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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 19, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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of them out for you here so on the peninsula we do have light showers stretching up the coastline as well as a pocket of them right around san bruno at sfo also on and off showers for san francisco across the north richmond center fell bridge bay bridge in the midst of it some of our actually most widespread and heavy rain stretches across 92 from san mateo on over to hayward watch your travel on 8.80 as well 6.80 across the east bay, both of these routes are pretty slick after this morning's rain dumbarton bridge also in the midst of some light showers this morning, san jose it's actually pretty quiet. the inland east bay well you are quiet in the tri valley at the moment which is some misty conditions here these areas we are seeing the really light rain showing up on radar really just those misty spots couple of pockets of heavier rain just east of the altamonte as well as in the eastern portions of contra costa and then a little bit further north up into solano county we're right around rio vista you're also looking at some light showers misty conditions will be a pretty
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quiet on the radar further to the west up in the north bay with napa marin and sonoma counties still in the midst of some wet spots on roads futurecast rainfall totals we can see how light this rainfall will be the coast in the north bay will receive our greatest potential of additional showers well areas like livermore san jose mountain view in hayward really looking at nothing more than a trace expected for much your daytime hours. >>40's and 50's for current temps it's a mild start oakland smiled of spots at 56 san mateo pretty similar at 55 degrees not seeing any 30's on the map today, a bit of a brisk start to this morning. we will be seeing breezy conditions at times san francisco could see winds gusting into a 20 mile per hour range at times today very wet at sfo you can see that view right now after morning showers, good news we do have mostly cloudy skies this afternoon bit of a break from the rain in the middle of the day before just a slight chance of evening showers after the sun goes down tonight john thank you that is
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good news. >>all right, let's get a look at the bay bridge your commute from the east bay into the city under 10 minutes and you can see just by the camera here now it's looking wet. the roadways are. so take your time as you're traveling into the city. all right. let's also head over to the san mateo bridge it's starting to get just a little misty and foggy for your drive time i'm not tracking any major hot spots or accidents, your commute as you head across to the peninsula under 10 minutes. and a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond also another very wet camera and wet roadways about 8 minutes as you head into richmond and also a very quiet commute. county leaders say the fear of the vaccine and language barriers are hampering efforts to vaccinate people in the hardest hit parts on the south bay and nearly half of all santa clara county residents over age, 65 have received their first dose of vaccine. however, the number drops to less than 10% in hard-hit neighborhoods like east san jose which also counts for 28% of all county deaths.
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officials are now asking for volunteers, especially those 2 can serve as translators to get the word out to underserved communities. >>in order to get people vaccinated i just want everybody to understand that we have to vaccinate 1.5 million people in our county to get to 85% of vaccinating everybody and with some high priority is that we. make sure that no matter where you live in our community. you get vaccinated. >>officials say even vaccine supplies are still scarce getting the dose is the only way to be a part of the solution. and the east bay contra costa counties moving on to the next group in the covid vaccine tier, teachers grocery workers and other frontline essential workers live in the county can sign up to receive the vaccine. however, right now supplies limited and appointments in the county sites or feel through the next 2 weeks. kron four's gayle ong has that story.
