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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>house is taking aim full story in the u.s. economy and one way the president wants to do that is through an executive order to make the nation's supply chain more resilient our washington dc correspondent basal john joins us now live with details on how this will help the country good evening yes. well earlier today, president biden met with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss how they can further strengthen the u.s. supply chain and support the idea of more jobs in communities around the country. >>the american people should never face shortages in the goods and services they rely on wednesday president biden signed an executive order directing a 100 day review of the u.s. supply chain and met
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with a bipartisan group of lawmakers about ways to work together but we had a very good meeting the president the vice president talking about the. >>importance of. having dependable supply chains texas republican senator john cornyn so the need to address the issue is something both parties agree on we all understand this is important not only to our economy but also to the to our national security white house press secretary jen psaki says the executive action will protect the country against shortages of critical supplies. grow the economy and maintain america's competitive edge in the world ensuring that can withstand crises and create good paying jobs in the process senate majority leader chuck schumer says semiconductor manufacturing is a weak spot for the u.s. economy. >>this is a technology. the united states created we ought to be leading the world and schumer applauds the executive order legislation on the issue to protect american industries from unfair competition from countries like china for
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decades china has effectively ceased cheated and stolen its way to economic growth engaging in brazen theft of american intellectual property. >>now the biden administration says it will stay in close contact with congress to receive recommendations during the review. reporting in late reporting live in washington, i'm basil john baseball, you know big concern about the vaccination supply with how will this focus on supply chains. help deal with the pandemic. well you remember from the beginning of the pandemic there was an issue when it came to supply and demand with specially when it was with ppe so a lot of those gloves and masks hand sanitizer and also there was an issue with the actual race of getting a vaccine out the white house actually quoted some numbers earlier the stated that more than 70% of pharmaceutical ingredients production facilitators supplying the u.s. was
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offshore and was outside of the country so that ended up contributing to the delay in him getting new supplies getting those ingredients that were necessary for combating the virus so not only is this going to be able to assist the actual process of getting more of that supply in but it is also supposed to be a long-term boon for the economy to get back to where it was before the pandemic faisal thank you for that update for us from washington. >>a major challenge regarding the president's relief bill, the ongoing feud over a national minimum wage our catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here now with the latest on that castro will the fate of that part of the relief package, particularly very much in question internal disputes are continuing. >>in the meantime if and when national minimum minimum wage of $15. >>does take hold the country will essentially be playing catch-up with california. the state of course is the first to commit to raising the
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minimum wage to $15 for everybody by 2023. >>some pockets of the state including san francisco already have a minimum wage of at least $15 in place. one argument though for national rate, california would no longer be competing with areas of the country that payless sometimes far less a uniform nationwide rate would remove that disadvantage. but republican senators were lining up again today to argue the proposal is a deal breaker one that would kill off too many already pandemic stress businesses. what does that do. >>obviously puts a lot out of business, but it also raises the cost of everything else that's got to get passed on. don't believe us the congressional budget office which is the scorekeeper the referee if you will when it comes to these issues has said that it would cost the economy one 0.4 million jobs. i do believe there's bipartisanship to move the minimum wage up in a more responsible fashion and i would urge president biden
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if you can't find common ground here you're not looking hard enough. >>democratic senator bernie sanders argues one way or the other a nationwide increase is critical. >>god knows. there are 10's of millions of workers now we're dependent on raising the minimum per able to do >>so right now lawmakers are waiting for a key ruling from senate officials on whether the proposed wage boost can even remain part of this bill. this is based on some very complicated senate rules they could find out late tonight or tomorrow, pam and ken. >>all right katherine, thank you for that well a windy and warm day around the bay area today really makes you want to go out and take a long walk outside you know it was so windy, pam. that us on animal scoring down the sidewalk in san francisco. then i realized it was somebodys wig that had blown off and was just how blowing down the street, this is. >>i just made >>i was thinking the same as ends up to something right now
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lose a half day for some of us right because winds. we're just brutal for some of us in some spots and really we're going to see the winds continue to increase during the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning in fact you can see the flag flying there in the background at the golden gate bridge. it is quite windy in san francisco. and we're seeing a wind speeds in the 20's actually in parts of the city. so this wind advisory has been extended by the national weather service earlier today, so it's been extended until 4 o'clock early tomorrow morning. versus wrapping up a late tonight, so we're expecting these winds to stick with us almost your morning commute tomorrow. if you're an early riser just be careful on the roadways though lots of debris that we're expecting across all lanes but those current wind gusts look at this in the 50's in some spots, especially in our north bay mountains and in fact mount saint just now peaking at 78 miles per hour as far as those wind gusts go so definitely higher elevations are much more of a blustery wind wind effect and we're
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going to be seeing that again through tonight into early tomorrow morning. looks like our east bay we're almost near the 30's for parts of our oakland hills and even getting into hayward so just be really careful out there both hands on that steering wheel as you were driving around. thanks to the high pressure that we're seeing that's why we're seeing the temperatures well above seasonal averages, 6070's and even near 80's in some spots that we've been seeing through this week and we're seeing that offshore flow really peak today and then it should start to weaken as we get through the rest of the weekend into your weekend. all let you know exactly what to expect for your saturday and sunday coming up in just a pam back to you, thanks o back also coming up a push for expansion of paid sick leave for essential workers in california what we know about the proposal tonight. >>and u.s. postal service is facing a financial cliff after years of declining revenues. how congress is now working to keep the postal system running.
