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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 19, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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freezers as opposed to the ultra cold freezers they're stored and now what does that now mean for vaccine distribution and use sports allowed to resume in california in details on the new guidelines announced today. and all of the oakley elementary school board members have resigned over comments they made mocking parents and tonight we're getting a look at that video what they said. >>a big break for teachers governor gavin newsome declaring today his administration will set aside 10% of vaccines allocated to the state for teachers, good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore getting educators vaccinated is a major sticking point for many school districts was have been shut down since last march for some reason was reporting on this from the north bay tonight and she joins us teresa. >>pam and ken so many kids are still in distance learning thousands of kids up and down
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the state of california but now the governor announcing that big break for teachers. >>yeah, i cried, happy tears for the first time in 5 out 6 and like you know 6, 9 months grace cosentino teaches 8th grade science and avid and she is set to receive her first covid-19 shot this coming sunday. excited thing but i'm very relieved and. >>i feel very emotional about it it's something that i've been hoping for for a long time grace is also really because this coming monday, she will be in class students. the first time since last march shut down whereas some. >>in the younger grades in nevado have returned the district recently decided to give the nod to 7th and 8th graders and excited me by kids for the first time like i can't stop smiling thinking about it. >>it feels so silly it was just like the first day of
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school. i think it's great that i'm being vaccinated i just worry that's you know, and the chance i would pass along to you in my students would then pass it along to somebody at home. a lot of my students have more live with multiple families. grace was able to get registered for the vaccine because she lives in sonoma county which recently allowed teachers in child care workers to get vaccinated. >>other teachers in nevado tell me that they have yet to be able to sign up. gray says that she feels good about governor newsome opening the door wider for teachers and staff to get the vaccine throughout the state yet she says they're still so many unanswered questions. >>you can open up the conversation as far as what other schools are looking for to feel safe. with the school that i are 6th graders have been on campus gosh i think november. and so far it's been it has gone well here they have a very small amount of students each day. and monday
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us increasing the amount of students that we have on campus. you know it's just i think whatever school needs of the vaccines will start opening that conversation again. >>opening up that conversation we spoke with other school districts and they tell us that that is certainly part of this giant puzzle but they also in addition to getting vaccinated they also want additional safety measures like that extra ppe as well as reliable testing for their teachers so that they can stop the spread. if it does occur at the schools, but again grace headed to this school on monday as the 7th grade 8th graders are welcome back on campus. so major staff with having those vaccines going to be allowed to go to educators reporting live here in the north theresa stasi back to you guys. >>law governor newsom also suggested today that he would veto the schools reopening plan he said it sets the bar
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for resuming in person instruction that is far higher than what scientists say is safe. but he says the state will provide more vaccines for teachers moving forward. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. >>i can't support something that's going to delay the safe reopening of schools for our youngest kids governor gavin newsome signaling friday, he'll likely veto the legislature school reopening plan the proposal is scheduled for a formal vote monday. the plan aims to reopen elementary schools in mid april and would require the state provide vaccines to teachers and staff preparing for in person instruction bill details were put into print friday. unfortunately was put into print with slow down the process of reopening our schools and that is something i can support the governor and legislature don't agree on 3 main issues when it comes to reopening one timing. >>2 required county case rates per 100,000 people and 3 teacher vaccinations will keep
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talking you know if we need to look at some some slight adjustments are things going for it will do that we think we think it's time we listen to our to our educators to our our teachers to our school districts and most importantly it's their families and parents. >>across our state we think this plan we're going to on monday make sense a legislative plan aligns more with teacher union calls for educators to have access to vaccines before going back to school. >>while the governor maintains all teachers do not need to be vaccinated to return to in person instruction his administration announced beginning march first it will set aside 10% of its vaccine supply or 75,000 doses per week for teachers and staff or operationally standardizing that in every part of the state through the 3rd party agreement we think that will substantially address concerns >>the long-awaited announcement is finally here for student athletes, coaches and parents governor newsom says you sports can resume in california. it's a big deal,
