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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  March 17, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at know. >> and welcome to the finest hours of wednesday. it's the best we can do. there. you and it's dry for now, which will be the case later on in the week. but for now, anyway, let's enjoyed on this saint patrick's day about that means rolling in tomorrow. john. yeah. the rain at least saving us saint patrick's day. we giving us some dry weather for today. >> tomorrow is going to be the day that yeah, you don't plan too much out there anyways unless you want to get wet get out there and some shower activity going hang out all day long. pretty much today just the cloud cover and a really nice view of some of those clouds as the sun was coming up earlier from mike ms lynskey here down in san jose said it was really cold as he was getting this picture now temperatures are starting to rise a bit. but you can also see the cloud cover in this live view at half moon bay this morning. doesn't look like it's keeping people from walking out there right along the shoreline. always nice to see people enjoying mornings even when they're not crystal clear because that's not what
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we're in the midst f still some of us in the 30's like double in morgan hill. but san jose, you're out of the 30's back up to 43. same in hayward as well as palo alto, 2 spots that started this morning in the 30's as well. petaluma and santa rosa beach still at 39 degrees but almost back into the 40's with 50's and 60's just around the corner. i'll be breaking down. what exactly do expect our rain showers on the way for tomorrow. still to come in the rest of your forecast. that's bound to have an impact on your commute thursday morning. this morning, though, it's dry just a little busy in some spots. exactly. i want to start with the san mateo bridge because we just got reports there's an accident. 92 westbound right now we're not seeing may delays as you're heading across towards the peninsula. we're still at about 14 minutes for your drive time. the air. a look at the bay bridge heading into the city under 12 minutes of things are getting much better. >> for your community and we had some early morning accident and collisions. and we've been stay on top of those things. but things are starting to level out a little bit. the richmond sandra fell
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bridge that commute is at the limit under 9 minutes for your drive town. the south bay also looking great here in the green heading towards menlo park long 1. one, just a 29 minutes and look at the voting and written into the city under 22 for your drive time. we're staying on top of your commute for you. darya and james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. there was a mass shooting. 3 different massage callers were shot up and 8 people were killed in atlanta last night and this morning we learned a lot more as they're beginning to piece together a motive for the shootings. yes, 6 of the victims were women of asian descent. so there was early speculation that perhaps this might have been racially motivated. >> police have been able to detain a suspect identified as 2821 year-old robert aaron long. he was arrested south of atlanta last night. they've been interviewing him and they're getting more information from him like the fact that he's told investigators he is a addict that he had frequent the frequented. these been massage parlors and police believe he may have been on his way to florida, perhaps to carry out other shooting. so it's a good thing that they actually were
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able to catch him after these. >> 3 different shootings. the first 4 victims found in cherokee county, which is northwest of atlanta and then and our leader. 3 men were 3 women sorry were shot and killed at a massage parlor in atlanta and then another police across the street a massage parlor woman was killed there and police say that he had visited these very massage parlors in the past and with all of mass shooting incidents. we know that the president was given a briefing on what happened. >> he says that he's following the matter closely. he's working with the fbi right now to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. 4 of the women are believed to be of korean descent. and so early on secretary of state anthony blinken, who's actually in south korea. he made a statement saying that this sort of violence has no place in america again. they're still trying to determine if race was the main motive behind this or perhaps it was somehow related to his says addiction, possibly a hate crime against women. i think when they were when they
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were talking at first because everyone, including in the bay area has been on edge seeing an increase in violence against the asian community and so that was the initial go to is was this an attack. >> on asians because they're asian and no other reason. and now it seems that there is a connection that he frequented these massage parlors and so obviously was aimed at women and it was aimed at the women who work at these spas. so beyond that, if they they are still investigating deeper into the motive. and then, of course going to florida, you know, where they would stop him on those plans that we'll have to wait and see as more information comes out, which may happen at any point throughout the day today. so make sure you stay updated on the story. >> by connecting with us on kron. 4 dot com, our website and also through the kron 4 mobile app and the kron on app. both of those free to download. so if you haven't already make sure download those today. we also new details about what led to police officer shooting and killing a man at a motel 6 parking lot. the police chief says the man was in a car
