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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 4, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. households earning over a $120,000 have twice the access to vaccines. >>then communities that have been disproportionally impacted that is what we have to reconcile we have to own up to that. >>now at 9 california will begin setting aside 40% of all vaccine doses for people who live in the most vulnerable neighborhoods in an effort to try to not delay people most at risk from coronavirus and get the state's economy open more quickly. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan.
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>>the state says more than one and a half million doses have been distributed in the targeted areas. once 2 million doses have been distributed the state will make it easier for counties to reach the red tier meaning they can resume or activities. more details expected on this and the next few days the contra costa county health department is addressing inequity by adding pop-up vaccination and testing sites. >>in the hardest hit areas there kron 4 sleep chagall has the story. the darkest areas of this map show the portions in contra costa county hit hardest by covid-19 they are located in the lowest court, i'll of the healthy places index. >>where case numbers and test positivity rates are disproportionately high we are focused on coming in communities in west county east county and central county in order richmond, any arc conquered pittsburgh and san pablo have the highest number of positive cases. >>and in all of those cities except san pablo less than 20%
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of the population has received the first dose of the vaccine and in all 5 cities less than 10% of the population has received the second by comparison the county's most affluent communities report a higher percentage of vaccinations. >>in walnut creek for example more than 40% of the population has received its first dose and more than 21% are fully vaccinated we have the infrastructure to deliver 75,000 vaccine doses per week but due to a lack of supply contra costa health services chief equity officer gilbert salinas says. >>the county is vaccinating the public at a slower rate than it once despite reaching more than 343,000 administered shots. >>county data shows nearly 33,000 people are being inoculated per week with help from the federal government health services is expecting a rapid increase in access to vaccines in the coming weeks
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and it is awaiting word from the governor's office on how to distribute them to disadvantaged communities. now that governor newsom announced equity is a priority announcement that the governor made earlier we're still waiting on direction and process once we get clear on some of we'll have a better response for now the county will focus on increasing mobile and pop-up vaccination and testing sites targeting the latin x community in particular. >>just 13% of that population has been vaccinated compared to 22% of non-hispanic or latino people. in contra costa county felecia call kron 4 news. >>dive a little deeper now into governor newsom's plan to set aside vaccine doses for people who live in disproportionately affected communities and joining us now ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter, chin-hong. >>hey doctor well give us your initial reaction to this
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doesn't sound like it's enough well it slow things down. >>i think this is a great moves by california i hope it becomes a an exemplar for other states to follow. i think 2 reasons to think about why we need first of all. covid-19 deaths and the really severe illness as well as regular infections, i've been disproportionately seen in latin x and other vulnerable populations 3 times as high. operationally be seen that 2 to 4 times more do taken up in the wealthier areas so it makes sense to me. >>tell me about these numbers doctor hurt some numbers in that story this some numbers i have here 17% of all the doses been given in california gone to the latino community but 55% of all the covid cases in california. the long to latinos is that makes sense and why is there such a big
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disparity there. >>this he says is really due to the things that we've been talking before which is free access lack of transportation to get tested in the first place. >>and. >>you know because of the problems in testing it makes no we have surprise in the finding the vaccination rates in these communities are low if you think northern california is when you look at the central valley and southern california. the differences between wealthier and not so areas is even starker. >>doctor a big chunk of doses being set aside does this to anything to affect the supply and other places. >>i know right now it seems really people in general community to to really accept it because i think we're all hurting from more vaccines that we need a lot of
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appointments have been canceled. but help is on the i think many of us welcome president decision that the timeline for having enough doses for all americans has been push out to you. the end of me instead of the end of summer i think with the merc with jane g and existing partnership pfizer and sanofi these kinds of rivals getting together the national defense act to produce vaccines is going to really add to that distribution and i assure everyone that soon we'll be seeing that distribution on top. >>yeah, we're hopeful for that because we're talking about now 40% being set aside in the governor's program. he wants to prior prioritize teachers and educators we still have first responders we still have people over the age of 65, it seems like for the rest of us who don't fall into any of those categories we'll have to wait how long.
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>>hopefully not too long i take for example, you know the beginning was just a trickle 4 million at the time of the inmates use 20 million doses by the end of march 100 million fortunes change you know by early summer side. that's just one example of things really moving and explanation we not just or doses available and i i think by having these huge distribution sites available in california now coliseum and with blue shield with kaiser and with the feds all streaming in vaccinations this hopefully people will see more and more appointments open up soon. peter chin-hong doctor, thank you very much for talking to us, i know we seem like we are pestering you a lot with these questions. >>but we're all hopeful very soon sooner than later. we're gonna put this behind us, thanks again. we appreciate it.
