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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>>and the city of antioch israel lane from a series of shootings and in-custody deaths and for that reason. the mayor has called a special council meeting where he speaking and seeking approval for police reform was he believe need to happen now thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 5 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne kron four's flip to gaal is following this story for us tonight, he has the latest from antioch. >>the time to act is now says any aac mayor lamar thorpe on friday. he intends to pitch to the city council his plan for police reform during a special meeting, this as the city grips with multiple shootings
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and in-custody death investigations house waiting out for march, but you know what it meant to them and and frustration from members of our community. >>different issues that we're dealing with the sounds like these were people voted for leadership and i think it's time for myself and my colleagues on the city council to take action it has been a violent past week in antioch. >>to first responders were shot a man died in police custody and 2 men were arrested wednesday after shots were fired inside a target store that left one man wounded, it's about. >>kind ability. it's about trust. it's transparency says he has a good working relationship with police chief timoney brooks adding that the 2 collaborated on some of propose changes the council will evaluate. >>creating a mental health crisis response team officer training enhancements the militarizing the police force increasing accountability and transparency, including the
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implementation of body worn and in vehicle cameras establishing an independent review of on-duty police officer complaints, improving police hiring and screening practices and the way public and city leaders are notified about major promise we have segments of our population that stone. >>the level of confidence that instances where people just go freely able to show up to a target and start shooting thorpe says if his plan is adopted some reforms could be implemented immediately while others like ordering and deploying body cameras could take months to put into place only to fall kron 4 news. >>another act of gun violence this morning in san jose, the police responded to a shooting on the land avenue located off interstate 2.80 not far from san jose city college that area of the incident to land avenue from nevin way to
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kingman avenue is still closed to traffic this evening, san jose police say one person has non life threatening injuries from the incident, no word on a motive for that shooting. a fitness gyms potential locations for covid super spreader incidents, a new report from the centers for disease control and prevention suggests that they can that they can be if people are not following the rules for says the and has the story. >>55 covid-19 cases were identified among 81 people who've attended indoor high intensity classes at a chicago fitness gym late last summer that is according to a new cdc report the report states that 22 people with covid-19 worked out in that same gym in the days that follow report also finds that most of the attendees were not wearing a facial covering similar covid-19 incidents occurred in 3 fitness gyms in hawaii. >>you know. >>the fact jim allowed its
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participants to do a high intensity workout in a room indoors. and lest you know around 6 feet of social distancing with no masks. what did they expect was going to happen the co owner of the best 3 foot distance, san francisco days character says that this is what happens with the fitness industry does not have universally and for us covid-19 health and safety standards. >>it's frustrating to see that nationwide this hasn't been you know mandated that people must wear i think it really points out to. something that we've known for a long time in you know crowded indoor environments are the highest really for transmission of covid-19. >>doctor dean winslow is an infectious disease specialist at stanford he talked about the best way to prevent spreading covid-19 when you're working out in the gym, the been a couple studies showing things as simple as pretty inexpenstve surgical procedure
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mask do a fine job. cloth mask as long as they contain 2 or 3 layers do a good job and then recently there was actually recommendation that people even consider wearing. >>a cloth mask over top of a surgical mask in addition if you have the option of getting fit outdoors even better. >>well, you know we've had a great response to our outdoor we have big covered parklet and people and really been embracing it. >>has made kron 4 news. in san francisco, the city is ramping up vaccination efforts after an almost 2 week long the caused by vaccine. shortages nationwide. >>moscow any center in the city just closed about an hour ago but it was very busy this afternoon. in order to receive a vaccine there you need to be at least 65 years old or older or a health care worker. >>the city is also allowing tier one be in the vaccine ollout plan which includes teachers first responders and
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agricultural workers. the real problem is the vaccine supply is still very limited. moscow center is hoping to do about 4,000 vaccines per day and eventually bump that up to about 10,000. >>what we're expecting is this apply to go up again and even to get higher than it was before the storm. the white house is saying that this next - week they're going to distribute more doses and then any week prior we hope to see some of that trickle down here to this site and allow us to not only keep the site open. but keep it open indefinitely. >>again in order to make an appointment at mosconi center you have to register online at my turn dot ca dot gov. you can also go to kron 4 dot com. >>pfizer is studying the effects of a 3rd dose of its covid-19 vaccine, the pharmaceutical company is looking to determine whether an additional booster shot given 6 to 12 months after the
