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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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small plane touches down on a road not a runway and collides with a car the day many have been waiting for a move out of the most restrictive reopening tier, but the change. >>coming to just 2 bay area plus around of gusty winds now headed our way how strong those winds will be in your neighborhood coming up next. good evening, everybody thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis we begin tonight with breaking news out of the east bay indeed in alameda county and emergency landing tonight, forcing a road closure. >>police here closing isabel avenue between east airway boulevard and port hole avenue see the crash scene right here at this intersection they say the plane was having engine trouble when it came down on isabel and then crashed into a car. scary police say that the plane took off from the livermore municipal airport before touching down just after 5 o'clock tonight you can see the aftermath.
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>>2 people were inside fortunately, nobody was hurt. investigators believe one of the engines was faulty the road will remain closed tonight until an investigation is completed, we'll keep you posted there now to our other top story tonight. >>pandemic progress a bit of it to bay area counties have now moved into the less restrictive read reopening tier you see here san mateo and marin county. yeah, good news for them. >>it's a good step forward health officials do want to remind folks that the virus is still out there. >>i think it's good i think it it says that we're moving in the right direction and things are getting better or seats we could get. >>the more we can serve the community. the better we can do as a business and we really see this bright light at the end of the tunnel is great news that 20% of our our community has been vaccinated that means 80% has not been vaccinated so we're still at it at significant risk and we could lose these games we've achieved if we let our guard
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down. >>and while a san mateo and marin county are the only ones moving into the red now at least in the bay area it is expected that others could join as early as next week i sure hope so here this some changes that come with moving from purple to red retail and grocery establishment scan expand indoor capacity to 50%. museums are allowed to open inside at 25% capacity, gyms and fitness studios are allowed to open inside 10% capacity, there and restaurants are allowed to open indoors at 25% capacity or they can have a 100 people inside at any given time whichever is fewer now the majority of counties here in the bay area they remain as you can see there in the purple tier, but that could change in the coming weeks force michelle case explains when everyone else could be loosening up those health restrictions. >>mateo moraine county moving from the most restrictive purple tier to the red tier wednesday morning many are wondering when the other bay
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area counties will follow suit their daily case rates have to be at or below 7% to move to the red tier napa county hit that mark on tuesday and officials there say if they can maintain those numbers for 2 weeks they should be able to move to the red tier by march 10th for those 2 weeks, the conditions mean same or improved. >>which the data shows you trending in the right direction march which is the date that we've searched circle big red sharpie as the first day that we would be eligible to move into the red tier again which would allow us to open our economy a little bit more in a responsible way san francisco county says the earliest they could advance to the red tier is march second solano county officials say they hope to move to the red tier by mid-march santa clara county officials aren't sure when they will be out of the purple tier with 12.5 new cases a day per 100,000 residents as of tuesday contra costa county says they can move to the red tier in 2 to 3 weeks. >>alameda county officials say they are moving in the right direction, but aren't quite there yet. sonoma county on
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tuesday had a case rate of 14 new cases a day per 100,000 residents. >>a number that has dropped drastically since the holidays but it's still not where it needs to be to move to the red tier we know that the next year we would get open things gyms a little bit of dining with restrictions. >>but you know until we can get our case rate down and reduce the spread of we can't move into those. >>next tiers county officials say to continue to wear face coverings and social distance and soon we could all be out of the purple tier. >>in contra costa county michelle kingston kron 4 news little bit of jealousy tonight, so many san francisco business owners employees and patrons for instance, we're hoping to move to that. >>less restrictive tier today but that did not happen. in san francisco leading to widespread frustration. despite the lovely weather this week, the covid numbers sand state leaders say this is
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not the time to welcome customers back inside in san francisco. >>we're waiting to be on the right already put up quite a while i know we have to be for 2 of the all bodies allow. >>and a russian that they really needed the indoor seating that only 24% the thought that that 24% of the next big defensive end of the night, know been very you we there is being that you know is being about this being a very cold night time. so i think the baby of the roster any it's a safe thing. >>it is still winter after all as we mentioned in the red tier restaurants are allowed to open indoors at 25% capacity or of a 100 people in there which ever as fewer. >>and starting today, san franciscans are no longer required to quarantine for 10 days if they travel outside the bay area region. but the
