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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>some suggesting today that he would veto the lawmakers schools reopening plan. he says it sets the bar for resuming in person instruction that is far higher than what scientists say is safe good evening, everybody thanks for being here on this friday for kron 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis governor newsome that he will not support state lawmakers reopening plans. but he says. >>the state will provide more vaccines for teachers moving forward. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest now. >>the proposal is scheduled for a formal vote monday. the plan aims to reopen elementary schools in mid april and would require the state provide vaccines to teachers and staff preparing for in person instruction bill details were put into print friday. unfortunately was put into print with slow down the process of reopening our schools and that is something i can support the governor and legislature don't agree on 3
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main issues when it comes to reopening one timing. >>2 required county case rates per 100,000 people and 3 teacher vaccinations will keep talking you know if we need to look at some some slight adjustments are things going for it will do that we think we think it's time we listen to our to our educators to or teachers or school districts and most importantly it's their families and parents. >>across our state we think this plan we're going to get on monday make sense a legislative plan aligns more with teacher union calls for educators to have access to vaccines before going back to school. >>while the governor maintains all teachers do not need to be vaccinated to return to in person instruction his administration announced beginning march first it will set aside 10% of its vaccine supply or 75,000 doses per week for teachers and staff or operationally standardizing that in every part of the state through the 3rd party agreement we think that will substantially address concerns in sacramento, ashley zavala
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kron 4 news. and we are now confident when new guidelines were publishing today. >>that we can get you sports moving again in the state of california. >>really for young athletes in the state governor newsome also says that they can get back on the field the soon as february 26th big deal but that there will be some modifications for schools in the red and the purple tier county cut for sleep. you all spoke with some bay area, parents and coaches about today's announcement. >>a thing of restrictions on new sports lauded by parents in the bay area we're it's about time effective next friday high contact outdoor sports like basketball football and lacrosse can resume team competitions the players 13 years of age or older would be required to produce a negative covid-19 test result within 24 hours of play unless more than half of that younger than 30 and then entire team is exempt coaches
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however will require testing regardless. menlo park father kevin is thrilled. we can live with the outdoor dining we can live with the masks and not in the distancing and we're ok with that at this point but it's. >>it's time for the kids get back to being the state says the resumption of youth sports will be based on each county's adjusted covid-19 case rate. >>that rate must be less than 14 new cases per 100,000 people. >>right now out of the 9 bay area counties only 2 would be prohibited from allowing team competitions that's contra costa and solano counties but case rates in those counties continue to trend down we've got get enough and today a lot of them a lot of that a lot of them punished. the stock plummeted that's why it's such a positive that for now indoor sports are not allowed until a county reaches the orange tier while today was a great it certainly doesn't mean that our job is phillipe djegal all kron 4 news.
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>>and in the east bay we have confirmed that the president of the oakley school board has resigned after she and other board members were caught making negative comments about want to get their kids back in classrooms. >>you know if we they're going to call me on that. want to take on they want their baby sitters back. >>that woman there saying parents what their baby sitters back is lisa prison dean as she was the board president and has since resigned from the board. this whole thing happened during wednesday's virtual meeting of the oakley union elementary school board members thought they were in a private meeting. they were not the incident has sparked outrage among many parents and now there's an online petition calling for all board members to resign. the superintendent greg hettrick sent us a statement. it reads in part. the comments made for not in alignment with our vision and
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are definitely not what any of us stand for as leaders that we lost trust with the community. i will not make excuses for what happened or why it happened. i know that our students deserve better from us i pledge to work collaboratively with stakeholders and community members to begin doing the important work that is needed to rebuild community trust in our district this morning at mira loma elementary school in san francisco, parents and students at the school. >>held a zoom in about 20 families they set up tents. tarps and umbrellas on the lawn to attend class using wi-fi families we spoke to today say that they want to send a message to the school district that they want in person classes. >>they don't have the social emotional connection that is necessary for growth at the young age because they're becoming depressed with our withdrawn, i see my child love the learning and actually does pretty good on zoom. a lot of time so just sit about the window and not really want to engage and it's hard the teachers are doing the best that they can. but there's
