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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  March 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>>today it's 3 more bay area counties get the green light to further reopen businesses stamped disco santa clara and not the county's all moving into the red tier. and a major announcement today from president biden he says there will be enough supply to vaccinate all adults by the end of may. plus as covid-19 cases improve in the bay area are professional sports teams are making plans to get fans back in the stadiums arenas and the ball parks. >>from the local news station. this is 4 news at 3.
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>>we're in an amazing place where not completely where we want to be. but we're better than we have been since october of last year. >>now at 3 reopening the economy 3 bay area counties advance to the less restrictive tier giving indoor restaurants gyms and movie theaters a chance at recovery. thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm tahernia an upbeat mayor london breed announced san francisco will allow more sectors at a reduced capacity as closer look at where things stand in each bay area county. temperatures go along with santa clara and napa counties all advanced to the less restrictive the red tier now this here is still considered substantial for covid-19 spread, san mateo and marin counties advance to the red tier last week sonoma solano contra costa and alameda counties remain in the purple widespread tier this
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afternoon. and here's a look at what's allowed when a county moves from the purple to the red tier restaurants can open indoors at 25% capacity, retail stores and shopping malls can move from 25% to 50% capacity. museums zoos and aquariums can open indoors at 25% capacity and movie theaters. they can reopen indoors at 25% capacity as well gyms can move indoors a 10% capacity in indoor social gatherings are still discouraged but allowed with 3 households maximum kron charles clifford joins us now live from san francisco where many people are excited its return to some sense of normalcy to charles area. >>yeah, hi so here in san francisco last couple of months restaurant, you know residents couldn't eat inside restaurants, they couldn't do a lot of stuff like go inside museums like the de young over there even ride the ferris wheel here in golden gate park. but now san francisco has moved back into the red
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red tier those restrictions will be eased. >>starting at 08:00am on wednesday indoor activities in san francisco can resume with limits at restaurants movie theaters. gyms and museums restrictions will also be east on outdoor activities such as amusement parks and adult and youth sports, indoor retail remain capped at 25% of capacity. the city will also lift its 10:00pm limit on outdoor dining and gatherings, although the limit will remain in place for indoor dining at tuesday's announcement of the eased restrictions. mayor london breed expressed optimism but cautioned that the city has been here before and that everyone needs to keep following social distancing requirements to prevent another wave of coronavirus. >>we want to support our businesses we want to enjoy our city, but we also have to remember. we're still in the midst of a global pandemic so that means that for example when you're at a restaurant waiting for your table keep your mask on when your waiter walks up to the table put your mask on. >>when you go to the restroom
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put your mask on because ultimately we're in the red right now, but just a few weeks will probably most likely be in the orange and that means we open our city more now that san francisco is in the red tier schools that have not yet reopened for in person learning. >>can do so as long as they haven't approved safety plan. >>all right back live now again those easing of restrictions start tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning on wednesday. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>charles mentioned moving to the red tier muncy at san francisco restaurants can move to indoor dining at 25% capacity and this is good news for the industry that's been struggling since the pandemic kron four's maureen kelly joins us live inside one dining establishment that plans to open up tomorrow. >>that's right i'm inside the white out for and grill here
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on pier, 39 and me you can see how they are making some changes here so they can be ready to welcome patrons bass inside one of the rules for indoor dining is that they cannot have tv's playing so they're removing the projects are right now. but you can also see that it's taking out a lot of the tables look at all the room there is to move around here and they have also put signs on some of these tables, you know basically saying this one is close right here for social distancing. now those in the restaurant industry say that this is a step towards normality seeks and they do not want to go back works. moving to the red tier also means a loosening up of outdoor dining rules now the curfew is lifted for people eating outside tables can be up to 3 households with a maximum of 6 people. >>indoors they will only allow 4 people from one household per table and they will still be a curfew for indoor dining
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meaning you're done eating paid your check and outside by 10 30 at night, laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says moving to the red tier doesn't save this struggling industry, but it's a start there's hope that we can maybe move forward because i can tell you a lot of the stress is that a mental level. >>are we going to get out of this can we make it through it. you know do we deplete our own family savings, i mean this is the level of you know our workers some of them do they have to leave the san francisco bay area after the c o o of 6 eateries here on pier 39 the move indoors is a big deal, you know the weather here in san francisco at nights. >>it's pretty tough sometimes to see outdoors 9, 9, 30 at night for a nice dinner when it's windy and cold so having that indoor for the evening's is a big bonus for us. >>now one thing the restaurant association really wants to stress is that when you are