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>>thanks candy catherine. thank you doctor. >>well today was the beginning of a new national effort to encourage the black community to get vaccinated against covid that campaign is called the conversation between us about us leading the charge bay area, comedian and tv host w kamau bell. we talked to him today about why the effort is so important. >>you know we live in an era of of misinformation from all angles black folks are not immune to that. and we also live in there where black folks are being hit one of the hardest hit groups by the virus so you know when you put those 2 things together you have to make a special effort to reach out to the black community to say hey the vaccine is here it is safe for you and the best way to do that is with black health care workers like doctors back black nurses by scientists by researchers and that's this is all about. >>and again that was w kamau bell he was talking with our
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justin waldman today you can find that entire interview on our website kron 4 dot com. >>as santa clara county continues to ramp up vaccination efforts south bay teachers are stressing the importance of getting a shot, especially people again in underserved communities. >>kron four's gayle ong she is live in san jose and has details gayle. >>afternoon can teachers are relieved to be on santa clara county's priority list for the vaccine. and now they want to encourage those who are skeptical about the vaccine to get the shot. >>we have a large but next community here in san they're just not getting vaccinated at rates of communities high school teacher in a cortez along with educators and city leaders held a press conference in san jose thursday afternoon stressing the need to get shots into the arms of those in less affluent neighborhoods are had the highest infection rates for a long time. and so we're really
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just trying get the message out that you know if your order both to get the vaccine worries. >>this special education teacher is scheduled to get his first covid shot on friday and is hoping to lead by example, he believes getting the covid-19 vaccine will help reopen schools safely be at the high school level it's very complicated. >>students that are moving from class to there's lots of you know we're just a cold start of concerns that we have to figure out as for figuring it out campbell union high school district were cortez works may return to in person learning by the end of the month meanwhile, san jose mayor sam liccardo has been pushing to reopen schools in the city's largest school district. >>the superintendent of san jose unified school district says staff will be returning to class in person when santa clara county moves into the orange tier or if the vaccine is widely available.
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>>educators who live and work in santa clara county are eligible for the they have to do when they make their point they just have to show proof of either their of residency or of a letter from their employer live in san jose del ong kron 4 news but where do they go to make that appointment do they show up someplace have to go online with the what do they do. yes very good gain so santa clara county fairgrounds that site is specifically for educators and we did post a link on our website kron 4 dot com and of course all the other options. they can either go to their health care provider. walgreens cvs if available if they can get an appointment this point where ever they can get an appointment and in fact the teacher we just heard from. mister cortez he actually got his appointment for tomorrow through the fairgrounds can. >>gayle ong live in san jose. thank you gayle. >>well as of today, teachers and other school staffers are being given priority at the
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oakland coliseum vaccination site half of the nearly. 8,000 daily doses or reserve now for educators this is a 2 day event part of the governor's push to get teachers vaccinated and to get children back into the classroom. the coliseum site did reach a major milestone yesterday 100,000 total shots administered. >>in protests concerning horse racing forced to the shutdown of the vaccination clinic and that caused hundreds of appointments to be canceled. it happened at golden gate fields scrum force theresa has the story. >>protesters say that they came out here to halt horse racing. and no way did they want to stop the vaccination that goes on here at this site as well but that is exactly what happened holding bold yellow signs and chanting shut down golden gate fields, protesters position themselves on the sidewalk in front of. >>the east bay track. several
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activists made it inside disrupting the day's scheduled races. all of this unfolding as 5 horses have died since the start of the year we have 4 activists locked down at the top of the backstretch. >>we're attempting cease all mounted activities here at golden gate fields in the attempt to save another person's life for horses alone died february, what's more we actually saw that almost 60% of the workers that work here and live on contracted covid. this is a lot of land that could for so many better purposes, but instead golden gate fields is abusing the protesters say that while stopping operations was their goal. it was not their plan to cancel the covid-19 vaccination site in operation in a tweet from track officials quote golden gate fields is a firm believer in the right to protest, however. >>the current actions of the protesters have forced the closure of the on-site covid vaccination clinic and hundreds of people have
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already had their vaccination canceled man i think there's no reason that they had to shut down the vaccine site as you can see what the complete opposite end and we are in full support of the vaccination site in fact we believe that the opening to the pd saying things that are not in that are not true. >>we're not standing on the street. there's nothing that is stopping them from operating the vaccine site and we are fully in support of people getting their vaccinations today but the protesters didn't have the support of everyone out here. >>things heated up when a car drove by throwing eggs at them. the protesters say they're fighting for the health of everyone it was a few months ago when the track became a covid hotspot with nearly 200 people testing positive for covid-19 as far as what happens now, we put in some calls to find out from racing officials. >>how they plan to reschedule all of the vaccinations that were canceled. we have heard that some people were contacted and given schedules for the next day. reporting