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city strongly recommends people follow the existing state travel advisory which advises against non essential travel anywhere out of state or 120 miles from home. for those such traveling the city is advising the quarantine for 10 days. a new large scale covid-19 vaccination site has opened its doors in santa clara county this one is open tuesday through friday, it is in a part of the san jose. >>that has been hit especially hard by the virus. it set up at emanuel baptist church it has the capacity to inoculate as many as 500 people a day few parts of santa clara county have seen more infection, then this one 10% of people in the church's zip code have contracted the virus. >>we have family after families who've contracted the disease we've lost a number of members. to the disease having those 9 loved ones couldn't see their loved ones again had to say about via facetime was just really really challenging. >>this week an annual bet this
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will operate as a walk in sight with no appointments required but we'll offer appointments and expand walk-in capabilities in the weeks to come today was also a soft roll out for those eligible under the state's phase, one b which includes education food and agriculture workers. >>most americans will be able to get the vaccine by the summer. some representatives with pfizer and moderna testified before a house subcommittee today and provided that timeline the drive makers say by the end of next month, they plan to provide the u.s. government with a total of 220 million doses that's approximately 3 times the amount of vaccines that have been shipped out so far nearly 14% of americans have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine and for more information on signing up for shots for yourself or someone else. we have links on our web site to the vaccination clinics throughout the bay area just head to kron 4 dot com.
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>>so much shock and concern as we move on now to a developing story when news broke today of tiger woods and what happened to him certainly the aerial images that that first surfaced, know made you wonder if he was alive and then we learned that tiger did fortunately make it but. >>what a mess, yeah, it it was really a frightening there. a couple of a nerve wrecking really until we found the extent of his injury lack of for jason dumas has been following this story all day he joins us now with the latest on this jason, you know so much drama always for tiger on the course off the course the highs and the lows, it feels like there might be no one in has given us a roller coaster like this again just in the past year we've had so many just heart sinking moments. i think everyone. >>thought the worst was prepping for the worst this like vicki said there was a couple of nerve wrecking hours this afternoon as the world waited to learn the severity of tiger woods car accident.
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thankfully, we found out that he was going to be okay. we'll have a long road to recovery but it could have been so much worse. woods shattered his ankle and has crush injuries and both lakes one of which is a compound fracture. the accident happened in a suburb of los angeles the crash required him to get pride out of his vehicle. he was rushed to a trauma center and underwent hours of surgery. now that we know that his life at stake anymore this begs the question will we ever see him golf competitively again. i refuse to speculate personally, but i'm sure that question we'll answer itself in the coming days, justin thomas, one of tigers colleagues on the tour and one of his close friends weighed in today on his friends accident. >>see one years so know my closest you know accident and marriages. hope he's all right. the workers kids you
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know i'm sure the struggle. >>so yeah, you know. good news all things you know have a road to recovery with 2 broken legs in ankle injury, you know all know his off you push off you know are on that ankle so we don't know which one it is glad he's okay that that's you know what's most important. >>yeah for sure that he's going to be the bionic man that's for of back surgeries that have back surgery and in december he was really having to get back he has it all for a while and. >>yeah let's. you hope as a hope that's not the last see of him but just as a human being you just want to be okay, yeah, it close at its i i thank thanks jason. all right switching gears now talking about the 4 zone forecast as we take a. >>live look at here what a
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beautiful day in the bay, a calendar says late february first day of yeah numerous records coming down around the bay area all courtesy of that offshore wind and then offshore wind will continue to blow tonight probably going intensify in some of the mountain tops overnight tonight and tomorrow today. well we're rounding up some pretty impressive gust. these last 24 hours mount diablo gusting to 65 miles an hour mount saint alina the 62 healdsburg hills 45 miles an hour the oakland hills, 39 miles per hour. cupertino 29 miles per hour and half moon bay, 20 month 8 mile an hour gusts now we're going to see more gust developing as we head toward tomorrow as well received that pick up a little bit tonight you see the direction to mainly coming out of the north that's that offshore wind you can see sonoma now gusting to 38 miles per hour 22 mill valley, $0.24 a beast 20 it's sfo still someplace remain calm. but not for long as we're going to see another area of low pressure kick to the east that high pressure builds in immediately
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behind that and that's going to really get those winds driving around the bay area so blustery in spots i think as we head throughout the day tomorrow you'll see that pick it up overnight tonight, you watch those colors begin to fill in you start to see the orange and the red and then the purple well some very heavy gusty winds as we look toward the middle of day some of those gusts over the mountain tops of 4050 plus miles per hour guys back to you. and coming up kron 4 news today, another animal attack in the east bay. >>a 5th person, a bit by a coyote over the span of several months. >>plus with a move to the red tier one north bay school district announcing when high school students can return to the classroom. >>and the access code concerns at the coliseum vaccination site a code to get a shot sha