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especially eating in drawers and your waiter or your bus or the manager comes to your table put your mask. back on keep your mask on while you're ordering and don't take it off until they've walked away. they say that this is just one step that people really need to follow keep following these rules so we don't go backwards. they're hoping is that one day we'll be able to get into that tier. we're hoping that day comes very say reporting from san francisco and maureen kron 4 news definitely looking forward to that day. thank you morning. >>now the cdc has issued a warning as some states continue to relax restrictions. the agency says the u.s. has hit a plateau in coronavirus cases and deaths and they're urging states not to reopen too much too soon. the cdc says the nation is seeing one 3rd of its cases it had during the holiday surge, but it's still no better than during the summer peak. the agency is worried that variant strains are spreading in the
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country could lose the gains that it's made so far. and a big story we're following president joe biden announced today the country will have enough covid-19 vaccines for every adult by the end of may. the new prediction comes as the first shipments of the johnson johnson vaccine began rolling out across the country. kron four's noelle bellow joins us now live from the newsroom with details and all. >>okay, so not a lot of positivity coming from the president today. he says we're on track to meet his goal of vaccinating 100 million people in his first 100 days in office. he said it's only been about 30 days and we're already halfway to that goal now the new goal of having enough vaccines for every american by may it comes as the biden administration announces a collaboration between johnson and johnson and merck pharmaceutical company the usual competitors are now working together in what president biden calls a wartime effort under the defense production act merck
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will now have 2 of its facilities equipped to safely manufacture the johnson johnson vaccine. the president also says johnson and johnson facilities will now operate on a 24 7 schedule to pump out as many of its one dose vaccines as possible. >>when we came in office. the prior administration. had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in america. we rectify that with this increased production of 3 safe and effective vaccines we have an opportunity to help address the urgent nationally more quickly. and getting our schools back open safely. >>now when asked about when he thinks things will get back to complete normalcy here in america. president biden declined to give a definitive answer saying the reality of that depends on all of us continuing to listen to health guidelines. i'm going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kronon you can download that for free in
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your app store back to you thank you know al. now the south bay was on governor gavin newsom's itinerary today the governor is touring the states promoting his newly announced plan to reopen schools kron four's rob fladeboe is live for us in palo alto with more on the story rob. >>well that's right i'm here at barron park elementary in the palo alto unified school district which has been for hybrid learning his way back in october and is being touted as an example how schools can safely reopen among those doing that outing is california governor gavin newsome who toured the school here today, let's take a look away from the cameras, the governor did some reading to one of the classes that before touring the rest of the school getting an idea from superintendent don austin his mother officials about how things are going here course newsome is here. i had of thursday's expected vote on his raise 6.6 billion dollars to help school safely reopen. the money would go starting
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the schools, helping them pay for upgrades in ventilation and of course a covid-19 testing. details of the plan called for schools to reopen under the state's color-codedt metric for restrictions based on infection rates to offer in person instruction all this happening by the end of march for students in kindergarten through second grade that's to receive their full share of the set 2 million dollars in funding part of the 6.6 billion. but in counties where infection rates would allow aldridge to reopen schools would have to offer in person kindergarten through 6th grade at least one middle or high school class. newsome says the time to act is right now before more damage is done let's hear more now from governor newson. >>we have the capacity to get these kids safely back in the in person instruction. it's about the children about their emotional well-being about their kids our kids and families. it's about our community i'd like to thank 2 billion dollars. incentive grants to address their anxieties the prioritization of vaccinations. what's at stake with driver. more
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aggressive narrative to give give it a try to do it right do it safely we can do this right do it safely. cdc guidelines experience the science bears that we can do this. >>barron park has been open as i said as soon october with a little or no trouble in fact palo alto unified expected to open all of its schools, including high schools next week. the legislature expected to vote on the governor's plan later this week schools that don't go along we'll be penalized. one percent of their allotment for every day that they failed to get on board through may. california teachers association says this is a step in the right direction, but some parents group saying it doesn't go far enough, we'll have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 that's it for now son os back to you. rob thank you for >>and coming up this hour bay area sports teams looking into bringing fans back into the stadium, we know about efforts at levi stadium and baseball right around the corner. and
