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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 17, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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are halfway through the week. >>life looking pretty good this morning, hopefully for you we've got the weather on our side more dry roads. yeah that for my taste, but have it we can always find some john generally pretty good. it's a skip the starbucks kind of morning because the brisk wind awake, you're right on up it is definitely chilly out there you're going to wake up the moment you step out there probably head back inside and put the extra layer on because it is that cold a look outside does show that it's at least clears it hurts our view nice in crystal clear this morning very quiet picture on radar very windy, though especially for the north bay with that was peak vacaville fairfield looking at winds regularly hour range and winds is e per something that's going to stay with us well throughout the course of the day today so even as temperatures will be warmer this afternoon still going to have a cool feel half moon bay livermore unconquered well down in the 30's. well up in the north bay even cooler than that with santa rosa.
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>>that a cool 35 degrees right now talking the rest of your forecast still to come rain, it's still a little bit early is there any traffic out there yet you know it's early and people are already starting to head out on the roads. >>no hot spots and no major accident. so that's always a good thing. >>heading into the city get a look at our drive times to that fremont street exit under 9 minutes, the san mateo bridge also starting to pick up a little bit there traffic is getting busy under 13 minutes as you head across peninsula. the richmond sandra fell bridge under 8 minutes his cars had out of richmond and a look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city under 20 minutes were tracking your drive times daryn james we'll send it over to both thank you. reena alright big story this morning berkeley public schools, making a big announcement overnight on when students and teachers. >>we'll return to the classroom and some students are going to be a back as early as next month kron 4 sarah stinson is live in berkeley with the details. hi sarah. >>am this is exactly what teachers across the state have been asking for to get
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vaccinated before they head back to the classroom for in person classes and berkeley teachers are going to be getting as the district teamed up with the city to provide teachers these vaccinations and students could be in the clashes with the hybrid model as soon as march 29, so this is a very exciting day for this entire city for the teachers because they got what they wanted an agreement was reached berkeley teachers and staff serving preschool and second grade potentially up to 6th grade can sign up for vaccinations on monday and they will come into a terror base system after that shots will be administered later that week that is if the state gives them the amount of the shots that they need the rest of elementary school staff will be able to sign up for pthe vaccine and the next phas march first there will be a specific link the district employees will be able to use to make appointments online eventually preschool through high school will be back in
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school with that hybrid model, the timing depends on the vaccine completion the district says they understand the hybrid model is parents a substitute for full-time in person classes but they're following guidance of local and state health officials take a look at the tentative schedule kids will be going back to school preschool going back march 29th grades 3rd through 9th going back in april 12th grades 10 through 12 going back to april 19 this would all be pushed back by a week depending on the city's vaccinations that schedule so he paid keep in mind that this is just intended this agreement between the district and city will allow schools to open up with the hybrid model if this county it goes into the orange even if vaccinations are not complete. so that's also with the agreement stated so good mind vaccinations or the orange tier would be having kids go back to school with the hybrid model reporting live in
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berkeley sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks sarah. >>so also happening today we have co international airport holding a drive-thru vaccine center in one of its parking garage. it's a test program and it could expand if all goes well kron four's will tran is live at sfo with a look i will. >>james duryea we're about 4 and a half hours away from the first shots that will be a minister and look at that they have the banner right behind me vaccination site at as the cones are right behind me the lights. they are still setting it up no pun intended but this is a pilot program at sfo they want to see if long-term parking can handle all of those people who'll be driving through this location. >>they're hoping to reach as many as 11,000 people over the next several days. if this works it will continue indefinitely so long as they have the supplies to give out the shots but just like all the other sites there are requirements that you need to
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know first and foremost do not come down here unless you have an appointment you have to have that because it's appointment only also i got to tell you. yeah to be 65 years or older they are still trying to reach the most vulnerable population that first tier so 65 years or older and we built some graphics for you so you know pinpoint exactly what i am talking about you will drive through here and when you before you even get your shot, you must present a form of a valid form of identification just to prove. you you are. for all the information that you need to know you just go to our website kron 4 dot com we have established a link to their site so you can register and hopefully over the next several days get your shots as well, not exactly sure if they're fully booked today, i'll try to find out a little bit later. this is being run by sfo as well as the county, your health officials talking about it right now.
