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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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mean you just how these experiences last week with the severe and storms in southern mess. >>now at wicked weather delaying thousands of covid doses from arriving in the bay area adding one more layer to the slower than desired roll out where things stand as a new north bay vaccination site prepares to open. >>today we mark a truly grim. heartbreaking milestone. >>a sobering milestone in the covid-19 pandemic here in the united states more than half a million americans now dead from the virus. and another more contagious possibly deadlier variant of covid. >>now spreading across the west coast. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock i'm grant lotus got them a call the king enjoying the night off this monday tonight all 9 bay area counties currently sitting in the states. >>most restrictive tier on the state's reopening map that is the purple tier but that all could be changing in a matter of hours. while every county
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is currently in the purple tier governor gavin newsome says that some california counties could be ready to move up into a more less restrictive tier as soon as tomorrow. the 3 counties expected to move soon to that red tier, san francisco, san mateo and marin counties in the red tier capacity and retail and grocery stores can move from 25% toe50%. museums and zoos could open indoors at 25% capacity. gyms also could open at 10% capacity indoor dining could resume at 25% capacity, one factor helping certainly get the virus under control the vaccine, but fierce storms in texas and beyond last week delayed, thousands of doses. >>from reaching the bay area and solano county about 9,000 doses of the vaccine were delayed about 2000 appointments had to be rescheduled in napa county in sonoma county more than 5,000 doses. didn't show up on time and in san francisco, nearly
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13,000 shots were held up because of bad weather. those storms forcing the cancellation of several vaccine clinics over the weekend here in the bay area adding yet another layer to an already complicated vaccine rollout process things have been tough today bay area counties eagerly awaited news about whether the shipments would show up kron four's terisa stasio joining us now from the site of the new facility in the north bay that's exciting teresa but do they have shots to give. >>all excellent questions grant and jonathan we are here at the larkspur ferry terminal there was a soft opening yesterday. but again we're all looking at that vaccine numbers now there's some good news and some bad news right now some counties now reporting that they're getting those shipments in after that horrible storm. but some counties still very much juggling. >>in contra costa county a spokesperson tells kron 4 news a shipment of 1000 still off
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track hung up from that winter storm con founding the sluggish supply chain 4 acre sides to dole out throughout the bay area similar tales and alameda county 3,000 vaccines didn't make it but now the county receiving word doses expected later in the week. in sonoma county 5100 doses delayed. clinics forced to reschedule and fortunately the rescheduling currently underway. same with napa county between 80900 doses delayed. forcing a pause in operation inching back online. officials say that they juggled appointments borrowing from other healthcare partners to keep operations following. and santa clara saying mostly ago with only a slight fewer doses which you didn't significantly affect functions. >>we were affected by the shipment delays that municipalities experience last week with the severe weather and storms in southern u.s.
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and specifically we did not receive or shipment on time so we had to unfortunately schedule about 402nd dose appointments that require that vaccine. however we were able to keep moving forward with all of our other pre scheduled appointments ran county spokesperson laney hendricks as drive-thru facility at larkspur ferry terminal able to open up on sunday. >>still it can offer only a small number compared to its capacity. but as all sides, it is a matter of supply and demand and right now there just isn't enough to go around. storm or no storm we a smaller medium size county so we're getting a smaller allocation week to week. >>so while some of the neighboring counties have been able to open up those earlier tears, we want to make sure that we vaccinate the good portion or the majority of those 65 and older adults before we open it up to the
