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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  March 11, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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drying out in the process of that across the bay area this morning we saw obviously some heavy rain yesterday, some areas of hail for san jose for santa rosa the night before that in san francisco. so what an active 24 hours. it was now as we work our way through your thursday just a couple of lingering sprinkles this morning and later on today we're talking about sunshine still remaining cool. but a lot more inviting for getting outside looking outside right now at half moon bay conditions out there, nice and calm we are seeing a few clouds still hanging out overhead. >>but we can handle that after yesterday's whether you look outside in the south bay shows still a few lingering showers from san jose fremont even up parts of the east bay to know if you are traveling highway 17 down towards scotts valley and eventually down to santa cruz be mindful. it is very slick on those curbs we're still seeing some rainfall up in the mountains as well as some showers from fremont hayward even above oakland and berkeley as you head of highway 24 on over towards walnut creek to and further a
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couple of sprinkles around center fell richmond up to hercules along 80 also seeing a couple light showers beyond this though really not talking any rainfall potential later on this morning. so these are the very last of the showers just lingering around this morning. as for current temperatures most of us are in the 40's a few 30's along the coast, the south bay and in the north bay, so you get the picture bundle up this morning and keep the jacket on in this afternoon to john thank you for that, so we are seeing some traffic collisions like right here in san jose southbound to 80 at meridian avenue we'll be watching that right now not seen any delays as a result of that on the bay bridge. we did have an accident early that's what you see right there being taken off of the side of the road again still very slick and what the bay bridges fremont street exit about 9 minutes for you to get there. >>the san mateo bridge also another wet commute. hopefully this starts to dry out as the morning. progresses about 13 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula there in the richmond sandra fell bridge, definitely another slip one for you at 7 minutes
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and heading down here to the south bay to check on things one san jose heading towards middle part 27 minutes tracking your drive times for you this morning but for now daryn james back to you thanks a lot rhonda 5 oh one of the big story this morning teachers are getting shots in san the bought a 100 or so well more than that, but just the latest step in trying to get students and staff back into the classroom kron four's will tran actually has the details for us in san francisco this morning will. james yes, the teachers are already on track to return back to the classrooms. april 12th and it looks like after the next 3 days they will be even more. >>on track for that day because it's been very contentious between the city as well as the teachers union on when the teachers would return and now they're getting that much closer already 2000 teachers have been vaccinated and after the next 3 days, 1500 teachers should get a
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shot in the arm making it 3500 out of a total 9500 teachers and that is important because it looks like on april 12 k through 5 will be back inside the classrooms all the limited capacity. they have come a long way for months mayor london breed and the teachers union they have been battling on when or if the teachers would return at all, but the vaccinations are coming in they are going to happen in about 4 hours from now so take a look at your screen. it is appointment only but this is a huge step and it's made possible by a couple of agencies kaiser and walgreens it's going to happen at 5, 5, 5 franklin street. and i don't have to tell the teachers the location exactly because they know this is the unified school district headquarters it's going to happen between 9 and 4 o'clock in during the day. and it's going to happen on thursday friday and saturday so over a three-day span that's when the teachers we'll get their shot. we are
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out here and we will talk to the teachers to try to get their reaction on finally getting the shots because james dorian last week they tried to get shots at the moscone center. but there was a mix-up between the state and the city as far as access codes for the teachers to get their shots. so now. it's going to be done through the district's sometimes if you want to do it right to do it yourself back to you that's right all right. thank you very much well. >>at 5 '04 we should also mention the districts across the bay area are working right now to get their students back into the classroom as well state officials have introduced a pilot program in conduct rapid testing. now districts would use the testing kit that you see pictured here. the test results apparently come back in as little as 15 minutes. the same tests are already being used at 3 state run schools are ready. >>but we want to do is interrupt the ability of the virus to spread from student to teacher a teacher teacher teacher to student or teacher
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to staff, whatever it's interrupting the spread that is the goal of bottom line is as long as there are covid cases in the community. >>they are going to be cases walking into schools is unavoidable in a scenario where you have multiple cases in a school setting the question is always did that spread happened within our walls or action protocols working or is there something you need to improve. >>as schools all across the state can participate in the program, although officials say they're particularly interested in those within the hardest hit communities. the rapid testing it should be noted is not a substitute for covid-19 protocol so physical distancing mask-wearing hand washing all still has to be implemented. inside the schools. >>time now is 5 '05 and a week after getting into the red tier san mateo county is getting ready. >>to go into the orange tier so even more would be open their county leaders credit low covid cases in people getting vaccinated for the county doing so well business owners in san mateo are more than excited to welcome back