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but it all depends on how many positive covid cases are in your county kron four's phillipe djegal talked with some bay area, parents and coaches about today's announcement. >>nearly a full year without youth sports and for at least some team competitions the state has lifted some restrictions and the drought will soon and i'm very excited about where we are and i'm excited about the future effective next friday, high contact outdoor sports like basketball football and lacrosse can resume team games. the state says the resumption of youth sports will be based each 19 case rate. >>that rate must be less than 14 new cases per 100,000 people right now out of the 9 bay area counties only 2 would be prohibited from allowing team competitions that's contra costa and solano but case rates in those counties continue to trend down. >>for those that are in counties that meet the case rate of 14 or below and you're
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in that sport that is approved i want you to celebrate. you deserve it you work so hard for this clears 13 years of age or older will be required to produce a negative covid-19 test result within 24 hours of play unless more than half of the team is younger than 13. >>then the entire team is exempt coaches, however, will require testing regardless we ought to have those kids back out on the field. >>in a consistent you know with friends competing. >>i think it's healthy but until a county reaches the orange tier indoor sports are still off-limits phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. a young athletes coaches and parents cheering on that you sports can now resume and they've been waiting for this a long time kron four's justine waltman is here to explain how once they start sports can keep moving just saying. >>well, pam and ken you sports have been canceled because of covid for almost a year that's a long time sierra high school
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in san mateo yes that's where tom brady went to school they were celebrating today. >>as the football team was happy about the governor's decision and they held a socially distance practice under all the padding that they're wearing the players were also wearing masks and so where the lacrosse players we got a chance to tossed around 6 feet apart. i talked with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon from ucsf on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today about the governor's new guidance and the doctor told me that in order to keep sports active. while families and players are off the field they're going to have to keep wearing masks and distancing from one another. >>3 or 4 weeks ago when numbers were much worse in the community. it was a much more tenuous situation but now more vaccines rolling out numbers going down. i think this is the right time to get you back to playing sports. >>doctor pandy also told me what teams need to look out for really right now is that kids and coaches to could be asymptomatic and how then covid might spread 3 sports
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team and also trying to stay doing anything you can to stay away from being inside during practices or maybe watching tape if you're a football team we got to keep it outdoors i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>justine thank you in the east bay we have now confirmed that the entire oakley unified elementary school board has resigned that's after its members were caught making negative comments about parents and tonight we're getting our first look at those comments. >>we >>that's >>just me haha. >>they want to take on they want their baby sitters back great. i totally hear that re service for a medical clientele were parents with
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their kids in school. as when you kids at home. >>the woman saying that parents one baby sitters back as lee sunrise and i whom was the board president and as we just told you she and all of the board members have now resigned this all happened during wednesday's virtual meeting of the oakley union elementary school board, the board members apparently thought they were in a private meeting the incident has sparked outrage among parents and there wasn't. online petition calling on all of them to resign which they now have done superintendent greg hettrick a sent us a statement that reads in part the comments made were not in alignment with our vision and are definitely not what any of us stand for as know that we lost trust with the community
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i will not make excuses for what happened or why it happened i know that our students deserve better from us i pledge to work collaboratively with stakeholders and community members to begin doing the important work that is needed to rebuild community trust in our district. >>coming up tonight in a story in the pfizer vaccine could get easier why it may not have to be kept at those ultra cold freezers temperatures anymore. >>and a childhood prank gone wrong. why former san francisco police officers now facing kidnapping charges after a child played doorbell ditch.
