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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 4, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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our security posture we've taken immediate steps. >>to the national guard as well as our workforce, no members of congress also received this memo warning them about a militia groups possible plot to attack the u.s. capitol again a warning that prompted the u.s. house to cancel its planned thursday session. >>lawmakers from both parties say it's better to be safe. it's kind of crazy. >>it's outrageous. what we've seen. so far this year on january 6 we have to take it seriously best case scenario is that nothing happens on march 4th. worst case scenario that something does this new threat comes following 2 days of testimony on capitol hill. >>where federal law enforcement officials tried to explain why extremist groups and trump supporters were able to breach the u.s. capitol on january 6th. now today, the senate is supposed to hold hours worth of debate and
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votes on president biden's coronavirus relief package as far as we've been told that is still scheduled to happen, but this is a developing situation so we'll keep you updated if that changes reporting live in washington alexandra le mon thank you alexandra. now it's time to get another check of weather with a john trouble who's been keeping us up to date now john i know you said. >>maybe you can wear the coat or jacket and then we can ditch that later on know definitely do did a little bit on the chilly side out there, although not as cold as it was yesterday morning for much of the bay area anyways most of our temperatures right now in the 40's and 50's so yeah, pretty jacket where the for your thursday morning. we are in for some change is just around the corner so you want to enjoy today as much as you can. one of her last remaining above average daytime highs center tower looking nice and clear here we're looking at less cloud cover up above today. but what we are seeing is some fog especially for the
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north bay and our east bay inland valleys that will slow things down for you looking at dense fog and patches, especially across the north bay where visibility will fall well below a mile at times so be mindful of that it is going to be a morning commute that's impacted by something we haven't seen much lately which is that dense fog livermore you're at 39 degrees right now one of those areas that does have patches of fog alameda oakland, san francisco in the low 50's while petaluma and avato 48 degrees most temperatures are actually a bit warmer than yesterday santa rosa up 11 degrees, san jose livermore unconquered showing a bit of a cool down each down 4 degrees from the same 0.24 hours ago. after some spotty fog this morning. do expect mild and nice conditions later on today with most of our highs back up into the 60's as we make our way into the weekend a lot of that changes though, and i'll tell you all about it in your full forecast john thank you for that so as you're hitting the roadways today heading from the east bay into the city
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right now under 11 minutes. >>for your drive time i'm not tracking any major hot spots, no i do want to say you can see there at the right bottom portion of your screen chp is out there today. i saw them giving someone a ticket as i was driving into the city so just be cautious and make sure you follow the speed limit also look at the san mateo bridge and across the peninsula there under 11 minutes for your drive time. and a quick look at the richmond sandra fell commute, heading out of richmond under 8 minutes. we are watching your roadways this morning. we'll have more on that coming up, but for now back to the news. as california continues to try expand and increase vaccine distribution. state leaders say they're preparing to use vaccination rates to help counties reopen their economies much sooner between this week and next california is expecting shipments of about 3 million doses and about 340,000 of them from newcomer johnson and johnson this comes as some local health providers risk thousands of canceled or
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postponed appointments because of short supply. governor newsome pointed to the vaccine manufacturers. >>we talk to them directly didn't even wait to formalize a formal written response called the supervisors directly and we're working through those issues the only constraint. of us providing more vaccine to more people in a much quicker an expedited manner also an equitable manner is manufactured supply. >>governor newsom says more details on how the state's reopening system we'll change will be made public in the coming days. the cdc reports more than 12 million doses have been delivered to california with over 9 million doses administered. these are the latest numbers from the california health department. here's a closer look at how each mary county is doing with vaccine distribution. santa clara continues to lead all bay area counties, what the number of doses given out and napa remains at the bottom of the list you can track these