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first 2 doses would be enough to ward off the mutated versions of the coronavirus but china has also designed an updated version of its vaccine for primary use and as a booster. the scientists are looking to see if study participants developed antibodies that protect against new virus strains health officials continue to stress that the current covid vaccines do protect against various emerging in different parts of the world. san mateo police are crediting improvements in dna technology with the arrest in a 32 year-old cold case was back in 1989 when a san mateo woman was brutally attacked in her own home and now police say they have a suspect in custody. >>on first-and kerman following the story and joins us now with the details stand. >>well authorities say it was also dogged detective work. these authorities would not give up on this case plus the advancement in dna technology. that's why they believe
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they've got their man. >>both of these photos are of john harris junior one from 32 years ago the other from this week. wednesday police arrested him at his men take a home for the brutal attack of a san mateo woman on march 4th of 1989 suspected entered her home. had forcibly raped her. strangled her a knife to her throat and subsequently stabbed her several times before slashing her throat the victim survived and police interviewed several potential suspects but harris to lived in the same san mateo neighborhood at the time was not one of them. but over the years evidence was resubmitted several times in search of a dna match. finally they got a hit. and investigators say the victim was thankful to get the news is clearly something that she is live with every day of her over the past 30 years. >>and the same time she has taken steps to move on and has i think successfully done that and. but at the same time was
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extremely relieved and excited to know that this case it progressed to where it is now police say harris currently install surveillance equipment in meant he ca. >>but has lived all over the bay area the san joaquin valley as well as a brief stint in tucson well they say he has no record of violent crime. they're reaching out to numerous agencies to make sure there are no other victims. >>it would be concerning for any community and that's why we've been constant communication mantega i think they're they plants and public outreach and we've offered to assist with that in any way that we can. >>now harris will not be charged with assault due to the statute of limitations, however he will be charged with 2 counts of attempted murder which could carry a life sentence. reporting live dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you day and this just in to the kron 4 news room, the california public utilities commission has issued a proposal that if approved would place pg and e into the
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first step of an enhanced oversight and enforcement process. >>it would be based on the company's failure to prioritize clearing vegetation on his high-risk power lines as part of his wildlife mitigation a wildfire mitigation work in 2020 by placing the company into the enhanced oversight process, the cpu see will require corrective actions intended to ensure that the utility continues to improve its safety performance. >>well it was a lovely warm day today. so we want to check in on what the forecast is going to be the rest of the week practice traumas here that look rebecca yeah, ken and pam it was a gorgeous sunny day today and a lot more mellow as far as the winds go as a little bit breezy in some spots but not nearly. what we saw yesterday our live camera right now over a beautiful shot of downtown san francisco, the star suit our tower camera. >>and it's not swing in the wind like it was yesterday. it's definitely a lot calmer
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out there in fact, current wind speeds right now. in the single digits for the most san francisco looks like winning the prize right now 50 miles an hour. along the coast been pretty much calm throughout some much of the peninsula. and a little bit breezy in our spay and north bay zone so really nice out there today. the temperatures did take a slight we're mostly in the 60's right now again we saw some 70's earlier on 80's earlier in the week so we're going to see the temperatures slightly taper off over the next couple of days, but the winds could return into your weekend. once again, i'll have all those details coming up in just a bit pam and ken back to you all right rebecca also coming up at 5 to the state capital where organizers of the recall newsom efforts are closer to their goal. we have details on that and washington dc the house passes the equality act this afternoon but not before some. >>a fiery debate plus there is a new push to reopen schools in the south bay. it includes a petition drive and it has
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the backing of san jose's mayor what do the teachers thin
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>>a new a reopen schools is gaining steam in the supporters have launched a petition drive in san jose's mayor is on board as well kron four's rob fladeboe has details now for us live from san jose rob. well that's right ken san jose's mayor says that politics rather than science is currently driving
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the conversation about how to get schools reopen so he's launched an initiative calling for the collaboration of all stakeholders to get this done as soon as possible, let's take a look at how it's going to work. >>but we do not have to wait for sacramento. we can act here locally outside downtown san jose's horace mann elementary san jose mayor sam liccardo said it's time to reopen schools. >>and the science medical experts are telling us. >>that we can do this safely and we know that the children were suffering the most. i'm coming from the families who've already struggling the most the mayor's three-point plan calls for vaccinations focused on elementary school communities. >>practicing equity with getting schools open first in less affluent neighborhoods and providing options for teachers, students and parents to continue distance learning if they're not ready to come back in person. >>covid is scary but we're finding that children are not