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more customers. >>brash style it's really hard to keep it fresh for a long time. yeah it's been a tough year for come back to the the final we can have more business to survive thing and they are to the situation hopefully other pieces get better too. >>san mateo county could move into the orange tier as early as next wednesday. >>and here's a quick look at what will be allowed one san mateo county enters the orange tier as you can see there once in the orange tier, the retail shops will be able to operate at full capacity as opposed to just 50%. like they're currently doing in the red tier places of worships movie theaters indoor dining hall will be allowed to move from 25% up to 50% in terms of capacity indoor gyms can invite more people in from the current 10% capacity up to 25%. also wineries will be
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able to operate at 25% capacity as well and bars and breweries will be able to open and operate outdoors without having to serve food 5 '06 in the south bay easing of restrictions means bay area bars and restaurants are reopening but some business owners. >>are having a hard time hiring employees. the owner of sp 2 restaurant in san jose says that finding people to accept part-time work has been a challenge. >>i mean we reached out through social media and placed ads, you know trying to get smart new team members at. but it's been hard road. so we do have a a good amount of people have moved out of the area which really surprised we had a couple bartenders several servers and actually moved either down south kern county reno i have to have moved to vegas. >>we heard a lot about during this past year james people moving out of the bay area because they couldn't afford to stay or without their jobs and now the jobs want him back but as more people get
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vaccinated employees are likely going to be willing to work in places that and all face to face contact and the economy will get going again hopefully all right new this morning cvs pharmacy has announced it's adding over a 100 new covid vaccine sites across california, many of them right here in the bay area they will start giving out shots this weekend. kron four's you only a 7 is is live in santa clara county. >>with more all i can say from past experiences don't call they're so busy, they'll never get on the phone so go on the web site was the only i don't know to go to kron 4 dot >>and yet. >>exactly the best thing i can tell you is just go to kron 4 will have all your connections wherever you want to register for whatever vaccine up especifically foresee a cvs you could definitely go to our website. yeah, they're adding an additional 119 stores making it a grand total of 286 that are participating in california. distributing the
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vaccine. throughout california now let me show you some of those participating. counties that are here in the bay area. you can see that you know there's quite a few of them, they're here. that are here nearby in the bay area that are participating and it's actually a really great because the more saw sites that we have that more people get vaccinated and the sooner we can kind of get back to normal life, but you can see that it's midan napa san mateo santa clara sonoma. this all starts on saturday march 13th. you basically go and register be able to try to get a shot, but you have to be in one of the groups is available right now not just to kind of give you a short of you know we're talking about first response or dismiss ponders some of the essential workers and also teachers so you still have to be on one of those priority list to be able to qualify for
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this, but it is nice that you know when we have more sites again we can get through it a lot quicker and then your turn will come up a lot sooner so could be doing what i do and james is that i've been registering on every possible site available so you know the best thing to do is to go to kron 4 because we have all those different links. cv cbs has you know participating for a while now for the last at least for the last month so expanding this is just a you know is just really a lot better for the whole population to be able to go to hopefully your local cvs store and get your vaccination shot and feel a lot better about being a lean in kind of getting back to our regular lives so. we'll see we'll see of this particular cbs is going participate or not. mountain news, but you know that's in the san mateo i'm sorry that's in the santa
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clara county so who knows maybe this one will be one of those participating cvs pharmacies. they see only. >>i i just i'm like the ultimate custom i go to cvs walgreens and i love my pharmacist, yes, they're very good i've gotten shots in places is just their swapped let me tell you they are you cannot if you're not doing something on the automated phone system. yeah, they're just too flooded with calls. yeah and it's not just the stand-alone cvs pharmacies either they also now partnered with target too. so inside the target stores right where there's a cvs pharmacy. they're going to start administering shots as well we're talking about more than 600. pharmacies inside these targets are all over the country and they'll servicing their customers for both cbs and target customers the f b 17. >>well not 17, but you have to qualify so you have to be whatever tier is allowed to get their shots that's when you can make your appointment. 17 states in all california in in that is participating in the program and listen to this they're fitting rooms.