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>>a big story tonight, a retired san francisco police officers facing several charges after allegedly chasing down an 11 year-old boy whom was doorbell ditching and the incident happened last friday night a witness reported seeing an older man yelling at a boy and then grabbing him aggressively before both got into the man's car and left the area. >>the suspect dean taylor is 63 years old and a sandra fell resident. he was arrested following the alleged incident he appeared in court yesterday for his initial arraignment on charges of kidnapping criminal threats, false imprisonment battery and child endangerment. he is currently out on bail and today we will see statement from teen taylor's lawyer. he says quote dean taylor served honorably
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with the san francisco police department for 34 years achieving the rank of inspector for the last 7 years of his career on the night in question mister taylor found himself at home recovering from a recent and very painful surgery while he was subjected to get another night of interrupted sleep, due to teenagers pounding on his door as a form a prank, needless to say this event is an aberration from mister taylor, a man with a spotless record hu was home minding his own business struggling with his painful recovery. >>governor gavin newsome continued his tour of statewide vaccination sites today this time stopping in alameda county which is giving shots to teachers. he talked about the state's ability to expand hu is eligible to get vaccinated. obviously the constraint of supply. but we are now knowledge e through a very specific framework that
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we can do more because we now visibility with more supplies coming more confidence. >>in our capacity. to do that and continue to commit to the most vulnerable californians. >>governor has previously visited bay area vaccination sites in san francisco and santa clara counties. a big announcement from pfizer today, new data shows that the pfizer vaccine can be stored in regular pharmaceutical freezers as opposed to the ultra cold freezer freezers are stored in. now this could make it easier to distribute the vaccine. this new information has been submitted to the fda has a proposed update to the emergency use authorization. if approved it would allow the vaccines to be stored in these freezers for up to 2 weeks. biser's says this could provide pharmacies in vaccination centers, more flexibility when handling the vaccine. >>and also today pfizer launched the first covid vaccine trial for pregnant women kron 4 sanaz tahernia
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has more. >>pharmaceutical giant pfizer announced it's launching of the first covid-19 vaccine trial for pregnant women this after the american journal of obstetrics and gynecology published a study out of washington state showing pregnant women bright a 70% higher risk for covid-19 infection. while cdc officials previously said a pregnant frontline health care workers may choose to be vaccinated pfizer's trial will provide scientific proof of its safety for pregnant women and if deemed safe would mean other manufacture vaccines are safe as well. >>i think for the mrna vaccine that's a safe assumption. now moderna's running a registry where they're collecting data on women who've that any adverse events we're also pregnant, they get a real live and it's exactly 8 days after vaccination or something that's a signal that there follow up. so we have both the trial of the pfizer and we have this detailed registry that doing and i think between
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the 2 of them, we'll be able to come up with definitive answers the randomized study involves a 4,000 healthy pregnant women age 18 years and older from several different countries approximately half of whom will receive a placebo as they will for about 7 to 10 months and once born the infants will be monitored their first 6 months of life as the vaccine can impact the child before and even after it's born the mothers immunity will be passed on transport satellite to the baby. >>and if the mother breastfeeds baby which we always encourage mothers to do. then you know then that's that's that much more in the way of antibodies that will get into that. baby so there will be passive immunity the baby's pfizer and biontech also announced they expect to start additional studies in children between the ages of 5.11 over the next few months. >>and in children younger than 5 later this year reporting in
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the newsroom tahernia kron 4 news. >>well as friday we've been looking forward to the weekend is here yes, mightily let's check in just lawrence karnow and now we have a little wet weather last night and maybe again tonight, yeah, this one going to be quick hitter but certainly probably active as we head toward the middle of the night tonight right now the clouds just partly cloudy skies around the bay area turned out to be a nice afternoon after we had the showers overnight and early this morning but then things drying out now but we're getting ready for another one this we're going to pack a punch just kind of compact storm you see it right off the coastline of that little swirl that's little comic loud. >>in the atmosphere we've seen numerous lightning strikes associated with front this is been moving on shore in fact they're getting pounded pretty well in eureka right now you see the snow just to the east making its way up toward the shasta so here we just over the past hour or so really numerous lightning strikes a dozens lightning strikes coming down there more to come this all sliding the south throughout the night tonight into the bay area. so certainly there's a possibility we could see some
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lightning strikes here as that system moves through but it's going to be a really fast-moving storm once it gets here because not a very large storm, fairly compact but very powerful so going to pack a punch as it moves through you see coming in tonight while speaking up just after 11 o'clock just north of santa rosa that comes on through right there across the heart of the bay area about 01:00am could see some lightning some brief heavier downpours those we get into latter part of the 2 o'clock or so mount things headed to the south bay and then if you sleep in this is long gone so this is certainly not anything that's going to ruin your weekend in fact high pressure is going to build in on the backside of that that's going make for some gusty winds around parts of the area but other than that we got this system coming through to bring some rain tonight behind that we got a lot of sunshine breaking out around the bay area tomorrow so enjoy the sunshine should be a nice day tomorrow just some rain out there for tonight to pack a little punch as it comes through tonight, i'm excited about yeah banking right. >>coming up tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi speaking out against the attacks targeting asian americans
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across the nation and right here in the bay area and coming up big box stores in the east bay are paying private patrols for extra protection.