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only so much they can do from behind a screen. >>the families to attended the zoom in state until about noon or so no word yet on whether they plan on returning next week on the peninsula, teachers and other frontline workers will be eligible for covid vaccinations in san mateo county starting monday. but county officials say it may take some time for health care providers to reach those groups because of the limited vaccine. supply officials say the county is working with leaders in the education restaurant and law enforcement sectors to reach their workforce to the north bay now crews are setting up the new vaccination site at the larkspur landing ferry terminal. >>you can see you can actually sign up starting tomorrow and the site will open for a soft launch on sunday shipments of the vaccine set aside for marine county. they have been delayed by the severe storms across the midwest. the site will provide 200 vaccinations today for the first week with
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the goal of expanding to 1500 doses per day and in san francisco, the city college mass vaccination site it is back open but with some restrictions, it's only open 4 people received their second dose of the vaccine. it previously had to close due to a shortage of vaccines san francisco general hospital five-day vaccine clinic for older san franciscans today, yeah, the hospital is trying to make it easier for patients aged 65 and up. >>so appointments are necessary. our morning kelly checked it out she found a very long line. >>just after lunchtime, the line for covid-19 vaccinations snaked around sf general one patients saying he stood for 4 hours to get to the front of the line. the clinic give shots from 09:00am to 03:00pm. it's for san franciscans age 65 years and older they expect to give out roughly 1400 shots every day through tuesday february 23rd. the reason why they have such big lines is
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because no appointments are necessary. it's just drop him. the hospital's chief medical officer explains why they switch to this model we were realizing is that with our elderly population tied to the more we put up sort of road blocks in terms of like having to schedule an appointment getting on the web calling someone. >>those treated barriers that prevented him from coming in to get the appointments and so we decided probably just a couple of days ago to remove any barriers they say the reason they had the vaccine here where others don't is simply because of the supply chain. they expect to run out by next week if they don't get any more doses in those waiting in this long line say they've been having a hard time getting the shots elsewhere at a good insight. i have and they did have plumber until next month much >>if you have nothing. so >>get a chance today i come here, it was the only game in everybody else. i out of the vaccine, kaiser whom live insurance west. and i got my doctor's blessing get it wherever you the last day for
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this drop-in clinic is tuesday because wednesday is when the next tier of essential workers are eligible for the vaccine so just cops teachers and grocery store clerks that's what sf general will also revert back to making appointments dropping the drop-in model for now one important thing to point out unlike other mass vaccination clinics here in the city. >>this one is for san francisco residents only meaning if you work in the city and live outside of it don't bother coming here, it would be a waste of your time. >>they are checking 90's. maureen kelly kron 4 news all right good tip. >>switching gears here for a moment as we take a look at the weather. i was a live look outside at san francisco's ferry building and the bay bridge dreary start to the day lot of fog out there low clouds but sunshine popped out this afternoon for lee's much of the bay. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here a look ahead and cheers to the weekend. my tears the weekend here we looks like we're not done with the rain
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just yet we've got another storm likely to head into the bay area overnight tonight, the sun has set. >>looks like a beautiful evening around the bay area go stay dry through the evening hours but as we head toward the midnight hour you've got this guy off the coastline that neat little swirl in the atmosphere that's the next storm system that will approach the bay area to bring us some rain i think it's going to give us a little pop it's a lot of cold air as it comes through and so certainly going to see some brief period of some heavy downpours right now remains dry outside which is some good news as we head the evening hours, not bad you see a couple clouds floating on through temperatures mainly in the 50's outside. and then as we head in toward midnight things begin to change you'll see it right here the models begin to pick up on there you go as we head toward 11 o'clock some of that rain begin enter the north bay and you see some of the yellow orange imbedded there that is front line that's going to come through. i think provide a pop maybe some thunderstorms a possibility as a system swings through but definitely some heavy downpours as it goes by, but it's only last about a half hour in spots this week in the south bay as
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head into early tomorrow morning, here's the good news. if you want a nice dry weekend you've got it we're going to dry things out very nicely around the bay area, this rain coming overnight tonight gone by tomorrow morning dry weather expected on saturday but will be blustery and breezy dry weather and warmer weather expected by sunday guys back to you. >>all right the biden administration is delaying when children can expect it if their covid-19 vaccines. we details on that in a live report plus all new at 6 pharmaceutical giant pfizer announced it is launching the first covid vaccine trial for pregnant women. >>hear from a local doctor on what's coming next and later younger women accused of dressing up as older women to get a coronavirus vaccine. their plan. we'll show you their plan. we'll show you what happened. so you went to ross to refresh your look for less? and snag top brands for prices that have you, like "oooh yeah"! styles that take you here or here or even right there. slip into the best bargains ever... at ross. yes for less!