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suspected to be connected to a robbery involving an elderly woman leaving a bank. the car was first spotted monday, but the driver sped off when police tried to stop him. officers, then tracked the car to the motel. 6 parking lot and when they again tried to stop the driver. they say that's when he hit several police cars forcing officers to open fire. the driver died in that exchange of gunfire. the chief says that there have been at least a dozen robberies now involving elderly women at banks since december. >> time now is 9. '05, and today some students in the castro valley unified school district are returning to in person learning. yes, some good news for them. proper. sara stinson live in castro valley with the information on that. good morning, sara. >> good morning. yeah. for these little transitional kindergartners in kindergartners in castro valley. they had to start school virtually now it's their first time in the classroom. 6 months after they were supposed to hear to or
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school. you can see a little balloons up. they have tiger pride and they also have the sign of the says did you complete your daily health screening and that is what they've been doing. health screeners, little questionnaires to make sure people are experiencing symptoms and that everyone is safe as they head into the classroom. castro valley is reopening the schools with a 5 phase plan. if you didn't hear watch us last hour. we talked to the superintendent. you can see right now video of the eittle walking in good million sanitizer in seeing their teachers in person for the first time now we have tk and kindergartners going back today. first and second graders going back next week and then after that, it's 3rd through 5th eventually all grades will be back on campus. we're talking all the way through high school by april 12 classrooms have distance desks and limited capacity and said hand sanitizer stations all over and distancing signs here at chabot elementary school. they have a hybrid
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model. so these little kiddos are going to school for just a couple hours in the morning and then group b will be going to school in the afternoon everyone will do distance learning on fridays. now i chatted with a parent after she dropped off her little one in kindergarten for the first time. of course, it was a little emotional. take a listen. a little emotional, >> i'm happy for him. i think it will be. >> he's excited. so try to be excited for him. but yeah, they've got such a good. >> set up here and great >> yeah. and i asked her how was your child when you dropped off him off and he said he wasn't nervous at all. he just walked right and i said is not so true that always happens. there is the really scared or they're not scared at all. and so that was key to see pandemic or not. there are still those first day jitters we're it's of saint patrick's day, too. so a lot of the little kids were wearing green and they roll
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spirited. now there's a testing site for students and staff. so that's a good resource. and the superintendent says that about 80% of the staff across the district has received at least their first or second dose of the vaccine. so good progress there. so we have the computers in the classroom next week. it will be first and second graders will send it back to you now in the studio, just all of the little things that we used to take for granted. now, look, they're going to school. they're excited. it's very cute. thank you, sarah. >> well, it's not so much green for saint patrick's day, but orange that's being celebrated in san mateo county this morning. the first in the bay area to get to that. here's a big deal and it looks very promising for a lot of businesses and restaurants that want to track customers. a kron four's will tran will be one of them. i'm sure because you're in santa jail ready to go. so is anything open yet. >> they could hear my roar. my stomach. i am starving. orange. is the new green.
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james and area, meaning money for the businesses. and no, this is not times square. so it's not open just yet, but when it opens, you have a couple of options outdoor or indoor. you always have the option for the past couple weeks. as far as indoors. now they will allow more people inside because with orange comes new freedoms 25% capacity goes from that to 50% indoor capacity. also places of worship. you can do that if 50%, that was a bone of contention for a long time. whether or not to even have places of worship. now you can at 50% under the orange gyms. 25% capacity bars and breweries. you can operate, not indoors, not just yet, but it's a lot better than the red tier when you could not even operate outdoor at least under th4 orange. you can do it outdoor now moving forward so long as the covid-19 numbers are down. got a chance to track down some san mateo
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county residents. they plan to help the businesses. >> i i drink a lot of beer in the afternoon. you know, i'm helping the restaurants in that manner. >> so you will be going to the bars. i would imagine. >> probably about a big bar guy. but yeah, i try to help local businesses. whatever i can. >> i'm with him. i try to, you know, it save the environment conserve water by drinking beer at home. but i will not be at the bars because i'm still afraid of covid-19. just me. having said that, you can go out an experts say it's ok so long as you social distance wear your mask. and if you possibly can, if you're indoors and now you can even do bowling alleys try to do it with your social bubble. san mateo county. yes, the first but not the last counties. i'm sure in the bay area to go from red to orange. >> back to you. not the not the last saw. talk about san francisco. maybe next. we'll see you. thanks. well.