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as we slowly reopen things up in california texas is taking it a step we'll have details on the restrictions the governor is easing and how other governors are responding to it. >>running in the party fashionably late a bit as the cloud cover, here's what it looks like into the evening hours mostly cloudy at 7 to 10 we're talking partly cloudy there. tomorrow will be an improving
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>>a big story. we're following along the california mexico border semi truck crashed into an suv this morning killing 13 people. it happened in imperial county and this is video of the crash from earlier today. chp can now confirms 13 people have died. it happened when suv carrying 25 people crashed with a semi truck this morning in imperial county. that's near the u.s. mexico border. police are still looking into how this crash happened. and new this tuesday, the forty-niners have announced that they're putting together a team of doctors who will look into when it's safe for fans to return to the stadium. >>the committee will be led by doctor bob wachter who is the chair of the department of medicine over at ucsf the goal the committee will be to decide when employees and fans can safely return to the stadium. levi stadium has been the site for a mass site where hundreds of people have been getting their shots for niners
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say the committee will make recommendations for levi stadium and also share their guidelines with stadiums across the country. and with the start of the 2021 at major league baseball season just a few weeks away kron four's haaziq madyun checks in with both the a's and the giants for their plans for returning to their ballparks. >>great it's a beautiful day in arizona at 78 degrees and we're playing baseball and as you can see they're doing it but socially distance fans did attendance for spring training oakland a's president dave kaval talked about the plan to bring fans back to the coliseum as we've been working closely with the state and county officials to come up with a safe plan to return to the coliseum this season. >>and we're working with them hand in hand and i think we can have a system that hopefully brings fans back as soon as possible and safe banner right now the coliseum is being used as a mask that
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>>how are you to go she a team that we'd actually designed the vaccination program to coexist with art games. it should work seamlessly we can keep the vaccination site going and still have our games going as well. >>this statement from the san francisco giants on their plans for fans returning to oracle reads in part quote we are currently preparing detail plans and protocols and 4 primary focus areas which include health safety and hygiene ballpark access concessions and experience taken a good ballpark, seating and transportation we have created our fans say program which you can find at the website you see on the screen which provides regular pre-season updates and offers additional information and all of these areas as we move closer to reopen in the ballpark, unquote. giants fans can also be notified about tickets at oracle by submitting their information at the giant's website, dave campbell's advice for a's fans. >>the best thing to do is buy
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the flex tex past it's kind of like buying a gift card and then it puts you first in line for when individual tickets are released for the game major league baseball's opening day is april first 2021. has made kron 4 >>meanwhile if you're looking for some adventure visitors no longer need a day use reservation to visit yosemite national park. the national park service use the reservation system to regulate the number of people entering the park is covid-19 cases spike across california park officials still ask visitors however to stay socially distanced and to wear masks. switching gears to talk about our weather now this is a live look at the golden gate bridge kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr is standing by in the weather center with a look at our forecast high to a son going good afternoon good afternoon, everybody we've been watching all afternoon. these clouds start to thicken
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up and it looks like they're doing just that as we get into tonight lows, we're able to. >>kind of a squeeze out some more sunshine out of the day here. here's a look at bay area temperatures will made it there 71 at concord at least we got at least one there 69 for livermore meanwhile santa rosa still trailing though compared to yesterday at 66 along with the bottle and knocks 69, we got mid 60's, lining up the east bay shoreline so we have is this pesky low off towards our south west we're just getting the fringes of it so we'll get all the cloud cover bark but no by train with all of that getting a little closer here and the impact of this will be felt tonight early tomorrow morning by the afternoon things should start to improve, let's take a quick snapshot of what's going on with those winds little breeze happening because the daytime heating. this will subside into tonight, let's go forward with future cast for though to
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bit here well to be taking a look at the longer range forecast models that are talking about our weekend looks a little better that we're pushing the rain more to the friday overnight. give us a better break on saturday afternoon so thank you dave. still ahead, san francisco could be the latest city to require grocery stores to pay employees hazard pay. >>details on when that could go into effect. and what the dmv wants to be on the lookout for involving allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst psst you're good seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.
