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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 5, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>news stations, you're watching the car. thanks for waking up with us 9 o'clock and finest hour finds day, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we got lots to cover this hour probably most importantly maybe is the weather since that's going to be changing on us as we're heading into good news is most people probably be asleep when the rain comes yeah mother nature working in our favor this weekend because we need the rain and we're getting it while we're sleeping tonight. >>because right now we're under clear skies out there, nice blue skies all across the bay area. >>easy commute to work it's actually going to be an easy drive home from war 2. that's how long the rain is late wishing to get over here now looking at our mount tam cam we are seeing bright blue skies up above was a little cloudy up in the north bay earlier but a lot of that's actually left the picture now you are seeing rainfall to the north across areas like humboldt and del norte
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counties very near the oregon border. it's going to take a while before it makes its way our direction. i've also noted that skies are a lot of clear in the north bay this morning, not looking at much fog up there until you head right to the coastline. 40's and 50's are current temperatures oakland at 55 dublin and livermore still in the 40's. but temperatures are rising quick under the clear skies that we're seeing i'll be telling you exactly when to expect that rainfall still to come in your full forecast reyna john thank you so we've had a pretty light commute for the most part this morning we have seen traffic collisions at oakland san jose along the altamont pass but head into the city right now especially to the fremont street exit from the maze you can do that under 11 minutes so we haven't seen any real struggles as you're making your way into the city. >>the san mateo bridge heading across to the peninsula there that traffic has been at the limit all morning long under 14 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond you're down to under 8 minutes there checking out things here in the south bay along one o one all the yet.
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road closures know highway closures for you here heading towards middle park taking one oh one 29 minutes, we're tracking those drive time for you and much more but for now daryn james back to you thanks reyna. >>so at 9 oh one we have some breaking news to share with you this morning, congressman eric swalwell is now suing former president donald trump january 6th riot at the the capitol he also is suing the president's son donald trump junior and president trump's former attorney rudy giuliani and the lawsuit claims that the former president lied to hus followers about the results of the 2020 election. and that all 3 men tried to intimidate state officials into changing the election results. the lawsuit also claims that during the rally that morning the president told the crowd of supporters to fight and then walked down to the capitol swalwell was among the house members who had a lockdown when the capital was attacked he also served as an impeachment manager. >>during the second impeachment trial of donald trump. >>and represent a swallowed released a statement this morning over twitter and you
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can see a portion of it on your screen which reads quote unable to accept defeat donald trump way shun all out war on a peaceful transition of power. he lied to his followers again and again claiming the election was stolen from them, we'll have more on this lawsuit as it continues to develop and then at 9 '02 we've got another top story this morning. it's one year now since san francisco had its first case of covid and then shortly after that the city shut down about 11 days or so and this was the scene where we could see hardly anybody out and about. >>it was pretty arie and like said it's been like that for about. >>a year now but according to the city now cases have been declining since mid-january and we're now averaging about 62 new cases per day and that put san francisco in the red tier, but the numbers are actually getting good enough we could soon be moving into the orange tier, san francisco has to maintain these numbers while we're in the red tier for at least 3 more weeks before we can move on to the next year. >>looks like we're headed in
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orange sooner rather than later that office space at 25% could potentially reopen jim capacity indoors. there are number of things that we will expand at at that time it is looking very good for the city because of people of san francisco, i've been doing a great job. >>and mayor barry continues to urge people to socially distance keep wearing that mask keep doing those to help the city move into the orange tier. >>a big story as well governor newsome is expected to sign a statewide school reopening plan that includes money to help schools begin in person learning by the end of the month, let's go to kron 4 sarah stinson live in san mateo county to see how this is going to affect kids there. hi sarah. >>story a lot of school districts have set out a plan they have a day in the books in which the kids are going to be back in the classroom and that includes millbrae unified school district but some