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>> or we'll take a break. it is 9.10. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the more contagious and possibly more deadly strain of covid-19 has been discovered here in the bay area we'll tell you where and what health officials are saying about how to stay safe and santa clara county's top health officials also giving us an update on vaccinations for the south bay. so we'll find out the latest there help and already noticing an increasing cloud cover this morning setting us up for a mostly cloudy day ahead of us. the saint patrick's day highs in the upper 50's to low 60's tomorrow's when the rain gets here to tell you more about that. your forecast. and conditions on your roadways. are slowly but steadily improving. >> like your trip into the city that are most metering lights on. some are now back down under 11 minutes. i'm also tracking a traffic accident on the san mateo bridge. we'll have more on both of those coming up after the break.
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>> 9.14 is the time back with a check of the weather here which actually them look too bad outside little gray are though. yeah. and you know, it's wednesday. yes, it already looking to the weekend. and i know there's rain tomorrow. but. >> before it gets here, when will it be friday. most areas looks like it's going to be moving out. >> but tomorrow is not the day
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to plan too much outside and let you just love the rain. today's a better one to be getting out there. pretty shrouded up at the top of mount tam is low cloud cover moves in off the pacific. we will see increasing cloud cover throughout the course of the day today. so today by no means are clear. one of the forecast keeping similar temperatures around as to what we had yesterday just adding in a good dose of clouds along with it. here's your next weather maker pushing its way. our direction cloudy day ahead of our rainy day tomorrow. we will be seeing an isolated shower developing late tonight after you've gone to bed. you'll see that popping up here in just a second. but most of our rainfall saved for tomorrow morning, right around commute time. so by the time you're hitting the roads tomorrow. watch out for some really slick spots out there. roadways are going to be wet throughout the course of not just your morning on thursday, but well, throughout the course of the day. some of our heaviest of rainfall actually possible towards the close of the day tomorrow may see an isolated thunderstorm developing towards thursday afternoon and early evening rain stays with us. thursday night into friday morning
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before it pushes out and skies clear out by the time you're off work on friday. so it's definitely good news for the set up into the weekend ahead of us getting the rain out of the way on a day where maybe you just want to stay inside anyways 50's and 60's for daytime highs out there today similar as i mentioned to yesterday's daytime highs. but today is going to feel even a touch cooler because of all that cloud cover you have overhead. not really getting the nice effect that that sunshine has on our afternoon. temperatures so it's going to stay cool and very jacket where the through the day upper 50's to low 60's across the east bay with oakland at 59 walnut creek and conquered at 62 the and napa each at 59 degrees today. well, sandra fell in novato as well as petaluma egypt. 58 tomorrow's temperatures don't change much even though it will be a rainy one. we get a touch cooler into friday and saturday. your last day of winter and first day of spring on saturday. best chances of rain here. well, that's tomorrow. friday morning. and then again on monday of next week. reyna
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john, thank you. so we'll start with the san mateo bridge because we have reports of an accident money to westbound. but it seems. >> we haven't seen any delays because of that accident. i've seen crews making their way to try to get that off the bridge. so we'll keep a close eye on this for you. the bay bridge looks great, though. you see traffic moving at the limit. 11 minutes to the fremont street exit. so now's a good time to head into the city. if you need to do that. the richmond sandra fell to meet under 8 minutes for your drive time as you head to richmond checking on things in the south bay again today. we're at the limit heading towards park. 29 minutes. we're tracking your commute. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. time now 9.17 time to talk winners and losers on wall street financial aid for rob black. joining us as always to decipher what we're seeing on the markets this morning. rough. top of the morning to you, robin. this saint patrick's day. >> i got a deal for john serena rain and rain is serving up traffic krispy kreme will give you free doughnuts today show up wearing green and one other really all i did know that.
