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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  March 1, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>>now at 3 state leaders reach a deal to get students back in classrooms. what's in agreement and how many bay area schools may now reopen. plus johnson johnson becomes a 3rd covid-19 vaccine to get the fda's approval, how many doses are coming to the bay area and we'll tell you when. and the debate over reopening schools continues in east and caters on the hot seat. after a video showing him taking his child to school. >>from the local news station.
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this is kron 4 news at 3. >>so many of our kids and caregivers. are celebrating this day because we all are united around coming back safely into the schools and helping with the social emotional supports that our kids so desperately need. >>a major development out of the state's capital governor gavin newsome and state lawmakers have agreed on a plan to reopen schools across the state. thank you for joining us this monday march 1st i'm tahernia well after almost a year of lockdowns lawmakers and the governor have agreed on a 6.6 billion dollar budget package to accelerate the safe return to in person learning across the golden state under the new deal school districts could get money if they reopen by march 31st not to get the money schools must return to in person instruction at least through second grade the proposal and does not require staff and students to be
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vaccinated and districts are not required to have agreements with teachers unions we're going to have a kron four's ashley zavala live from sacramento. let later on this hour with reaction from the california as a school board association so be sure to stay with us that will be at 3.30. local leaders have started to respond to the governor's plans state he praised the deal but is still encouraging schools to maintain caution saying in part quote in the last few weeks we've seen more and more school districts across california announced plans and timelines to reopen their campuses as covid-19 case rates fall and more people are vaccinated while we are making good encouraging progress. we have to heed the advice of public health leaders who say we cannot get complacent as communities. we must continue to practice common sense safety such as wearing face coverings and physical distancing. so that we can keep infections low enough to return as many students as possible to the classroom. the
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superintendent also said his department is working on programs and grants to help bridge the learning gap that took place during distance learning, francisco mayor london breed responded to the plan on twitter saying quote our kids in need to safely return to the classroom. we're viewing this details but i want to gavin newsome governor newsome on moving this forward we're working with the state providers and schools to vaccine are teachers who are already in the classroom and those heading back soon. go to the north bay where some high school students, a marine county will go back to classrooms as early as tomorrow, but it won't be a complete switch in person learning will be staggered with distance learning kron four's charles clifford joins us live with more details. charles where the preparations look like today. >>well there's a lot going one school district up in nevado already has some kids back in the classroom today, others will follow soon you number
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and went from the purple to the red tier last week which means high schools which have been in distance learning for almost a year now can resume classes as long as they haven't improved health and safety plan. >>across the county high school students have been divided into small groups or cohorts that will attend classes a few days a week and then have distance learning on the other days in nevada on monday. the first cohort attended classes cohorts at redwood high school and tennille pious high school will start on tuesday at tem ul pious high school the school produced this video to show what the experience will be like for students coming back students will have to stay 6 feet apart wearing masks wash hands, frequently and be spread out when the lunch students in the classroom will also be joined virtually by students at home, so they are all learning together the superintendent of the tunnel pious union high school district says that for the foreseeable future. this is how classes will operate, but she hopes to get things back to normal soon as possible hope it will get you know vaccines now that they're open to educators has really
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have really started to accelerate we also know more you know >>we have more more more data coming in around the safety measures you know that schools are really you know in this environment very safe with them asking ventilation on the precautions are in place spread in schools is very low in novato on monday students and their parents were happy that in person classes had resumed. >>didn't see they i think the kids >>need to be back in for so many i think mental health is. one of my big and to have my senior have a senior year i think it's going to be exciting for her next week to be on campus. >>yeah, lots of kids happy today and they are hoping that this week and next week 17 high schools across marin county we'll be able to get kids back for at least some in person learning for now in the
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north bay charles clifford kron 4 news charles. thank you >>johnson johnson is preparing to ship 4 million doses of its single-shot vaccine after it was given emergency approval over the weekend. the viles will be shipped to distribution sites nationwide and arrive at some areas as early as tomorrow. governor gavin newsom says california could receive more than 380,000 doses of this new vaccine. this week. the vaccine does not require ultra cold storage johnson johnson is promising to deliver 16 million more doses nationwide by the end of the month and 80 million by the end of june. meanwhile the state is pushing to get more of the moderna and pfizer vaccines into people's arms, the latest numbers from the california health department show that more than 11 million doses have been delivered to california and over 9 million shots have been administered. this is a closer look at how each a bay area county is doing with vaccine distribution. you can see