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>>data covid and just hospitalization rates. >>the. >>older 65 and older population not generally are more at risk we want to make sure that good majority of our most vulnerable. residents are protected and if they want to we want them to have access to it. >>i they do not care about immigration status. so you don't have to worry about that after you get your shot just like all the other sites you just have to wait 15 minutes just to make sure that you don't have any side effects not only james and darya do they need this space to administer the shots. they need the space for you to park because it is going to be a drive-thru you have to move to another location to park your car. that way you can wait 15 minutes without clogging where they are actually giving the shots interesting time, this is 2021 not your ideal about hey i'm going to the airport
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where you're going go to hawaii, i'm going to europe. no actually in 2021 as far as today's concern for a lot of people they're going to go get their shots back to you. >>these are the times we're living in right now yeah, pretty bizarre thank you will tell us a man fly and get there on time. governor newsome oversaw the opening of the second mass vaccination site that they've just opened in la and they're not flying through there you can see this is a massive operation. the state is just shipping more than 200,000 shots a day but still there is not enough of the supply to meet the growing demand. >>we need more moderna vaccine more pfizer vaccine. we need to get the federal approval of the j j vaccine we're committed to ensuring that everyone wants a vaccine gets one. >>no matter how soon johnson and johnson emergency authorization. governor newsome says though just those doses will likely not be available until the summer last week pfizer said it's
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working to cut its manufacturing time in half moderna is also asking the fda to allow them to increase the amount of doses day or of able to put in each vial. more than 6.2 million doses have been administered across california. so far that's about 76% of the 8.2 million that are available right now. >>a san francisco has launched its 3rd mass vaccination site on wednesday, it's located at the sf market in bayview hunters point neighborhood. now city health officials say the area has seen probably one of the highest rates in both covid-19 cases and deaths, currently the site is only vaccinating health care workers and people 65 and older and you also have to have an appointment to so make sure you keep that in mind the supply issues are still affecting san francisco's most county center and city college vaccine sites both locations remain closed because of the
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lack of enough doses to go around right now. meanwhile the biden administration is trying to get enough americans vaccinated to achieve herd immunity and allow life to get a little closer to normal. but some states still say that they're running out of doses as they expand the roll out to more groups, a large portion of the general public will have to wait a few months more in order to get their shots yesterday doctor anthony fauci said that widespread public vaccinations will no longer start in april little bit a little bit later than that. that was predicated. >>on jnj the johnson product having a considerably more doses than now we know they're going to have so that timeline we'll probably be prolonged maybe mid to late may and early june. >>now public health officials are warning people not to become complacent as new covid-19 variance are spreading. >>time now is 5 '09 and if you need any information about vaccines where you can get a
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shot anything about the effectiveness. >>we've got it all on kron 4 dot com. the whole thing is under a special section the coronavirus tab. >>for your health this morning doctor says scenes swollen lymph nodes on screening mammograms of women who've recently been vaccinated usually when doctor see it can be translated to a symptom of at types of cancer. they say that women should get their mammogram before. they get there first coronavirus shot or wait for weeks after the second dose before you get a mammogram. 5.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the positive impact that covid vaccines are having. >>at north bay nursing homes and a divide among republicans on capitol hill as former president trump criticizes senate majority so senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, we'll tell you what he said in a live report and after the break president biden dismisses a plan to wipe out $50,000 in student debt.
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what he's suggesting instead. and today will be another dry one with ample sunshine and a little bit of that you'll notice come the afternoon too. >>60's for daytime highs your forecast ahead. and traffic continues to pick up we're seeing more people on the road right now no major hot spots commute into the city under 9 minutes, we'll have that and more coming up after the break.
