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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>>once you build a cohort confidently once you build trust then we will start to see a cadence of reopening across the spectrum. >>now 9 after months of debate governor gavin newsom and legislative leaders walked into an elk grove elementary school gym near sacramento, together unveiling their 6.6 billion dollar agreement to get california kids back into the classroom. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore that money would go toward safeguards against covid-19 for in person teaching, including ventilation upgrades personal protective equipment and testing and another 4.6 billion dollars would be distributed among schools to help make up for learning lost in classrooms during the pandemic. >>the governor says districts can use this money to re imagine the school year. >>the deal also provides new rules for school reopenings in the state's color-coded tier system schools in counties in
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the purple or widespread tier would be required to allow in person instruction for children in second grade and younger. those in the red tier must return all elementary school gray's state leaders say the plan does not require teachers to be vaccinated it also does not require districts to get approval from the teachers unions. the state legislature is set to vote on this in the form of a budget bill state leaders say that vote is coming this thursday meantime some high school students in the north bay have already started returning to campus. this was made possible after. >>marin county moved from the purple tier to the red tier. today students at novato high school attended classes in person for the first time in almost a year was redwood high school in mount tam high school beginning there in person instruction. tomorrow. we talked to some students this morning about what it was like to be back on campus. >>didn't see they i think the kids >>need to be back in for so
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many i think mental health is. one of my big reasons. >>the schools are taking a hybrid approach students in the classroom will be joined virtually by their classmates. we're still practicing social distance learning all covid safety and social distancing rules will still be in place on campus elementary and middle school teachers in marin county today shared a list of concessions they like to see met by their districts before they agree to full in person instruction kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now with what they want to see happen first l a. >>pam and ken this is in response to school district leadership and parents that they say are pushing for a full reopening so these k through 8th grade teachers met today at kent middle school saying they want to be vaccinated first before committing to teaching a full class size in person. most of them have been in that hybrid setting since last fall with some of their students inside the classroom, all others learn from home on monday, they assured parents they're
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ok with coming back to school full time with a full class size but say before they do so they require is safety plan that includes educators all be vaccinated they have proper ventilation and reliable testing. >>a full class roots really pushes public health guidelines and recommendations to the limit. take on that increased risk we must vaccinate or staff. >>fortunately educators are now a priority and bring county vaccination distribution lists. and the data shows that vaccines are over 90% effective in preventing serious covid-19 illness and death. >>they pointed out that the cdc recommends 6 feet distance between each other in the classroom, but some are in county school districts. apparently told their union that they can accommodate them a space going back to full time full class size. so these teachers said that they're willing to concede with 4 feet paired with the safety measures that they are demanding they're also pushing again to wait for the vaccines
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to kick in before they go back saying that that is a more definite approach because they just can't rely on these kids they believe that at one point or another they will slip up, but these marin county educators say they need all that commitment in writing live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank u l a in the north bay freshman and sophomores at novato high school headed back to the classroom today for the first time in a year more in county moved into the red tier last week the bottle high school is equipped with help of filters to keep the air clean every desk also has plexiglass dividers as soon as are seated 5 to 6 feet apart. >>students we talked to today said that they are both excited, but also nervous. >>i'm excited to have you run, but i mean it's it's covid so nothing everything's we're in home all day on the heater. person seeing some of my friends. >>then the models school district is also working on
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getting sports back up and running middle schoolers in the district went back to in person learning last week in the votto 11th and 12th graders will follow next week, san francisco could become the latest city to require grocery and drug stores to pay their workers hazard pay the legislation introduced by supervisor shamann walton proposes an additional $5 an hour. and would benefit employees who are making less than $35 an hour kron 4 cedar per joins us now live from the city with more taylor. >>does this apply to all grocery and drug stores in the city. >>we're talking about the big chain stores like safeway here behind me this would not include those local mom and pop shops that we see scattered throughout the city. however, this hazard pay law would also include those contractors janitorial and security contractors who provide services at these sites. >>san francisco grocery and
