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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  March 10, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>waking up with us on a wednesday could be stormy out there at times i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and we've got a lot of stormy weather as you can see there on the big wall the radar all lit up this morning work cut out for you can figure out i thought oh my god is a downpour then by the time i left it had stopped john things today it's going to be tough to figure out for a lot of people because it will be on and off and we say on i mean we could be seeing some heavy rainfall and it will let up really quickly pick back up again pretty quickly too. >>chance of thunderstorms continues today a lot like we saw last night in fact we are seeing a brief area of convection to the northeast of the bay area right now that could result in some lightning. let's get to all that right now you can see out there from your berkeley cam right here there's some low cloud cover sitting up above compher berkeley right now the rainfall continues to be pushing it now i mentioned that area of convection thunderstorm activity to the northeast of the bay area, let's first focus on that because that does affect areas like antioch oakley brentwood
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in discovery bay. we've got some heavy rain falling across on over to rio vista as well so be mindful of this area right here if you're about to be leaving you're running into some heavy spots of rain even some cloud to ground lightning and also the potential of hail out there 80 is wet from fairfield out of as we see tough and on showers out that direction and rainfall has now picked back up for many of our bridges these are light showers compared to what i just showed you richmond center fell bridge golden gate of rainfall is right around mission district for san francisco. little bit further south also looking at rainfall stretching down towards san mateo san bruno south san francisco in daly city pocket of rainfall to the east right around walnut creek, it's pick back up for you some upslope occurring on the mount diablo slopes, especially on the west side there so if you're heading up that direction you are looking at some good rainfall coming down it's calm down for the tri valley you had heavy rain moments ago and down into the south bay. we are looking at calm conditions
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now after heavy rain about an hour ago, so it's often on across the bay area that's the way it's going to stay today. so even if it's not raining where you're at you want to be prepared for the rain a few moments from now a few hours from now. we are going to be looking at 40's and 50's throughout the course of the morning for temperatures daytime highs today will be back into the 50's a lot like yesterday so dress for some cool and wet conditions. reyna john thank you so we've already had multiple accidents. we have a hot spot right here on in tracy. >>2 o 5 westbound and mountain house parkway an accident there you can see it's impacting things along the altamont pass that's already pretty delayed. we also have a high wind advisory for you along the bay bridge. so you not only have a wet bridge to drive across high winds take your time 8 says to the fremont street exit but you definitely want to give yourself a lot more time this morning. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula solid 12 minutes for you there. also slick wet conditions on the roadway. the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of richmond,
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another wet one for you at 7 minutes get a look at things here the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city into that in 21 minutes and not seen any fog still things are wet so drive safely we'll continue tracking your commute. daryn james i'll send it over to you, thanks a lot of rain a 5 '02 and 2 more areas in the bay area are opening up in loosening restrictions yeah, that means hundreds of businesses can now expand their indoor and outdoor operations were talking about alameda. >>and solano county both of those counties joined the rest of the ferry in the red to just comes across and sonoma. >>hopefully they'll also join kron 4 sarah stinson is live in allegheny county with more on what you can do there. now. hi sarah. >>good morning restaurants can finally take their outdoor dining indoors at 25% capacity and this is a i mean this county hasn't been in the red tier since november, so it's been about 4 months of being in the purple tier, one of the most strict in tears and he has been hard because you can't do a lot in the purple
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tier and the red tier offers you a few things you can do to loosen the restrictions which i think a lot of people were looking forward just kind of getting back to a little bit more normalcy in the red tier, though you can do as i said indoor dining the retail stores, they can open up capacity to 50% gyms can finally open but only at 10% and then movie theaters zoos museums and aquariums can all open at max capacity, you know again this is something the alameda county has been wanting for a long time it's been trying to do everything they can by increasing testing as well as vaccinating people as much as they you know they have a lot of different vaccination centers, but they also have the mass vaccination center at oakland coliseum which is really been helping to push the i belong and the only 2 counties that were left behind yesterday one being in the east bay which is contra costa county and the other being in sonoma county it's unfortunate that those were left behind, but they did not
