needed around the unvaccinated should mask and distance is supposed to leave yemen and probably take small steps getting
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there. >>u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg is choosing to take a more conservative approach right when i get together with friends. i prefer being together with some outside with masks if they're vaccinated and unvaccinated are fully vaccinated i would probably feel comfortable him. >>outside without masks what i feel comfortable being inside with their on. probably not quite yet. that may be just. caution then act actually good strong science swartzberg says he simply wants more time to see what the science says over a longer period of time. >>science can only tells us to us what we know at this moment in time and can tell us exactly what's going to happen. a month or 6 weeks from so i'm going to take small steps towards so to that question whether fully vaccinated grandparents can hug their grandchildren. >>the answer seems to be yes. but if those grandchildren haven't been vaccinated
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grandparents should keep those masks on. dan kerman kron 4 news. a study from oxford university says the pfizer vaccine can work against new covid variance as the virus spread across the globe, several different mutations have emerged and to variance of particular concern are those first found in the uk and south africa, both of which are more contagious tonight. researchers say the pfizer vaccine neutralize the virus in both variance the study also found the vaccine helps trigger t cells in the human body. these immune cells produce antibodies which fight off future infections. >>cvs pharmacies across the bay area started administering doses of the vaccine today and right now only those 65 and older and health care workers are getting shots. you have to make an appointment to get one in every bay area location unfortunately is already fully booked. but you can check out our website kron 4 dot com to learn which locations are
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taking part and see if any spaces do open up. >>special news president biden arrives at camp david tonight. his first visit to the presidential retreat spot since becoming commander in chief to avoid possible. bad weather biden in the first lady took air force one to hagerstown maryland. then rode a motorcade to camp david typically presidents travel directly from the white house aboard. the marine one helicopter. before departing the white house biden met with a group of governors and mayors at the white house to discuss the american rescue plan stimulus plan as part of his ongoing effort to try to get more relief to state and local governments kron four's washington correspondent basil john reports. friday president joe biden met in the oval office with governors and mayors to discuss the next covid relief package
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>>president biden's 1.9 trillion dollar relief package has 350 billion dollars in it to help state local and tribal governments, detroit mayor mike duggan says this is the right step forward we have a national problem. >>that needs a national response in atlanta mayor keisha bottoms as the assistance from the federal government. >>will help address increases in violent crimes in domestic violence, what's most is that our child abuse cases are being reported in the way that they were. >>because kids are not in schools, many in the meeting said they like the president's approach to fighting all problems caused by the pandemic but not everyone is on board. >>every state ever cities in a different position, arkansas governor asa hutchinson. >>says the 1.9 trillion dollar price tag is too steep. that's too high these to be lowered the speed compromise reached that we can bring bipartisan support but arlington texas
10:38 pm
mayor jeff williams says local communities need the help to bounce back with this direct school systems we have the opportunity to put that money right in the right place to be able to help our businesses less fortunate reporting in washington, i'm basil john. >>startling new revelations about former president trump's battle with covid-19 last october seems he was actually far sicker than any of us realized that is according to a report by the new york times which claims that his blood oxygen levels were actually extremely low and doctors were concerned that he would need to be put on a ventilator trump's oxygen level reportedly dipped into the 80's now for contacts. the disease is considered severe. when the blood oxygen level falls to the low 90's. the former president was treated at walter reed national military medical center for 3 days at the time doctors said that his illness was not a major concern and that he was given the experimental treatment regeneron he returned back to the white
10:39 pm
house earlier than expected and improved in the weeks after. new study suggesting that climate change may have had a hand in covid-19 researchers at cambridge university say a rise in greenhouse gas emissions across the world is making china a hot spot for coronavirus is in vats in the last 100 years some 40 bat species has moved into south china's yuan province and that's the same place where covid-19 may have originated from. scientists say that the migration of animals to new places during climate change these 2 new interactions between animals viruses and humans allowing for more harmful viruses to be transmitted and to evolve. speaking of the climate time to talk weather here in the bay area beautiful shot on this friday night of. >>san francisco's embarcadero in the bay bridge all lit up trump force chief meteorologist lawrence karnow walks through what we can look forward to in the weekend. yeah, weekend looking good here much of the country's
10:40 pm