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next tier of eligible participants that being said we do anticipate making an announcement very soon. >>and hopefully that announcement will be teachers and childcare workers they will be in that next tier and talking more about positive news here moraine county pasco is getting into the game now starting at the end of the week some time. there's no date certain right now jonathan and grand but at the end of the week costco nevado former in residents only going to be opening up to give vaccines reporting live here county theresa back to you guys more options i thank you theresa. california's new system of delivering tracking and scheduling vaccines is being rolled out in select counties. >>starting today last month you may recall governor newsome to have blue shield to design and manage a centralized system to get the doses out quickly and equitably 10 counties are included in this initial group none in the bay area but san
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francisco county is among those that will be added next month. and here's some of the requirements world california and should be able. they say to reach a vaccine site within an hour drive it should take no more half hour drive for urban residents, the state must be able to administer 3 million doses per week by march first if supply allows currently the state is doing less than half that amount. starting this week because of permanente says it plans to ramp up its distribution of vaccines to seniors. >>the move comes after the health care provider received several complaints. kaiser will begin scheduling appointments for several weeks out and will begin offering shots to folks, 65 and older in alameda county inmates and staff at santa rita jail are now getting vaccinated. >>the alameda county sheriff's office announcing in a tweet today received 500 doses of the moderna vaccine. it also anticipates vaccinating 1100 more people tomorrow. the cdc
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recommends prioritizing staff at correctional facilities for the vaccine. due to high risk exposure. and vaccinations at the moscone center in san francisco will resume this week after nearly 2 week pause the city stopped accepting new appointments at the new mass vaccination site because of a shortage in supply. the site was open for less than 2 weeks before vaccinations stopped so they are scheduled resume on thursday. right now appointments are only offered for frontline health care workers. and san francisco or at least 65 years old for more info on signing up to get the shot for yourself or somebody else we have the links to help you out there on our website. they have all the vaccination clinics throughout the bay area just head to kron 4 dot com. 20 million additional coronavirus vaccine doses could be in the u.s. by the end of next month that will only happen if johnson johnson's vaccine gets the
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green light from federal regulators. an fda advisory committee is set to meet this coming thursday to vote on whether or not to approve it. >>while the food and drug administration is not required to follow the advice of the committee. it often does the panel is made up of independent medical experts to discuss and then vote on whether the benefits of a given met of medication outweigh the risk. emergency authorization of johnson and johnson's one shot vaccine could come as soon as friday. >>president biden marking in his words a truly grim heartbreaking milestone with a ceremony at the white house today. half a million americans 500,000 people have now lost their lives due to covid those lives lost greater than the populations of miami florida, raleigh, north carolina and omaha nebraska.
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the death toll matches the number of americans killed in world war 2. the korean war and the vietnam war combined. us flags at federal buildings have been ordered to be lowered to half staff for the next 5 days as we take a live look there in washington where flags are down the u.s. now leads the world in the number of deaths from this virus. and now new more contagious covid variants are spreading across the country certainly here in the bay area tonight ucsf researchers are learning more about one mutation discovered on the west coast. that may spread more easily and could be deadlier than the uk variant kron four's dan kerman reports. a community testing site in san francisco's mission district. >>has yielded some eye opening results. researchers ucsf and the chan zuckerberg hot found more than half of the positive cases discovered there in january or of a west coast variant of covid-19. most
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concerning though is that the variant is much easier to pass person to person in a given household about a quarter. >>of the people in the house. are likely to get sick if an infected person comes into the house. as part of the household with the variant it's more like a 3rd. >>ucsf biochemistry professor jo durie c there's also co-president of the chan zuckerberg hub. he says half of those testing positive. also had no symptoms which means people must remain vigilant. so this variant doesn't spark a new surge. >>it highlights the need to accelerate our vaccination process. because the more chances of virus has to spread the more chances for mutations and so on and it's not time to let our guard down it's not time to like throw away the masks yet we're not there yet. >>in the meantime another ucsf study on the same west coast ferry. it finds having it increases the odds of being admitted to the icu and dying.