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you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >>a big story we're staying on top of the millions of delayed covid-19 vaccines due to the severe weather across much of the country the biden administration says that it is impacting all 50 states. our washington correspondent jessi joins us now live from dc with the latest effort to get those deliveries back on track jesse. >>yeah good evening grant vicki, the weather has really hit the entire vaccine distribution system. workers are snowed in road closures have blocked shipments and vaccination sites, many of them are still without power. but of all that being said the white house did emphasize today that these delays are temporary.
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>>save lives and make lives better on a tour of pfizer's manufacturing site in michigan president joe biden observe the production of the country's covid-19 vaccines in real time extraordinary work to speed on to undertake the most difficult. >>operational challenges this nation has ever faced winter weather this week delayed the president's trip and as covid response team reports it also slowed the distribution of 6 million doses of the vaccine all 50 states have been impacted andy slavitt the team senior adviser says deliveries of the shot or behind about 3 days but more than 1 million went out friday we anticipate the all the backlog doses. we'll be live delivered within the next week they are safe and they will save cdc. director doctor rochelle walensky encourages americans to get vaccinated even with a new cdc report revealing about half of recipients don't feel well for a short time after their second shot this should not deter you from getting your second does, but you need
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to have a light fitting of activity after getting vaccinated while the u.s. remains focused on adults new studies are in the works about the vaccine safety for children we will likely get information. >>for high schoolers at some time in the fall doctor anthony fauci says that could mean the start of child vaccinations with data on younger kids expected in twenty-twenty to the final decisions. >>we always leave to the fda. >>and as the fda continues to evaluate the country's 3rd coronavirus vaccine. the white house is opening more community vaccination centers. the team did just announced today 4 in florida and one in pennsylvania that will be able to vaccinate thousands of people every single day once up and running live in washington. i'm jessi jesse supply certainly is needed. we know pfizer moderna where one into where does. >>the 3rd coronavirus vaccine stand right now. yeah the johnson and johnson shot is
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going to be going before the fda officially for its emergency use authorization test you could say. >>next friday, the 26th and so if approved this will be major going forward in terms of availability of the vaccine because this would be the country's first single that shot, and so that's why the white house is kind of doing this you know wait and see because it will impact a lot of its projections moving forward to being able to vaccinate americans probably a lot faster. >>all right jesse, let's hope they get that going sooner than later jessie tenor live for us in washington dc tonight, thanks. speaking of pfizer a big announcement from that company today new data shows that the pfizer vaccine. >>can be stored in regular pharmaceutical freezers as opposed to the ultra cold freezers they have to be stored in now. this could make it easier to distribute the vaccine. this new information has been submitted to the fda as a proposed update to the
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emergency use authorization that pfizer had received if approved, it would allow the vaccines to be stored in these freezers for up to 2 weeks. pfizer says this could provide pharmacies in vaccination centers, more flexibility when handling the vaccine. >>and new at 6 more news the vaccine maker pfizer it launched a the first covid-19 vaccine trial for pregnant women today. kron 4 sanaz tahernia has that story. >>pharmaceutical giant pfizer announced it's launching of the first covid-19 vaccine trial for pregnant women this after the american journal of obstetrics and gynecology published a study out of washington state showing pregnant women bright a 70% higher risk for covid-19 infection. while cdc officials previously said a pregnant frontline health care workers may choose to be vaccinated pfizer's trial will provide scientific proof of its safety for pregnant women and if deemed safe would mean other manufacture vaccines are safe
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as well. >>i think for the mrna vaccine that's a safe assumption. now moderna's running a registry where they're collecting data on women who've that any adverse events we're also pregnant, they get a real live and it's exactly 8 days after vaccination or something that's a signal that there follow up. so we have both the trial of the pfizer and we have this detailed registry that doing and i think between the 2 of them, we'll be able to come up with definitive answers the randomized study involves a 4,000 healthy pregnant women age 18 years and older from several different countries approximately half of whom will receive a placebo as they will for about 7 to 10 months and once born the infants will be monitored their first 6 months of life as the vaccine can impact the child before and even after it's born the mothers immunity will be passed on transport satellite to the baby. >>and if the mother breastfeeds baby which we always encourage mothers to
