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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  March 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>>wednesday we appreciate it and you probably due i'm darya folsom and let you get that cup of coffee going we're going to get. >>this wednesday moving along midway through the week we've got the weekend look forward to and i understand still some showers on the horizon, still plans on the timing though guys is actually going to be working more in our favor that what we're showing you yesterday because friday night into very early saturday morning as expecting that dose of rainfall should be clearing out pretty quick in here saturday. so it's nice to bring a little bit of good in lieu of some weather switch apps that we do have just around the corner today and tomorrow are some of our last over mild and now really sunny days that we have been enjoying so take advantage of those to you look outside this morning at our sutro tower cam looking down at san francisco showing you some clear skies as far as any fog is concerned. there's definitely a noticeable increase in cloud cover as showers passed to the south of the bay down into
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southern california, not to worry though bay area remains dry while la and san diego are going to be looking at rainfall today. we just got a couple of patches of fog and as i mentioned another nice and dry. one ahead of us, current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's with berkeley oakland and alameda egypt, 49 degrees. pittsburgh, san francisco, pacific of each in the 50's with a few 30's hanging on in the north bay. reyna tom thank you we are tracking your commute for you this morning if you're heading into the city from the east bay to fremont street exit under 9 minutes for your drive time also no major hot spots that we're tracking so far. >>the san mateo bridge and across the peninsula you're under 13 minutes for your drive times there and look at the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond under 8 minutes for you, they're also in walnut creek heading towards at 5.18 on 80 looks good here at about 11 minutes, we're staying on top of those drive times for you but for now daryn james i'll send it over to you both thanks a lot reyna check it out 3 more bay area counties
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are now loosening restrictions in the red tier so in total, we've got santa clara san mateo san francisco moran. >>and napa now all in that red tier. again we had yesterday only 7 and county so it's great to see a good bit of the bay area now moving into the red tier we still have sonoma solano contra costa alameda counties remaining in the purple tier and there's going to be you know some differences county to county now as to what can be open. yeah, let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson she's following this you can see what this means as far as the specific. >>businesses that reopen these are the capacity that they're allowed but really a lot of the that are big changes are the indoor dining at restaurants, the indoor gyms movie theaters. so those are also the bigger changes. >>let's go to sarah and see what it means in santa clara county >>means a lot you know we've seen a county move into the red tier. but this one hits a little differently because we actually have a vaccine out
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and it seems like we are heading in the right direction and it's we have some good changes ahead as you said the biggest change is indoor live here in santa clara at a movie theater and amc where you can now head inside check it out and see is right behind me and this is an example of one thing that is changing you know it's almost a year ago today that santa clara county's health officer doctor sara cody announce major restrictions in telling people to stay home and quarantine and now year later nearly 111,000 people in santa clara county have gotten coronavirus and almost 1800 people have died but now cases and hospitalizations have dropped to the point beginning today santa clara county will move to the less restrictive red opening tier what does this mean as gone over this before, but it's always good to reiterate and a lot has happened indoor dining can now happen at 25% capacity retail
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stores can move up to 50% capacity gyms can go back indoors at 10% capacity. movie theaters where i'm at right now you can go, but they're only 25% capacity said you have to get a ticket zoos museums aquariums also can now open at 25% capacity, you know i think one of the biggest biggest changes that we're going to see will people feel comfortable eating indoors. it's a question we've asked many times i know we've talked to restaurant owners and they're excited they said this is really going to help them serve more people. >>we've been shut down indoors the entire year with the exception of a few weeks of chaos. outdoors been on and off 25 says absolutely going to be you know we're still in the late winter early spring time frame so outside whether it's problematic and you're even with the times. >>and so it's going to be interesting today to talk to
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people and we're going to head to san jose we're going to talk to people and see how they feel about this i have talked to people before a lot of people before though it was during when we didn't have a vaccine and they told me i'm not sure i'm quite comfortable sitting indoors. people obviously worried about sharing air with other people. now santa clara counties also lifting their travel order which requiring people to quarantine after they left the county and they travel they flew out of the county so that has been lifted as well so a lot of restrictions loosening good news. we're heading in the right direction for now live in santa clara county sarah stinson back to the right direction indeed thank you very much sara. >>same direction and the north bay, the mayor of napa says that they've moved into the red tier because people are following protocol. he also says the city is being aggressive with covid testing and vaccinations. >>crossing our fingers that we we keep moving out of this vaccines the rollout seems to r getting a little smoot on the on the vaccines.