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drugstore workers may be among the latest to receive paycheck as a result of a new hazard pay proposal. board of supervisors president shimon walton introduce the legislation that would require large grocery stores and pharmacies in the city to provide an additional $5 per hour hazard pay supervisor dean preston is one of several city leaders in favor of the hazard pay hike it's been obviously so many months of essential workers just. >>grinding it out in this pandemic and i think that a lot of the folks who are on the front lines working in. in grocery stores and drugstores particular big big chains are some of the unsung heroes the proposed legislation would benefit workers at large chain stores, making less than $35 an hour as an offset if they're already offering increase hazard pay that can offset you know toward that goal really importantly it only hits being companies, i
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mean these are companies that have at least 500 workers this is something the united food and commercial workers union has been fighting for across the country. their local chapters, 5, 6, 48 represent san francisco grocery workers in a statement to kron 4 news director of strategic campaigns for local 5 g mes eri b says quote if passed the city of san francisco will join the growing number of cities in california who are making large corporate retailers. do what they should do voluntarily paying these workers fairly for the significant risks that they're taking. >>grocery workers are much more likely to contract covid at their workplace. 2000 ufcw members in the bay area have contracted it and instead of putting some of the profits these companies has made in the pandemic back in the pockets of their workers. they're putting the money into pockets of shareholders and executives if passed, san francisco would join other bay area cities, including oakland berkeley, san leandro in santa clara and after similar ordinances.
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>>now the city's government audit oversight committee will hear this legislation on thursday if approved there it will then go on to the full board for a vote on march 9th and as an emergency ordinance it needs at least 8 votes to pass if it's passed it will go into effect immediately for 60 days for now live in san francisco taylor kron 4 news center. thank you very much other big story. we're following tonight. johnson and johnson's vaccine doses are on their way to california in fact. >>federal government announced say could start arriving as early as tomorrow and while more supply is certainly a good thing federal health officials are still warning communities not to open back up too quickly kron four's dan kerman has more on that. >>federal officials announced monday that 3.9 million doses of the newly approved johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine. >>started shipping sunday and could arrive in jurisdictions across the u.s. as early as tuesday governor newsome has announced california is expected to receive more than
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380,000 doses this week there. >>are still a lot of individuals who need to be vaccinated so having more choices more vaccines out there it will really help that dosituation doctor rick nettles is vice president of medical affairs with the janssen pharmaceutical companies of johnson and johnson right now we think that current vaccine is one shot provides that protection against severe disease including against all the variance. >>we'll study suggests change a single dose vaccine has proved slightly less effective than moderna and pfizer federal health officials point out the 3 were never tested side by side. all are effective against serious disease and death and in fact the change a vaccine is proven effective against the south african variant even though the vaccine itself was not tpecifically directed against those variants it did extremely well when it came to preventing severe critical disease. >>and as we've heard many times now there were no hospitalizations. >>or deaths getting enough
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people vaccinated will bring the country to herd immunity with the hope of some return to normal. some communities are already reopening and federal health officials warn monday against doing that too fast we're not out of the woods here during a briefing monday, the head of the cdc warned that cases and deaths are seeing a slight uptick across the u.s. at this of cases with variants spreading we stance to completely lose the hard core out we have these variants are very real threat to our people and our progress. >>now is not the time to relax the critical safeguards that we know can stop the spread of covid-19 in our communities. not when we are so close here in california. the governor says the case rate and the positivity rate continue to stabilize. >>and he says as early as tuesday, it's likely another 7 counties will move from the purple reopening tear to the less restrictive reopening tear. dan kerman kron 4 news