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the study suggests this period should be designated of areas of concern. oren ting urging follow-up investigation. >>and this west coast period is believed to be spreading across california but researchers agree more study is needed. at ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 8 imagine getting this in the mail driver's license with a picture of your face covered by a mask. we're hearing from the california was surprised with this face mask family. >>small business support a new grant program that's providing access to resources for recovery. >>basically i was every school board member in one east bay district resigning after a virtual meeting of them lasting parents went public. so what happens next as students await word on a return to the classroom. and the weather outside going to
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be getting a little windy but very very warm to break down
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>>a temporary school board is now in place for the oakley union elementary school district after its former board members all resigned you may remember just last week they were all caught on tape blasting parents during a virtual meeting when they
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thought no one was airing them don't want thought they were being recorded kron four's michelle kingston explains what now happens. >>basically i was unfortunately true colors were revealed parents still shocked by the comments made by the former oakley union elementary school district board members last week. >>want to take on they want their babysitters back the meeting posted on youtube has hundreds of thousands of views and has left parents and students of the district with many questions all the board members resigned on friday, it means is in a very sticky situation as far as. >>still trying to get these kids back to school. the contra costa county board of education president annette lewis appointed 3 members of the county board to serve as temporary numbers of the oakley union elementary school district board, this is a temporary move into the seats are permanently filled by appointments or by a special election a meeting will soon be held to determine how best
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to move forward number one priority is to get a. >>in place for the oakley union school the union elementary school district. that represents their community in the meantime parents struggle with trying to figure out when their students may be able to return to the classroom let's move forward and use this as an opportunity. >>i hope that they are transparent with parents i think the more communication and we can have 4 with them. >>you know only bring us together. >>in oakley michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>for your money tonight, president biden is targeting more federal pandemic assistance to the nation's smallest businesses and ventures owned by women and people of color. the administration is establishing a 2 week window starting wednesday in which only businesses with fewer than 20 employees can apply for forgivable loans under the paycheck protection program
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such businesses make up the majority of small businesses in the u.s. biden's team is also carving out 1 billion dollars to direct towards soper proprietors such as home contractors and beauticians the majority of which are owned by women and people of color. some much needed help on the way for folks struggling across california. >>today lawmakers giving the green light to an economic relief package to help a number of businesses kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down the details. >>small businesses make up nearly half of california's workforce and after a year of shutting down opening up and adapting to a new way of work thousands across the state will soon have access to resources for recovery state lawmakers and the governor agreed to provide more than 2 billion dollars in grants for small businesses affected by the pandemic providing up to $25,000 per business money that will not need to be paid back this is fantastic news. >>could have been done any
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faster than we did it senator andreas borgeas originally introduced the idea to provide this amount of money is a huge boon for the california economy in the small business community. the grant program is similar to one the governor rolled out late last year but with just a fraction of the funds businesses got their money within weeks purple services hair salons and nail salons and childcare services and. >>many other kinds of businesses and so we've gotten great feedback from people who've received those grants that they're going to use that money to keep employees to pay inventory to pay their rent didi myers is governor newsom's chief economic advisor she says when the program first launched out of hundreds of thousands of applications about 21,000 of the smallest businesses were chosen 77% of them were considered underserved and disadvantaged according to the governor's office owned by women minorities veterans or in low to moderate income and rural communities. i know there was some you know people were disappointed the beginning get grants in the
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first 2 rounds but the good news is again the next set of rounds will be 4 times as much relief for those businesses to really needed that means 4 times as many jobs report comes as much inventory and 4 times what investment. >>community other ways state leaders are trying to help include tax credits for qualified businesses and waiting state fees for those 2 had to shut down another opportunity opening up is partnering with the state to offer free e-commerce training to 300 california businesses to help them grow online businesses that have been able to transition to online during the pandemic has their little bit better than those that happen. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>the california legislature also approved direct payments for about 5.7 million people much needed money into their pockets folks making less than $30,000 a year now eligible to receive that $600 stimulus payment immigrants to pay taxes using an individual taxpayer identification number and make $75,000 a year or