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make the cut in terms of having an adjusted case rate that is eligible to move into the red tier so how people feel yesterday some of our reporters caught up with people and we heard that people had sort of mixed reactions. >>i think it needs to happen for businesses to come back to life. and i think with more people getting the vaccination it might be a tad early but i think it's good to happen that people will be safe. >>i think it's a little the variance still out covid still out there. i i wish we would pull back just a little bit. >>now we do have a break from the rain right now but the rain has really been hitting us hard overnight and it will continue this morning. so it's perfect timing for indoor dining in more indoor activities but we have remember that this is just the red tier, the goal is to get up to the orange and the
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yellow tier and we can only do that if we do our part so make sure that while you do do these types of activities they can do everything on your part to be a safe as possible that way we can continue to get these cases down and open up more and more as more people get vaccinated for now live in castro valley sarah stinson back to you thanks a lot sarah. >>and to the peninsula now where san mateo county is getting ready to move to the less restrictive orange tier, perhaps as early as next week the county's been in the red tier for nearly 2 weeks already county health officials say that the cases and positivity rates have remained low and they hope that will allow them to move to the orange tier when the state releases its update next week. >>in the say frustration is growing among business owners in contra costa county because they are still in the purple tier, even though their covid case numbers and positivity rates are trending down crown forcefully took all has more. >>one down one to go the contra costa county public health officer says if
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covid-19 test positivity rates and the equity metric remain at current levels for a second consecutive tuesday, the county could transition from the restrictive purple tier to the less restrictive red tier as early as next week, it's time to get back to some semblance of normalcy parklets have helped keep danville restaurants afloat well customers have been prohibited from eating indoors and have proven to be one of the positive business changes resulting from the pandemic that's been great to have it i'm hoping to keep bad but manager joe repay ho says nothing will help improve sales and brass rail and car wash in danville more than welcoming patrons back for indoor dining which has been watched limits since december would help us ally in give us some back some of our tables specially when it's you know it's going to rain today in. >>that's going to take out half of our seeding. bill to come inside where it's dry and a little warmer stephanie and how restaurants are allowed to
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offer indoor dining at 25% capacity in the red tier that would amount to 37 more chairs at pete's. >>frequent customer of its fletcher is fully vaccinated as more people get vaccinated you're going to see more people wanting to go to restaurants. >>and i'm just encouraging everyone to get a vaccine. by the end of summer this will be behind us and we can get back to normal valley medlin's waitress sookie a court clinton says she expects revenue at the diner. the jump 50% with indoor dining what we want is to go back to normal. >>take the thing off my face eventually, it will be asset to the customers to our customers don't really like sitting outside. so that's so making us lose business so hopefully when changes, everyone oh come on back i'm more than ready. >>can't wait in danville fled to gaul kron 4 news. >>the benefit of going into the red tier as well is that schools can reserve in reserve
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resume that is in person learning but not everybody in alameda county says they're ready for that currently berkeley schools will begin welcoming students back to class on march 29th. some berkeley teachers though claim that the district is bullying them into coming back even telling them that they could work from home for the rest of the school year. teachers fear, forcing students and teachers have been vaccinated back into the classrooms is a recipe for disaster. >>it is late in in an attempt to force not only teachers but also student that last rooms without any regard for their safety and. >>if is telling me that i need to. as a teacher that i need to be there for my students. i just got to say that my family comes before in my career. >>kron 4 reach out to the berkeley school district for a response. but we haven't heard back and we also have details on the reopening plan on our
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website kron 4 dot com. >>well we do have some good news on the vaccine front the johnson and johnson vaccine has finally arrived here in the bay area in fact health experts say that santa clara county has now confirmed they've received 7500 doses of the new vaccine with more expected in the next couple of weeks. there's no word on exactly where these doses are headed, but again the good news with johnson and johnson is it is just a one shot. vaccine and that will certainly help boost vaccine. rates vaccination rates across the region. it's also all arrived in san francisco fact mayor london breed confirms that first doses of the j j vaccine were actually administered. yesterday. >>time now is 5.10 and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the house expected to take up the covid relief package today when can you expect another stimulus check and we are tracking showers across the bay this morning looking at rainfall pushing back into the bay right now. >>some light showers on 92 the bay bridge the richmond sandra fell bridge as well as picking back up in oakland down to
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hayward i've got your forecast ahead. >>and another busy rain day we're already seen roadway flooding. plenty of accidents tracking hot spots. we'll have more on your commute across the bay area after the break.