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for more information on signing up for a covid vaccine. we have links on our web site to vaccination clinics throughout the bay area. >>said the kron 4 dot com. >>in the north bay still looking for answers tonight nearly 4 months after their loved one was shot and killed 24 year-old gabriel mendoza had just become a father when he was struck by gunfire in vallejo last november. >>kron four's dan thorn is talking with the victim's family tonight, he has the story from lail. >>for this family mendoza's fiance says that he was returning home from a fishing trip. when someone shot and killed him. his son was less than a month old at the time and they're still no one that has been caught by police. >>the spray paint is beginning to fade away on this memorial for gabriel mendoza it was near this spot on broadway street in when the 24 year-old was shot and killed. his fiance is hoping the case won't fade as well it's
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heartbreaking we just want answers who killed him and why rose pinson says her world was turned upside down the night of november, 2nd mendoza was in the passenger seat of a friend's car when someone opened fire. the killer taking away mendoza from his weeks old son andreas and forcing pinson to raise their son without his father, he was the most of the finance personnel here. >>he was always helping people even changes. they took a loving man not only from his family but from the sun. and i think they need to come forward. because he deserves justice. >>for pinson this is another tragedy for her family to suffer through. her sister pearl vanished in 2016 her accused abductor killed in a shootout with police. no answers on pearl's whereabouts have come sense and pence in hopes that will not be the case with her fiance is death she wants the word to get out so anybody that witnessed what happened to come forward. so.
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>>we can put the killings or the killer behind bars, so you can get justice for ever. >>police are still seeking information about this shooting the only description provided about a suspect's vehicle was that they were riding in an suv of course if you have any information about this shooting you're encouraged to give them a call. reporting in valais how dan thorn kron 4 news meantime, san francisco police are searching for 3 male suspects after a shooting at a playground yesterday. >>happenign city's bayview district and left a 36 year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the hand. the 3 suspects allegedly approached the victim at the playground, one of them opened fire and then fled. police say the woman was treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. no descriptions were immediately available for the 3 male suspects but if you have any information you're asked to contact san francisco police rob at home at gunpoint in broad daylight, the contra costa county sheriff say 2 men confronted someone in their
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home sunday afternoon in order one of the 2 armed with a gun. >>four's michelle kingston has more tonight reporting just off done gabriel way where that home invasion took place. >>now it's not confirmed how the suspects got into the home but neighbors here say that the back door was open and they walked right in. >>it's a quiet street in where neighbors say nothing like this has happened before around 3 o'clock on sunday afternoon in the middle of the day the contra costa county sheriff's office says 2 men entered a home and on gabriel way one of them armed with a gun, they say the person inside the home complied with the robber's demands. it was not injured, but some valuables were taken the 2 men took off in a silver mercedes before deputies arrived. authorities used police dogs a helicopter and a drone to try to find them but were unsuccessful we asked the sheriff's office what the 2 men took and if this was a random act, but we have not heard back from them. >>in michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>>police in concord are investigating a shooting that left a man dead overnight it happened near a shopping center on concord avenue police say the victim was shot several times before was pronounced dead. witnesses described a dark suv that may have been involved in the shooting but no arrest has been made and no other suspect information was available if you do have information you're asked to contact concord police. >>in the east bay today, a local nonprofit announced its efforts to keep oakland's chinatown safe. a newly formed group afoot that rollers will serve as eyes and ears on the streets to help protect merchants and customers kron four's noelle bellow has more on this program. >>there has been come some insight than that make the the community. >>and not safe a recent string of violent attacks on asian elders have put oakland's chinatown merchants and visitors on high alert. now local nonprofit the hoist on family association is taking matters into their own hands by bringing a foot patrol
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program to the streets. this is a concerted effort by the chinatown community. she leverage volunteers to create more eyes and ears on the street to partner with our police department as well as the community to keep the merchants and the neighbors say. >>decked out in orange safety vest and happ's the group took its first symbolic lap around chinatown monday morning. >>councilwoman nikki fortunato bass believes a lack of foot traffic in the area during the pandemic may have aided in the uptick in recent violence and feels this is the right move for the area even before the shelter-in-place was officially declared in march of last year. our chinatown businesses have been impacted with less foot traffic and so with less people on the streets. it has led to some of these incidents of more a violent crime and so the foot patrols like this one today. i really going to be and let the community know that we're here we're watching were we want to