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>>it's great it's a recognition that the efforts center community has made the protocols that are have implemented are working. >>ap is a largely tourists driven city and county officials expect. visitors and locals to continue to wear face masks and socially distance if they enjoy the town over the east bay contra costa county is in the red tier just yet but officials do expect that that will change. >>in the next 2 to 3 weeks the county's currently seeing about 10 daily new cases per 100,000 people and although that is above the red tier threshold of 7 county supervisor john says that state officials told him that they may relaxed that requirement later this week. it's unclear what the threshold would be changed to but one health official says it could be based on reaching certain vaccination numbers. grocery store workers by the way in san mateo could soon be getting a boost in their paychecks the city council voted this week to approve a
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hazard pay ordinance that would raise pay for grocery and drugstore workers by $5 an hour. the ordinance is effective immediately it will be in place for the next 90 days and it applies to 10 companies in the city including safeway target trader joe's and chavez supermarket. >>the 6 billion dollar plan to reopen schools in california has cleared its first hurdle in the state capitol the california senate budget committee unanimously passed the plan yesterday that includes 2 billion dollars in grants for covid safety measures for schools that reopen their classrooms by april 1st. it also provides 4 billion dollars for all schools, regardless of their reopening status. but some lawmakers say that they're being left out of the process. >>this looks like not in between the legislature and governor's office but hostage negotiations between the cta and the governor see winning.
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>>both chambers are preparing for a full vote on the plan tomorrow. 5 '07 is the time and another big story that we're following this morning. sutter health apparently is canceling thousands of vaccine appointments across the bay area. >>because of a supply shortage with kron four's will tran live in castro valley with more on what's going on. well. >>and this impacts 95,000 people said or how they're having problems like many other health providers too much demand not enough supply in fact this dates back to early february when they actually had to suspend appointments for first says at that time and now it looks like they will have to suspend second-round doses of the 95,000 appointments that have been canceled 90 of them include second-round doses that in a perfect world that they would have gotten their shots from now until march 9th now it looks like they don't know exactly when sutter health will reach out to those people over the next 7 to 10
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days to try to get them back on the list for the second round they're assuring those people who got their first round it's okay it's not incredibly urgent at this particular time for you to get your second dose as soon as they get more vaccines from the state they will try to get those people back in line to get your doses as far as the dose they say they have limited supply so they have to cancel about 5,000 appointments from now until march 9th and same situation james, an area they too don't know when they'll get the first round as well so this is ongoing problem we saw this happen in san francisco with stony center and that took about a week or so for them to get back up and running as well the state says they're trying their very best. simple math and i was horrible at math, but i to know too much demand not enough supply so it doesn't take a. mathematics wizard to gain center running to the same problem skies back
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to not good news, thank you will. >>5 '09 right now and still ahead antioch police tonight in an officer put a knee to the neck of a man to the point of causing his death. hear what the 911 call. what and the pandemic is costing everybody more money including health care companies. bush should you foot the bill for that and after the break the debate over whether or not to pass president biden's 2 trillion dollar covid relief bill begins today, we're live in washington d c. >>and today will be another dry one with temperatures a bit above our seasonal averages back to the 60's for yet another one big changes in the rest of your forecast though i'll have that coming up. >>and we're staying on top of an accident out in vacaville right now a hot spot i'm tracking right now your commute into the city you can do that in under 10 minutes to the fremont street exit will have more on both those coming have more on both those coming up after the break.