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>>5.13 right now and check this out jerry's downey and san francisco. across your viewer sent us this look at this mess. yeah, 1300 block of kearny street around 11 o'clock last night. i didn't see any damage like that, but saw big downpours. >>a little bit of flooding at lucky drive especially i was going slow enough so if you see anything send us a photo go the kron 4 after the reported tab. >>and that's the easiest way to get it or newsroom. we'll work it into our coverage this morning and has probably not the last tree we're going to see coming down unfortunately during the storm as it is still actively raining. yeah often on with us today or is that it just didn't so just during daytime hours today into early evening hours tonight, we'll still be looking at some off and on showers. >>still some strong winds now the ground is saturated so root systems a little bit more vulnerable to tip overs like that especially with the winds like we are seeing so tumbling
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keep your eyes on not just the slick roads, but also some to breeze on roads as you make your way in this morning looking out there or tower cam skies are dry for the minute at suit hurt our showers have just push over san francisco back into the bay now they're going to start picking back up over into the east bay rainfall total so far these are likely to jump over the next few minutes because i'm going to keep him updated for you. >>as we continue to see rainfall san francisco seen over a quarter of an inch of it and although oakland itself hasn't 3 quarters of an inch of rain. once you head into the hills above oakland, we have a few spots that are received around 3 quarters of an inch of it santa rose around a half an inch of rainfall over the past 24 hours. so these are some pretty good totals piling up out there and some heavier spots of rainfall likely to be even on top of that as we make our way through the day so right now rain has worked its way back into the central part of the bay, so if you're crossing 92 or even the bay bridge watch out for some strong winds, some wet conditions as rain continues to fall rain is picking back
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up in alameda oakland down to hayward and off and on showers down peninsula. some of the heaviest of it is out towards antioch discovery bay and oakley and rio vista well out into that northeastern section of the bay most of us are seeing off and on showers out there as of this point and will continue to see that on to the rest of your morning commute isolated pockets of heavier rain in there watch out for a few rows of thunder we've already seen thunderstorm activity last night had some hail in san francisco, heavy downpours in san jose, some thunder currently right around the antioch area so very active pictures we make our way out of our homes this morning and into work continuing to see these off and on showers well into the afternoon and early evening as i mentioned before we calm down into tomorrow thursday will remain cool. but a whole lot clear then today is about to be setting us up for a much warmer drier just better weekend for venturing out as for la e mendocino county snowfall continues in these areas and that's we are looking at winter weather advisories in effect winter
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storm warnings remain in effect for the sierra nevada and with snow level falling to some pretty low elevations watch out for chain controls a little earlier than you may expect as you head up into those higher areas of elevation up in the sierra. now temperatures today will rise into the 50's lot like yesterday, not a big change in temperatures from where we were 24 hours ago, mid 50's for foster city down to redwood city saying carlos at 57 south bay temps mostly mid 50's as well. these daytime highs are a bit below average for this time of year. but no big surprise on a rainy cloudy day like we're in the midst of oakland at 56 sonoma you'll be at 53 today while santa rosa rising to 53 degrees as well. tomorrow's temperatures a bit warmer but still below average and still pretty cool before warm-up friday and saturday which will be our nicest days of this forecast for venturing out and perfectly timed as it's the start of the weekend. we will see a chance of showers returning late sunday into early monday. reyna john thank you so we have multiple hot spots, several accidents.