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>>a scene right now and a severe winter wave has killed at least 20 people in the midwest and east coast. power is out still right now to millions of people in texas cal iso the state's energy grid is asking all of us to voluntarily conserve energy yeah, that could potentially free up power supply for other states like texas. >>there is singh severe weather cal, iso doesn't anticipate any sort of energy issues here in the state and so there. there contemplating thought maybe somehow transferring power out to texas where they desperately needed we've seen stories of people. families huddled in their homes wearing for 5 layers and blankets trying to get through the night with the temperature in their own homes has dropped down into the teens which is pretty incredible to think about yeah there are not trying to dig
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out from this and without power you can imagine how hard that is. >>plus talking about what we dealt with rolling blackouts like right why did this happen why did all of our power fail and it launched investigation is throughout that state trying figure that why they weren't better prepared right brings us back to the bay area weather which were always fortunate to have job, especially right now i was on the phone with some friends texas last night without power just literally since monday and they're just wrapped it is millions of few people it's millions of hits in the pretty it makes you appreciate what we have right now definitely can't complain about the forecast that we have ahead of us it is chilly this morning. so do bundle up before you get out there. >>right now conditions are very clear in the east bay you can see all the way out to the city there in the distance conditions today are going to stay that way to fairly fog free morning. i've been eyeing a couple spots of fog right between mountain view and san jose to watch out for us
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around the really only spot that we're seeing any sort of lower visibility this morning radar looks nice and clear out there it is brisk winds from the north up in the north bay with fairfield 25 mile per hour winds right now novato santa rosa and happen bay for that matter also windy too. we're going to remain pretty breezy even into the afternoon today so today we'll have a just a touch of a warmer feel to it than yesterday did. but with that pretty steady wind you will want to keep the jacket with you got a brisk feel to it all day long high pressure is built up and we're going to continue to see dry skies through the day today tonight on into our daytime hours tomorrow here's your winds from the north that are pushing on into the bay area helping to keep us mild but not warm enough to be free of any jackets today futurecast shows are dry skies. clear skies today just a few more clouds pushing in tomorrow and then tomorrow night is where a cold front pushes through it will be overnight hours thursday night into friday morning that we see our next line of showers dropping into the bay area, some of the most
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widespread of rainfall will be during predawn hours on friday but for early risers this will make for a pretty slick drive into work on friday morning it's going to be the referee one of your morning commute so it was monday and friday that are causing or morning, commuters issues everything in between including today for your wednesday, not looking bad upper 50's to low 60's for most of our highs today, although a few mid 60's now in the mix palo alto high mountain view each at 60 to south bay temps getting close to the mid 60's with san jose actually there at 64 degrees fremont union city pleasanton dublin areas that 62 while hayward oakland richmond all at 63 today, warmest spots will be in the north bay today with benicia as well as petaluma at 65 for your daytime highs tomorrow will be one step warmer and then we reversed course and get a little cooler on friday and saturday after a cold front pushes through early friday morning, leaving us with showers them leaving us with low 60's for a couple of days
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that won't last long temperatures will climb climb quickly and by monday and tuesday of next week. we've got some 70's on the map so warm up towards the end of the forecast. but a few showers here and there, especially come friday morning. reyna john thank you so not seen any major accidents or hot spots on the roadway today monday was pretty quiet yesterday people started to hit the roads again and so we saw more traffic building especially around the 6 o'clock hour. so you're just starting to see the early morning traffic get a start. >>as you head into the city from the east bay under 10 minutes for your drive time there has had across peninsula via the san mateo bridge that traffic is also at the limit for you under 13 minutes as you head across to the peninsula also taking a look at traffic here in the south they want to one settles 85 to menlo park about 28 minutes for your drive time we're keeping a close eye on your commute for now back to james. thanks a lot so 5.18 in national news this morning where former president donald trump criticizing senate minority leader mitch mcconnell jurt days after
5:19 am
mcconnell attacked the former president on the senate floor. >>washington dc correspondent kelli meyer has all of this and the tensions are growing meantime they're talking about the next covid relief package, let's get the update. hi kelly. good morning james and darya well we knew this wasn't going to be the last we would hear from the former president and he is in hiding his feelings about the republican leader. >>he also has a warning for other members of the gop to stand with him. in a new statement, former president donald trump drift into senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, writing the republican party can never again be respected or strong with political leaders like senator mitch mcconnell added tell disgraceful. there are election. duty trump's statement comes just days after mcconnell voted to acquit the former president in the senate impeachment trial but blasted trump for the attack at the u.s. capitol saying trump could still face
5:20 am
consequences. president trump is still liable for everything he did while he was in office mcconnell isn't the only one feeling the wrath of trump and his supporters 7 republicans who've voted to convict trump are now facing backlash back home north carolina state gop voted to censure senator richard burr for finding trump guilty. for said in a statement my party's leadership has chosen loyalty to one man over the core principles of the republican party and the founders of our great nation. trump left a warning for republican senators to go against him. they won't win again. one of trump's closest allies in the senate republican lindsey graham is coming to the aid of mcconnell this morning saying trump could have gotten things done without him. >>but graham also said this week that the republican party needs a donald trump, reporting live in washington, i'm kelly meyer thanks for the update. kelly. >>5.20 on the clock and for your money this morning if you
5:21 am
are anticipating that the federal government was going to cancel high student loan debt. well that won't be happening anytime soon during a town hall last night president biden said that he will not be canceling $50,000 in student loans through executive action. instead he'll work with congress to forgive around $10,000 in student loans. now biden has argued that the government shouldn't forgive major debt for people who'd went to elite private schools, he suggested that if higher amounts of student loans were forgiven. well that would favor people who'd have a higher income and can afford to pay it back. >>time now is 5.21 and coming up oakland's new police chief tour chinatown meeting merchants after a string of attacks his message to the community.