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less after deductions would also be eligible for the money, folks receiving assistance from state programs that benefit low income families along with folks were blind and disabled are also eligible. some folks actually fit both categories they would receive $1200 checks. all right well today is national california day. hello poppies. >>lots of people think are pretty fortunate to live here in the golden state, especially because of the amazing weather most of the time celebrations today, matt going outside maybe 2. the beach enjoying some mountains you're 70 made sure chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the 4 zone forecast for large today could have been one of those epic daisy have a nice beach day and then go skiing on one day yeah really was i think tomorrow maybe even more so as see these temperatures may be soaring near 80 degrees in parts of the bay area so. >>here we go looks like a nice night out there for tonight, the winds are going to start
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to kick up a bit skies, mostly clear at this hour is going to stay that way all night long we see those offshore winds kicking in not much in the way of wind right now, especially down the urban areas i think but over the mountain tops that's where things are going to get blustery high pressure going to start to build in moving into the northeast the bay area's low pressure develops along the coastline. so we see those winds traveling that big ridge of high pressure right back toward the low and that's going to bring some gusty winds outside so how gusty over the mountain tops could get certainly very very gusty, maybe some 40 maybe some 50 mile an hour gusts across some of the higher peaks that into early in the morning as we head through the day tomorrow, those winds likely to continue spreading around the rest the bay area though just be going to be breezy. i think the urban areas and then that will other factors we get no wednesday, i think even stronger winds, a real possibility i think on wednesday, especially in the north bay, but also included including the east bay hills as well so blustery conditions all around the bay area but the temperatures. yes, some of these numbers getting near 80 degrees in the afternoon guys looks like some great weather ahead. all right is what i'm
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looking forward to it each time, yeah let's go thanks lauren lawrence. while many folks wish they could retake their driver's license pictures of the dmv is. >>letting one california woman given or a do over so to speak this is one of those only in a pandemic i think in this yet lesley pilgrim, she lives in orange county. and boy was she surprised when she got her real id card in the mail. she says when she went into the dmv to get the picks the mask wearing protocol was strict and she didn't remove her mask until someone told her it was ok to do so but she said one picture had already been taken before another was taken with her mask they said that one she said she was pretty stunned when she opened the envelope and she saw they sent the picture with the mask on. leslie though says she's kind of a little fun with this she tried to get a drink with that idea and they actually worked. >>i used last night so i
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ordered glass of wine for my friends because i don't drink and she gave it to him and he who id and i said oh i'm so glad you asked and i gave it to him. >>and he didn't didn't even notice. >>people look so normal with masks, i guess these days. yeah looks like you. the dmv says the idea is valid leslie plans to get a new one. but as you might imagine, she's going to hold on to this mistake as a pandemic keepsake to have for years to cup. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news in a post acute covid syndrome, we'll let you know about details on a study from ucsf on the symptoms that
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>>like everyone tonight we're learning that some covid-19 patients still battling side effects from the covid-19 virus. long after testing negative. post acute covid syndrome is when a covid patient recovers from the virus. but still experiences symptoms long after testing negative. didn't suffer from very serious covid symptoms while fighting the virus say they've been experiencing things like fatigue changes in taste and smell along with brain fog for weeks. sometimes even months after recovering. it's not a condition that everyone hoop contracts covid-19 will suffer from and
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it's still unclear why it exactly happens. but some local health experts say reactions like this are not uncommon. >>what do think happens is 2 things first of all your immune system is activated is angry because it's seen the virus so it continues to be activated. now we've seen this before other infections. seen the second thing that can happen apart from the immune system is the virus itself in just cause we still don't understand fully. but like the alterations in taste and smell, that's a virus effect not just immune system. >>doctor peter chin-hong says that you cannot treat post-acute covid syndrome with things like antibiotics or antiviral he did say however that it is all about symptom management. so depending on the symptoms you're experiencing there are ways to minimize them. >>still ahead tonight at marks a big step in a return to classroom learning force him
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>>today california lawmakers hit the brakes at least for now on a school reopening plan on voting for it. the move would require health departments to provide vaccines to teachers and even extend the reopening deadline to mid april. if they want access to money meant to help with in-person instructions. lawmakers were met with letters from dozens of schools from across the golden state.