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>>let's focus here 2 o 5 westbound at mountain house parkway in tracy there's another just popped out here live a more so we're going to see that traffic collision start to have some major delays along the altamonte past as well. another one 80 westbound it's the soon valley road out here and fill failed. another one down here fremont 6.80 south that mission boulevard also we're seeing roadway many places across the bay area. 6.80 south on a mission boulevard in fremont and some also really flooding in san francisco. a look at the bay bridge as you head into the city right now under 9 minutes for your drive time. there's also a high wind advisory for the bay bridge this morning. so you want to take your time. i'm also seeing some reports 92, westbound there is a traffic collision it just happened here on the san mateo bridge. we'll be monitoring that again you can see just how difficult it is for folks to see here about 13 minutes to get across that is more than likely going to change the richmond sandra fell bridge a richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time on another wet commute a look at the golden gate bridge here 21 minutes we've got a very busy
5:19 am
traffic morning for you taking time drive safe daryn james back to you thanks for >>happening today we have the house now expected to give final approval for the next round of coronavirus relief for millions of americans kron four's washington dc correspondent jessi turnure has the details. >>good morning americans should see the benefits hit their bank accounts within the coming weeks, but first congress has to send the bill to the president. >>saving lives and livelihoods and giving people hope for the future house democrats take a victory lap ahead of today's all but certain passage of president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief plan is to this piece of 5 parts of mister asian. that's in a long time south carolina congressman jim cliburn and his colleagues applaud the bill that includes weekly emergency unemployment benefits monthly payments to parents from the child tax credit and a 3rd round of stimulus checks which white house press secretary jen
5:20 am
psaki says will not include president biden signature this is not about him this is about the american people getting relief almost a 160 million of them, but house republicans still don't see it that way is not focused on covid relief it's focused on pushing more of the far left agenda, louisiana, congressman steve scalise and his colleagues will present a united front against the bill the stimulus money we're talking about although i hope he gets spent local economy. >>it's not a i do or die situation for us alabama congressman jerry carle argues additional funds are not vital for states like his where businesses have reopened and students have returned to the classroom in louisiana congressman mike johnson stresses states should first spend a trillion dollars left over from previous bills before congress approves more money it's a huge waste and i think it's a wasted opportunity as well. >>and the bill also includes hundreds of billions of dollars for vaccines and treatments schools state local governments and struggling industries from airlines to
5:21 am
concert venues in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >>newsome has given his 3rd state of the state address he delivered last night reflecting on the state's response now to the pandemic he recapped the state's effort to provide financial relief to struggling businesses and workers as well as the push to reopen schools. he also talked about the effort to distribute vaccines which has now provided 11 million shots to people across california. the governor did not mention the recall effort against him but said that he was not going to change the way he does things. >>so the california critics out there promoting partisan political power grabs with outdated prejudices and checked everything that makes california truly great. we say this. we will not be distracted from getting shots in arms in our economy booming again. >>some republican lawmakers criticized the governor for looking back and not looking ahead. >>democrats are pushing ahead
5:22 am
with 2 federal gun control bills, i'm alexandra le mon in washington with that story coming up. >>and here's a quick live look at stormtracker for the radar showing the rain not done yet we've got wave after wave moving across the bay area so brace yourself. it's going to be a wet morning we'll be right back.
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>>24 right now in national news house democrats are
5:25 am
looking to pass to gun control bills that they say would make the country safer washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has details. >>democrats are pushing for passage of 2 bills to strengthen background checks for gun sales if you are a felon if you're a criminal. >>if you are deranged. well by god he should have access to a weapon that's what this bill does it has the support of about 90% of americans illinois congresswoman cheri bustos says one bill would close the so-called gun show loophole by making it illegal for unlicensed persons to transfer firearms to someone else without a background check was not the father of a i care deeply about gun violence republican congressman richard hudson says these bills are not the solution these bills again would have not stopped a single mass shooting but democrats say the second bill which would extend the background check period from 3 to 10 days would give authorities more time to flag
5:26 am
people like the charleston church shooter nevada congresswoman dina titus says the bill still respect the gun rights of americans that doesn't mean that people who shouldn't have guns can go ahead and use them in our streets as weapons of republican senator marco rubio says he doubts the bills will improve gun violence the people are going to follow the law are criminals the people that are buying guns in a back alley east a pass in the house the bills would still need to gain support from every democrats and 10 republicans to pass in the u.s. senate in washington alexandra le mon. >>great news if you're waking up in fairfield and the rest of solano county 2 days or day eat inside we'll break down the red tier and what it means to you in a live report. and here's a live look at the radar once again showers scattered all across the bay area with pockets of downpours here and there we've got john trouble in the weather center with a full breakdown coming
5:27 am
up in just a minute.