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i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >>welcome back for your money now the california dmv is issuing a warning about a real id phishing scam. now several people have called in saying they got a call or text message about needing to update their information for real id compliance, but the dmv says it will never ask for personal information like your driver's license number, social security number or financial information in a text message or random call to report a scan you can e-mail the federal trade commission that report fraud dot ftc dot gov. grocery store and pharmacy workers in san francisco could get hazard pay as early as next week. board
3:25 pm
of supervisors president walton introduce the bill and it would require large grocery and drug stores to provide an additional $5 an hour to employees who make less than $35 an hour. the hazard pay would apply to big chain stores and would also include janitorial and second security contractors. >>been obviously so many months of essential workers just grinding it out in this pandemic and i think that a lot of the folks who are on the front lines working in in grocery stores and drugstores particular big big chains are some of the unsung heroes. >>now if passed san francisco would join other bay area cities including oakland, berkeley, san leandro and santa clara. a proposed california law would ban employers from drug testing for marijuana before they hire you wear a marijuana rights activists are sponsoring the bill may se testing shows whether you've used pot in the past which is legal, but it
3:26 pm
can still be used against you in a job application. conversely you can drink off the job and it doesn't affect employment and they believe marijuana should be treated the same way. >>coming up next the often heated debate in congress today over a bill meant to to expand voter rights. and after the break free bay area counties now in the less restrictive or red tier we'll take a look at what changes are made. kron four's
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>>back to our top story now 3 bay area counties advance to the less restrictive a red tier giving indoor restaurants and gyms and movie theaters. a chance at recovery, let's take a closer look at where things stand in each bay area county san francisco along with santa clara and napa counties all advanced to the less restrictive red tier. this here is still considered substantial for covid-19 spread, san mateo and marin counties advance to the red tier last week but sonoma solano contra costa and alameda counties all remain in the purple widespread tier. now let's talk about the south bay doctor cody, another santa clara county health officials held a news conference this afternoon following the county's move to the red tier kron four's dan kerman joins us live with more on this move could afternoon. dan. >>good afternoon sun as you
3:30 pm
know it's almost a year ago to the day when doctor cody first put in restrictions limiting gatherings of a 1000 people that was almost a year ago today at the time they had 43 cases now in santa clara county. they have a 111,000 cases of covid-19. so big changes along the way. now things have gotten better as they have in many counties, they're moving to the red tier and that means restaurants like the le dara grill in morgan hill and others cannot just have outdoor dining but can have indoor dining at 25% capacity and in addition to that the red tier also allows retail shops and malls to increase indoor capacity to 50% museums zoos and aquariums to open indoors at 25% capacity, gyms and fitness centers to open indoors at 10% capacity and movie theaters to open indoors at 25% capacity. still health officials are cautioning that just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should do something.