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that have been raising concerns about the timing collective bargaining agreements and testing logistics. governor newsome is not on board with the current plan he says he can't support it because it would slow down the process of reopening schools. meanwhile 7th and 8th graders at novato public middle schools returned back to class for in person learning today they did in this development comes as other school districts here in the bay area, including. >>say san francisco unified do not even have a date for elementary school kids to return. kron four's maureen kelly shows us what changes have been made to make classrooms safer. >>letters spelling out welcome back scorpions greeted the 7th and 8th graders here at san jose middle school returning to the classroom for the first time in nearly a year. one parent dropping off his kids says his family has mixed emotions about this we're all kind both trail somewhat >>they've been looking forward to this yet kind of strange to
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getting some form of normalcy back into our lives, here's what the new normal looks like hand sanitizer stations at multiple locations and the desks are partitioned off with plastic barriers and that's not all all of our air filtration systems have been upgraded if they don't have that capability in their classrooms. they have air purifiers him that have been installed in their costumes and so there's been a lot of safety precautions put in place to make sure that we can do this safely the returning kids will see fewer of their classmates as well since they're coming in shifts and some not coming back at all. >>20% of novato unified students have opted to stay virtual all year the rest are split into 2 cohorts that means have come in for 2 hours in the morning. the other half come in for 2 hours in the afternoon to give time for the cla srooms to be cleaned in between according to marin county officials nearly 90% of the county schools. >>have been reopened to in a classroom based learning since early september and there has been very little in school
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spread of the virus. the marine county office of education website shows only 11 suspected cases of in-school transmission of covid-19 6 suspected cases spread student a student, 3 adult to adult 2 adult a student but so far there are no cases of adults catching covid from the kids teachers aren't getting vaccinated here yet but a date could be set in the next few weeks the novato unified school district is aiming to begin welcoming back high school students. >>as soon as marin county is in the red tier that could happen as soon as next week. fingers crossed maureen kelly kron 4 news of parents who cross their fingers morning. thank you meanwhile on the peninsula tonight. >>elementary students in san carlos took their first steps to returning back to the classroom, excited students at britain acres elementary arriving for their first day of orientation today. it will be a mix of hybrid learning that starts next week. the principal says this orientation will help the
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students learn the basics of learning during a pandemic. >>you know how to wear a mask we're talking about a young students here so we want to make sure kids are comfortable with wearing masks. we want to show them how you wash hands how often they need to wash hands. how to use hand sanitizer walking through what our recess procedures will be like how to use the bathroom here because we are limiting the number of students in each bathroom. >>these students are set to return to the classroom next week with just a few hours of in person education every day other grades will be phased in back into the classrooms in the coming months baby steps well national news now in the senate is holding hearings on the confirmation of president biden's that general nominee merrick garland is this 68 year-old is vowing to prioritize combating extremist violence said said his first focus would be on the insurrection at the capitol as he sought to assure lawmakers that the justice department would remain politically independent on his watch. the
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federal appeals court judge she may recall was snubbed by republicans for a seat on the supreme court back in 2016. former president obama wanted him there. hearings are scheduled to wrap up tomorrow and garland is expected to be confirmed with bipartisan support. meanwhile, california's attorney general javier becerra will begin his senate hearing tomorrow for the role of health and human services secretary tonight, folks in texas still trying to throw out and even clean up from the damage left behind from last week's record cold from a winter storm. >>now to utility companies in the lone star state being sued for 100 million dollars by the family of a south texas boy. hu died of suspected hypothermia. they claim that the electrical companies ignored previous recommendations to winterize their power grids neither company so far has responded to those lawsuits. meanwhile folks in the lone star state. also reporting skyrocketing utility bills, some of them reaching into the 10's of
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thousands of dollars. after the power grid, phil there in texas, 10 million texans remaining under boil water orders to things are better but so not far behind yeah, i mean things have improved from last week when the lights were off and everything was a mess and now they are just boiling water and cleaning up flooding from pipes that burst so so it's tough and it is a little bit warmer. there was little bit warm and things have been gradually improving over the last few days which is good news. let's talk weather back here at home though we're also meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at how warm things will get the s going to be very toasty around here they finally saw some temperatures warming up for them today in fact moving up into the 60's into dallas today now sitting at 53 degrees. so. yeah, the freezing temperatures are gone for now, but the work continues all that clean up from the mess caused by that bitter cold storm that swept across their last week. we're looking at mostly clear skies around the bay area, the winds
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likely to kick up outside just a bit but look at the temperatures as we head toward tomorrow afternoon 72 degrees downtown san francisco about 73. in the marine along the coastline 75 daly city about 66 in half moon bay inside the bay going to be gorgeous all day long filled with 70's, we'll see mid 70's and san carlos 74 in mount view maybe some upper 70's in the south bay 77 in santa clara 77 in getting close to 80 degrees and live more tomorrow afternoon 76 in union city you get the idea that's going to be a spectacular day weather wise those temperatures running well above the average for this time of year when the over the north bay hills watch out for that little blustery from time to time elsewhere otherwise we'll see another couple of days of dry and above normal temperatures cooling down on thursday and friday slight chance of showers. >>on saturday. >>lawrence thanks still to come tonight here at common sense solutions, the mayor of one east bay city announcing a series of reforms for the police department. >>and it's been back and forth
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affair for use athletes in santa clara county. but tonight a decision has been made
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>>welcome back everyone excited to get the go ahead late last week to resume limited outdoor youth sports. southee student athletes at those hopes dashed when santa clara county health leaders did not immediately endorse that plan.