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getting ready and then drove through a few bits of it as i was on my way into of these downpours are going to continue throughout the day john yeah, the rainfall heavy at times continuing off and on as we work our way through your wednesday ahead of us, so you got to get prepared for it. it might not be rain and where you're at right now that doesn't mean it's done so you got to bring the rain jacket with you and give yourself that extra time as you're leaving the house because roadways are very slick out there this morning saw some heavy rain last night so there's actually a lot of standing water on roads to that could slow you down even more let's get you a look outside from our sutro tower cam pretty quiet as of san francisco, these past couple of minutes. we did see around of showers moving overhead about 30 minutes ago for san francisco. >>that line of showers is now sitting mostly over the east bay were from san leandro down to hayward on up to oakland we are seeing some light to moderate rainfall activities same for you up into richmond in and across 92 over to san mateo down to redwood city, sonny bill rainfalls about to be picking back up for you has already made its way through palo alto now in cupertino as
5:31 am
well and you can expect this line of showers to push a little bit further to the east making its way towards san jose which has been dry for a couple of hours now after heavy rainfall earlier on this morning. let's go a little bit further northward danville walnut creek a little bit calmer for you than it was earlier and we're also a bit calmer out towards antioch in oakley which had some thunderstorm activity again about 30 minutes ago that's moved its way to the north and east still right around eastern solano county for those in rio this step off and on showers continue for solano county on up to vacaville and on over into the portions of sonoma napa and marine counties that you are seeing those on and off showers mostly remaining ally in these areas, but you get the picture here pockets of rainfall pretty much everywhere across the bay area. dry in some spots but rainfall is moving swiftly across the region to don't expected to stay that way. now temperatures are in the 40's for most of the bay this morning. stay warm and stay most importantly dry as you venture out this wednesday
5:32 am
reyna john thank you very busy on the roadways. we have a hot spot out here live a more. >>5 80 eastbound at stone cut. again all lanes were blocked multiple lanes are blocked. a good alternate because you are going to be waiting some time as you head in that direction would be to go north vasco road to highway 4 to try to get beyond that accident also another one 80 westbound to southbound 6.80 at that connector right here in fairfield have another traffic collision there, several more down in fremont i'm tracking 1, 6, a southbound and mission boulevard and obviously there's lots of roadway flooding, you're seeing it on scene at 6.80 south bound ocean boulevard out of fremont a look at your commute into8 the city though as you try to contend with a lot of water across bridges 10 minutes fremont street acts we also have reports accident was on the westbound side here 92. however, i'm not seeing any major delays along the san mateo bridge just 13 minutes for your drive time the richmond sandra fell bridge also another wet commute for you as you head to richmond.