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>>people in oakland may have noticed a steady police presence outside some big box stores or force has by june talked to an oakland councilmember whose says the
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officers are there to keep workers and customers safe and businesses from leaving the area because of crime. >>major retailers are turning to the oakland police department paid overtime for off-duty officers to secure their businesses. wong target over on broadway in 27 straight. and a homebody. and with more to come. 2 of those businesses hold eople at or in oakland city councilmember noel geils fruitvale district they were living right in the parking lot breaking and breaking out and grandma and grandpa try to go in there and buy you know medicine or whatever they need to have walker is sending come on and they're being assault in he says home depot is the first business to hire off-duty opd officers. kyle says it was stop preventing the big box retailer from leaving the city and taking hundreds of jobs in the process but these are neighborhood people. these are people that are getting an opportunity when an entry level job. they can as you know have they can help them
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pay the rent and take care of their families and i don't want to lose >>because if i wind up losing businesses and who's going to help. pay for the services that we do provide because they generate access millions and millions of dollars i have mixed mostly idea, pamela drake is a former oakland business woman current member of the coalition for police accountability. >>so now we have armed security in our stores just a whole other level. of issues and having more guns on the streets and i don't care having more guns on the streets. in oakland is always problematic. >>opd said kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote the officers are working outside of their normal shifts on their days off. they are not under the direction or supervision of the store's management. the officers must abide by all rules of the department and are supervised by oakland police department
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command staff unquote haaziq madyun kron 4 we have severe winter storms in the south might have you thinking about climate change we'll talk about a renewed agreement between the united states and foreign leaders to try to tackle the problem plus. >>we'll show you how 2 women played dress-up so they could cut the line and get their covid vaccines early and lawmakers on capitol hill are denouncing violence against asian am
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>>lawmakers on capitol hill are now denouncing the violence against asian americans congressional leaders held a virtual news conference today to blast the disturbing hike in anti-asian hate crimes kron four's catherine heenan of inside barrier politics has the story. >>what started as dirty looks and verbal salt has escalated to physical attacks and violence. >>the bay area knows what that kind of violence looks like all too well, including this cowardly brutal attack on a 91 year-old man and oakland's chinatown another heartbreaking scene the manager came barreling across the street to knock over an 84 year-old man in san francisco. he later died. there are vigils. there are calls for hot lines for new task forces. speaker nancy pelosi today called it domestic terrorism white supremacy. >>is is the of concern when it
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comes to domestic terrorism and that don't take that me that's what director of the fbi said in september. >>it's not just the bay area of course this was a recent incident in seattle another one in new york. lawmakers today say that there have been more than 3,000 anti-asian hate incidents reported nationwide in just the last year, many tied to the coronavirus pandemic and some blame donald trump. >>donald trump and republicans double down on using slurs like we'll virus china plague include flow. and that tactic succeeded in promoting stigma. doctor king has made clear. >>that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere so all of us stand with the asian-american community. until we can put this scourge to an end. and we will.
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>>the lawmakers are pushing for congress to pass the no hate act aimed at improving hate crime reporting. they also want the justice department to follow up on president biden's executive order addressing the problem. >>the united states is officially back in the paris climate accord this comes after a month after president biden signed an executive order on his first day in office reversing the former president's withdrawal from that international climate change pact. secretary of state antony blinken said today that the threat from the climate is at the center of our domestic and foreign policy priorities. some republicans are criticizing rejoining the accord they say the move will increase energy costs. many world leaders say they are happy to have the u.s. back. >>in his first big appearance on a major world stage president joe biden called on fellow world leaders to prove to people that democracies can still deliver. the president is hoping to turn the page on the america first approach former president trump took.