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>>as their vast oh that's brilliant like yes, you go into the fitting room. there's a person there sitting behind a desk when you stand be socially distance with partitions have i know that's what the planning very good 5.11 right now we've got a lot ahead here are the top 00:00am morning news. >>there's a vaccine roadblock as we're talking about shots we'll tell you why thousands of appointments were canceled in santa clara and alameda counties. plus after the break president biden's gave his first primetime address tonight, we'll have details of what is going to talk about in a live report from dc.
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the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy. >>5.14 right now how did you fare my house is ok i all the rain i thought i had a lot more yet damage was so that wet pavement is all we got out of it all i got out of the arable the skylights not leaking things are holding that's good pictures coming in this morning of any like downed trees or anything no it was just excitement over the hail yeah, i forgot about that coming down looked like snow in some backyards job. yeah it was santa rosa and san jose yesterday afternoon to wild seeing some of those scenes from across the bay area almost looked like scenes that you would expect in michigan with snow piling up on roads but no that was ill out there. >>san jose came down for over an hour in some areas. also
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saw some hail over in oakland and alameda too so it was definitely a busy one as far as weather goes one to have stayed inside this morning, we're already starting to clear things up. now we are starting the morning with some wet spots on roadways that includes the south bay in the east bay, especially as these areas are still looking at a few isolated showers hanging on and you can actually see that here on radar searching from the central coast up through san jose on up into the east bay too starting with the south bay highway 17 over the santa cruz mountains definitely slick. watch for a couple of especially slick spots there at the crest of the santa cruz mountains as we are seeing some rain snow mix this morning right there along the top 17 san jose over to sunnyvale little bit wet for you a little bit slick there too hayward up to oakland up to richmond all this looking at some areas of rain highway 24 before the tunnel when she dropped down into berkeley and oakland. also looking at some light showers sandra fell up one oh one, a couple light sprinkles there as well these on and off showers there at
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the very tail end once we see the showers clear out this morning we're done with it for the rest of the day today tomorrow saturday all looking nice and dry with increasingly sunny skies and increasingly warm temperatures especially as we move into tomorrow and saturday of the weekend. now today's daytime highs will be back into the 50's for most of the bay area little bit more mild than yesterday it's going to feel pretty nice too because you have the sunshine returning. and yesterday we saw sunshine interrupted continuously by clouds not going to be such the case today we're dry we're sunny and we're just staying, nice and cool winter's day fremont union city and hayward upper 50's for you well, oakland and berkeley as well as richmond san leandro in castro valley all at 58. some low 60's and fairfield vacaville napa and sonoma. well low 50's in stinson beach over to point rays. tomorrow's temperatures rise back into the 60's for most of the bay and that's where they'll stay through the rest of the weekend. friday is the nicest warmest day of the weekend saturday still pretty nice but a few clouds sunday
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we cool down a bit more some evening showers possible. but all in all even though we're starting next week with a few of those showers doesn't look to be a super rainy forecast ahead of us. the 3rd week of march may be starting off on a pretty dry reyna john thank you so we have a hot spot this morning, santa rosa right here northbound one oh one is closed between mendocino avenue and river road in santa rosa. >>and that's due to police activity so they have that close right now we'll keep a close eye on it there's already been an accident here at the bay bridge on the eastbound side you can see they've already got neck told off to the side of the road roadways are still very slick for you this morning across most bridges and roadways 8 minutes to fremont street exit headed across towards the financial their 12 minutes for your drive time. and you really just can't see anything just how foggy it is and how much water is being kicked up so you don't want to rush you want to leave your house a little earlier and we leave you with the richmond sandra fell commute and out of richmond they're under 8 minutes tracking his drive times for you daryn james back to you think arena.
