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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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altered and changed to show lies and misinformation. maybe if you watch our videos from start to finish, you will see how we actually do funerals without violating statutes. ♪ ♪ >>now at 5 a somber milestone for the united states as 500,000 people have now died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in less than a year. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the united states now leads the world in the number of lives lost to the virus. this as new more contagions contagious variants of the virus. >>are spreading across the country as we speak for some
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time we've heard about the variant first discovered in the united kingdom and now researchers are finding a variant here on the west coast that may also be easier to spread and possibly even more deadly kron four's dan kerman is live at ucsf tonight with more dan. >>has happened and what we can tell you about tonight as we hear a lot about these community testing sites and in this case a community testing site in the mission has yielded some very interesting information about these variants specifically as it relates to transmissibility and possibly as it relates to the icu and death. a community testing site in san francisco's mission district has yielded some eye opening results. researchers ucsf and the chan zuckerberg hot found more than half of the positive cases discovered there in january or of a west coast variant of covid-19. most concerning though is that the variant is much easier to pass person to person in a given
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household about a quarter. >>of the people in the house. are likely to get sick if an infected person comes into the house. as part of the household with the variant it's more like a 3rd. >>ucsf biochemistry professor jo durie c there's also co president of the chan zuckerberg hub. he says half of those testing positive. also had no symptoms which means people must remain vigilant. so this variant doesn't spark a new surge. >>it highlights the need to accelerate our vaccination process. because the more chances of virus has to spread the more chances for mutations and so on and it's not time to let our guard down it's not time to like throw away the masks yet we're not there yet. >>in the meantime another ucsf study on the same west coast ferry. it finds having it increases the odds of being admitted to the icu and dying. the study suggests this period should be designated of areas
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of concern. oren ting urging follow-up investigation. >>again more study needed on both and now you see ss say what this really points to is the need to be studying these positive cases more in determining where these variants are and what these variants are doing, but again the key here is doubling down on those protective measures so we don't see another surge live at ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan and now to the south bay where santa clara county has announced that it will now allow a limited return of outdoor youth sports that decision means the county is on board with the updated state guidelines announced last friday kron four's rob fladeboe has some reaction to the long-awaited news and he joins us now live from sonny bill rob. >>well it's right ken and by the governor's announcement last week youth sports will be coming back on a limited basis student athletes here at the kings academy in sunnyvale
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another student athletes across the south bay had their hopes dashed when initially it looked like the health department here are santa clara county was not on board but now it looks like everyone is on board and use force may be back at least on a limited basis, here's more. >>we just hope that they're they're able to to let these kids get a chance to play when i spoke with him here in sunnyvale this morning, the kings academy athletic director joe main mone was optimistic that come friday. >>the football squad would be back on the practice field i think we're at a place now we all feel pretty ready a good place. >>in the fact that the state came down with the decision that they did and publicly expressed that last week gives us a lot of hope we sure are hopeful and we are expecting to have some good news. >>the good news arrived this afternoon after initially hesitating to embrace an update of state guidelines to allow a limited return of outdoor youth sports. the county today issued a statement saying in part. the change will allow all those
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activities authorized under the state order including under the state's recently updated guidance for youth and adult recreational sports to proceed. restrictions on outdoor gatherings of all kinds will also be relaxed to encourage people not to gather indoors where there is much more risk of transmission and thankfully we've been able to do conditioning. >>strength and conditioning outside we've been doing it since the summer so our kids are ready. >>the statement points out the importance of making the changes consistent across the board and among the strictest since the pandemic began. santa clara county now meets the covid-19 requirements in the new rules that require a per capita case rate of fewer than 14 cases per 100,000. king's academy has a plan in place for testing and other safety protocols in light of concerns about mental health and other fallout from the pandemic it's time to let them play says the level of discouragement has been high we've had to work real hard to keep them in courage.
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>>but we have a high degree of commitment amongst are certainly amongst our student athletes here and we're really excited about the opportunity to play we think that they're going to be ready. >>so to be clear now a santa clara county says it will go along with the state guidelines regarding all of this, but that will be out in a few days with more details more clarification how it sees things meantime that means the football squad here at the kings academy will be back on the field practicing on friday evening ahead of an abbreviated five-game schedule. the first one march 19th live in sunnyvale rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you rob. >>in the north bay 7th and 8th graders at novato public middle schools return to in person learning today, this as other school districts here in the bay area, including san francisco. do not even have a date for elementary schools kron four's maureen kelly shows us what changes nevado has made to make its classrooms, a safer.