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>>they needed to take their time that's true, but they they are on board at least to a certain extent as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now the county. he gave the green light and the excitement there is palpable. >>we just hope that they're they're able to to let these kids get a chance to play when i spoke with him here in sunnyvale this morning, the kings academy athletic director, joe main mone was optimistic that come friday. >>the football squad would be back on the practice field i think we're at a place now we all feel pretty ready a good place. >>in the fact that the state came down with the decision that they did and publicly expressed that last week gives us a lot of hope we sure are hopeful and we are expecting to have some good news. >>the good news arrived this afternoon after initially hesitating to embrace an update of state guidelines to allow a limited return of outdoor youth sports. the county today issued a statement saying in part. the change will allow all those activities authorized under the state order including
8:42 pm
under the state's recently updated guidance for youth and adult recreational sports to proceed. restrictions on outdoor gatherings of all kinds will also be relaxed to encourage people not to gather indoors where there is much more risk of transmission and thankfully we've been able to do conditioning. >>strength and conditioning outside we've been doing it since the summer so our kids are ready. >>the statement points out the importance of making the changes consistent across the board and among the strictest since the pandemic began. santa clara county now meets the covid-19 requirements in the new rules that require a per capita case rate of fewer than 14 cases per 100,000. king's academy has a plan in place for testing and other safety protocols in light of concerns about mental health and other fallout from the pandemic it's time to let them play says joe name also the level of discouragement has been high we've had to work real hard to keep them in courage. >>but we have a high degree of
8:43 pm
commitment amongst are certainly amongst our student athletes here and we're really excited about the opportunity to play we think that they're going to be ready. >>in sunnyvale rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>still to come here tonight on kron 4 news at o'clock have you seen this woman bay area police say they need your help trying to find her and her 4 year-old son after a man was found dead. and a
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>>an east bay police are searching for a 4 year-old boy and the child's mother. you see here 31 year-old kimberly meeks after a shooting at the home where meeks was staying in discovery bay. the young child's father 26 year-old darian williams is under arrest for he's accused of shooting first responders in antioch over the weekend williams is also facing charges for the murder of a 64 year-old man in discovery bay. police have released a picture of the vehicle you saw the suv there that they think the child may be in its a dark colored audi suv license plate 8 u k and 7, 4, 2, meanwhile the mayor of antioch announced plans to reform the police department in that city that certainly is calling these changes common sense solutions kron four's noelle bellow breaking down the policies that he's now looking to
8:47 pm
implement. >>today, i'm announcing a series of police reform measures that i will be proposing. as the major first step towards building a police department that every segment of our community can trust. >>antioch mayor lamar thorpe is ready to make good on his campaign promises on monday. he announced a long list of police reform measures, he says we'll give the department tools to do their job safely and respectfully thorpe and vice mayor monica wilson say mental health will be the focal point of reforms as our community demands racial justice, it's clear that a new first responder system that sends help. >>instead of handcuffs is needed and desired building a mental health crisis response team is the number one goal for also wants officers and dispatchers to go through mental health assessments, annually to ensure their well-being other reforms include a new training paradigm and increased. >>police accountability which would mean body cameras and ensuring officers give their name and badge numbers during all traffic stops stricter
8:48 pm
hiring practices within the department are also on the list. mayor thorpe says antioch pd is no place for officers with a troubled past if you have a sustained use of excessive use of force complaints or misconduct can play on your records you'll be disqualified from a process thorpe also plans to place an immediate ban on the department accepting military equipment from the federal government i believe that policing. >>is the community and the community is policing and if we have to stick to that simple principle having militarized equipment like pensioners street do not jive with that principle the long list of proposals is a framework that thorpe says needs council approval. >>meetings are set to begin in march in the newsroom noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>national news boeing has recommended that airlines ground all 7, 7, 7, airplanes with the type of engine that blew apart minutes after the plane took off from denver this weekend that flight left denver international on its