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>>so today marks one year since the world health organization declared covid-19 a global pandemic and tonight the president will lay out his administration's path forward in a primetime address kron four's washington dc correspondent jessi turnure is live in dc with a preview. hi jesse. >>morning daryn james president biden will tout a new covid relief package and a surge in vaccinations during his time in office. but with new variants that could potentially spring surge, public health officials are warning that the pandemic isn't over. >>i want to talk about what comes next president joe biden plans to launch a new phase of his administration's response to the covid-19 pandemic during his first primetime address tonight to explain what we will do as a government and what will ask of the american people. the president's speech comes on the heels of the passage of his nearly 2 trillion dollar american rescue plan his first legislative victory i give full credit to joe biden
5:20 am
because this was his vision vice president kamala harris and senate majority leader chuck schumer commend president biden for his leadership help is on the way. >>you will receive $1400 checks by the end of march but republicans aren't celebrating this is actually one of the worst pieces of legislation of same pass here in the time i've been in the senate senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the bill passed both chambers without any gop support for a reason this is a classic example of big government democratic overreach. >>in the name of. >>covid relief and iowa, senator joni ernst argues the partisan process isn't a good look for the new administration and fortunately biden's promise to be the bipartisan president a president for all americans is going out the window both sides will begin aggressive campaigns to showcase the contents of the plan to the american people which president biden plans to sign into law tomorrow there's real reason for hope folks.
5:21 am
>>like schumer said the next round of stimulus checks should go out by the end of the month. and those weekly emergency unemployment benefits will no longer expired this weekend. live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. all right, thank you very much testing. >>well you'll be able to watch president biden dress in full right here on kron 4 he like we're going to be streaming it on our kron on app as well just download that the app store it's free. and our coverage begins at 5 o'clock this evening so make sure you tune in. another developing story that we're following this morning. the effort to recall governor gavin newsome that effort has now collected more than 2 million signatures which is far more than the one and a half million needed to qualify for special election this fall campaign organizers say they now have enough signatures to offset the potential of some signatures being rejected. >>time now is 5.21 of the east bay, the antioch city council has voted to approve. body dash cam and dash cams for officers, mayor lamar thorpe
5:22 am
says that the cameras are going to be ready to go within a few months in the meantime, a police accountability subcommittee, we'll begin developing. the policies for the use of these cameras. the police department and members of the committee will have input on that it's a process that is intended to help build trust between the police and the community. >>residents should expect to see the cameras up and rolling in the next 2 months so probably going to be about 45 days for that includes the installation that includes the training for officers day fluids. >>everything. >>the antioch council still needs to vote on more of the mayor's reforms, including mental health and banning the police department from buying military equipment. time now is 5.22 coming up on the kron 4 morning news now that the co ship trial has been settled the focus turns. >>to what happened to the pill or what will happen to the building. we've got the victim's family sharing their ideas.
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>>5.25 in the building in oakland known as ago ship warehouse has been closed and guarded by private security since it burned in 2016 killing 36 people. the property is on 31st avenue and
5:26 am
it is privately owned it's going to be sold during a voluntary bankruptcy and the money will go to the families. 13 of the people who were killed in the fire. those families won't have any say in who buys the warehouse or what becomes of it. after it sold, but there is one thing that they don't want to happen. >>we don't want to go should permanent memorial to be there. a lot of the family members are very much against that and plus they'll need more in the way economic opportunities in affordable housing so the last thing we want to bring through the lens working ship >>no word on when the building is set to be sold. >>we'll take a break here at 5.26 coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we're live from the east bay where hundreds of students will be back in class will have more back in class will have more on this when we come back. ♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries.
