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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  March 9, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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require. but we made sure that science not politics drove our decisions. and as experts like doctor fauci said it was the right thing to do people are alive today because of the public health decisions we made lives saved because of your sacrifice, even so even saw acknowledge that has made life hard it's made life unpredictable and you're exhausted by all of it. and for the millions of californians pushed out of the workplace. pushed out the workforce and those essential workers with no choice but to keep showing up. you are the ones we fight for because your future and our brighter future depends on it. we continue to work continue work every single day to safely reopen our economy guided by equity county for vaccines and moving as fast as fast as we can dull always mindful that we can't let down our guard
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particularly with so many of these new variances you know as of today as of today, 24 of our 58 counties out of the most restrictive tier and many more are poised to move next week. and as we safely reopen. also mindful that we need to do more to provide financial relief. you know just a few weeks ago, we took action working with legislative leaders for immediate stimulus to millions and millions of californians. we just directed 7.6 billion dollars. back to hardworking californians and small businesses hit hardest by covid we didn't wait for washington, we acted with urgency and that included the golden state stimulus which will put $600 directly in the pockets of of millions of families no matter by the way what their immigration status. and included supporting our essential workers with new childcare subsidies more
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funding for food banks and diapers as well as financial assistance to farm workers. you know keep the dream alive but not only for families but for all those small fought so hard to survive over the past year. you know, it's that special mix of the dais city human capital and creativity found only in california. that means there's literally no better place to do business. california's were garages on the launch pads for world changing industries and anyone anyone with telltale tenacity of a small business owner can create their own california dream, but only if we nurture them and that's why we're providing the largest small business grant program in the nation 2.6 billion dollars up to $25,000 for small businesses and nonprofits impacted by the pandemic. and behind these grants countless stories of about a printers and the dreams they pursued
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with every ounce of energy. but they have. like francisco in fresno received $5,000 to reopen his pastry business after being closed for nearly 6 months. and right here in l a whose dessert cafe used a $15,000 grant to make payroll and 40,000 other businesses and county the barber shops and auto repair shops and clothing shops throughout our state 3 quarter's by the way these grants have gone to minority women businesses and those serving in rural as well as low income communities, we're not just talking about equity we're building it into the very fabric of all of our programs. there's nothing more foundational to an equitable society than getting our kids safely back into the classrooms, remote learning. it's exacerbated. the gaps we've all been working so hard to close our kids are a
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missing too many rights of passage field trips and problems and graduations teachers pulling triple duty as counselors curriculum developers tech specialists, parents desperate for reopening dates. look jen i would we live this is parents of a 4 young children helping them cope with the fatigue of what my youngest son calls zoom school. the loneliness of of missing their friends frustrated emotions, they don't even yet fully understand. in december was not that long ago in december as covid was surging. many schools are contemplating alarming decision giving up completely on in person instruction for the rest of the school year. and just a few months since working together with parents and teachers and school leaders we've turned the conversation from whether to reopen to when every day every single day more and more schools are announcing reopening dates in fact almost 7,000 schools
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right now open or plan to reopen by mid april for in person instruction 7,000. a california has about 11,000 schools in over a 1000 school districts spread across 58 counties all locally controlled so we're not going to be satisfied until everybody is safely back in the classroom and to achieve this but we delivered 3 months worth ppe to every single school we directly enable schools to provide routine covid testing, especially for low income students and starting last week california promise that at least 10% of all of our vaccine allocation will go directly to teachers and school staff. and in the first week alone we've already administered more than 210,000 doses to educators a pace more than double our goal. just last week working with the legislature we committed 6.6 billion dollars. 6.6 billion
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dollars for learning loss for tutoring for mental health and the ability to stay extend school days and the flexibility to extend the school year. we could do this. the science sound we start with the early grades bill confidence and we build up from there. a look getting kids back to school getting shots arms getting the economy back on its feet. these are urgent priorities but the not the totality of our efforts and we entered this pandemic with the care economy suffering from decades and decades of underinvestment a societal scourge that the first partner has shined a light on working women, particularly women of color early only a fraction of what their male counterparts are widening gaps between the haves and the have nots california's most acute preexisting condition remains income inequality. so as we respond to this pandemic we need to stay fixated on
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closing these unacceptable disparities that's one of the fundamental reasons i ran for governor in the first place and by any measure. we're making great strides just consider this we've awarded working families by nearly tripling the earned income tax credit increasing child care subsidies and adding 2 more weeks of paid family leave as well as raising the minimum wage to $14 on its way to $15 an hour. we're providing the first ever health care subsidies for middle-class californians so they can afford coverage and we're increasing student financial aid as well as public assistance for making community college. this is got lost in all the conversations making community college free. for 2 years creating opportunity for all. i'm mindful. look i'm mindful that we i really addressing the needs of all people in poverty unless we account for the biggest pressure most families face. that's the issue of