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santa clara county has administered the most doses in the bay area napa county, the least you can track these details on our website kron 4 dot com. we also have links there on how to sign up for vaccines in your county. optimistic about the arrival of the new johnson johnson vaccine in hopeful, it'll find its way to hard-hit communities are officials in san mateo county kron four's rob fladeboe has more for us now from east palo alto fraud. >>good afternoon sun as you i'm here at to the ravenswood a middle school here in the heart of east palo alto were officials held a news conference this morning to call for more vaccine to be earmarked for communities like this one which have been disproportionately hit hard by covid-19 let's take a look at some video and i can tell you that there have been a handful of vaccination clinics, a reasonably close to where people live here in east palo like the one you're seeing
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here though a bit far away up daly city right now less than 10% of east palo alto residents have been vaccinated well one in 6 people here have been infected with covid-19 since the pandemic began that's more than 5,000 plus people. officials now are calling for more vaccine and more outreach to get the vaccine to people where they live also expressing some optimism about the arrival of the johnson and johnson vaccine was state senator josh back or a democrat from menlo park. here's more from mister becker now. >>we need the feds to prioritize communities like these with the change a vaccine we should be receiving 1.1 million. really unexpected doses over the next 3 weeks. we go out to a mobile system to go out to communitie increases supply from the
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federal government and then we need to increase the resources on the ground to get that supply to these one of biggest vaccination clinics to date here palo alto was the one at the ravenswood family health center. >>that was held around the end of january since then it's been mostly the smaller clinics and health care providers that have been doing most of the vaccinating here there has been a fair amount of ever. but his hope with this arrival of the johnson and johnson vaccine is going to make a difference here and of course school officials here at ravenswood middle school also say the best way to get the schools open and here is to get more vaccine out into the community and to get teachers vaccinated as soon as possible live in east palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news. rob. thank you for that. >>turning our attention now to our forecasts is the live look from mount tam camera over sausalito and into the city today is march 1st it's crazy
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it's a new month and we have new weather pattern bills that force dave spahr joining us from the weather center. what's in store for this first week of the month i don't call this the lion effect or something more fits the sheep or whatever the animals are when they do with march but anyway. >>we have this kind of a hodgepodge of spring-like weather over the next 7 days stealing your shot here. yes, this is the live camera shot see san francisco down there alcatraz pretty swede a bit of a breeze and all that. but tomorrow we'll have the cloud cover but still hold on to those mild temperatures we've already got to the lower 70's there look at them freeman even at 7170 livermore concord at 71 up in the north bay there are trailing in the mid 60's, 69 meanwhile for san jose let's compare now, yes up in the north bay that's where it's a little colder this morning than yesterday a touch warmer off to the east bay and around the perimeter that they kind of a mixture going on so we're going to hold on to these mild temperatures but sky conditions are going to change we have a system in our backyard here. most of for the energy is going to stay to the
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north this milder air to the south is what's going to impact tomorrow with the cloud cover development and the mild temperatures which we're going to hold onto starting even in the morning hours, breaking it down for you it's about 69 or so by 4 by 7 work 5548, at 10. we're still in a toy around with some 30's going on in the big board though for all but lowes places like santa rosa may drop down to 3937 39 for because the cloud cover is going to be coming in from the south. their go it will be a little bit on the mild side and temperatures tonight, not too bad for the quote winter type of forecast. however, with the cloud cover in place tomorrow temperatures stay mild. however will clear that out to the end of the week and then it becomes unsettled yet again we'll have bit more on that coming up to thank you for that. >>3 of the 3 an update to a story we brought to you over the weekend where police found the stolen container full of donated by side novato and how soon they'll be back in the right hands. also tell you why
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parents in the east bay are outraged today at the actions of from someone in the teachers union. plus the latest efforts in oakland's chinatown to keep asian american
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>>kron 4 is always tracking local stories so here's a look at happening in your neighborhood right now today an east bay nonprofit announced its efforts to keep