3:31 pm
>>just because the state's framework may allow an activity. it does not mean that it is safe. for example, it's especially risky for someone who is older or who has chronic health conditions and who's not yet received a vaccine to be indoors. particularly in an indoor setting where not everyone is wearing a mask. >>now in the past as santa clara county officials have they made their restrictions even more restrictive than the state in this case they're going to fall in line with the state guidelines. they say right now they are going to focus on vaccinating people that is the way they say we get out of this pandemic reporting live dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you for that dan. >>now though the changes let's take a look at covid-19 cases and deaths in the state this afternoon over 2000 new cases reported within the last 24 hours along with 303 new deaths and in the fight
3:32 pm
against the virus. the state has administered over 9.3 million covid-19 vaccines. a new vaccination site has opened up in santa clara county for teachers. the new site located at the santa clara county fairgrounds we'll have the capacity to vaccinate at least 500 educators a day. santa clara county office of educational work with local school districts to manage outreach and appointments. and a texas is lifting its mask mandate making it the to to end in order intended to prevent the spread of covid-19 governor greg abbott made the announcement today the virus has killed more than 42,000 texans it's important to note that the federal mask mandates are still in effect meaning people in texas must still wear masks on federal land in airports on airplanes trains ferries or boats, buses and all other forms of public transportation. texas was will also do away with limits on
3:33 pm
the number of diners that businesses can serve indoors. the new rules will take effect on march 10th. governor newsome shared his thoughts on twitter calling the move quote absolutely reckless. that's been a big day for voting rights in washington dc, including the debate in congress over what's called the for the people act catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here with more catherine heights not to for the people if you talk to supporters they say it is. >>time over due in fact to clean up and streamline the election process. some republicans argue it's actually designed to be for the democrats the bill as hr one described as a sweeping reform bill to expand voting rights among other things that would expand early and absentee voting it would restore felons right to vote and streamline the vote by mail process. republicans insist though it would basically allow the feds to
3:34 pm
ron elections, here's a sample of today's debate in congress. hr one ends the practice of disenfranchising americans. >>with a prior felony conviction for no longer incarcerated. >>it would prohibit common sense, voter id rules encourage ballot harvesting require no excuse absentee and early voting. permit felons and non citizens to vote and make colleges and universities trusted voter registration agencies, the first 300 pages of this bill written by john lewis. to eliminate voter suppression which has become rampant in our country. i also want to note that this bill is opposed by 16 secretaries of state, 9 former fcc commissioners. the national disability rights network. the institute of free speech and more than a 130 other nonprofit organizations but supported by in the visible. whose sole purpose is to elect democrats. i think this speaks
3:35 pm
volumes as to why my friends on the other side of the aisle are rushing this bill through. >>a final house vote on this is expected tomorrow the supreme court meantime today considered whether to arizona voting rules, discriminate against minorities. one provision in question allowing someone else to deliver a person's completed ballot. sanaa us. all right katherine, thank you for that. let's switch gears for a moment to talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza this hour kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr standing by dave it's not as sunny as we've been seeing the last couple days that's right. we have the cloud cover already developing that's kind of the 9 of an is going to cover us up tonight and then clear out a little bit as we finish off week but into the weekend comes precipitation that means mountain we really got to work on this because statewide the did a survey. >>to find out more about 61% or so what we should be this time of year in early march luckily, early this week we're getting a lot coming this weekend at least come this
3:36 pm
weekend, here's a look at what the forecast calls for the shirt torn period cloudy tomorrow got to clear it up thursday friday again some scattered clouds but it will take that snow will be arriving friday night through saturday as we get rain here in the bay area. those temps a last minute heating 71 1 on concord most of the readings are in the 60's san francisco already now trailing in 57 63 down in the south bay, san jose palo alto at 61. do note on our storm tracker we are getting some of the influence of this low in terms of picking up the clouds which would be the case tonight. tomorrow we go the other direction sending him out going to a mostly sunny mode, mostly clear before sunset low temperatures projected tonight in the 40's over most of the region complements of those clouds a chilly 37 there up to santa rosa. ok ignore the blackness we've got mostly cloudy mild 40's is the game plan tonight it will be dark a guarantee of then tomorrow we've got lake clearing west in mild conditions, steady temperatures and for this week. clouds return on friday.