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good pro tip pro tip. looks like you're going to get 2000. his favorite color very well i told her not to laugh at me. too late to a tackle and over here do anything for a deal is that these money is green discount rob's all or i'm gonna try focus. >> let's talk about the markets. other bit mixed this morning dow's up. but i a s a p nasdaq techs are down. what's moving than the numbers today. >> tech stocks are in the red out because they're afraid of higher interest rates. today's interest rate day when the federal reserve meets may talk. do we see inflation. is this massive amount of stimulus going to work or not. so around 2 o'clock, eastern. 2.30, eastern. we're going to hear mark to take only a fraction based on what the fed says. so the reopening trade is in for your today. it's in the green. where's the big tech stocks are in red. mcdonald's got an upgrade nice
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reminder that on green milkshake today as shamrock shake, it's always a good investment for long-term patients. so there's there's some good stories out there. i suppose. >> we come back. the shamrock shake afterward, greta. get that. you have to pay money give him money right. 5, 5, 5, let's talk about that's the second topic today. i know a couple years ago we got into the pharmacy by mail business. now you're saying telehealth this something they're rolling out, the more and more people they're just getting. this is a whole new sector for them. >> let's not underestimate what i'm about to say here. they got in the books got into retail nominated. they got into amazon web services they're dominating the cloud. they dominate they're not dominating video. but this has county awards and some televisions shows get the hit with crime. but pill pack. so people like my mom too. doesn't snow or suspect example, but elderly people who need their medications kluivert. it's a way better idea in the north. the
9:20 am
pharmacy. and expand, they're doing it with their walmart's number one cost labor costs. how much to pay their employees, their number to pastas their health care costs. for most companies. it's a big problem and amazon same. we're going to get into this world because amazon care. probably 75%. your doctor visits could be done away with and amazon will even send a nurse to your home really to take blood or to get to an examination. clearly some things are going to anything like imaging anything tied towards cancers. but this is 21st century. i'm excited last 20 years i've got doctors for allergies sore throats and i don't need to be there. so i think it's a win-win for all parties. i would not underestimate amazon going even higher for down the road standings office. a separate business. that's interesting. sending a nurse to you know, that's not actually all that strange the member another years ago when i purchased a
9:21 am
health and life insurance. >> that leaches company sent nurse to the house to call the vitals kind of give you a quick little a physical overall that can see how that might replace some of the basic doctor visits just for preventative care home. >> 21st century. we're operating as if we're back in the 18th century. and so so for it and all they're going to be the structure and the insurance companies. watch out. >> all right. something to also watching. i guess we have pepsi unveiling a new. all right. lebron james and pepsi partnering together now on this new drink that i i hear has on a caffeine in it to cups of coffee. essentially lot of cold mountain dew rise. >> so it's a brand under a brand of pepsi. and lebron james. he was with coca cola for 18 years. now he's jump ship showing no t that's probably not going to take against him because i would have a spokesperson. i could. but it's a coke versus pepsi wars not to do rise. it's a 14
9:22 am
billion-dollar energy treat world. they're really going after tease that they go after everything that they can do replicate. >> but in this case are often at vitamin a vitamin c zinc. so the boost your metabolism. it's really aimed at on radio this morning to first time i had a to remember the excitement in my house. it was 40 years so it i think it's a really smart idea of hep c again. you can't was an endorsement, rock star just sold for 2.8 billion dollars. couple of years pepsi. so they're constantly trying to reinvent drink market and on shelves soon lebron james not how 2 cups of coffee and one cam. that's. >> pretty incredible couple you for the whole day. >> couple and you and i work in the mornings. there's a good chance all consume some of a drive you have to you think of it. thank you, rob, as always. you bet. the top of the morning to we've got rob
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like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not being able to hug is just like somebody has to tie me down. touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪ >> 9.25 in national news, the president and vice president are on the road selling the american people on the latest covid relief package our washington correspondent basil john joining us with the latest on the details of this plan. good morning. with
9:26 am
