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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  March 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 4 morning news. it's ----. i'm reyna harvey. lets start this morning with a check on weather with john shrable. here's a look at the bay bridge. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. on the peninsula... san mateo county officials are hoping to move into the less restrictive orange tier next week.the county has been in the red tier for over a week. kron 4's gayle ong checked in on businesses in san carlos. keeping track of bay area vaccinations... at the áoakland coliseum siteá... more than 8-thousand people got vaccinaextimoved back to th golden state to practice law. he was a deputy city attorney in san francisco for nine years. bonta was first elected to the assembly in 2012. he was the state's first filipino american state legislator. he would replace xavier becerra, who was just confirmed as president joe biden's health secretary. this announcement was just made.. and we will have all the details on kron 4 news tonight. assemblymember david chiu of san francisco says- he looks forward to confirming bonta to the position.he said in a statement --"i could not be more pleased and excited for my good friend rob bonta. rob is and always has been a fighter for justice. i have no doubt he will use his
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authority as california's next attorney general to stand up for what is right and protect californians at every turn." along the peninsula today, san mateo city and county leaders gathered to ádenounce the recent violence against the asian american and pacific islander community. kron 4's charles clifford joins us live with their message, charles?
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they're working on some legislation to provide assistance to victims and also possibly create a hate crimes database for reference for law enforcement but for now in san mateo county. charles clifford kron 4 news, thank you so much, charles. also in the south bay members of the san jose police department. >> walking around the city's downtown district today. the goal of the foot patrols here was to connect with the community as the city prepares for more reopenings. >> spoke with an house person, people that recently been a crisis and we spoke and business owners where you know, we're offering them hope. you know, at the end the day we want to be visible as much as we can. you know, we know we need to get out on foot. and increase our relationship. what's going to help us be a force multiplier for the department as a whole. and the more they see is engaging and non law enforcement contacts. you know, the more willing to gain be the talk to spot some of their concerns. >> the police department says they plan on holding these foot patrols throughout the
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year. a san jose woman has now been charged with a hate crime after police say she attacked a mcdonald's employee and a manager who asked her to put on a mask. the police say the 40 year-old alina jackson's was eating inside the mcdonald's without a mask that violates the restaurant's policies when a server asked her to leave. she yelled racial slurs at him. that's the allegation. the manager approached jenkins and asked her to leave. but she responded by calling the manager, quote, a stupid mexican and then police say she punched him in the arm and shoulder even after police arrived on the scene nenkins continue to make racially charged comments about the mcdonald's workers. san francisco police have now made an arrest in connection to assaults on at least 3 asian americans. police say these incidents happened around 8 o'clock monday morning at polk and clay streets. officers say 43 year-old michael lopez was first seen following 2 asian women and throwing an unknown object at them. the suspect then approached a witness to
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the event 100 threats of violence and tried to hit the witness with a broomstick when the witness pepper sprayed him. police say lopez started attacking a homeless person with that broom as well as the man who tried to intervene police say all of the victims are asian americans. now to an update on a story we first brought you earlier this month the 75 yearold san francisco woman who fought off her attacker is now giving back to the asian community. her grandson started an online fundraiser to help with medical bills with the goal of collecting $50,000 and soon after the donations began pouring in and you can see here it's totaling well over $90,000 right now. now she does plan on donating threst of the money to help fight asian hate crimes. national news and president biden is tapping vice president kamala harris to lead the administration's response to the challenges at the border. the vice president will serve as the lead person and the
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representative to mexico and central american countries. washington correspondent rashad hudson has the very latest. the biden administration continues to face pressure from lawmakers to address the surge at the southern border. >> the vice president says the administration will enforce the law while treating the situation and humane way. president joe biden says vice president kamala harris will lead the administration's response to the migrant surge at the u.s. mexico border. she's going to qualify first do it, to meet our efforts. with mexico in the northern triangle. the president says while the job will be tough. he's optimistic hairs can get it done. you there's no question that this is a challenging situation. vice president harris says the administration must address the root causes of why migrants are fleeing their native countries and vowed to enforce the law. we're clear that people should not come to the border now. >> on capitol hill, south