5:33 am
we're tracking this accident stay on top of these bridges for you, but for now daryn james i'll send it over to you thanks reyna 5.32 and then there were 2 only 2 counties in the bay area this morning are left in the purple. >>the others moved into the red tier on tear tuesday i heard that alameda county and solano county would both be upgraded to the less restrictive. >>red tier in fact in solano counties kron four's will tran with more on the businesses the residents there that are obviously very happy to hear this news. well. >>i'm sure they're happier today because of the rain so you can go inside and eat, especially on a day that is cold and wet and john trouble has been all over the weather as far as the impact on us but if you like your food dry and you like to be a war you can go inside once the restaurants open up this morning. yes solano county you are waking up to the red you're in the purple for weeks and that means 25% indoor capacity 10%
5:34 am
at gyms 25% as far as the movie theaters. you are joining 7 out of the 9 bay area counties, waking up in the red and some counties in the bay area. already knocking on oranges door so they might move into even lesser restrictive tier, but the red tier obviously is removed from the most restrictive tier. the purple tier, so we are seeing brighter days ahead as governor gavin newsome talked about brighter days for the customers brighter days for the restaurants. but we got a chance to track down solano county's health officer. they are saying don't let your guard down. >>he wanted shoes places where you see evidence that people are taking care to do proper social distancing. it is most important for those considerations set to be used for people not yet vaccinated particularly us to have an underlying health condition that might make them prone to a bad outcome from this
5:35 am
disease. >>so you're still the first line of defense if you see people not wearing their mask room what night you should take it upon yourself to be seems like a lot of people are wearing their in the numbers prove it. the reason why they went from purple to red because vaccinations are up covid numbers are down and that's why it's going to happen. james darya specially daria you said only 2 counties did you just kind of shame. sonoma and contra costa county because they are the ones get your act together let's get all of the bay area into the red. one key thing i want to mention that life goes on of course and unfortunately people passing away either from covid or just from life, funeral homes will allow people 25% in as far as indoor for services and i know that's important for a lot of people as well. >>no i'm not a minimum just like you know there's only 2
5:36 am
left in the whole day area they would love to know we are getting there maybe next week it's all about the numbers thank you well, and the south bay santa clara county is opting out of the state's plan to have blue shield california takeover vaccine distribution. >>as kron four's rob fladeboe reports the county executive says the plan would mean less vaccine and the loss of local control. >>blue shield california set to assume responsibility for most vaccinations by way of implementing one set of rules for who gets the vaccine and when a goal was to vaccinate as many as 4 million people a week by the end of april but santa clara county is not going to sign up because the plan will not speed vaccinations or improve efficiency and provides little the county isn't already doing said county executive jeff smith tuesday before the board of supervisors, what the tpa agreement would do would be to force us into a new appointment system in any way of accessing appointments. >>which would be a statewide
5:37 am
system and have no control over. >>we would have no control over it the blue shield run program was schedule all vaccination appointments to the states my turn system. >>a statement from blue shield reads in part quote our goal is to save lives by helping all california's equitable access to vaccines, especially in those communities hardest hit by the pandemic we continue to work diligently with local county and state officials health care providers and other important stakeholders to build an enhanced state vaccine network to increase capacity and support the state's goal of being able to administer 4 million doses a week. critics however say that putting one large health care system in charge of vaccinations represents a conflict of interest it would mean that a private insurance company would be collecting all protected health information and personal information. >>for all residents who are vaccinated. a significant problem with confidentiality and trust because.
5:38 am
>>many of our. >>residents said do not. government or others to treat their information with care and security while several county governments oppose the blue shield take over. >>the company points out that a growing number of health care providers hospitals and clinics are in favor along with governor newsome is san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news porch pirates are welcome at one home in oakley will tell you how an east bay woman is opening up for porch to help a community in need. there's an invisible threat in your backyard that could cause deadly heartworm disease for your dog. but not if you protect him every month with heartgard plus, the #1 choice of dogs. digestive and neurological side effects have rarely been reported. ask your vet for heartgard plus. ♪ ♪ ♪
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febreze fabric refresher, for an all-over freshness you'll love. >>right now an east bay woman is serving her community in a unique way, yeah she's finding a feeding those in need by giving away food on her front porch in fact, heather cho is her name she's a mother of 4. she lost her job last month and decided put all of her energy into this porch pantry along sycamore drive-in oakley she picks up donations for stores and bakeries and friends and she puts them out on her front porch for anyone in need she says everybody is welcome any day of the week. >>that people come up here frozen embryos off mayport to 10 o'clock at night. when i'm giving them food and i've had people come here have an a for 3 days purpose to help others i feel like that's what i was born to do and born too. be a helper.
5:42 am
>>wow and look at all the stuff he has there. >>who lost their job to be that selfless and continue thinking of others when you're. yeah i think i would be in desperation mode as she's she's a mother for i think it may be took that for her realize you know a lot of people are in my boat, i'm in their vote now i'm going help everybody wow so she also delivers to families and neighbors who are unable to drive her home so she's just going that extra mile. one example high 42 right now and we are tracking a storm in the bay area if you didn't hear it overnight already woke you up. >>you're in for probably some heavy rain some time today. we'll have the latest in just a few minutes.