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here berkeley theresa kron 4 it is a a rush against time to get educators vaccinated in san francisco. >>a new deal reached by the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union and says that vaccinations are required for schools to reopen tonight kron 4 state of the sack he talked to the mayor london breed about the city reopening its schools and she joins us now live. >>with more on what the mayor actually said taylor. >>well mayor breed says she's frustrated that reopening schools right now while we're in the red tier is dependent upon teachers getting vaccinations you know this is something that is not required by the cdc or the state. and she says the city is taking a very conservative approach to the pandemic so for the department of public health to okay schools to open she says there's no reason that we're not moving forward. >>pressure remains high to reopen schools in san francisco and as a result get teachers vaccinated even
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faster that's because vaccinations are now a prerequisite for schools to reopen in the red tier under a new deal between san francisco unified school district and the teachers union despite the agreement. mayor london breed says getting students back into their classrooms. shouldn't depend on vaccinations but ultimately do we think staff is going be unified is going to open the schools within 21 days. i don't know i hope so but regardless. >>vaccines can not continue to be the excuse even though vaccines are not necessary in order to open our schools based on the current rate of vaccinations in the city. it's hard to tell when the school districts could get this done however many are hopeful after the state the of the city first those priority vaccination codes for more than 2600 public school teachers on wednesday, this comes after the state didn't provide access codes to ust because it didn't have a clear reopening plan and as a result, no teachers were vaccinated at the miss cooney center on tuesday. we as a county. >>no one knew what was going on with the cold so of course we were like reached out to
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the state and said well wait a minute what about san francisco. so we were able to obtain the codes and we were able to distribute the coach right away basically the next day after we receive them based those who plan to go back into the classroom within 21 days and those who are already in the classroom within 21 days the teachers union tells me they're still in the process of understanding if their members have been successful with using the codes to get vaccination appointments on thursday, those who have been vaccinated previously say. >>they scramble to get places like walgreens and cvs and expected more organization between city and state leaders. >>however, mayor breed reiterate set the access codes aren't needed for educators to get vaccinated and they can schedule at other locations across the city is also frustrating that schools aren't open because we taken a very conservative approach reopening efforts and our department of public health gives us the green light on anything. >>there's no excuse for us not to move forward.
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>>the city attorney filed a lawsuit last month seeking a court order to reopen schools and claiming that it's illegal to require those vaccinations to reopen the schools again. it's not required by the state or the cdc. mayor london breed does back that lawsuit and san francisco is also expected to move to that orange tier in the coming weeks so that vaccination requirement may not stand for much longer. for now live in san francisco taylor kron 4 news. thank you taylor. >>in other news local community advocates held a virtual discussion on whether recent violent attacks on asian americans in the bay area whether something can be done kron four's ella sogomonian is here with their thoughts on that problem l a. >>catherine the town hall titled protecting asian americans during violent times focused on trying to come up with long-term solutions rather than just handcuffing violent attackers. they acknowledge that discrimination is not new and it manifests in many forms not
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just assault. so it all boils down to education to restore dignity and respect among all our communities because we are all american. >>3 things that we're going focus in on where we funny solutions things that we do try to stay away from the political agenda. and that you definitely know violence and is most important issue we just know racial bias in a no result hopefuls towering unfortunately when i saw some of this we the focusing on what we've been talking when he said find new ways to see what the mission. between the asian and black community. so sometimes you know he's kind full we're seeing problems already on top off focus is not me on a problem with solutions. >>he went on to say that he believes the number of attacks are actually under reported. it also discourages dwelling on the problem but to instead further focus on solutions like the community volunteers that we've seen walking
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through oakland's chinatown which he says has been a very welcome sign of solidarity live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank u l a a family is devastated and looking for answers tonight after a woman was. >>killed in a hit and run the 31 year-old victim was walking along macarthur boulevard in oakland this was last week a driver hit her and then drove off tonight her family is still coming to grips with what happened kron four's dan thorn has the story from oakland. >>his family says they want justice the victim was walking home from work when she was struck and killed along this street. she leaves behind an 8 year-old daughter and loved ones who want someone to pay for what they've done. wilting flowers and black and silver balloons make up part of a roadside memorial fremont woman killed here last week. >>31 year-old courtney us again it was leaving work when a hit and run driver struck her on macarthur boule ard they wouldn't want anyone to.