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♪ there's never a bad time to enjoy my newest sauced & loaded curly fries. try triple cheddar or spicy pepper jack, both topped with slow-smoked bacon. ♪ get both, only at jack in the box. >>5.29 right now and we're looking at the storm that was yeah and still is kind of on the radar we had a little bit of still hung over hanover left over we're giving you the wrong dry over with some >>was a big wednesday yeah i mean the hail heavy rain will. >>yeah kind of feels like a
5:30 am
weather hangover i guess you could say things are winding down after such an active wednesday yesterday. >>heavy rain hail as i mentioned in oakland, san francisco. we side and san jose, especially in up into santa rosa. there are many areas that experience that conviction which resulted in those downpours that hill and some thunder as well now this morning even though we do have a couple of sprinkles his nothing like the way we finished yesterday, you can see outside the skies from our seats are towercam heart ice and clear out there. conditions are definitely calmer on radar a couple of sprinkles and light showers do remain now one of our spots have been eyeing pretty closely as highway 17 from san jose down to santa cruz as we are looking at some wet conditions on those windy roads and at the very top of the past, they're actually a bit of rain and snow mix occurring so watch out for some slick spots up there from san jose northward through milpitas fremont hayward and eventually up to oakland, we are also seeing some areas of rainfall and zooming in a little bit at oakland right here we are seeing a spot of moderate rain right around
5:31 am
piedmont highway 24 from emeryville on over toward are in debt is looking at some widespread shower activity so little slower if you're traveling in that area as roadways are wet from richmond up to hercules and eventually up to couple wet spots as well far as temperatures go this morning. we're in the 30's and 40's with oakland at 47 degrees. some 30's in nevado as well as half moon bay, santa rosa and saint to get the jackets ready to go, but expect dry conditions as we work our way through your thursday reyna john thanks for that forecast the hot spot that we had out in santa rosa. >>finally they have cleared police activity was happening northbound 1, 1, they have that close between mendocino adam river road so just open that back up in santa rosa, so you can make your way along. it was also an accident on the 80 eastbound side there you can see and actually have that pulled over there on the side of the road things are still very slick for use you commute into the city to the fremont street exit, but you can do it and under 9 minutes for your drive time. a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. there
5:32 am
visibility is low the 13 minutes is what they're saying for your drive time there. the richmond center fell commute heading out of richmond under 9 minutes and look at things in the south bay right here looks like it's right at the limit and towards menlo park. it's about 29 minutes. we're tracking those drive times for you today is the day you also want to drive slow daryn james back to you thanks for >>so happening today, middle and high school students in pleasanton in the unified school district there heading back to class. >>these kids little by little are going back to class what is this it's almost a okay it's march. they got a couple or the nothing it's been a year kron 4 sarah stinson is live at pleasanton middle school with more hi >>pleasant is the first school district to go back to school in alameda county since entering the red tier so it's super big and they're doing it the right way they're saying that students don't have to come back if they're not ready. i know some parents are still very uncomfortable with
5:33 am
the notion of their kid going back to the we're still getting through the pandemic so they've said that students can stay home the rest of the school year if they would like, but they can also go back to the classroom as well they're going to have them go back in the pleasanton unified school district in the middle schools and high schools in 2 groups one group will attend in person instruction on mondays and tuesdays and the 10 remote the rest of the week in the second group will attend in person instruction thursdays and fridays and the 10 remote on the other days of the week teachers will be teaching at home and in class students at the same from the classroom. so they'll have the zoom up and they'll be teaching students both at home and in the classroom, it's going to be interesting wednesday students will just need to check in with their access period teacher but students can really just helped get help from their teachers on a regular basis pleasanton pre k through second grade students returned to in person instruction last thursday in grades 3 through 5 return to the classroom on
5:34 am
monday. so this is the moment for middle school and high school students to attend school finally after years school district officials are asking the community to be patient with students returning to school this is going to be a learning experience they say he cautioned everyone we're trying to campus course wear a mask wash your hands stay home if you have any symptoms the school district says that many teachers in the district have had the opportunity of a least one the dose of the vaccine. this weekend employees of the district will have another chance to be vaccinated but today a big day for the school district and for the county's bushes and says her school district to go back to school since entering the red tier for now i'm live in pleasanton i'll send it back to you ok sarah thank you 5.34 and a lot of san francisco leaders say they're still seeing a lack in covid vaccines coming into the underserved communities. >>and that's despite the state promising to set aside an ample supply for those neighborhoods com for sacking