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details over on our website at kron 4 dot com. we also have links the air on how to sign up for vaccines in your county. we're also following news that sutter health might have to cancel more than 90,000 appointments for people looking to get their second dose of the vaccine. this is all because of a lack of supply. 40,000 appointments have already been canceled another 50,000 are at risk. if they don't get more doses soon however, health experts say these kinds of delays are fortunate that no real cause for concern. >>even if you wait a little bit longer you're not going to be reinventing the wheel setting the clock from 0. he reassured that you're going to get enough protection from that first dose even by itself. before waiting for that second dose. >>and the cdc agrees has issued guidance saying the second dose can be given out up to 6 weeks after the first shot. in the east bay, any vaccines into the alameda county community remains a
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high priority. infection rates remain high in some of the lower economic areas. an oakland san leandro and hayward that fact is among the primary reasons alameda county remains in the restrictive purple tier of california's blueprint for a safer economy. >>i think it has to do with just hitting the people that really don't have time for covid you know they have to work 2 jobs, they had their children are in this kind distance learning where they're trying to figure out daycare and babysitting for plus they have to go to work, you know they don't have time to worry about covid and so they're doing the best they can and we're trying to help them. it's definitely been true when case rates rise. >>we see greatest impacts in our most dense neighborhoods. especially up and down the corridor. >>alameda county's health officer says the county has hit the red tier metrics but must meet the metrics for one more week in order to advance. educators with the san
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francisco unified school district will no longer have to go to the coliseum to get a shot maxine access codes have been distributed to educators. both the board of education president and the district superintendent are calling on the city to better improve access to the vaccine. even calling on the city to host a teacher vaccination day. now in a statement for president gabriela lopez says in part many teachers have been taking part are taking bart across the bay to oakland ca listen to get a shot we can do better. the nation has stepped up the state is stepped up. now it's up to us as a city to get this done. new funding will expand covid-19 testing in california schools and hopefully speed up the return to on-campus learning. governor gavin, newsome made the announcement explain that the money will allow for more covid-19 testing for low income students. the waiver approved by the biden administration is the first in the nation to allow medicaid funding for the voluntary testing in schools. the first
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of 5 new board members at the oakland unique the oakley union elementary school district have now been shows in all the members step down after video surfaced of them criticizing parents when they thought they were speaking in private line a fuller has been selected to serve as the interim trustee. for area 2 of the oakley union school district as a mother of 2 and a previous volunteer with city communities for believes getting kids back in the classroom is a priority. >>i think very vital to make sure that the children get back to school and that they are safe when they are school. but i think socialization and just for the mental health i think for both social and mental health from front for the children i think that's a very important that they get back to school and that they're able to socialize be with their
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>>fuller is feeling one of the 5 vacancies the rest of the seat will remain a point it rather than elected. and san francisco police are seen an uptick in burglaries using blow torches to break into businesses that most recently san francisco optics in the marina district became a target. and this surveillance video you're looking at right now from sunday you're going to see the glass crack. after the suspect took a blowtorch to that window, however, unlike other businesses the suspect never made it inside this store. now business owners are looking at ways to step up security against these tactics. >>was surprised and shocked and you know just obviously i'm getting creative windows is. an time. >>like polly carver, you know in the full proof doctors is immaterial and top of there's the laminate that's also on doctor says the women and when you use a blowtorch that's not the frequency of glass which
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means that the alarms not to be triggered. it's absolutely astonishing that people are going to these lengths to break in. >>security experts believe that these are turning to blow torches because certain alarms are as easily trigger when the heat hits the glass to prevent these from gaining entry with blow torches. they recommend installing shatter resisting windows and additional clear security at he film. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, a hopeful sign for baseball fans governor newsom is hinting the return of fans to stadiums next month.