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5:45 am
>>i 44 right now reigns here and snows there. yeah we've got a winter storm warning in effect up in a lot of the tahoe area. this is our live camera 80 out of castle peak as much as 2 feet of snow expected to fall in some places with this current storm which is something they desperately need rowena shaddox has a look at the conditions. >>in a matter of a couple of hours and went from this. a little rain and light misty snow to unexpected weather for some we haven't begun live from never encountered snow like given in the snow before and they weren't the only ones in for a surprise. a freeway barely covered with snow. to one completely blanketed in no time. caltrans required chains
5:46 am
on all vehicles. right before blue canyon. people are starting to spin out this family came all the way from antioch to see the here first my >>i just started down been passes go ground is just really comment. locals were expecting between 1218 inches of new snow anticipated along busy night. i hope i can be working on i get people safe on the road debris on the road ice snow. it can for somebody that's not used to it can make for a really bad trip so let's just keep it is slow starts to whiteout shut down the freeway. >>should be a pretty good storm for them, let's hope so and we know it's a falling in the former rain here john in the weather center with an eye
5:47 am
on all of that good morning john yes, snow up there in the mountains we've had plenty of rain here in the bay area too busy around california today. here's another look at 80 up there in the sierra looks like we've got some tail lights up there people still moving on up those roads but as mentioned in the story. >>we are looking at chain controls in effect. so if you happen to be heading up that direction over these next 24 hours absolutely need the chains and you do want to consider maybe taking it a little bit extra slow because roadways are so snow packed snow continues to fall across the sierra nevada, we're still in the midst of winter storm warnings up there too as for the bay area we're still looking at an active pictures well with on and off rain fall making its way across the bay this morning. we do have some showers right up and down the coastline as well as across the dumbarton bridge from areas like redwood city in palo alto in the south bay on over to the east bay where light rain to moderate rain is being seen from fremont on up to hayward couple light showers right around walnut creek, stretching down into
5:48 am
the tri valley too so definitely an active morning, not as heavy rain falls what we had a couple of hours ago and especially the east bay was just being draped in some really heavy rainfall activity that was pushing through much like we saw last night chances of thunderstorms will remain into the afternoon today. you see those little pockets of dark green yellow and even orange and red those areas where we could see some thunderstorm activity popping up from time to time today interspersed by dry skies but always be ready for one of these showers to be moving overhead even into the afternoon today to just bring that rain jacket with you and keep alert for any of those showers that will be drifting overhead well into the afternoon and evening. tomorrow, a dry one, but we will be still on the chilly side before we really warm up on into the weekend friday and saturday. we do have winter weather advisories in effect for lake and mendocino counties we have seen snow up there continue to in those upper elevations of lake county, especially and a winter storm warning remains in effect for the sierra nevada through 07:00pm tonight
5:49 am
as we do see additional snowfall well through the course of today as for temperatures today very similar to yesterday back into the 50's across the bay. another cool one so not just the rain jacket but that extra layer underneath that just to keep you warm as you venture out there a brisk wind is only going make it feel even colder san jose 56 fremont at 55 pleasanton dublin each at 54. while oakland conquered and san leandro at 56 degrees sonoma and napa at a cooler 53 even cooler yet right along the coast in some beach in only 49 today. tomorrow's temperatures will be a little bit warmer but still cool before we really see some nice weather friday into saturday, beautiful start to the weekend. chance of showers returns late sunday into monday morning. reyna don thank you busy roadways for us at hotspots tale right out here in livermore. >>5 of eastbound, it's still cut lanes are blocked there a good alternate will be north vasco road to highway 4. also other traffic collisions we're monitoring lot in fairfield
5:50 am
westbound southbound 6.80 at connector a few of them down here northbound 8.80 tennyson road in hayward southbound southbound 6.80 southbound and mission boulevard in fremont and again looking at the flooding we're seeing a lot of roadway here in south san francisco, 1 one southbound at 3.80 westbound so we're tracking all those traffic collisions looking at the bay ridge here there's a high wind advisory in place still a lot of wet conditions along the bridge 12 minutes to make it to the fremont street exit, san mateo bridge, early-morning accident looks like they have that cleared up on the westbound side 14 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula, a look at the richmond sandra fell commute under 8 minutes as we're heading out of richmond were on top of those accidents that hot spot, your roadways for now daryn james back to you thanks a lot of five-fifty the sentencing of derick almena for his role in the go ship warehouse fire in oakland. did not go the way some of the victims families had hoped kron four's maureen kelly talked to one mom who wishes that almena could have gotten a stiffer sentence.
