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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 25, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now swing just a little bit and that persistent breeze areas like fairfield in santa rosa still looking at winds regularly into that 20 mile per hour range little calmer for areas like oakland and hayward you're being shaded by the hills right now right above you once you head up into the oakland hills that's where you're running into those breezier spots currently now wind advisories did expire right around 30 minutes ago for the rest of the day today we'll see gradually tapering wind speeds and setting us up for what will eventually be a slightly calmer afternoon just a touch cooler of an afternoon as well still just as clear and dry as it's been all week long up to this point and temperatures this morning are actually pretty mild most of us are in the 50's oakland at 56 degrees who have 50 degrees in the meantime there are a couple of standouts for the colder worries and ipad a loo at 30 it's 9 right now novato and santa rosa each at 41 degrees currently little chillier for you in the north bay, i'm talking about where exactly were headed next and
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what it's going to look like this upcoming weekend still to come in your forecast bacteria john thank you so much, let's get a look at your traffic this morning if you are heading from the east bay into the city, it's a very nice commute right now windy, though. >>so want to make sure you take your time and drive slow under 10 minutes for your drive time to the fremont street exit. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across to the peninsula. there. under 11 minutes for your drive time we had a major crash the day before on this bridge drive times are up to about 15 minutes but we're nice and in the clear as of right now, and let's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell coming out of richmond very here. under 9 minutes for your drive time we're tracking your commute. we'll have more coming up in just a moment for now back to the news. a single dose johnson johnson vaccine is now one step closer to distribution. the agency confirms the vaccine is 66% effective overall against the virus. and 85% effective against the most serious illnesses. johnson and johnson
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has promised 20 million doses by the end of march pfizer moderna plans to provide an additional 140 million doses in that same time. madonna sets a launch clinical trials for a vaccine does designated are designed specifically to fight new covid-19 variance the company says it has produced enough very unspecific vaccines to begin testing in people moderna says it is testing whether to include a single booster from the original vaccine to increased antibody levels after trials the fda will need to approve the vaccine. researchers from ucsf found the covid variance a more dangerous and more contagious. some experts say they should not be a cause for concern. a doctor monica down and get gandhi she's an infectious disease specialist at ucsf now she argues that we should instead be focusing on slowing the spread of the virus through mask and wearing and social distancing and improving the vaccine rollout.
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we leaves this turning around that we're seeing the cases and hospitalizations going down and it's a little bit of a focus let me think about something bad because i know life is going to be good again. it is. >>it is vaccines are working and they're going to park. >>doctor gandhi says the vaccine rollout needs to go faster so that we can eventually obtain herd immunity meaning the different covid-19 variants will be a non-factor. despite san francisco being in the red tier most bars and nightclubs remain closed. one of the last standing dedicated lgbtq entertainment venues is on the brink of closing for good oasis a popular drag club along 11th and folsom street is now putting on a live telethon and hopes of saving their venue kron 4 taylor reports. >>it's really really hard and i think of all the sleepless nights and this year of the amount of stress and. i can
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have that be for nothing you know i can always his owner darcy drilling or is fighting to keep their drag club alive in san francisco. >>for 7 years, it's been a special place for the community and remains one of the last standing lgbtq entertainment venues in the city as the pandemic forced the permanent closure of others like the stud if we lose these places san francisco's going to be got it it's not going to be the same city in the past year drilling or applied for business loans and pivoted this space into a drag food delivery and live streaming service but says ppp loans quickly ran out. >>rowling or says even their life savings couldn't keep up with the mounting bills not to mention the 20 grand monthly rent. well the san francisco music and entertainment venue fund and federal save our stages fund was approved calendar says it's becoming waiting game one that they can hold out on much longer you know to get the save our stages were not allowed to apply for the. >>the second round of ppp
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money so they put us in a situation where we're just in like rent isn't and pg and e's and in limbo in a last ditch effort to save this venue falling are in the teens at away since are hosting a 12 hour live telephone event on saturday march 6 we've got really great people you know local luminaries like i clean patients crisis and my money the more to rupaul's stars like been to the crime and trixie alaska to even my come london breed sent a video message that we can play a role and your hopes the event will help the nightclub stay open and says like away says many other venues are also at a make or break moment a breaking point maintain the kind of culture that we know and love and it's not going to happen if we turn our backs on all of our small independent venues. you can tune in to the