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carolina republican senator lindsey graham introduced legislation to deter unaccompanied minors by requiring them to return to their home countries to file their asylum claims. most asylum seekers are not coming because of fear. but because of economic distress. the asylum standards has been completely abused. graham says the biden administration has lost control of the border and needs to take it back. all you have to do president by. you don't have to listen to me. go to the border yourself. talk to the people in charge of the port of entries. the porter patrol and they will tell you what you need to do to stop this flow. the president has indicated he plans to visit the border but hasn't said when later this week, another group lawmakers will head to the southern border to see the situation firsthand in washington. rashad hudson back to you. >> let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside here along the bay bridge. it is gorgeous out there today. warm
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and sunny, the issue, though, is there's no rain in sight. let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. she has a look now at the forecast. yeah, that's right. just and in fact, we didn't really have much of a wet season so far. we've only gotten less than half of the water that we needed to get during the winter months. now that we're transitioning into spring warmer and drier days like today. lay ahead. so let's take a look at the latest drought monitor map moderate to severe drought for most of the bay area. but extreme conditions for those of you in the northeast portion of the north bay. that's why you have that bright red color shaded over your area and 24 hour temperature change showing that warmer air mass out there even this afternoon double digit warming. for those of you at fairfield. widespread 50's, 60's and yes, even 70's, as you head out the door for your midweek forecast downtown sanford this good 61 degrees. cooler. for those of you at half moon bay 54 degrees. but a near 15 degree difference
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for dublin and conquered compared to half moon bay. low 70's of you for pittsburgh and fairfield 20 degrees warmer than half moon bay right now in the mid 70's with widespread upper 60's and low 70's right now. for those of you in the north bay novato 72 degrees in petaluma and napa currently in the upper 60's so well above average temperatures. today we're tracking a few high clouds overhead, but that's not stopping the mercury from rising today. and when cast is going to show. now we're going to see some w winds out there right now on the breezy side. but along the coast later tonight. we're going to see got gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less. thanks to that offshore flow. but we do have a cooling trend under way for us for our thursday forecast right now, though, very dry calm outlook. the we're going to see an increase in cloud cover tonight and also some light drizzle as well. mainly for those of you in the south bay could see traces amount of light rain for those of you right
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throughout san jose and maybe even into fremont as well. but most of those light rain showers primarily sticking over in mount hamilton. so not expected to make its way into the lower valleys. but taking a look ahead at the extended forecast after a slight cooling trend on thursday. we're going to warm up in the big way this weekend. we could even reach a tease for inland valleys. more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes. justine, back to you. thanks so much. we'll go to the east bay now in high school students in alameda could be back in the classroom as soon as mid april the alameda unified school district says they have now reached a tentative reopening agreement. >> with the alameda education association. the plan calls for hybrid learning with some in person and some distance classes. the agreement calls for covid testing improve ventilation and hand sanitizing stations. >> much more ahead here today at 3, there's a new way. we will be honoring one of largest events in san francisco, which is pride. details on the covid friendly
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celebrations planned for this year. we're also following several local stories. the search is on for this man who exposed himself to a bay area teenager details from who police are looking for. and after the break, seasonal allergies or covid-19 have a breakdown of the symptoms that you should be looking out for and how to figure out exactly when it's time to take a covid test.
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>> well, the pandemic keeps pushing along. but it's also allergy seasons or those sneezes and sniffles covid-19 or just allergies reporter dina bear breaks down the symptoms. >> the telltale signs of spring trees. budding flowers popping up. but the beauty is often marred by the reaction to all the allergens. now that, you know, there's people are very focused and. >> rightly so very concerned that because sore throat may be a sign of covid. it happens every year. the sneezing begins its he water you eyes blur the world around. >> if you experience these, you do not need a covid test. spike a fever or lose the sense of taste and smell get that asked. people are trying to go back to work and trying to go back to their normal lives and cops. you know, sore throats. >> people are very, very focused on that. so let's break down all the symptoms of the season allergy and pandemic.