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>>go what. my family is going under. >>kristen dos a gator remembers her little sister as a kind and caring person. courtney worked with the elderly at nearby lake merritt health care center. they talked on the phone just an hour before courtney was killed when it first happened i just. >>didn't want to believe it was real i still don't i'm still coming to terms with and i still and just grappling with it police say the hit and run happened after a dump truck slowed down to allow us a gator and a co-worker to cross the street when a backup happened witnesses say a nissan maxima crossed the double yellow lines hit and drove off. >>to just leave somebody. they're on the street just to drive away. like her. i just can't imagine it happening to so many that. didn't deserve it at all.
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>>what's been most painful for the family is courtney leaving behind an 8 year-old daughter. it's it's really hard for her, she's really she's a really sweet kind smart girl and she loves her mom a lot and they were very close so it's really hard. >>responsible to understand what they have done i kind of really hope this person feels bad. >>friends and family say they are thinking about petitioning the city to make this stretch of macarthur boulevard safer. cars have been seen speeding through this area making it difficult for people to walk along the street. but for now they just want someone to be held responsible for courtney skilling. reporting in oakland. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>coming up people are leaving the bay area but some of them are going too far we're going to tell you where they're ending up. certainly a gorgeous day around the bay area but look what's just off the coastline and headed our way we've got some rain coming
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we'll talk about it next.
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>>and he's he berkeley study shows people are leaving the bay area but not necessarily out of state reporter lonnie wong shows us why. the sierra is now a popular destination for people looking to relocate. >>the resort town of truckee off interstate 80 has long
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been a popular skiing and outdoor recreation destination for folks in the valley and the bay area. but recently people are not only visiting they're staying for good in the past decade, the town of 16,000 residents average 15 newcomers a year. according to the 2020 census, its. the 1000 new residents in just the past year. it's not a surprise the locals, the traffic is just. >>it's awful like if you're up here on irving on a holiday. and you try to go home at the wrong time. it's a parking lot our infrastructure is not able to handle residents also worry about the cost of competition for housing. >>chuckie and the surrounding area has always been a huge tourist attraction. and apparently it's been recreational visitors who have taken the opportunity to move here permanently in the midst of the pandemic. >>and when their employers shed. work wherever you want for as long as you want. the door became open for them while some locals worry about preserving the mount lifestyle, they love others see an opportunity. they bring
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a whole new set of talent and skills. >>that we're hoping that >>put to good use in our community welcoming newcomers while preserving chucky's way of life for longtime locals is the challenge the chamber of commerce is now creating programs to connect new covers with locals and help them become good neighbors. we have population that have come here that we want to help integrate engage them into our community. coming up next tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the first confirmed coronavirus case in san francisco. >>tonight kron 4 goes one on one with the city's health director to learn more about how we got there and the covid vaccine has some frightening side effects. why some women thought that they might have breast cancer. also a major ruling it said getting the go ahead for indoor youth sports across california who
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>>a san francisco reaching another covid milestone tomorrow marks one year since the county's first recorded cases from four's dan kerman sat down city's public health director to look back at the unexpected challenges of the last 12 months. >>we are announcing the first 2 cases of coronavirus in our city one year ago friday, san francisco reported covid-19 had arrived in the city. now
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one r later san francisco has seen more than 34,000 cases a year ago was unfathomable that we would have. >>over half a million deaths due to covid-19 in this and you know i knowledge that also we've had unfortunately over 400 20 deaths of among san franciscans we are ordering that everyone in san francisco. >>you can remain at home. until april 7th 11 days after announcing its first case san francisco joined 5 other bay area counties and enacted a shelter-in-place order quieting once busy streets. >>the shelter-in-place water resulted in. >>thousands thousands of fewer hospitalizations and hundreds here and asked are ongoing actions side with the masking order. >>the i think careful ways we have reopened as the city and taken actions against to slow