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the see these guys don't have masks on still need observe that so i was going to say i see on their website. they said bring a mask because in areas where you can't socially distance. >>they're going to need to put it on when you're out there by yourself, yeah off breathe, a or a joy the few can't wait. will try and squeeze in a trip with the kids this summer things i think a problem with the only one but to go to there that's all i want to say i do like i do i leave it failed least 04:00am yeah and it's great i'm i'm always coming down on my hike and people are just beginning since we are morning people i've gotten to the park before sunrise, yeah and then you leave the park when you see everyone lies to get into worth makes me so this tells i think a lot of people are going to be super pumped right now the usual winter closures are happening. you know just whatever got john trail just from charles like that, but everything else is open and the weather should be getting like by april i think a lot of
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people. >>probably going to out there. yeah, i hope so anyway that's when the waterfalls are flown really good and yet the snow melts occurring that's make. she's so excited for hopefully a nice summer up in the sierra especially yosemite national park good to see some of that progress happening now looking at this year this morning you can see a whole lot of it just yet we are looking at conditions out there that are about to be rather snowy again for areas like yosemite national park in i 80 heading up to tahoe. so we've been pretty dry lately not just for the bay, but also up into the mountains that changes this weekend as we see the return of some rain and mountain snow fall something we really need to start seeing. >>after a dry stretch of weather almost all the way through february. we had a few rain showers in there. but it wasn't enough, you can see some cloud cover this morning that actually has to do with the system to the south of the bay area. this low pressure area right here is going to move further to the east throughout the day today and it's going to bring with it some rain to la and san diego, the first rain that some of
5:16 am
these areas have seen and well over a month. bay area stays dry today and we continue to stay dry on into tomorrow too. but after this first passage of a low pressure area there's another storm system right now sitting up in the gulf of alaska that's going to dip down our direction later on this week. now the timing of this is actually going to work out really nicely. i've been hearing from some of you that are like i hope it doesn't rain all day on saturday looks like saturday is actually going to clear out really nicely for us because this rain is going to hit in the middle of the night friday night leading into early saturday morning and at times it is actually going to result in some pretty good showers out there so this is good news is having a little interference with any sort of weekend plans you may have. but a good dose of rain for the bay and snow in the sierra nevada. so friday night into early saturday morning our first dose of rain saturday and sunday we drive back out and then that followed up by more rainfall into monday and tuesday of next week. so we get the storm door opening wide and it looks like next week is going to be bringing
5:17 am
us some very helpful precipitation. as for today though we're still in the midst of some of our nice sunny weather 50's and 60's at the coast solid 60's elsewhere in the bay and knowing that there are changes just around the corner now you do want to enjoy this kind of stuff seeing carlos in redwood city back at 65 today, temperatures may not be in the low 70's anymore, but you're still in the upper 60's so do get out there enjoy some of this warm weather and no it's not going to be this warm for much longer so you want to savor it. sonoma and napa in the mid to upper 60's, pittsburgh at 68. well santa rosa in petaluma each at 66. you look ahead at next 7 days today and tomorrow, swarm ones after that temperatures start to slide downwards friday night or initial chance of rainfall saturday and sunday we dry back out but even with the sunshine were noticeably cooler. monday and tuesday, even cooler yet with rainfall continuing reyna don thank you i'm already tracking to hot spots this morning.