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contracting or spreading covid at the same rates that we originally had thought to in. >>together is that set schools have been a bit of vision in a community, the mayor is calling rationing to elected leaders the county school districts and teachers unions but finding common ground won't be easy. san jose's largest school district and its teachers for example have already agreed to a memorandum of understanding about when they will be coming back to the classroom said superintendent nancy all the wrong. >>and so with all of our labor groups we have an agreement that's when county is in the here. or when the vaccine is widely available to our staff and we will be returning to in person and we have every intention >>during that commit mass. >>the plan here calls for includes rather a petition drive and so far 3200 people have signed on live in san
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jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news rob. thank that organizers of the effort together petitions to remove governor newsome from office say. >>they've almost met their goal of getting the recall on the ballot. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala talked with a senior adviser for the recall campaign and has the latest update. >>it's not about to go sir when it goes through and it will go through of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome said they've collected one 0.8 to 5 million signatures as of thursday meeting about 1.5 million signatures validated by the secretary of state's office supporters say they're aiming for 2 million signatures to account for potential rejection rate of about 25% that having what is continuing and we think that there's going to be a special election later this year, the update comes after the governor spent 2 weeks touring various vaccination sites up and down the state with other local democratic leaders newsome has said he's not focused on the recall effort against him recall proponents note shuttered schools, businesses
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and vaccine distribution delays have fueled the recent wave of petitions pretty pathetic if he said look about how he's tried to you. you know get out of the situation that he by. >>by doing these these mega events everything gavin newsom does is now under microscopes times a 1000. >>and that's the way should be supporters say they plan to keep collecting signatures up to march 17th, the secretary of state has so far certified about 700,000 signatures and has until late april to go through all signatures collected we'll let the secretary of state do her job. >>and we're going to let the we'll let the process continue, but we are going to stay on top of them. every step of the way to make sure that nothing goes awry and to make sure that there are checks and balances and people and the accountability is taking place. >>i reached out to governor gavin newsom's chief campaign strategist dan newman for comment on this latest update all he had to say was quote a few months ago more than 6 million californians voted for donald trump. end quote in
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sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>all right, let's check on our 4 zone forecast which is a windy one apparently and if you like the you're gonna love the forecast let's check in with rebecca yeah guys today was pretty mellow versus what we saw yesterday when wise right it wasn't a nearly what we saw as far as those gusts getting up to the 60's mean 70's and some are higher elevations. it was a gorgeous sunny day today and temperatures still well above seasonal averages and we're going to be seeing that over the next couple of days and into your weekend but those winds could return we're definitely seeing things outside breezy right now, but a gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. you can see the flag there on the right-hand side of your screen definitely a flapping in the wind right now we're seeing mostly on those wind gusts in the single digits or just in the teens right now, so definitely a different story than what we saw yesterday this offshore flow though definitely weakening for today, but it could start to amp up once again as we get into friday and even into saturday,
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especially in the north bay we're going to be seeing higher elevations. those gusts peaking at 30 maybe 40 miles per hour once again. and your weekend to getting into saturday morning. we could see a lot of the east bay and the valley start to get a lot of wind as this offshore flow continues to strengthen over the weekend. so it's going to be beautiful, it's going to be sunny. it's going to be dry for your weekend. but it can be windy once again so be aware of that temperature change though versus the last 24 hours things are really cooling down by a couple of degrees in some spots but a lot others like downtown oakland, you're a degrees cooler right now versus where we're at this time yesterday, same goes with hayward you're about the same for half moon bay and a couple degrees cooler in summer north his own of ottoman at about 2 degrees cooler. versus this time yesterday fairfield though here 4 degrees a little warmer versus yesterday. so right now the very evenly spread temperatures, we're looking at mostly in the 60's right now
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64 in downtown oakland 61 degrees in hayward 66 in livermore right now downtown san jose we're looking at currently 66 so definitely a different story today was nice and not as windy. so when do you know we could see it again this thank you. >>still ahead, lawmakers say they plan to vote on president biden's relief plan at the end of this week. well it past our washington correspondent has the answer. >>plus lady gaga has dog walker is in the hospital after being shot and her dog stolen. how much she says she'll pay to get the dogs back.