reminders about checks vaccines and the economy. the tour serves not just as a promotion but as a morale boost to combat the effects of the pandemic. mission there. >> president joe biden kicked off his help is here tour. we'll stop into philadelphia, pennsylvania to promote the benefits of the covid relief >> the strength of america. relies on the strength of everyone in vice president kamala harris paid a visit to denver, colorado. >> to emphasize how the plan will help small businesses. small businesses. >> our strength both in terms of community and in terms of our economy while the president and vice president are on the road. democrats on capitol hill are echoing the same message we all came together. >> and we got it done. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the bill seems the country. democrats kept our promise and we're delivering
9:27 am
real help to working americans. however, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says democrats should be proud of how they got the bill across the finish line become a u.s. senator comes with higher duties than state rolling any off. cool. the short term power. the biden administration says the country is doing well with the vaccination process and our adamant on reaching the president's vaccination goal of a 100 million vaccinations in a 100 days. the president's team says the covid vaccine ad campaign will go out to boost confidence in americans to get the vaccine reporting in washington. i'm basil john. 9.27 the time. coming up on the kron 4 morning news governor newsome responding to the groups that are pushing to have a recall will tell you what he thinks. >> is the reason behind
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>> 9.30 is the time. and we're taking a look at how the day shaping up. >> so far. pretty good. we've got john with an eye on how the rest of your saint patrick day's going to unfold. i can't unsee rob black green derby props to him though, brave. you get a deal. he said if you just wear green, he'd have to go overboard at least one person we've got like kind shades of green going but none of us really priest commit and rob not like rob. that is for sure. we are looking at some cloudy skies overhead today. no rain to make a rainbow that you find your pot of gold at the end of so i guess you got to listen to rob's advice for that this morning. >> looking outside at our center tower cam. we do have
9:31 am
clear enough skies at least star as your commute goes. no fog. it's just the cloud cover that we have overhead and that cloud cover pretty apparent when you take one look at your radar right here. 40's for most of our current temperatures. now we start the morning in the 30's for a lot of areas like san jose palo alto in hayward. obviously these areas have since seen temperatures rising out of the that range of numbers. santa rosa and san in some of them still at 39 degrees. so we need the jackets today and you're going want to keep him around into the afternoon, too. talking tomorrow's rain. still to come. first, let's go to rein in, though with your updated book at the roads. all right. john, thanks for that. we are looking at the summit hill bridge because we had an accident 92 westbound. that's clear and traffic is making their way across towards the peninsula. 14 minutes for your drive time. the bay bridge looks great. >> right. 11 minutes here to the fremont street exit. we had some early morning stopped vehicles there. those have been cleared and people are driving at the limit heading towards a highway. 24. look at this. 5 89 80 interchange at 11 minutes for your drive
9:32 am
time. and i want to check on things here along highway for 40 minutes as you're heading towards concord at 2.42 stay safe out there on those roadways. dorian james, back to you. >> very good. thank you ray tonight, 31 the time in today's the deadline for organizers of the effort to recall governor gavin newsome to turn in all the necessary signatures they need in order to put the issue before voters this fall. now we did it in recent exclusive poll that are parent company nexstar did asking californians whether they were in favor of the recall. and you can see here, 38% of respondents said yes, they are 42 said no. 6 said they don't plan on voting at all. but 13 almost 14% said they were undecided. so depending on how they end up splitting that vote. we could have a very close election special election in this recall effort. we are hearing now from governor gavin newsome. he's responding ashley zavala in sacramento has more on what he had to say. look, we're anticipating
9:33 am
that they've got the signatures. governor gavin newsome coming to grips with the likelihood 2021 will be another election year in california with the recall effort against him. the governor tuesday taking aim at the leaders of the effort saying they're far right trump supporters look at the actual reasons. >> they themselves. it has to do with immigration. the browning of california has to do deeply with our values. the things we hold dear. and so i'm not just by the permian fighting for you and fighting for the values of the state in this campaign is not about the people who are leading this recall. this campaign is about governor newsome proponents of the recall say of the nearly 2.1 million signatures collected so far about 38% of them include democrats. no party preference and other non republican registered voters. this is about. >> the people sign this petition, the ones who are going to go ahead and be the final judge and jury on this campaign. good news is a visit to a bay area school tuesday was his first public
