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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 19, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> to the sunshine tomorrow. today's the day stuck right in the middle. this is your walnut creek. am right there. not a lot of people on the roads yet and also nice and dry out there on those roadways, which is definitely some good news, especially after how wet it was yesterday afternoon. your evening commute. i'm sure was just not the most fun now we are dry down in san jose. if you had a little bit further south. there's your rain just south of gilroy and especially being seen between hollister in salinas as you head down one o one towards gonzalez as well. we've got some heavy areas of rainfall nestled right there along 4 or little bit closer to the coastline. a couple of sprinkles too. now we have a couple of sprinkles there right on the peninsula. but the east certainly dry and then there's a light shower for you. very between sandra fell as you're heading further northward on up towards the nevada this morning. couple sprinkles as on up north of santa rosa near the border of mendocino county in northern sonoma county overall. not a bad morning. we're drying out
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very quickly. 40's and 50's for current temperatures. oakland san francisco and alameda egypt, 52 petaluma saint helene each at 48 degrees by this afternoon. expect to the low 60's we go from most of the bay and skies are clearing out really quickly today. so just watch out for an isolated shower this morning and overall we got a nice one to look forward to for this last day of winter reyna. john, thank you for that. we have to hurry up and do something on the last day of winter. >> as you hit the roads this morning heading into the city right now from the east bay under 11 minutes for your drive time to that fremont street exit conditions look great. i'm not tracking any hot spots again, roadways are not as slick and wet as they were yesterday. so that's a great start for you. a look at the senate over 10 across towards the peninsula there. look at that. everybody is driving at limit. no reports of any accidents there under 12 months for your drive time and look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. let's shut this coming out very quiet of the year under 9 minutes as you head into richmond. stay on top of your roadways for you will have more on that
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coming up next. but for now, back to the news. more businesses in san francisco could be opening up soon. mayor london breed announced not only does the city expect to move into the orange tier next tuesday. but the yellow tier 3 weeks after that that would mean businesses like restaurants gyms, retail stores, museums as well as places of worship could expand their operations indoors. but officials caution this must all be done responsibly, adding san francisco's moved to the orange chair will be more restrictive and the state guidelines. >> indoor dining must close at 11:00pm. this is an extension of one hour from the previous 10:00pm outdoors is safer with a respiratory the air just naturally diffuse as the provides optimal limits the spread from person to person. >> city leaders say these guidelines are still a work in progress, but they're making them public. so that businesses can prepare for when the move and to the orange tier becomes official.
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on the peninsula. scarce vaccine doses means there will be fewer large scale vaccination sites in san mateo county, at least for now. kron four's. rob fladeboe reports. a new strategy will target vaccines to communities. hardest hit by the pandemic. >> a tail county communities like east palo alto are being hit hardest by covid-19. but so far partly due to a lack of vaccine. they have suffered from vaccine inequity in an effort to vaccinate more people closer to where they live. the county is shifting away from mass vaccination sites like those at sfo and other large scale sites to smaller targeted clinics in communities in need. the strategy includes county, suonsored or supported community vaccine events in east palo alto, south san francisco belhaven north fairoaks. the strategy will focus on neighborhoods where the vaccination rates are lower than the county as a whole cheering the new
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approaches ravenswood city school district trustee ana maria toledo and our type of communities feel most comfortable. >> working with their local school districts, working, you know, with their churches, they're nonprofit agencies where they receive services vs. >> these large locations that are far away and that they just don't feel certain or safe about the extra focus on community clinics will allow the county to scale up mass vaccination sites again. >> when more vaccine is available, those sites have often vaccinated as many as 4,000 people a day. but too many people have been left out. the shift in strategy seeks to eliminate barriers to getting vaccinated. >> having a location that you can want to. you can bike to. is a lot more realistic for our community and we're happy to see that the community clinics will generally operate on regular schedules allowing for better outreach to residents and more
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opportunities to schedule appointments. it's it's needed. >> i think it will help our community feel more comfortable about you know, resuming some level normalcy, eligible residents will be contacted by the county or whether outreach partners, another strategy to find out more about this would be to go to san mateo county public health and look for that notification tool. >> in east palo alto. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. nationwide were on the verge of reaching president biden's goal of 100 million covid vaccinations and a 100 days even earlier than expected. >> biden says we're going to hit that goal today on his 59th day in office 8 weeks ago, only 8% of seniors aged 65 and older in the u.s. at received at least one dose of the vaccine. that number now stands at 65%. >> we will not stop and we beat this pandemic. next week. i will announce our next goal to put shots in arms. this is a time for optimism. but it's not a time for relaxation.