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>>to our model isn't a relic of history. this the single best way to revitalize the promise of our future. and if we work together with our democratic partners with strength and confidence. i know we'll meet every challenge in outpatient every challenger. >>in a virtual conference the president took russia to task for its destabilizing activities in cyberspace accusing the country's leader attempting to destabilize europe. he also said he would withdraw troops from germany and voice support for nato, the president also said the u.s. would chip in 4 billion dollars to covax that's a fund aimed at distributing covid-19 vaccines to 92 low and middle >>new details tonight surrounding the january 6 capital sees dozens of capitol rioters are now saying law
8:33 pm
enforcement let them breached the building. those comments come as federal authorities continue to pursue individuals. took part in that insurrection according to new reports at least 29 people arrested for their role in the day's events have claimed that they were free to enter the capitol building because police did not stop them at least 35 capitol hill officers are now under investigation 6 have already been suspended some good news tonight, texas grid operators say the electrical system has returned to normal for the first time since that powerful storm knocked out power to more than 4 million customers, smaller outages still remain today. but officials say the grid has enough capacity to provide power throughout the entire grid. >>so power has been restored to most have texas but that states still remains in a deep crisis. that's because frozen pipes continue to burst in homes causing flooding, leaving millions of people without clean water. it's a dire situation state officials
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warned the texans are not out of the woods yet with temperatures still well below freezing. >>president biden said he talked with the governor greg abbott by phone late yesterday and says he'll work relentlessly to get texans what they need. anna wiernicki has the story. >>president joe biden says he wants to travel to texas next week where millions of residents are still without safe water some with no power if in fact. >>this concluded that i can do without creating a burden from the folks on the ground while they're dealing with this crisis. i plan on going fema is already on the ground in the state with critical resources like generators diesel water and blankets. >>on friday, the president said he's asked the agency to its response and speed up a request for a declaration of the major disaster in texas and god willing it will bring a lot of relief to a lot of texans on thursday, the department of health and human services declared a public health emergency for the state and biden is calling on other
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agencies to also step up and help i've directed health and human services hhs housing and urban development. us department of agriculture. the department of defense to identify other resources. other resources that can provide an address. the growing need. none of this had to happen texas democratic congressman joaquin castro says the state would need to rely on washington. if state leaders had done their job there's been an utter lack of preparation the west. >>of the state's power system by texas republican dan crenshaw says the shift to renewable energy is to blame tweeting had a great been more relying on the wind turbines that froze the outages would have been much worse in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. >>well now we want to check on what's happening with that dangerous storm system is affecting texas and the lawrence karnow has the details aren't guys you dallas texas for the first day since last saturday finally came
8:36 pm
above freezing they topped out at 33 degrees right now they're sitting at 31, so back to the freezing they go overnight tonight, these temperatures going to be very cold down to about 22 degrees in the dallas area much of texas still in the deep freeze, but here's the good news. i think as we head through the afternoon tomorrow, those temperatures going to bump up possibly into the 40's by sunday. i think some places getting near 60 degrees them watch what happens as we head toward next week this even better news, those temperatures warm up further maybe some mid 60's by the time we hit about tuesday of next week of course they're going to clean up from all that damage done from that terrible winter storm that just moved through. but we are looking at changes here around the bay area we've got a cold front that's arriving south now it's going to bring some rain to the bay area overnight tonight. that's some thunderstorms beginning to pop up along that line, there's the possibility we could see a couple lightning strikes here in the bay area, but it's all going to be overnight tonight by day tomorrow we're back to sunshine. but some blustery winds along the coastline. more sunshine, less windy and warmer temperatures by sunday
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and monday guys back to you all right lawrence and still ahead helping underserved communities access. the vaccine. how cbs is stepping in to make it easier for people living in those neighborhoods to get >>plus dressing up to skip the line the costumes a couple of women want to try to vaccination site workers in denmark and honoring black history month we will introduce you to the author telling the story of the mothers to 3 prominent civil
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>>and the north bay and crews are setting up the new vaccination site at the larkspur landing ferry terminal. >>you can sign up starting tomorrow on the site will open for a soft launch on sunday shipments of the vaccine supply set aside from warren county have been delayed by those severe storms across the midwest and texas. the site will provide 200 vaccinations a day for the first week with the goal of expanding to 1500 doses per day. teachers and other frontline workers will be eligible for covid vaccinations in san mateo county starting tomorrow or monday rather but county officials said it may take some time for health care providers to reach those groups just like other bay area counties, san mateo county officials say they're constrained by the limited vaccine supply. officials say that the county is working with leaders in the education restaurant and law enforcement sectors to reach their
8:41 pm
workforce. but it will take several weeks for the county's major health entities to reach those groups to to those supply constraints. >>cvs health says that it will contact americans living in underserved communities to help them schedule covid vaccine appointments phone calls e-mails and text messages will all be a part of the outreach cvs will also hold vaccine clinics and we'll send ex a nation caravans into neighborhoods to make it easier for people to get their shots. according to the pharmacy nearly 8 in 10 americans live within 5 miles of the cvs. >>coming up next a day we'll show you how to florida women played dress-up so they could cut the line and get their covid vaccine and still ahead the warriors played another thriller tonight, but this one didn'
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each febreze car vent clip gives you up to 30 days of fresh air. so, you can have open window freshness... even with all the windows up.