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housing, a particular housing stability. and so we crafted the the strongest eviction controls in the nation protecting millions of renters from losing their homes in the midst of this pandemic. and provided a framework for billions and billions of dollars in rental support for struggling landlords all laser focused on the most severe part of the housing crisis homelessness. this is a crisis pre-dating the pandemic in response. in response. we have developed brand new solutions including 2 programs promoted by the biden adcinistration as a model to the other 49 states project roomkey was launched in april it's provided over 35,000 homeless californians with a safe shelter from covid and homekey that was launched just in july that's created more than 6,000 new permanent housing units during this
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pandemic by hotels and motels converting them at a 3rd of the cost of traditional supportive housing. we did this cheaper we did this faster that homeless housing has ever been built in the history of our state literally rewriting the book on how to tackle homelessness and while we acted swiftly during this pandemic we are mindful none of us are my are you none of us are 90. we are mindful that these tent cities on our sidewalks these encampments along our freeways, they simply remain on acceptable and sort challenge moving forward is crystal clear to media progress while focusing on our longer term goals by the way many of those i laid out in detail. and last year's state of the state. now bringing that same spirit of innovation behind room key and homekey we're committing this year to nearly 2 billion dollars to create more housing
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for homeless this year addressing mental health, the same time as well as substance abuse issues and ending homelessness one person at a time. no one denies that was denied that this isn't a huge challenge. but we know what it means to stare down big challenge 2020. we simultaneously face too. and once in a generation crisis. think about it the worst wildfire season. and our state's history in the middle of the pandemic the fact is that the hots are getting hot dry eyes are getting drier and it's not just here in california but all across the globe. let's call it what it climate change. just as we approach covid we are guided by science. just consider last summer. last summer's heat dome over the entire west coast of the united states which led to world record breaking temperatures here at home. and in just one 24 hour period last august. 12,000
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lightning strikes sparked 560 wildfires require heroic efforts our firefighters and national guard who landed helicopters in the flames to save fellow californians. >>this year we're budgeting more than 1 billion dollars for fire prevention, including full breaks forest health and home hardening. with forged historic partnership with the u.s. force service to radically wrap-up force management efforts reducing barriers on hundreds of fuel reduction projects and prescribed adding 30. >>new fire crews and preposition assets new c one 30's new black hawk helicopters in new radar technology. but stuart wildfires. the symptom. greenhouse gases though the cause and address them. we must confront the source of more than half of the emissions in our state and that's transportation. now is proud. prada sign
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groundbreaking executive order just last year requiring that all new cars and passenger trucks sold in california. the 0 emissions by 2035. and the car companies led by ford. gm volvos another seized opportunity innovate create jobs and dominate the industry the future proving yet again protecting our planet protecting and growing our economy not conflicting goals there one in the same. but there's no doubt there's no doubt the california is the pace center of environmental policy. yet we're also mindful responsibility to to do even more. you know it's really that restless spirit. but i think defines california. we know there's no advancement without effort. such success of any type that sacrifice. you know, paraphrase saint francis, the patron saint of my hometown. now is the time to tell the world about our brighter future and only if necessary. we use words. so we
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know that our strength comes not from what we preach but from what we do. from our people who get their hands dirty each and every day who come home tired and do it to give their kids a better life. you know when we set our minds to it california to truly reach the stars is just a few weeks ago a nasa rover appropriately named perseverance landed safely on mars 293 million miles away. it was a breakthrough achievement made possible by the engineers and scientists at our very own jet propulsion lab in pasadena that in part but apart by the vision and drive a lebanese immigrant who was educated in california schools and and rose to become the head. a jpl. by the risk-taking that's that's in our dna by the dream to discover new frontiers by the sheer force of will it was an achievement made possible by california and it tells you does everything you need to to
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know about who we are and what we can be. the california is the world's best place by by birthright we have to earn it. each and every day. and hopeful vision. the brighter future. it's the basis for the decisions we make today. the place faith over fear. optimism over pessimism. the power truly is in our hands. this is our moment to create the california we all want to live in to extend the dream of prosperity of equity and progress to all to continue to lead the world into the future once more. take care and good night. >>been watching and listening to a very animated governor newsome giving a very different state of the state from an empty dodger stadium. the 56,000 empty seats, you're looking at behind him
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representing roughly the number of people who died from the virus in california and he began can by defending his pandemic policies yeah, a half hour speech and probably 8590% of that speech dealt specifically with covid and all of the other elements that relate to that. >>housing reopening businesses getting vaccines helping the homeless something homes getting the schools reopen. a lot to talk about and goes through during that speech and now partly we're assuming to defend himself against the recall effort which is a frustration among many californians that they couldn't get their schools and businesses reopen they thought that was an affair handle california. the first state to issue a statewide stay at home a lot of the restrictions lingering and that's really fueling in part the the effort to recall governor newsome he did not reference the recall we didn't really expect him to but he knew that he had to convince california.