3:37 pm
rain saturday. we talked about this. break on sunday, but it looks like we might get a break even as early as saturday afternoon we'll take a look at long-range forecast, including snows. come this weekend's thank you dave. coming up this hour why several doctor seuss books will not be published anymore. >>plus better safe than sorry the cdc's tips for surviving just about everything, including
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>>time now to check in with news nation to see what they're working on tonight, rob nelson joins us now live from chicago with a preview. hi rob. >>hi there good to see busy news day on tap yet again we begin with the big story at of texas the governor there lifting the mask mandate after 8 months and allowing businesses to fully reopen in just a matter of days trying to return to pre pandemic life. it's the largest state to end the mandate but the move does go against medical professionals who are warning americans to please still stay vigilant against covid-19. also today, fbi director christopher wray testified before congress spelling out in stark terms the danger posed by extremist and white supremacist and he also refuted conspiracy theories about exactly what happened during the capitol insurrection also horrific news from your state
3:41 pm
california near the mexico border at least 13 people killed in that violence car collision will follow up on your coverage of that tonight. and and finally a pharmaceutical giant is joining the effort to ramp up production of a covid-19 vaccine has some americans today became the first to get the johnson and johnson shot also president biden making a big vaccination promise today as well we'll have details on that plus a lot more here on news nation prime be join us tonight. thank you so much for the preview rob. >>nation airs at 08:00pm our time and you can find it on the channel's listed here we also have details available on our website kron 4 dot com. >>still ahead we'll go live to washington dc lawmakers here from the fbi director on the deadly january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. why he warns the problem is much bigger than ju
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>>we're going to take a look at our forecast as we take a live look outside at sfo we've got gray skies overhead we also have dave spahr standing by with a look at the weekend hey yeah, this is just some cloud cover passing over nothing really happening until we get to the weekend which will show you those projections. we have half moon bay. earlier today we saw shadows and all of that right now you can see the same kind of gray skies in place. >>and stormtracker 4 there you see it the source of the low as far away we may get some coastal drizzle tomorrow
3:45 pm
morning potentially. shot from mount tam shows us the clouds turning or the skies, turning cloudy mostly cloudy by 7. we'll see those temperatures fall to the 40's but because of all of this. we'll probably see some what of a mild night ahead 46 san francisco, 47 oakland. and san jose meanwhile comes in at 43. now in the long-term forecast models here. obviously we have the passage of the clouds boom as we get to that rain happening this weekend. this is saturday at 05:00am in it's almost an so that means saturday afternoon may be salvageable at that sunday looks okay here comes the second batch. this is somewhat modest though on monday it really gets interesting tuesday. and then real juicy here by wednesday morning, this also means the mountain snows as i was talking about earlier hopefully we'll get the lion's share of that march in lines and so forth and we might finish off the week, maybe a couple little batches of showers too so we definitely need this and it's just as the doctor ordered and maybe some of the timing is really going to turn out in our favor a second glance of
3:46 pm
that 7 day forecast here for you we'll stay in the upper 60's next couple of days when this event happens on friday saturday, we drop and stay low is going to feel back that like winner again 58 meanwhile on monday checking your lows, 40's and 30's and 40's happened at the coast. so knots, thank you dave. >>to not today. fbi director christopher wray testified before senators for the first time since the january 6th insurrection ray says the agency is working tirelessly to arrest and charge those involved but warmed warned the problem is much bigger than just that day. we're joined by our dc correspondent raquel martin michael what did ray share with lawmakers today. >>good evening won't director wray told senators that the january 6 insurrection really just highlighted a pervasive problem we're seeing across the country and that is domestic terrorism. he says just within the last few months. the fbi has seen a domestic terrorism cases soar
3:47 pm
right now they're dealing with approximately 2000 cases. >>january 6 was not an isolated event in his first testimony since the attack on the capital fbi director christopher wray one lawmakers of increasing threats from domestic terrorism in violent white extreme. it's the problem of domestic terrorism has been metastasizing across the country for a long time now and it's not going away anytime soon raised as white-supremacist groups who are among those who stormed the capitol january 6. now make up the bulk of domestic terror threat in told senators the bureau over the charge nearly 300 people linked to the insurrection more subjects being identified and charged just about every single day republican senator lindsey graham says it may be time the fbi broaden the definition of domestic terrorism in a a domestic terrorist group. well that there is legal designations that the or not point is. >>i don't know if we should have one or not. but i think it's time to think about it
3:48 pm