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keep our communities safe noelle bellow kron 4 news been very pleasant now let's check our 4 zone forecast a meteorologist dave spahr has a look at what to expect. >>good evening, everybody lots of sunshine and temperatures not bad no we're going to hold on to those temperatures but looks like we'll see quite the cloud cover coming our way here, here's the game plan, considerable clouds expected for tomorrow, including starting tonight. mild it to upper 60's at work here, but we do see some 70's at work so usually get a lot of cloud cover it's a system coming in from the northwest. however, you'll notice bubbling up from the south so it's a mild air mass. clearing wednesday afternoon looks like nice on thursday clouds return friday where does that mean weekend unsettled showers on saturday but sunday will be recovery zone and early next week unsettled more tahoe, snow looks like it's coming our way futurecast for. notice how it's coming up from the south quite a bit of cloud cover coverage by 6.30 and throughout the day on tuesday.
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and you know that lingers all the way to about wednesday noon or so before we really start to push that out get back in the sunshine to finish off the week, it looks like forecast is reflecting those clouds by wednesday 48, 49 going on for thursday under sunny skies. but this weekend will get some snow going on as they will early into next week, let's go take a look at those longer range forecast models for you as we get to around saturday here comes that dose of rain break on sunday monday here comes a nose tuesday in might even see some on wednesday as well notice how that's coming in from the northwest a bit so it'll be a little cooler this go-around complements of coming in from the northern northern the 4 zone forecast, let's get into it 61 san francisco looks like for the high tomorrow 62 daly city pacific at 58. mild with all this cloud cover still 62 millbrae 64 burlingame. 65 san carlos 67 palo alto santa clara valley, 70 morgan hill about that 69 san jose and 68
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cupertino east bay shoreline to the south upper 60's tri valley around 70 dublin, 69 discovery bay 67 the concord around 70 there. and it looks like a hercules 6765 for berkeley, chilly spot blasewitz 63. but up to county we warm up to the lower 70's again 74 napa and sonoma. and santa rosa. again with a lot of cloud cover but this air mass is coming from the south so that helps out looking ahead to things in the seven-day forecast holding steady with those temps sure. cloud cover redevelops on saturday and by sunday, here's that rain chance and by monday between us kids here we'll probably see the rain return. again, but hey we needed organ the springtime temperatures with itself. 2 thumbs up back to you. >>in national nears a busy monday for president biden who had a virtual video meeting with the president of mexico, the 2 of them talked more fully about immigration confronting the coronavirus
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and cooperating on economic and national security issues. mexico's president has been talking up his idea of creating a guest worker program for mexicans and central americans looking to make their way into the u.s.. >>meanwhile president biden has made no secret of his plan to push for immigration reform and to build more unity between the 2 countries. >>the united states and mexico are stronger when we stand together. >>there's a long and complicated history between our nations. >>i haven't always been perfect neighbors with one another. well we have seen over and over again that the power and the purpose when we cooperate. >>today's virtual meeting was the second one held by the biden administration last week president biden spoke with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >>well the u.s. senate voted today to confirm miguel cardona as secretary of education and this now clears his way to lead president biden's effort to reopen the
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nation's schools as the pandemic continues cardona who is 45 years old is a former public school teacher he went on to become connecticut's education chief he takes charge of the education department of the nation amid mounting tension between americans who believes students can safely return to the classroom right now and others who say the risks are still too great. >>merrick garland is one step closer to becoming the next that general garland's nomination is now made it past the senate judiciary committee on a bipartisan vote. 4 republicans joined all the democrats to vote in support of his nomination. and that paves the way for the whole senate to vote on his confirmation. garland has promised to prosecute those involved in the january 6th riot on capitol hill, making that one of his top priorities. >>still ahead outrage in one east bay city why some and today at the actions from a leader in the teachers union. >>and red continues to drop in san francisco, how much an
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average one-bedroom in the city will cost you right now.