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school districts don't have a plan and they don't have it all set in the books and those are the people who are being urged in this brand-new bill or in this brand new plan to have a plan because if they do they will get a lot of funding luckily, no breeze all set so they will receive from that funding from the state from this 6.6 billion dollar deal that state lawmakers passed yesterday and doesn't force school districts to get students back in the classroom, but it definitely offers some significant incentives schools that open later than april 1st will get less cash grants and districts that don't open by may 15th will lose all of the incentivize funding it focuses mostly on students in tk through second grades and then ramps up to include older students face on the case rates in each county critics say the plan doesn't do enough to get students back in the classroom with no minimum requirement for hours per week in class and also newsome has been criticized for not creating a school reopening plans sooner but in fairness it's been an extremely hard
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time it trying to plan get this plan passed because you have parents wanting their kids back in the classrooms immediately and then you have teachers union saying we don't want teachers in the classrooms without being vaccinated first however the state has set aside 10% of the vaccines just for educators so that should help get the the teachers and everything vaccinated give them a little comfort before they do head back to the classrooms. governor newsom is expected to sign this bill today is going to be talking about 30 minutes from now we'll have an update for you on our app kron on to make sure you head to that app at 10 o'clock and then we'll provide you an update with what he said today it will be interesting though daria to see how school districts who have been lagging a little bit how they will respond to this because i'm sure you know as of the saying goes money speak so i'm sure they're going to want to get moving get that funding. >>all right, yeah they do they need some help it's expensive to reopen schools with the protocols, thanks a lot sarah. what are they doing in these the mount diablo schools they
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could start their hybrid model of learning and as early as march 22nd, that's the plan. the state superintendent says the state and county have approved this plan and the trustees could vote on it next wednesday. it would phase in the reopening beginning with preschool kindergarten and special education, they would start first on march 22nd after that it would be grades 3 through 5 on march 25th and then the older grades all the other grades would be back doing hybrid learning by march 29th. >>in the south bay great news for teachers in the san jose unified school district officials there say they have procured enough covid-19 vaccine to be able vaccinate all 4,000 educators and there are now growing their effort to encourage those who may still be skeptical about the vaccine to go ahead and get it kron four's gayle ong has more on the story. >>we have a large but next community here in san they're just not getting vaccinated at rates of communities high school teacher in a cortez
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along with educators and city leaders held a press conference in san jose thursday afternoon stressing the need to get shots into the arms of those in less affluent neighborhoods are you had the highest infection rates for a long time. and so we're really just trying get the message out that you know if your order both to get the vaccine worries. >>this special education teacher is scheduled to get his first covid shot on friday and is hoping to lead by example, he believes getting the covid-19 vaccine will help reopen schools safely be at the high school level it's very complicated. >>but students that are moving from class to there's lots of we're we're just a cold start of concerns that we have to figure as for figuring it out campbell union high school district were cortez works may return to in person learning by the end of the month meanwhile, san jose mayor sam liccardo has been pushing to reopen schools in the city's largest school district. >>the superintendent of san jose unified school district
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says staff will be returning to class in person when santa clara county moves into the orange tier or if the vaccine is widely available. >>the santa clara county fairgrounds serves as a specific vaccination site for educators who live and work in the county to make an appointment to head to our website kron 4 dot com. and san jose gayle ong kron 4 news and teachers are a priority getting vaccinated at the oakland coliseum. >>half of the nearly 8,000 daily doses are reserved for educators as part of the governor's push. >>to get teachers covered and kids back into classrooms. the coliseum site reached a major milestone on wednesday, giving out a 100,000 shots. >>well speaking of giving out shots, here's a follow-up to a story that we've been tracking this week for you sutter health they've been canceling thousands of appointments because they ran out of supply. but there is some good news. we have kron four's will tran live at a castro valley with that they are still canceling appointments will but at least there's some hope