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>>letters spelling out welcome back scorpions greeted the 7th and 8th graders here at san jose middle school returning to the classroom for the first time in nearly a year. one parent dropping off his kids says his family has mixed emotions about this we're all kind both trail somewhat >>they've been looking forward to this yet kind of strange to getting some form of normalcy back into our lives, here's what the new normal looks like hand sanitizer stations at multiple locations and the desks are partitioned off with plastic barriers and that's not all all of our air filtration systems have been upgraded if they don't have that capability in their classrooms. they have air purifiers him that have been installed in their cost rooms and so there's been a lot of safety precautions put in place to make sure that we can do this safely the returning kids will see fewer of their classmates as well since they're coming in shifts and some not coming back at all. >>20% of novato unified students have opted to stay
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virtual all year the rest are split into 2 cohorts that means have come in for 2 hours in the morning. the other half come in for 2 hours in the afternoon to give time for the classrooms to be cleaned in between according to marin county officials nearly 90% of the county schools. >>have been reopened to in a classroom based learning since early september and there has been very little in school spread of the virus. the marine county office of education website shows only 11 suspected cases of in-school transmission of covid-19 6 suspected cases spread student a student, 3 adult to adult 2 adult a student but so far there are no cases of adults catching covid from the kids teachers aren't getting vaccinated here yet but a date could be set in the next few weeks than a bottle unified school district is aiming to begin welcoming back high school students. >>as soon as marin county is in the red tier that could happen as soon as next week. fingers crossed maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>>in san francisco, the board of education commissioner says she is now committed to reopening schools for in person instruction. instead of working to rename some of the schools in the district on sunday president gabriela lopez tweeted a statement saying in part it. her number one priority is to reopen the city's public school safely and as soon as possible. lopez wrote while she is grateful for the work of the renaming committee reopening will now be the only focus until students are back in schools. all renaming committee meetings have been canceled until further notice. >>up next a supply problems are forcing a major vaccine side and san francisco to delay its reopening the moscow knee center vaccination site had to shut down last week because of supply shortages it was supposed to reopen today at 8 o'clock this morning but now that too has been delayed the vaccination site now is set to reopen this coming thursday february 25th.
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>>in alameda county the inmates and staff at santa rita jail start getting vaccinated as soon as possible. that is according to the sheriff in a tweet today, the alameda county sheriff's department says it received 500 doses of the moderna covid vaccine. they also anticipate vaccinating 1100 more people on tuesday at the pfizer site. the centers for disease control and prevention recommend prioritizing staff at correctional facilities for the vaccine. due to the high risk of exposure. >>well, let's check on our 4 zone forecast we're expecting some windy warmer weather on the way later this week that could though mean that trees are toppled it could cause some power outages so that is not good news check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence yeah it's going to be a gusty event developing we've seen some winds today over the tops of the hills down below just a gorgeous day all the way the coastline look at this shot from our mount tam cam looking good out there clear skies everywhere you go. and the temperatures running well above the average and we broke into some 70's around the bay
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area today and that's where we sit right now in oakland 70 degrees 71. right now in san jose 67 degrees inland were 71 in concord 60 degrees in santa rosa and 62. in san francisco, but yeah we're watching here very very closely. we've high pressure that's sitting off the coastline, we've got a low that's going to kind of kick to the east now is that sets itself up that's pretty typical. we'll get some blustery winds right now doesn't look that bad outside you can see. the winds blowing 12 maybe 18 miles per hour that the worst but some places even around the bay area now but the models start to pick up on this one though, and especially over the mountain top those winds are going to get blustery tonight. you see that gust there to 48 miles per hour to calistoga so or the mountain tops there very blustery conditions that's got to kind of fill in around the bay area tomorrow to be breezy. but it is going to be unbelievably warm around the bay area too and then i think those winds really probably going to whip strongest as we head in toward wednesday. that's going to the brunt of this wind event boy tonight enjoy the nice calm
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conditions, the winds will pick up a little bit later on partly cloudy skies overnight tonight not going to be as cold and you won't believe these temperatures we're going to see around the bay area talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. thanks to lawrence also coming up post covid syndrome we will talk about a study from ucsf about the symptoms people feel even after they have recovered from covid-19 and president biden working to pass is covid relief package. what is in the bill as it stands tonight, plus the mayor of one east bay city announcing plans to ce department why he calls the changes common sense solutions.
