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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 11, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we do have relatively dry and inviting looking conditions from berkeley looking outside on radar. we do have spots of shower activity out there. i'll point out a couple of them to you that includes the south bay, especially right now some light showers around san jose couple of sprinkles around fremont into the tri valley as well while looking up towards the santa cruz mountains we do have some snowfall sitting above highway 17 that's good news for set highway 17 commuters between santa cruz and san jose as you are looking at your elevation below snow line this morning. so that means still slick but not as i see is that could potentially be hayward fremont as well as liver bore on up towards lafayette near and also some light sprinkles and showers for you and as you're approaching the crossing the richmond sandra fell bridge also running into a couple light sprinkles there again most of this rainfall this morning is on the lighter side of things and like i said we're at the very tail end of it now roadways are still wet though, and that will have an impact especially for early commuters. you can see
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temperatures on the board in the 30's and 40's mostly it's a cool one out there. santa rosa nevado or even cooler than yesterday by 2 degrees so definitely get the jacket ready to go anticipate some sunshine later today, but daytime highs for the most part remain below seasonal averages. in the 50's reyna. >>john thank you so let's get a look at your commute this morning as you head out the door just like john mentioned, roadways are still wet your fridge hears the bay bridge is still wet. so you want to take your time and drive slowly this morning. under 11 minutes for your drive time though to the fremont street exit also as you head into the city just make sure that you are driving slow and paying attention all right. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge here and you can see just how slick and wet things are as you're heading across towards the peninsula. i'm not tracking any major hot spots which is a great thing. yesterday around this time we had multiple accidents on the roadways. we're not seeing any of that this morning again about 11 minutes for your drive time and look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. another
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slick and wet commute for you on your roadways this morning, heading out of richmond take about 8 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now back to the news. the biden administration and doubts there by another 100 million doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine. the first doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine have officially arrived in the bay area, san francisco mayor london breed says they've already started administering. the one dose shots. and despite the new doses arriving in the bay area thousands of vaccination appointments had to be canceled in santa clara and alameda counties and it's because there simply aren't enough doses at stanford health care can force dan kerman explains what's going to happen next the rush to get shots in arms has hit another roadblock, stanford health is the latest medical provider do announced it's canceling 8700. >>first dose appointment scheduled for this week because there are a and from santa clara county and alameda county will not meet its
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demand for challenge we were faced was that we were told there's mean less vaccine supply coming to austin alameda county and santa clara stanford's chief medical officer says the vaccine they are getting will be used for second dose appointments. >>as for those first dose appointments for the appointments that we reschedule this week rigs are rescheduled around about 20 days, hoping that by then we'll have a more stable vaccine supply and don't have to for actually very. >>he sure got frustrated community members waiting for vaccination to do the right further. >>the fact that stanford is getting less taxing from santa clara county is not a surprise. during tuesday's online board of supervisors meeting county health officials discussed they are giving out less because they're getting less from the state of california. >>there was an increase in overall size of that thing coming to the state look down in santa clara county. we have a dropped from 26 almost 27,000 to just over 23,000. moderna vaccine and the next idea. california got more and
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we got during that allocation. >>the lack of vaccine supplies also cause santa clara county's health care system to reach out to 8500 kaiser patients who had appointments scheduled over the next 10 days to tell them those appointments are now canceled and kaiser will reach out to them in the next few days and reschedule those appointments themselves saying that kaiser has been guaranteed enough doses to do it. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>happening today, 1500 johnson and johnson single dose vaccines will be given to san francisco unified school district employees. it's taking place at the district office over on franklin street. the site will be open today through saturday from 09:00am to 04:00pm we've posted that information to schedule an appointment on our website over at kron 4 dot com. target has announced a partnership with cvs to administer the shot in more than 600 pharmacies within target stores. it will be for target and cvs customers as