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now. >>yes we see the light at the end of the tunnel and that light shocked that people will get 60,000 over the next several weeks or so not the 90,000 that they were hoping for and i'll explain the difference in just a few moments, but the bottom line is 2 days ago. james when i was here sutter health didn't even know when the state would be able to give them more vaccines now they do know starting next week so take a look at your screen. these are the bullet points. i want you to know so we are talking about second round doses so they are the ones who are being canceled right now because they don't have the vaccine and we're talking people from march 2nd. through march 8th in a perfect world they would be lining up right now to get their shots but they don't have the vaccine for it anything beyond march 9th, they're not going to cancel just yet believing they should get the vaccines in that particular by that
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particular time i should say 30,000 vaccine from the state next week, another 30,000 the following week with 30,000 left to go center health says they will continue working with the state to finish off all 90,000 shots but there's no incredible urgency because according to the season cdc james, from the time you get your first shot to the second shot you have a six-week window and sutter health believes because they're not canceling appointments way down the road that they believe that by the time that six-week window closes for people that they should get all 90,000 shots of course fingers crossed the bottom line is now we do know and. we all like online shopping right so i was just sitting here thinking about the analogy and it's basically center health waking up looking online and seeing the state marking your package has shipped. i mean that is joyful for me i'm sure it's joyful for said health to
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see those words your packages shipped back to your fantastic all right, thank you very much well we'll take a break it is 9.11 still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco's health director is proposing. >>that we focus on the city's most vulnerable his mission to make vaccine distribution more fair. plus youth sports given the green light to resume both outdoor and indoor we'll have details on that and after the break the next covid-19 relief bill now in the hands of the senate will have the latest from washington.
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>>9.14 right now and before you head out the door don't forget to grab a rain jacket just for later, you don't need it now right like what if you go out, you know partying on a friday night the people that's my rearview for a lot of people friday nights are a fun time to get out enjoy the town. not so sure the pandemic and maybe not so much tonight, i mean i know obviously tell 9 a lot so i i've been pushing it to like a living on the but i might miss the rainfall because it's really coming in after that for most areas near looking outside here or stitcher tower cam it's bright out there this morning, you'd never know that rainfall is
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just around the corner. >>it's a morning that looks exactly like the ones we've gotten used to mild clear dry nice to be getting out there for sure skies are dry across the bay but let's zoom out and see what's going on to our north. there's your line of showers. this cold front going to slowly be making its way our direction through the day today. eventually will be making its way towards the bay early after sunset tonight, so your morning commute was easy your evening commute is going to be just as nice with mild skies, partly cloudy at times but for the most part today is offering up plenty of a bright skies already futurecast shows when the rainfall pushes and it's going to take some time to get here it will arrive for parts of the north bay like northern sonoma county around 07:00pm to 08:00pm little bit later 9 towards 10:00pm for areas like miranda napa counties, then the rest of the bay area mostly between 1011 and midnight tonight is when we'll see our most widespread of rainfall clears out really quickly to this line of showers comes in quick and exits pretty quickly as well by 02:00am most of the bay
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area's already dried up and you wake up to a couple of puddles in the morning that's the only evidence that'll of rained overnight so we get a win win out of this not really interrupting your weekend plans but getting a good dose of moisture which we increasingly do need across the bay. a quarter of an inch of rainfall for most areas from this brief it of overnight rain next week's rainfall looks to be sticking around a bit longer invest those rainfall totals monday tuesday and wednesday of next week are likely to be a lot greater than what we've got tonight. 50's for your highs for most of our coastal spots today while most of the rest of the bay area still holding on to 60's and really not a whole lot different from yesterday all the sunshine that we're holding on to is going help temperatures to rise into the upper 60's for san jose campbell in santa clara, mid 60's for most of the east bay with hayward at 65 oakland at 64 concord and walnut creek each at 66 while the lay how in napa mostly at 63. santa rosa barely making the 60's one of our cooler spots a bit further north more