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>>this one starting here in vacaville 80 westbound at cherry glen road. a traffic collision in the air. we know one lane is open so that's going to be slow commute for folks trying to commute there also heading down here to san carlos northbound 1, 1, at holly street. so too hot spots we're going to continue to track that and keep eyes on that. but as you head into the city right now look at that to the fremont street exit under 9 minutes for your drive times the traffic is still flowing really nicely we're at the limit here across the san mateo bridge under 13 minutes for you there. the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond look at that under 8 minutes so we'll stay on top of those hot spots and your drive times but for now james back to you. >>all right, thank you very much. so we've got president joe biden's pick to lead the office of management and budget withdrawing her nomination. neera tanden needed just 51 votes to be confirmed, but democratic senator joe mansion and a number of other moderate republicans said that they just couldn't supporter citing several of her past tweets in which she attacked members of both parties. this is the first high-profile defeat of
5:19 am
one of president biden's cabinet nominees. meanwhile, miguel cardona has been sworn in as education secretary this clears the way for him not only president biden's effort to reopen the nation's schools. the 45 year-old former public school teacher won praise for his efforts to reopen schools in connecticut. cardona's top priority will be getting students back on campus 5 days a week within biden's first 100 days in office. >>time now is 5 19 and in national congress appears poised to pass president biden's emergency covid relief package will be some good news for desperate americans, but it could be a very close vote in the senate we have our washington correspondent alexandra le mon joining us live with what more we can expect out of all this alex good morning. >>and they're good morning while democratic lawmakers say they want to provide more help to americans including more stimulus checks as soon as possible. and that's why senate democrats say it's possible they could begin debate and a series of votes on the stimulus package later
5:20 am
today. >>we're now on track to have enough vaccine. supply for every adult in america by the end of may president joe biden says his administration has made great strides in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and he wants that progress to continue this is a national imperative that we get our kids back into the classroom. safely and as soon as possible the president says for schools and businesses to fully reopen and life to return to normal congress needs to pass his one-point-nine trillion dollars american rescue plan that's why the president worked with senate democrats on tuesday to ensure enough support for the package that would deliver money for vaccines schools, unemployment, stimulus checks and more american people are overwhelmingly in support of this legislation. a majority of democrats independents and in many polls republican support this bill. >>it seems the only group that doesn't support this bill are senate republicans. and house
5:21 am
republicans. >>democratic leader chuck schumer said the senate will move forward with the bill as soon as possible. but republicans criticize the legislative package saying it's full of items unrelated to the pandemic so we'll be fighting this in every way that we it is my hope. >>but at the that senate republicans will unanimously oppose it. >>now democrats hope to have votes in the senate done by the end of the week that way. the u.s. house can vote on the final version of the stimulus package on monday and send it to the president's desk reporting live in washington alexandra le mon. thanks center. >>right now attorney general javier becerra is warning certain health care providers that they are not allowed to charge certain patients to covid fee. >>the fee is they're saying used to be reimbursed companies for cleaning disinfecting personal protective equipment. >>you're not allowed of your doctor you're not allowed to
5:22 am
charge a patient who is in medicare al den to cal or medicare that fee. if you have private insurance. you do have the right to ask your provider why are being charged to covid fee as well. >>the airline industry says they're losing millions of dollars a day they testified telling congress they need help i'm rashad washington off more on this story. coming up.
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>>we're back it is 5.24 and after 11 months basically not doing this sfo has now resumed nonstop flights to dubai emirates airlines plans to operate for nonstop flights per week. the airline suspended operations at sfo last march because of the pandemic emirates says it's going to operate flights on tuesdays thursdays and saturdays if you are going somewhere, however i would check what you can do on the other side. landed have to quarantine for 2 weeks which is situation like that you can go to the you go to the uk. but if you go there have to quarantine and. >>i don't know as a millions of americans are getting vaccinated the pandemic. >>is still though impacting travel because of massive layoffs that happens with the airlines so they're asking now lawmakers from money everybody needs a little bit of help washington correspondent rashad hudson reports. >>we're still losing 150 million dollars a day tuesday lawmakers heard from airline executives about the
5:26 am
dramatic impact the pandemic is having on their industry you're flying about 40% of the passengers that we used to louisiana republican congressman garret graves says it's important to keep the industry alive. we actually have the bandwidth. we have the capacity of our airline industry of the ability to have business. >>recreational travel tourism travel available for when the economy picks back up again last year the airline industry received just over 100 billion dollars in previous covid relief packages have in the aggregate i would say you know 10's of thousands are up to a 100,000 jobs, including contractors. lawmakers praised airline leaders for their enhanced safety measures but oregon congressman peter defazio is calling on the industry to be tougher on passengers who are not following the rooms, the jerks who get on and on a lollipop or simple bottled water for 6 hours. >>things they need to hear that you can remove your mask.