5:51 am
>>i think he should be behind bars that's the mother of nicole siegrist and oakland musician who had gone to the ghost ship warehouse, the night of the fire to support another band and dance with her friends. instead she and her bandmate andrew me di the inferno along with 33 others and that's what's hard you know they those kids were great. >>kids artists musicians filmmakers photographers. and all passed away in this horrible higher due to the negligence up derrick coleman, a previous trial resulted in an acquittal for then co-defendant, max harris and a mistrial for master tenant derek this time around a deal was struck that elmen it would get a 12 year sentence. >>in exchange for pleading guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter but with credit for the 3 years he's already served in jail and good behavior he'll only get another year and a half at home with his family under house arrest because of the
5:52 am
pandemic followed by 3 years probation. the pandemic was also one of the reasons the prosecutor gave the judge for why she should accept the plea deal legal analyst stephen clark says this is not the only trial being affected by coronavirus what's happening is that trials are taking 3 times as long it's very difficult to get jurors to come to court. >>it's difficult to get witnesses and the technology that's for court so you're seeing more plea agreements and that was blatant here in the indigo ship trial nicole's mother says she did not want to see a second trial which could have ended in another mistrial and while she would have liked a stiffer sentence for she believes he is finally taking responsibility he's got to live with this the rest of his life. maureen kelly kron 4 nays. >>or if attacked caught on a san francisco over driver's dash camera. this happened sunday afternoon the driver tells us that when he picked
5:53 am
up the 3 women you see in the back seat he noticed that the woman behind him wasn't wearing a mask and he asked her to put one on as per policy. she says she didn't have one and then asked him for a spare. well he told her he didn't have one. and that's when according to the driver. all of this happened the violence erupted, the woman grabbed his phone cursed him out for not having a mask. she then rips his mask off his own face and that woman at some point even starts coughing on him intentionally. the driver says this all happened in a span of about 10 minutes. the driver again picked up the 3 women at that san bruno avenue and felt street in the city's bayview district and they got out of the car just a few blocks away san bruno and silver avenue. that's when they got off. >>one the navy and the red every spread 4, 3, 4, seconds pepper spray. yeah, that was definitely at least be i i know so it was pepper spray and then i realized is this is too much i need to contact
5:54 am
police. >>yes police say they are now investigating the incident both uber and lyft say they have banned the women from using their platforms ever again. >>here's a live look outside as we take a quick break our radar shows that we have rain falling in all parts of the bay area this morning wave after wave of showers more on the forecast with john in the weather center coming up. ♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest
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>>welcome back 5.56 getting close to 06:00am we've already seen ample rainfall across the bay area so roadways are very wet. as you're venturing out this morning possibly leaving here in a few minutes to get onto those roads take it slower give yourself some extra time we're continuing to see rainfall and some heavy rain at times coming down across parts of the bay all zoom in on a couple of areas that we are looking at rain actively right now from palo alto across the dumbarton bridge over into the east bay we are seeing some areas of light to moderate shower activity, same a little bit further southward with rain now picking up from milpitas down through san jose into campbell too after having been dry over the past hour before this line of showers along 6 ad from a walnut creek down through san ramon to dublin also pretty wet conditions right now with light to moderate showers there. same on 5.80 from dublin on over to hayward little bit further northward some showers around hercules across the nation bridge. >>from martinez on up to the
5:58 am
itself will be keeping an eye on the showers all morning long. we've got plenty of activity ahead of us so keep it
5:59 am
6:00 am
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