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>>for san francisco police are looking for a group of home invaders that targeted the city's visitation valley neighborhood. tuesday afternoon police got to the scene and saw 2 people running off one of them shot at officers and then took off. one got away in a car the other got away on foot and was eventually detained. police have not made any other arrests. >>police now investigating
5:25 am
after a man was shot and killed near lafayette square park happened monday night at 10th street and mlk way that's where police found. this man shot he was taken to hospital later died. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police in the north bay police are trying to find whoever shot a store owner. it happened last night on boulevard that's just off highway 29 and many drive. the store owner is in critical condition. this morning. so far there's been no description of any possible suspects. we'll let you know if police do release one anyone with information obviously asked to call the lee opd and help them out. >>it's 5.25 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a mass vaccination site is open in the east bay we'll show you where to get a shot there.
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♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. >>right now and we are checking out the weather or you warming up at cup of hot water that's all this is just a warm my hands because it's chilly in here. although it's not outside on a nice sound like a. baby playing of can
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actually blame rain and i for how cold it is and this morning. yeah we were high. >>i will admit we really want keep on the fan. i love it, i love but yeah it is definitely cold morning as you're stepping outside to is really chilly once you factor in the wind chill as well because we've got winds in the north bay and right along the coastline that are gusting into a 20 to 30 miles per hour range, so definitely bundle up as you venture out there now conditions right now mount tam kim nice and crystal clear it's actually been one of the first mornings we've been able to show you this view because of the low clouds that we've had the past couple of days, not so much the case this morning just very crisp and clear out there radar showing you those very crystal clear skies that we're in the midst of there's a couple of exceptions to this though that does include one oh one south
5:30 am
of san jose if you're traveling down towards morgan hill gilroy watch out for some lower visibility out there as well as along 85. just south of san jose on up through the south bay also looking at a few foggy spots this morning otherwise the fog isn't the issue is the wind especially in the north bay, vacaville fairfield sandra fell among those areas that are especially windy. this morning and going to remain that way for much of the day ahead of us so even into the afternoon you got to bundle up stay, nice and cozy temperatures will be a little bit warmer but not warm enough that you'll be able to get away without the jacket, moon bay livermore concord all the 30's right now oakland, europe, 44 degrees while across the north bay temperatures getting close to freezing now that 33 santa rosa petaluma the 3534 for a lot of us this is colder than yesterday was. so yes, it is just a frigid morning get ready for it and get ready for some sunshine. later on this afternoon. that's your forecast it's still a little bit early but we are seeing
5:31 am
some traffic picking up yeah we are seeing some traffic starting to head into the city from the east bay. >>definitely a lot more we saw today than we did on monday because everybody was at home that day still into the city under 10 minutes for your drive time to that fremont street exit on the san mateo bridge also a nice and at the limit commute for you. under 13 minutes though, as you head across to the peninsula, the richmond sandra fell bridge looking nice as well and now to richmond under 8 minutes drive time there and look at the golden gate bridge and into the city under 20 minutes, we're tracking your drive times and more of a darren jameson over to you both thanks 5.31 and the entire bay area remains at the most restrictive purple tier in the covid guidelines right now, yeah, the covid-19 outlook now is drastically different from one month ago. the governor says it's the if this trend continues most california counties should. >>the out of the purple tier by this time next month if not sooner. >>i anticipate substantial number next week and even more
5:32 am
and the subsequent weeks, 3.5% 7 day positivity rate remember we have 11.4%. >>a month ago. >>if the cases continue to go down we could see some movement out of the purple tier are they say as early as next week, but the governor cautions he's concerned that might not happen because of all the variance those are increasing around the state there. >>in the north bay the marin county health department says that there's been a steep drop in covid cases in nursing homes after distribution of that second covid-19 vaccine dose kron four's maureen kelly with a closer look. >>but sure of how we have seen such a drastic dramatic reduction of cases in our care facilities. it was. was the first word that came to my head county's deputy health officer says the first doses of the vaccines went into the arms of those working and living at skilled nursing. >>and residential care facilities just as the winter surge was upon us, here's a
5:33 am