5:27 am
briefly, the house approved covid relief bill includes 30 billion dollars for the industry, but it's not clear if the version working its way through the senate will include the same amount in washington rashad hudson. >>we'll take a break 5.26 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, a shoe store in san francisco is burglarized not once but twice in a single day was all caught on camera we're going hear from the store's owner coming up after the break.
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>>right now and we are checking out of the weather can see too much there you comply minute come by my bad eyesight and said like to be find out from him good morning. john yes, still dark out. there is it will be yourself once we do see the sun coming up you'll get pretty good perspective on a few of the clouds that we do have passing across the bay area this morning. you notice a cloudier start to it out there at least initially today. this is partly due to a storm system that's pushing to our south currently we are looking outside it or sit you're tower cam fog free view right there and looking out some of that clouds on radar if we zoom out across the region you notice out there that we do have some shower activity to the south of the day this is going to result in
5:31 am
some rainfall for some of our southern california neighbors later on today. bay area stand dry though just a couple of pockets of fog to no doubt there we don't have anything widespread but do watch out for those patches of fog, especially. for further south of the bay area like on the southern end of the peninsula and down towards hayward and fremont current temperatures are in the 40's and 50's for most oakland alameda and san francisco, each of 49 right now while napa petaluma nevado and santa rosa, little bit cooler down in the 30's. reyna thank you so you already started this morning with hot spots we have one here in vacaville. >>80 westbound at cherry glen road. they do have one lane open there so if you are traveling north or west bound rather if you're traveling westbound give yourself a little more time if you are in the vacaville area also down here in san carlos, northbound 1 one at holly street and alternate for you would be able to take 82 that's right there. next to one oh one and jason. also your commute into the city right now still nice
5:32 am
and light and apple him in under 10 minutes for you as you head to the fremont street exit into the city your commute heading across the peninsula was also great this morning under 13 minutes for your drive time and let the richmond sandra fell bridge under 8 minutes we're staying on top of those hot spots and tracking your commute but daryn james back to you thanks chief. thank you very much and guess what more bay area counties are opening up. we're wondering is beat here tuesday. yes here we are wednesday morning and we've got more counties that are in the red yeah we were we're s we're hoping that maybe sanford school be included and it was along with santa clara and napa they both join now. >>san mateo and marin county in the red tier. both of those were at last week we still though as you can see have sonoma solano contra costa and alameda counties still in the purple tier. >>we'll see when they can join the red so they're going to be little difference depending on where which county or in a strike so as to what's open, let's take a look at what's going on in san francisco this morning. >>with the big news high only. hi there yeah, great news for
5:33 am
businesses. that you know people are going to be able to go inside. >>at a bigger capacity. just because most businesses they get most of their revenue by people either shopping or eating inside the store, so this can be really nice and i know people are itching to get back to doing more activities and mean able to do that. but officials here in the city are saying. that's great and all, but let's just still be a little careful because we still we are still in a pandemic let's listen to what they had to say. >>well we have so many signs of hope our covid-19 variance the party actor and we are monitoring and watching the >>when you're at a restaurant waiting for your table keep your mask on when your waiter walks up to the table put your mask on when you go to the restroom put your mask so you
5:34 am
get the message put your mask now what is the red tier mean that we just remind everybody so that means that gyms you could go back at 10% capacity indoors. >>theaters museums, the zoo and restaurants are all that 25% capacity indoors with restaurants, there's a little couple additional requirement. you know they have the 10 o'clock curfew if you're dining inside also if you're dining inside it's only one family for people or less to a table and if you're dining outside if you're up to like 3 but 6 people to a >>then so that is outside so it's great news that we're going into the red tier but again remember to exercise those poll of covid protocols and it's really just trying to keep 6 feet apart apart from one another. >>and having that mask on back to you guys. >>thanks a lot you like well 5.34 is the time now as the