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>>in the east bay, the mayor of antioch announced plans to reform the police department he is calling the changes common sense solution kron four's nobel has more on the policies that he's looking to implement it today, i'm announcing a series of police reform measures that i will be proposing. as the major first step towards building a police department that every segment of our community can trust. >>antioch mayor lamar thorpe is ready to make good on his campaign promises on monday. he announced a long list of police reform measures, he says we'll give the department tools to do their job safely and respectfully thorpe and vice mayor monica wilson say mental health will be the focal point of reforms as our community demands racial justice, it's clear that a new first responder system that
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sends help. >>instead of handcuffs is needed and desired building a mental health crisis response team is the number one goal for also wants officers and dispatchers to go through mental health assessments, annually to ensure their well-being other reforms include a new training paradigm and increased. >>police accountability which would mean body cameras and ensuring officers give their name and badge numbers during all traffic stops stricter hiring practices within the department are also on the list. mayor thorpe says antioch pd is no place for officers with a troubled past if you have a sustained use of excessive use of force complaints or misconduct can play on your records you'll be disqualified from our process thorpe also plans to place an immediate ban on the department accepting military equipment from the federal government i believe that policing. >>is the community and the community is policing and if we are to stick to that simple principle having militarized equipment like tanks st. do not jive with that principle the long list of proposals is
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a framework that thorpe says needs council approval. >>meetings are set to begin in march in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>also in the east bay 26 year-old darian williams is now under arrest for shooting at first responders in antioch over the weekend. williams is also facing charges for the death of the 64 year-old man in discovery bay and now police are looking for his 4 year-old son and that woman there the boy's mother 31 year-old kimberly meeks after there was a shooting at their home were makes was staying in discovery bay. police have released a picture of the vehicle meeks may be traveling in with her child. it is a dark colored audi suv with a license plate number 8 uk n 7, 4, 2, >>in lafayette and fbi special agent's vehicle was broken into over the weekend and investigators say whoever is responsible got away with a gun, a law enforcement badge and credentials this happened about noon time on saturday on
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lafayette circle, an fbi spokesperson says the agency is working with lafayette police department to try and find the stolen items. covid-19 infection can be a long and even frightening process and now bay area doctors and researchers are saying no complications in covid patients from 4 joins us now live in the studio with more on this frustrating knots that's right pam and ken it's an unsettling condition called a post-acute covid syndrome minutes when a covid patient recovers from the virus. >>but still experiences symptoms long after testing negative. we're told patients to didn't suffer from very serious covid symptoms while fighting the virus. we'll report symptoms like fatigue changes in taste and smell and brain fog for weeks sometimes months after recovering. >>it's not a condition that everyone to contracts covid-19 will suffer from it's still unclear why exactly happens. but some local health experts say reactions like this are not uncommon. >>what we think happens is 2
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things first of all your immune system is activated is angry because it's seen the virus. so it continues to be activated. now we've seen this before other infections. seen the second thing that can happen apart from the immune system is the virus itself in just cause we still don't understand fully. but like the alterations in taste and smell, that's a virus effect not just immune system. >>now doctor chin-hong says that you can't treat post-acute covid syndrome with things like antibiotics or anti viral. he did say, however it's all about symptom management so depending on the symptoms you're experiencing there are ways to minitize them. pam. thank you so >>for your help today. experts say if you are working from home you need to get out of bed, according to doctors at the mayo clinic working from your bed can cause permanent physical and emotional damage sitting up on soft surfaces
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like a bad can cause back neck and hip pain and those symptoms may trigger headaches and insomnia experts recommend working at a table or desk while sitting in a chair with proper lower-back support time now for a look at our warm 4 zone forecast our chief meteorologist is tracking the weather for the rest of the week not saying that you should play hooky tomorrow. if tomorrow is the day that you head off boy what a did he could have it is going to be something else around the bay. i think some of these temperatures push close to 80 degrees and even some nice warm numbers along the coastline to so yeah out there now of course we had a beautiful day today lot of sunshine and numbers are to be in the warm-up tomorrow even more so. >>beautiful looking out toward half moon bay, if you wanted to be there tomorrow that will be a fantastic place to be no worries of fog there may be couple high clouds but these temperatures going to be very warm of the cloud cover moving through right now they're just not much, but we'll see that throughout the night tonight, we'll see some of these passing high clouds for tomorrow but yeah it's going to be partly cloudy and we'll