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>>and the east bay, a celebration is well as concerns swirling around a new joint effort vaccination site plan talking about the oakland coliseum which opened couple weeks ago to serve some of the most 1hallenged residents but has come for theresa stasi reports tonight, some people already trying to abuse the system in skip the line. >>it is an impressive sight. the oakland ring central coliseum transformed into a constant line of cars organize with registered recipients ready and eager to get that coveted vaccine. the ward
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against sars covid 2. set up joint team effort between fema and california office of emergency services workers giving out shots to 6,000 a day. and it is only the first week in operation, however despite the good spirits in good intentions. a slip up. kron 4 news contacted by a viewer claiming access codes to the site being swiped by in eligible bay area residents. we reached out to the state and through a spokesperson learned this. codes were given to local organizations to communities. hardest hit by covid-19. those codes only for use in impacted communities. however, the spokesperson continued quote a nonprofit we were working shared it. the code with the community it serves and a member of that community shared more widely after it was determined by the state that the code was being used by those beyond the
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intended audience. all of the appointments enabled by the code were canceled and the nonprofit was issued a new code to use with its constituents unquote. the site open to offer efficient effective and equitable vaccines for diverse socioeconomically challenge communities. the state spokesperson says that they will continue to monitor appointments. closely to make sure all shots are going into the right arms. terry says stasio kron 4 news. >>starting tomorrow san francisco residents in phase, one b will be eligible to receive the vaccine. the following sectors are included in one be education and child care emergency services and food and agriculture workers. while those sectors of the population will be allowed to sign up. it does not necessarily mean doses are available that of course still a fluid situation and as always dependent on supply. >>san francisco's public school district is providing
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an in person learning updated, but it. it is including an actual date. the district says younger students would be allowed to return to class first and there would be several options they include 5 days a week in person hybrid instruction or full distance learning. the plan still needs approval from the school district board. >>we predict when staff in the first wave of schools will be able to get the vaccine. we can't predict when a san francisco be in the or orange tears and we cannot predict will be completing with our bargaining with our labor partners. as for when teachers will be able to receive vaccinations that is beginning to happen both at the local and the state level. >>governor newsome said today that the state is planning to set aside thousands of doses specifically for educators with marin county moving into the red tier today the nevada unified school district announced plans to bring high school students back to campus. >>the reentry plan will welcome back 9th and 10th
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graders at novato high school center in high and marine oaks high. all to their campuses next monday with 11th and 12th graders slated to return the following monday. >>lake ski resort facing pair of lawsuits stemming from a deadly avalanche last year. the 2 suits accuse alpine meadows are rushing to open the slopes prematurely for the busy martin luther king junior day holiday weekend. cole comstock was killed in kaylee bloom seriously injured. the lawsuit say the avalanche happened after days of heavy snow and high winds that increased avalanche risks, alpine meadows did not comment on ongoing litigation. now a live look in this year this is highway 50. >>at myers. there's a wind advisory for lake tahoe. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now lawrence, it was really warm here in the bay, but it was also windy. yeah and they're going to see those winds across the mountain peaks there even down the lake level and that's going to everything a lake wind advisory in effect in the
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tahoe area. we'll see some gusts over 30 miles per hour maybe 40 miles an hour or so and so we'll see some building waves out there on the lake and you get these nice days people want to get out there on lake you can see some 2 to 5 foot waves. so certainly that could be concerned if you take your boat out there on the water. they around the bay area today he's temperatures smashing records all around 81 a record set in santa rosa 79 that was a record in canfield airport in san francisco 76 record redwood city 78 a record oakland 80 a record there in san jose 79. and even if you didn't have a record in your neighborhood certainly very nice out well above the average some these temperatures over 20 degrees above the average lot of 70's and 80's around the bay area of the warmth though i think t- will cool things down starting tomorrow kind of getting in between systems here we've got one little front that has moved all the way down to southern california high pressure trying to sneak in here but we can somewhat but still going to see some gusty winds a lot of sunshine coming