5:35 am
bay area continues to take steps to slow the spread of the virus. the governor of texas is taking a much different approach and they texas is second only to california in the number of new covid cases. >>yet week from today 100% open. everything is opening up to 100%. no shutdowns and no mask mandate. yeah that was from governor greg abbott making the announcement he says they can reopen there will be no restrictions and again it's one of those issues where we're looking at cases. >>that are still you know at stream lehigh level. yes, they have tracked down in recent days, but the worry is that we could see another spike if we relax too soon before enough people get the facts are getting 7,700 new cases day or day new cases for the past week now. >>all right take a look at this crime caught on camera surveillance video showing this shoe store being burglarized twice in a single day it happened early in the morning last friday. this was
5:36 am
the store footprint in san francisco sunset neighborhood. and you can see in this video up but first we have people breaking they broke the glass window, they got in 2 burglars walk into the store the grab merchandise. then later that very same morning another burglar not believed to be related to the first one did the exact same thing came through the broken door ransacked the store, the owner says that he did take precautions to prevent a break in but obviously it didn't work. >>you know that every owner's worst nightmare you put your heart and the business and you take necessary precautions prevent this from and then when asked when it still happens is just. it's still shocking. >>yeah, the owner says he's planning to install now a metal gate to try and deter further break time now is 5.36 in the east bay, antioch police are disputing and attorneys claim that officers killed a black man in december by putting a knee. >>to his neck. this morning. we hear the 911 call
5:37 am
conference michelle kingston has more. >>in new york police releasing the 911 call made back in december when 30 year-old antioch resident angelo was strangling his mother according to quito sister during the call this happened on the night of december 23rd on crestwood drive any our police chief timoney brooks says officers respond within 2 minutes of the call to find can doe's mother holding him down on the ground. >>the officers requested angela's mother to get off of them. so they could detain him in handcuffs. according to the results of a preliminary investigation. at one point during the hand coffee and officer did briefly for a few seconds. having me across a portion of angelo shoulder blade. which is a common control technique chief brooks as was never placed on kondo's head neck or throat despite
5:38 am
the ut for the kanto family claiming the officer's murdered him by putting a knee on his neck for 5 minutes, you catch an that he's taken to the floor. >>angela said please don't kill me. please don't kill me brooks as they determine was suffering a mental health crisis an ambulance was called he became unresponsive was on hand cuffed and taken to the icu. >>3 days later he died police say there was no evidence of strangulation or crushed airways in the incident will undergo an independent review in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>we'll take a break here at 5.38, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as the number of covid cases improves in the bay area we'll tell you how local sports teams are making plans to get fans back into the stadiums arenas and the ballparks also the warriors have back to back games on the road before they head into the all-star break this weekend we're going take a look ahead at tonight's match and up after the break a search warrant has been executed for tiger woods is black box in his car, we'll
5:39 am
tell you what investigators are hoping to learn.
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5:42 am
include information on how fast. >>tiger was going whether the brakes were ever applied whether he may have been distracted, they're looking at all of that. a forensics car expert speculates that woods rolled the car because the road curved and his car kept going straight for some reason. so far the crash has been ruled an accident. >>well today is going to be another one of our mild and dry days a few more clouds to know this morning but even those will clear come the afternoon not as warm as yesterday but you're still in the upper 60's for san jose and 60's for sfa no and change is just around the corner i'll be breaking it down for you in the forecast. >>and staying on top of 2 hot spots that we already have this morning but your commute into the city as traffic starts to pick up for your commute. still under 10 minutes to that fremont street exit we'll have more on your drive times coming up after the break.