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. let's get another check of weather with john's fraval who tells me that today's going to be a nice day. but we're going to have a little weather switch at midway through yeah so today we're going to be looking at our dry skies, cool start to the morning with a bit of fog out there. >>afternoon hours going to be nice and mild this which really looking forward to some rainfall starting tomorrow night that will be definitely something we haven't seen in a while at least you look outside at our half moon bay camera right here there's some cloud cover sitting up above most of our coastal areas are actually pretty fog free this morning, it's or north bay and the east bay inland valleys that are in the midst of some of that dense fog, especially
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the north bay around santa rosa into northern portions of napa and solano counties too. now into the afternoon you will notice an ample dose of sunshine. we are in the midst of a resurgence of high pressure today ahead of the system that will advance on in tomorrow mostly after sunset resulting in some friday evening showers so today yet another dry one yet another mild one tomorrow will be nice and dry during the day gradually increasing cloud cover through your friday rainfall will be moving on into northern portions of sonoma county by the time we work our way into the mid afternoon tomorrow, most of the bay area doesn't really start tapping into it until after sunset. that's when it drips down into areas or and napa counties and portions of san francisco, pushing into the rest of the bay area into the evening after that point and it looks like it's going to be nice and widespread a good rush of rainfall right in the middle of your evening, clearing out really quickly though so by saturday morning, although roads will have some wet spots on him we'll be done with that rainfall through saturday and sunday. now
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today's daytime highs back in the 50's at the coast. well 60's elsewhere in the bay area it will be a little cooler feeling than what we had been to start the week but actually feeling a little nicer than yesterday partly because of the increase sunshine today and also partly because it's not going to be quite as windy as yesterday afternoon became san jose at 68 for your high today livermore at 67. hayward you'll be a nice but cool 64 oakland at 63 north bay daytime highs, mostly low 60's with the way how at 61 ciena rose at 62. tomorrow's temperatures will be just a touch cooler than 2 days. you will see a gradually increasing cloud cover as i mentioned ahead of rainfall pushing in friday night saturday morning we clear right out temperatures will be cooler though only in the low 60's under warmest. both saturday and sunday will be nice and clear monday tuesday and wednesday on the other hand all looking at chances of rain with daytime highs even cooler yet dropping into the 50's reyna john thank you if
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you are starting your commute this morning early with us. >>and in the roadways are going to look at the bay bridge right now no major hot spots. no high wind advisories. but just a warning you can see there at the bottom right portion of your screen we have chp right there they're giving out tickets. i saw someone getting a ticket as i was traveling into the city from the east bay. so just drive safe drive the speed limit under 10 minutes for your drive time there also look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond a quiet commute for you at the limits going to take about 9 minutes. tracking your commute this morning but for now back to the news. a hopeful sign for sports fans, major league baseball teams are allowing fans to return to spring training at limited capacity and governor newsome is hinting that the return of fans to the bay area's stadiums might happen next month. kron four's gayle ong has details from oakland. >>governor gavin newsome says baseball fans may be able to watch their favorite team play in person on opening day, but
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that all depends of people don't let their guard down with covid-19 do that. >>advanced conversations governor gavin newsome telling reporters wednesday, the possibility of baseball fans returning to the stadium working on the final details but we've been working very closely with major league baseball others. across the spectrum working with local health officers, the governor adding the state's covid hospitalizations dropped 43% that's why he's confident more restrictions will be loosened in the near future under one condition if we all do our job and we don't let down our guard and spike the ball wrong sport. but get the point. then i all the world fans will be back. >>safely in a lot of those outdoor meanwhile plans are already in place at the oakland coliseum to welcome fans back to the ballpark on opening day we've been working closely with the state and county officials to come up with a safe plan to return to the coliseum oakland president
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dave campbell gives this advice to fans the best thing to do is buy the flex tex past it's kind of like buying a gift card and then it puts you first in line for when individual tickets are released for the game alameda county remains in the restrictive purple tier of the state's reopening a county health officer tells kron 4 that is expected to change the county should have danced to the less restrictive red tier sometime next week major league baseball teams are allowing fans to return to spring training at limited capacity, a preview of what watching a ballgame in the age of covid will look like and when the games begin the oakland coliseum will continue to serve as a mass vaccination site the oakland a's president adds. >>the vaccination program was actually designed to coexist with their games in oakland gayle ong kron 4 news. >>when the north bay officials in marine county are allowing youth sports team competitions if all state restrictions are followed moderate and high contact team sports were physical distancing is