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oakland chinatown safe. a newly formed group of the foot patrollers will now be walking the streets of the area kron four's noelle bellow joins us now with more on this particular program a while. >>hi as the officials say this new foot patrol group is going to be the eyes and ears on the street to keep merchants and customers safe and oakland's chinatown decked out in orange safety vests and hats the group actually took its first a symbolic lap around chinatown this morning. it will be working with the police department in patrolling the area they are hired volunteers through the voice on family association that nonprofit has been serving the community for about 20 years and they say the foot patrol program is just another way they're working to unite the community and health visitors of chinatown to feel more secure. following of course those recent violent attacks we've seen councilwoman nikki fortunato bob bass believes a lack of foot traffic in the area may have aided in the uptick in violence and feels
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this is the right move for the area. >>even before the shelter-in-place was officially declared in march of last year. our chinatown businesses have been impacted with less foot traffic and so with less people on the streets. it has led to some of these incidents of more a violent crime and so the foot patrols like this one today. really going to be and let the community know that we're here we're watching we're assisting. we want to keep our community safe. >>when asked him if officials believe that the recent attacks on asians in the community were racially motivated councilwoman for 2 not a bass. >>said they're waiting on more concrete data from the da's special unit on hate crimes now more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon you can download that for free in your app store suspect you thank you know al. >>also in the east bay, one man is dead after a shooting in conquer it happened overnight in the shopping
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center of the 1100 block of concord avenue officers responded to reports of a person down in the roadway. the victim was the officers found the victim with several gunshot wounds and witnesses described a dark suv that may have been involved in the shooting but as of right now no arrests have been made and no other suspect information has been made available getting information you're asked to give concord police a call. also in the east bay, the contra costa county sheriff's office is searching for 2 men who robbed a home in orinda it happened on don gabriel way yesterday afternoon in the homeowner said he confronted the intruders but they still got away with valuables from the home. police do not have a detailed description of these suspects. and san francisco police are searching for 3 men the following a shooting at a playground on sunday that happened in the bayview district and left a 36 year-old woman with a gunshot
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wound to the hand. the 3 suspects approached the victim at the playground and one opened fire and got away police say the woman was treated at a hospital for non life threatening injuries. no descriptions that were immediately available for the 3 men, but if you have any information you are asked to contact sfpd. and over in the south bay over a dozen alleged gang members have been arrested. this happened in a santa clara county first series of violent crimes, the san jose police department says several local gardeners and landscapers have been dark targeted and become victims of armed robberies, the gang is also believed to be responsible for attempted murder. kidnappings and assaults 2 juveniles and 11 adult suspects were arrested in the large scale operation with the santa clara county district attorney's office. anyone with additional information is urged to contact police. switching gears now to talk about our
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weather on this monday afternoon blue as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. it's a sunny kickoff to the week, but that won't be the case come this weekend we do have days far standing by with a look. some cooling off or cooling down we'll be seeing later this week and little bit later on during the week sanaa's cia and into the weekend as you mentioned little unsettled on that front to know before we get there we're going to get back to some sunshine but. >>kind of a little bump on that little road will be tomorrow and into early wednesday. now so far you know the smooth sailing just talk about the 60's up in the north bay topped off to the east bay around 70 going conquered 71 east bay shoreline even at 71 fremont 67 for hayward so we have the system in her backyard little spoiler here most the energy is going to remain to the north however because this flow pattern will come up from the south and i'll show you this and the projections in just a bit that's somewhat of a mild air mass over us even though we're going to be fighting through a lot of cloud cover tomorrow when early on wednesday temps will remain mild. forecast
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tonight calls for this 45 san francisco with the variable clouds and mild same deal for open in 44 san jose increasing the clouds 20 use that definition and cool to mild conditions so here it is on futurecast for we see the cloud cover development from the south hills up the east bay but even by 02:00am it's not total. by the afternoon we'll probably get spots of the sun in and out so variable clouds probably a good descriptor for most of the day on tuesday. but this lingers around all the way at least until wednesday morning finally lifting off by wednesday. we'll cool off a little bit but the real action doesn't get here until the weekend so we phrase it like this increasing clouds tonight, variable clouds tomorrow and mild might even see some areas top off pretty close to where they were today or even a little better. but then this week we got the variable clouds turning mostly sunny to finish. this weekend saturday, rain sunday clearing up we'll take a look at this long range forecast models for you just a bit too nice. all right dave, thank you for that.