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exposed to some of the clouds from the system saturday we will be seeing skies clearing out right quick. but we do have temperatures cooler than they are about to be this afternoon highs only in the low 60's for saturday and sunday, even cooler yet come monday tuesday and wednesday with highs falling into the 50's chance of showers on monday and even better chances of rain tuesday and wednesday. >>reyna job was at a very nice and light commute for the most part this morning we did see some accidents. but nothing to slow you down also it's under 10 minutes now to fremont street exit heading into the city from the maze also the san mateo bridge heading across the peninsula. we haven't had any major delays along this bridge under 14 minutes for your drive time, a look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city look at that you can do that in just about 20 minutes. and the richmond sandra fell bridge. under 8 minutes for your drive time now we're tracking those roadways for you stay safe. we'll have more on that coming up, but for now daryn james back to you thanks a lot of rain and 9.18 for your money democrats are trying to pass president biden's covid relief plan but
9:19 am
republicans brought the entire process to a halt washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has the very latest. >>republican senator mitch mcconnell had promised republicans will do everything they can to try to stop this covid relief bill and that's exactly what they're doing one republican kept the senate in session until the middle of the night. >>section one short titled section to table of contents time wisconsin senator ron johnson force the senate clerks to read out loud all 628 pages of the 1.9 trillion dollar covid relief bill all i'm trying to do is make this a more deliberate process. obviously shine the light on this abusive, obscene amount of money the move kept the senate in session into the middle of the night and delayed the process of getting the package passed democrats say it's all a stunt it will accomplish little more than a few sore throats for the senate clerks key compromises including removing the $15 an-hour federal minimum wage provision and lowering the
9:20 am
income limits for who will qualify for stimulus checks secured support from all democratic senators but not from any republicans texas senator john cornyn says republicans remain united against it is purely a partisan bill. it's really a trojan horse for non covid related spending but connecticut senator chris murphy called those objections disingenuous saying the republican cares act that was passed by congress last year was very similar to the plan democrats are proposing now take a look at what was broadly part of the cares act that was supported by every single republican. and what is broadly part of the american rescue plan. >>the senate is now back in session this morning for that so-called voter rama republicans are expected to introduce a slew of amendments but it's unlikely they'll be able to stop or even significantly change the covid relief package reporting in washington alexandra le mon. >>9.20 on the clock in the
9:21 am
east bay freemont police still haven't found the driver who killed a woman last week in a hit and run 31 you're a 31 year-old courtney, a was leaving work when a driver struck her on macarthur boulevard police say the crash happened after a dump truck slowed down to allow her and a co-worker across the street. witnesses say that's when the driver of a nissan maxima crossed the double yellow line to pass and that's when it struck the victim and drove off. >>i just. >>didn't want to believe it was real i still don't i'm still coming to terms with that just leave somebody. they're on the street just to drive away. like her. i just can't imagine it happening to so many that. didn't deserve at all. >>and friends and family say they're looking right now into petitioning the city to try and get that stretch of macarthur boulevard safer. cars have been seen in the past speeding through making
9:22 am
it really dangerous for people to walk along the street. >>9.21 right now the north bay police are looking for the driver who rammed their car through and nevado gun store yesterday morning the marin county gun store is where this happened and you can see in the surveillance video that the driver smashed through smashed the display cases and started taking the guns and loading them into his vehicle. >>but then he couldn't get the car out of the store. so he left the car and took off. >>9.22 and after the break coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, the covid vaccine has a side effect that is making some women think that they've got breast cancer. we'll tell you what's going on.