graph that shows the daily active covid-19 cases from mid december among marine county long-term care facility residents. you can see as the second doses began rolling out. how the case is dropped off dramatically in january there was a monthly average of 60 active daily cases among this population in february that average is down to 4. doctor lisa santorum says this is a concrete example of the 95% effectiveness of the moderna and pfizer vaccines this is heard of in vaccines, usually we talk about the flu and its 50% effective and what we are realizing firsthand in our community now has seen that affected this of this vaccine. >>not only just again just seen is a reduction in the number of cases per day in these facilities we're not managing outbreaks like we were there's a point in january had over 40 outbreaks in our facilities and our teams are going in every day and testing and working with teens on infection prevention and control. and now we to
5:34 am
refocus those teams on vaccinating more people this 88 year-old resident of the redwoods assisted living facility got his second shot which means he'll be able to see his kids in person again soon. >>my wife has been very very unhappy about being able to see them over the holidays, especially. usually business once a week. that has been very difficult even though we do soon. >>right now the number of marine county long-term care facilities experiencing a coronavirus outbreak. is 0. maureen kelly kron 4 news today alameda county opens a new mass vaccination site as well yeah, this will be a drive-thru it's happening at the fairgrounds and that's where crawford. julius evans is standing by live this morning in pleasanton. >>with more good morning l a. >>yeah good morning jays i'm at gate number 8 and this is where people will enter. to drive through and get their
5:35 am
vaccinations so let's show you a map right now of where the alameda county fairgrounds are in case, you're not familiar where with it. this is this going to start today at around 11 o'clock this will they will they will be doing vaccinations drive-thrus but you definitely have to have an appointment you can't just show up here and they're not allowing any walk up so you and his dad strictly a drive-thru and strictly appointment only what they also the other requirement is that at this point right now they're only going to be vaccinating people who're health care workers and residents or 65 and that is also a another specific requirement at this time because the supply is so limited that they can only do this category at this point. but as soon as they get more supplies and they could kind of open it up to the next tier of which is i think the next person in line would be that anybody who's the ages of 16
5:36 am
to 65 with some underlining. conditions but at this point right now because supplies are limited. they are restricting it to 65 and over and health care workers and again this has to be an appointment only drive-thru only so you do have to register to see if you are eligible and then if you are eligible then they send you a link and tell you when you can set up an think that you can get your we'll try to put a link to that registration on our website so just keep on checking on kwan spawn kron four's website so that you can also sign up and figure out when it's your turn to get a vaccination as well back to you guys thanks lie only 5.36 the time still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, good news for struggling homeowners, the fan on housing foreclosures. >>has been extended we'll tell you when that moratorium is now set to expire and today will be another dry and clear
5:37 am
one boris one as we will see steady winds well into the afternoon day time highs just a touch warmer than yesterday your forecast ahead. >>and as more of you hit the roads traffic is starting to pick up this morning, however we're not tracking any major accidents or commute into the city under 10 minutes. we'll have that coming up next. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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>>the biden administration extending the federal moratorium on evictions and foreclosures and it doesn't plan to stop there washington dc correspondent raquel martin has more. >>more than 10 million homeowners behind on mortgage payments, the white house says it's extending the federal ban on evictions and foreclosures through june to bring urgent relief to the american fence american families struggling to keep a roof over their heads and we are definitely facing a housing. >>crisis michigan senator gary peters says the announcement is a critical first step that we still need to provide resources to to help make those mortgage and rent payments leader says that's why congress must hurry impasse president biden's proposed 1.9 trillion dollar covid relief package. we know we need to take action going to the boating a very shortly on that will then come before the senate the massive plan includes billions for rental and unemployment assistance plus another round of stimulus
5:41 am
payments for families and it's on the fast track in the democrat controlled house the numbers just don't stack up if you're a republican blame luka myers says democrats are ignoring republican concerns over items like a minimum wage 1.6 million jobs. >>lost even amendments that we tried to put on there were good amendment you can accept those it's very frustrating white house press secretary jen psaki set tuesday president biden hopes the minimum wage hike makes the final he thinks it's long past time to raise the minimum wage but we'll let the process see itself through it doesn't happen in this for package or will make every effort to make it happen in the future in washington raquel martin. >>time now 5.41 we'll take quick break. we'll be right quick break. we'll be right back. so you went to ross to refresh your look for less? and snag top brands for prices that have you, like "oooh yeah"! styles that take you here or here or even right there. slip into the best bargains ever... at ross.