going to be in the deep freeze in fact you can see temperatures in dallas may be 5 maybe ero it's going to be very cold in dallas over the weekend but here in the bay area we're talking about some chilly temperatures may be in the 50's and the 60's so what a change out clouds out there increasing pressure skies tonight we do have a cold front that is approaching the bay area most the energy right now up in the pacific northwest. so far just clouds moving overhead but that could change especially early tomorrow morning, the sleeping you're probably gonna miss most of the system, there's just not a whole lot to we're talking maybe a few hundredths of an inch of rain as it comes through right now the temperatures running in the 50's outside 52 degrees in san francisco, 51 in livermore 51 degrees in santa rosa and 53 degrees in san jose a forecast here for as you can see where this system coming through bringing that chance of shower for early tomorrow morning behind that we catch a little bit of a break and then late sunday night into monday another storm system drops in to bring at least another chance of rain now these don't look like huge storms are talking. hundreds of an inch of rain maybe a 10th of an
10:41 pm
inch of rain maybe a chord. the most so the north areas that we get another one that starts approach the coastline late on wednesday. i think we'll be dry on wednesday. but as we get into friday. i think and maybe next saturday, then we start talking about some more rain. so here's your 10 to 10 over the next 10 little active as we'll see showers moving through early tomorrow morning a chance of more scattered showers for any of your plans on presidents day sunshine returns on tuesday and wednesday as we get to a lot of part of the week a chance of rain returning late next week as well cakes. yeah, i mean come on and off all week, none of these are really big least we're adding to our told him to get a breather little more rain and a little sunshine in between keep everybody happy thanks lauren thanks. in other news tonight more fallout from an ongoing san francisco city hall corruption probe a millionaire. >>recycling plant owner hua admitted bribing the city's public works director with gifts that included a $36,000 gold rolex watch has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison in florence kong. also was ordered to pay
10:42 pm
a $95,000 fine for bribing a public official and making false statements to the fbi. she had knowledge bribing former public works director mohamed he and conger among nearly a dozen people. hu have been charged in that probe. multiple city department heads have been forced to resign. >>and suddenly interest police chief has moved up his retirement by months chief jeff tudor announcing today he's going to call it quits next week. back in january tudor announced plans to step down but in june. he started his career at the department in 1995 served as the chief or for years he will be replaced by interim police chief luis torres chief tutors last day will be tuesday. >>coming up next in sports. the warriors are looking to win 3 games in a row for the first time this season kate rooney joins us with a preview of tomorrow's matchup and more.
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>>4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >>until pitchers and catchers report for the new major league baseball season and an arizona, the giants are getting ready. a lot to watch for for this team in the coming weeks like what will the rotation look like how will veteran tommy la stella fit in with this club but today get coupler said there's a simple thing he's excited for seeing giants fans in the
10:46 pm
stands will be allowed in limited numbers at scottsdale stadium and kapur said welcome sight when spring training games start on the 28th. >>it's going to be nice to look up in the stands and and see orange and black and got the the stands right over here to my to my left and i can start to visualize what it might feel like even though they're going to be safely spread out just out them watching games and be able to. it's been a while it's been a while since you've looked up in the stands and and see not support yeah not visualizing it it's exciting. >>guess who's going to be back in warriors territory. tomorrow, it's kevin durant and his buddies kyrie irving and james harden the warriors of course opened their season with a loss to the nets. but a lot has changed since then harden was still houston and steph curry hadn't started his mvp caliber season durant's kind of having one too though the nets though have lost 3 of their last 4 with durrant sitting out this last week due to covid-19 contact tracing
10:47 pm
protocols but he's set to return tomorrow night at chase center against his former team so the dogs are prepping for a tough one. >>their lineup is scary. you know individual scoring standpoint shooting standpoint, think all they are. all their starters are shooting over 40% from 3 of you factor in jeff green starting for dj so. gather to have to try to guard, but that's the that's the challenge. >>going to be a good one and the boys are finally back in town after 12 straight games on the road to start the season at the san jose sharks will make their home debut at a safety center tomorrow when they take on the golden knights they're in 7th place in the west so the sharks will take any advantage they can get and today. said that while he's glad to be home he doesn't expect the stadium to be that magic fix. >>i think it's going to be a
10:48 pm
good thing and hopefully we'll treat us. well i think the biggest thing obviously from a coaching standpoint is trying to get better matchups being able put the right guys on the ice 3 times. >>this is the first we've been back are they starting back at a safety since last march took me a little to get my bearings walking around or are we made some improvements in locker room so it's the seating arrangement is obviously a whole lot different now you got guys kind of spread it all over this place with the new rules from the league in the pa, it's nice to be back here in news next week up my own bed this morning and all that yes, nice. >>it's been a weird season for the sharks, they haven't been able to win 2 in a row yet this season coming off a loss and hoping to put together a little streak at home here tomorrow's game is a 01:00pm start time in