5:35 am
has more. >>it's been almost a week since the state announced it is setting aside 40% of vaccines for underserved communities in its 2 vaccine equity plan, local leaders in san francisco say they haven't seen any yet right now the neighborhoods that have been included in this case, the tenderloin in are still being left behind still have vaccine sites still are being prioritized. >>san francisco supervisor matt haney represents district 6. >>which includes the tenderloin neighborhood in treasure island. the only 2 zip codes in the city that made the state's priority list according to its new distribution plan. the needs of the neighborhoods like the tenderloin highlighted by shades of green on the city mapped the darker the green the higher the infection rate over the past 30 days. meanwhile, on treasure island which doesn't have a vaccination site. he says only 8% of residents are vaccinated the lowest per capita vaccination rate of a neighborhood in the city again one of the situations where everybody is pointing a finger at each other.
5:36 am
>>when all of the factors that should >>residents in this community east to communities gym access to to the vaccine should be there. >>low income high need low vaccination rate hike case rate and now the state put aside vaccines for them and still nothing yet nothing has come at the same time bay area legislators expected the governor's office to make changes to the vaccine equity plan as soon as tuesday. >>to include some of the neighborhoods of left behind like the mission district in san francisco which is predominantly made above latina next essential workers. >>however, the governor hasn't made official changes yet something that's frustrating for community leaders like john to cover of the latino task force who's been fighting for better access and resources open again that we have some kind of quick response. >>and that we're showing a plan by all right this is what we're going to do this is what we're going to do it and this is how we're going to do it. >>but i think they're just not saying anything is a really good answer again still no
5:37 am
changes out of the governor's office to this plan thus far but many of these community leaders say there is no time to waste to cobo and his team at the latino task force have taken these matters into their own hands and have been very proactive about this effort right now they're trying to partner with providers across the city to set up additional vaccination hubs and also get those needed appointments. they actually have their own vaccination effort at 24th and capp streets. so far as of wednesday, they vaccinated for 1000 residents and san francisco, 10 of the psac ii kron 4 news. >>5.37 the time still ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news, the warriors return to the court last night as they tip off the 2nd half of the season. the teams looking to snap a three-game losing streak more on that coming up plus a battle for the best bagels may have been won berkeley of all places will tell you why local bagel shop says it's got the best recipe the country that's according to the new york times by the way we should point out. and while several industries are enjoying newly
5:38 am
loosened restrictions in san francisco live performances are still waiting for their turn to talk more about the push to reopen the performing arts and we are seeing calmer conditions this morning still a few showers hanging out across the bay but those will be short lived. >>clearing out setting us up for a nice and dry pretty sunny afternoon. the forecast to come. >>and we've already seen hot spots this morning and roadways are still very slick and wet. we also have a high wind advisory along the bay bridge will be tracking your morning commute. we'll have more on that coming up next.
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because that's power down time.
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>>40 right now and just in time spring. there's a new push to loosen restrictions on live for foreman says around the bay area and taken a hit during the pandemic this week state officials. >>issued reopening guidelines for outdoor performing arts events but it will only address large fixed seek venues like sports arenas the executive director of the san francisco international arts festival is frustrated with the lack of attention being paid to the arts. says the arts are driving force for the local economy. >>that we've taken more care concern and paid more attention to what we want to do in terms of reopening our industry but most of us have get it doesn't seem to have any attract any traction toll with the powers that be assumed because we don't pay them. they like being paid so they can run their elections and it's not the individual
5:42 am
politicians fold. this is the american system. >>as san francisco international arts festival is asking the city to waive any fees and compliance costs for performing arts applications. we'll take a break by 41 the time we'll be right back.