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>> a high fever is often associated with covid. but rarely occurs with allergies covid sufferers feel intense head pain. so to those with allergies, the clock sinuses can lead people with massive headaches. if you watery eyes are never associated with covid. but our frequent complaints with allergies with both. people can feel fatigued and had a sore throat and runny nose as the body's immune system kicks in to fight off either sars covid 2, the virus that causes covid-19 or substances it deems harmful like pollen mold, animal dander or even food, though the nose may feel stuffy sneezing is rarely associated with covid just allergies. and if you have a loss of taste or smell, not just from congestion but sudden onset. that is covid not allergies. so being proactive is very, very important. if you know, you have allergies start taking some over the counter allergy medication early on the season to ease the fear be proactive when it comes to eeducing allergy symptoms.
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don't drink alcohol can also release a lot of >> obviously everything in moderation in oakland run. a lot forget making your bed. that seats can be a good source of allergies as they tend to pick up the ticket seemed to pick up moisture from your sweat them. they tend to have things dust mites and so airing out your sheets would be a good thing if you need vision correction opt for glasses instead of contacts. those contests into trap allergens behind that can certainly cause a lot of eye irritation and its chain and all the fruits and vegetables always seem healthy choice summer not advised an allergy season bananas, melons and tomatoes can cause across reaction body sees them somewhat of a foreign substance. and so it tends put urgent response to them. that was dina bair reporting and changing the filters are on your house might also be helpful. and you can call your doctor if you have any more questions. >> now, san francisco's pride parade will not be happening
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again this summer because of the pandemic. but there will be events that you can attend in person organizers announced modified pride plans for the month of june. the theme for this year is all in this together and there will be an expo and a movie night at oracle park. the organization has also expanded its programming from the last weekend of june to encompass the whole pride month. and you can find a lot more information about this year's celebrations on our website. kron 4 dot com. now let's go to history in the making. the new co-host of entertainment tonight is nischelle turner and she's the first black woman to anchor the program. and she's live with us right now. michelle, thank you for joining us. >> i how are you? thank you for having so when you say that i'm still trying to wrap my brain thing you are making history. how are you feeling about it. >> i mean, i'm over the moon overwhelmed and humbled and excited. you know, a little bit taken aback because if i
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didn't expect it, but i'm so grateful for the opportunity. i'm ready for the opportunity. and i'm just i'm just really excited to kind of us are in this new chapter bt for its season. and i think it really. says something about the network and about our show that you know, having such a milestone season this year and then we're also know clean the stamp on a show in to get into an entirely different direction. so i i'm just i'm really, really happy. very happy. this is a well-deserved moment in the the congrats are pouring percent. you the biggest bouquet of flowers i've ever seen there like the size of beach umbrella. >> he needed if you guys don't care how the sausage is made. i'll show you. they are still here in my office and am around the i'm a little wobbly because i'm at my desk there right over here. and they literally cover the entire fall over. >> my of my office round of
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just from mining. you oprah sent them to you. about 5, 5 and i have to tell you, they come up to past my way. smells so good. they're so beautiful. i was thinking like how do call a florist and say give me all the flowers in your shop and every single one of the shops in the race to city. i'm not really sure you order those. the boy am i glad they came in. you know, over has away of putting a stamp on a moment for you and showing you. just impactful and special the moment is in. and, you know, she said to me you earned your seat at the table and i want you to enjoy every minute of this. and i'm just really grateful for that. all of the outpouring of love. i got some wonderful congratulations. robin roberts today saying the same thing. it just feels really good to know that these who i stand on
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their shoulders or routing the on cheering for me all the way it's as an ally affirmation. you know. >> so now you have this platform. how are you going to propel it. what's the next step? >> well, you know, i grew up a group in mi souri, in rural missouri. i'm a country girl at heart. i grew up in a blue collar family who you know is a faith-based family. we believe in the life of service. we believe in paying it forward. we believe in trying to make our little corner of the world better in any way. we know how so? for me now having a bigger platform. i'm able to, you know, really be an example for other young girls of color that they can do the same thing. it also just talk about the things that mean the most to me and that's, you know, helping with the homeless feeding the hungry really investing in children. and those are all things that i've been doing. but now i can really take it to the next level. that's what i'm actually most >> but with your job to there's no red carpets.