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>>i 25 and for your health this morning, the covid vaccine is causing some women to think that they have breast cancer yet to be kind of ucsf doctor says the patients have been complaining about swollen lymph nodes which. >>would raise a red flag for many, but the doctor says it's just a side effect of the shot kron four's michelle kingston explains. >>i really want women to hear don't panic. >>and all doctor. foreman says she's seeing patients every
9:26 am
day who just got the covid vaccine who are concerned about swollen. lymph nodes under their armpits and near the collarbone wendy taste wallner was one of them i have had covid shot. >>since i saw you last and i'm not sure what that means in terms of evaluating. my nose any further and she said we you know we will we will do that it might raise false concerns that you don't need to have swollen lymph nodes are typically a warning sign. >>but for women who have recently gotten the covid vaccine. these bumps are typically not cancers there swollen glands a common side effect of the vaccine that is just proving that the shot is doing its job pretty woman should know that when you get a vaccine. >>that one of the things that happens is that you're getting your immune system to. >>know rev up and start making any bodies and the factories for making those anybody's or your lymph nodes the enlarged lymph nodes are showing up on mammograms like this one under
9:27 am
on the same side where women are getting vaccinated and this is being noticed incidentally on screening studies like screening mammography or screening breast mri doctor bonnie jo, the chief of breast imaging at ucsf. >>recommends getting your mammogram before your vaccine or waiting 4 to 6 weeks after getting your vaccine to get your mammogram and the good news is that this is a natural reaction to the vaccine. so most of the time these are going to resolve on their own the key thing there is to not panic and not to and not to assume that that's a cancer in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, california is changing up want to be for some of the hardest hit communities will tell you how they think that will help advance. the state through its reopening procedures a little bit faster.
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on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. >>right now we're looking at the weather it's nice to start and rainy to finish it pretty good. the overall summary of a john we're going to start nice and yeah he went by he has way more actually pretty accurate summary though daytime hours nice and sunny and then mother nature giving us a break saying well if you need rainfall again right when you're sleeping tonight which is exactly what's going to happen. after you go to bed this evening, at least if you're an early bird like us you will be looking at conditions out there starting to get really rainy in the
9:31 am
meantime enjoy another, nice beautiful day blue skies up of a berkeley right here, it's gorgeous out there love that to start the weekend. rainfall still sitting well out of the region up north along the oregon border will eventually make its way our direction but in the time being we are dry through your morning commute into your evening commute as well. fog cast is showing clear skies throughout the morning any sort of low cloud cover you had in the north bay is really starting to burn off still a few clouds near the coast though 40's and 50's for current temps temperatures already climbing in san mateo near 60 degrees at 58. well oakland and alameda eat right now at 55. timing out exactly when that rainfall gets here and a little hand spit will be after sunset tonight, so just enjoy a sunny day ahead as for traffic, it's been an easier one on the roads. bay bridge hasn't been bad at least the past hour. it certainly has and last week remember friday traffic was not so light. >>today we certainly have friday light traffic we have some accidents here in their
9:32 am
oakland san jose but we're not seeing that right now as you're heading into the city right now it's going to take you under 9 minutes from the maze to the fremont street exit also look at the wannacry camera into wars at 5 8980 interchange to get highway 24 just 12 minutes, so you're at the limit there also heading across the peninsula you can do that under 40 minutes for your drive time and checking out things in the south bay along 1 one heading towards menlo park you can do that in under 29 minutes on top of your drive times and much more but for now darya and james back to you thanks training now it's one year now ago that san francisco had its first covid case and then after that everybody closed up shop, things got real quiet real quick across san francisco and all over the bay area for that matter. >>but we have made some decent progress as we know the city is now in the less restrictive red tier and things are looking like they're heading in better and better directions with kron four's dan kerman to explain. >>we are announcing the first 2 cases of coronavirus in our city one year ago friday, san francisco reported covid-19
9:33 am
had arrived in the city. now one year later san francisco has seen more than 34,000 cases a year ago was unfathomable that we would have over half a million deaths to covid-19 in this and you know i knowledge that also we've had unfortunately over 400. >>20 deaths of among san franciscans we are ordering that everyone in san francisco who can remain at home. until april 7th 11 days after announcing its first case san francisco joined 5 other bay area counties and enacted a shelter-in-place order quieting once busy streets. >>the shelter-in-place water resulted in. >>thousands thousands of fewer hospitalizations and hundreds here and asked are ongoing actions side with the masking order. >>the i think careful ways we have reopened as the city and
9:34 am
taken actions against to slow the spread of the virus. it's clear these things have have not put us in relatively a better position colfax admit san francisco had a challenges early on with testing and getting enough personal protective equipment for frontline workers. there are also 3 surges forcing what it just opened to close again. looking ahead colfax says there's light at the end of the tunnel but with a limited supply of vaccine reopening must be a careful balancing act that's really going to be balance between a gradual and getting enough vaccines in arms so people who are most likely to suffer from the consequences, the greatest consequences of covid-19 are are as protected as possible. >>i think the other piece is we need to make sure that when people are offered vaccine. and they're eligible for the vaccine that they take the vaccine doctor colfax also says we wouldn't be where we are today without those health care workers other frontline workers and first responders.