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enjoy fresh, any time, with febreze. microban 24 doesn't just sanitize and stop. it keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours. just spray and let dry to form a shield that's proven to keep killing bacteria for 24 hours. touch after touch. microban 24 >>seeing clinic in florida is stepping up its security now that's after 2 women 2 should not have qualified for the vaccine shots were able to get their first doses take a look at the links they went to to try to skip the line, you know what you have your stone a vaccine from something that needs it more than you. and now you're not going to get your second one. the officers clearly we're not happy. they women were accused of dressing up as grandmothers to get past the age requirement for a
8:45 pm
covid vaccine. >>health officials were tipped off when the age on the vaccine card say presented did not match with their birth turns out the women were 4434 years old. it's not even know if they even got their first dose and if they did if they slip through by wearing a similar disguise. the women were given a trespass warning and finally sent on their way. now health officials are looking at systems and to try to keep this from happening again. >>plans are underway in dozens of cities across the nation to close down local airports while the reasons to close and very it often boils down to neighbors to see airport as a nuisance rather than an asset. >>battle in paradise over the future of a 9,000 foot long runway on oahu's north shore dillingham airfield has operated since before the bombing of nearby pearl harbor. the hawaii department of transportation which operates dillingham wants to
8:46 pm
close the airport this june essentially there's a 130 plus jobs represented by the airfield. >>most of those people are. sole breadwinners for their household so we're talking somewhere around 450 people that are tied to the airfield. >>the dot is said one of the main reasons it wants to shut it down is because it costs a million dollars a year. supporters say closing the airport will actually cost far more it's going to have a really. >>big negative effect on the north shore because. the airport generates more 12 million dollars a year in pretty easily. tom sanders says he was told will have to move his popular skydiving business to honolulu international you do skydiving in glider rights. >>at honolulu international airport is commercial aircraft coming here and a parachute right next to it doesn't work. it's not just hawaii, general aviation airports in santa monica and san jose's reid hillview airport in california
8:47 pm
are also facing calls to close. >>in fact there are about 30 such airports from coast to coast that are targeted right now by local governments. the aircraft owners and pilots association, the largest pilot organization in the country says many people don't understand the benefits of smaller general aviation airports. >>in an event an emergency. you know such as we've seen with earthquakes in california. again airports are used for staging and sometimes they might be the only in and out to community. >>that includes covid vaccines and other supplies plus smaller ports. help reduce congestion at large commercial airports. hawaii's dillingham field is technically owned by the u.s. army which has said it wants to work with the local government agency to keep the field open legislation is currently underway in hawaii to make that happen that may be the last hope it doesn't work come june 30th, it may be time to
8:48 pm
say aloha to this flying lifestyle, you're essentially. >>asking people to choose between their lifelong careers and love of aviation. or why which not a fair ask. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>it was looking like the best chance for the warriors to win 3 in a row so far this season, sure that those are on the road. but hey they've been taking on the team they beat just last week the orlando magic. but the momentum they harnessed in that comeback win over miami. the other day must have missed the flight to florida draymond green back in action tonight after he missed wednesday's game with ankle soreness but early on small ball was working for the warriors evan fournier had a big 1st half orlando. the triple here. and the magic would take a 13 point lead into the half. but hey here come the dogs steph curry dishes along one's andrew wiggins up top and he nails
8:49 pm
the 3 part of the 12 nothing run for golden state in the 3rd quarter. few minutes later does trailing by 7 now kelly the jam and just like that it's a five-point game over a junior played really well in the 3rd in transition here. the rate again the floater to give golden state their first lead of the game benches excited so we got to the port. bradley wanamaker. the driving layup and that put the warriors up by 13. but that was as good as it got as quickly as the warriors came back so to the magic curry with the backdoor cut denied that okay okay, it was just a series of turnovers and mistakes by the warriors from there on out final seconds does need a 3 to tie, but steph curry just can't find a good look some great defense by orlando. they find a way to win at home one 24 to one 20. the final score, hey steve kerr what happened in that one.
