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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  March 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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than dovato if you plan to be pregnant or if pregnancy is confirmed during the first trimester. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control... while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. hiv medicine is one part of it. breaking news tonight at 5.30, a police shooting on highway 84 in fremont right now. several lanes of traffic are still close live show you new video of the scene just in to kron 4. you can see a heavy
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police. >> president. sarah tarp has been set up shooting happened well, this afternoon. a couple of hours ago on highway 84 near armwood boulevard on roads in that area have been shut down. the fremont police department was initially involved in the case but is now turning the investigation over to the hayward highway patrol. we're waiting for more information and we have a reporter heading to the scene. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. today, we're learning more about the victims of that mass shooting at a boulder colorado grocery store. 10 people died including a veteran police officer and bruce hurtle from our sister station in denver is joining us live from boulder and bruce, so what are we learning today. >> well, we know that the suspect will make his first appearance in court bright and early tomorrow morning at which time he is expected to be formally charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder in the meantime, there will be
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a vigil. but tonight for the community to honor the memory of the victims. of course, that's at the county courthouse is a community starts to try and heal even as families of the victims continue to grieve. >> we are all worse for the loss of their dreams. any one of us could have been them mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers sons and daughters. people just living their lives an artist and aspiring pilot a nice who lifted others with her laugh and her life review was truly special to us. >> she was fire she was probably. ricky was. and the light of our. our family. we celebrate the heroism of officer eric talley. >> who spent a life protecting others. his younger sister telling the washington post he was everything. a big brother
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was supposed to be. if i got in trouble. he took the blame. he was always willing to put himself at risk. which of course he did so bravely on that monday afternoon. i don't consider myself a hero. i believe our police department. i believe the officer that was shot at the entrance. he is the biggest hero that all 20 year-old logan smith. >> a worker inside the store where his first instinct was to protect a 69 year-old co-worker before finally trying to take refuge himself the gunman was approaching my kiosk. and while i was hiding. >> he got 13 feet away from me. not single word was said from him until police arrived. they were shouting at him. gunshots were fired. >> it was just silence long as 20 minutes of my life. >> officer eric tallies. the body was transported from here
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in boulder today. 40 miles to his home in aurora, colorado. i 40 mile per session. that was dotted. and at times lined by first responders and citizens paying their respects, people all over the state of colorado still trying to come to grips with this incredible tragedy in boulder, colorado. i'm bruce hurtle. >> thank you, bruce. vaccination efforts across the country continue to improve. but the cdc director says it's not enough yet to fully reopen schools. washington correspondent jessi turnure has that story. >> no country has vaccinated more people than us. the white house covid-19 response team reports 45 million americans are now fully vaccinated and more and more studies show the shots work they are extremely effective in preventing infection. doctor anthony fauci points to new data
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unvaccinated health care workers that found they were nearly 100% protected against the virus. fauci hopes to see that benefit spread across the entire community at the end of the day, that is what it is. that it's going to end this pandemic in this country. the cdc director cautions americans. that new infections are continuing and could impact efforts to return to the classroom. we certainly don't want schools to open and then re close doctor rochelle walensky reports the new cdc guidance from 6 to 3 feet for social distancing allows more school districts to reopen and pharmacies have now vaccinated more than a million k through 12 teachers staff and childcare workers is essential progress towards our goal of getting our teachers and school staff vaccinated by the end of march. but he says the cdc is still limiting recommendations for in person learning at middle and high schools since those students are more likely to transmit the virus in washington. i'm jessi tenure. a year after prison suspended in person
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visits statewide, california prisons will allow a limited number of visitors starting on april 10th. >> the system has stabilized after coronavirus killed 216 inmates and 26 employees. cautions will include temperature and symptom screenings. coronavirus testing and physical distancing as well as face masks and limits on visitors and how long they can stay. check your bank account. you could have an extra $1400 and there are a large number of the latest stimulus payments are expected to hit bank accounts today to all of those who qualify while many americans already received direct deposits last week. even more should be getting either paper checks were prepaid debit cards. if you want to check on the status of your payment and see that has been scheduled. you can do so through the get my payment tool on the irs website which is updated every day. >> on equal pay day. the white some members of congress are trying to draw attention to the fact that women in the u.s. still make less than men.
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us. soccer star megan rapinoe told lawmakers that she and her teammates are paid less despite outperforming the men's team. >> one cannot simply outperform inequality or beak excellent enough to escape discrimination of any kind. >> on average women earn about $0.82 for each dollar earned by men. democrats are pushing the paycheck fairness act. it would update employment laws. >> coming up, one of the largest events in san francisco cry. details on the covid friendly celebrations planned this year. >> and time for some peanuts, the shultz museum in the north bay of so welcoming. >> visitors fact beginning today changes you should know about before you go. plus they're saving lives. the causing havoc. why face masks and gloves protecting us from covid causing a major problem.