9:34 am
appearance since kicking off an anti recall campaign. the week of the proponents deadline. >> an e-mail sent out by the campaign tuesday launched a 72 hour fundraising drive requesting at least $3 contributions to stop the recall. what took them so long. i mean, he dismissed the recount recall campaign for 9 months. the. >> he left a soppy, didn't make any mention to us. >> and now a sudden he's a complete freakout mode. the governor warning this will cost taxpayers and i great respect for people disagree with me. but. >> this is this is a site as a circus going to cost a 100 plus million dollars. >> proponents of the recall say they plan to release the final number of signatures collected wednesday after 05:00pm. meanwhile, the secretary of state's office will have until april 29th to verify those signatures reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news if the recall does happen, governor newsome would face off against at least 3 republicans and the special election. >> former congressman doug ose. see who you see on the
9:35 am
left announce he is throwing his hat into the ring. and former san diego mayor kevin faulconer is into as well as businessman john. they've already said they will challenge newson. >> 2 cases of the british variant of covid-19 have now been detected in contra, costa county that uk variant is considered to be more contagious and they're still looking to see if it's more deadly. that's the worry, though, and that's what cocoa county health officials are urging people to keep their distance. keep wearing those masks. they say it's likely that there are more cases of the variant out there. recent studies have shown, though, that the moderna, the pfizer and the johnson and johnson vaccines all fair well against combating this new uk variant. so keep safe until you can get the shot and then you should be ok. >> south bay. health leaders say the key to winning the fight against covid is to keep everybody get vaccinated and keep them following guidelines. both before and after vaccination. a public health officer. doctor sara
9:36 am
cody imposed in the past year. some of the strictest lockdown measures in the entire country. some people defy the health orders and doctor kobe even could even received death threats and points. now businesses and schools are starting to reopen vaccines are on the increase and our numbers are going down of infection, which is good. but doctor cody says it's way too early to declare victory. and if we can vaccinate. quickly and comprehensively. >> and reach everybody. we need to reach. we may be able out any in the surges that may be coming our way. >> doctor cody goes on to say despite the battle over vaccine actually equity and distribution the arrival of new supplies has been a game changer. >> it's been a years since stay at home orders were announced across the bay area and the roller coaster of closings in reopenings have been really tough on businesses, particularly
9:37 am
especially black owned businesses. they've struggled and the community has been hard hit by covid kron four's. noelle bellow has more. >> it's hard to believe it's been a year, but we have been push in trying to keep things as normal as kathy adams as the president of the oakland african american chamber of commerce. >> even though it may see why it's not changing. i feel that it is nationwide 40% of black businesses have closed over the last year, even still, adams has chosen to stay positive and take action. she was a part of a large conversation with vice president kamala harris last month and out of that chat came extra ppp assistance to businesses with only one employee previously that type of federal help was not being offered. i feel that with the partnerships that we've got. we're going to continue to to advocate for our businesses during the summer of 2020, the chamber was able to raise 1.1 million dollars in grant money that was given to more than
9:38 am
200 businesses. she's hoping to raise another million dollars this year. the community showed we work with a multicultural chambers of commerce. >> we've been utilizing resources. they support our businesses. we support there's. and i think that is working because we all got to pull together. adams believes the future is bright for black owned businesses. >> but she's calling on all owners to reach out to the chamber. if you need assistance we may not know is what you are. we have a now 300 plus businesses. but if they're of the businesses out there. you've got to reach out and you've make these phone calls and you got to ask to help the oakland after an american chamber of commerce is putting out a new survey on its website later this week. they're hoping to get a better idea of the real needs. >> of business owners in oakland in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> at 9.38. we'll take a break, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the roar warriors, the warriors are on
9:39 am
the road. if i could get the words out there will be facing the rockets today and will take a look at how they're going to try and avoid another embarrassing loss. steph curry is going to talk a bit about that. and a landmark step in getting the bay area vaccinated. another or should say anyone, 50 years and older now qualifies to get the shot in one particular north bay county. we'll tell you which one. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid.
