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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 8, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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between what was such a nice warm and sunny weather this weekend to what will be our better chance of rainfall and even thunderstorms coming tomorrow across the bay area today will noticeably be cloudier a little bit cooler and as you noted reyna a couple of sprinkles are certainly possible today looking outside right now conditions are nice and calm and clear out there your camera network view from berkeley shows clear enough skies certainly nothing blocking out that view looking down towards u c berkeley in the distance now we are seeing some snowfall up in the cascades as well as northern sierra and then rainfall sitting offshore note that the bay area is really just sitting under some cloudier skies right now you'll notice, partly cloudy skies overhead. there's certainly some evidence of that showing up here on radar and conditions out there this morning, not even all that chilly right now it's upper 40's for hayward san francisco and san mateo well low 50's in oakland and alameda and only a few 30's on the map up towards santa rosa see helene in cloverdale overall this is much warmer start to the morning than
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yesterday was so it's mild and dry so far not a bad start to your monday. we start this morning, nice and dry with those 40's 50's for most areas by the time we reach noontime today you may see an isolated sprinkle that's about all day time hours today will offer by the evening tonight. well after sunset as we'll have a better chance of showers that leading us into tomorrow's round of rain and even thunderstorms which i'll get to ahead of the rest your forecast back to you john thank you for that all right let's check out your roadways right now you're waking up 4.31 here on a monday morning. >>heading into the city from the east bay you can get that fremont street exit in about 10 minutes we're not tracking. any major hot spots right now also keeping a close eye on those winds. and you seem to be in good shape out down the roadways. the san mateo bridge as you head across to the peninsula. there that's starting to pick up under 11 minutes for your drive time as you head across towards the peninsula. a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. look at that commute. quiet of
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the year. under 9 minutes as you head into richmond, we're tracking your drive times and much more but for now back to the news. hundreds of people got vaccinated this weekend at a south bay where pop up site. >>it was set up to provide access to underserved communities. but leaders like congressman eric swalwell who visited the site are trying to make this location a permanent vaccination clinic. kron four's tell reports. >>hundreds of people lined up that glad tidings international church in hayward on sunday to receive their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. i think it's super the. >>underrepresented have people have not had this representation before and so i'm glad it's available and that's why me to participate at the mobile vaccination site was set up in partnership with fema to improve access to underserved communities bishop jerry macklin says this is something the hayward community desperately needed here we've got to make last
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time we lost a lot of time along the way here and so now the underserved communities have to be addressed immediately because of greatest crime which for those who lost the after american community of course our numbers with scott on the show macklin says their church location has served as a covid-19 testing site for several months now. >>and it's become a place where the community can find resources and information about the virus. he says it's only fitting that fema chose this location for the community to get vaccinated and of course there was a fear about vaccination start. >>but now that we're trying to cross that line churches are working really hard across this whole area to be able to say come on we can do this you've got to do it, let's all work together so i think these sites like this. we'll bring people out there would otherwise not go to the big congressman eric swalwell visited the site on sunday. >>he says up to 1400 people will receive their first pfizer dose here between saturday and sunday on the safe return again in 3 weeks to give everyone their second
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dose congressman swalwell says he's trying to expand the site and make it permanent our hope is >>because of the infusion of american rescue plan funds that we're going to dramatically increase the amount of vaccines available and that will mean that it's not just that sites like the colosseum. they will be mobile you've deployed to sites like this and whether it's this congregation or this community. i think we're showing this weekend that. this place has an this place has the ability to distribute the vaccine in hayward and taylor reporting kron 4 news. >>organizers behind the effort to recall governor gavin newsome say they're on pace to collect more than 2 million signatures. some democrats say regardless of how many signatures they get it's still unlikely that newsome will actually get voted out. costs on the has the very latest. >>1.9 5 million signatures that is how many signatures the group recalling governor gavin newsome have collected