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>>plus shutting down after more than 30 years in business why fry's
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>>another company taking a toll from the pandemic after 36 years in business fry's electronics is shutting its doors this nationwide company was founded in the south bay. it has 31 stores across the nation in 9 different states fry's electronics release a statement saying that the
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business is not being put up for sale instead the company is hoping that shutting down will maximize the value of its remaining assets for all stakeholders this morning on makers and labor leaders held a news conference to push for an expansion of paid sick leave for essential workers. >>employer mandated covid-19 specific emergency paid sick leave expired on december 31st. >>labor leaders say essential employees you don't have paid sick leave or put in the position of having to choose between working while sick. we're losing money local representatives say essential workers also tend to be the least vaccinated group of the population. >>especially the lives of people like the ones i represent whose race immigration status and lack of car or internet connection or lack of english language literacy can make them. the least a vaccinated most our communities. >>advocates are calling on governor newsom to expand emergency paid leave and include medical leave protection for essential
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workers. >>still ahead efforts to save the nation's post office, the solutions lawm
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>>postal service has been experiencing delivery delays which really kicked in last summer and it has also been facing a financial cliff after years of declining revenues and pension payment demands mandated by congress our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports on
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efforts in congress to try to save the nation's postal system. >>the u.s. postal service is facing financial disaster, congressman jerry connelly says a big part of the problem is the post office is required to pre fund retiree benefits 75 years in advance the money sits on the treasury account waiting the from the health benefits of those. >>not yet born even when it could be used to fortify a struggling postal service representative carolyn maloney says the solution should include medicare integration. the draft bill would require current employees to enroll in medicare. >>when they reach 65 right retirees to are already over 65 would be given a 3 month period to enroll with no penalty but kentucky republican congressman james comer says the post office promised greater benefits to employees. >>and the underlying problem is with the business model demand for first class mail has plunged and costs have stayed the same. no business.
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could be expected to survive the chairman of the post office board of governors told lawmakers there is a plan in the works to deal with the financial problems as well as current service delays comprehensive plan to invest in and revitalize the postal service, this plan is still being finalized. so i'm not in a position to reveal any specifics, democrats and republicans agree saving the post office which is required to deliver mail to every us address is vital. >>reporting in washington. alexandra le mon. >>senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is going after house speaker nancy pelosi's response to last month's capitol riot, he says pelosi's proposal for a bipartisan commission to investigate the violence is quote not bipartisan at all. >>she the president of the 9.11 commission. but her draft bill fails to track without precedent. in key ways. the
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9.11 commission was intentionally built to be bipartisan. the 5050 bipartisan split of the commissioners. was a key feature. it both help the effectiveness of investigation itself. and help give the whole country confidence in its work. and recommendations. this time, however speaker pelosi started by proposing a commission that would be partisan by design. 7 apartments for democrats. just for for republicans. >>speaking on the senate floor today mcconnell's out acknowledge that the january insurrection insurrection does require a serious and thorough review of the specific institutions and security procedures within congress. >>tiger woods will not face any charges for the crash. she was involved in early yesterday morning. la county sheriff's department officials made the statement on a facebook live stream today. they said no drugs or alcohol were involved. calling what
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happened to early accidental. they added the crash happened on a downhill stretch of road known for crashes in that area. san jose sharks of canceled tomorrow's home game against the las vegas golden knights after one of their players was placed in the league's covid protocol. the team made that announcement on twitter saying while currently only one player is affected. the team cancel practice in training activities out of an abundance of caution at this time we do not know the name of the player who's placed on that covid list well as get more now on the wednesday, windy weather. lot of w's in there's a lot going on outspde yeah that's definitely a tongue twister. it is hump day and it is very windy about is for sure you probably felt it all day long today. >>and we're going to continue to feel it into a late tonight and even during the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning. right now though it's absolutely beautiful as beautiful day other than the wind absolutely gorgeous though if you want to spend some it outside look at the sunset that we're seeing. this