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>> i need all americans need all of you to do your part. >> the president says the u.s. is injecting an average of about 2.2 million doses every day. the pace of vaccination is likely to dramatically rise later this month as a larger supply of the vaccine becomes available. the u.s. is finalizing plans to send a combined 4 million doses of the astrazeneca covid-19 vaccine to mexico and canada. 2.5 million doses will go to mexico. and 1.5 million to canada as a loan. the details are still being worked out. the astrazeneca vaccine has not been authorized for use in the u.s. but has been authorized by the world health organization. several european nations stopped using it after a small amount of people reported blood clots after receiving the shot. officials say while they can't totally rule out the possibility of clots related to the vaccine it is safe overall. and the
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east bay, the hayward city council has approved the settlement. a federal civil lawsuit for the family of a man killed by police in 2018 kron four's michelle kingston has that story. the first we have to warn you, some of the video. we're going to show in. this story may be disturbing. >> my son. she still be here. he says still be raising his kids. you know, his kids miss him. we miss him. >> in a closed meeting. the hayward city council voted to approve a 3.3 million dollar settlement agreement to benefit the children of august in gonzales who was shot and killed by hayward police in november body cam footage shows for the shock 13 times >> hayward police say they received a call about a man acting a radically with a knife outside his ex-girlfriend's home. 3 officers arrived. >> police the dollars and nor their commands to drop his weapon after they shot him. they realized the was not holding a knife but a razor
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blade. how do you fear for your life. within 7 seconds that they gave my son 7 seconds. >> 13 shots. and it's just not right. gonzalez's family says he suffered from depression and police do not need to use deadly force. the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing by the district attorney's 6 months after the shooting. >> the city of hayward said in a statement that the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing. but in this case as a means of helping to support and meet the economic needs of 2 children who tragically lost their father. >> we don't want our son's memory to be forgotten, especially what happened is he says no matter what still be here. >> the money from the settlement will go toward consult his 2 young children. gonzalez is parents say it's not about the money and they're still looking for justice. >> the settlement that nothing to us. so to me is i feel i feel like. just money to keep a spy and to just. fresh my sense name under the michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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>> some sad news out of the east bay. dorothy king who own the iconic ever in jones bbq in oakland. >> has died. our thoughts go out to dorothy's family and her friends. mott's first ever female police chief is planning to retire this fall. kimberly peterson started with the department in 1996 took over as chief in 2018, she was also the city's first female member of the swat team where she served as a team leader for several years. her time it will become official on october 1st fremont police captain shawn washington will then take her place. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news legal experts are now weighing in on vanessa bryant's decision to reveal the names first responders accused of sharing photos of the helicopter crash site that killed her husband and daughter. >> more on this story ahead.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey will come back and we have to get a look at whether this morning with john travolta tells me spring is on the way. the weekend is here. mike hanna says so many good things happen to john spring sneaks up on us. a feel like i never realized it's almost there and sounds like the day before had and then you're like, oh, what over almost. >> and today is the last day
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of winter with spring kicking off tomorrow. it's really going to feel like it into this weekend and then especially next week. now this morning we still do have a few slick spots on roads. but pretty nice of you at your berkeley cam right here in the distance. we are going to be seeing skies today offering up increasi%gly dry and clear conditions and it's not going to take long to get there. we're already seeing showers exiting the region now pushing into the central coast. the central valley and up into the sierra foothills. you'll notice that blew up in the western sierra snow continues to fall out there. as conditions in the south bay san jose. nice and calm right now. we did see rainfall last night. so your roadways are wet inland. east bay. also nice and calm currently couple of sprinkles working their way right along ocean beach down through daly city. a further south towards over. on terra nothing more than sprinkles, though. and then east of sandra fell. we also do have a light area of rainfall that you can see continues a little bit further northward into northern marine sonoma and eventually up into lake and mendocino counties, too. just those isolated pockets of
