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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 24, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>news stations, you're watching the car. thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news it's wednesday february 24th. >>and the month is just flying reyna harvey. let's start this morning with a check the weather with john's fraval john yesterday was a dream and i just don't want to wake up call like that all week, i know everyone was just savoring every moment of yesterday, i feel like because it really was such a nice one out there. >>we're breaking records all across the bay area santa rosa got up into the low 80's breaking or record areas like sfo also breaking records yesterday all actually have that list coming up here in just a minute to see if you
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broke a record yesterday as far as your peak temperatures way yesterday afternoon now today not going to be historically warm one but still going to be above average as far as temps go look outside and see chart our already showing a clear start to this morning winds out there are calm for some of our lower elevations, but have definitely picked up a little bit higher up novato and fairfield 2 of our wind year spots at the moment and we will be looking at wind speeds gradually increasing, especially a bit later on this morning. that means we do have wind advisories taking effect at 10:00am this morning. they've actually expand expended expanded on into tomorrow afternoon to so for the north bay mountains east bay valleys and mountains and then also the santa cruz mountains these areas, especially vulnerable to some of those stronger wind gusts which will gust as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour regularly. peak wind gusts a little bit higher on top of that. as far as conditions go otherwise. well we are clear we are dry much as we've been all week long so far we're
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going to remain that way through today and on through the rest of the week as well current temps in the 40's 50's even low 60's in areas like berkeley right at 60 degrees. our meeting in pittsburgh each at 57 well little bit cooler and a few spots like petaluma and napa each at 43 degrees as we make our way on into the afternoon today you will notice temperatures not having quite as warm of of his has a feel of yesterday. still in the low 70's for a lot of the bay area though i'll be talking to days when the year and slightly cooler conditions all still to come in the rest of your forecast back to you rain thank you for that john all right, let's get a look at your commute look at the bay bridge right now. >>i'm not tracking. no major accidents or hot spots. under 11 minutes for your drive times into the city to that fremont street exit and we saw traffic really start to build along the bay bridge around the 6 7 o'clock hour and it lasted until about 09:00am so make sure you give yourself more time if you're commuting into the city. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge
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for you also had an accident on that bridge. and we saw a lot of traffic drive times yesterday up to about 40 minutes right now we're down to under 11 minutes as you head across the peninsula drive times look really get there not tracking any major hot spots are accident and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge. all right heading into the city you see a lot of construction out that that should not be out there the entire morning. under 11 minutes for your drive time as you head into san francisco. 2 bay area counties are now in the less restrictive red reopening tier, san mateo and marin counties moved out of the purple tier yesterday. now this is great news for businesses for the first time in months, places like restaurants and gyms can operate indoors. but at reduced capacity. kron four's jonathan mccall has more from sam, a tail. >>san mateo county is once again moving up in the state's reopening roadmap after a detour due to a surge in covid cases. tuesday the county moved out of the purple tier
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of the state's most restrictive and into the real for everybody very excited have a number of businesses including those here at north beach pizza in san mateo say the pandemic has taken a financial toll on everyone working here manager jeremy our says he's looking forward to welcoming customers back inside being able to not any indoor dining. >>so we're just trying to just there like. >>go with the flow of it as part of the red tier restaurants will be allowed to resume indoor dining but with modifications gyms will also be able to open up indoors. retail and shopping centers will move indoor capacity from 25 to 50%. >>and then hopefully people can gain confidence that they we can come i shop again. >>after seeing her business drop by more than half during the pandemic is hoping that more customers will find their % way back to her store. >>what we've doing so definitely go to seminole sent