8:50 pm
>>i thought we broke in the 3rd quarter and the 1st half of the 4th quarter of all is moving like crazy. and off to wasnington, but it seemed to me like the last 5 it was it was one passenger shot we stopped doing what has gotten us. >>the lead when you do that and you're giving out food to the other end the home. games shifts. >>all right better luck next time warriors they're off to north carolina now we're going to check in on some women's hoops 6 ranked stanford taking on a pac 12 foe in arizona state. the card in control the whole time in this one another big night for kiana williams. you can see their 18 points for her the game is winding down of maples pavilion and we're going to have highlights of course later on tonight. all right a lot of fun darien hoops tonight that
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>>the lives of martin luther king junior and malcolm x and james baldwin are well known. now stockton's former first partner is looking to bring the stories of the women to raise those 3 icons to light kristi gross introduces us to the woman writing their stories author anna tubes. >>excited about the concept of telling the story of a woman before the when an of the tubs began looking into the mothers of some of the most notable civil rights icons she found
8:54 pm
their influence activism in contributions to history largely ignored the horror and found out it was so obvious that they were direct connections between each of the signs works and their actions, their mothers talents their mother's experiences, this collar in cambridge university sociology doctoral candidate penned a biography, the 3 mothers. how the mothers of martin luther king junior malcolm x in james baldwin shaped a nation as she became a mother herself top says she identified with the women in some ways as a black woman and as the wife of former stockton mayor michael tubbs i so often my own personal experiences was referred to as woman behind the great which find to be a compliment you on right there beside i'm not behind him you know we just have to pay more to women of color, the biography takes readers through the lives of the burger king luis little in burgas baldwin movements to not know where they don't just started one person it's a part
8:55 pm
of this generational passing of >>times change is occurring all over the globe tubs believes the polls 3 women played in the civil rights movement has been all but erased from history top of malcolm x's father being an organizer, but it is a complete crime to embrace the fact that his mom was organizer and even after her husband is by a white supremacist group she continues her activism in the book she lays out how each woman influence their famous sons, whom he still revere today. i letters but we're not the next thing says mother. >>for everything that she taught him and his activism and approach to freedom scholar activists wife and mother in the tubbs hopes her book will inspire others to flush out the country bush un's of other women who've been relegated to the footnotes of history. i do think that that are a and this kind of disregard of our lives has much more to do with how
8:56 pm
we buy and women of color generally in our society and it's something that and hoping can continue to change. and for more stories like this one just head to the black history month section on our website kron 4 dot com. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including an emotional candlelight vigil for a hayward woman was killed in a hit and run last weekend. >>how the families choosing to remember her and the latest on the investigation into her death plus the 17 year-old wichmann teen has been missing for 9 days, authorities releasing new details on his disappearance today pleading for anyone with information to come forward stay with us the news at 9 is next.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
for a hayward woman killed in a hit and run or family pleading for answers as they are no closer to learning who's responsible for her death. as for joining us tonight on kron 4 news, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore family and friends gathered tonight to remember valerie martinez, the wife mother and grandmother was struck by a driver on saturday night in hayward. >>and police are still searching for that driver kron four's dan thorn is in hayward tonight. he's joining us with more from what the family had to say about all of this stand. >>well ken and pam obviously this family is heartbroken and they are struggling to understand what has happened here the 58 year-old victim was walking here along hunt wood avenue when someone driving a ford explorer struck her and then drove off the family pleading tonight for this driver to come forward, so they can s


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