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>>i 44 is the time right now and for you head out the door want a jacket. >>for sure, yeah a little chilly out there we've got john in the weather center with the details morning john good morning guys, yeah, definitely chilly out there this morning a lot of us down in the 30's that includes some of our inland east bay neighbors as well as across the north bay too nice and clear out there, but as we know sometimes it's are clear warnings that are also list of ones. berkeley looks beautiful with no cloud cover whatsoever. we do have a couple of foggy spots and although those in the south bay south of san jose along one oh one then along 85 in the south bay to watch for
5:45 am
some lower visibility out that direction skies otherwise are nice and clear it's just very windy and that paired with her cold temperatures makes for a pretty brisk feel fairfield 27 mile per hour wind gusts regularly all morning long so far half moon bay. nevado santa rosa also breezy. and you notice in our future cast of wind gusts here well through the morning commute. well into the afternoon for that matter winds not going anywhere in fact for some parts of the north and east bay only getting stronger come the afternoon today tomorrow is going to be another brisk one too as we see this ridge of high pressure in place it's shoring up a northerly from our inland valleys out towards the coast. now we don't see any fire risk from this because by this point grasses are really lush and green, but we will be seeing that fog pushed away from the coastline that means temperatures at the coast today will be well into the 60's in many cases. today, nice sunny skies tomorrow a little bit on the cloudier side and then tomorrow night is when we see our next cold front pushing in that's going to come along with a dose of
5:46 am
rainfall most of this will fall during early friday morning hours even before early risers get up just after midnight, but you will have a wet drive into work on friday morning so started the work week on monday with some wet conditions when did the same way on friday, today's daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's as i mentioned the coast a little warmer than yesterday half moon bay up to 61 burlingame you'll be up to 62 today with san carlos at a nice 63 for your daytime high south bay temperatures mostly low to mid 60's, san jose will be at 64. one of her more mild spots. solid low 60's across the east bay from castro valley oakland up to richmond. all right at 63 degrees. the laos, the nomad 64 benicia as well as petaluma at 65 for your daytime highs a look ahead shows tomorrow's temperatures a little bit warmer and then we reversed course and cool down that's because of the cold front i mentioned coming through thursday night into friday morning. going to drop us into the low 60's for a couple of days friday is our best chance
5:47 am
of rainfall and mostly during the morning after that we begin to drive back out and by next week, not just dry, but also quite warm with highs likely back into the 70's reyna john thank you so traffic looking great, we are seen. >>traffic start to pick up though if you're heading into now we're at about 11 more than 10 minutes more people hit the roads the metering lights are not on yet of the brand so there's no slowdown people are just driving through also no high wind advisory. so that's also great for your commute the san mateo bridge has had across the peninsula still under 13 minutes for your drive times people start to hit the roads heading down to the south bay to get a look at things there were at a solid 30 minutes as a traveling one o one san jose 85 to menlo park we're tracking your drive times for now daryn back to you. thanks a lot. rhonda 5.47 in the east bay oakland police toured the city's chinatown neighborhood after several weeks of violent attacks and robberies and they relate an important message for sale of the sacking has
5:48 am
more. >>merchants here in chinatown say they still feel like easy, but things are looking better that's after police increase resources to the area. the community started its own foot patrols in organizations from around the country sent in learning tools like this. welcome sight in oakland's chinatown neighborhood on tuesday police again met with merchants and residents after the neighborhoods experienced a spike in violent attacks in robberies like this over the last few weeks feeling much saver i may have told you a >>many students say many seniors are saying that afraid of what street. but the past 2 days. they are starting to come out again president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce karl chan says the added police resources help deter crime over the weekend during lunar new year celebrations, however, some urchins are still on edge. so faso cayfest still kind scary.
