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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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being authentic, period. >> he was a jack ass to me so i was a jack ass to him. >> he obviously needs help, but not everyone wants help. what sometimes when people don't want help, you just got to go onto the next person that does. ♪ ♪ >>golf superstar tiger woods is in the hospital and southern california with multiple leg injuries. it happened in a single car crash this morning. authorities say they are not sure how fast he was driving nor how the crash happened but said that there is no immediate evidence that would was impaired behind the wheel. thank you for joining us tonight at 5 i'm pam moore
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and i'm ken wayne we've been following this story all day long as new details have been coming out joining us now with the very latest on the situation kron 4 sports reporter. >>kate rooney an amazing story sad shocking, there's a lot to it you just hate to see tiger and the headlines for a car crash again and here's what we know at a press conference this afternoon, authorities said woods was in serious condition, we know that he went right into surgery at harbor ucl a medical center for multiple injuries sustained to his legs reports now say 2 leg fractures and a shattered ankle and the responding deputy said what's a life was likely saved because he was wearing a safety belt. >>so at 7.12 this morning. that's when neighbors called 911 to report a vehicle that had rolled over on a downhill stretch of roadway in rancho palos verde us about 23 miles southwest of los angeles and responding deputies found woods trapped inside the vehicle, but said he was calm and lucid. they used a pry bar to extricate him from the car
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and he remained conscious and able to communicate while being transported to the hospital now right now an investigation into possible cup possible cause of the crash is under way, but the sheriff said there is high frequency of accidents on this particular stretch of road. so speed could be a factor as pam said earlier there was no obvious evidence of either impairment or distracted driving, but those factors will also be further investigated while we await word that woods has come out of surgery, there's been outpouring of support from athletes and other prominent figures and this morning fellow golfer justin thomas was emotional when asked about the accident. see one years so know my closest you know accident and marriages. hope he's all right. the workers kids you know i'm sure the struggle. >>you know what has 2 young kids in the last time he played in a tournament was actually with his son charlie whose 11 years old that was in
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december and shortly after that woods had his 5th back surgery and said it just a couple days ago that he was unsure when he be ready to play again then you have to think it's going to be a little bit longer even if he's able to come out of these surgeries pretty successfully i absolutely probably going to lose will miss a whole year of tournaments i have to it was already up in the air whether he would even be ready to go for the masters in april that was kind of the tournament question the benchmark that people are looking towards him. >>i hate to speculate, but her setback seems unlikely all right kate, thank you we're going to have more on tiger woods coming up tonight. >>later in this newscast when a live report from los angeles and now to a big story here in the bay area to counties have now moved into the less restrictive red covid reopening tier san mateo and marin counties this will allow the return of indoor operations at reduced capacity at places such as restaurants and gyms but even while moving to another phase of reopening
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officials don't want residents to let their guards down. >>kron four's dan kerman live for us in burlingame with the story dan. we know we've gotten so used to places like this you see behind me and eating outdoors in on a beautiful day today. >>not a big problem, but as we all know winter not yet over. and if the rains return there is good news in san mateo and marin county because there will be some seats to eat at. indoors. the days of only outdoor dining are coming to an end in san mateo county now that it's moved from the purple tier to the red reopening tear i think it's good i think it it says that we're moving in the right direction and things are getting better teresa lynn hartson own salon as and 60's restaurant in burlingame. >>well adding indoor dining will help she's not sure how popular it will be no people are not rushing to eat definitely feel like people are ready to. >>to nick frank manages lark spurs left bank brasserie says in marine county. >>which is also moved to the red tier people are ready to
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eat inside the more seats we could get the more we can serve the community. the better we can do as a business and we really see this bright light at the end of the tunnel in a dish and indoor dining at 25% capacity moving to read gives marin and san mateo county. the opportunity to have retail shops and malls increase indoor capacity. >>to 50%. museums zoos and aquariums to open indoors at 25% capacity, gyms and fitness centers to open indoors, a 10% capacity and movie theaters to open indoors at 25% capacity for a lot of businesses yoga studio. >>we're only able to operate at 10% capacity which it's still pretty challenging to run a business that way and because 10% is too limiting yoga 6 at oyster point won't reopen until the county moves to the orange tier we can start planning getting rehired and kind of all of our ducks in a row, so that once we have the next announcement were able to open up health officials remind people despite the reopening the