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our way by tomorrow that looks like things are going to continue to how i think on and off the for the remainder of the week but tomorrow should be a blustery day some of the urban areas tomorrow. i think we're talking about some gusty winds maybe over 30 miles an hour right hills, a green we have red flag warnings up everywhere that's been a little across. thanks thanks. well there has been another coyote attack in the east bay yeah officials say it's the same coyote has been for other people over the past several months. >>this latest incident that happened on friday in lafayette across from the quick stop on golden gate way and that's close to the downtown area. a man says that he was bitten by the coyote and after dna testing. yeah officials confirmed it was the same coyote responsible for 4 other biting incident. most recent one happened just a week ago when a little girl was walking with her mom in moraga she was bitten. this coyote gets around officials say multiple traps have been set to try and catch the coyote. still ahead tonight
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hundreds of gallons of the petroleum products spilling into the bay earlier this month. >>tonight calls are growing to remove chevron refinery from richmond. >>plus new details a homicide investigation in discovery bay on this comes after a mother and her young son go missing.
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>>a new details on the weekend homicide investigation in discovery bay. our kron forcefully chagall reports that a mother and her young son connected to the case. hu are considered missing, have been located. >>kimberly meeks and her 4 year-old son have been found alive and safe that's according to the contra costa county office of the sheriff, the 2 had been missing since at least saturday night. shortly after the man they were living with 64 year-old michael i was found dead in his discovery bay holmes, i'm glad that she was found safe i hope he and she have anything to do with the boy's father 26 year-old darian williams of stockton was arrested saturday wanted in connection with pilots murder prior to williams arrest in richmond, he's accused of shooting a firefighter in the foot. >>and the paramedic in the leg in leading police on a chase through the east bay. sheriff's deputies conducted a welfare check at islands he was found right. carolyn is
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his neighbor and says i and williams with housing over the years i don't want people to. >>think he was involved because i don't leave people carolyn believes pilots may have been dead for several days her husband heard gunshots from his home thursday moments later she says her son saw thought was williams walk outside then back inside the house it was get this. >>williams >>is facing murder and attempted murder charges. his bill at the martinez detention facility is set at 11 million dollars in discovery bay phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>next today officials to were in charge of capitol security at the time of last month's riot testifying today in dc what they say is to blame for the failure to anticipate that
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violent mob also financial help coming to california needed. yeah what about some golden state released governor newsome signing off on a major relief package and an east bay city installing another round of safety measures aimed to try to protect bicycl great day on the lake! it is. lunch is cookin'! and i saved a bunch of money on my boat insurance with geico. fellas, can it get any better than this? whoa!
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>>in these big this people who've travel near the oakland coliseum are being advised to
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try to find a different route traffic is starting to back up apparently on 8.80 because of the new mass vaccination site at the coliseum caltrans issued an advisory encouraging people to consider taking alternatives sly kagan burger road or interstate 5.80. officials say traffic delays have developed at the site which is open daily from 9 in the morning to 7 at night the site is expected to operate for at least the next 8 weeks meanwhile, the notorious road known for dangerous speeding vehicles now has something that will hopefully motivate people to slow down. kron four's haaziq madyun tells us about what the city of oakland is calling a new traffic safety innovation. >>at the site of a deadly vehicle vs bicycle collision back in 2018. >>i'd only. >>his 35th avenue. avenue. high street were redoing it traffic safety because the reality is. >>many of us in this
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neighborhood said out of control. >>this stretch of 35th avenue near deontay bush way in oakland's fruitvale district is one of the most dangerous when it comes to speeding vehicles, it is now the location of these new speed bumps that will serve as a reminder for drivers that may >>you could take the body lie. we've got somebody from a that is unfortunately what happened to genna's bush's brother deontay bush hu was killed in a vehicle versus bicycle collision at this location back in 2018. >>the street was named a did it has since been deontay bush way in honor of her brother the most important thing is dismembered talking about the loss of a life. >>we honor that by ensuring that we're protecting the lives of others. >>police department of transportation came up with a speeding determined that is designed not to disrupt the flow of city vehicles, i'm incredibly proud. >>that are engineering team developed the speed cushions
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that we're standing in front of there are 7 of them to accommodate the safety of emergency response vehicles. our important public transit system. and to slow down traffic and dangerous corridors like this one about to cry. >>i don't know of a more happy. our say. and thanking god bless you all. >>oakland department of transportation officials say the new speed cushions are part of a 3 billion dollars infrastructure project that includes safety upgrades for pedestrians with new signals flashing beacons has it made you kron 4 >>millions of californians and thousands of small businesses will officially have access to some financial relief. california's version of a stimulus package governor newsom signed off on the 7.6 billion dollars package today. it provides $600 direct payments to more than 5 and a half million working californians.