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people from all walks of life the entire political spectrum have come together in order for the recall to qualify only 1.5 million signatures must be verified by the california secretary of state's office currently around 670,000 are the recall gavin newsome 2020 lead proponent orrin heatlie odds. they're confident they will have enough signatures as they still have more than a week governmental monopoly in the one party rule over california is over out of the total amount the group says 1.6 million signatures have been gathered by volunteers you don't see that too much in california politics. so you know gonna have to be grudgingly give them credit and that is about the only thing that has surprised democratic political consultant, a big leo at this point he tells fox 40 if the recall qualifies time is on the governor's side is a lot of good news you can talk that now we didn't have that a couple months ago cleo if the former press secretary for governor gray davis the last
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governor in california to be recalled in 2003 the good news, he points to is the vaccine rollout with some schools reopening legislative deal to incentivize even more to reopen and the democratic party being firmly behind the governor there's not a single democrat that spoke up to say hey i might want to run against him when i worked for governor davis we were getting sniped that from the left as well as the right another big difference from 2003 recall is the approval rating, 46% approval is not too shabby wendy gray davis was recalled his numbers were 2527% and it just becomes a partisan fight. >>then that's very good news for the governor while a lot can change later this year a big deadline looms ahead gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. >>there's more fallout from governor newsom's vaccination rollout plan a number of california counties are now asking to opt out of the state one blue shield vaccination program, right now, none of california's 58 counties have
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signed contracts with blue shield even as the state plans to place 10 counties on or blue shield oversight this week. last week the la county board of supervisors asked for an exemption from the plan saying that the company doesn't quite understand the unique needs of the county and its diverse population. ventura and san joaquin counties have made similar request. san francisco unified says it's on track to offer on campus learning at some of its schools beginning april 12. while some parents remain anxious others see this as a promising development, the for students returning to campus would be those in phase 2 a which are pre kindergarten through 5th graders under the tentative health and safety agreement the district union are working to return as many students as possible includes eventually working up to nearly a full school day 5 days a week teachers union president susan solomon says safety protocols are in place and educators and staff will receive proper ppe.
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>>masks gowns face shields even n 95 masks for educators whose means that requires that the the students. close-up not not within 60 they have to be closer to students and in some cases some educators will be going into more than one stable cohort. >>we have to keep working until there is an option for 5 full days for all students k through 12. >>solomon says educators will be finding out soon when the start dates are for their schools, they will have access to the building's 2 weeks before school starts. so they can start setting up their classrooms. the district is expected to provide more details today. meanwhile, the city attorney's still moving forward with a lawsuit filed against the district board of education to reopen schools. a court hearing is set for march 22nd. south bay, civil rights advocates are speaking out after san jose police released a video of officers shooting
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and killing and an armed murder suspect 27 year-old david to laura was wanted for a series of crimes across santa clara county when officers tracked him down to an apartment complex in san jose kron four's dan thorn has the latest details on the video in that investigation. >>the video of the shooting is dramatic as it shows officers firing several rounds of tovar within seconds of seeing him one of those officers said they believed tow bar had a gun. but after the shooting one was not found and now civil rights advocates say tovar should not have been in video released by san jose police officers are seen attempting to arrest a man wanted in connection with several violent >>officers are then heard firing several gunshots as david tovar is seen running along a second-story balcony of an apartment it's this video that criminal justice
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advocates say show and unjustified killing the video is really infuriating upsetting. >>it is as if these police officers were in a video game. hunting mister tovar sajid khan is a deputy public defender in san jose he's joined other advocates in calling the shooting brutal and excessive shots fired shots fired such suspect on the second floor tovar was being investigated by police in gilroy morgan hill, san jose and the chp after he was linked to a number of robberies and 2 shootings, including a murder. >>police say they were on high alert in pursuing the 27 year-old because of his violent criminal history, even if she was. >>suspected of crimes had a right to due process you to write to the arrested him. he brought to court he informed his charges shooting happened on the morning of january 21st when tow bar was tracked to this apartment complex on the apology arrive.