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>>a wall of roaring flames that san francisco were met with when they got to this scene in the outer mission. this morning, 7 people were hurt there. hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries this it happened on lawrence avenue between mission street and alameda boulevard, new the park. it's not clear what started the fire but crews are investigating. and still ahead we'll have a live report from the nation's capital on millions of doses expected this week. >>from the recently approved johnson and johnson vaccine. and an update to a story we brought you over the weekend the stolen container full of donated bikes has been found how soon they'll be in
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>>bike said that were destined for botswana before being stolen have been recovered the first told you about this story over the weekend and this is surveillance video from mike's bice who is coordinating the donation. their ceo says a semi truck at 500 bikes that have been donated from across northern california. the bikes are given to entrepreneurs in africa who run small bike shops from there. the bikes are repaired and sold at lower prices to help the entrepreneurs run their shops. >>bicycles are something that you know we hear the states take for granted because we take things like freedom of movement and personal mobility
3:25 pm
for granted, in my heart of africa, it's a big deal being able to get around on your without you know it in places that are that they very is a big deal it could be life this is a place where some students literally walk for hours to class every day and ours home and having a bicycle to shot short commute changes it changes the changes lives in a way that is so profound you can't really imagine till you see it so we're gonna see the container back concord police department has and they tell us there's a quarter a lot of bikes inside so i'm very hopeful that it is not been disturbed and all the likes of their attack we'll find out when the container is returned to us. i guess that one good thing to come out of this it's it's to get the word out about the foundation and if you have a bike in your garage or your writing so much can change a life in africa, so great you're my space and doing it in good texture. >>now over more than a decade market. martin says the nonprofit has donated 37,000 bicycles. some other good news
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today began to replace a section of highway one along big sur llapsed during a recent storm rain washed over the highway sending a big chunk of it straight down into the ocean and you're looking a drone video of the massive hole in the highway there you can see that the work is estimated to cost more than 11 million dollars in about 5 miles of the highway will remain remain closed. during the repairs. coming up next reaction from lawmakers on the new school reopening deal including the bay area, some women who had a different plan in mind. >>and we'll have a live report on the outrage, some berkeley parents and teachers are feeling in this afternoon. after a controversial school drop-off we'll tell you who was involved. we'll also hear from the california is a school board association on the 6.6 billion dollar deal reached today by the governor and state lawmakers
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>>that's our top story. this monday 1st governor gavin newsome in leaders of the california legislature reached a deal to try to get california kids back into the classroom. the plan aims to have some schools reopen by the end of the month, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us now live from sacramento with more details. hi ashley. >>i seen as he after a lot of
3:30 pm
back and forth with the governor introducing his own plan in december and then the legislature introducing there's just a couple of weeks ago it looks like everyone is now on the same page in terms of state leaders. but nothing about this is necessarily mandatory but if schools want access to the most money, they'll need to get kids in the classroom by the end of march. >>after months of debate governor gavin newsome and legislative leaders walked into an elk grove elementary school together unveiling their 6.6 billion dollar agreement so it's important we get it right when we talk about crossing t's and dotting i's that has real implications for real people on the ground every single day clinton gives schools access to 2 billion dollars in state funds so long as they open for in person instruction by the end of march losing one percent for every day after the money would go toward safeguards against covid-19 for in person teaching, including ventilation upgrades personal protective equipment and testing another 4.6 billion dollars would be distributed among schools to help make up for learning loss in
3:31 pm
classrooms amid the pandemic the governor says districts can use this money to re imagine the school year deeper intervention to address kids wellness to address their needs as relates to community learning hubs address learning loss. >>as the district see fit including potentially extending the school year the deal also provides new rules for schools reopening in the state's color-coded tier system schools in counties in the purple widespread tier would be required to allow in person instruction for kids in second grade and younger. >>those in the red tier must return all elementary school grades state leaders say the plan does not require teachers to be vaccinated it also does not require districts to get approval from teachers unions. in a statement, the california teachers association in part, thanks state leaders for their plans saying it brings california one step closer to reopening the california school boards association called it a step in the right direction, it's not a perfect bill by any means, but it does present a much clearer path to getting many students across california back in the