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>>i 45 snowpack thing you know with a stick which i love. >>but when i always ask john it just makes me think when i say oh you have you ever worn snowshoes you have your snowshoes people think i mean boots i mean what they're wearing meal snowshoes because they're on top of the last because hopefully huge sink
5:46 am
quite a bit into the cell what has unfortunately back yesterday and they also measured the reservoir levels to unfortunately both came in below average thinking about this yesterday i know re not pretty wet for like 5 straight months we've been below average when it comes to rain here or snow up there right. >>and they say if we don't get some sort of like substantial storm. in april it's not looking good for the summer we've got time to time in march april you said we always you know get precipitation that's months right at least there is time guys in april as i mentioned still great months in fact some of those spring storms is where we actually really do see it up because of that you still have the snow shoes in the closet, giants still got a from months when on one of those snow surveys a couple years really it is one of the coolest experiences of my life i go up there to while yes, so you go on a helicopter and then you hop out and you stick the stickiness now stuck in the that's falling
5:47 am
fortunate thing about the snow this year in the sierra nevada is that a lot of it has actually been dwindling over the course your past february so often times you'll see snow gradually increasing even after a dry period but we've had relatively warm conditions up there. >>and a decent amount of dry weather that we have seen snowfall starting to dwindle so a change of course is what we need and that's actually what this forecast has ahead of us come the weekend. some more snowfall in the sierra and some rain returning to the bay now here's 80 this morning, it's still dry up there and we're going to be looking at dry conditions both today and tomorrow for the bay and for the sierra nevada these are your good travel days, your good days to be getting out and about as for southern california while northern parts of the state remain dry. look at what's happening down south we have a storm system that is about to impact areas like los angeles and san diego with the first dose of rain that these areas have seen in a while come this afternoon so southern
5:48 am
california you're already getting a brief introduction to what the rest of the state has to expect come the weekend that system behind me that's the one that's going to impact us this one skirting too far to the south to be seeing anything in the bay in fact even though a partly cloudy start we do have increasingly clear skies come the afternoon. this weather maker is going to result in rainfall for us now the timing of it has actually improved a bit as far as at least enjoying the weekend's concern we did initially see your best chance of rainfall early saturday, but this system speeding up a little bit so it looks likely now that we're going to have overnight showers from friday night in the very early saturday morning with skies quickly clearing out through the day on saturday so that actually bodes well for your weekend ahead of us. just don't plant anything friday night as we'll be looking at widespread showers it's looking like for the bay. snow up in the sierra nevada. we dry out saturday and sunday and then monday and tuesday of next week we get double doses of rainfall to start your work week. so the storm doors, opening rain and snow across northern california something
5:49 am
we need to see after all the dry weather we've been in the mid stuff far as today goes upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and then 60's elsewhere in the bay. it's going to be another one of our above average mild sunny winter days that we've gotten used to this past month and if you'd like to enjoy today and tomorrow before the big change happens on friday santa clara, san jose and campbell each at 68 fremont's at 66 while pleasanton in dublin at 65 oakland you'll be cool but comfortable at 63, out of the 70's for the north bay where you were yesterday pittsburgh and fairfield at 68 while sandra fell at a cool but still nice 64. tomorrow's temperatures, nice and mild to we're actually going to be even a little bit clear tomorrow. this morning we start out with clouds but some afternoon sun to be expected. now friday, it looks like a dry start rain arrives late on friday clears quickly into saturday. dry weekend after that point. monday and tuesday of next week even cooler yet with highs only in the 50's
5:50 am