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out e-mails go on to goes on to on the social media to let them know now you can come and becoming true the stories we opening up all customers to comey not even with the move into the red tier bars theme parks and other nonessential businesses will have to remain closed. san mateo county leaders say the number of positive cases in the county now below 6% san mateo county board of supervisors president dave calling the move. >>a signal that the county is moving out of a dark winter and that brighter days are ahead. >>jonathan mccall kron 4 >>it's 5 moving into the red tier, not everyone is going to be welcoming customers back right away for example, gyms and fitness centers can only function at 10% capacity with some business owners say isn't enough to cover the operating costs. health officials also stressed that the virus is still out there and people must remain vigilant. >>we can start planning getting staff rehired and kind
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of all of our ducks in a row, so that once we have the next announcement were able to open up if i have any any concerns about this is that people will see this as as a sign to to let our guard down or that the coast is clear. >>it's so far from that at this point. >>80% of warren county has not received a covid vaccine meaning there's still a significant risk of spreading the virus. story of counties here in the bay area remain in the purple tier, but that could change in the coming weeks in order to advance up to a tear. counties daily covid-19 case rate has to be at or below 7%. and then hold steady for about 2 weeks. yesterday napa county hit that mark officials are confident they can move to the red tier by next month. >>march which is the date that we've searched circle big red sharpie as the first day that we would be eligible to move into the red tier again which would allow us to open our
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economy a little bit more in a responsible way. >>the expectations were advancing to the red tier do vary by county here's the breakdown, according to each county's health department, san francisco officials say the earliest they can move tier is march 2nd. solano and contra costa counties by mid-march health officials in alameda santa clara and sonoma counties do not have a timeline set for van seen as their case rates are still too high. san francisco health officials have removed the mandatory 10 day quarantine for those to travel outside the bay area region. but they strongly recommend people follow the existing state travel advisory, which advises against nonessential travel anywhere out of the state or a 120 miles from home for those such traveling. the city is advising to quarantine for 10 days. i will happening today, san francisco will begin vaccinating teachers. those in
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the food and agriculture sector and others considered under tier one b of the state's vaccine. prioritization plan however getting an appointment will be difficult because of a shortage of supply kron four's taylor zach he has that story. >>vaccinations will begin on wednesday for those working in education and child care food and agriculture and emergency services as san francisco moves in a tier one be priority. however for more than 160,000 people included in this tier. they may not get an appointment for weeks and you really like the hundreds of axes night getting teacher frank says since the recent announcement of the city moving into tier one be scheduling an appointment has been hectic in complicated are receiving e-mails from my school from my school staff i received facebook messages instagram everybody's texting it to the mike we'll try this try like we just found out now that walgreens at of all the places has back seats for
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educators right like. >>kaiser member i pay for health insurance that's not that's not even been close to any being available beyond the loans avenue find food market on pacific avenue with her husband, she was a similar experience was extremely hard. >>many hours being on computer phone corps trying many sites it was big challenge for or the family members will hold us to get according to the city's covid command center getting a first dose appointment will likely become even more difficult due to limited supply for the next 2 weeks they say first us vaccinations may decrease by 80%. >>in order to administer second doses to more than 90,000 people within the recommended time frame. this possible cut in vaccinations doesn't include the federal allocation to pharmacies like walgreens or how do he will receive her first dose of the vaccine on wednesday being an essential worker.