3:32 pm
classrooms. >>so just to be clear the 6.6 billion dollars is coming from the state budget and it will be voted on in the form of a budget bill state leaders say that that vote is coming in both houses of the legislature, this thursday reporting live at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>i thank you for that. now reaction to the new deal has been mostly positive that includes local and state lawmakers catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here with more good afternoon. catherine high sanaa's spend a lot of interest in how san francisco assemblyman phil ting. >>would react because he had pushed a different approach to reopening. his version would have aligned more closely with union demands and in vision children back in the classroom by mid april governor newsome you might remember rejected that as too slow a timeline today though 10 was sounding more than satisfied with the compromise deal. >>very very with the we
3:33 pm
believe while nobody got everything they wanted. you know, whether is the school district's whether it was the educators and whether it was the parents. we think this is a very reasonable compromise in hope that as districts as possible will be taking advantage of this proposal also in addition that really unified will be getting the 25,000 vaccinations that they've been asking for to help open up. as i between this bill as well as. increasing the vaccination supply. that will really help to hopefully spur really us did open up and hopefully many of the other big opening up. >>senator bill dodd of napa issued this statement saying california must safely reopen schools as soon as possible this plan accelerates that goal balancing the needs of students families teachers as we ramp up vaccinations and
3:34 pm
get children back into the classroom, adding it's an important step toward relief and normalcy as we work to emerge from this devastating pandemic and we did hear assemblyman tang reference some of the bigger districts where there's been reluctance to get back to the classroom today, the los angeles school district just a little while ago suggesting it might reopen in mid april but there are still ongoing talks with employee unions son os thank you catherine. now with more schools reopening the cdc has now posted new recommendations emphasizing good ventilation in schools and in daycares. >>now recommend that educators open windows or doors to help prevent the spread of coronavirus even if they can only be open slightly. the cdc also recommends the same for buses and other used to take kids to and from school. and in the east bay, the berkeley teachers union is taking some heat today after a video was released showing of the union president taking his child to
3:35 pm
school that has angered some parents who do not have the same opportunity kron four's haaziq joins us now live with the video and the feelings of from these zeke. >>they heat is on for the president of berkeley teachers union after a direct message conversation that i had with the group that released the video i get the sense that things are about to get a little hotter. >>this is video showing the president of the berkeley federation of teachers met my are walking his 2 year-old daughter to preschool last month gorilla bob's a parent activists group of self-described angry mobs uploaded the video on youtube they about in a direct message interview on twitter they told the buyer has told the district for months it is not safe to open and that children will not wear a mask based
3:36 pm
upon his experience as a teacher. but all the time he was taking his own child to school where she had to wear a mask. he has denied 8700 other children the same opportunity here they want schools open 5 days a week and that public health says it's safe to open now directly addressing the controversy surrounding his child attending school bet stat that reads in part quote my 2 year-old does attend preschool but fortunately there are public options for kids her age. there are significant differences in running a small preschool and ready a public school district of all those 9 to 500 students in terms of size facilities public health guidance and services that legally have to be provided unquote the superintendent of the berkeley unified school district released a statement it reads in part quote yesterday i became aware that it did not have this individual in our community posted a video of the president of our teachers union taking his 2 year-old
3:37 pm
daughter to her school. regrettably this video which of aids the privacy of a family in our school community, it targets one of our educators has already appeared in the press it goes on to say nothing is served by treating members of our community including our teachers and the teacher who represents them as their union president as the enemy of quote. >>now the real moms the representative i spoke to told me that they have no regrets in releasing that video because they blurred the child's face and ultimately they say they released it because they feel it deserves some sunlight from the press. so back to you in the studio as a thank you for that. >>so years now from only take a live look outside at sfo we've got the sun shining we also have dave spahr with details on the rain this weekend, a going to be a big rain events. >>it's going to one is going to be projected into the following week so it's still
3:38 pm