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>>brent prices in san francisco are continuing to drop that's according zumper national rent reports the median one-bedroom price fell by 24.3% since last year but san francisco still ranks number one with the most expensive one bedroom price in the country at more than $2600
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new york comes in second place at $2400 a month. followed by san jose at $2100 a month. twitter is now exploring user subscription options, the social media giant announced an initiative called super follows during its analysts presentation last week if implemented super follows will allow twitter creators or in floors to monitise the platform by giving followers an option to become paid subscribers exclusive content on the accounts that they really like twitter says i'll have more to share on super follows in the coming months. >>coming up next authorities say a notorious california serial killer in the 1970's and 80's was killed in prison what we now know about the investigation into his death plus a shooting leads to the arrest of 7 suspects in oakland, what police are revealing about the weapons they recovered from that incident. >>and why city leaders in east palo alto calling for more
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>>in the east bay, it's what police are calling a major arrest involving 7 people law enforcement calling it significant in the fight against escalating crime in oakland as kron four's terisa stasio reports officials say the arrests also involve removing dangerous weapons off the street. >>it is pretty you know when you have a violence that increases like we seen a
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violence increase and you make 7 arrests of people are very targeted as far their activity come in the next day you see a very large reduction in and shotspotter activity. you know that your focus on the right people. >>that's oakland police captain randal wingate and take a look at this besides arresting 7 people over the weekend they confiscated 7 weapons during the arrests, including high powered rifles 7 guns means a of course there's probably thousands of guns. >>but you know those 7 guns in knows wrong hands to take those off the street makes a huge impact. >>oakland's crime rate escalating of late city statistics showing surging numbers of attacks on asians in chinatown shootings carjackings and homicides. >>on the 23rd of we actually came up with a strategy to try to take the resources that we
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do have and trying to best apply them and make a difference to make an impact on the violence. you know we had we were you know right you're today. we have 25 homicides last year at this time we get 5. so it's very significant since the 23rd of january we have been able to bring that curve down. and had decrease in shops are activity decrease in shootings. and then you know some of those crimes that just really playing the community and make a difficult place to live in times captain wingate credits the recent arrest, a community support saying skyrocketing crime rate is traumatizing neighborhoods. >>it does and we feel it and we see it and when we an uptick in people calling us and given us information and helping us out that is that is a result of the frustration of that that the community has so you know policing is truly community basically is helping the police race to the community. it's the police that it's demanding and right now it's demanding a police
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force that threatening that's going to address the and a much you know much increased pace. >>teresa stasio kron 4 news. new tonight at 9 a california serial killer known as the i 5 strangler back in the 1970's in 1980's has been killed himself in prison say correctional officials made the announcement today they say a correctional officer spotted 81 year-old roger rees can be unresponsive in his cell at mule creek state prison early this morning. his cellmate was standing nearby can be was initially convicted back in 1991 of strangling a 17 year-old who had been away from home in seattle. investigators at the same time said kid he was also a suspect in 6 other murders. families of california inmates in the hospital with covid-19 are raising concerns after they say correction facilities are
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failing to notify them of their loved ones conditions one family in particular says a state prison waited 2 weeks to tell them that their father a 61 year-old inmate was on a ventilator and was not expected to survive state law requires facilities to inform loved ones in case of serious illness. but it does not specify when the prison system says officials are working with hospitals to try and better provide communication with families. >>teachers union is take some heat today after a video was released showing the union president taking his child to school this anger, some parents who say they don't have the same opportunity. a representative of the group that posted the video tells kron four's has it has it may do that. these tactics are just the beginning. >>this is video showing the president of the berkeley federation of teachers met my are walking his 2 year-old daughter to preschool last month gorilla bob's a parent activists group of
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self-described angry mobs uploaded the video on youtube they about in a direct message interview on twitter they told the buyer has told the district for months it is not safe to open and that children will not wear a mask based upon his experience as a teacher. but all the time he was taking his own child to school where she had to wear a mask. he has denied 8700 other children the same opportunity here until they want schools open 5 days a week and that public health says it's safe to open now directly addressing the controversy surrounding his child attending school that myers sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote my 2 year-old does attend preschool but fortunately there are public options for kids her age. there are significant differences in running a small preschool and ready a public school district of all those 9 to 500 students in terms of size facilities public health guidance and services that