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>>we did get notified by the state they getting slightly less this week than we did last week and and we can expect a similar amount. >>the following week doctor chris farnitano with contra costa county health services says the county is holding vaccines this week for second doses this as the county is expanding covid-19 vaccine eligibility to some essential workers that includes people who've worked in the education and child care sectors food and agricultural workers and emergency services workers these groups can now request appointments online but expect to wait we are not actually able to schedule a lot of vaccine appointments this week for essential workers. >>but we will start putting people on the waiting and starting to you know get those names so that when we do have more vaccine. we can start offering them appointments the slowdown should last about 2 weeks doctor find it says the situation is expected to improve and the county is
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still on track to meet the goal of 1 million doses into the arms by the 4th of july in a couple weeks they'll be another federal allocation that's going to federally qualified health centers in our county in the meantime there are other options outside the county health department to make an appointment for the shot through your health care provider like kaiser or state run vaccination sites eligible groups can sign up with optum serve in walnut creek. >>contra costa county health officials are recommending residents in the approved a vaccine groups to sign up for the oakland coliseum site through my turn. the mass vaccination site open tuesday and hopes to run for about 8 weeks and inoculate up to 6,000 people per day. >>now if you've already tried to logarithm on to my turn site and have been denied. well that is because the system needs to be refreshed and then they take a maybe a few days. so it can reflect the eligibility change and that may be the case for other state run web sites. letter rep might turn says certain
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counties received access codes and that should get you through the system we've got that all this information on our website in lafayette gayle ong kron 4 news. >>employees at alameda county sheriff's office are getting their vaccinations the county's health services agency offered the pfizer vaccine to all 1800 members of the department and that includes all county public safety personnel. well sheriff greg ahern was among the first to receive the vaccine for him, it's personal you might remember to members. the county sheriff's office have died from covid-19. well deputy oscar roach 2 worked at the santa rita jail and technician valerie leon. >>a very important we vaccinate all of our people that are willing to do this and get as many as we can so we have herd immunity as quickly as we can to eliminate and mitigate the loss of death for a covid-19. >>1100 doses were administered yesterday the same rule will receive the second shot in 3
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weeks. residents over 65 years old and san francisco can get their covid vaccine without an appointment. san francisco general released a statement saying from now until tuesday. those who're eligible can stop by the hospital any time from 09:00am until 03:00pm to get the shot. and the north bay marine county will launch a drive-thru vaccine site this sunday, the clinic will be located at the larkspur landing ferry terminal and provide 200 covid-19 shots per day for the first week. the vaccine appointments will be increased wants the clinic receives delayed shipments. eventually the site will expand to offer up to 1500 doses the day. while teachers grocery employees and other frontline essential workers in san mateo county can register for the vaccine starting monday. that does not mean they will be able to get a shot right away. county officials say it may take several weeks for health care providers to reach those groups because of limited
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supply of vaccine doses. here is a timeline for the counties that are ready to expand eligibility for the one the face. it's already underway in alameda in napa county in san mateo county education and child care workers. food and agriculture workers and emergency workers can begin signing up on february 22nd. 2 days later that sector will be allowed to register and san francisco county february 28th in santa clara county. for more information on signing up for shots for yourself or for someone else. we have links on our web site to the vaccination clinics across the bay area just head to kron 4 dot com and look for the info on the coronavirus section of our website under the news tab. the body of a missing man was found in a crawl space of a home in san francisco. police found the body of christopher will tell in a 3 foot high space above the bathroom of his home in the city's mission district we'll
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tell was reportedly missing for about 5 weeks ago. police said foul play is not suspected in this incident. the cause of the death has not been released. hate crime investigation is underway in the east bay after a swastika was found at a synagogue. the hand drawn symbol was discovered your classroom. temple beth torah in fremont last week the san francisco bay area chapter of the council on american islamic relations condemn the act and expressed its solidarity with the jewish community. no word on when that image was written on the wall. and the north bay we have new surveillance video of an armed robbery at a party supply store in valais how we want to warn you before we show you this viewers may find it disturbing. very scary situation is happened tuesday night on sonoma boulevard just off highway 29. and many drive
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the store owner mark quit was shot 4 times by one of the gunman, he was airlifted to a hospital on the police say he is expected to recover. his relatives say they fear he may never walk again. police say they have no suspects at this time. the investigation is ongoing. there was just police commission has rejected a proposed 11% budget cut to the city's police department it would have included more than 200 layoffs. the proposed cuts were part of the two-year budget presented by mayor london breed last year called for a 167 sworn officers and 43 civilian positions to be laid off. police chief bill scott claims those cuts would be devastating. >>the majority budget is personnel staffing and we got it all we've got pretty much everything we've got. >>regardless of the commission voting to reject the cuts both mayor breed and the board of supervisors. well ultimately
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decide whether to approve or reject the proposed cuts and city budget altogether the final decision is expected sometime before july 4th of july 1st. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news severe weather in other parts of the country is affecting vaccine. distributions right here in the bay area. >>more on this after the break.