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>> covid related trash. it's making ocean pollution even worse. members of the pacific beach coalition. they've been cleaning beaches for 25 years and they say they're not picking up nearly 300 masks and gloves a month along beaches in pacifica. that's only part of this part what they're recording. another group is estimating that 1.6 billion masks could eventually end up in the oceans they say animals and birds can get tangled in them, even mistake them for food. people, of
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course, being reminded to be careful about how they get rid of masks. california gas prices had increased to the highest level since before the pandemic. the average price for gallon of gas in california is now $3.88. >> that's the highest level since november. 18th of 2019, the nationwide average is 2.87 a gallon. this is the 14th consecutive week of increases as more and more people are starting to get out and about. meanwhile, here in the bay area. san francisco comes in with the highest gas price at $4.4, a gallon. we're talking about unleaded second highest as marin county at $4. a gallon in seminole county has the lowest prices in the bay area at $3 and $0.84 a gallon. >> still ahead, travel is picking up across the country. why health officials say they're more worri
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> travel fever apparently soaring in america. the tsa is reporting new passenger records since the pandemic began. in fact, sunday was the 11th straight day. the tsa screened more than a million passengers nationwide. so that's all good news for airlines but medical officials are worried about more spread of covid-19 specifically the americans making domestic travel plans and to reporter brian entin explains why that's so. >> we've seen the crowds on beaches from miami to panama
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city. but it's not just florida nationwide travel is on the rise with busier airports from coast to coast. disneyland in california will reopen its gates for the first time in more than a year. next month. dollywood in tennessee officially opened for the season. some cruises are set to start sailing again in june and new york city is looking alive again at the height of the pandemic just 30,000 people a day were walking through new york's times square that number is now up to 115,000. the times square alliance says i was here a couple months ago knows that compared to now. >> it's a there's a lot more people this is really great. the seeing new york like this just brings a lot of happiness to my heart. >> sunday was one of the busiest days at us airports since the pandemic started with more than one and a half million travelers. according to the tsa. that's more than 3 times the amount that flew the same day last year when you compare it to pre covid times. you see there is still a
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massive difference. 2019, more than 2 million people flew on those days. the data coming out of airlines that are partners and so forth. >> is showing that the pent-up demand is starting release a little bit in terms of travel. according to a study by longwood international released just today 87% of americans now have travel plans in the next 6 months for people who are planning to travel later this year. at the end of the year. should they book now or should they wait. you know, book deal with all the pent-up demand. people are searching people are starting to book your probably going to get if you're going to be flying, you're playing to get the best deals you can get right now. but the cdc is still urging caution. >> we're worried not just for what happens when you are on the airplane itself. but what happens when people travel a lot as they go out the next and that's what people who are not vaccinated so i would just encourage people and reminds people now is not time travel. >> now, as brian entin
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reporting the cdc says it's working on new guidance about travel for people who are vaccinated. as for the cruise ship industry, many companies have said they will only allow vaccinated people on cruises, at least to start out later this year. >> san francisco's pride parade. it's not going to happen again this summer because of the pandemic. again, of course. but unlike last year when everything was via a virtual. there will be events that you can attend in person modified plans for june include the fame. all in this together. there will be an expo. there will be a movie night at oracle park programming has been expanded to encompass the whole of pride month. and we have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. it is reopening day was reopening today for the peanuts gang that charles and schulz museum and research center in santa rosa. >> welcome back. visitors for the first time since june when it was open for just 5 days. earlier today we checked in with the museum's director on how you can safely. enjoy the museum with your friends and
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family. >> everyone, of course, is asked to wear a face mask. you'll be allowed him without one. we have so many hand sanitizing stations that are throughout the museum. we're really lucky. we have a stations museum. we have courtyard outside. so people can actually go outside and see the kind country be careful. and we have, you know, statues newbie labyrinth outside. so there's there's many, many options and it is quite open. >> current exhibitions include lucy fuss budget to feminist. it's the first exhibition focusing exclusively on lucy van probably holding a football for charlie brown. take a live look outside now at highway 24 and this is in the lafayette area and point traffic has looks like the camera might have locked up there for a second. but look, all that traffic out of catherine. yeah, busy. and we keep saying traffic picking