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rainfall cold front really diminishing as it clears through the region today is just going to be a bit on the breezy and brisk side. so i know the sunshine's coming back out. we've got dry skies ahead of us for the rest of the day. but you're still going to need the jacket since the last day of winter dress accordingly. tomorrow. winds should come down a bit. we are going to be seeing daytime highs that much warmer for your first day of the new season today. we're not there just quite yet. tomorrow is a nice and clear one after today's increase sunshine this afternoon high temperatures today will be just a touch warmer than yesterday's, but pretty similar. all in all to where we've been really the past 3 days upper 50's to low 60's is where most of us are going to be spending this afternoon foster city palo alto and mountain view each at 61 south bay temperatures also in the low 60's mostly with 61 in fremont, hayward up through castro valley. san leandro in oakland walnut creek and conquered 62 for your numbers while north bay temps in the upper 50's to low 60's. the most noticeable difference from the mid 50's yesterday
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tomorrow's temperatures i mentioned get a little bit warmer for your first day of season, but sunday will be the warmest of the weekend with ample sunshine and mid 60's. as for next week, even warmer yet with wednesday, especially noteworthy highs in the low 70's reyna. john, thank you. as you are hitting the roads this morning. things are looking great out there. >> nice friday-like could need here. hopefully could say this way we have had no reports of any hot spots, any major accidents at this hour. under 11 minutes for your drive. time to that fremont street exit. let's also head over to the golden gate bridge to get a look at things there. we had some early morning construction going on here. see no fog. so visibility looks great about 22 minutes as you're driving into the city at a look at the richmond sandra fell commute starting to pick up just a tad bit under 9 minutes for your drive time. we'll stay on top of your commute for you. we'll have more on that coming up for now back to the news. vanessa bryant has revealed the names of the deputies accused of sharing graphic
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photos of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, kobe and daughter, gianna and 7 others. karen winter has the details. >> the names of joey crews raw film. michael russell and roll for solace were listed on the court documents tied to the invasion of privacy laws. bryant filed against la county sheriff's department. this is an amended federal complaint attorneys for la county. they wanted to keep the deputies nafes. didn't happen. these officials were in charge of securing the wreckage site and to prevent the public from gaining access. instead, the lawsuit alleges the deputies took anywhere from 25 to 100 pictures on their cell phones and shared, which should have been protected evidence to there is a public message here and that is he isn't just a sports star. he's a husband he's a and. >> her and her family have a right to privacy. according to the complaint, quote, deputy crews boasted that he had worked at the scene of the accident were kobe bryant died. crews then showed photos of bryant's remains to a fellow bar patron and the
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restaurant's bartender and he is seen on the bar security camera zooming in and out of the images while displaying them to the bartender. another according to the complaint, initially told his bosses he took the photos and send them to others to, quote. >> and questions regarding the collar numbers and identifying features of the aircraft. he later allegedly fessed up saying that was a cover-up was improper actions and that curiosity got the best of us in the lawsuit. bryant's lawyers wrote the sheriff's and fire departments are rages. actions here have caused a miss brian severe emotional distress and compounded the trauma of losing kobe and gianna bryant's attorneys also contend sheriff alex villanueva failed in his response in a number of areas. there was no standard investigation into the matter. he didn't properly search the cellphones of the deputies or report the incident to the inspector general also that he didn't alert his own internal affairs division of the sheriff's department in less the sheriff's department settles this lawsuit, which i believe they should this will be a very public trial.