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well as employees and you must be eligible to qualify. 17 states, including california will participate in that program, sitting roles will become vaccination sites. new this morning, cbs is adding over 100 covid vaccine site in california. vaccines will be available to people meeting eligibility criteria as well as teachers staff and childcare workers. you must register in advance at cvs appointments will become available for booking this saturday. california is offering people volunteer at vaccination sites. a chance to get in line for vaccine early after volunteering for at least 4 hours. the state is looking for medical professionals to help prep and administer the vaccine. but anyone can volunteer and the general category where you would help greek people you help register and volunteer management. there are no shifts open in the bay area unfortunately, but the state says as more vaccines coming
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to the state more opportunities will open up and it's important to note that even if you do get a spot, it's not guaranteed, actually going to get a vaccine. and our town hall ending the pandemic state and local health leaders weighed in on how california moves for with vaccinations underway. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down that whole conversation for us in this story. >>when can we go maskless when will everyone have access to shots and will vaccine be mandatory. these are some of the questions state and local health leaders addressed in our town hall. >>we're going to rely on the science california surgeon general doctor nadine burke harris could not say when exactly californians could go maskless but said access to vaccines for everyone is expected in the coming months i hate to put a certain date because i don't want folks to be hanging their hopes but we're hoping later this spring i think we believe later this spring we will significantly
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increase eye and backseat she says the state's new vaccine distribution strategy, reserving 40% of its supply for the most vulnerable communities is going to be key if fastest way to end this pandemic because that those communities that have the highest are also seeing the highest spread but has some frontline eligible workers opt out of getting the shot health experts say the vaccine is ultimately safer than catching covid-19 that covid is a very serious disease. >>and that even people who are moderately or asymptomatic lee infected can have long-term or long-hauler covid effects of malaise and fatigue and other issues so the vaccine is. >>infinitely better teachers are now among those eligible in california's push to reopen schools state senator doctor richard pan authored laws strengthening california's vaccine rules for children, he was asked if the vaccine should eventually be mandatory for kids. >>this is not the time to talk about mandating covid for
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particularly for children as you mentioned that actually aren't approved for children yet and we actually still have a shortage of vaccine in terms of kind of vaccinate everyone who actually wants the vaccine. so let's focus on that first our panel of health experts said some vaccine trials are underway for children and doses could be available to teenagers as early as this fall. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>in the east bay loved ones honor the life of an antioch man died back in december. angelo quinto would have been 31. his family says he was murdered by police in december after they called 911 for help. kron four's michelle kingston brings us that story. >>happy birthday friends family neighbors and city official is celebrating the life of angelo came on what would have been his 31st birthday >>told him that he's getting really old. a single doubt in my that would to see his face
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wrinkle in his hair turned gray family and their attorneys say he was murdered by antioch police back in december after they called 911 for help they say came to was in the middle of a mental health crisis, they say officers put their knees on his we had a healthy. >>young man in his mother's incredible was in need of help. within 5 minutes his life was taken from them. >>and it's unconscionable the antioch police chief told reporters last week that an officer did have a neon shoulder blade but never on his head neck or throat they say he became unresponsive after police called for an ambulance and that he died 3 days later in the hospital i would give anything for a do over. >>for an opportunity. have things to do to avoid the tragedy in some way photos of artwork candles and signs covered in new york city park on wednesday for his birthday to celebrate his life and to demand justice. thank you for.
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remembering his. he is driving and a g. his in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news as coronavirus restrictions relaxed as spring break approaches. experts are concerned about the next potential search.