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>>i 44 and visitors to lower yosemite falls in yosemite national park treated to this dazzling rainbows yeah, pretty cool all the conditions were just right the phenomenon happens when the morning sunlight. >>is refract refracted through the mist so the falls have to be running all right can't be in a drought. the suns got to be just the right angle is just the thing to you guys talk about what to call firefall ryan fireflies different a slightly school and stier is in the only reservation anymore go out these kind of fantastic things are starting to open up this is a fantastic fall of yeah well it looks like it's little bit of ice and snow there on the side of all is well the sierra certainly needed that guys we absolutely are behind as far as snowfall goes for this time of year and rainfall here in the bay area were also lagging behind too so it's great to see that precipitation up there.
5:46 am
>>does make for obviously some tricky travel conditions. this is your live look at donner summit looks like there's maybe some chain controls out there in the distance but the roadway does look cleared so that is good news if you are heading out for maybe an early weekend to enjoy some of that fresh powder up there in the sierra nevada because there is some new snowfall to be enjoyed back here in the bay area we're just looking at. >>the rainfall that we are seeing really starting to clear out now yesterday's rainfall in the oakland hills near did inch santa rosa at around 8707 inch nearing an inch of rainfall to just in 48 hours, san francisco conquered hayward and san jose also some know where the totals of rainfall. a lot of these showers came down in a few minutes, it was those downpours that really upped our rainfall totals in many of these spots. now as of right now a much quieter picture on radar we still do have some shower activity out there i do want to know highway 17 from santa cruz to san jose. we've got some rain snow mix there at the very top of that route
5:47 am
on those windy roads oakland on up to richmond also some spots of moderate rainfall right over berkeley in emeryville right now you're heading up highway 24 watch for some slick spots too. couple of sprinkles in the north bay as well marin county looking at some light shower activity this morning, nothing like yesterday and we're really at the very very tail end of rainfall potential as the rest of the day ahead of a shapes up to be a nice and dry one increasingly clear and sunny skies. tomorrow going to be clear as well with temperatures even a little bit warmer. that will also be the case of the saturday with dry conditions as we push our way into the weekend. today's daytime highs in the 50's for most of the bay upper 50's in san francisco's mission in financial districts, low 50's and overnight a while mid 50's in millbrae san bruno and brisbane temperatures further south near 60 degrees in san carlos at 59 south bay daytime highs also close to 60 san jose 59 fremont at 58 tri valley mid to upper 50's for you with oakland richmond
5:48 am
castro valley all the spots at 58 today, few low 60's in the north bay fairfield vacaville napa and sonoma right at 60 degrees today and we're going to see more of those on the map come saturday sunday and most notably tomorrow with our warmest of temperatures on friday in the mid 60's, sunny and mild friday to look forward to saturday, not looking bad either, and then come sunday with a few evening showers as you set your clock forward an hour as we spring ahead, reyna john thank you unfortunately we have another hot spot. this is out renda. >>a traffic collision westbound 24 at fish ranch road. they're going to close westbound 24 out while the road off-ramp and this is a fatality so it's we're definitely to see some major delays in this incident as they continue to clean that up we're looking at 24 right now as you head to that interchange you can see starting to pick up and get really busy over here still at 12 minutes and looking at the bay bridge right there we had an accident there eastbound much earlier they have that on the side of the road just see how what it is water starting
5:49 am
to come down. so you also don't want to give yourself a little more time as you head into the city to the fremont street exit under 11 minutes, san mateo bridge still very moist here 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. and a look at the richmond sandra fell community out of richmond under 8 minutes. we're tracking the drive time stay on top of that hot spot for you daryn james over to you, thanks a lot. rhonda 5.49 and this morning highlighting bay area women making a difference in their community that's right as part of our month long remarkable women series and today, we're. >>learning about doctor carolyn salvador, most us kron four's noelle bellow has her story. >>since i was always been very active. it would take quite a while to put on paper everything doctor caroline salvador moses dozen a day also been a professor and also you know i like mentoring. aspiring clinicians and the only sassman for 20 plus years, she's run her own private clinical psychology practice in san francisco and