and widespread showers expected. reyna john thank you so we still have 2 hot spots that i'm following right now. >>one right here in vacaville 80 westbound at cherry glen road. and again they have at least one lane open there working on opening more you can make your way if you are traveling through the air you want to give yourself a little more time the second one is right here northbound 1 one at holly street in san carlos, a good alternate you can get around all of this is 82 right next to that but look at your commute into the city right now down to under 12 minutes to the fremont street axis of travel and is moving along as you head into the city the san mateo bridge heading across to the peninsula there still under 13 minutes for your drive time and how is the south bay commute being affected by that accident just a little bit here 1, one sandals 85 head in towards menlo park about 32 minutes tracking your drive times and stay on top of those hot spots but for now james back to you. >>all right randi thank you very much in at 5.15 bay area headlines. we have opening day
5:51 am
for major league baseball starting next month and the a's and the giants are also planning to have fans back in the ballpark's safely. now currently spring training is underway in arizona as we know, fans are allowed at those games, but they have to wear masks and they have to stay socially distance over in oakland coliseum is currently being used as a mass vaccination site now the president of says that the vaccination program was designed to coexist with their game so they plan on doing both. >>we've actually designed the vaccination program to coexist with art games. it should work seamlessly we can keep the vaccination site going and still have our games going as well as we've been working closely with the state and county officials to come up with a safe plan to return to the coliseum this season. >>and we're working with them hand in hand and i think we can have a system that hopefully brings fans back as soon as possible in a safe manner. >>meanwhile the san francisco giants are also working on plans and protocols to safely bring back to their fans
5:52 am
giants fans will be notified about available tickets but at by submitting information on the giants website. the mlb opening day is set for april first time now is 5.51 the warriors get right to play the portland trail blazers on the road tonight and then tomorrow night. >>they play the phoenix suns golden state won some winning momentum before heading into the all-star break this weekend, especially after coming off a blowout loss to the lakers on sunday. >>candid we're trying to go no where so i games and going continue. now the payment on an execution on offense in and developing that defensive identity towards the 2nd half a season, you know things start to click moments up. >>won't be a break this weekend for step though because he's going to be an all-star starter this weekend, his 7th appearance and he's going to be in the 3 point he won. the 3 point contest back in 2015 that will happen right before the all-star game tipoff sunday night. >>we'll take a quick break.
5:53 am
we'll be right back.
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5:55 am
>>in the north bay petaluma is now the first city in california and possibly the whole country to permanently banned construction of any new
5:56 am
gas stations. yeah, the pedal in the city council voted monday night to ban new gas stations and instead now are encouraging drivers to transition to stations that serve electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. >>as that is the technology that california is pushing for in the future petaluma city officials are hoping that their city will become carbon neutral by 2030 when as you'll recall governor newsome said no more new cars can be sold that are gas power, they'll have to be electric or hydrogen going forward after that date. we'll take a break at 5.56 coming up in the next hour santa clara county is now in the red tier we're gonna tell you what restrictions are being loosened for them. >>and thousands of vaccination appointments are being canceled across the state will tell you why and a live report.
5:57 am
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>>you're watching kron. thanks for joining in on wednesday and and i'm james fletcher let's get right to it this morning if you have to get outside right now we've got john with the forecast with your commute check. >>and we'll get to that we say you joining in and i feel like they think alike are we always up like no matter what how early you get up we're still
6:00 am
to our you're finally up it's going say or nightmare, but the dream to be a telling 1 one to 3 i get up at 3 to 2.30 him that use longer. yeah, i got a couple snooze but the final and it takes them longer to get ready than happen on its time you get one you know don't i at to 40 this extra 10 minutes for of yeah, if you're not waking up during our 6 hours either feel bad for really jealous of you that means you're getting up after 10:00am hour looking outside this morning at some could clear enough skies. there is partly cloudy conditions overhead most of us are fog free though outside for mercy church tower cam shows you clear skies this morning looking at the bay bridge. there's a blanket of cloud cover that's sitting right above the bay area is actually associated with a similar system that's going to be dropp


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