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virus is still out there and people must remain vigilant. >>it's great news that 20% of our our community has been vaccinated that means 80% has not been vaccinated so we're still at it at significant risk and we could lose these games we've achieved if we let our guard down. >>and health officials also say that residents need to be discerning specifically as it relates to when they decide to go indoors, yes capacity has been increased so some activities can take place indoors but they say you should be discerning and decide what looks safe and what does not and make that choice depending on what is comfortable to you. live in burlingame dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you. >>san francisco is lifting its travel quarantine mandate because of the drop in numbers of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations public health outside the bay area and isolated home if they return
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from out of state. the mandatory quarantine was put in place back in mid december when cases were exploding from a surge tied to thanksgiving travel. the policy required people to quarantine for 10 days after returning to san francisco from anywhere outside the regions for your money millions of californians and thousands of small businesses will officially now have access to some financial relief through the golden state's version of a stimulus package governor officially signed off on that package today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was there and joins us live to explain who's getting the help actually. >>ken and pam less than a week after the governor and lawmakers came to an agreement on the details of this package they got it through the capital swiftly and now the state is preparing to send that relief to millions of californians. >>governor gavin newsome tuesday scribbled the final signature of approval on a 7.6 billion dollars state stimulus package this legislation will
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aid some of the people have kept us going to the hardest times of this pandemic the package provides $600 direct payments to about 5.7 million working californians, including those making less than $30,000 a year immigrants or others without social security numbers to pay taxes in the state making less than $75,000 a year and others hu did not qualify for federal stimulus payments most will receive payment after filing your 2020 taxes, california is setting an example of what we can do when republicans and democrats come together to find bipartisan solutions solomon's deleon downtown sacramento was tuesday's bill-signing site the area like most of california prohibits indoor dining the economic relief package provides more than 2 billion dollars in grants for small businesses like this one those impacted by the state's rules requiring them to shut down shift or scale back service amid the pandemic we recognize the stress the strain that so many small businesses have been under and we recognized as well our responsibility to
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do more and do better to help support these small businesses through this very difficult and trying time. >>now another piece of the overall package that lawmakers are still sorting out but are set to pass next week is a measure that would allow businesses to deduct to more than a $150,000 in qualified expenses from their state tax returns the governor is expected to sign off on that one as well reporting live from the state capitol ashley zavala kron 40 actually thank you for that in san francisco, the city's public school district provided an update on its plans to resume in person learning, but it did not include an actual date. the district says that younger students will be allowed to return to in person classes first. >>and there would be several options, including a 5 day a week in person instruction hybrid instruction with both in person classes in distance learning and a full distance learning option, however, that plan still needs approval from the school district board. >>we cannot predict when staff
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in the first wave schools will be able to get the vaccine. we can't predict when a san francisco be in the red or orange tears and we cannot predict will be completing with our bargaining with our labor partners. >>as for when teachers will be able to receive vaccinations at us beginning to happen both at the local and the state level. governor newsom said today the state is planning to set aside thousands of vaccine doses specifically for educators. >>and some good news tonight for teachers in san francisco teachers can now get vaccinated and walgreens a supervisor matt haney tweeted the news earlier today, teachers and childcare workers are in phase, one b vaccinations appointments can be made at the walgreens website. >>and now to the south bay where another new large scale covid vaccination site has opened its doors in santa clara county this one open tuesday through friday is in a part of san jose is especially hard hit by the virus. kron four's rob fladeboe was there when the doors open and he
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brings us up to date now live from san jose rob. >>well that's right ken santa clara county right now is focusing its vaccine. campaign on those parts of the county most impacted by the pandemic and i can tell you few parts of the cut of the county of had more cases in the neighborhoods surrounding the newest vaccination say here on north white road. let's take a look. >>county's newest vaccination site has the capacity of inoculating as many as 500 people per day here at emanuel baptist church in east san jose and not a minute too soon few parts of the county have seen more infection one in 10 people in this zip code 9, 5, 1, 2, 7 have contracted the virus we have family after families who've contracted the disease we've lost a number of to the disease having those 9 loved ones couldn't see their loved ones again had to say about via facetime was just