5:49 am
>>sometimes you something. the species suffolk high-risk area. it's why some are now arming themselves. >>on monday night a woman was being robbed near pacific renaissance plaza when a store owner got involved and fired shots to stop the robbery woman wrote them down the she was holding the camera someone rolled up on her to the camera off of her and removed from her and some some of our community members and business owners. >>i came out to assist and the circumstances are still being investigated, rounds were fired on no one was harmed by the shots and the suspect got away. >>police arrested the merchant for firing his gun we do appreciate those that are stepping forward to help keep other community members safe, but we asked you to do so in a way that's safe not only yourself safe or the victim of the crime but also say 4 other community members and so fire firearms that our community presents a potential safety
5:50 am
risk for everybody so we want to avoid that at all costs chinatown chamber of commerce says they hope to see a continued police presence even after the lunar new year in oakland taylor sackey kron 4 >>in the east bay police are investigating a hate crime after a swastika was painted on the door of a synagogue it happened at the temple beth torah synagogue of fremont this is the first reported hate crime of the year there. police investigated 5 hate crimes in fremont last year. well many grocery store workers say they are still waiting to get vaccinated since day one they've been considered essential workers but according to them they often feel forgotten when it comes to the country's chaotic rollout of vaccines. older americans and medical staff where the priority but grocery and liquor store employees are also exposed to hundreds of people every day. each state has different rules in that respect and in new york for example grocery store employees on long island got their first doses yesterday but 50 miles away in the bronx, convenience store workers to run the day goes have not been able to make an
5:51 am
appointment yet. >>don't a lot more protect shoes. we'll be how how on how we risk our lives. do you miss something to the most needy people. >>and this week the city of berkeley expanded its vaccine eligibility to include grocery and convenience store workers, united food and commercial workers union says at least a 124 grocery workers have died from covid-19 since the start of the pandemic. we'll take a break at 5.51. we'll be right back.
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5:54 am
>>5.54 and steph curry has been lighting up the court night after night during the day he is helping local businesses amid the pandemic and he says it's his mission to support minority owned businesses like his favorite barbershop in oakland. >>by 7 going to us 5 years and no use of for a long time. you know i do get cleaned up, but we we talk about life and gives me so much game along the way too so anyway we can hopefully some business their way you know how much they
5:55 am
mean the community and if we get through this, you know one we know how hard you know black owned businesses minority owned businesses have been throughout this pandemic so ad that we can do job attention and awareness to support an you know, locally means a lot. >>shot out what's the name of the but look it up kids if you want to enjoy that barbershop be a line around the block if he was times i'm sure you can google it and we'll find out in the meantime staff in the words will be back in action tonight at the chase center hosting the miami heat. they're coming off that blowout win on monday against the cavs one step put up 36 points before the big question in the nba is going to be. or the worry is going to play the hornets this saturday. the leg bone is connected to the 5 oceans the covid think yes first play the hornets, the spurs had an outbreak. now the spurs next games are canceled like 3 of the hornets next couple games are canceled. so
5:56 am
will the hornets make it to play the warriors is the question their next couple games are cut think contact tracing so we'll see it's all connected as the basketball world all right time now is 5.55 is not just shots were supply is an issue according. >>to a new study millions of crucial n 95 masks have been put in storage instead of going to doctors nurses and paramedics and others to need first rate protection against the virus. the problem is being blamed on federal failures to coordinate supply chains internal emails also show that there were deliberate decisions to withhold vital information about new mask manufacturers and availability. we'll take a break as 5.56 coming up in the next hour, the city of berkeley has reached an agreement with the school district over vaccinating teachers will tell you when we can expect students to return back to campus. >>plus sfo will hold a drive-thru vaccine center and one of its parking garages. we'll have what you need to know coming up in a live report and doctor fauci is changing the timeline a bit on
5:57 am
when widespread public vaccinations will happen we'll tell you why he says maybe not by spring, but a little bit after that now. it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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6:00 am
>>an agreement has been reached between the city of berkeley and its school district. now teachers are going to get vaccinated coming up in a live report, we'll tell you when kids will head back to the >>and speaking of the vaccine doctor anthony fauci now extending the timeline on when he expects all americans be able to get a covid-19 vaccinations. you're watching kron. >>and thanks for waking up with us this is getting old no. it's doubts wednesday, okay i can make it to friday where they're halfway there hang in there you make it got a little bit of cold weather to wake up to this morning we've got john tripled more on that to start off the hour yapp this week seems long's remind yourself the rest of the country is so cold right now and we're here where it's not too terribly bad. >>across the bay area lots of


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