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see that wind kicking up over the mountain tops that offshore breeze going to really start to settle in tomorrow's going to be writing got sunshine got a couple high clouds it is going to be unseasonably warm and still it's going to be on the breezy side when the over the mountains and well we'll see some changes we get into next week the right now those numbers looking good in the 60's and the 70's all around the bay area, the winds are going to be factor though here in the next 24 to 48 hours as high pressure begins to build in. we've got low pressure that's going start establish itself along the coastline, so all of a sudden you get the winds traveling right right along the coastline and those offshore winds going to kick up, it's also going to be responsible for bringing us those warm temperatures to affect around the state going to be looking at 70's up and down much of california bay area wide yeah looking at some nice numbers too. how about 76 degrees in san jose tomorrow 78 degrees in oakland 78 in concord 78 lail how about that sunshine just about everywhere you go going to be nice and sunny, but it is going to be breezy at times so watch out for that most that will be over the mountain tops that tomorrow, boy what a day it's going to be so you know see
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fire danger with fortunately you know because of this time of years we've had the rain if this happened in fall, guess we'd be looking at red flag warnings all around the bay area but definitely cookie danger across the there's real possibility i think on the working meter for tomorrow, here will know know >>all right still ahead some zooms in san carlos headed back to class what we know about their elementary school's hy if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture,
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>>one is a school students in san carlos are taking their first steps towards returning to the classroom for charles clifford has details outside baton acres elementary school in san carlos on monday excited tk through first grade students arrived for their first day of orientation the beginning of what will be a hybrid mix of in person learning and distance learning that starts next week the san carlos school district has spent months submitting safety plans and navigating state and county guidelines. >>to arrive at this moment, the principal says this orientation will help students with the basics of learning during a pandemic she know how to wear a mask we're talking about a young students here so we want to make sure kids are comfortable with wearing masks. >>we want to show them how you wash hands how often they need to wash hands. >>how to use hand sanitizer walking through what our recess procedures will be like how to use the bathroom here because we are limiting the number of students aged bathroom, the students will return to the classroom next week with just a few hours of
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in person education per day other grades will be phased in over the coming weeks and months unfortunately normal classroom instruction is unlikely to resume any time soon and we're anticipating that we'll be in some kind of a hybrid model. >>likely through the end of the school year parents dropping off the students on monday. we're thrilled to be getting their kids back into the classroom even if it's just for a few hours a day and she didn't even look back and say by a cries here they come back to my normal it feels great in san carlos charles clifford kron 4 news coming up next california lawmakers have agreed on a school reopening plan just yet where the negotiations stand right now in texas has warmed up a little bit since that big. >>winter storm last week but the damage remains the lawsuits now filed against texas companies after the power failures plus lawmakers are starting to look at the covid relief package in congress this week after the break, we'll have a live
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>>a big story. we're following tonight at 5.30 lawmakers are poised to start moving president biden's 1.9 trillion dollar relief package through congress this week. >>and president biden wants to get relief out sooner than later washington dc correspondent basal john joins us now live with the details basal. >>good evening eising yes as americans mourn, the hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to the coronavirus pandemic president joe biden is urging
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congress to pass his covid relief package and says that it's in their hands. >>the people we lost were extraordinary from the white house president joe biden marked a grim milestone of 500,000 deaths in the u.s. from covid-19. as a nation. we can't accept such a cruel fate. president biden is pushing to get his one-point-nine-trillion-dollar american rescue plan across the finish line to help ease the fallout of the pandemic. we have to fight this together as one people. as the united states of america. the relief package includes $1400 stimulus checks in increased the minimum wage money for schools and more if we pass my american rescue plan. >>the economy will create 7 million jobs this year, the president's team says this is what the country needs the key components of this bill are addressing the crisis we're facing however republicans like missouri congressman


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