kind of wet seasons we need to all this going on we like the pictures this is half moon bay. and we'll be somewhat mild temperature wise, but actually finish off the week before the rain is going to cool down a little bit and then become unsettled for not just this weekend but also into early next week jumping real quickly here temperatures not too bad tonight, upper 30's up there in the north bay that's the cool spot elsewhere because the cloud cover temperatures will be held up into the lower to middle 40's without so we're looking a lot of cloud cover going on tomorrow. there's tahoe for you wednesday that's going to for them. clear now for thursday and then the unsettled weather will be the snow for them so the longer term projections, let's take a look at this here that's the cloud cover going on for tomorrow and wednesday clearing that out. it looks for now least some of the models are telling us that the rain will come in on saturday, maybe clear up a little bit for your saturday afternoon. another dose starts into early the following week in a monday and we have another wave you can see here tuesday even lingers all the way out to
3:39 pm
about thursday. we definitely need the rain so that's good news there mountain snows to add the bank account that's good as well, let's just jump real quick. the 7 day forecast and see how this all comes together again we have cloud cover to deal with tomorrow. wednesday sun comes back out again, it's looking more like the afternoon. temperatures drop off post at event before the rain rain gets here on saturday. we take a breather on sunday and then unsettled as we get to the next week. those temperatures overnight drop off into the 30's because we start to dry out. and we'll keep it 40's at the coast to knots. thank you dave. >>coming up this hour. what doctor fauci tells us about new guidelines expected as for people who have been fully vaccinated against covid-19. and why toyota is
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new pronamel mineral boost >>time now to check in with a newsnation to see what they're working on tonight's morning news joins us live from chicago with a preview. hi morning. >>hi there thank you new tonight, a major announcement from the biden administration allowing migrant families to be reunited. the new plan that could help pay for transportation health care and legal services for more than 500 children and parents who are separated. you'll also be hearing from a woman claiming to be the window of washington post journalist, jamal khashoggi what she wants the world to know about his murder and mess and message. and we're also taking a closer look at vaccine distribution nationwide tonight. now that we do have the 3 vaccines
3:43 pm
available will that change the e timeline line of getting you an your loved ones their shots and it is one of the most instagrammable locations in the country going to take you to southern california where the flowers are beautiful and they are in full bloom all of that coming your way tonight on the brand-new news nation prime. thank you so much for that preview marni. >>and his nation airs at 08:00pm our time now we have a full list of the channels available on our website kron 4 dot com. >>a live report from washington dc millions of johnson johnson vaccines are on the way across the u.s. why this 3rd vaccine
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >>let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside over downtown tampa just gonna never seen this shot it is beautiful and got dave spahr standing by with a look at our weather this we didn't you see the shot before i think it says that sutro i think it's i don't although it confirmation of year it like i could fly now you know how about that. >>i'm sitting out of the way the east bay here we're going out here check out the traffic at walnut creek lots of sunshine going on which will not be the case tomorrow, although temperatures will be mild through all of this going on here. here's what we got going on for tonight a kind of review in it looks like from the latest forecast models this is going to be somewhat delayed a little bit in terms of the variable cloudiness stuff happening after midnight here 45 san francisco matching
3:47 pm
that for oakland 44 san jose. portnow here this is actually bubbling up from the south will be somewhat mild tonight. well the some places will dip in the 30's but not the lower 30's, so future cast for showing you the timing of this here it comes. after strikes the east bay more as you can see bubbling up from the south the overnight hours into tomorrow we're really fighting to a lot of cloud cover temperatures somewhat stable, although they do drop off as we get later in the week here. wednesday fighting through some cloud cover that it should clear up in the afternoon. but temperatures to cool off a little bit to finish off the week. things get interesting though we get to the weekend. we have some winds early on this evening, but then tonight the kind of go away. they do bounce back a little bit at the very end of this lou point get out to wednesday here you'll see them take up a little bit this is the afternoon now after the sky should be clearing we'll have a little bit of an onshore when we get those winds into the teens, let's run through this deal here to get us through early next week here here comes the hit that worth noting that's tomorrow and then this weekend on
3:48 pm
saturday looks like we'll get the rain some models are saying it might clear up saturday afternoon meeting it starts friday night so it's kind of good for us and then early into next week, it's an unsettled pattern it's monday tuesday. maybe a break on wednesday and then thursday, good because we need all of this so the big issue we're looking out for now is that rain on saturday when does it start and end to maybe give us a decent saturday afternoon sun does dave thank you for >>in our coronavirus coverage this afternoon after being approved by the fda this weekend and today, millions of doses of the new johnson and johnson vaccine are heading out the door we go now live to washington d c. >>without correspondent raquel martin she has more on what to expect now hire a cow. >>good evening will the white house coronavirus response team says that distribution of the new johnson johnson vaccine is a significant step to fight this pandemic they're hoping what now 3 options available for people across the country. the nation's most