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>>my husband and i were always at risk because so many people come in don't know if what they're and this and that saw it's a deal and for us to be predicted interdict while san francisco has the infrastructure to vaccinate more than 10,000 people each day again the big issue here is the supply right now the city and private providers like kaiser and ucsf. >>or administer around 4,000 to 4500 doses of the vaccine. each day and the likely stay at that mark giving preference to the second doses over the next 2 weeks in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. >>san francisco will join a growing list of bay area counties which are already vaccinating people under tier, one b of the state's vaccination plan that includes alameda contra costa solano and sonoma counties. santa clara county will officially expand its vaccine eligibility to the next year this coming sunday. so far miranda napa
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are the only 2 counties to have yet to set a date. officials with the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum say people are skipping the line. a spokesperson confirms an access code to the site was leaked the call was given to a local nonprofit to be used from members a certain communities hit hardest by the pandemic all appointments made with the colder canceled. the nonprofit was issued a new code. the mass vaccination site is also causing a spike in traffic on 8.80 caltrans is encouraging people to travel near the coliseum to consider alternate routes such as taking hagan burger road or interstate 5.80. the site is administering vaccines from 00:00am in the morning until 7 in the evening. it's also expected to operate for at least the next 8 weeks. and the tories role known for dangerous speeding cars. now has something that will hopefully motivate people to
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slow down any speed bumps are now on 35th avenue near deontay bush way in oakland's fruitvale district in twenty-eighteen you might remember dot bush was killed in a crash at this location. the street was named the lindo at the time it has since been renamed after bush. his family and city officials hope the new speed bumps will serve as a reminder to slow down. >>you could take the body lie. the most important thing is dismembered talking about the loss of a life. we honor that by ensuring that we're protecting the lives of other. >>the new speed cushions are part of the 3 million dollar infrastructure project that includes safety upgrades for pedestrians with new signals and flashing beacons. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, millions of californians and thousands. >>a small businesses officially have access to financial relief. details on the state's version of a stimulus package. and after the break several key players testify before lawmakers and
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>>welcome back. let's get another check of weather this morning with john stray bullet was live in the weather center john you've been tracking the weather you have nothing but good news to share. yeah, i mean another nice warm one today, lots of sunshine out there won't be quite as warm as yesterday was and that's
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probably a good thing yesterday was breaking records across the bay area as far as temperatures go. you can see we're off to a clear start already this morning in the mount tam cam skies looking nice and clear so we are off to a fog free start. what we did see yesterday was a historic one for many areas for santa rosa in oakland. you hit the low 80's for your daytime highs in that setting a record for your daytime highs for that day in february campfield very close to the 80's same for san jose each up to 79 well redwood city also well into the upper 70's yesterday. now today, daytime highs will be maxing out in the low 70's at our warmest most of us dropping back down into the 60's today, lots of sunshine does remain the biggest change from yesterday aside from temperatures falling is actually going to be a pretty big pick up in wind speeds very windy conditions winds out of the northeast today has resulted in wind advisories taking effect at 10:00am this morning. actually now extended
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through tomorrow afternoon initially only until 10:00pm tonight. you can see wind advisories in yellow for the north bay mountains across the inland east bay valleys as well as mountains. well, the santa cruz mountains along the coastline. there these areas could see winds gusting well in excess of 40 miles per hour. good news today is that because we have seen rain lately. we've got some green grass green brushes out there things pretty lush so fire danger isn't as much of a concern you're just going to notice it as you venture outside making less of an ideal day to get out there still looking good enough though with the sunshine that we do have in the dry skies. tomorrow winds begin to calm down and by tomorrow afternoon you'll notice, a big difference a decrease in wind speeds for your thursday, same into friday really nice finish to the week just around the corner far as today is concerned 60's for san francisco's daytime highs pretty similar right along the coastline, a range of 60's to 70's elsewhere across the bay burlingame at 68 today, foster city at 67. well saying carlos
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down mountain view each in the low 70's today, pretty similar for the south bay with san jose and santa clara. each at 72 for your highs fremont and hayward at 70 while pleasanton in dublin at 67 walnut creek close to 70 today at 69 while oakland berkeley san leandro in castro valley still holding on to those 70's for another day same for you in benicia napa sonoma as well as over to santa rosa and down to sandra fell. you look ahead at next 7 days that show of good sheriff 70's today, but after today we drop back into the upper 60's on average a breezy one today tomorrow a little less windy and friday looking absolutely gorgeous to start the weekend winds do pick back up into saturday for the weekend and then we come back down into sunday. now as for next week conditions out there we'll cool down and looking at some chances of rainfall early on john thank you so heading out the door this morning, you have a very nice commute. >>i'm not tracking any major