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>>this legislation will aid some of the people have kept us going to the hardest times of this pandemic california is setting an example of what we can do when republicans and democrats come together to find bipartisan solutions. the economic relief package provides more than 2 billion dollars in grants for small businesses. >>affected by the state's rules requiring them to shut down shift or scale back service during the pandemic lawmakers are also sorting out a measure that would allow businesses to deduct more than $150,000 in expenses from their state tax us it is set to pass by next week. >>in national news tonight officials to are in charge of capitol security at the time of last month's riot have testified that missed intelligence was to blame for the failure to anticipate that violent mob. the invaders stormed the capitol january 6th, interrupting the certification of joe biden's election victory. the former chief of the u.s. capitol
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police told lawmakers that he learned only after the attack that his officers had received a report from the fbi that forecast the chances that extremists could bring war to washington. 5 people died in that attack. >>california's attorney general is in the hot seat this week on capitol hill today marked the start of the airbus air is senate confirmation hearing. he is president biden's pick for us secretary of health and human services. but sarah says it confirms the pandemic will be his top priority. no surprise there. he will have a second confirmation hearing tomorrow before the finance committee and we have learned that a new report alleges former president trump will claim that he is the leader of the republican party. >>and is its presumptive 2024 nominee. this will reportedly happened when he makes his first public appearance since leaving office at the conservative political action conference next weekend in orlando trump's advisers will reportedly meet with him at mar-a-lago this week to plan
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his next political moves. he also reportedly plans to argue in the c pac speech that many of his predictions about president biden have already come true. >>all right 4 zone forecast time as we really enjoyed something special today, what a day yeah guilty pleasure chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look ahead, yeah, it looks like we have another one tomorrow though maybe just a little bit cooler but we're still pushing temperatures up and low 70's and some of the warmest spots out there right now you got clear skies. the winds start to kick up over the mountain tops a bit and we're going to watch out for him back. that's weather service has issued a wind advisory for the mountains all around the bay area going to see some of those gusts as high as 50 miles per hour maybe even gusting higher than that but sustained between about 1530 across some of the higher peaks and eventually some of those gusts down below 2. well we are looking at the temperatures though in the numbers, not bad in the san francisco tomorrow about 64 downtown 69 in the mission of 66 in the marine about 68 in daly find sunshine and mild
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temperatures all along the coastline 67 degrees in brisbane 68. in south san francisco as you work your way inside the bay little breezy from time to time but very comfortable number 70 degrees and gamble, 71 sunny and san jose 70 degrees in pleasanton 68 degrees in hayward 71 in berkeley and oakland tomorrow, 71 also it won a creek so yeah, not quite as warm as was today, maybe not the record level but certainly above average all around the bay area beautiful weather sunny and dry too. it's going to likely stay that way it looks like now little cooler to thursday and friday, maybe a little more wind on saturday but right now looks like mostly dry for the next 7 days. large still ahead tonight at 8 thousands of sea turtles taken into warmer conditions after. >>they were stunned by the extreme cold weather last week tonight details on their return to the wild. an app that could open up quarantine-free travel details on a digital covid past.
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>>plus the san francisco, literary icon has passed away the bay area tonight remembering the life of lawrence fairly getting.