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>>that his policies are working and a lot of them are working 7,000 of the 11,000 schools in california are open or have announced that they will be opening soon he talked about the vaccine success pretty much leading the country. >>number 6 in the world in vaccine distribution of compared to other countries around the low death count compared to other states per capita so there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic. but certainly they're still as he said and i think i wrote down the quote here he said i have made mistakes we own them and we learn from them so he admitted that mistakes have been made this has been an unprecedented pandemic you know he had said going into this thing that he wanted to leave people feeling more optimistic. >>and the he was trying to be as positive as he could be again talking about california has one of the first places as he put it to listen to science to take action talking about the death rate one of the in the nation per capita. >>saying that the blight is there at the end of the
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tunnel. >>it certainly feels that way for a lot of people going to have much more about the governor's speech tonight. and interesting the first time we've seen the governor outside of the state capital since the 60's give a state of the states this unique in that regard as well all right, let's check in with our chief meteorologist storms karl because in addition to the governor a big story. a story that's affecting all of us is a weather. yeah, boy coming down out there right now around the bay area looking out toward the golden gate bridge. you can certainly see that rain has really kicked into gear now is that little squall line that had been sitting off the coast line moving on shore and to see them pours now very slick out there on the roadways not just there. but boy it is coming down all around the bay area looking the toll plaza on the bay bridge, the rain coming down. >>getting very slick out there on the road was a dangerous night to be traveling anywhere out there on the roads are going to see these thunderstorms coming on through well we're talking about rain they're talking about snow in the sierra nevada in their chain up along 8050 no change required yet
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but certainly the possibility that developing overnight tonight, they're chained up eastbound about applegate if you're headed up over 84 tonight just to dangerous whiteout conditions up there not a good night to drive up there if you don't have to write we have this band of rain move on shore and really no well organized cold front. that's we're going to see with the storm system nothing really well organized but the key to see these bands pushing on shore so some areas, the bay area going to get hit by some heavy rain other places will say seen any rain at all. but right now a good swath of rain moving across the entire bay area with a heavier amounts now located actually into the south bay you can see that in toward los gatos also in the mountains you some of what side showers moving on through expecting that rain to continue on and off throughout the evening hours. but these are going to be quick moving storm system so raining heavily briefly across parts of area for about 10 minutes or so and then continue to shift on further east so taking down the street level you see some of rolling on through parts of los gatos right now the saratoga some
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heavier amounts of rain being found there and that will be the case of the storms roll on by these thunderstorms may not actually be contributing lightning just yet, but certainly heavy downpours the possibility of some isolated hail with this as well and some gusty winds to go along with that so that rain continue to work its way through parts of palo alto to and low south though so 7 tail kitchen little bit of a break let's go in palo alto now take down the street level you can see some of that rain coming down there. on the you can see some of that rolling on through also middle avenue, some of that pick it up there as well that will be the case throughout there that's going to stretch across the bay into the east bay and bring them more rain as well so far. >>moderate amounts of rain moving through that direction and that will be the case in the north as well just some out right now, but certainly a long way to go we've got whole lot of rain just sitting off the coastline. we've got another band that is just about to move on shore you can see we just had a lightning strike off the coastline there of monterrey that was in last just couple of minutes here so
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yeah, the winds also kicking up with these storms as they move on by snow storm system start to drop some gusty winds around the bay area maybe some 2530 mile an hour gust of the system kind of switches on through see him right there, but then temperatures are pretty cool. good 45 degrees already in santa rosa 50 degrees in san francisco. and you get the idea overnight tonight models trying to handle this all those hard for these to handle such chaotic system showers moving across the bay area now as we head in the 8 o'clock hour continue to move a little for the east. but certainly anywhere along that line we could see a pop-up of some thunderstorms and some very heavy downpours and you'll notice that snow down to about 2700 feet toward mount hamilton we're going to see that popping up across many of our peaks it's going to be on and off throughout the night tonight on and off throughout the day tomorrow we'll get some sunny breaks in between the clouds not to be complete rain now for tomorrow but expect showers the possibility of thunderstorms continue on wednesday by thursday just partly cloudy skies we start to dry things out looks like by friday. we've got some sunshine coming our way looks like
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>>story now about an uber driver with almost 6,000 rides under his belt a really high rating with uber he is not thinking about never ever again. >>picking up another passenger, yeah would you want to drive after this that is because of this recent altercation that happened. >>after he picked up 3 passengers in the city kron four's has the story.
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>>it is a video of a wild altercation during uber ride that has gone it something i could have never that is the voice of the man behind the wheel of the video he told me by phone that this happened sunday afternoon shortly after he picked up 3 female passengers at san bruno avenue and fell to street in san francisco's bayview district. he says shortly after they got into his car things started going wrong with the subject of wearing a mask came up a moment, the mask. >>i have a spare want. i do is like like you i don't have it. and then lady you know on the video who pulled a mask asked my fall on she
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>>we ran out of time, so you want watch that full story about the uber ride gone wrong tune into our primetime newscast today to talk to our website at kron 4 dot com gun crazy rob, all right, thanks for joining us. everyone tonight. ncer: meghan markle
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blowback. >> deborah: the just released a statement from the palace. >> i'm done with this. >> announcer: storming out the set on live tv. and, did megan really slam the door in her sister-in-law's face question work because she apologized, brought me flowers. >> announcer: as megan's dad takes a swipe at harry. plus, whose house was it anyway? the clues to the sitdown location. plus, the butler speaks. one of princess diana's closest confidant, what they are saying


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