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>>on the east bay in san francisco to the north bay we saw some crazy weather throughout the bay area yesterday. you can see the hail that came down in some parts of the bay area. >>the storm also caused a lot of problems on the roads and led to several crashes. this a look at highway one o one just south of cloverdale they'll impacted drivers who lost control of their cars the hail and a light dusting of snow in some areas also delighted families. >>2 another county or rosa these. >>we lived on the streets. so we decided he's going take it out it was so exciting because it never snows here i don't know we just got so excited. so we just had to pull over a complaint, yeah. >>well there are some scattered showers later in the afternoon, but the rain went away in the evening. john have
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to tell you i was out there a little closer not an oakland i would have definitely been out there with my family in the snow so we're going to see that today yeah that hailed the snow in her upper elevations, pretty wild to be seeing that right. we are looking at conditions out there today that are going to be a whole lot calmer across the bay area very welcome change of pace for a few of us that maybe we're a little alarmed by the hail yesterday. >>but we did need the rainfall so that was really nice to see looking out there at our tower cam you can see in the distance we do have some relatively clear skies and calm conditions shaping up for the day ahead of us we're going to remain nice and dry as we work our way into the weekend from this point forward aside from a few light showers hanging on early this morning. what you can see still showing up on radar. let's first start with the south bay you can see some light showers in san jose as you head of highway 17 it still remains wet in the form of rainfall at the very crest of the santa cruz pass but you are seeing up or upper elevations just above highway
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17 looking at amix of rain and snow stretching from walnut creek just a couple light sprinkles out that way over to oakland along highway 24 in down to hayward along routes such as 6.80 80's so we are looking at some wet spots in the east bay 5.80 over the richmond sandra fell bridge is also looking at a couple of light showers out that direction you notice in future cast after this rainfall that is just barely holding on right now we're not looking at any rainfall potential the rest of the day. thursday friday saturday. most of the day sunday all looking nice and dry so we do have a really good weekend ahead of us for stepping back out there after maybe not getting out so much yesterday as far as today's daytime highs go we remain in the 50's for most of the bay area it's going to have a bit of a warmer feel to it just because we get more and more sunshine compared to the clouds that were rolling over between sunshine yesterday saying carlos at 59 today, santa clara and campbell at 58 degrees. well for you in fremont and hayward you'll also be at 58 as for oakland
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58 on up through berkeley, san leandro richmond down to castro valley, same numbers for you all in all a few 60's in the north bay fairfield vacaville napa and sonoma right up to 60 degree mark today now after a day spent in the upper 50's tomorrow. we return to the 60's and that's the way we'll stay through the weekend sunday night we do see the return of some light showers possible. they won't last for long though as much of the beginning of next week actually looks to be quite dry and mild reena john thank you for that so like you mentioned the roadways out there are still very it looks like. >>actually something may be going on on the bridge for easier as you can see those crews right there typically when their toll in a car and as a spinout they bring that right to the side of the bridge. so i'm not tracking any major hot spots for you at this time, although you can see just how what it is it will take about 11 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit. let's also get a look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city. again it's good no fog so visibility is clear, but again the bridge is very slick. so about 20 minutes for
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you as you're heading into the city and the richmond sandra fell community out of richmond look at that. they're wet roadways cars making their way out of richmond. it's about 8 minutes there. so i'm also not seen any high wind advisories for you we'll have more on that coming up throughout the show this morning for now back to the news. as covid-19 restrictions ease across the country. more people are venturing out and as spring break approaches families and students our taken vacations and this has health experts worried. nancy loo reports. >>vacations are already underway for a lot of families who are desperate for amusement after a long dark year. anello family mask up to spend the day at downtown disney in anaheim, even though there's no rights or anything to be able to go and experience all the magic is, but we want it. >>the right will be back soon disneyland has announced an exact date yet reopening is projected for late next month. capacity will be very limited
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and for in-state residents only. >>i like it that >>smaller that there's less people i know when they open it's going to be. >>15% 15% means 12,500 people. >>a much smaller crowds has hotel operators way whether it's worth reopening at the same time just taking it day by we'll just see what and planned the optimistically looking forward to opening the summer based in florida spring break has park passes already sold out at disney world for next week capacity, there is capped at passes are pretty much gone through next month at the beaches traffic has been heavy all week in clearwater was spring breakers continuing to pour in and saw no place rather be right now, i'd say it's a great time meantime the college crowd is already landed on the beaches of taxes and even bigger crowds are coming with many schools on spring break next week this year's we see and
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lower numbers than previous been begged years, however bay happy to see a lot of families coming over and family time families will be contending for beach base with the college kids among them covid concerns are present but not prevalent honestly, it's probably not the smartest decision. >>but. >>nothing really do about it now i think it's a i think everybody's having a good time and like. routes i don't think anybody to close or anything i wouldn't say we're really concerned about right now is the honest i feel like it's pretty much teams right now health experts fear that spring break fever will feel a new surge of covid-19 allowing the more contagious variants to spread we very well could could slide back into a high percentage rate have hospitalizations in. >>and behind that hospitalizations and deaths. >>that was nancy reporting meanwhile the cdc is holding off on issuing new guidance for travelers. the agency says it's worried about a new surge in cases just like we saw after the holidays. it's still
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urging people to avoid travel possible even after getting vaccinated the cdc director say with 90% of americans still waiting for their shot. it's just not safe yet. for your health if you wear fabric face mask, you might want to consider switching to cotton. according to the u.s. national institute of standards and technology. cotton face mask and better filter out covid particles compared to coverings made from nylon or polyester researchers also say high humidity from exhaled breath improves cotton mask filtration properties up to 33%. the next oscar ceremony could be hill l a historic union station it's a cavernous building and might make it possible for stars to attend and remain socially distance which would make masks optional nothing has been set for the april 26 ceremony but the huge railway station is under serious consideration. we'll be right back after the break.