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legally have to be provided unquote the superintendent of the berkeley unified school district released a statement it reads in part quote yesterday i became aware that it did not have this individual in our community posted a video of the president of our teachers union taking his 2 year-old daughter to her school. regrettably this video which invades the privacy of a family in our school community, it targets one of our educators has already appeared in the press it goes on to say nothing is served by treating members of our community including our teachers in the teacher who represents them as their union president as the enemy of quote however gorilla mom say to expect more of the same ride in the video is just the beginning there was a lot of hypocrisy in berkeley and we intend to expose it off has it made kron 4 news. >>east palo alto has the lowest vaccination rate in all of san mateo county as of today about 11% of east palo alto's 29,000 residents have
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been vaccinated however in neighboring atherton more than 46% of the people have received the vaccine is palo alto is the only community where fewer than 20% of its residents have been vaccinated despite being home to many frontline and essential workers. >>it is a reminder that after decades of reform there are still 2 sides of the bay area. >>all off. >>with instant and immediate access to basic resources. and the other living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to figure out how to keep their family safe. >>county supervisor david outlined a goal of providing mobile vaccination sites in expressed optimism the new johnson johnson vaccine. good have a real effect in hard-hit hard-hit communities such as east palo alto. >>still ahead growing calls for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after 2 women accused him of harrassment now
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an investigation is moving forward in sports. the warriors make some moves as a couple of familiar faces are rejoining the team sir sports director jason dumas says the details coming up.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >>they was game to a spring training for the giants and a's so let's go out to mesa arizona. the a's take on the
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reds non-roster outfielder buttery red it's been the start of first to spring training games, not the best angle in the world, we did what we can we had to pull this off twitter but he hit a home run in his first and only at that today yesterday he made a great throw from right field to gun runner down so that's a guy trying to make the show the a's rolled 13 5 behind 4 home runs. meanwhile, the giants tied the texas rangers one to one in 6 innings they don't finish out these games of this tide, you know, not trying to burn everybody out this early in the year. joey bart had a couple of hits in his first drink spring training action mike yastremski and tommy la stella also had 2 hits in their spring training debuts the warriors have recalled jordan poole and nico mannion from the g league. it was a bit earlier than expected. but both pool and mannion played well down in the orlando bubble. pull average 24 5, 4, while mannion average 19 7, 3,
9:40 pm
they'll both be available on wednesday when the dubs take on the blazers in portland. well life just got a little more difficult for the forty-niners more specifically jimmy garoppolo because her this guy right there jj watt has decided to sign with the arizona cardinals so of course that means the niners will have to deal with him. 2 times a year why now teams up with chandler jones and what is arguably the best edge rushing combo in football. since 2012 jones and why led the nfl in sacks with 97 in 95 and a half respectively. the atlanta hawks have fired lloyd pierce as their head coach, this was pierced his 3rd season with the hawks, mcmillan will take over on an interim basis. here's graduated from santa clara university in he grew up in san jose kind of got a raw deal. the hawks, we're very banged up this year. hopefully he doesn't have another
9:41 pm
opportunity at some point but he's been a great representative for the bay area and in my opinion did a great coach, yes to find a better
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>>wake of the latest harrassment allegations against new york democratic governor andrew cuomo there are calls from both sides of the political aisle for him to step down as tom the govan tells us it's not just his actions, but the apparent lack
9:44 pm
of sincerity his apology that has a lot of people angry. as the fallout intensifies so do the cuomo administration's efforts at damage control. >>25 year-old charlotte bennett, a former health policy adviser claims the 63 year-old governor asked inappropriate questions about her life including whether she'd ever slept with an older man. days earlier another former aide lindsey boylan accused cuomo of forcibly kissing her on the lips and suggesting that they play strip poker. the governor yesterday releasing a statement at work, sometimes i think i'm being playful and make jokes that i think are funny, he said i do want to cajun tease people in what i think is a good-natured way. i acknowledge some of the things i have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation to the extent anyone felt that way i'm truly sorry about that.