9:35 am
>>who stayed on the job during the pandemic. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>governor gavin newsom says the state's efforts to make sure the vaccine is among vulnerable communities. - well that that that mission is falling a bit short so the administration is going to start dedicating 40% of its vaccine supply to the state's most vulnerable neighborhoods and those areas will be determined by what you see on this map right here this is california's healthy places index and the areas in blue score at the bottom 25% of the index and the state's health officials say these communities are the ones that are considered low income and hardest hit by the pandemic. >>households earning over a $120,000 have twice the access to vaccines. then communities that have been disproportionately impacted that is what we have to reconcile we have to own up. >>so far more than a million and a half doses have been distributed to those targeted areas and the governor says
9:36 am
once that number gets up to 2 million doses. well then the state will make it easier for counties to reach the red tier and start reopening more businesses the governor has also reached a deal with the let them play groups. >>to let our kids play sports. but there's some pretty strict choir months, yes, this includes both indoor and outdoor sports so to clear about that but yeah, some pretty stringent guidelines are going to impose basically they have to follow the same protocols the college and pro athletes have to follow meaning they have to get tested regularly and when it comes to game day. those test. the latest test real has to be within 48 hours of that game time and this deal would allow a limited number of spectators too but mostly family of the athletes. the tentative deal is between the coalition and the state. not with individual counties. >>it now goes down to the local decisions and i would ask those local authorities that have the ability to let them play. please let them play. it's time. these kids
9:37 am
have had nothing for 11 months. and they truly truly need this. >>notice he said in the areas where they're allowed to play because the depends on the county and the county has to remain at or below 14 new cases per 100,000 people for them to be able to trigger the kids playing. it's 9.37 and still ahead hundreds of covid vaccine appointments had to be canceled as you know. >>after protests from animal rights activists were going to tell you more about what they say and why they say this didn't have to happen. and the man survives a backcountry avalanche in the sierra. it's amazing the choice that he was faced with jump off a cliff are get run over by an avalanche will show you which 20 shows and how it saved his life and we will be looking at plenty of sunshine today ahead of evening showers after sunset at the coast winds will
9:38 am
pick up later this afternoon highs, mostly in the upper 50's float in london bayside areas still holding on to the 60's for another day. >>talking tonight's rain and the rest of the weekend. still ahead. it was a busy earlier part of the morning we saw multiple traffic accident, however, no hot spots also your commute into the city right now which that under 11 minutes to fremont street exit minutes to fremont street exit ♪ here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce
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>>we're back at 9 40 and in the east bay, hundreds of vaccine appointment had to be canceled yesterday after a protest over horse racing deaths, shut down golden gate fields and the mass vaccination shot a site that they'd set up there. protesters say their intention was to stop horse racing and not interrupt the vaccine operations. this comes following the death of 5 resources just this year alone and protesters say that they're fighting for the health of everyone. >>for horses alone died february, what's more we actually saw that almost 60% of the workers that work here and live on contracted covid this is a lot of land that could pose for so many better purposes, but instead golden gate fields is abusing mining there's no reason that they had to shut down the vaccine site as you can see what the complete opposite end. >>and we are in full support of the vaccination site in fact we believe that the opening pd pd saying things that are not in that are not true, we're not standing on the street. there's nothing that is stopping them from
9:42 am
operating the vaccine site and we are fully in support of people getting their vaccinations. >>officials there at golden gates a vaccination site have begun contacting patients whose appointments were canceled that day to make sure that they get rescheduled and get those shots. >>41 we'll be back with more just a couple of minutes.