5:50 am
san mateo providing psychotherapy services and running a medical clinic. but that's just the beginning of her professional resume also do forensic psychology like family court also do a lot of immigration work philippine american and i speak to khalid also speaks spanish fluently and so also very to that population as the oldest of 5 kids dedicating her time to care for others has always been one of her passions. but doctor caroline will quickly tell you her own family as were her true devotion lies, so ago. >>a soccer chauffeuring them several times a week. >>as a pta president she spends her free time planning organizing and collaborating with other parents, teachers and administrators. >>and don't worry doctor caroline takes herself care just as seriously as the rest of her duties and wants others to do so to enjoy all the >>i'm too you know do manatee
5:51 am
and of love spot days thing going in early 80's to the line countries like many families during the struggles of the past year doctor, caroline says she's been reminded how important it is to embrace the gifts of the president while always keeping her sights set on the future it was a tough time that that you know at the same time it gave us a chance to spend more quality time yeah, it's always good to have hope right and i know we've been in this been ongoing and longer than we really expected. but to be future to see bright light in the future i think helps many people in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>today marks one year since the nba made the decision to shut down the 2020 season because of covid and now the league is back in action tonight to start the 2nd half of the 2021 season, the warriors will be playing the
5:52 am
la clippers, golden state got some much needed time off during the weeklong all-star break last a few players on the team are still dealing with some nagging injuries. the worries are looking to break a 3 game losing streak he switched practice after the all-star break is important one because you got to blow it out you gotta. >>get your legs back underneath you, but i want you also to get your mind right. >>but they are intensely was solid. that the scrimmage a little bit. if the legs moving love place as tough. >>stretch games. you know back in the break that thing that can help in terms of lock understand how important every possession specially start a game tomorrow. >>stephan course is not coming off a losing streak he's coming off a winning streak he was in the all-star game. team lebron with steph was on one
5:53 am
plus staff one, the 3 point contest so hopefully we'll carry that with him but tonight is game 5.52 is the time right now and we've got lots to heading on a couple morning news that we're right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>5 of the time many lifelong bagel fans say there's nothing like a new york bagel but apparently the new york times says oh no not less you've
5:56 am
tried the making out in berkeley. they're the best in the country boychuk bagels named the best bagels in the country by the new york times there on college avenue. apparently they've experienced a boom in business ever since that story came out in the times. the shop even had to suspend mail shipments because this could make them fast waltman spoke to the owner s- about their secret. >>why east coast bagels are better or even bread on the east coast is better is the water. but you're just using regular berkeley tap water. >>regular tap water, not even filtering in we have a really great water or water is calm positionally similar to new york's. >>i all i can say is take the bagel and it's not a water stop the magical new york water you're right, it's the it's that east bay water. >>wow all right so boychuk made a record. 5 5500 bagels and they all sold out yesterday that's how. >>in demand they are now you
5:57 am
give me a good bagel with everything in a schmear that's good a lot she's on it that's that's my jam it sacrilege but i like a chocolate chip bail to be on jewish and not but i love it i did the 6 right now coming up in the next hour high school students getting back to class and in pleasanton they're going to in person classes and we've got a live report on that. >>plus cbs going to be opening hundreds of new vaccine sites, including ones in the bay area we'll tell you where and president biden is going to be giving his first state of the state address state of the union and we'll have a live report from dc don't go away.
5:58 am
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>>you're watching kron. at 6 o'clock and i'm hungry already revenge a gulls i don't it's not so much but now you're talking bagels and makes me angry and if you if you missed our last hour just know we'll talk about later on today too. >>a shop in berkeley was just named by the new york times jabbing the best bagel in the country beating out. >>new york city, it's crazy now john's going to try and pump or nickel bagel for the first have chocolate fa


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