9:45 pm
>>that's not an apology. >>reaction so far has been unforgiving he seemed to be saying all is just kidding around you know harassment, not funny. >>as serious be taken seriously and any just clearly was let himself off the hook. for something that for the women involved sounded pretty terrifying. >>new york's mayor calling for a full investigation president biden weighing in through his press secretary and we certainly believe that every woman coming forward, charlotte. >>should be treated with respect and dignity and be able to tell their story and tonight as preparations are made for an independent investigation growing calls for cuomo's emergency powers to be stripped. >>new york congresswoman elise stefanik calling him a predator several democratic state lawmakers joining calls for cuomo to resign including bronx state senator alessandra
9:46 pm
biaggi tweeting at the embattled governor you are a monster and it is time for you to go. >>republican lawmakers in georgia have muscled some legislation through the state house there that would roll back access to voting it was passed over the objection of the democrats civil rights groups gathered at the capitol to protest today. the bill comes after a record turnout lead to democratic wins in georgia's presidential election and 2 u.s. senate runoffs the bill would require a photo id for absentee voting, it would limit the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot and limit early voting hours on weekends. democrats say the legislation furthers trump's lies and would disproportionately affect voters of color. the flight
9:47 pm
from us for looking do >>george is house bill 5, 3, one pass 97 to 72 now goes to the state senate for more debate. >>in his first speech since leaving office former president trump is hinting at another white house run in 2024. and he's claiming election fraud once again kron four's kareen wynter wraps up this weekend conservative political action conference. >>hitting the stage in his first appearance since leaving office former president donald trump as he did numerous times on the campaign trail fired up his base while unleashing on
9:48 pm
critics this time from his own speech packed with punches and suggestions of another presidential run in 2024. on the impeachment trial. trump named names blasting gop leaders who voted to impeach him or who were in favor of a conviction for his role in triggering the deadly capitol riot, some congressional leaders on the enemy list reaches >>trump also attacked republican lawmaker adam kinzinger who didn't speak at the conference but tweeted about the former presidents of end that included a life-sized images of him golden statues the congressman wrote idol worship is a conservative hashtag restore our gop inside trying to solidify the conservative movement. as donald trump's movement which is ironic because donald trump is quite honestly one of the for the saints from a conservative any speakers at this year's conference orlando included possible 2024 hopefuls who encouraged the
9:49 pm
fracture party to rally around the former commander-in-chief despite the fallout from the capitol insurrection is the leader of the conservative movement, he's a leader of the america first movement and he is the leader of the republican party. >>and i hope and you know i hope and like i said, yes, i hope on january 20th 2025 the seas once again will be the leader of our country republicans were the only target of trump he slammed his successor. >>president joe biden telling this energized crowd at the conservative political action conference most first month of any president in >>trump sealed his speech with the promise of sorts not to count him out in 4 years hinting at a political comeback we're not starting a new party. >>we have the republican party. i may even decide to beat them for the 3rd time okay. >>again kareen wynter reporting for us tonight, not our 4 zone forecast and kron
9:50 pm
four's meteorologist days far has a look at what to expect. >>hey good evening, everybody we have some winds going on but look at those clear skies hope you took a picture a screen saver of that because tomorrow and really a good chunk of wednesday we'll be fighting through some cloud cover. here's how the load on goes through tonight now tonight at 9 o'clock we're mild temperatures around 50 for most of the geography then by midnight. we're calm with variable clouds starting to develop mid to upper 40's at that by tomorrow morning. variable clouds and temperatures mostly at around 40, although some spots will dip perhaps into the upper 30's but not as cold typically as we get because we have some cloud cover coming from the south. it's a southerly flow air mass so it has a little bit of an impact on our forecast here you go the cloud cover that gets here late tonight. tuesday really tough to get the sun and tough to get the sun wednesday morning it's in the afternoon. we look for some better clearing tonight, 45 san francisco, 45