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>>san francisco literary icon lawrence ferlinghetti has died at the age of 101 they would an icon right to be artist
8:40 pm
publisher and so much more also founded city lights books in the city's north beach neighborhood and that is where kron four's maureen kelly found some of his many admirers today paying their respects we seem to see the people of the world exactly at the moment. >>when they first to time the title of suffering humanity poetry fan tom huntington reads from lawrence ferlinghetti is best known work a coney island of the mind out in front of city lights, the landmark bookstore ferling getting opened on columbus avenue in north beach. back in the 1950's flowers and candles have been left in the doorway berlin getting as many books of poetry and art fill the window field. >>great but also. and his gratitude is made while a prolific writer and painter and the city's first poet laureate he's most famous for his work as a publisher in 1956 copies of beat poet allen
8:41 pm
ginsberg, his book how old were seized and ferland getting arrested and charged for selling obscene materials. >>berlin getty defended how in court and won that put himself and the entire beat movement into the public eye. the beat generation question american society in the 1950's and eventually set the stage for the antiwar movement and counterculture of the 1960's, the manager of city lights says wall ferling getty was a famous man he didn't act like one it's not that lawrence was particularly humble. >>it's just that he didn't if he didn't revel in his accomplishments. he was always thinking about what he wanted to do next. which is probably why he did so much his the little boy was published right before he turned 100 years old died monday night inside his north beach apartment just one month shy of his 100 and second birthday. >>his son by his side. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>next today calls to rid richmond.
8:42 pm
>>actually we just saw weeks within the hour since we started the show from city lights books it reads here well that was a day from all of us here thank you for sending your love. lawrence touched the lives of so many an incalculable ways and it's really something to be the prism through which so much pure love was being beamed today the celebration of his life continues right the true icon for sure all right coming up next to cars to read richmond up a chevron refinery are growing after hundreds of gallons of the petroleum products spilled into the bay. >>and next in sports. the warriors taking on the mix in the big apple, the lights were bright and the warriors came to play. james wiseman back in the lineup steph curry back in the
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>>tonight richmond city officials and local advocates are calling for change after the chevron refinery spill into the bay you may recall earlier this month february 9th. there several 100 gallons at the refineries long wharf in richmond. that went into the water caused the sheen here of oil that spread to brooks island to that for the environmental nonprofit san francisco bay keeper. so the containment boom chevron initially placed around the spill site was inadequate allowing the fuel to spread. that added that many basic details about the leak and its cars have not been released to
8:46 pm
the public. now 2 weeks later, several advocacy groups are now calling for richmond to transition the site to another use besides the handling of fossil fuels we'll keep you posted there. tonight thousands of sea turtles are now back home in the gulf of mexico going down the chute volunteers rescued more than 9,000 cold-stunned turtles during last week's extreme winter storm. cold stunning is when marine reptiles like sea turtles are exposed to cold water for prolonged periods which causes them to be weaken inactive they've been cared for at several locations since being rescued. it will be a couple days before all the turtles are back where they belong much warmer now. airline association is releasing a digital covid passed in the coming weeks, it's an app. >>that verifies whether a passenger has had the covid-19 test or vaccines required to enter a country. it also verifies that they were administered by an approved
8:47 pm
authority. the international air transport association says that the past is essential for reopening air travel as many countries still have strict restrictions on our quarantines in place. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>lawyers were on the front end of a road back to back tonight they were in the big apple taking on the knicks and for the first time this season fans were able to attend a game at madison square garden. 2000 of them to be exact. the game also featured the return of the dubs 2 big men. combine looney in james wiseman right here made their returns to the court. louis started he played 20 minutes wiseman played 16 he score 14 points, including this dunk right here nice to see the big fella has backed now at end of the 1st quarter steph curry pulls from 3 and stuck with the bank is open
8:48 pm
gobs of 3631 after one 3rd quarter andrew wiggins this is shooting with confidence no one even under the basket a pull up we didn't have 16 as the dubs took control of this game they outscored the knicks by 13 in the 3rd, but in the 4 phoenix came back julius randle named to his first all-star game today. he gets to follow that ties it up 4 minutes to play the dubs up to a minute left. it's scary time. gets in the lane scores and the fao that's a 3 point play warriors up 5 curry had 37 points. then up for with 30 seconds left staff with the drive. get set open kelly you break for the dunk. that's the dagger you break 19 points warriors win one 14 one '06 steve kerr with the latest to feel the energy of the fans in the arena again and he's optimistic that fans will be at the chase center it was so great to feel energy and.