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really really challenging this week emanuel will operate as a walk inside with no appointments required but will offer appointments together with ongoing capacity for walk ins in the weeks to come. >>among those getting the vaccine in what was our show us often rollout for those eligible under the state's phase, one b beginning february 28th. >>which includes education food and ag workers, san jose teacher sarah moreno. >>well everybody is always a little bit nervous. i think that the very beginning to think about it but it's at the end of the day at the hopeful thing it's a good thing and looking forward to the second shot at santa clara county is approximately 2 million residents so far with vaccine supply still far short of demand. >>not quite 165,000 people have received their first dose. well 53,000 have been fully vaccinated appointment slots are filling quickly as vaccine supply allows more than 57% of our population age 75 and up has received at
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least one dose of vaccine. almost half of residents age, 65 and older have received at least one dose. >>well done for the day here. but they'll do it again tomorrow and again on thursday and on friday, it's 09:00am to 04:00pm again no appointment necessary, they're accepting walk-ups the address here is that for 6, 7, north white road. at the emanuel baptist church in san jose live here in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news all right rob, thank you coming up new details in an east bay shooting investigation that injured first responders a mother and her young son connected to the case and consider missing have now been found. >>and today lawmakers held a hearing on security failures during the january 6th capitol riots, what they say contributed to the lack of defenseless continuing coverage, golf star tiger woods in the hospital tonight with multiple leg injuries following a single vehicle car crash. we will
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>>the big story. we're following tonight out of southern california at last report golf star tiger woods was undergoing surgery for a number of leg injuries after a single vehicle rollover crash this morning. he was the only person in that suv when it crashed around 7.15 this morning. the palace verdes its area and we are told that first responders had used an axe and other tools to get woods out of the heavily
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damaged vehicle which was taken by ambulance to nearby harbor you see lee medical center in torrance and that's where we find reporter chip yost tonight, he's live for us with the latest on tiger woods condition chip. >>yeah good evening, one of the reasons tiger woods was brought to this hospital is because it has a trauma center and it's also not terribly far from where this accident happened let's show you some video from that accident scene you see the car badly damaged there at the 2021. genesis suv and if you look closely you see a lot of damage near the front. well he talked about the injuries, tiger woods had he looks like he may have had some serious leg injuries, a deputy was one of the first on scene actually said tiger was lucid when he responded to the scene this happened around 7.20 this morning. he was calm. but when firefighters use those tools and finally got him out of the car. he was not able to stand on his own that's when they took him over here to the trauma center he was in the los angeles area over the weekend because he was hosting the genesis
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invitational golf tournament. that's why he had that genesis suv it was a loaner car from the tournament. he was not playing in the tournament because he had some surgery on his back near the end of last year he was still recovering the area where this accident happened is on the border of rolling hills estates and ranchers palace verdi's a nice coastal area but with a lot of downhill curvy roads neighbors to live in the area say they go through a lot of breaks on their cars have to replace their breaks a lot because of the type of roads there. the sheriff says the area in particular where tiger woods had the accident is known for having accidents and they say when tiger woods just before the accident when he was driving he was going downhill. hit a median and it seems after he hit a median he lost control, here's more from la county sheriff. >>the time it made it crossed the center divider to the point that arrest was several several 100 feet away so obviously that case they were going and a relatively a greater. >>speed than the normal.
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>>now sheriff did say there was no sign that tiger woods was impaired as i mentioned a little bit ago, he was conscious was able to communicate with the sheriff's deputy to first arrived on scene no signs of impairment were they are still during an investigation to see what exactly caused. this accident woods was in that particular area we're told today because after the invitational ended over the weekend. he was filming some episodes for a golf show. he is involved in he was filming yesterday was supposed to be filming today where he is doing some segments with some celebrities about golf lessons, but apparently never made it to the va shooting obviously went as far his latest condition right now we're waiting for an update on that for now reporting live in torrance, i'm chip yost send it back to you yet to punch serious you know they're going to look at the cause of the crash but. >>are we getting anything on how he's doing outside of the medical people we're not we're not saying anything right now what kind of activity is their or their fans showing other golfers says showing up what's going on there.