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there's no movie per premiers. you're talking to these hosts. >> you know, feel the hugs, though, through the screen. but how do you then with these changes that the pandemic has brought to your program. how do you how do you. >> you know, still make it be the best that it can be. >> we've had just like everybody else and kind of figure out a new path for us here. and i have to tell you, i'm not sure how you guys but i think that we've done some of the best work that we've ever done in our lives. when you when you take the celebrity of it all in some ways because we all kind of on an even playing field. we're all sitting in our living rooms in the man might come to the door time for anybody. and we're probably have one swift and tennis shoes nice top and it kind of takes all that weird us out of it. if you're sitting in a hotel room with the celebrity. and there, you their rest are all around and you can just kind of have a
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conversation. and what i found is that so many people are just happy to see a face as well. and so it takes all that we're this out. you can have a real honest conversation and really get some good things out of people that a lot of times they would be guarded. so i really feel like we've had the best content that we've had in a long time because we're all working really to get the best. we can get in our interviews because all the production stuff is gone right. in that way, i think we very framed and it's been a real silver lining. and i know that i feel that wind. we've also tackled a lot of issues that i think maybe would never think we would've been in the pandemic. if you're going have the social justice issues we really dug i think we've been more media. i think we've been more thoughtful and that i think has made our show better. definitely. >> well, you are warm and you are a thoughtful and you're full of energy and everyone knows that you are so deserving of this job and we can't wait to watch you. >> can i come visit you all we have is >> we'll bring some likes of dry out some of those flowers
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from i have a plan, not an era. flour is going away i'm driving all i'm going make i got you. i got you like like a little ziploc bag and then sign it. >> you're good. you're good. does it congrats the show? we'll see you at meaty. appreciate you for having me. we do have some breaking news that we're watching here on kron 4, 3, fremont police are now investigating an officer-involved shooting. this is happening in the area of highway 84. >> in arden would boulevard. they say according to this tweet that the fremont police department has put out this is a very active scene. and this major roadway has been closed. they're asking people to stay away from the area as soon as we get more details from the fremont police department about this breaking news story. i'll be sure to bring them to you right here on kron. 4 news at 3. >> and still ahead, they're
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saving lives. but are horrible for the environment why face masks and gloves protecting us from covid are causing a major problem and bay area beaches and then after the break, a sandwich shop that was robbed at gunpoint along the peninsula. we have details on the suspect. police are looking for this afternoon. bac
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breaking news we're watching here out of fremont. this is a officer involved shooting and
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we now have some pictures of the area where police. >> say there's a very active scene. it's a caltrans camera near highway 84 at newark. this is right near the arden exit, which is where police are saying this officer involved shooting has happened. they're saying to keep people away from the area because they roadway has been closed. do we have that caltrans camera put up. we can't get the camera work. we're going to work on that and bring it to you again. as you can see, we are following this breaking news story out of fremont. more details as soon as they become available. let's take a break because next at 3.30, the cdc is offering progress on the vaccine front. >> they can not give guidance on reopening all the schools will have the latest from washington, dc. >> the concern is we might see this as a sign that, you know, the coast is clear. >> some critical weeks ahead. and why marine county's health officer is urging caution as more people begin going inside. and family members of
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the victims of the mass shooting at a colorado supermarket are now speaking out. we'll go live to boulder, colorado and get the latest on the investigation and learn bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. call for your free reverse mortgage loan guide look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> back to the breaking news we're watching here. it's technically out of newark. but fremont police or the agency that is investigating right now. and this is the caltrans camera that we're looking at live showing us the major backup in traffic as this
3:32 pm
police investigation starts right now. we understand this is an officer involved shooting in the area of highway 84, which is the camera that we're looking at now and arden would boulevard. but this is right near the newark exit and just looking at a map just to see where that is. it's sort of near the arden would historic farm. that's one of the major locators near jfk elementary school is also in the area. but again, this is a live caltrans camera showing us the traffic is not moving right now. and appears in either direction on highway 84 at newark right near the arden would exit again. fremont police are involved in an officer involved shooting. we're working to get details on if an officer shot someone or of someone shot at an office or or if it's both. again, we're always getting new details on the story we're working actively to get information to you. so stay with us right here on kron. 4 news at 3 for details on this breaking news story. but now we want to go now to what