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impossible such as baseball football may only take place between 2 teams individual sports such as track and field mountain biking solo sailing or swimming may hold multi team event since physical distancing between athletes is easier to maintain. well while wineries are now able to host tasting outdoors without a meal requirement. distilleries and breweries are being treated a little differently. they're not able to open or reopen for tasting outdoors until their counties reach the orange tier kron four's noelle bellow has more from napa. >>here at mad for its brewing in napa their space to host outdoor tasting safely. but these chairs are sitting empty. the small company doesn't serve food on-site so they're being forced to still just utilize their curbside and delivery options you can still do this outside and be safe. >>here to you know the guidelines we just you know
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certainly. this cheering just doesn't seem fair niles ackerley is the founder of map for its brewing in napa. >>the company has been around for 8 years, but this last year has forced them to make a big pivot. he you know kind of transitioned our production from last cag obviously of us draft. 2 more bottled product. >>and work or you know our mailing list in our memberships and folks that we knew locally. to support us and keep us going on wednesday now county moved into the state's red reopening tier. >>which allows wineries to host outdoor tastings without a food requirement. but breweries like mad fritz have to wait until the orange tier to be given the same opportunity maybe they're seen it is because we're a brewery and people come to drink that it's more of a bar. >>you know honestly the way not for its operate says we're not a bar. we're literally atc an experience like a winery and niles not the only one questioning things the
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california craft brewers association of even filed a lawsuit against the state claiming discrimination in the reopening guidelines. a statement released wednesday reads in part quote craft beer manufacturers have suffered and will continue to suffer irreparable harm if this meal requirement is not lifted. >>businesses are fighting to survive and this requirement has contributed to beer manufacturers going out of business across state and delayed others from being able to open their doors for now, i'm mad for its is fulfilling online orders offering curbside pickup and delivery waiting for the day they can open up their taps once again if they really need to be a bit more fair about this rather than. >>you know, i'm not sure picking a favorite or what not but. you know we need we all need. >>to be in business in napa noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>we'll be right back after the break.
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>>this guy star observation wheel and san francisco will stay in golden gate park for 4 more years. the city historic preservation commission voted unanimously in favor of extending the ferris wheel contract with a check and meeting 12 months from now the ferris wheel will reopen to the public today. iconic san francisco attraction will be making a comeback later this year as fmt announced a timeline to phase and cable car service. the agency credits the opening of the
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covid-19 vaccine and optimistic outlook for federal funding from public transit and the plan is to resume f line service in may. the pollen high line between market street in fisherman's wharf will return in the fall. now the de young museum is reopening to the public this weekend with a brand new exhibit and we're getting a sneak peek of the u.s. debut of called are caso the exhibit features more than 100 paintings sculptures drawings and photographs that explore the artistic relationship between alexander calder and pablo picasso 2 of the most innovative and influential artists of the 20th century ticket reservations for the public will start tomorrow for a saturday reopening. and saturday, i'm here in is here's a timeline for the museum reopening in san francisco. the asian art museum reopens today as we mentioned that the young will open on saturday and the san francisco museum of modern art reopens to the public on sunday. coming up in the next
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hour. the state is easing the threshold to enter the grand reopening tier. what this means for the bay area and the changes you need to be >>plus state officials are denying under vaccination at the coliseum the latest on reports a syringe is not being filled capacity.
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>>news stations, you're watching the car. >>and that was friday now you know how to feel no thought it was i thought it was i would confuse this morning. i thought it was a wednesday and then i said no it's friday all while i'm like russia might even getting ready come back and forth debating with myself what day it was yeah well welcome to my like this march, something area first week of march is all i can tell you the 4 big if i have that right very good good morning. let's get over to the weather center john knows what day it is he's
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got that and our forecast good morning i've managed to get the day let's just get the forecast right more importantly. >>we are looking outsida at some conditions this morning that are clear at least for san francisco. but we are seeing some fog out there and a few areas across the day a bit of a switch up from the dry and clear conditions that we've been seeing up to this point this week a look outside at our center tower cam right now shows you the clear skies looking down from seat row at the city unimpeded by any fog in that view and not a whole lot of cloud cover above the bay this morning. these are the spots that have been really foggy and that's causing us some issues santa rosa napa portions of our east bay inland valleys and even down towards the south bay. but the worst of the fog has definitely been for areas of the north bay where santa rosa napa and even novato at times seeing visibility falling below a mile so be mindful of that as you make your track out of the house this morning now as far as temperatures go we're actually a bit warmer for most areas than we


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