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let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. re, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. >>welcome back 4.53 on is this thursday morning getting closer to the weekend and we worked our way through some of our heavy rainfall we saw yesterday yesterday a pretty wild one for sure we saw the heavy rains, some hail in
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spots some cool temperatures, some windy conditions. it wasn't the best one for spending too much time out there but today's going to be a lot nicer now we are kicking off this morning with a few isolated showers still lingering across the bay area you can see a few of those on the radar especially for the east bay and let's zoom in on a few of them from richmond on over to samara fell a couple light sprinkles that is impacting the sandra fell bridge this morning as well as some showers along 24 between oakland on over to walnut creek, especially once you head towards the tunnel that's where you're really starting to see it coming down oakland down to san leandro and further south to hayward we're also seeing some light sprinkles. well in the tri valley a sprinkle or 2 more so looking at some showers us hanging on from fremont milpitas down through san jose where conditions are still very wet on roadways. certainly not hail piled up on it like yesterday but enough to slow you down a bit for early commuters highway 17 from los gatos southward down towards santa cruz also in the midst of some light shower activity this morning, making for some slick conditions on those curbs as you head up
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into the mountains so overall it's taking a little bit slower this morning. this is the very tail end of our rainfall so from this point forward we are looking at dry skies, especially for later commuters, red will have a nice chance to dry out and much better conditions on roads reyna john thank you for that. >>i'm many lifelong bagel fans say there's nothing like the new york bagel but new york times hailed a berkeley bagel shop has the best in the country. boychuk bagels located on college avenue has experienced an unprecedented demand of orders after the report. the shop even had to suspend mail shipments because of the uptick in orders kron four's justine waltman spoke to the owner about their secret to the perfect angle. >>why east coast bagels are better or even bread on the east coast is better is the water. but you're just using regular berkeley tap water. >>regular tap water, not even filtering and we have really great water or water is calm positionally similar to new york's. >>i all i can say is takes the
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bagel and it's not a water stop a magical new york you're right, it's that it's that east bay water. >>which it made a record 5500 bales it's sold out yesterday. coming up in the next hour high school students in the pleasant and unified school district will be heading back to in person classes. we're live with the details. san mateo county is preparing to enter the orange reopening tier. >>hear from business owners ahead. president biden will be giving his first primetime address tonight, a live report from washington dc on what we can expect.
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>>news stations, you're watching the car. >>waking up with us we're trying to dry out i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher little tough this morning go around a few sprinkles. >>you probably don't know i just didn't mean to say that we were trying to dry out may sound like you know we're on the way in just he drink take that's drying out rain wise and there are a few sprinkles still lingering out there good morning we're we are looking
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at conditions that are indeed drying out in the process of that across the bay area this morning we saw obviously some heavy rain yesterday, some areas of hail for san jose for santa rosa the night before that in san francisco. so what an active 24 hours. it was now as we work our way through your thursday just a couple of lingering sprinkles this morning and later on today we're talking about sunshine still remaining cool. but a lot more inviting for getting outside looking outside right now at half moon bay conditions out there, nice and calm we are seeing a few clouds still hanging out overhead. >>but we can handle that after yesterday's whether you look outside in the south bay shows still a few lingering showers from san jose fremont even up parts of the east bay to know if you are traveling highway 17 down towards scotts valley and eventually down to santa cruz be mindful. it is very slick on those curbs we're still seeing some rainfall up in the mountains as well as some showers from fremont hayward even above oakland and berkeley as you head of highway 24 on over towards walnut creek


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