9:51 pm
also for oakland in 44 san jose across the water geography there are a couple your token upper 30's up in the north bay livermore 4144 for antioch if we were clear we probably would drop off a little bit more than that so it's the cloud cover kind of helping out a bit as well. 7 day forecast, let's get into that we have temperatures holding steady through thursday friday, the clouds returning on saturday, some showers taking a breather on sunday and they return early into next week for an unsettled pattern back to you. they work began to replace a section of highway one near big sur that collapsed during a recent storm of big section rain washed over the highway sending chunk of it straight down into the ocean. >>the show you some drone video of that massive hole in high won the work expected to cost more than 11 million dollars about 5 miles of the highway will remain closed during the repairs. >>coming up next actor chadwick boseman won his first golden globe last night for a
9:52 pm
film he never got to see the message. boseman's widow has for his fans as she accepted the
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>san diego's comic con, the largest convention in north america hard to believe lot of people show up for that it just announced it will not be held in person this year. in fact, organizers say, although they are encouraged by the vaccinations that are under way they believe july. still
9:55 pm
just too early to safely hold an in person event instead the event will be held virtually over 3 days from july, the 23rd to july the 25th. >>comic con international says it is planning an in person conviction convention in san diego to be held november 2021. if you bought a bash for this year's comic con. organizers say that you can have a roll over for the convention in 2022 or you can request a refund the golf world pay tribute to tiger woods yesterday as he continues to recover from last week's violent car crash players on every tour dressed in tigers traditional sunday red and black. the support to not go unnoticed by woods last night he tweeted a personal message since his accident. wood said it was hard to explain how touching today was saying all the red shirts and that every golfer in fan is getting him through this tough time fun fact, tiger woods owns the record on that course for finishing 25 under par.
9:56 pm
chadwick boseman one his first golden globe last night, those monies will taylor simone led would accepted the award on his behalf for best actor in a motion picture drama in ma rainey's black bottom. >>do think his parents. she's and their sacrifice. >>he would say something feeling. so something that little by little voice all of us that tells you you can tell to keep going. >>bozeman is the first black winner in this category in nearly 15 years, he died. last august after a private battle with colon cancer. and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 9 but our coverage continues its top the hour
9:57 pm
we're over here thecameras over there, progress and promise amid the pandemic the newly approved vaccine or it will move over here. a promising new as millions of people. those will soon be ellen's eligible for their shots as fry plus after a string of violent attacks against asian american elders in the bay area how oakland's chinatown community is taking safety into his own hands. the news
9:58 pm
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. we have 3 very effective vaccines all >>should have equitable it even access to each vaccine. >>now attend the trucks are loaded the shipments are on their way johnson and johnson rolling out the first round of its covid vaccine just days after the fda granted emergency use approval. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10, i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, those doses are expected to arrive in california this week a significant step and slowing down the virus with 3 vaccines now available in the u.s. and while more supply is of course a good thing federal health officials are also warning communities. not to open back up too quickly. kron four's dan kerman explains. federal officials announced monday that 3.9 million doses of the newly approved johnson and


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