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>>and dual threat in the deep south first it was electricity now concerns about clean water. it's impacting more than 10 million americans much of the country still feeling the impact of the deadly winter storm and brought freezing temperatures and overwhelmed power grades, texas governor greg abbott says all the state's power plants are back online. but hundreds of thousands of people are still in the dark because of downed power lines. now texas, public water systems are also experiencing disruptions forcing more than 13 million to boil their water that problem is leading to lines and empty shelves at grocery stores. now the storm is also affecting us here in the bay area. but in a different way the bad weather is slowing shipment of covid vaccines to california kron four's dan kerman reports. well the bay area basks in beautiful february whether much of the rest of the country is getting pummeled. >>and now those winter storms are hampering the bay area's effort to vaccinate people for
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covid-19 former in county approximately 3500 moderna doses that were planned to arrive this week were delayed by the storms. >>as a result, some 300 marin county residents were to get second doses of the moderna vaccine. >>have had their vaccine appointments rescheduled from this week to next week. but the bulk of appointments will go on thanks to pfizer pfizer. >>sent a slightly larger allocation to this week so that we could actually cover the majority of those appointments again we're second dose pfizer departments for people who'd had not yet been vaccinated yet it could pfizer over moderna that the county has not been so lucky. >>their vaccine shipment has not arrived due to the bad weather now they've had to reschedule nearly 902nd dose appointments to late next week. santa clara county has had more than 31,000 doses of moderna vaccine delay due to the weather. but so far has not had to cancel any appointments and another
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15,000 doses also delayed cancellations could happen alameda county has had 3,000 doses delayed by bad weather. but hasn't had to cancel appointments, san mateo county has had 10,000 doses delayed by bad weather. but so far no cancellations sonoma county is also seeing vaccine. shipment delays but has not yet had to cancel appointments and while most bay area counties have not canceled appointments yet, here's the copy out to all of this that's because many of these counties have not scheduled appointments for next week or the week after and they won't until those delayed shipments arrive. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>all right well let's get another check of weather with john trouble john it is coming down outside. hopefully not for long, it's a little rainy out there. i think we'll take that over what love much for the rest of the country has seen. >>just look at these temperatures across the country right now san francisco our second warmest spot on the map right now after miami which is that 77 san francisco at 53 right now
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my knots, north dakota at 9 below dallas at 16 degrees. so they're certainly not out of the woods yet for these areas across especially the deep south that just don't have the infrastructure built for the cold and the such as they're still in the mid stuff now bay area little quieter comparatively but we do have some shower activity as rain and noted, let's get zoom in on some of these areas where we are actively seeing some rainfall that includes highway 92 hayward on over to san mateo in the midst of some light to even moderate shower activity most of us in some lighter stuff with no more than sprinkles here in this city of san francisco right now redwood city also looking at some light rainfall little further south of the bay, pretty quiet for south bay neighbors showers really fizzling out as they reach the south bay that means your totals are going to be a little greater across the north bay this morning we work our way through the day today you're going to notice skies mostly cloudy morning showers tapering off to just some
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cloudy and gray conditions this afternoon and some breezy conditions but not near as windy as we were earlier this week. futurecast shows you that light shower activity that will continue for much of our morning commute ahead of us. so i'll be keeping you updated on it over these next few hours afternoon hours. we'll get a nice little drying pattern a little bit of sunshine in there and then our next line of showers drops into the bay area during the overnight hours tonight, good news about this one it's brief and it's going to be a pushing through the bay area as we're sleeping tonight. well after midnight, so really this one is not going to be something you really notice aside from a couple of puddles as you wake up on your saturday morning saturday itself into sunday looking nice and dry with ample sunshine on both days. today's daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's pretty pleasant one out there as long as you've got the jacket ready to go it's winter in the bay area and compared to the rest of the country with her just fine with these low 60's redwood city san carlos mountain view at 61 south bay daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's today. well the east