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the spread of the virus. it's clear these things have have not put us in relatively a better position colfax admit san francisco had a challenges early on with testing and getting enough personal protective equipment for frontline workers. there are also 3 surges forcing what it just opened a close again. looking ahead colfax says there's light at the end of the tunnel but with a limited supply of vaccine reopening must be a careful balancing act that's really going to be balance between a gradual reopening on and getting enough vaccines in arms so people who are most likely to suffer from the consequences, the greatest consequences of covid-19 are are as protected as possible. >>i think the other piece is we need to make sure that when people are offered vaccine. and they're eligible for the vaccine that they take the vaccine. doctor colfax also says we wouldn't be where we are today without those health care workers other frontline workers and first responders. >>who stayed on the job during
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the pandemic. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the covid vaccine is causing some women to think that they might have breast cancer. this is according to a ucsf doctor who has seen patients complaining about swollen. lymph nodes in recent weeks as kron four's michelle kingston explains it's actually just a side effect of the shot. >>i really want women to hear don't panic. >>at all doctor. foreman says she's seeing patients every day who just got the covid vaccine who are concerned about swollen. lymph nodes under their armpits and near the collarbone she says she saw 3 patients just yesterday with this concern, wendy taste wallner was one of them i have had covid shot. >>since i saw you last and i'm not sure what that means in terms of evaluating. my nose any further and she said we you know we will we will do that it might raise false concerns that you don't need
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to have swollen lymph nodes are typically a warning sign. >>but for women who have recently gotten the covid vaccine. these bumps are typically not cancers there swollen glands a common side effect of the vaccine that is just proving that the shot is doing its job pretty woman should know that when you get a vaccine. >>that one of the things that happens is that you're getting your immune system to. >>know rev up and start making any bodies and the factories for making those anybody's or your lymph nodes the enlarged lymph nodes are showing up on mammograms like this one under on the same side where women are getting vaccinated and this is being noticed incidentally on screening studies like screening mammography or screening breast mri doctor bonnie jo, the chief of breast imaging at ucsf. >>recommends getting your mammogram before your vaccine or waiting 4 to 6 weeks after getting your vaccine to get your mammogram and the good news is that this is a natural reaction to the vaccine. so
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most of the time these are going to resolve on their own the key thing there is to not panic and not to and not to assume that that's a cancer in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. state of california settled a lawsuit with a group called let them play under the terms high school sports can be played. >>if the covid case rate is less than 14 per 100,000 in any given county at that level outdoor sports and water polo athletes can play. it will be up to individual school districts to determine. or or whether or not to allow indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball all contact and indoor sports will require regular testing and each player can have up to 4 family members in attendance at the games. >>on damble schools could begin a hybrid model of in-person and online learning this could be as early as march 22nd. the district superintendent says the state and county have approved this
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plan. trustees could vote on it as early as next wednesday, a phased in reopening us being recommended with preschool kindergarten and special education classes, returning march 22nd grades 3 through 5 march 25th all other grades returning march 29th spring recess would be april 2nd through the night. ahead interview with oakland's new police chief for talks about some of the early challenges, he's faced. >>and skies clear out most of the bay area now but by this time tomorrow night we're talking about some rain will see it coming up next coming up next in sports. the warriors take on the phoenix suns ahead of the all-star break sports director jason dumas has highlights and reaction coming up.