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>>well it's hard to tell us it's a large hospital i mean yeah i can tell you one thing you have a lot of showing up a ton of media in the area showed up to cover there are a lot of interns as you can see to the hospital and not a lot of information coming out as far as his latest condition, the information we did get was from the sheriff's department and the fire department some of the first responders he told us his condition at the time when he was taken here his agent put out some information about him going into surgery, the pga put out a statement also saying that they were wishing well and we'll try to get some more information after he got out of surgery, but as far as how that all went how significant and severe all the injuries war, not sure this point to pios reporting live for us tonight from los angeles county. thank you for that. >>now let's check in on our weather forecast of 4 zone forecast as a matter of fact in a very nice day outside lawrence is here to tell us what's happening about that guys yeah temperatures really warming up around the bay area today gorgeous all the way to the coastline beautiful out there right now no clouds
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worry about one thing a little wind kicking up around the bay area, especially over the mount top 4 we'll see more of that on the way but that offshore wind keeping skies clear out toward half moon bay right now looking good. >>and the temperatures impressive. how about 76 degrees in san jose right now cool off in half moon bay at 5572 in san mateo 74 dublin 72 now in oakland 78 in berkeley 75 in napa and 76 degree santa lena, so certainly some impressive numbers out there also is impressive some of the gusts over the mountain tops gusting that amount today to 65 miles an hour 62 miles per hour at mount saint helene the healdsburg 45 miles an hour oakland hills almost 40 miles an hour cupertino at 29 miles per hour and half moon bay at 28 miles per hour that's going to ramp up overnight tonight. i think it's tomorrow as well we're all want to feel more that win by tomorrow afternoon. you see that breeze lonely notice that direction nose with arrows are pointing down that is that northerly wind kicking in that offshore flow as that air sinks it warms up now these winds we're going to blustery in high
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pressure off the coastline, the building just to the north of us you got a little trough of low pressure along the coastline that means that air is going to flow toward that trough. that's going to bring some gusty winds outside some of those gusts pretty blustery as we head through the night tonight into tomorrow morning, especially in the north bay with a gust begin to develop their some of those gusts over 50 miles per hour real possibility at least across the higher peaks but i think even breezy down below tomorrow, so plan a little more wind tomorrow temperatures going to come down still numbers running above the average. but if this were fire season if we're in the fall we be looking at a red flag warnings up all around the bay area that doesn't look like it could be the case thank goodness, leigh still be a blustery day. i thank and still ahead new details in an east bay shooting that injured first responders and the la
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>>an update now on that weekend homicide investigation in does discovery bay crown forcefully to call reports a mother and her young son connected to the case you were considered missing have been located. >>since saturday. the contra costa county office of the sheriff relayed to the public to be on the lookout for this suv it was believed 31 year-old kimberly meeks might be behind the wheel with her 4 year-old son in the car. and by tuesday morning the sheriff's office announcing both were found alive and safe. >>this after the boy's father 26 year-old darian williams of stockton was arrested saturday
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wanted in connection with the murder of 64 year-old michael i was found dead in his discovery bay home that same night the whole thing is carolyn lives next door and occasionally spoke with i'm glad that they're seeing i just hope she can come through to this. >>i'm hoping i'm hoping that that's not the case. carol and believes island was killed long before investigators discovered his body. >>that's based on what she says her husband heard days earlier shots were like boom boom boom boom she says her husband believes the gunfire came from my lips house. >>shortly after she says her son saw whom he thought was the suspects williams walked outside its then head back in but it was so good this. >>was prior to williams arrest in richmond is accused of shooting a firefighter in the
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foot and a paramedic in the leg and >>then leading police on a chase through the east bay afterward sheriff's deputies conducted a welfare check at islands home where he was found dead. carolyn says he helped meeks and williams with housing on and off for years, guess. >>he was just a nice man and that the deadly 2 nice and he got involved. a mask. and he was trying to you know helpful and he's williams is facing murder and attempted murder charges his bail at the martinez detention facility is set at 11 million dollars in discovery bay we should all kron 4 news. >>next texas lawmakers are split on how to prevent another energy crisis like the one we saw last week in the lone star state. >>the solutions both sides of the aisle are proposing and california attorney general javier becerra former attorney
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general could become the next secretary of health and human services. why getting enough republican support for his confirmation could be difficult and today the senate held a joint oversight hearing on security failures during the january 6th capitol riots.
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>>story we're following tonight. the u.s. senate held a joint oversight hearing on the security failures during the ly


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