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we're learning about the victims of that mass shooting at a boulder, colorado grocery store. 10 people died including a veteran police officer and bruce hurtle from our station in denver is joining us now live from boulder with the very latest. good evening, bruce. >> good evening just enough. the suspect will make his first appearance bright and early tomorrow morning at which time he is expected to be formally charged with a 10 counts of first degree murder. now in the meantime, there will be a vigil tonight, a community-wide. the vigil is scheduled for outside the courthouse as this community starts to try and he'll even as families continue to grieve. >> we are all worse for the loss of their dreams. any one of us could have been them mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers sons and daughters. people just living their lives an artist and
3:34 pm
aspiring pilot a nice who lifted others with her laugh and her life review was truly special to us. >> she was fire she was lovely. ricky was. and the light of our. our family. we celebrate the heroism of officer eric talley. >> who spent a life protecting others. his younger sister telling the washington post he was everything. a big brother was supposed to be. if i got in trouble. he took the blame. he was always willing to put himself at risk. which of course he did so bravely on that monday afternoon i don't consider myself a hero. i believe our police department. i believe the officer that was shot at the entrance. he is the biggest hero that all 20 year-old logan smith. >> a worker inside the store
3:35 pm
where his first instinct was to protect a 69 year-old co-worker before finally trying to take refuge himself the gunman was approaching my kiosk. and while i was hiding. >> he got 13 feet away from me. not single word was said from him until police arrived. they were shouting at him. gunshots were fired. >> it was just silence. longest 20 minutes of my life. >> even as we speak. officer talley's body is being transported from here in boulder to aurora, kansas. a 40 mile per session that is dotted. we are told by first responders and general citizens just paying their respects. of course, makeshift memorials continue to grow here both at police headquarters for officer talley and right behind me at the crime scene along the fence line. with a steady stream of mourners continuing to express their support. and obviously these most difficult
3:36 pm
of times in boulder, colorado. i'm bruce hurtle. >> thank you, bruce. now to our coronavirus coverage and marin county is moving into the orange tier and more restrictions are being lifted. so people in can do more things than they used to do. pre pandemic. but the marin county health officer is warning. don't let your guard down too much enforcement kelly talks. and today joining us live from larkspur inside, which is allowed to sell mask on. >> but marine we still need to be >> that's right, justine, i'm standing inside looks a here in downtown clarksburg where because we're in orange chair. now they've been able to open up more of their tables or inside dining. but the moraine county health officer is warning that just because the restrictions are starting to loosen up doesn't mean people should get to lose when it
3:37 pm
comes to things like social distancing. >> most of the available tables were full inside this larkspur eatery at lunch time even though it was beautiful outside for this pair of vaccinated, friends. it was a treat to be together and doing something they haven't done in a while. just amazing. i mean, it's like we've been let out of marin counties, positive case rate is down to 2.5 per 100,000 residents which is the best it's been since october. and now half of the adults in the county have been vaccinated, but the marin county health officers worried this good news will make people a little too relaxed the concern is people might see this as a sign that, you know, the coast is clear. >> it down their guard. you know, we need to really hair that optimism with with real caution that we remain at risk and we could backslide. we saw 50 cases, new cases of the weekend in marion county. so again, it's very active still in our community. if we want to move to the yellow tier.
3:38 pm
that's less than one case per 100,000 residents per day. we're going to have to earn that. through continuing to do all the things we know how to do to prevent transmission. >> you know what that means. mask-up stay socially distant the cdc says fully vaccinated people can gather indoors with other vaccinated. people. everyone else needs to avoid doctor willis is concerned that more people are traveling leaving the county and the state which brings the threat of more infectious variance. >> closer to home. the next 4 weeks i see is as critical for us. california has been relatively spared thus far but other places michigan, new jersey, other parts of the united states are seeing increases in case rates due to this variant. we're close. you know, again, half of our residents vaccinated with the next over the next 4 weeks of can get enough of us vaccinated will be able to dodge that. my hope is that we'll be of actually prevent that vary from really getting a foothold in our communities.