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>>for sports. the warriors came into tonight's matchup with the sons severely undermanned. >>they put up a good fight for about 10 minutes and then it got a really good thing for the dubs is we'll week break that they desperately need. let's head on out to phoenix and see how it unfolded. nico mannion getting his first career start in his hometown, hometown, nonetheless he scored 9 points. 1st quarter not much defense here camera pain goes right down the lane, the suns led by 11 after one
9:40 pm
2nd quarter. jordan poole he came off the bench was an instance park, he scored 13 points in the quarter, including that and one against all star. devin booker golden state still down 11 at halftime 3rd quarter james wiseman. sets the pick rolls finishes up top nice pass from damion lee the rookie finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds warriors hanging around still down 11. but they were just 2 short-handed tonight. daario sorry for the former sixer trust the process will filthy wiseman. suns lead is 22. but pull he finished with a career-high 26 andrew wiggins chipped in with 16 suns win one 20 to 98. after the game i asked steve kerr how necessary is this all-star break. >>yes coming into right time for church how you everybody on our team is is tired. i need to break, it's a physical
9:41 pm
break we've guys who are excited. you'll see family go home or maybe you know just stay home for a few days without having to practice it will be good for the group. we all need a break sometimes just a mentally recharge. >>here's russell wilson cheering on his sister anna who plays for stanford pac, 12 conference tournament is the quarter finals. and it was the co conference defensive player of the year, but showing some scoring punch right there, nice driving hoop. this one wasn't close stanford tied the tournament record with 15 3 pointers there are 4 players in double digits, stanford wins 92 to 53. they play oregon state tomorrow in the semi-finals that will be a much tougher game. all right for the first time since april of last year youth sports across california can resume. that includes all age groups and also indoor sports outdoor sports started up a couple
9:42 pm
weeks ago the decision is the result of legal settlement after to southern california high school athletes filed a lawsuit in january. the settlement stipulates test students and coaches will partake in testing protocol similar to the collegiate level. the state is set to provide testing for high contact sports. like football and rugby. on a spiritual level just you know thinking of 3 million kids sitting on the bench, an. >>not be given the opportunity to go to school to plant parks really to play sports and do things they love and then sitting here today knowing that all you sports indoor outdoor are open in the state of california it's it's it's overwhelming to be honest with you like the magnitude of it. when you think of how many kids and families are affected his. again it's just overwhelming. >>good for the kids as long as they are safe and healthy. it will be good for them. that's your look at sports. we'll
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>>oprah's new police chief leronne armstrong has a wide range of experiences includes everything from being a patrol officer to an investigator, the human trafficking unit and now just one month into the job, the new chief had a virtual interview with kron four's haaziq madyun. >>the chief talking about the problems he's faced and how he plans to try to keep the public safe. >>so carol patrol one making
9:46 pm
oakland safe protecting and serving has been this veteran opd officers calling for the past 22 years for like i'm a part of that community feel like i'm a part of protecting my community. >>so for me it really a call and my first one on one interview with oakland police chief leronne armstrong comes about a month after he was sworn in as it turns out a lot has happened in those 4 weeks and the new chief in i get it to all of it. there have been 26 homicides in oakland in 2021. over 100 shootings over a 150 of those shootings involved a home or a vehicle being struck by bullets. chief i'm says his violence reduction strategy involves reallocating resources focused on reducing violent crime across the city and he says it's already showing results in january we've had. >>15 homicides in we had last
9:47 pm
week alone we arrested 6 suspects for homicide related also more firearms in the 2021. they needed at the start of 2020 violent crime and oakland knows no boundaries several recent highly publicized violent incidents occurring to the city's chinatown has garnered national with some saying the suspects were motivated by their hatred for asian americans know the crimes that we've investigated most of which have crimes of the one hate crime was not actually specific to chinatown it was a it was a crime that. >>i heard on social media where an individual put out specific threats the asian community and that's what we followed up on as a 2021 has also seen early start to sideshows season in oakland i attended someone else i shows
9:48 pm
myself and i've heard gunfire, the chief says opd lost its side chill detail due to budget cuts as a result of when that funding was cut we see a 1500% spike in sideshow activity vinci broke the new chief says he is personally reached out to the city administrator's office to see if they can find funding to bring back the sideshow detail in the meantime his officers are doing what they can to deter sideshows by arresting participants towing vehicles and our ability to get out there last weekend and prevent size in the city of oakland, i think maybe entire city safe as it led kron 4 news. >>time now for 4 zone forecast 4 zone forecast that apparently includes some lawrence karnow is here. yeah finally looks like that rain is making a comeback in the stick around for a bit too is going to be on and off for the next 7 days at least and probably longer than that out the door tonight. we've got mostly clear skies so far but
9:49 pm