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march 16 it from home on your computer just head to way says dot com or head to our website for more details. >>and taylor reporting kron 4 news. >>hazard pay is coming for some essential workers in unincorporated areas of santa clara county. the county board of supervisors voted to temporarily and a large grocery stores and pharmacies to provide an additional $5 an hourly pay to employees on top of their regular wage. now the boost in pay begins in 30 days and one last 180 days or until the county's county covid-19 emergency plans terminated, grocery stores and pharmacies with more than 300 employees nationwide and at least 15 employees, an unincorporated areas of the county qualify. in the east bay alameda county health officials say severe child physical abuse cases are rising due to the pandemic a new organization is looking to help victims heal by transforming their personal
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space kron four's noelle bellow has that story. >>we come in and we completely transform the rams top to bottom with a fresh coat of paint and added therapeutic features like weighted blankets room redux is helping heal victims of child abuse one room at a time tracy sargent heads up the new bay area chapter. it's already transformed the rooms of nearly a dozen children currently we're working with benioff children's hospital granted children all have to be in counseling or have gone through counseling or the abuse or trauma room redux really helps. the child the family in a part of that there be processed to really kind of. >>regain a sense of control manager of the center for child protection at ucsf benioff oakland shelley hamilton says the redux does is the perfect addition to the psychotherapy services her office provides for children
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have been abused in their home, the home environment provides a constant for them increases hyper vigilance hyper reactive states so by transforming that room. it really goes to kind of read to use a lot of these day today triggers hamilton says over the last year though reports of misconduct have gone down at least 30%. reports of child physical abuse are on the rise. and that's not the whole picture of very things that are necessary for us to do to eradicate this virus, you know sheltering-in-place restricted travel has taken children kind of the day today contact with mandated reporters definitely a lot more cases that we are out there that are not coming to our attention just yet one young victim received help redux just last month and is already showing signs of improvement good one where the child has moved into his office. >>you know they feel like they're just kind of in a space not their own room, so
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we really go out of our way to personalize this space i have a little one hu. >>benefited from a room just last month. and there's not a session goes by that we don't talk about all of the benefits that he's reading of that room redux is operating off of donations right now each room cost between $1502,000 to transform in oakland noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>san francisco mayor london breed and other local leaders address the rise in hate crimes against asian americans is. >>they checked in with merchants in the richmond district and the mayor walk several blocks of clement street with the police chief and also introduced merchants to the new captain of the richmond district police station. they said the neighborhood has seen a rise of burglaries vandalism and hate crimes mostly targeting asians i want to be clear. >>and then when you come to san francisco. with the expectation to harm somebody here in this city there will be consequences because we're
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not happening. >>mayor breed says members of the street violence intervention program that been tapped to help make people feel safer in their community. state assemblyman david chiu is trying to pass a bill that would establish a hate crime hotline run by the california department of justice. and east bay dna evidence has linked one coyote to a series of attacks on people in lafayette and moraga 5 biting incidents have been reported since july. last friday, a man became the latest victim of the same coyote he was didn't use a quickie stop in lafayette, 3 days earlier a little girl was bitten by a meranda fish and wildlife officials say the coyote likely looking for food. they recommend keeping pet food indoors and to keep a close eye on your pets and children when they're outside. >>each of the 5 victims have all been didn't they never saw coming may. and we came up it
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started the attack it did to and then they fought back and they they thought it off and it and let go and ran off. >>warning signs are now posted up in areas where the attacks happened. federal wildlife experts of lay traps to catch the coyote and try to find out if the animal is diseased. coming up all next on the kron 00:00am morning news want east bay. woman is inspiring positivity through horseback riding how she's using her platform to help use.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. let's get another check of weather today with john john as soon as you told us was going to be windy. believed it because it was windy last night it was windy out there yesterday we had peak wind gusts up in some of our mountain peaks as high as 78 miles per hour up in mount saint in northern napa county. >>sure was be a little tricky for you to get to sleep last night that wind direction against the window outside now this morning, it's still breezy, but we are starting to see the conditions calming down the signs of calming will continue on through the day today so yesterday was definitely or windiest of this forecast can breathe a little sigh relief that by the afternoon today just going to be looking a little bit nicer