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bay, a similar range of numbers right around that 60 degree mark for most areas, oakland at 60 or random get 58. the lee ho benicia antioch fairfield vacaville, all sitting right at 61 degrees today. let's get you a look ahead at next 7 days daytime highs remain pretty steady into tomorrow. this is before they begin to climb though and by monday and tuesday of next week we're in the 70's for a lot of the bay area today is our best chance of rain drying out for much of the rest of the forecast john thank you for giving us that good news, so i just checked in with chp we're not seen any major accidents on the roadways this morning that's a great thing. >>however you can see from the water on the camera right in front of you, he's got a wet commute this morning. so you just want to take your time into the city under 2 minutes for your drive time. now let's look at the golden gate bridge as you head into the so a very wet commute for can see just how slick the bridges under 25 minutes for drive time no reports of any accidents and it looks like the fog. across
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the golden gate bridge is also starting to clear a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge and out of richmond can't see anything you just see lights and water droplets. a wet commute for you under 9 minutes for your drive time. drive safe out there. >>well a successful mission to mars after traveling nearly 7 months. nasa's perseverance rover landed on the red planet perseverance is the biggest most advanced rover ever sent by nasa. now the rover's real work begins as it searches for any sign of life nichole berlie takes a look. >>cheers from mission control in should can now a as nasa's perseverance rover has successfully landed on continuing to and that trans
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middle including this little dirty because he got a glass covers over these these cameras perseverance's first image from the surface of this happened just seconds ago. >>perseverance will collect geological samples to try and determine if life ever existed on the red planet. those samples will eventually be brought back to earth. although it will take about a decade once back on earth will be analyzed for signs of ancient microscopic life. nasa's acting administrator thanking his team shortly after the landing to work through all the adversity. >>that goes and all the challenges echo landing a rover on mars. plus the challenges of covid and it's just an amazing accomplishment perseverance's mission alone costs nearly 3 billion dollars nasa teaming up with the european space agency to bring the rock samples back home side nasa works nasa works and
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we put our arms together in our hands together and raised together. >>we can succeed, this is what nasa guys this is what we can do as a country. >>and all of the problems we have we need to work together to do these kinds of things and make success happen. >>on that was incredible that was nichole berlie reporting nasa's perseverance rover will keep us all up today from its twitter account the grover tweeted this picture saying. hello world my first look at my forever home how awesome you can follow the rover's adventure on twitter at nasa persevere. this is really cool had its quietest period on record in 2020. that's all according to a group of seismologists from 33 countries. hu reported that ambient noise drop by as much as 50% in some of the world's largest cities. 69% of the global seismic stations sot lower than average noise levels. researchers say the lord human activity and the
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reduction in erin bus traffic because of lockdown restrictions played a major role pretty quiet in 2020. we'll be right back after the break.
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>>now to the warriors steph curry's going to his 7th all-star game in his 7th as the start of this year. the all-star game is slated for march 7th in atlanta georgia
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curry's have been one of the best seasons as a pro now he's averaging 30 points per game which is good for second place behind bradley beal and the wizards. stephan, the lawyers are on the road tonight they will be facing the orlando magic. coming up in the next hour a mass vaccination site san francisco is reopening today for second doses after being shut down. >>due to supply issues. plus frustrated parents are looking to recall members. all the san francisco school board hear their push for change. lawmakers and the white house are weighing in on when kids should return to the classroom. what the biden administration is proposing.
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>>news stations, you're watching the car. >>and thanks for waking up with us here on a thought you'd never >>i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and also joining us this morning. bit of the rain you can see that there on the screen i caught some of that just as i got on to the bay ridge. about the golden gate by is the waivers a few times we go daryn not this usually is john with more on that one job that the bubble has friday areas bubble
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keeps the rain away we're looking conditions this morning that our overall pretty wet on our roadways you can see conditions out there right now as cfo. >>definitely showing you just that roadways looking a lot like that are back is let's actually get a look at that right now we do a look at it's currently there you definitely cloudy it is wet out there as well let's get a look at radar to we are seeing conditions out there pretty active across the bay you'll notice the showers are very light on the peninsula couple of in san francisco on across the golden gate really our heaviest of rainfall to notice on the peninsula on over towards san mateo further south through menlo park and across both the dumbarton bridges and 92 in fact from hayward to san mateo 92 is very wet from some pretty widespread showers over the past hour. you're also looking at rain along 8680 of the east bay showers increasing now for the tri valley from san ramon do


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