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is our camera shot on top of the berkeley hills just beautiful right now, nice and clear for you. but yes, it is definitely a bit windy out there in fact that a high wind advisory has been extended until 4 o'clock tomorrow morning because we're going to see the north bay hills, the east bay or the north bay mountains rather east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. those higher elevations still peaking at maybe 50 even 60 miles per hour. as far as those gusts co so just to be real careful out there. but thanks to the high pressure and the offshore flow we're still seeing temperatures on the warmer side definitely different for this time of year well above average tomorrow things are going to taper off by a few degrees but we're still going to be definitely mild out there mostly 60's that we're going to be seeing in san francisco tomorrow downtown you'll be at a high of 63 tomorrow as well as the sunset district and then those upper 50's to low 60's continue along the peninsula, half moon bay you'll be at a high of 62. more 60's as we get the peninsula there sfo you'll to
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63 degrees 64 for the high in burlingame and then mid 60's that we're seeing as we move further down the peninsula, 65 for redwood city in palo alto mountain view you'll be at a high of 66 degrees. your south his own looks like this upper 60's for the most part downtown san jose, a high of 67 milpitas 66 and those mid 60's continue for our east bay's own plus and 10 you'll get a high of 66 and then we'll see those 60's continue as we get further along through walnut creek renda and then very evenly spread temperatures as we get into our north bay as well 68 though in vacaville that's one of our warmer. spots tomorrow nap if you're going to be heading to a wine country 68 there and then you can see those 60's only continue for much of our through nevado an into sandra fell so much warmer than what we're supposed to be seeing for this time of year, but we'll take it right lots of sunshine and yes, it will still be breezy as we get through the next couple of days. and guys we're going to see those overnight lows though start to get chilly again dropping into the
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30's in some spots but at least the days will be really nice sunday's cold night, yes, all right, thanks >>a stray grandmother is being praised for her bravery after tackling a would be burglar taking him to the ground. here's a video they wrestle for a bag for a bit but the woman refuses to let him steal that eventually the man gives up lets go of the bag and gets away. woman told local australian news outlet. she had been out celebrating her birthday when this incident occurred. police say she was left with a few cracked ribs cuts and bruises. after this altercation but she is one tough grandma is she is. >>coming up next the gold
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>>in entertainment news a golden globe awards are just a few days away airing this sunday entertainment tonight's kevin frazier is breaking down a few of the nominees for best kevin pam and ken hollywood's biggest parties go to look a little different this year. but the competition for best picture drama is tough as always. >>you didn't do. >>and yeah it the most fun i've ever had to carey mulligan's revenge thriller promising young woman is chasing gold hoping the best globes most-nominated movie say it with back. gary oldman's old hollywood tale faces off against the semi documentary nomadland the anthony hopkins drama, the father and we go to chicago to
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protest the vietnam war the trial of the chicago 7th already a winner for star power the song best in the world. >>very intimidating for me. >>to be fix them a lot 5 sasha baron cohen is a double nominee. his borat sequel is up for best picture comedy slash >>competition there includes kidman cordon, kerry and street in the prom seized directorial debut music and the time looping andy samberg comedy palm springs. but the one to beat is lin-manuel miranda's hamilton wanted to capture this moment in time captured this incredible company. >>and make sure you tune in to e t tonight for the latest on tiger woods condition after his car wreck plus simon cowl tells us about his pretty miraculous recovery after breaking his back in a bike accident. you don't want to miss it for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier.
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>>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00am tonight at 6 teachers caught in the middle some educators reporting they are not able to get covid vaccines in the county where they work because it is not where they live kron 4 investigated now some changes are being made and we continue to follow breaking news an armed robbery and shooting inside a target in antioch we're live on the scene as police try to figure out exactly what happened. the news at 6 is next.
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>>for news at 6 a man was shot this afternoon at a target in the east bay officials telling us it happened during an armed robbery at the store in antioch good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore that shooting was reported about 2 o'clock this afternoon it happened at the target store on lone tree way at the slaton ran shopping center for us michelle kingston was there moments after it happened she joins us live now with the latest michelle.
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>>and still no official word from police but we do know that one person was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. i did speak to some shoppers to or inside and hurt that gunfire. >>about a dozen police cars lined the front of the antioch target on wednesday afternoon following what contra costa county fire says was an armed robbery inside the store with one person transported to the hospital after being shot in the leg officers were seen putting up caution tape around the parking lot focusing their attention on this black mercedes canine sniffing the area one man seen getting into the back of a police car target customer standing by their cars feeling lucky to be out safe somebody scream. >>from sea was being robbed. everyone started running and i heard 3 shots amanda pereira was inside with her 2 kids when she says she heard the gunfire, she said she grabbed her kids and ran to the exit


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