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>> in the north bay. anybody 50 and older as young as 50 can now get a covid shot is a county at the fairgrounds there. they're expanding the eligibility because they think they have enough doses on hand. now and they'll be able to get to everybody who wants a shot who is 50 and older. >> super excited. but this i think it's wonderful news. and the more people to get vaccinated, the better off we all are. >> thrilled and i can't wait because that that gets me into the line immediately the sooner the better. we're all when you get out. >> we to go beyond the school. we want life to return to normal and thrilled that song county managed to do it. >> seminole county, the first the bay area to expand to people that young. kids are like i like when they say i
9:43 am
can get a senior discount 50 mn 55 or whatever. i 50, you could be 9.42 right now. a lot. coming up, john yes, you've got rain fall just around the corner not to worry. today, though, we're still dry for your saint patrick's day today. >> good one for some outdoor dining with the jacket ready to go. i'll be telling you when to expect the rain in your forecast. >> and that accident. i was tracking is now clear from the san mateo bridge. also your commute into the city we're starting to see an improvement. we'll have more on your drive times coming up after the break.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> 9.46. and we're looking at a pretty nice day so far. so far on this saint patrick's day. top of the morning to you. we've got john in the weather center. also sporting some nice green on the tie on this. do you say also like you have green. agree. we can't i did not. i was the one who i almost brought a second time and it well. i had options. but the other one was kind of just a little bit side. it was like no one wants this makes kind of just a little bit of green anyways to i don't really have a. >> majorly green tie. but for next year looking outside at
9:47 am
our center tower cam. you can see there's definitely some cloud cover overhead. cloud cover is going to stay with us all day long today. so we traded in yesterday's clear skies for today's greater conditions. now it may look like it's about to rain, but we're going to hold off of that intel tomorrow. so if you want to do some outdoor dining, maybe get out there for your saint patrick's day. you can definitely do so without worrying about the rain but definitely bundle up because it is chilly to our west. there's some drizzly spots. but rainfall will arrive overnight tonight and especially into tomorrow morning. so in the meantime, we're cloudy relatively cool today that blanket of cloud cover pretty easy to spot here in future cast rainfall pushes in for your morning commute tomorrow. that is going to slow things down a bit. so plan on getting up a bit extra early for your thursday showers. stay with us on and off into the middle of the day rain picks back up towards the close of the afternoon and early evening could even see an isolated thunderstorm in there as we make our way towards the finish of your thursday. rainfall starts to move out on friday morning and
9:48 am
actually sets us up for a really nice friday afternoon to start the weekend. just in time scooting out of here so we can actually enjoy the weekend just around the corner 50's 60's for your high temperatures across the bay area conquered in antioch at 62 degrees. san jose at 63 some upper 50's in oakland and san francisco. tomorrow's temperatures. pretty similar. really. even with that rainfall and all the cloud cover will have friday. rain pushes out and by saturday we kick off spring first day of spring now in sight. with temperatures cool in the upper 50's and lots of sunshine for that first weekend of the new season reyna. tom, thank you. now certainly great time to hit the roads because i'm not tracking any major hot spots. >> your commute, especially into the city right now down under 10 minutes to the fremont street exit. the san mateo bridge. also no delays here, although we had an accident just about 30 minutes ago on the westbound side. that's been all cleared 13 minutes as you head across towards the peninsula. the richmond sandra fell comey. also at the limit here under 8 minutes and checking on things there in the south bay for you
9:49 am
still in the green and towards menlo park. 28 minutes were tracking the drive times for you. but for now, daryn, back to you. >> in the buzz. trent williams is now the richest offensive lineman in nfl history. the forty-niners just gave him a 138 million dollar deal. 30 million. just a sign on the dotted line. the chiefs and the bears were willing him. the bears were also had on the hunt for russell wilson and he said, yeah, go there. but the seahawks said, oh, no, you're not so chicago snapped up. andy dalton instead for 10 million bucks tiger woods is finally waking up in his own bed after being in the hospital for 3 weeks. he thanked all of the doctors who put him back together again after his car crash in socal. this is some of what he said. basically that and cedar sinai took such good care of him. it's going to be a long time before we see tiger back on the course. but we might see him back in the video games woods just signed a long-term
9:50 am