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>>this is how the lunar new year celebrations kicked off in china with the spring festival gala lunar new year celebrations across asia can last up to 16 days but only the first to 7 are considered a public holiday so if you're born in 1949, 6173 8597 or 2009 the ox is your zodiac
10:52 pm
sign and this is your year. some famous ox here people include a former president barack obama vincent van gogh walt disney and margaret thatcher. >>you're going to me a rocket today. >>well she's the best a new york teenager has turned her pandemic boredom into a way to help less fortunate kids by connecting with them through virtual art classes. say hello to 14 year-old caroline faber hu launched a kraft with me. program it's a weekly art class on zoom with kids in homeless shelters. she works with nearly 2 dozen volunteers to put together boxes with these art supplies and then take them to kids throughout the new york area. >>recently lead in a kaleidoscope picture frames and these like cardboard dinosaurs a lot of the kids like don't have that much but they're very appreciative. >>the classes are funded
10:53 pm
through community donations and the program. they back america, an organization that helps charities across the country. the white house is looking more festive this weekend all ready for valentine's day that's president biden his wife doctor jill biden and yet they're the 2 dogs sets major on the left champ on the right. they took an early morning stroll to the front lawn there to survey some artwork. the first lady cause cause these valentines messages of and she's hoping that they help folks to have been suffering during the pandemic. to says his coffee
10:54 pm
soda she talking about unity healing compassion, a spokesman for the first lady says valentine's day has always been one of her favorite holidays. some seniors say in the central valley will soon be getting a special gifts this valentine's day weekend. yeah, more than 400 floral arrangements are being delivered to those who've been quarantined in that are locked in modesto area. >>melanie townsend has more now from the owners of heidi hearts flowers. hu continue to get more and more flour grams each and every year. >>all this could use a bit of love these days some more than others so the best thing to do is to can smell the roses. that's what heidi cisco of heidi hearts flowers believes as she and her volunteers prepare hundreds of colorful bouquets. >>to be hand delivered to local senior homes once again began doing far graham's last year. >>when the pandemic first
10:55 pm
started and just kind of wanted to start just to remind them that they're loved and thought a christmas came about and we did it ended up being able to donate 500 to grams and so valentine's the next holiday might is like keep it going and the reaction some of them are crying and so excited and just so happy to see the residents receive. >>flowers leading to an outpouring of monetary donations and messages from around the world have some like donations from england and different parts of the year and mexico and canada ideas flower rams also inspired a few students of donaire high schools, floral club to join in in revel in the spirit of selflessness it feels like that getting back to community to too like helped create. >>you know excited today i can help people smile and like to give their followers to their loved ones and people that are actually have a couple grandparents here are in. and carson city and i'm not able to go visit that hoping to see
10:56 pm
her efforts blossom into others showing compassion this valentine's day heidi has a heartfelt message that i can't get to see my grandparents i love on them like right now like getting to love somebody else's grandparents or family members feels really. >>really nice interlock melanie 3. >>and that is great work. they're doing they're certainly a lot of in these specially now but out there tonight, we are looking at the clouds rolling in here we go we're talking about some rain to start out your weekend not going to be much couple raindrops if you sleep and you're probably gonna miss it all so here we go as we head through the night tonight, the clouds kind of gathering out there now and that we're going to see more of that on the way in fact to the north bay we're starting to see some moisture beginning to move in toward clearlake they're not much though, but think as we head into early tomorrow morning we've got that whole batch moisture that's about to move in our direction that will bring with it the chance of some scattered light showers least early in the morning, you see right here not much good there goes 07:00am yeah you sleep in you might miss it all because after that it is gone by 10:00am and by the
10:57 pm
afternoon we're clearing things out but it's going to get a little blustery outside around the bay area then on sunday, the clouds start to thicken up again late in the day i think chance of rain by sunday night and into monday so that being said tomorrow, yeah, it looks a little wet early in the morning not much just a few hundreds of an inch of rain and then we dry things out on valentine's day looks like a very nice day. the president's day another chance of showers then again another chance of rain looks like late next week. thank you, >>he the guards. tonight, everybody. >>a good weekend.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> impeachment, what impeachment? trump hits the golf course. what we've learned about melania's new life. then, the nurse who crawled out of the 100-car pileup. >> then headed straight to work so she wouldn't miss her shift. >> can i leave my car here and catch a ride. >> there's a baby here. >> the mom who fell through the ice with her baby. >> there is a child. >> larry king's last will and testament revealed. >> did he really cut out his estranged wife? >> this is a slap in the face of larry king's wife. >> death by cannon fire. >> it may look like a


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