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up. >> time for a look at the forecast. lawrence karnow, some changes coming yes, looks like we're going to be cooling things down a bit, at least for a day. but after that everything changes, again, the high pressure start building rapidly by friday and temperatures going to warm up as we head in toward the weekend this weekend. it will be the nicest weekend we've seen in quite some time up there. now, though, you've got a couple of patches of fog moving in along the coastline. high clouds up above the sea breezes return to carry some of the fog along the coast temperatures today. hey, it was nice 65 in san francisco. 66 in oakland 70's in the san jose 70 in livermore, 73 degrees in concord and 70 degrees. >> in santa rosa. certainly some nice weather tomorrow. everything changes winds are going to kick up again numbers going to cool down 50's and 60's along the coastline 50's out toward the media beaches and it's going to be very breezy to windy out there 58 burlingame inside the bay. you get rhe idea you'll see some mild conditions. but cooler, but we had no 70's in the south bay tomorrow know 70's in the east bay will drop those temperatures down quite a bit. so plan on some cooler weather around the bay area
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for tomorrow. then after that things change, we get the weekend by. we've got some nice weather coming our way. high pressure builds in. we're talking mid 70's maybe upper 70's. we get lucky. we could pop 80 degrees in some spots this weekend. sounds nice. yeah. that fits into an upcoming story on using sunscreen. all right. thank you, lawrence. >> coming up next, how a sticker will be able to tell you when it's time to reapply
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>> it can be easy to forget. but we're supposed to reapply
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sunscreen a few times when we're out there in the sun. but now to a new high-tech sticker tells you when you need to do that. rich demuro explains in today's tech smart. >> sunscreen is an essential tool this time of year. but how do you know when it's time to reapply these tiny stickers are packed with some high tech smart to let you know. the sun. the search. us. and it's that time of the year when we're using more sunscreen island in southern california. my whole life. so sunscreens death with an important we lathered on then relax. >> it's just really important, not just, you know, for some burns, but just skin health in general. >> i mean, everyone is going to that first application murray the back. the fine print says reapply after 80 that's where a sticker called spot. my you ve could come in
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handy doesn't react to heat arie asked to the race factor in this and that is 100% the tiny stickers. start out purple stick. want your skin then apply sunscreen including over the sticker. it will turn clear to let you know your sunscreen is working when the sticker turns purple again, it's time to reapply the spot but tell her where much faster skin tone wear when you are being affected by harmful rays. the bio polymer tech inside the sticker created by university students. it's one over 50 awards students at university of knowledge e and they actually created sticker because they have friends and family that were affected by skin cancer. a colorful reminder for more fun in the sun. it water resistant, sweat resistant and effective for at least. >> states sunscreen application. i burn really and so, you know, i just forget after a couple hours. it's almost like i wasn't wearing
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sunscreen at all. >> i've always wondered when it's time to reapply. but now i've got the science to tell me a 6 pack of the spot by u v sticker sells for about $8 right now. they available online, but starting in may they'll be in about 8,000 stores across the country, including cvs and walmart. if you want more information, go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> interesting. is actually wind getting to be that time of year. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00am tonight at 6, we are continuing to follow breaking news. this is a live picture in fremont where there is a police shooting. >> several lanes of highway 84 been shutdown. kron four's, gayle ong just got on the scene to have a live report for us at the top of the hour. >> also could be a record breaking year for the number of homicides in oakland, the city's already had 33 of them since january. what city leaders are planning to do to try to fight crime. the news
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get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >> the bay area's local news stations. now with breaking
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news. breaking news tonight at 6 o'clock, a police shooting on highway 84 in fremont. and right now several lanes of traffic are closed. >> kron four's, gayle ong. she just arrived on the scene a short time ago. gayle, what can you tell us. >> catherine can still an active scene here on here on the east bound on ramp of 84 and take a look at detectives and this california highway patrol is still actively investigating this has been going on for about 2 hours at what we know is that approximately 2.48 this afternoon. they are investigating a shooting involving the fremont police department now it's started as a pursuit. here's video of the scene earlier. a closer look of what may with we can have an idea of what happened here. so what we know is this california highway patrol is investigating a pursuit that ended here on eastbound 84, which is west of newark boulevard. so right now all
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lanes are a traffic. they are closed eastbound and westbound except for the number. the 3rd eastbound lane of 84 due to the ongoing investigation. so. >> anyone heading this way towards newark head into the dumbarton bridge from newark. it is going to be a while. so again, the highway. the california highway patrol. they are the primary. agency that is investigating this shooting. so it's no word on when this will all clear out. but you can expect a lot of traffic heading this way live in newark. gayle ong kron 4 news. yeah. i just got there. i'm just curious, any information at all about what this shooting was all about. we heard something about. it was possibly a robbery suspect. you know, anything. >> so right now details are very limited. but we know there is still a metal. he's right behind me. that's heart other vehicle that was involved. detectives are combing this scene trying to
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