8:49 pm
way to honolulu when the right engine failed. plane had to return make a quick turn emergency landing. the debris all over the place most carriers that do fly. those boeing triple 7 planes. so they also temporarily pull them from service. none of the 229 passengers are 10 crew members on the flight were injured. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>all right guys we've had a couple days to digest the ending to that warriors hornets game on saturday night and everyone has had their takes on it today we finally heard from dream on and how he felt to refresh your memory there was about 9 seconds left dubs up to bradley wanamaker and lamelo ball went up for a jump ball, a scramble ensues and the rest towards charlotte with a time out when it clearly should have been another jump ball, well during
8:50 pm
my green let his voice be heard a little too much and proceeded to pick up 2 technical fouls the hornets rainbow free throws and ultimately hit a buzzer beater as you just saw terror is there. so for that one. once the dust settled 3 months said he didn't feel that difference. >>i was dead well and but i was wrong for the first time per se but once i have first i can't get sessions that i was a bit disappointed, i'm still a bit and myself this situation in particular i have complete control over. >>you i let that control away from me and inter i left the game. get away from myself and my teammates the guys on this team has not have much experience. with when it. and so to take the game away from my teammates was a bit frustrating for me because i let them
8:51 pm
>>the warriors organization spent the day helping out the community with an event to support families that don't have its costs wishes for dishes. and it's golden state's initiative to provide one meal to a family for every point scored this season. they are on track to provide a million meals by the end of the season. this morning families and put in bayview hunters point neighborhoods, we're invited to chase center for a pop-up pantry each family walked away with 2 bags cpof groceries and food in recipe ideas, former warrior clean as a book he said it's a perfect way to give back. >>able to serve people. come for the common good to love on people and love one another and that's what it's about you know, that's what martin luther king was about. it is learned. and. and we've got to love. so that's what we're doing.
8:52 pm
>>before frank stanford women hosted 9th ranked arizona tonight kiana williams, nice stepback right here he's having a heck of the year she's open she gets to the final 4 causes in her hometown she had 15 points cardinal take the 10 point lead then. haley jones the san jose native having a great year to bishop many high school. jones had 13 in 8 stanford clinches first place in the pac 12 and gets the regular season title first time since 2014 their 24th overall they win 62 to 48. all righty saint mary's hosting pepperdine close game throughout late in the second gales up for. nice bucky here side pepperdine within 2.45 seconds left logan johnson. under pressure johnson he lays it in he led the gaels with 19 points. they would hang on to win this one 6661. gales get
8:53 pm
their first win at home since december 30th and
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8:55 pm
>>for continuing a month long celebration of black history month and tonight. we're honoring the directors and actors we have made hollywood history entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has more. >>i got a new in my a film is
8:56 pm
about. >>a a campaign that was enacted in march and they knowing they may not in 1965 doctor martin luther king junior led a peaceful march from selma to montgomery alabama in the fight for equal voting rights when the protesters cross the edmund pettus bridge in selma, they were beaten by state troopers when you as an >>i'm so coming there as someone who'd didn't experience it. they experience it you on that bridge. it's no longer a >>i saw it in a way that i had >>seen it before in 2015 oprah helped organize a march on martin luther king junior day to mark the 50th anniversary of the protests, the shell march alongside proud to be a part of the
8:57 pm
>>i want to see real change this nation to a film has have so many more black history month tributes, including spike lee viola davis lena horne cicely tyson and lee daniels don't miss it for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >>so many iconic names making good in hollywood for more stories like this one just head to the special like history section on our website kron 4 dot com. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at a but don't go anywhere. jonathan and i will be back at the top of the hour talking about really an alarming number. >>of covid variants that are now popping up especially in san francisco's mission. why community leaders are increasingly worried about the impact this could have on the already vulnerable latino population plus santa clara county now allowing more outdoor activities what you know what it means for youth sports. in the south bay.
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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. a truly grim. a heartbreaking milestone. >>500,071. >>now tonight president biden
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