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>> where we will probably learn. not only did these officers take the pictures with no legitimate government reason to do so much and share them. but the sheriff's department from the very top levels sought to cover it up. >> the california senate has voted to expand sick leave for workers because of the pandemic. a similar bill was passed last year, but it expire december 31st. it requires companies with at least 25 employees to offer up to 2 weeks of paid sick leave for a variety of virus-related reasons. the bill is retroactive to january first. meaning some companies may have to pay for sick leave. that was already taken. the west contra costa county public education fund his partner with the school district to braise covid-19 rapid release funds members of the group raised a $105,000. so far for the spring 2021 fun. they are aiming for
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another 170,000. the goal is to help support 300 families during the pandemic with $500 rapid relief payments and closing the digital divide. 90% of the families getting help from the fund say they've lost their jobs or have reduced hours because of the pandemic. happening today. the warriors are back in action, but they will likely be without steph curry who loses his telephone. wednesday and the lawyers win over the houston rockets juniors. also doubtful for today's game with a foot injury lawyers take on the grizzlies tonight at 5 o'clock to stop it. there was some good news for staff. the naacp will receive this year's robinson award for his contributions to the social justice and civil rights movement. the naacp side of curry's eat learn play foundation. and as launch of the curry brand. among his contributions to the community head coach steve kerr agrees that curry deserves this recognition. >> he's done so really things
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to to help people. to raise awareness for different different issues. he's really done an amazing job of figuring out how to balance his life. and committed itself to not only his craft and his career but his family and his community and all the people around you. understands the power he holds uses it for good. so he's an amazing, amazing person. >> the wnba is also being honored and will be a joint recipient of the award. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, not a trick. the should be a treat when you should plan on heading to golden gate park for this year's outside lands festival. a big
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announcement for music festival. fans outside lands is ago this year. but the date is getting pushed back. >> the safety plan still needs to be worked out. their kron four's maureen kelly gives us a glimpse of what it might look like. this video showing happy music lovers crushed together dancing is only from 2019. >> but it feels like a lifetime ago. you remember outside lands promoters held off canceling the august 2020 music festival in till june, hoping the virus would have petered out. but now they're selling tickets for the three-day festival. again.
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however, now it will be in october, not august on halloween weekend. they've got some of the same big names coming back this time around. lizzo and the strokes to name a few headliners. another planet entertainment that puts on the event says they are pushing the date back to help work on determining any new safety measures necessary. so exactly how it's going to look in terms of social distancing masks be required and how many people will be allowed in those questions have yet to be answered. so it's unclear exactly how it's going to look ucsf infectious disease expert doctor george rutherford had some ideas to keep the number of people down making people where, you know, masks i realized nobody wants to go down the line of requiring people to be. >> show proof of vaccination. but that will be another way to view could potentially do this. there are lots of different ways you could you could put something on with some amount of distance saying the less density and and do it
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safely. if the if the number of cases does indeed state down, which we certainly hope it does. >> but i asked city officials that this had their blessing, the covid command center responded with a statement that reads, quote, public health officials are working with large outdoor events to create a plan for reopening consistent with state and local guidelines. we know that returning to environment in which people can safely gather will be an essential aspect to our economic recovery and are working closely with these partners to develop plans that allow us to reopen these events in a manner that minimizes risk one of the guidelines they're working on is capacity. one city official tells me whatever they plan will have to get a green light from the health department. first, maureen kelly kron 4 >> happening today. amc is reopening dozens of his locations. this includes several a los angeles riverside san bernardino ventura counties masks will be required and social distancing enforced all theaters are limit capacity. hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be
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available coming up in the next hour, the san leandro unified school district and teachers association have reached a tentative deal for hybrid instruction. details up next in a live report. plus, barton caltrans will be modified schedules next week to accommodate an uptick in ridership will have more on that coming up next.
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>> 9,000 students within the sand the unified school district could be back in school. within weeks. coming up, we'll tell you what happened last night to make that happen. >> the cdc thinking about a new social distance guidelines that schools will tell you what it could mean for your kids. >> and san francisco could be in the orange tier soon as next week. we'll tell you what that means for people and businesses in the city. >> from the area's local news he kron 4 morning news car. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us on a friday
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this month making here. i'm darya folsom which are a nice that it's a little drier out this morning. it was yesterday driving in looks like the timing of that rain work just to john had promised. good mother nature wasting no time this morning clearing things out, guys, we still do have couple lingering sprinkles which all definitely cover for yet, but compared to yesterday, specially yesterday afternoon. we are much calmer, so pretty easy for your morning commute. all in all. >> compared to where we were looking through the clouds that are secure tower cam down at san francisco. definitely plenty of low clouds, but that heavy rainfall and the bulk of it for that matter has moved out of the region now into the central coast and out into the central valley. south bay, you're nice and quiet right now. do watch for some low cloud cover and wet spots, though, is you most recently sawyer rainfall. couple of sprinkles on the peninsula and then for the north bay. a few light isolated areas of showers too, including the right along one o one between nevado in santa rosa. as for temperatures, much like yesterday. we're pretty mild to kick things off 40


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