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skies do remain clear and dry we've got this high-pressure ridge that is not going anywhere anytime soon still windy as i mentioned, but not as windy as yesterday in fact you can see that we are still windy up in the north bay, especially but look at how those wind speeds gradually taper on into the afternoon by late morning areas like oakland we'll be seeing max winds at around 15 miles per hour for the most part as for wind advisories, almost all expired now we are still looking at one up in lake county but otherwise we are starting to see those conditions getting better as those wind advisories begin to expire. now what tuesday was our hottest one yesterday or when the u.s. one today is not going to be super know where the and either way just a mild one in a calmer one, but a nice one to get outside. daytime highs will be a bit closer to our seasonal average is still running a few degrees above where we should be but that's enough to get us into the mid to upper 60's in a few spots, san jose and fremont among are areas that 67 for your highs today, really nice
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comfortable afternoon oakland at 65 while walnut creek and conquered at 68 3 warmest spots today fairfield napa and sonoma and add another in there with santa rosa at 69 degrees no one hitting 70 today but getting close upper 60's certainly not bad, especially with calmer conditions tomorrow will be another beautiful day even calmer yet temperatures just as nice and mild saturday winds pick back up but only briefly we come down for the rest of the weekend into next week. you notice that skies are staying sunny and dry all the way through this forecast i mention that high pressure ridge not going anywhere anytime soon. and that's what it's doing to us keeping us dry and mild. each of your next 7 days. reyna tom has a nice looking forecast all right, let's get a look at your roads this morning heading from the east way into the city. >>no major hot spots still very gusty very windy. so be careful as you cross there under 10 minutes for your drive time to that fremont street exit and also look at the golden gate bridge here heading into the city again very clear skies. there's no
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fog stopping or slowing down or impeding your vision here under 25 minutes as you head into the city and a look at the richmond center fell commute heading out of richmond under 9 minutes for your drive time here so we're watching roadways. now major hot spots and we'll give you more information we'll have that coming up and just a moment. people are not accustomed to seeing a black woman on a horse. it's a site that gets a lot of attention east bay native we're gonna noble is a 26 year-old equestrian and activists to use that attention to promote causes that she cares about she says horses inspire positivity kron four's pam moore has our story. >>this picture of brianna noble on horseback leading a black lives matter protests in oakland went viral her intent to offset negative coverage of the i just decided to take my personal horse to the protests
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and look at how far that spread around the world later she led a heels down fist up black lives matter trail ride demonstration in the headlands. >>solidarity with all fell in love with horses as a little girl going with her sister to work its tables in oakland next week, the bar and i'll you know do what every other chores around the when it came time for her i would be peeking out the side of the barn door and i just thought it was the coolest thing ever activism also started young and 15 protesting the killing of oscar grant. >>but her dreams to continue with horse shows and jumping competitions has shifted now and said she has kept her efforts to expose more people of color particularly children to the equestrian she led me on a ride and talked about her nonprofit called humble. >>people that come from humble means. are the ones that we want to impact number one and
4:49 am
number 2 horses are humble they humble you to their their strength and their power i humble yself to them and in turn a dummy. >>after working summers at a for profit ranch, she decided to help low income families is just something i did in my free time that was my little way to give back now her nonprofit humble offers regular programs for underprivileged children bringing them to serene settings like this at little or no for some of the parents of the kids it's like this is the one time that it will open up and fought for i just really and does feel to to be riding on a high says that some at a certain point during our lessons. >>bree allows them to take the initiative and i do see that translating world at home what love about >>they are really the driving
4:50 am
force in my they make me a better person. grounding and energizing this is the right out to vote we had use her high-profile to put together this video merit on the old pony express ride and in real life she rode her horse to turn in her own vote last november, another chance to take her horses in the community for i think it's the coolest thing in the world that i can figure out how to it. >>make a living. and give back and the around horses all day. i mean doesn't want to basically turn their passion into a career into a job in into giving back. >>that was our pam moore reporting now these are some of the children in brianna's humble program for more information on bull we have a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. be sure to tune in this saturday at 11:00pm 4 are
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honoring black history special hosted by pam moore will be right back.