democratic senator dick durbin says it's crucial to take the threat seriously and stop ignoring warning signs for too long or federal government. >>has failed to address the growing terrorist menace in our own but rain does the fbi is tracking threats and warren capitol police days before the recent attack, it's just to send an e-mail but it's more than just an e-mail having said that i do not consider what happened on january 6th to acceptable result. >>and that's why we're looking so hard and figuring how can the process be improved. now director ray republicans and even some democrats acknowledge that violent extremists do stem from both sides of the political spectrum. >>but director ray was also clear that there has been no evidence to prove that groups like antifa or black lives matter we're there to provoke the violent attack on january 6th for now in washington raquel martin back to you. >>raquel lawmakers also talked about the role that social media played in sparking the attack what did ray say about
3:49 pm
that. >>well director it was clear that social media played a huge role in not just coordinating of the attacks but allowing them to unravel in real time now he says he's been trying to work with some of the social media giant to address this issue, but there are just legal barriers that are preventing the to take more aggressive action as well as social media groups from taking more aggressive actions will look like what congress or some sort of law enforcement to be able to find some way around these issues so that they can take more aggressive action in the future. >>and tomorrow the national guard will testify on this same what can we expect to hear from their testimony. >>well last week we heard from the former capitol police chief as well as the former sergeant at arms who pointed at this particular the breakdown in communication when it came to trying to get to get the national guard to the capitol on the day of the january 6 insurrection there was it took very long it took some hours in fact for the
3:50 pm
national guard troops to show up and we're going to for the first time here for the national to see what exactly happened when they may have got the call because at this point it's been really listening to some the law enforcement here about what broke down that day. >>all right raquel martin reporting for us live from our nation's capital thanks so much. >>and now some other news, a 6 doctor seuss books such as if i ran the zoo as well as an to think that i saw it on mulberry street will stop it being published because of racist and insensitive imagery. this according to doctor seuss enterprises today. the decision was made this morning on doctor seuss's birthday and more books may be pulled in the coming weeks. the company says it will continue to review images and the scenes in the entire doctor seuss collection. we'll ta
3:51 pm
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3:53 pm
>>and they are back home. these are the donated bikes that were stolen from mike spikes in novato mike's bike ceo ken martin sent us this video of the container being returned this morning. a surveillance video from 2 weeks ago caught the thieves running off with the entire container that was filled with 500 bikes destined for africa. concord police found the container yesterday. and get
3:54 pm
this the center for disease control and prevention is making sure people are ready for anything even a zombie apocalypse the 16th century astrologer notre dom us previously predicted 2021 could mark the rise of the living dead please don't let that be true. the cdc released tips on their website for how you can be zombie ready in case of a sudden outbreak of the department says it started as a tongue in cheek campaign but adds that it's always better to be prepared. just in case it happens. they say is stay ready. you don't have to get ready. now more reopening announcement and san francisco, the asian art museum announced it will be reopening to the public this thursday march 4th. the de young museum is also reopening this such good news here everything reopening it will reopen to the public this saturday with more than a 100 artworks by alexander calder and pablo picasso and before we go we're going to get one last check on our 7 day
3:55 pm
forecast and a spark day. >>we're talking about this cloud cover coming here and hope we have to worry about any zombies tonight you got me scared, so think it's late tonight and we have the increasing cloud cover going on here and this will stay tonight tomorrow morning but it looks like that will clear out as we get into the afternoon hours. here's a breakdown of we're talking about calling a partly cloudy, but basically as you've been talking about the camera shots with having pretty much cloudy and mostly cloudy going on at 7 by 10 we're mostly cloudy at 49 in most of the lows will pretty much settle there into the 40's, here's a little sample we've got going on santa rosa stormy drop down to 37. but most readings in the 40's well tri valley, maybe 38. and that's all due to the fact of the cloud cover overhead keeps temperatures a little bit supported for us. in the 70 forecast gets interesting as we walk through this in terms of the forecast models are saying we'll take care that the clouds early in the day on wednesday by the afternoon we should see some better clearing. then thursday friday somewhat mild it's getting cooler indicating a
3:56 pm
change happening. these are systems coming from the gulf of alaska. so that's going to drive some rain for us rain it looks like friday saturday. but i don't like washed out here new models are saying he is trying to clear up in the afternoon so looks much better on that we take a break on sunday and then more coming for monday. actually looks like a lion share with this will be tuesday night into wednesday into next week there's another juicy load coming for us so that's good news to help out with the snow of course happening up in the sierra 40 going on maybe for a low on friday we drop into the 30's a little bit so watch out it will be chilly in some of those inland valleys, meanwhile, at the coast. we're talking about the 40's so next couple days, we'll take a breather prepare for the rain happening friday night. early saturday morning to and dave don't be scared about the zombies the cdc has tips that you check out on their website. so you'll be some kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app in addition to kron 4 news at 6,
3:57 pm
>>and during prime time and thanks for watching.
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