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>>police say he was reaching for his waistband when they opened fire but after the shooting tovar was not found with a gun. >>khan says these types of killings by police are showing dramatic changes need to be made within departments we have to use these moments to re imagine rethink. >>how we police our communities and who we trust to be policing our communities and how we police communities of color. >>the shooting will be under review internally and the santa clara county district attorney's office is also expected to investigate and because tovar was on armed the state attorney general's office may also get involved. reporting in san jose dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news after you get your covid-19 shot don't throw away your mask. just yet along doctor say to keep wearing them.
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>>and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, we have to get another check of weather with john trouble so you can know what to throw on this morning make sure to a long lens on just in case it was cold or sprinkle little bit. yeah, good just that were dropped just a little bit today temperatures are definitely
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colder. >>and yeah we do have a few sprinkles expected right around the middle of the day today not get too much, but you want to plan on those differences looking outside at our center tower cam skies are nice and clear this morning we are looking at relatively mild temperatures to start most of us in the 40's and 50's these relatively clear skies and certainly dry conditions still so your morning commute, no problems out there we are seeing rainfall to our west and a few snow showers up in the sierra and southern cascades. but the bay area's really quiet as of right now evidence of the few clouds hanging out right across the region, but that's about all we've got right now. now later on today look at this line of showers that will be approaching late morning and think oh no that means some rainfall the day but it really breaks apart by the time it reaches the bay only offering up a couple of sprinkles into late morning and towards noontime today after that point we drive back out for a little bit better chance of showers during our overnight hours tonight after epm towards around 10 to 11:00pm
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dry back out briefly before better chances of more widespread rainfall into tomorrow. tomorrow's rainfall will come along with even cooler temperatures, widespread light to moderate showers and the potential of afternoon thunderstorms pushing on into the bay area, especially come late afternoon, you see those areas of yellow and orange that said imbedded area of heavy rainfall potential of hail and then cloud to ground lightning too so tomorrow comes with that best opportunity of any sort of negative impacts from this rainfall. good day to maybe plan staying inside a bit more as for wednesday more isolated showers possible before we really dry out the rest of the forecast. today's rainfall knocking amount to much during daytime hours today just a few sprinkles here and there. but after that the evening hours could see a 10th of an inch of rainfall closer to the coast. rainfall totals will increase even more so as we move into tomorrow's wet conditions now today's daytime highs definitely cooler than where we were yesterday most of us today, falling into the 50's for high
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temperatures, san bruno at 54 burlingame at 59 degrees. well a few low 60's in redwood city as well as down into san jose santa clara and campbell east bay temperatures back into the 50's today hayward at 59 same for you in oakland as well as walnut creek and conquered also just right below 60 degrees. the 58 today while fairfield at 59 santa rosa, at only 55 degrees. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. we start this forecast cool and wet and mild and sunny today we will be looking at just that opportunity of a couple sprinkles this afternoon. better chance of rainfall tonight and even better chances of rain through tuesday and wednesday after that sunshine and highs climbing up into the upper 60's by saturday of next weekend. rain thank you for the forecast john. let's also check the release read this morning heading from the east bay into the city. >>to the fremont street exit under 11 minutes for your drive time we're not tracking any major hot spots. the slow
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you down on the roadways this morning, a look at the golden gate bridge, heading into the city for your commute again you can see very clear. no fog scene also under 21 minutes into city and look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you head out of richmond to do that it under 9 minutes we are tracking your drive times and much more of a for now back to the news. as more people become fully vaccinated many are wondering when will be able to take off the mask, but. >>before you years away health experts say you should keep wearing it at least for the time being while the vaccine prevents illness more research is still needed to determine if the vaccine also prevents transmission. >>the virus is just machine, it's a biological machine whose sole purpose is to survive by infecting others. and it will continue to do that as long as they're susceptible individuals in the population. it doesn't sleep doesn't care about politics. it doesn't care that we're all