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do. then you know then that's that's that much more in the way of antibodies that will get into that. baby so there will be passive immunity the baby's pfizer and biontech also announced they expect to start additional studies in children between the ages of 5.11 over the next few months. >>and in children younger than 5 later this year reporting in the newsroom tahernia kron 4 news. >>an incredible video now captured in utah avalanche intentionally triggered by safety teams. i just moments before a helicopter hovered near the top of that mountain. causing the slide of snow and debris there it goes. this comes as the body of the missing snowmobiler have been discovered in ruby mountain colorado, that man was riding with a friend when they triggered an avalanche on tuesday. the friend was able to escape uninjured fortunately his other friend was and officials say the victim is the 28th person killed by avalanches this season. and lake tahoe is
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under a winter weather advisory play our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with more on what's coming to tahoe larks yeah see more snow tonight looks like. >>this going to bring another several inches of snow may be down to about 5,000 feet maybe even 4500 feet or so if you're traveling up there the other good news is the roadways for now are clear if you're going late tonight be very very carefully. i want to bring those chains are going to see that system moving in the higher country and that will bring with them or snow right now they're kind of scooting along right there donner summit on i 80 is we've got the roads wide open 8050 no change required at this time, but you see the area shaded in purple here. >>it's the area into the winter weather advisory expecting the snow to come down for a site that continues until 10 o'clock in the morning on saturday, the snow flurries likely linger through about that time so plan a few snow right lake level as you head into tahoe tomorrow morning. and then by sunday we're clearing your skies out very nicely, plenty of sunshine all day long and warmer temperatures and dry weather expected on monday.
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what's causing you've got this little swirl off the coastline of that nice little comma in the atmosphere that's next storm system that's approaching the bay area right now a little further up the coastline taking in for a close look though you can still see doppler radar starting to show some pretty the returns of the center of the south here so we'll see that push into later on tonight right about midnight to about 2 o'clock in the morning around much of the bexar we see that happening right now though staying dry all around the bay area now and the winds may have been a little bit breezy in spots today still 20 mile an hour winds and san francisco 15 in pacific and 20 of layla i think what's going to be a big deal tomorrow, the rain will be gone by tomorrow afternoon was going to be with an outside some of those gusts over 30 maybe some 40 mile an hour gust near the coastline so blustery out there maybe a little blowing sand ocean beach watch out for that certainly cool out along the coastline grab that jacket if you're headed out toward the beaches like to know how the flow into afternoon he had been warning of a some of rise they closed the great highway. some time close down goes on
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air wick our essential mist transforms fragrancetion has changed, infused with natural essential oils into a mist. to awaken your home with an experience you can see, smell, and feel. it's air care, redefined. air wick essential mist. connect to nature. >>pair of younger women are accused of going to great lakes masquerading as grandmas to get a covid-19 vaccine at a second dose clinic in orlando florida listen to what they
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did. >>you know what you have you stone a vaccine. from some of that needs it more than you. and now you're not going to get your second one. >>yeah they are accused of dressing up his grandmothers to get past the age requirement for a covid vaccine. health officials were tipped off in the age on the vaccine cards they presented did not match up with their real birthdates turns out the women, 4 4434 years old. wearing gray wigs and the like and it's not known if they even got their first dose and if they did that they slip through by wearing a similar disguise. well, the women they were given a trespass warning and sent on their now health officials are looking at the system. you know to make sure that this does not happen again. >>members of congress are coming together to denounce the string of anti asian hate crimes will hear what speaker of the house nancy pelosi had to say about the recent bay area attacks plus what's an east bay business owners are doing here to try to keep
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their store safe private patrols may be after recent spike in crime and texas still talking about the winter weather there crippling storm millions are still being urged to boil their water help president biden is
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>>lawmakers on capitol hill are denouncing violence against asian americans congressional leaders held a virtual news conference today
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to blast the disturbing hike in anti-asian hate crimes joining us now catherine heenan of inside bay area politics with more on the specifics. catherine vicki and grant we've all heard that there are some senior citizens in parts of the asian community. actually afraid to walk the streets these days and since the pandemic began the rate of verbal. >>and physical attacks has just been skyrocketing lawmakers in washington are now despairing of a problem that only seems to be getting worse. >>what started as dirty looks and verbal salt has escalated to physical attacks and violence the bay area knows what that kind of violence looks like all too well, including this cowardly brutal attack on a 91 year-old man and oakland's chinatown. >>another heartbreaking scene, the came barreling across the street to knock over an 84 year-old man in san francisco. he later died. there are vigils. there are calls for hot lines for new task forces. ea


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