3:49 pm
vulnerable will have a better chance at getting vaccinated. >>millions of doses of the newly approved johnson and johnson vaccine are heading out the door doses will be delivered as early as tomorrow just dion to head the biden administration's coronavirus team said monday the will be available at local pharmacies and community health centers within days in total nearly 4 million doses will be split between each state proportionately for example that the state represents 2%. the u.s. population receives approximately 2% of the pfizer allocation johnson and johnson is now the 3rd vaccine to receive emergency use authorization from the fda. the vaccine has 85% efficacy rate and it's the first coronavirus vaccine on the market that only requires a single dose overall increase vaccine. supply creates great opportunity for people to get vaccinated doctor marcella nunez-smith also says the vaccine only needs routine
3:50 pm
refrigeration something that will be key to getting vaccines to currently under serveral and black and brown community but with new covid variant spreading quickly, he urges people not to be picky strongly urge everyone in america to get the first vaccine that is available to you time is of the essence johnson and johnson is now shipping its entire inventory and says it's working to deliver approximately 16 million additional doses by the end of march. again the white house coronavirus response team says while the news of a new vaccine is worth celebrating we are not in the clear just yet data shows that we are not close to herd immunity which is why they are stressing to people that if they want to get to that place of normalcy they need to get vaccinated as early as they can. >>for now in washington raquel martin back to you. >>raquel do we know if this new vaccine will be a effective against the new variant of the virus. >>well some of the data that we saw come out of the fda study shows this new vaccine
3:51 pm
does actually hold up again some of those new variations that we are seeing out there. but the cdc also does note that there are almost or more than rather 2000 variations of the coronavirus at this point so we know that we are also seeing johnson johnson pfizer and moderna a launch their own studies to try and boosters so that they can fight again some of these more aggressive strains. >>and as far as federal those where do things stand on covid relief now that it's clear the house. >>well we heard from senate majority leader chuck schumer this week he saying that they're going to vote on that one 0.9 trillion dollar package so we saw a party line vote in the house and at this point you can spec the same in the senate. >>all right rob martin reporting for us live from washington dc. thanks so much. >>and the nation's top infectious-disease expert doctor anthony fauci says the cdc will soon release guidelines regarding gatherings for people who have
3:52 pm
been vaccinated against coronavirus he says he'll be able to go to a person's home for dinner and not have to wear a mask. doctor fauci says you'll have you'll be able to have friends over if they've been vaccinated and you've had the shot as well. he says these relaxed guidelines apply to the home and not on the community. the revised cdc guidelines are expects it expected to be released. and the next few weeks. up next where a meteor lit up the sky sunday night and why one
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
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>>for your money now the national highway traffic safety administration is looking into nearly 2 million toyota rav 4 small suvs following almost a dozen complaints involving the 2013 through 2018 models and the agency says fires a start on the engine compartment and may be tied to a car battery short. and those fires happened while the cars are being driven, but some owner said fires broke out with the engine off as well. toyota says they are cooperating with the investigation that could lead to recall. and take a look at this a fireball lit up the skies over the united kingdom on sunday look at that scientists say it's likely to have been a small piece of an asteroid entering the earth's
3:56 pm
atmosphere smear was spotted shortly before 10:00pm and sent a sonic boom across southern england. now according to media experts who was traveling at around 30,000 miles per hour. so you not that fast the bright light could be seen from ireland to the netherlands and the meteor is set to break the world record. as the most reported ever with around 800 people witnessing the fireball. so cool. now one man is $500,000 richer after playing the powerball with numbers off of the fortune cookie watch everyone start doing this now, ernesto knows a chinese takeout paid off big time. when you played the set of numbers in north carolina now and that matching 4 of the winning numbers landing him. half a million dollars. says he will use his winnings to buy a new house and then amazing $500 to buy a house definitely not in california. 500,000 he took home just over
3:57 pm
$353,000 that is after taxes and just a reminder, the odds of winning a powerball jackpots are one in 292 million so be sure grab those fortune cookie numbers. that wraps kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app i'm tahernia thanks for watching.
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