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>>well the warriors get some well-deserved rest at home today after playing on the world since last friday.
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yesterday the warriors beat the pacers at their home near the end of the 1st half staff gets hit in the face to get somebody knows, but that didn't stop him from scoring 24 points. the rest of the team also played well in the warriors were able to grind out a win over the pacers 111 to one '07. here's coach steve kerr on that one. >>you know for play these close you know we've got to learn how to close new with with great defense like we played tonight you've got to execute coming off those 2 terrible losses, his team could have very easily 100 that's lost these last 2 games so the fact that we we won the last 2 on the trip after that storm shows you a lot about 2 or more guys are. >>boys are back home at the chase center tomorrow they will be hosting the charlotte hornets is at 07:00pm 40 side take a look at this a puppy born with 6 lay eggs is being called a miracle in oklahoma same a skipper and was born
4:55 am
with one hand and a chest. but with 2 pelvic regions, including 2 tales and 6 legs will veterinarians say the border collie australian shepherd mix maybe the first dog 6 lakes to have ever been born alive. >>and it is you know this once in a a lifetime opportunity. >>to learn more about her. >>skippers owners know that she faces medical challenges ahead, but right now they say she is accomplishing everything she needs to and is following a path to a happy and healthy life. look at this video from a torn agency down in newport beach, a large pod of dolphins was seen following one of their whale watching boats agency called a dolphin stampede which is something you don't see every day. >>coming up in the next hour the mass vaccination site at the school the center is reopening today. we'll have the latest details coming up in a live report. plus the san francisco board of education
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has reached an agreement with the teachers union on reopening schools, what we can expect from that.
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>>news stations, you're watching the car. thank you for joining us on this thursday february 25th and james fletcher and look who's gracing us this morning because somebody is sleeping i will try it in for darya folsom on this blurs day. yeah, it was a little windy outside. >>if you're a little tired make sure you have 2 hands on the wheel because i needed to get over the bridge i felt like this is i'm aging myself. i felt like the minnow on the bridge and all over the planet 3 hour tour, look it up kids yeah that's way back we've got john and john know i heard you talking earlier was rain about how will cue up less of me to the win was howling, i know i
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try to go to bed with the window open because i love the sound of the wind going up in montana is always windy. but that was a lot of wind last night is the window to we have a 78 mile per hour peak, wind gusts on mount saint helene up in northern napa county. >>60 mile per hour gusts were seen areas like mount diablo in mount tam and of course our bridges more exposed to the winds too so just like james said you do want to keep both hands on the wheel as you're driving into work, especially on bridges right look at our camera outside of suture tower shows you those crystal clear conditions winds certainly not as much of a problem as they were last night, but it is still windy for your morning commute. that's the biggest thing you've got to worry about we've seen wind advisories expiring for all but lake county they expired at 04:00am so just about an hour ago rest of the day will be breezy not near as windy as yesterday though that just as clear skies, nice and clear across the bay area and temperatures for most of us pretty mild 40's and 50's right across the east bay and peninsula. well nevado san anselm


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