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>>i 44 and we're taking a live look at this here this is and as you can see a lot of don't have a lot of snow right now dry. but we did get her earlier in january and february yeah when we had those a pair of storms come through and this morning we're actually hearing from a skier who survived an avalanche. on the south end of lake tahoe last month we have garage paulson go with his story of survival. >>it was a regular back country outing for tow skier, kyle johnston we've been in these mountains in the zones, i mean dozens of times he's talking about the mountains, new blue lakes just south of lake tahoe, but the friday leading into presidents day weekend was unlike any other we started with some familiar terrain and you know tested this known. we're feeling pretty good about it. the 34 year-old was in for a rude awakening unfortunately the avalanche occurred and is. yeah scary to the way the avalanche broke it actually broke above me not below me i just got really lucky simply put where it was taking me if
9:46 am
i would have gone with that it was taking me what i felt was really really bad outcome. so instead he jumped off a 100 foot cliff once i landed i was knocked out i was unconscious and then got buried by all the snow that behind me and 5 minutes that is how long he was buried and if it wasn't for the help of his cousin the would have been longer she thankfully was able to find just my hand was sticking out. >>but i was completely buried, but he wasn't so lucky on the injury front, a small brain bleed concussion broken spinal segments several broken ribs and punctured lung, he was flown via helicopter to the hospital getting round the clock care for the next 12 days i got really lucky i don't know how said the experience care was able to live through something not many are able to he says he is grateful and appreciates what he has but he cautions people to only go back country skiing. >>if you're ready to risk your life simply put my cousins. >>being prepared and his
9:47 am
knowledge. his experience being a mom and say my life gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. >>and will he go back up there again of course for sure guess that's why they didn't even bother them out call which is current really really pretty crazy and i don't even know just asking why we're playing the story fans asking for those people to do back country skiing look at that coming off of peaks, there's no lifts that go up there lee how they get a drop off a if i don't i think he height, but yeah if your fancy you can tell us dropping off a direction for me heli-skiing i have done it so many stranger to big mountains in the snow if you ever been ever heard about avalanches like that taking people out yeah you hear about it, but i would never be caught in the green something i'll probably ever encounter less it's a really
9:48 am
weird of you out there in the mountains look at this, it's blue this is tahoe right here from diamond peak, it is gorgeous up there. >>2 nice and that's the issue here we're not looking at enough snow pack but a change of pace ahead of us does mean that these slopes are about to be seeing additional snow pack in the days to come starts tonight actually has our first line of showers in a while is already making its way on up into the very northern tier of the state bay area cierra still ample sunshine overhead tonight is when rain and snow arriv this cold front lunges and on into the region bringing with that rain and also an uptick in wind speeds come the evening. so really the only time this weekend that you don't want to be out and about too much is during overnight hours tonight because this is going to be a quick rush of rain and snow that will exit the region just as soon as it enters that obviously nice and clear out there this morning after we work our way past sunset tonight is when rainfall pushes in so you actually got a clear commute home from work too 10:45pm right here widespread rain some areas of
9:49 am
heavy rain in there too. most of it will be light to moderate pushing out of the north bay already by midnight and out of the rest of the region by the time we reach to 03:00am tomorrow morning. you do have snowfall that will linger through mid morning tomorrow but after that we are looking at sunshine and dry skies. well through the rest of the weekend little bit cooler this weekend after a cold front pushes through tonight. obviously cold front brings with it some colder air so temperatures will slide down a bit tomorrow as for tonight's rainfall totals about a quarter of an inch for most areas. lighter in the south bay and for inland areas, storm moves in so fast, it's not really going to result in much except for a few puddles out there, but a nice introduction to what will be even more rain on into next week. 50's and 60's for your highs on the peninsula today while the rest of the bay area back to what we've gotten really familiar with another day in the 60's and only one more day with the mid to upper 60's as we've gotten used to and all that sunshine. this morning is already helping temperatures to climb already