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>>walker hired by superstar entertainer lady gaga is in the hospital after being shot during a robbery this all happened in hollywood at about 9.45 last night when the dog walker 30 year-old ryan fisher was out with the pop star's 3 french bulldogs police say 2 suspects got out of a car one of them opened fire at fisher the suspects then took off with 2 of the 3 dogs. >>soon as i went to pull the to go out the gunshot. not that sit around back in the house with my wife and my dogs and we just for called 911 immediately and a second gunshot and i'm like what is happening. i just tried to see him at the hospital, but they accepting visitors. but i heard that he was shot in the chest 4 times last night and
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that they took 2 of the dogs and that he held on to asia, the black frenchie. >>this safe and found now. >>fisher is expected to recover lady gaga meantime is reportedly offering a $500,000 reward to find her dogs she has been in rome working on her role in the upcoming movie called gucci. up to celebrate black. >>history month we're going to introduce you to an exceptional woman. we broke barriers in education and is still inspiring others today. and the house passed equality act today, it's aimed at ending discrimination the lgbtq community but not everyone is happy about the result and president biden's relief plan is about to be voted on what do
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>>house lawmakers plan to vote on and they say pass the american rescue plan that of course is president biden's one-point-nine trillion dollar covid relief package and they may pass it as early as the end of this week our washington dc correspondent basal john joins us now live from the capital with more on where lawmakers stand on getting that relief out faisal. good evening guys and we have just learned that there will be no minimum wage hike added to the covid-19 relief bill a bill that has already been dealing with a partisan lines ever seems the white house introduce this and
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currently it's still hangs in the balance. >>i hope congress passes the american river rescue plan which have been pushing president joe biden remains hopeful his one-point-nine-trillion-dollar american rescue plan will make it to his desk white house press secretary jen psaki says passing the package is critical to help americans they clearly want money for vaccinations they clearly want. schools to reopen and funding to reopen schools and they clearly want direct checks. the need is great. >>the opportunity is there and e precision of this legislation to directly address the needs of the american people house speaker nancy pelosi expects the house to pass the american rescue plan by the end of the week. >>despite facing strong opposition from republicans both the house and senate 92% of the bill. is not connected to covid republicans like texas senator ted cruz argue the package is wasteful it simply. >>panel their political allies
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back home senate majority leader chuck schumer says senate democrats are prepared to move with or without republicans the american people know we're in a historic crisis and the senate will soon take action on our plan to solve this crisis democrats are expected to use a process called budget reconciliation which only requires a simple majority. texas republican senator john cornyn says that's not the right way to go about passing more relief the correct ruling would be to say the budget process cannot be used. >>to pass substantive legislation. >>now despite the opposition democrats believe this is the direction they should go psaki says that they have not received any ideas from republicans so they will continue with the way they're going with the planned. reporting live in washington, i'm basil john it just seems like it's not even realistic to think that this will be a bipartisan effort. >>well it's hard to say if a bipartisan effort will come to part of the reason why does minimu


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