tonight, especially after midnight going to start to see a few high clouds drifting into our skies of the time you wake up tomorrow morning you've got some cloud cover out there, although it's going to start out dry. now things are going to change due showers san francisco. but look what's lurking off the coastline. there's that storm system that is raise the rate up in the pacific northwest, but the bay area so far are remaining dry, that's the way it's going to be tonight the winds have could picked up in spots this afternoon. we've had some gusts over 20 miles per hour now we're looking at still 20 in the pacific a 23 in mill valley and you'll notice the direction coming up out of the south that's written reference to that area of low pressure that's approaching the coastline so yeah we're going to see the winds kind of ramp up as we head throughout the day tomorrow as well, mostly throughout the evening hours then increasing clouds overnight tonight and tomorrow, partly cloudy skies with a chance of rain late in the day here comes that storm system rolling into the bay area bringing with it that chance of rain by the afternoon in the north bay, the rest of the area stay mostly dry during the daytime hours and overnight tomorrow
9:50 pm
night things really begin to change fact you see right here models picking up on a cloudy up your skies throughout the night tonight and early tomorrow morning. so a lot of clouds but not to the afternoon and evening you see the showers moving through then it really gets going overnight tomorrow night in early on saturday morning not going to be a washout for your weekend just early early on saturday morning, maybe a lingering shower, then we dry out into sunday but more rain on monday. and that storm that comes into monday and tuesday that's going to be cold enough probably going to see some snow in our local peeks down to about 2500 feet. how about that one extreme to another shooting like an hour talking winter, yeah, mike r. 4 states rolling back mask mandates rejecting the advice of the cdc about the risk of variants spreading across the u.s.. >>governors in iowa, mississippi montana and texas are now urging their residents to go back to what used to be a normal life but health researchers at harvard yale and the cdc. they say they're concerned this could bring another surge in cases has people let down their guard. major retail chains such as kroger starbucks kohl's and
9:51 pm
best buy say they will continue to require customers to wear masks in those states. in national news tonight, senators began debating president joe biden's 1.9 trillion dollar covid relief package today that bill would include $1400 stimulus checks for most americans and more unemployment benefits. the senate had been set to begin considering this yesterday was pushed back a day while the total cost of the bill being estimated by rule the bill's total cost has to come in under one 0.9 trillion dollars the white house hoping to have this bill signed into law. >>by mid-march. >>next today weekend getaways business trips rather we can get you know hasan puppies a volunteer bought a million dollar plus airplane to transport some little puppies for rescue organizations that is coming up in tonight's flying
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>many animal care and rescue organizations simply would not exist if not for the dedicated help. volunteers and we have a story of a volunteer has gone the extra mile and then some he sure has he been airplane to help move service dogs around the country. >>tuckerman is topping off the fuel tanks on his new plane. it's a pipe or 3.50 pressurized high-performance single engine capable of
9:55 pm
flying about 1500 miles nonstop and more than 240 miles an hour. price just more than a million dollars it's not for everyone. the kind of play news were often for regional travel for business trips weekend getaways. >>and puppies this is absolutely the first time i've been aware that a breeder caretaker has the you know stepped up their their support and you piloted plane to take their puppies to to their puppy raisers. it's incredible and david says he bought the plane to get to a second home in the pacific northwest and with this idea in mind to carry this precious cargo. piece that are about to be trained to eventually become service dogs for canine these 5 fuzzy fur need to get arizona for the first step in their training program. >>it just so happens 2 of them were raised by david and his husband, kenny normally turn them into special opportunity for us personally deliver the
9:56 pm
peace that we for the first time david is helping load his own puppies rabie and renzo plus 3 others for a flight to the phoenix area aside from a stiff wind the conditions are ideal canine companions says it hopes this is the first of many such trips with david and his new plane you can like we'll have to ask david how many flights is that he's going to do for us the but absolutely it's wonderful to have more pilots on especially wonderful someone who is so engaged with our organization and our canine companions community is is really stepping up their support and you know bought a plane to transport the public. >>rob one of the ones we braced the mission was a success david of the pops arrived safely at the buckeye arizona airport the puppies are on their way to becoming service animals and david is no doubt considering his next flight. >>how cute are those little guys and how great is the guy
9:57 pm
for buying a plane to keep doing this companions is headquartered in santa rosa, their national organization and they give these dogs away for free to people all over the country who need people who need help with some disabilities post traumatic stress and that kind of thing so he's doing a great service help it that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 but ken and i are going to be back at the top of the hour tomorrow marks one year since the first 2 cases of coronavirus were reported in san francisco and coming up at 10. >>mayor london breed will share some of the lessons learned including what she might have done differently and how the pandemic has shape the city for plus the effort to recall governor newsome is picking up momentum with much of the donations to do that coming from here in the bay area, a political expert will join us to explain why the part of the state where newsome got his political start. now playing such a big role in trying to get him out of office. those stories and more coming up on kr
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
10:00 pm
during an emergency. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>iris has come to san francisco we are announcing the first 2 cases of coronavirus in our city. >>now at 10 san francisco approaching its one year anniversary of covid-19 how the pandemic has transformed


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