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hot spots are any delays heading from the east bay and to the city used in the bay bridge drive times for you right now under 10 minutes also looking at the san mateo bridge if you're heading across the peninsula things got really busy. after an accident on the bridge yesterday. hopefully we don't see anything like that. now everything looks great no high wind advisories for you we are going to continue monitoring your roadways. we'll have that coming up next, but for now back to the news. the house is expected to vote on president biden's nearly 2 trillion-dollar covid relief package. it includes a $1400 stimulus check to americans making under $75,000 a year. direct funding to state and local governments and extra money for vaccine distributions. there's also a provision to increase the federal minimum wage to $15. the bill is expected to pass in the house it's unclear if it will survive the senate. the bill must pass both chambers of congress before president biden can sign it into law. happening today,
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california attorney general javier becerra we'll have his second confirmation hearing. he is the president's pick to lead the department of health and human services. the sierra says if he is confirmed to the new position the coronavirus pandemic will be his top priority. >>the president has ambitious goals 100 million vaccine shots in arms in his first 100 days, increasing access to testing sequencing the virus so we're prepared for the variance reopening schools and businesses hhs has a central meeting all of these goals safely and equitably. >>if confirmed he will become the first hispanic to ever lead the department. and national news security officials answered lawmakers questions about the january 6 capitol riots for the first time yesterday washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us live in d c with what they have to say good morning was shot. >>good morning. these law
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enforcement officials are calling the capital attacked an intelligence failure, they're blaming the federal government saying they were slow to respond which led to that violent and chaotic scene. >>all of america saw the horror of what happened now lawmakers are looking for answers as to how the u.s. capitol was breached by rioters on january 6 what went wrong on that capital side decisions that were made intelligence that shared former capitol police chief steven son testified at a joint senate committee hearing on security and intelligence failings to hear some some from some of the federal agencies on the investigations that are currently going on. >>where they're finding evidence that this was a coordinated attack and said the see the impact this has had on our agency and our country son says that information would have been helpful to them beforehand missouri senator roy question, the current capital security structure, the architect of the capitol. >>the chief of police as a as
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an ex non-voting member is almost totally unworkable in times of crisis is our solemn duty to prevent a day like january 6. from ever ever being repeated. >>now the justice department has arrested over 200 people in connection to the capital attack which left 5 people dead in washington are shot hudson back to you thank you
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>>san francisco is mourning the loss of a literary icon. there was a vigil for lawrence hu passed away at the age, a 101. it took place outside of city lights books and the north beach neighborhood which he found it. he was a beat poet artist and even a social activist kron four's maureen kelly has a closer look at the impact he had on san francisco and the literary community. >>we seem to see the people of the world exactly at the moment. when they first to time the title of suffering humanity poetry fan tom huntington reads from lawrence ferlinghetti is best known coney island of the mind out in front of city lights, the landmark bookstore ferling getting opened on columbus avenue in north beach. >>back in the 1950's flowers and candles have been left in the doorway berlin getting as many books of poetry and art fill the window, i feel. >>great but also. and his
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gratitude is made while a prolific writer and painter and the city's first poet laureate he's most famous for his work as a publisher in 1956 copies of beat poet allen ginsberg's book howell were seized and ferland getting arrested and charged for selling obscene materials. >>berlin getty defended how in court and won that put himself and the entire beat movement into the public eye. the beat generation question american society in the 1950's and eventually set the stage for the antiwar movement and counterculture of the 1960's, the manager of city lights says wall ferling getty was a famous man he didn't act like one it's not that lawrence was particularly humble. >>it's just that he didn't if he didn't revel in his accomplishments. he was always thinking about what he wanted to do next. which is probably why he did so much his the little boy was published right before he turned 100 years old
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died monday night inside his north beach apartment just one month shy of his 100 and second birthday. >>his son by his side. maureen kelly kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a missing woman and her young boy have been found safe. a date latest details in a homicide investigation after the break.
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>>welcome back. let's get another check of the weather this morning with john travel john it was beautiful yesterday. beautiful today, beautiful for the next few days. yeah, we're looking at conditions out there that will remain warm at least we do have a couple of changes though that we definitely got to know first of all we're not going to be as hot as yesterday and seconds we're actually going to be pretty windy this afternoon as well looking outside this morning at rc church, our view skies are beautiful crystal clear nothing to worry about as you make your way into work unless you're driving a high-profile vehicle on one of our mountain passes one of those taller more susceptible to being tossed around a bit and some of the stronger winds that we are in the midst up winds have already picked up right above the bay they're going to mix down further into the bay by the time we reach our way into the afternoon that means all of us are going to be looking at least some very breezy conditions later on today


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