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so tired these precautions. >>experts estimate that the number of vaccinations needed to make an impact on herd immunity won't be reached until this fall. our winter when about 80% of the country is vaccinated. san jose police are investigating another homicide is the night homicide in the city this year. this one happened on carly and drive sunday night. we will update this story as soon as more information becomes available. and italy a prosecutor is requesting life in prison for 2 bay area man charged with killing of killing an italian police officer, 21 year old finnegan elder and 20 year-old gabriel natalie, are currently on trial for the deadly attack. it happened back in july 20th 19 enroll while the vin teenagers were on vacation. now they claim they stab the officer to death in self-defense the prosecution however is asking the court to impose italy's maximum sentence. the defense is set
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to make its closing arguments march 18th. millions of americans are busy preparing their tax returns maybe you're too. security experts are emphasizing the importance of keeping your information safe. a majority of americans are following their own taxes and online this year. megan alone hair and has some tips for you. >>matthew star zach is like 90% of americans who filed their taxes online either using a professional tax preparer or tax software we've been doing our taxes online for about the last 7 easy convenient and paired with direct deposit electronic filing is the fastest way to get a refund but is it safe the irs says all tax prep software will now have multi-factor authentication which asks users for an extra bit of info to log in like a code sent to their team now because even if someone steals your password multi-factor authentication often called two-factor could still stop
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them from getting into your account. but before you even file consumer reports says take a few minutes to make sure you're sensitive online accounts and your router or secured using strong passwords use a string of random words numbers and special characters something no one could guess or better yet consider using a password manager. so you don't have to remember them all our top rated password. manager is one password. it's the only one we tested to earn top marks for data privacy data security and usability you can also protect your personal tax information by simply looking for the https or a little lock at the beginning of the web address otherwise it could be a fraudulent site https use encryption to prevent any information exchange from being spied on or changed ron's traveling across the internet newer iphones and android phones come with encryption already enabled.
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>>it's also available for mac and windows computers you may just need to enable it in the security settings so if either is lost or stolen your personal data can't be accessed meagan o'halloran. we'll be
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here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >>now to the nba which held its all-star game last night and warriors star steph curry helped lead team lebron to a
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victory. steph initially game with 28 points. he hit 8 three-pointers in 2, 4, assists as well team lebron be teams are on bye order and by a final one 70 to one 50. before the games have also took part in the 3 point contest during all-star weekend. some actually missed his first 2 shots but then he got hot. stephan is the first round with 31 points and easily advance to the final round against michael conley we'll look at the final round curry have to make his final 2 shots to win and of course he did he p golly by just one point. but this is the second time korea's won this contest after the games have talked about his big night reports you know as i was >>you know congressman the last track and having fun with that get the job done to win some good shoot during the game so successful we're in great experience we have put a
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locker room job it to the new format with the all-star game next conferences, you know he's in the west google is bound to happen we had a obviously representing him as a captain kate in and we've got to win an eye for sure. >>steph curry and the warriors return to action on thursday night. they'll be in los angeles taking on the clippers. coming up in the next hour goshen master tenant derick l minutes being sentenced today. the latest details coming up in a live report. and president joe biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief bill is one step closer to being passed what it means. >>your next stimulus check. plus another bay area county is hoping to enter the less restrictive red reopening tier. details on that in a live report.
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>>news stations, you're watching the car. monday to you i'm daria false and i'm james fletcher we've got.
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>>well i was wondering what kind of weather we have this week and i remember john is talking about perhaps a little more rain sticking with us on i 4 hits and think of anything but cheap pete who >>the it was at commercial for glasses in like 1920 when i was little camp you can have to look that one up they look great yeah, very nice now we'll see how the see the so flurry things work until it is just amazing how yeah classes would say it's a whole new monday john he needs to get one of those eyeglass kids where they send you like 5. >>and then you can wear different areas which are out here yeah we are looking at some changes out there for sure today guys we are seeing cooler temperatures cloudier skies and the has the potential of rainfall now today we're going to ease off the rain a little bit maybe a sprinkle or to the middle of the day better chance of rain overnight tonight that does mean a smooth comm


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