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>>and it reminded me that this is all going to be over at some point. and i can't wait to see packed houses, especially a chase. and i'm so excited for everybody. to come to games and to feel the energy of a warriors game, you know when this is over and let's pull for each other and do this together hopefully before too long will will be able to have have a packed house again and we all look forward to that. >>i miss the fans but i do love the nine-game traffic it takes you know i get in sent in 5 minutes all right back at it today in mesa arizona today was the second day of full team activity that spring training. >>it was newly acquired trevor rosenthal first day the right-handed reliever is expected to be days closer this season. he's essentially replacing liam hendriks to had become a fan favorite over the past couple of years rosenthal believe that he'll fit right into this age clubhouse. >>team a team that was not
8:50 pm
really us competitive brand of baseball and exciting brand of baseball on and you know looking at that over the years from from across the field in the other dugout is something that's very attractive and appealing you know i got a point to evaluating those things that's that ought to matter really wanted to be a part of an experience for myself. >>will certainly be an interesting team to cover this season. that's your look at sports back over to you guys. >>coming up we're learning about the rich history of a lesser talk about
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>>we're in city sits in one of the richest counties here in california. it is historically the home of the largest number blacks in marin county yet despite its name marine city is not a city it is an unincorporated area of marion county called for spam or reports now many of us residents want that to change. >>the county need to take their knee off our necks be able to give us what we deserve majority of the county knows that this city has. it's all about power. it's about control. right we know right now that the county they make decisions based on power that they know we don't have any control over hall austin and damien morgan are part of an
8:54 pm
effort to make more in city a city. >>money is key they say as an example after moraine county last collected all the property and sales taxes from rend city. >>the december 2020 allocation for services back to moran city was just over $46,000. arguably to most county residents more in city is just a name on a freeway sign. but there is a rich history here or in city was created by the federal government during world war 2 for shipbuilding. >>people poured in for the jobs war houses were built for them to live in and a park which is still here with a mural that now documents the past. past also kept alive in the memories of the families that were here from the beginning founded my bad game >>lake charles louisiana, 1941. he came out and make a i came from the south from
8:55 pm
louisiana. >>and marin city. i just reminded so much of the small town and that came from we have no war has is up and we up their reserves have all of the hillsides rica roam around. >>and my family, my uncle. my grandfather morrow families and our family heritage came to city for work moved out after world war 2 to other parts of marion county in the bay area blacks did not have that luxury because of various races, housing restrictions so they stayed and made marine city their home in fact in 1960 90% of them are in city population was black those numbers have changed dramatically and the black community feels is making incorporation all the more important if we don't it's going be an also of mentally we all get all of it it going to be going to take we don't get the resources and yet we
8:56 pm
we concerned about >>with the cooperation we get back. >>it all before we can do it. we feel the best argument i've always felt neglected to from the county. just sitting in meetings with my mom always having to go to the table to axe 4. you know resources to come back. >>it is not fair in corporation would allow residents to elect their own leaders run police and fire capture property and sales taxes. the only business district is the gateway shopping center and this gallery is the only black owned business in city for generation black families are not uncommon and they don't want their black history to be last man city means everything to or a city has my heart. >>not to do everything i can to make sure that the folks city have what they need. >>now is pam moore reporting for us tonight marine city is about a mile and a half northwest of downtown sausalito for perspective there you heard them
8:57 pm
referencing sausalito just over 3,000 people live in marin city and it is considered the most diverse part of marin county the exploratory committee says the process to incorporate will likely take up to 2 years. >>and a first step. >>educating the citizens about the value of living in a full-fledged. >>city honoring black history with pam moore it will air right here on kron 4 saturday at 11:00pm and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. thank you so much for being with us this hour. but don't go anywhere primetime coverage continues coming up at the top of the hour talking about san mateo and marin counties moving into the red tier now the state's covid reopening plan how businesses are getting ready to welcome back more customers and our virtual continues for many students. >>one marine county educator says that they are seeing kids in need of help with depression and hopelessness we're going over the sign-in how you can help those stor
8:58 pm
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lodes vicki liviakis we begin with pandemic progress to bay area counties have now moved into the less restrictive red reopening tier. >>san mateo and marin counties. well it's a good step forward health officials want to remind people that the


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