9:50 am
into the upper 50's and low 60's for a few of these spots livermore and pleasanton at 66 each oakland, evan, i 64 while in the north bay amid a range of mid to upper 60's for your highs some 50's near the coastline and point raise in stinson beach tomorrow's temperatures low 60's, not a huge difference but enough to keep the jacket with you as we venture out saturday and sunday monday tuesday and wednesday each bringing chances of rainfall with highs only in the 50's. the reason we're going to be looking at rain all 3 of those days as it looks like a system's going to stall over the region and that's going to bring spread out over the course of the start of next week. reyna john thank you certainly has been a light commute for you this morning. >>especially heading into the city right now to the fremont street exit under 10 minutes, i'm seeing some reports of a stalled vehicle on 80 westbound near treasure island but as you can see that's not causing any delays for any the commuters. the san mateo bridge heading across to the peninsula. there under 13 minutes for your drive time the richmond center fell
9:51 am
commute heading out of richmond under 8 minutes you can see there's something right there probably some construction going on and they're trying to get around that also look at the golden gate bridge 20 minutes as you head into the city we're tracking a drive times and much more the daria back to you. >>the warriors suffered their 3rd blow in a row last night the good news is they can't lose this weekend because they're not going to play the short-handed does were out shined by the suns one 20 to 98. >>the warriors were oust without staff and dray though jordan poole pulled his weight coach kerr says he deserves another look and everybody deserve some time off everybody on our team is is tired. >>i need to break, it's a physical break we've guys who are excited. you'll see family go home on our maybe you know just stay home for a few days without having to practice it will be good for the group. but no rest for staff.
9:52 am
>>he's going to be all star game on sunday and competing in the 3 point contest. >>that's about as exciting as watching a robot nothing in his way though i'd love to see steph do this at the carnival and when one of those giant teddy bears. >>i swear those carnival hoops are too small or maybe it's me i'm too small that's why i always got picked last on the team all-star captain lebron shows staff second. he picked giannis antetokounmpo first and then captain katie chose kyree irving first and here's the rest of his roster. sometimes the last guy picked turns out to be the best. you have heard of tom brady. the michigan quarterback was the 100 99th overall draft pick and his rookie card. just sold for one 0.3 2 million dollars. brady won his 7th super bowl when a lot of people said that he was too old to play. you tell me can do something it just makes him better. same
9:53 am
for michigan's basketball team. they used a notorious rivals words against him. the coach played a video of draymond green trash talking the wolverines and it motivated them to beat michigan state and win their first big 10 title in 10 years don't make fun kids. >>sometimes it doesn't work. that's the
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>sara lee scrapes at the san diego zoo are covered and protected against covid they got their shots. there specially designed for animals. >>and now the foreign his hands and 5 the know lows have been vaccinated they got their shot. last month one of his lunch hour to shot you know i don't want to go up great good that's so good so they're getting protected there as we know there been cases of spread to the great apes that zoo, yeah in months past so. >>they do what they can to protect them. and we all you can do now you're so excited. more reopening we're getting word from amc that they're now reopening theaters in san francisco and santa clara counties say the markets reopening theaters in san mateo. >>moran and santa clara counties as well both theater change say they're going to be having those increased safety and cleanliness guidelines. so
9:57 am
they're gonna be spring all the seats down between viewing and they cut down the number of people write you 5% capacity, 25% so they'll be a lot of space between you and the people around you. >>if you like i because i hate the sound of people eating don't like that and i don't like it because i don't want to be there pop car but covid next to me i want to ask something on that side. all right that's it for today have a great weekend raise the rain tonight and we'll see on tonight and we'll see on monday. i really do. ♪ here's to the duers. to all the people who realize they can du more with less asthma thanks to dupixent, the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma.
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