3:39 pm
>> so he is saying that really important for people to follow the social of asking avoiding gatherings inside unless you're fully-vaccinated and your with another fully vaccinated person outside your household. really not too late for us to drop the ball and possibly backslide into the red tier or even the purple tier and no one wants to see that reporting live in larkspur. i morning. kelly kron 4 thank you so much. marine. >> and coming up here, the prepandemic pain at the pump will take a look around the bay area for where you can find cheap gas. also, why masks and gloves may be coming. a double edge sword.
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>> covid related trash is causing ocean pollution. the pacific beach coalition, which is clean beaches for 25 years says now noticed an increase in discarded ppe on beaches around pacifica. the group says during the pandemic they picked up nearly 300 masks and gloves every month. that's only what they've been recording in a report that was released last year. another environmental group estimated that 1.6 billion masks could have ended up in the oceans and animals can get stuck in the masks or even eat them, sticking them for food environmentalists want you to be more mindful when you throw
3:43 pm
out your mask and make sure goes into the garbage, show. it doesn't end up in our waters. well, if you need to unwind after a long day of zoom calls and or running around with kids. news nation has a new show for you. banfield is a when our conversation that recently launched on news nation and joining us now to tell us what she has in store for this week is none other than the host herself from actually banfield. thank you for joining >> i just being so good to see boy, oh, boy. tonight. i think we're going to knock your socks off with a knee to review with william shatner. if you can believe it. he turns 90 this week. that's 9 o and he's doing more in his 90's, then you or i or any of our viewers right now have probably done in their 30's 40's and 50's come bind. he's dropping a brand new movie called senior moment. he just dropped an album in october because why not? and it's already on the charts in the
3:44 pm
blues category. he also has a television show that he's on regularly and then in all of that spare time that he has. he is a competitive horseback rider flames shot her. and so we also talked space in the final frontier in what he thinks is out there and all through the interview, william shatner decided to eat sushi. and when he asks that you say yes. mister so it's a pretty entertaining interview. and i hope you guys will join us too bad you can do the interview then together because then you could have shared sushi. you could have had some 4 after >> we look forward to your show tonight. banks banfield airs on news nation at 7 o'clock. our time and for more information on how to watch. you can head to news nation now dot com. >> up next, the gender pay gap in america. the latest push on capitol hill to get equal pay for women.
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>> for your money right now and your wallet might be feeling it. california gas prices have increased to the highest level since before the pandemic. the average price for a gallon of gas in california is now $3.88. that is the highest since november. 18th of 2019 nationally. the average price is $2.87 a gallon. this is the 14th consecutive week of increases as more people are starting to get out and about. meanwhile, here in the bay area, san
3:48 pm
francisco. still the highest price of gas, about $4.4. second highest in marine county, solano county, the lowest price for gas at $3.84 a gallon. well, on equal pay day the white house and lawmakers on capitol hill are drawing attention to the issue that many women with they deal with. they make a lot less money compared to men in the united us soccer star megan repoen told lawmakers today that she and her teammates are paid less than male professional soccer players despite outperforming the men's team. >> one cannot simply outperform inequality or beak excellent enough to escape discrimination of any kind. >> statistics show on average women earn about $0.82 for each dollar earned by a man democrats are pushing for the passage of the paycheck fairness act which would
3:49 pm
update employment laws and also add enforcement tools. well, women can literally do anything and the oakland a's announced that they have named amelia schimmel as the team's new public address announcer. and this is also history in the making says she's joining us now live to talk about this. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. so you're going to be the 3rd pa announcer in a's history. stop there. the first female pay pa announcer in a's history and then you're the 3rd active female pa announcer in mlb history. that's a lot of first and even in like the top 3. can you believe this is happening. >> no, i can't believe it's happening. on us. leon. i'm so honored and i'm so and i'm really happy to be able to do something lot of women get to and hopefully there will be more soon. >> so by all accounts, this is really remarkable that you are holding this position. how are
3:50 pm
you planning to change the game. >> well, i'm going to just try to be myself and and basically take what i've learned from allen roy steele, 2 pa announcers for the a's that, you know, i learned a lot from i got to meet i got to work closely with an did. callahan was just, you know, the late great the killing and he was unbelievable. he was a mentor to me. he was a friend to me. he was a friend to all. and i learned so much from him. and i was able to apply some of that last season. and obviously a group these fantasy that the picture there, mike. >> my open girls softball league team. i buy the stocks team. >> i grew up, you know, greeting gold. closet, blue green and gold. >> games with my family growing up. and, you know, it's part of my history and it's just an honor to be able to kind of have these worlds collide. my work and my love of the a's. and again, i'm going to take, you know, callahan's teachings and try to apply them. >> so this year you're going to be actually talking to fans in the stands and not
3:51 pm
cardboard cut outs. will that like how will that fuel you. >> yeah. you know, the cardboard cut outs there is so nice. they just you know, they've they just sat there and listened to but it's going to be really, really exciting to have fans actually react and sheer. i know they're cheering for the play on the field. but i'm hoping to help enhance that, you know, i hope that my passion for the a's in the game of baseball comes through and they know that when i'm when i'm hyping up the crowd, it's because i'm really excited, too, because something great about to happen or just didn't happen. so i just can't wait for opening day because it's been so long without fans. and i know we're all just kind of dying to have that. >> so how are you preparing for opening day learning the players, correct pronunciations of their name hydrating studying with what are you doing to get ready for opening night. >> all of that. i mean, i never >> talk about hydration is part of my job and. you know, practicing kind of using my voice and making sure that i have the endurance for an 81 game 81 game regular season.