partnership with pga tour to k woods put eeas golf game on the map. but then when they cut ties with tiger, their sales went put kind of like the warriors. one day there on top of the world be the nba best utah jazz. the next. they fall flat on their faces in front of a lebron steph curry is hoping to regain some respect when they play the rockets tonight. >> so we've got sick kid, you know, just getting blown out that's i think we have to have some pride about our plan. you can lose games. that's going to happen. but. now like that, these are games we should win. if we're playing our best basketball. >> and considering how, you know this last 6 games stretches been. got absolutely need to play better. when lawyers are the only ones in roller coaster ride. california theme parks are reopening soon. you can hold on. but you cannot scream. >> so james going to kind of
9:51 am
like this in slow motion and then it starts going >> come on. we're going upside down. stay quiet. no, this is the covid rules is the theme park associations like it's a not good for covid. get a spray. everything everywhere. if you do that. so we've got to keep people quiet. i don't know if that's in possible. is it even possible? can and the roller coasters aside. can you imagine? it's trying to keep your 5 a 6 year-old kids quiet on the team and they can just about a a lawyer. here's the one. here's a look at always gets me and everyone else seems to be able to do is the what's the drop wanted. with a you know, you go down on the flight that would ever get the power of care. yes. oh, yeah. that one to our terror. i cannot and then they catch the picture and you're always like. now. it's just going to be a you gotta be really it's kind of like, you know, when they step that shot, you don't want to look stupid, right. so
9:52 am
that's the shot that you're always trying to just make believe there are always right. pledge of the mask on. so visa was going, that's the buzz.
9:53 am
like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not being able to hug is just like somebody has to tie me down.
9:54 am
touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪ >> quick little update on some things that are open and
9:55 am
available to you going forward. we have this after school board of supervisors voting to keep the sky star observation wheel, ferris wheel golden gate park. that's how you know it. open until 2025 there was a push to try and get shut down by next year because they thought the lights i would be too disruptive for the we we really got to use it because of covid pandemic. so the board of supervisors says no, we're going to keep it up to 2025 to get plenty of time to enjoy it. you know what else you can enjoy fairyland. >> they're opening again. yeah. and, you know, i know it's not disneyland, but they're close. and it's cool. and you know, just remember growing up in oakland or i've had my kids grow up with fairyland. yeah. >> and it looks on friday. there could be some safety protocols in place, obviously because we're still in the pandemic. but regardless of whether you've been vaccinated. you have to wear a mask. you have to keep social distancing. they're going to keep capacity right around so they're expecting that and everybody to comply fact they're going to be putting people are going to bring people in shifts. >> so all right. you can the morning or the afternoon. so there many people in there at one time to let's to
9:56 am
>> we've been close, as you know, performance and we opened in the fall. and so we suffered a little bit of whiplash. and we're just so glad to be out of that. it's so encouraging vaccinations. on the increase and cases on the decrease that, you know, we look forward to a strong summer where we can welcome families and the park to have a good time. >> the she said whiplash reyna because nobody ever got with we had, right. that's all land or you have to take a big trip to disney, which act like like open to i we just found out today, april 30th. they're actually going to be opening the park back up again for people. so fantastic you can start making plans for that. but said that if you're on any of those, right. yes, they're going to >> like and scream for you before we go, as a fair land, was going to open up on
9:57 am
friday. i know we're expecting rain on thursday is going to clear out by the time they open up on friday. so by friday morning, it looks like things will be clearing out just enough. so maybe save that trip for the afternoon and saturday going to be we're going to be seeing ample sunshine into the weekend. so we'll get the park washed out on thursday and early friday. it will be crystal clear weight. but you got the hat on today because it's the green basket on. that's the first day of official again. very good very land. for states all good very land. for states all good here. we'll a fight. ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems.
9:58 am
it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. du more with less asthma. talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help.
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>> today on an all new dr. phil. >> my mom is convinced she's being tracked on her phone. >> dr. phil: nancy says she constantly sees people trekking her who want to have sex. how do you differentiate the ones who are in a mission to engage you versus those who are picking those child up from day care. i had a team launch a digital investigation so nancy, you're going to get some answers. let's do it. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> i am not giving up on you. [cheers and applause]


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