3:52 pm
and and really kind of, you know, the presentations like you said, i do know a lot of the players already, which is great. but we've got new ones each season and the opposing teams have to learn as well. just generally kind of honing in on that note to the game, but also really like practicing breathing and slowing down and things i never had to think about before. >> slowing down. that's a tough one. so you now have a seat at the table. the mike is on. how do you think that this will inspire other girls who used to think, well, this is not something that i could ever do. but she's doing it. so maybe i can. >> yeah. you know, i really hope it i when i was 7, 8, 9, years old and going a's games. i never thought that this was an opportunity for i did have an unbelievable the role model and brooks moon over the giants and she's been amazingly well coming in kind to me, you know, but i don't know at the time and i i knew that when she started the giants. i was really inspired by what she was doing. but i didn't know it was really an
3:53 pm
option for me. and so i hope that that becomes an option for women. you know, for little girls to come of the game say, you know what, i can do any of these jobs here and maybe eventually some day i'll be playing on the baseball field too. and i'm really honored to to be able to be a part of that. even a small part of that. >> well, congrats on your new role. and we look forward to hearing from you. thanks a lot.
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
before we sign off here. 3
3:56 pm
will go to the breaking news we're following out of fremont. it's technically newark. but fremont police are investigating this is highway 84 in a video >> viewer posted on twitter and gave us permission to use included see here from 84 traffic is stopped. this is on 84 or right near arden would boulevard. police are saying there's been an officer involved shooting. and there's an active situation happening right now traffic on 84 is stopped in both directions. they're asking people to avoid the area. there's no time yet on when this roadway might be reopening. we're still working on getting details on whether or not police shot at a suspect or a person of interest or if a suspect or person of interest shot at police officers. we are working to get you more information. details coming up tonight during kron 4 news at 5, 6, >> and let's take a final check at your forecast. here's a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley
3:57 pm
tracking some cloud cover overhead. but still in the 70's for some of our inland valleys like novato and those of you in concord, in antioch, fremont as well in the low 70's as redwood city. everyone else in the 60's and overnight lows tonight widespread 40's. so going to stay on the mild side with daytime highs tomorrow. cooling down 5 to 10 degrees from today low to mid 60's. so very seasonable temperatures until we warm up again starting friday lasting all weekend long. justine. >> give a breeze and that wraps up kron 4 news at 3. i'm justine waldman. thank you so much for joining us. and we'll see you right back here tomorrow.
3:58 pm
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i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil"... the texas police chief, married with six girlfriends on the side. >> i lied to my wife, i lied to my kids, to my family, and of course i lead to these women. >> the woman who exposed his affairs speaks out. >> i felt overwhelmed, embarrassed, angry, sad. it's still hard for me to reconcile who he was to me and who he really was. everything out of his mouth was a lie. he said he was divorced since 2016. and it's maggie deception... speaker that is a boldfaced lie to them at the same time. >> i messed up. >> there are people saying you haven't learned your lesson, that you are back on dating


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